Wenger hinting at new midfield combo?

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I am having a terrible week everybody. TERRIBLE. Sad thing about having a terrible week in a foreign country is all you have to support you is YOUR FUCKING BLOG COMMUNITY. Love you guys. Keep being the best kind of digital friends.

What I do take solace in is this… Wenger is probably having a worse time than me at the moment. Comical Ali was let out of his bunker, ready to take on the press. Asked whether he’d announce his new deal soon, he said this:

“What you ask me is to score own goals”

NO ONE ASKED YOU TO DO THAT. Anyway, it’s clear he’s not going to announce his deal until, you know, he actually signs it. So stop wasting questions about it and actually take him to task on the football.

The manager thinks Alexis is going to stay on at the club and now the narrative is starting to switch up… because it’s about what his agent can agree. Man, I can’t make my mind up here, what is REALLY going on. Why would you pay £300k a week to a player who is ‘lazy’, disruptive, and uncontrollable?

I mean, I know why. Because we have next to no hope of signing a better player if he goes. Wenger needs Sanchez to sign on and let’s be fair, he needs a coup like this. I just hope we don’t get desperate and go all Rooney on this and give him a forever deal and right to stink out the club or shit in the physios parking space.

Crazy thing is this… his comments don’t really lend themselves to the notion it’s just about money.

“Looking at everything I’ve done in my career as a footballer, at all the titles, I believe that what’s hugely important is motivation,” “If a footballer is well motivated and has various things to motivate him every day, he will keep achieving his goals.

“If a footballer is well motivated and has various things to motivate him every day, he will keep achieving his goals.”

Proper footballers don’t give a f*ck about the money. You want to be the best at what you do, and if you are, then the cash will follow. I just don’t understand how he’ll convince himself that signing on for us will motivate him? He’s a brat with this team and he’s not learning anything. He certainly won’t win a title with us for as long as Wenger is here.

In better news, Wenger seems to be making some good decisions when it comes to Elneny, a player who looked very promising last season, but is getting the Carlos Vela cold shoulder. The manager had this to say on the Egyptian.

‘He gives us fluency,’

‘Elneny is a continuity player who is a generous player and wants to help the team.’

He can pass, he has an engine, he does the dogs body work and works well next to Xhaka. Don’t mess around, give him more games. So much better than Coquelin. It’ll be telling whether Wenger gives him a game against Palace. Remember, Wenger needs 6 points in the next two games, then he’ll get his ‘NO CHANGES NEEDED’ clause which gives us a great chance to do even worse next season.

Finally, I’ll leave you on this. I’m can’t find the source to corroborate, but the very fact I could full well believe it, is telling.

“If you take the first 45 minutes of the 2 games, we were qualified. But we went out in an emphatic way”

Right, that’s all I have. SEE YOU TOMORROW. x

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  1. S Asoa

    Sorry to say the London fans turned up to be pussies , alias AKB ( with apologies to WestLondon Gooner and his worthies )
    On the other hand the global phenomenon of WengerOut signs at all places widely reported online are a serious devaluation of brand Arsenal . Money might ultimately get Kroenke goat and force his hand.

    Pedro don’t waver. It is difficult to get steam up again and such flip flops makes the Movement look fickle.

  2. Ishola70

    lol people still assuming Wenger will get top 4.

    Before this season Wenger used to beat out one team to get top 4. As the season drew to a close there was usually one realistic rival to his top 4 place.

    This season is the most competitive Wenger has ever faced with more teams involved.

    If Liverpool are the get out of jail card for Wenger are Man City as well? Even this failing looking Man United side are equal on points at the moment and even though they have been underwhelming they will look to try to push on with a possible place in top 4 still possible.

    You can make a case of all of those three teams failing but really for me it is unlikely that all three hand Wenger those get out of jail cards.

    And all this talk of Wenger getting top 4 is on the assumed presumption that Arsenal will go on a good run until the end of the season? What’s that based on? A ropey home draw with Man City and a win against a silly West Ham team?

  3. Ishola70

    Even if those three teams gave Wenger a get out of jail card and Wenger gets the team to go on a good run Spurs are going to finish above and they even have a chance of a title challenge now if they keep their form up.

    Even if Wenger gets his top 4 it should be massively quelled and muted with the realisation that Spurs this season in the league have been streets ahead.

  4. China

    Pedro we disagree on some stuff and like a lot of people here I tend to speak my mind quite bluntly a lot of the time

    But I’d like to say I appreciate your work on this blog and I’m grateful that you put in what you have and give those of us who are sick through the teeth a place to vent and discuss the club

    As a Brit abroad I know bad weeks can be particularly shit and trust me I’ve been there too, in the past, big time!

    so try not let shit get you down and I hope you realise that even when people here argue with you, from most of us it comes from people who appreciate your work regardless of how bluntly we may disagree sometimes

  5. S Asoa

    If you look back at recording of West Ham game, can see they played very poorly. There was ample time for Arsenal players to do their very self- conscious and measured inter-passing leaving the morons AKB ejaculating in their pants
    – and singing ” One Arsehole Wenger ” the phantasy to their wet dreams.

  6. China

    Ishola if wenger stays the best thing for us is a top 4 finish as unlikely as it may be

    My reasoning is that if we are outside the top 4 Wenger will panic buy and burn a huge hole in our cash reserves and that’s so unhelpful for him right now

    On the other hand if he blogs 4th he’ll be so smug that he doesn’t need to change and he’ll be less inclined to spend. We’ll be even less equipped for next season because wenger won’t have a rocket up his ass from the fans and we start next season horribly again, resulting in the pressure coming back to him quickly but without a huge spending spree

    As weird as this is becoming, the best way for wenger to fail and the club to benefit right now *if the club are genuinely going to keep him on regardless* is for him to end the season relatively well

    This whole situation is so fucked up lol

  7. China

    *if* wenger is getting his new contract then imo we may have to lose this battle in order to win the war

    If wenger stays on but the pressure from fans is relentless and it drives down morale, helping us finish out of the top 4, Wenger will go on a spending spree to shut people up. He’ll do what he did last summer and burn 100m on absolute shite then have another poor season. With relentless fan pressure he may eventually get unstuck halfway through next season, but the next manager comes into a club in total disarray. 200m of our war chest probably blown compared with before last summer, no cl football and a really average squad. That could be the beginning of some seriously dark days for Arsenal, Liverpool style. (Still would be glorious that he finally be gone though)

    On the other hand if he announces he’s signed, I suggest fans back off. ‘Get behind him enough to make the club pick up a little more optimism and brightness which could help with results. That maaaay just blag us a lucky 4th place. Wenger goes into the summer smug as hell and barely spends. Next season comes and sooner or later he fucks it again. The pressure is back, only each year this happens the pressure is bigger than before. Maybe he gets unstuck and gets sacked and the next manager comes into a club that hasn’t blown all its cash reserves

    I dunno if by of you agree with me, but as weird as this is, if he signs we may have to back off him to bait him into being even more complacent. One day his arrogance will get him caught, and we may have to be the ones to set the bait

  8. Ishola70


    There is going to be some sort of clear out anyway regardless of top four as we see from so many players contracts being run down by the club and so there should because even if Wenger stumbles into top 4 seeing Spurs so far ahead this season is not acceptable.

    Missing out on Champions League will do no harm at all to this club. They are rich enough to cope without it for a period and this continued qualifying for the top competition without realistically having a chance to win it has been one of the prime reasons for the stagnation of the club. Happy to tread the same water over and over again. Missing out on top 4 can see everybody come out of this comatose of top 4 syndrome including the fans.

  9. David Smith

    It doesn’t matter if he goes on a spending spree, the coaching setup within,the club is so poor, young players will not develop, and experienced players will stagnate. The man is a joke.
    If he has to stay, I hope these reports are true and that Ivan holds firm on a backroom staff clear out……if he is permitted to insist on this, at best, could see Wenger walk, at worst, could get a few ex players back in,the coaching setup.
    Wenger is bad enough, Wenger plus Colbert, primorac, Peyton , banfield et Al defies reason, logic and sports science.

  10. S Asoa

    Forget your goodness, kindness
    When dealing with a calculating Dictator who uses the Club resources for self preservation you don’t dither.
    Because such Monsters are impossible to be toppled ” next time ”
    Whereas the diseased Club can always be nursed back when the Disease is extracted .
    Avant Soldiers

  11. izzo

    City putting distance from 4th place. With Mane out Liverpool will have to find a way to win without him. Any slip ups and Everton and to a lesser degree Man Utd will take 4th.. I’m not having a wank over us beating a relegation bound West Ham because nothing has changed. Same crap midfielders and defense and now a novice in goal ( not buying into to misguided love in for him for not being tested against West Ham). More defeats with a possible draw against stoke or palace and a win or 2 against Boro and Sunderland and a 6th or 7th place finish is the lot for Wenger’s made “men”.

  12. China

    But ishola if wenger gets 5th but holds onto his job it’s exactly that rocking the boat in terms of being out the cl and below Spurs that will force his hand into blowing our cash reserves (badly)

    For anyone who likes reading or is interesting in this kind of thing, there is a wonderfully written (and only about 40 pages long) treaties on war by Sun Tzu. It’s considered even now to be a corner stone of the strategy of war and in Asia is seen as a must read in other areas such as business too.

    Sun Tzu says that generally the most effective way to win a war is not through long battles of attrition where you repeatedly send small armies to fight one another but recover before the next skirmish. It’s better not to battle until you are certain (as you can realistically be) of victory and make a single crushing swoop

    We see ourselves the protest moving petering out in and around the stadium because it’s exhausting for the poor guys and every time wenger gets a bare minimum result he deflects the criticism. Maybe a better outcome is for us to stop battling until we fight from another position of major strength.

    I have total respect for those who continue to fight the cause and support them, but as well I don’t know that it’s the best way to win this war…

  13. Dissenter

    Wenger coming 5th is the best thing that can happen if we lose this battle to make him walk.
    He’ll be under even more pressure from the media and half the fan base.
    No amount of money will save him

  14. izzo

    Wenger ain’t signing that fictitious contract without his backroom team. You expect him to suddenly accept any form of change now. Hah! I’m still waiting for proof of this mystical contract everyone is crying about. Arsenal FC are always secretive about everything that’s why we all suffer and fight each and cry over speculations. Until its a fact there’s no need whining about what Wenger is going to do or not do next season. Maybe i’m being overly optimistic but finishing outside of CL and more embarrassing losses left until May there won’t be any contract to sign and he’ll be gone.

  15. gonsterous

    prefer to have no Europa league than come in 5th.. sure it’s a cup. but it’s more of an annoyance to the fixture list.

  16. Samir

    Quality PL players that will be looking for a move in the summer:

    Jordan Pickford
    Kieran Trippier
    Luke Shaw

  17. B.T

    I come frome South Africa and must be honest and say i am honestly dissapointed with the fans that have the privelige of being able to go to the Emirates and watch the Arsenal games, it really is so obvious that the only way we are going to get this deluded manager of ours gone is by our fans being united and showing the owner and board that winning trophies is what the Arsenal are about, yet it seems that the home crowd are happy with Wenger getting his 3-0 win over West Ham and everything is great, unbelievable that this toxic regime is allowed to carry on with barely a whimper from home support majority in the staduim.

  18. Follow the money

    Wenger does that crap all the time. “We were the best team over the calendar year.” He can twist reality all he wants to make himself look good “We were the best team in (insert ridiculous formula here)” the bottom line is between game 1 and game 38 we are not 1st.

  19. Alan

    What a player Kante is. Saw an interview he did on BBC this week saying he didn’t sign for Arsenal because their interest wasn’t strong.

    Wenger saw more value in YET ANOTHER midfielder who can’t tackle but is tidy on the ball. That’s how far he’s dropped in terms of judgement as I am sure Kante would have made a massive difference.

  20. B.T

    Boomslang AKA Treesnake it really is dissapointing, seems like we in for yet another two years of mediocrisity, pretenders is all we have been for over a decade yet it looks set to carry on.

  21. TT

    Watching Bournemouth and Chelsea atm and must admit I’m jealous. What force we could be if we had a manager.

  22. PhD07

    AlanApril 8, 2017 17:24:44
    What a player Kante is. Saw an interview he did on BBC this week saying he didn’t sign for Arsenal because their interest wasn’t strong. Wenger saw more value in YET ANOTHER midfielder who can’t tackle but is tidy on the ball. That’s how far he’s dropped in terms of judgement as I am sure Kante would have made a massive difference.

    Let’s be brutally honest…Kante dodged a massive bullet by not joining Arsenal.Kante joined an ambitious club in Chelsea,where his talents are being utilised to the fullest extent.

    Surrounded by better players,ambitious and motivated personnel where you are only as good as your last game.

    Where performance levels have to be maintained.if not surpassed.

    Where the only thing that counts is winning the EPL,CL.Not a 4th place trophy.

    Where he is on course to win back to back EPL titles.1st EPL Title with Leicester and now the 2nd EPL Title with Chelsea.

    Do you honestly think he would have won an EPL title with Arsenal this season?

    Do you honestly think,his talents would be fully utilised under the tutelage of Arsene?

    Would you possibly see a drop in his performances after two seasons at Arsenal?

    Would their be a distinct possibility that Arsene might have played Kante out of position?

    Do you think he would become disenchanted with the direction,motivation,ambition,effort and philosophy of the club at Arsenal?

    Would he have won anything of note at Arsenal,under the stewardship of Arsene over a period of two years ?

    Yep,my thoughts exactly..Any player signing for Arsenal is simply a mercenary,lacks ambition,or is a pile of horse manure…


    Not having a go.Just alluding to the fact,that Kante dodged a bullet..

  23. PhD07

    Slowly starting to enjoy my football again.Taking in European games.

    I just don’t bother with Arsenal.The players half the time play like they are high on crystal meth.Along with the manager,who seems half the time to resemble someone going cold turkey,who has been an habitual crystal meth user for nigh on a decade.Needs to book a session at the Priory Clinic,or better still at Tony Adam’s -Sporting Chance Clinic.Well should rename it -No Chance Clinic for Arsene’s visit.

    Saw the Real Madrid vs A.Madrid game..Great game..They played with verve,direction,purpose and energy.Refreshing to see..

    Also took in the Bournemouth vs Chelsea game..
    Same analysis..Really enjoyed it..

    Will be watching the Malaga vs Barca match..

    Not sure why Arsenal fans pay through the anal rectum to watch that horse manure shower of a show on a weekly basis.

    It goes beyond Arsene taking the proverbial piss.It’s the total height of utter contempt/disdain for the game ,fans and fellow professionals.

  24. JJ

    Pedro – he did say that about the Bayern game. Saw it in his press conference this week. Just when you think he has said the dumbest thing ever, he goes and tops it.

  25. ArseneisaFraud

    This just goes to show how AW really thinks that we, the supporters, are complete idiots.

    Didn’t anyone tell AW that it is the final score that counts at the end of the game?

    Just goes to show how out on touch this man is with reality. Let’s hope that comes the end of the season his contract is not renewed. This man is really going to destroy the club with his arrogance.

  26. Ishola70

    “For anyone who likes reading or is interesting in this kind of thing, there is a wonderfully written (and only about 40 pages long) treaties on war by Sun Tzu. It’s considered even now to be a corner stone of the strategy of war and in Asia is seen as a must read in other areas such as business too.”

    Yes I am very aware of this book. It’s referred to a lot.

    Talking of bygone Chinese literature I was recently reading some book that related Chinese civil service examinations to some novels written around the 13th C period. It was seen as a must at this time to pass these civil service examinations to enter the establishment and to be seen as in respected society. Those that failed these exams felt they were on the margins hence the famous Chinese novel that was written Water Margin and others. They were anti-government novels (in the Water Margin the rebels initially fight the government before succumbing and end up fighting on their behalf) written by these frustrated, angry authors who had failed these examinations. They took up their pens to vent against the government.

  27. Zimbabwean Gunner

    “If you take the first 45 minutes of the 2 games, we were qualified. But we went out in an emphatic way”

    Good grief! Wenger comes out with some absolutely ludicrous stuff. I saw this on Friday and had to play the interview back twice to try and understand.

    So we knocked out Bayern after 45 minutes? We will knock out Real Madrid in 45 minutes as well on Wednesday then? Huh KJW?

    Wenger should just leave Arsenal. Sick to the back of my teeth of all this.

  28. China

    Ishola I’ve not heard of that book, thanks for the insight

    I don’t know if that ancient literature you mentioned is still integral to passing CS exams here but I think it probably is. My mother in law works for local government and my wife mentioned that in order to get these jobs you have to take a difficult exam to prove your ‘right’ to be there. Sounds like it’s still the same as what you said

    Tbh I’m not entirely sure what the most effective way is to topple wenger right now. I’m principally supportive of anything people try, I just hope it gets done as effectively and painlessly for the club as possible

    Regardless the art of war by sun Tzu is a fantastic piece of work and can be found online for free and read in 40 minutes or so, it’s really short but totally to the point.
    I’d recommend anyone to read it – especially if like me you love playing strategy war games like civilization. It can be taken as a near word for word guide to success in those games. Quite incredible considering how long ago it was written!

  29. China

    There’s literally so much in this book that can be applied to Arsenal, it’s amazing

    You can also see how wenger fails horribly as a manager by not following the principles of the book

    Good managers, regardless of where their strategy and approach comes from largely follow the principal guidelines of this book. Wenger doesn’t at all and sure enough is a hot mess in comparison

  30. Sekard

    He may not have the Sun Tzu Art of war applied but he certainly has The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene carried out to the letter.You could write a book Exclusively on Wengers application on power within Football.No wonder his wife ran off.He’s drunk on power.

  31. Dissenter

    You have to admit that Wenger is very intelligent man. I bet his IQ is close to the genius range. He has the entire club at his beck and call. He’s a maestro at controlling the boardroom and even the fan base.
    He understands the power of dividing to rule. He would have made a good Chinese emperor.

  32. China

    It’s weird because wenger says and does so much dumb shit but has positioned himself as king of the land

    It’s like Donald trump. You think there’s no way this guy could actually get into power but sure enough he has millions of worshippers

  33. Pierre

    “There’s literally so much in this book that can be applied to Arsenal, it’s amazing”

    Fever pitch…. There’s literally so much in this book that can be applied to Arsenal, it’s amazing…

  34. Mick Kartun

    Actually if you look at carefully in chinese imperial movies, the castrated penis and chopped testicles kasim or the Head of the King’s Palace Royal Servant that really had the power of the king (means arsene has the same control power as he already chopped his testcles and gave it to stan as loyalty), rather than The PM in this arsenal case the PM is the useless CEO.

    So the silent chinese king (stan) usually only listen to this dickless servant who got all the power and total control to rule the kingdom.

  35. China

    lol Pierre, if you don’t think it’s impressive that a warfare treaties written thousands of years ago can still be considered a cornerstone of modern strategy and can be effectively applied with a lot of detail to other arenas such as management and football tactics then I guess you must be reading some far more interesting work

    I’m going to take a punt on your favourite book being of a religious nature. Would I be right on that?

  36. GuNZ

    Not wishing to become embroiled in any discussions of a religious nature on this blog I shall contribute on the subject only once and state my opinion that the only biblical entity Wenger might base himself upon is the Whore of Babylon, yes she/it of Revelations fame. Believe me, my friends, when I tell you that the End Times are upon us and that all WOBs shall be carried off in the Rapture while AKBs are given season tickets to the revamped White Hart Lane.

  37. GuNZ

    Wenger is beginning to look increasingly maniacal in press conferences. Those always flabby lips are beginning to accrete spittle at the corners and that watery, insipid stare is taking on an edgy gleam. He is only days away from a slaughter of small furry woodland creatures.

  38. GuNZ

    Small, furry woodland creatures with names like Benjamin and Cutesie-Pie that are run-away pets from nearby housing estates and still trusting enough in humans to come close enough to Wenger that he can dress them in Sanchez Arsenal kits and then bite off their heads. Yes, my friends, he is indeed Babylon’s Whore.

  39. GuNZ

    By the way, hope someone on here posted a picture of the ‘Wenger Out’ poster behind a goal at the NZ-Fiji World Cup qualifier at North Harbour (or QBE or whatever the fuc k it’s called this week) Stadium in Albany a week or two ago. If not, let me know and I shall gladly whack it up.

  40. Pierre


    Wenger is beginning to look increasingly maniacal in press conferences. Those always flabby lips are beginning to accrete spittle at the corners and that watery, insipid stare is taking on an edgy gleam”

    That’s just old age mate…

  41. PieAFC

    You know what fuck it. Fuck Wenger.

    Fuck all the idiot fans who suck on his teet, with every whimsical words that apparently come out his mouth.

    Let him sign the deal. Let him drive Arsenal to another capitulation next year, another 4th placed trophy. Let them all see how fucking shit and far behind this dinosaur of a man is.

    And still then, they can see no wrong with this man good luck to them all.

    The club is a joke, the board everyone lacks any bollocks to say or do anything. How can one prick have so much power is beyond me.

    I see anything he’s wrote it annoys me, frustrates me and further more makes me embarrassed.

    Walcott has qualities to captain England? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Just shut up now.

    I’m done.

    Tbh, I swerve all things Arsenal now anyway. This blog is the only thing I pay interest to. Least it sticks to it’s values and what it has said for years, unlike all them poncy fence sitters…..

    As a fan base too many wet blankets it’s unreal.

    The fans that sing one Arsene Wenger. They don’t go away from home. They won’t going Spurs away. Absolute drips.

  42. colin

    thank goodness this season will soon be over,because the season seems to be dragging to a close and i ‘am sure most of us can’t wait to hear from the all seeing all knowing wise one as to his decision on whether he will stay or leave, anyway what ever his decision the most important thing for me is to rebuild unity amongst the fans and i think robbie said it well on aftv constructive dialog not destructive in house fighting.

  43. David Smith

    Sadly, after another years of being owned by Kroenke, we might yearn for times like the present.
    Don’t believe me……just look at his other teams
    David Dein bought him in, and Danny Fiszman got sold a pup……in the main, to keep Dein out, I guess deathbed due diligence is not the easiest thing
    This club could have been great, but it was hijacked by the greedy, the power hungry , political intrigue. I admire the way the Germans run their league, yes , it has its faults, but what happened here could never happen there.
    I really think this is as good as it gets for this club.
    As someone who loves the game , it’s passion, seriously thinking about spending more time following a lower league team close to my family’s heart, a team trying hard, doing things right, a progressive young manager, with its ups and downs, but where hope prevails

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Meanwhile some one smells burning on pudding lane…

    Everton are arsenal 12 years ago …
    But in five years they will be bigger an better equipped than Arsenal.

    The Russians ha e an will makeover he club.

    We are well fucked

  45. kc

    Arsenal are simply a bad product. Sure you’ll always find idiots to throw their money away on bad products, but the real sports fans won’t have it. Everything revolving around this club is about to take a big hit. The players, fans, and results will dip drastically starting next year. The days of top 4 finishes will soon seem like a fantasy. The only question left for me is just how low this club will sink before they show this lunatic the door. I’m not sticking around to find out.

  46. Emiratesstroller

    I am going to pose some questions, which Arsenal FC need to answer before 1st June when season tickets are due for renewal.One third of club’s income comes from ticket sales so the answers need to come before that date.

    1. It is highly likely that we are not going to finish in top 4 unless either Liverpool or Man City implode. So with the loss of Champions League football will there be any reduction in season ticket prices?

    2. It is becoming increasingly clear that Wenger is not going to leave the club
    so what material changes are planned for bringing in a Football Director and
    equally important making changes to our coaching team?

    3. What has been abundantly clear this season is that much of our playing personnel is pretty mediocre, but more importantly the team are collectively very
    brittle and defensively weak. What tactical changes are going to be made next
    season and by whom?

    4. The major concern is that Arsenal have allowed contracts of both Sanchez and Ozil to run down to final year. If both go it will send out a very clear message about Arsenal’s ambition. It will be almost impossible to replace them
    with similar calibre players particularly if we fail to qualify for CL.

    5. Looking at our current squad inclusive of those out on loan there are at least
    five positions in our first choice starting X1, where we need to find a
    replacement and that would be increased to seven if both Sanchez and Ozil were to leave.

    6. The positions, which need attention are:

    GK I would bring back Szczesny from Roma where he had a good season and
    relegate Cech to squad. Ospina to be sold.That would save a large transfer fee.

    CB We need a top class powerful and DISCIPLINED player to complement either Mustafi or Koscielny. Messrs Mertesacker, Gabriel and Chambers to be

    LB We need to replace Gibbs. Monreal to be relegated to squad player.

    DMF/Box to Box MF. Top priority. Coquelin is just not good enough.

    ST This needs to be major investment. Giroud has a decent strike rate, but
    lacks mobility and at 31 is past his best. Welbeck does not score enough goals.

    Arsenal need to shift out of the club the dross and more injury prone players.
    If you have the right players and tactics you can reduce the size of your squad.

    In summary it looks like the “queen bee” survives and stays so the Board and
    major shareholder needs to demonstrate strategic thinking elsewhere if that
    is the case.

  47. grooveydaddy


    If the club carries on as is, with no material changes, will you renew?

    What’s your tipping point? Just curious…not intended to provoke.

  48. Relieable Sauce

    Martin Keown on Spurs:

    They don’t seem to have a bad apple, or an overly ambitious player.

    lol lol lol

  49. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I don’t know, but would one assume that you are a season ticket holder, @EmiratesStroller?

  50. London gunner

    We need a top rate striker.

    We need a winger who if not on par with Sanchez needs to be on par with willian/pedro.

    We need to replace Ozil with a WC Cam

    We need a first choice left back.

    We need a centre back.

    We need a top rate DM and a CM/box to box

    Coq isn’t good enough xhaka probably won’t be and Ramsey stank out the place for years also no jack wilshere back please no. I’d give xhaka another season though and use coq for back up.

    As ES said offload ospina, gibbs, mert, Gabriel, chambers,ramsey, giroud or

    I would also offload giroud and either welbeck or walcott.

  51. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Another boring day for Wenger. Now he is espousing, as only he can, that Walcott would make a great England captain. Maybe I’m wrong, but wouldn’t Walcott actually have to be on the squad first, and even then, why?

  52. London gunner

    Lol I said offload giroud that’s how sick I am of him.

    I’m struggling to see how
    Welbeck is better he is bambino ice.

    Walcott isn’t goodenough but he is decent against middle to bottom level oppositionso can be used in the squad

  53. David Smith

    I would be wary of offloading anyone, because I just do not trust this club, or manager to find replacements, or coach them properly…..especially if Ivan manages to get himself fired, but that’s for another day

  54. Ishola70

    United 1-0 up.

    Even how underwhelming Man United have been this season they will probably be too hot for Wenger this season. They may have drawn too many matches this season but they are less likely to lose games in comparison to Arsenal and United will get some wins in there until the end of the season.

  55. Jeff

    Unbelievable how Moyes’s career has gone down the toilet since Everton. Sometimes bad luck follows you around like permanent BO.

  56. izzo

    Ishola agreed. They may be dire but they’re very likely to finish above us just for the fact they don’t lose games as much as we do. In fact, they will finish above us just for the fact that we won’t be able to beat them when they come by.

  57. Red&White4life

    He already signed da thing, but still waiting to officialize it…

    Despicable and miserable f*cking dictator.

    Good afternoon by the way.

  58. Red&White4life

    “Sometimes bad luck follows you around like permanent BO.”

    “Good luck”, in KJW’s case.

  59. Sekard

    Usually these bunch of wankers bottle the league title run in but I reckon this year they will bottle the 4th place title run.Tomorrow is one of them games where they normally shit themselves.Allardyce will have his knives ready.

  60. china

    i dunno about moyes

    he did well at everton and i always rated him

    i put his man ute failure down to being overwhelmed by the scale of the club more than his ability. i don’t blame them for sacking him but i wouldn’t have minded him getting one more year (or at least 6 month more months) from their perspective

    but he’s never recovered since then. it was pointed out in an article somewhere the other day that ever since utd he always talks down his teams. they’ve not been top teams obviously, but when the manager is saying lets just try not to get relegated and accepting that they’re probably going to lose most games it’s not really inspiring stuff

    i fucking despise fat sam but managers like him are explicit in their message – i’ll keep you up. it’s not pretty but i think players tend to buy into it and that translates into survival. obviously managers shouldn’t over play club expectations but i think down playing them as much as possible isn’t good way to get the most out of them

    it’s partly why wenger always fucks us. the players come out talking about managing the top 4 when they are within reach of something higher and then the mental battle for 1st is already lost

  61. izzo

    2-1 leicester whata freekick by Albrighton. Woooo! Am i the only one watching this game?? You guys get of the porn and watch the bloody game!!! Lol…

  62. china

    I’m watching

    i watched the end of ac milan as well

    i know they’re not what they used to be but there’s a real class to the way they pass and move whenever i get round to watching them

  63. izzo

    Great end to end stuff. Both teams going for it. Honestly, both will overrun our midfield. 2 more teams we can’t beat.

  64. Andy

    I look at the spurs team and only Sanchez would push for a start, outside the 2nd striker yesterday, jansen?, they have a team full of 8/10 players or better, no world class stars (yet), we are currently miles (14 points), and it’s down to the manager.

  65. china

    the joy of watching other teams is that i don’t feel relentlessly angry

    i don’t know how wenger managed to push me this far that i only feel angry when i think of my club. my chelsea supporting mate out here sometimes asks me my opinion about this or that thing about arsenal and i always just tell him arsenal as a football club is effectively dead for the foreseeable future. nothing to look forward to in our club

  66. ArseneisaFraud

    That’s exactly it… there is nothing to look forward to as long as this leach of a manager stays on. It’s groundhog day every season. Where’s the fun in that? It’s just so depressing being a Gooner these days.

  67. Wenker-wanger

    Hope palace beat us. I hate that slimey selfish arrogant fraud so much I want him to be hounded out.
    Does it matter to get 4th place?.. Its proven we can’t compete after the easy group stages.
    He is a disease that has to driven out. He will never retire and will want to continue for as long as possible.
    He believes its his right to do what he likes with arsenal, irrespective of results, and totally indifferent to the fee
    Songs of the fans.
    Keep losing, arsenal football club will be around long after this sick piece of shit finally goes.

  68. peanuts&monkeys

    No player worth his comeptitive salt would come to Arsenal. Sanchez and Ozil were fooled and bluffed many times over to have come to this hell.

    Sanchez’s best years gone down the AKB drain. What a waste!!

  69. Federer

    How did Wenger pass on Lukaku when we had the chance to get him for less than 40m. Even in his off season., he scores more than our Top 9 ( be it Giroud or Wally or Welbz).
    I say we go for him in the summer. Sell Giroud and Welbz

  70. Confidentgoner

    Think with their compact midfield, Everton might beat us at the Emirates. Lukaku is on fire atm

  71. Samesong

    Lukaku was brilliant today but went missing against Liverpool sounds like an Arsenal player for real.

  72. Confidentgoner

    Same song,

    He will certainly put in a performance against us. Nobody fears us. Wenger has never beaten their manager in the EPL. The best we’d hope for is a draw.

  73. Samir

    Heard Marseille want Giroud in the Summer.

    Although he gets unfair criticism, would be good to sell him as he’s getting old and doesn’t fit in with our style of play.

  74. Boomslang

    ‘it’s almost cute that each year the AKB believe that wenger is going to win us the PL/CL the following year’


    Like religious nut cases predicting the end of the world.

  75. Samir


    Any other style than crossing the ball, haha!

    That would be the case if we bought Lukaku as well, we would never cross the ball to him so there wouldn’t be a point.
    We need a striker with intelligence and pace that can make good runs.

  76. Emiratesstroller


    As usual you are a complete moron.

    The only thing that you are capable of doing is repetitively telling everyone else what they should be doing with their lives.

    Stop telling everyone else how to spend their money or support the club.

    Frankly Pedro it is high time that RT is banned permenantly from writing his

  77. Up 4 grabs now

    How many players have we had the chance to sign, then Wenger dithered over signing them and they go onto be class acts a year or two later.
    Has he added griezmann and lukaku to his list of nearly signed players yet?

    The squad/team is in major need of overhaul.
    This could have been done over the last 2-3 seasons when we were in the champions league.
    We ain’t qualifying this year which will make it a lot harder.

    City and utd will strengthen in the summer, as will the bindippers, and maybe Chelsea once the league is won.
    We’ll be 4th choice and that’s before you’ve thrown in the European teams.

    With Wenger still here, we won’t break the socialist wage structure, so we can’t use big money to attract players, as they say in snatch “we’re proper fucked”

    Maybe we could raid stoke for there keeper butland.
    Zaha at palace, Gray from Leicester but that could well be the level of players we are looking at with Wenger in charge and no champions league football.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Red truth

    You making new friends.. ?

    Why don’t you have a change of approach , be constructive with others working with them rather than post one liner put downs….

    Remember the club will be here long after wrnger u an I unless you only 18′?

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Also stop singleing out thevstroller ,

    He is entitled to his opinion like you are yours ….

    Ya get me?

  80. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    Two things for me.

    We need to be mindful that third world players and European players a motivated differently. See how many Brazil internationals are heading to China in their prime – Ramirez, Oscar, Hulk…remember Costa is Brazilian too. He nearly left to China as well.

    Here in Nigeria, a lot of young folks take to football to make money and support their family, which usually includes a very large extended family. Many are prepared to play anywhere so long as there is money to earn.

    On the Arsenal midfield, I lost confidence in Wenger and his ability to assemble the right players when I heard him say he passed up a chance to buy Kante because he didnt want to affect Coquelin’s development. No manager that places the interest of the club above the interest of players reasons like that.

  81. Wenker-wanger

    Its worth repeating…. Wenger thinks he can re-invent himself.
    Unfortunately for him, the whole enlightened football world knows, YOU CAN’T POLISH A TURD..
    Wenger will change players, backroom staff, but whilst he remains in charge the ship is still sinking.

  82. Relieable Sauce

    If Wenger doesn’t quit Arsenal at least now there’s the possibility of witnessing WW III, or if we were really lucky a doomsday event.
    Need something to look forward to.

  83. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    It’s not an ageist comment but wenger can’t change.

    He is senile
    I personally think he is 12 months from cracking massively

  84. Danish Gooner

    Latest comments from Wenger really suggests he have been a sleep since 2012,he wants to give new contracts to Oxlade,Wilshire and Gibbs and he praises Feo the man has gone insane,it is exactly those four and their lack of progress that have put him in all this trouble.When you look up the word stubborn i swear they show a picture of Wenger those four have been a massive disaster.

  85. David Smith

    Wenger says signing now would be an own goal…..maybe there is something in the reports, and he is in a battle with the board, hoping for a good end to the season to strengthen his hand as this Luddite tries to resist any change

  86. Jeff


    It has nothing to do with football. Wenger likes familiarity. He doesn’t like change. He wants things to stay as they are forever and ever. He didn’t want to let go of Diaby. For years and years it was obvious he would never contribute more than a handful of games in any season and yet his contract was renewed over and over.

    These players are all his yes men. He wants to keep them because they want to keep him and the reason for that is he pays a handsome salary to the players you mentioned which they would not get anywhere else in a month of Sundays. He also treats them like his children. It’s mutually assured retention of the status quo. Arsenal, the board and the players are his family and that’s how it’s been for at least a decade. Arsene has no actual family and no life outside Arsenal. It’s a very, very sad situation and it’s holding the club back.

  87. Carts

    Ox had no business signing another Arsenal deal unless he simply want £80k p/w, the benefit of living in London and a stagnant career.

    Wenger didn’t give a shit about him pre-2017. It’s only when a player get into the latter part of heir deal, with other top teams sniffing around do we then start a pr campaign about why staying at a non-progressive Arsenal is a players best option.

    Serious, Ox should fuck-off London and go where ever he thinks he’ll continue to develop.

  88. Relieable Sauce

    Phil Neville statement of love for Pochettino and his opinion – that they are a the best coached team in the league – was both brave and interesting, and seemed to raise an eyebrow from Gary and Jenas…for the coaching aspect of it I assumed.
    On face value I think it’s hard to disagree, Conte would probably be in the running…Guardiola ? Most intense probably. Alardyce? Pullis?…Koeman?

    Hmmmm, tricky….I know, let’s now try with the worst coached team.
    : /

    Was pleading for someone to ask Keown what team he thought that might be.

  89. David Smith

    It’s not just wengers players….or most of them ….who are yes men, so is the whole structure built around him.
    Wenger knows he has fucked up this season, what will he do…..work 18 hours a day rather than 16, like all workaholics , most of whom lack the ability to change or delegate. He will wreck his health of he carries on thinking he can run the first team, transfers, new deals, youth teams, new builds and catering arrangements. And anyone at the club who truly cared about him would try to stop him….maybe Ivan is trying just that, doubt if Stan is though.
    Wenger really is a very sad man, must be a Shakespearian or some other literary tragedy in there somewhere.

  90. David Smith

    There are several worse coached teams than Arsenal, would say Utd at the moment, West Ham, Stoke, and some of the bottom feeders. Still , a pretty damning indictment for Wenger and his stuck in the 90s backroom boys

  91. china

    not sure about utd, they’re still in the EL, they’re in a similar position to us in the PL and they won the LC

    they’re still a long way off where they should be, but they’re having a better season than us no doubt and even if they come 5th might win the EL and get in the cl.

    on paper that has to be better than us imo

  92. Emiratesstroller


    The reality is that you cannot have a dialogue with RT. Pedro has already bannedhim several times for the way he communicates with other people and behaves.

    You would have thought by now that he has learned his lesson.

    Sadly this is someone with a one track mentality and rather limited intelligence.

    He assumes that everyone else can take action against Arsenal. The question
    which he should be asked is what exactly does he do? The simple truth is that
    he does absolutely nothing, because I am pretty sure that he would be the last
    person on the planet that Wenger would take advice from and more importantly I doubt that the major shareholder, board of directors and CEO would be prepared to listen to.

    The truth is he is a complete irrelevance apart from being extremely annoying.

  93. Emiratesstroller


    If you take a look at the League Table you can see clearly what is required to win a major League title and that is a solid defence. Chelsea and Tottenham have been consistent in that department all season.

    Man Utd have been also quite solid in the defensive department, but their achilles heel as pinpointed by Mourinho last week is a lack of goalscorers apart from Ibrahimovic.

    Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool can all score goals, but as the stats suggest are brittle in defence. That is why they are not in frame to win the League.

  94. Carts

    Rumour has it Wenger is trying to tie down the English trio.

    This is getting desperate beyond belief, now!

    Gibbs, Wilshere & Ox. This is where Gazidis veto power needs to come into effect.

    I couldn’t careless how much English players are. Those 3 have hit their ceiling; with salaries the only thing going up

  95. wenker-wanger

    I would love to see Wenger manage a struggling prem team and try to keep them up.
    Managers like allardyce pulis Dyce etc manage and coach to the limit of their resources. They maximise their players strengths generally drill a double defensive wall.
    Wenger wouldn’t have a clue and hasn’t the character to motivate a solid unit of bone crunching resilient defensive minded players fighting for prem survival.
    That’s why the question raised of which is the worst coached team in the prem is answered with wenger.
    A very fortunate man with unbelievable resources that is therefore woefully underperforming.

  96. wenker-wanger

    I like this spurs team…you have to give credit for the way they play their game.
    Yet, the average spurs fans ambition is just to finish above arsenal. A pathetic small-minded outlook and one which has held them back like some deep psychological inferiority complex.
    From their view they should forget arsenal and push on. But to most gooners we would be happy with their local ambition.

  97. Alexanderhenry

    I think we need to put man utd ‘s form in perspective.

    Since fergie left they have spent hugely, far more than us and have actually managed to assemble the most expensive squad in Europe.

    Some of their purchases have been truly disastrous: Di Maria, schneiderlin etc. But surely the decision to spend £90 million on pogba is the most baffling.

    That could turn out to be the worst transfer of all time.

    Under mourinho they have been serving up horrible, risk averse, percentage football, a far cry from fergie ‘s better sides.

    If they don’t finish top four, make no mistake, it will be a rather pathetic failure on their part.

    They’ll continue to spend big regardless though, so next season they’ll improve. If you keep throwing money at a problem it will be solved in the end.

    In many ways Man utd are the opposite of arsenal.

  98. Dissenter

    Wenger has lost his mind.
    The same manager who’s
    Repar d to let his bat two players leave for free is now say that the club will suffer “great damage” if Oxlade is allowed to leave.
    “I personally think it’s vital that Chamberlain stays at Arsenal,” Wenger said. “We bought him when he was very young and built him up. He has a great mentality and a good football brain and it would be big damage for us to lose this kind of player.”
    The player that Wenger is still searching for his best position after six seasons at the club?
    Wenger is going to leave this club broken when he eventually leaves , ladened with overpaid average players.

    A clear out is needed; three out of Gibbs, Wilshere, Oxlade, Jenkinson and Ramsey need to binned this summer. Keeping them is what will damage the club.
    We need change and Wenger can’t deliver this change.