Wenger hinting at new midfield combo?

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I am having a terrible week everybody. TERRIBLE. Sad thing about having a terrible week in a foreign country is all you have to support you is YOUR FUCKING BLOG COMMUNITY. Love you guys. Keep being the best kind of digital friends.

What I do take solace in is this… Wenger is probably having a worse time than me at the moment. Comical Ali was let out of his bunker, ready to take on the press. Asked whether he’d announce his new deal soon, he said this:

“What you ask me is to score own goals”

NO ONE ASKED YOU TO DO THAT. Anyway, it’s clear he’s not going to announce his deal until, you know, he actually signs it. So stop wasting questions about it and actually take him to task on the football.

The manager thinks Alexis is going to stay on at the club and now the narrative is starting to switch up… because it’s about what his agent can agree. Man, I can’t make my mind up here, what is REALLY going on. Why would you pay £300k a week to a player who is ‘lazy’, disruptive, and uncontrollable?

I mean, I know why. Because we have next to no hope of signing a better player if he goes. Wenger needs Sanchez to sign on and let’s be fair, he needs a coup like this. I just hope we don’t get desperate and go all Rooney on this and give him a forever deal and right to stink out the club or shit in the physios parking space.

Crazy thing is this… his comments don’t really lend themselves to the notion it’s just about money.

“Looking at everything I’ve done in my career as a footballer, at all the titles, I believe that what’s hugely important is motivation,” “If a footballer is well motivated and has various things to motivate him every day, he will keep achieving his goals.

“If a footballer is well motivated and has various things to motivate him every day, he will keep achieving his goals.”

Proper footballers don’t give a f*ck about the money. You want to be the best at what you do, and if you are, then the cash will follow. I just don’t understand how he’ll convince himself that signing on for us will motivate him? He’s a brat with this team and he’s not learning anything. He certainly won’t win a title with us for as long as Wenger is here.

In better news, Wenger seems to be making some good decisions when it comes to Elneny, a player who looked very promising last season, but is getting the Carlos Vela cold shoulder. The manager had this to say on the Egyptian.

‘He gives us fluency,’

‘Elneny is a continuity player who is a generous player and wants to help the team.’

He can pass, he has an engine, he does the dogs body work and works well next to Xhaka. Don’t mess around, give him more games. So much better than Coquelin. It’ll be telling whether Wenger gives him a game against Palace. Remember, Wenger needs 6 points in the next two games, then he’ll get his ‘NO CHANGES NEEDED’ clause which gives us a great chance to do even worse next season.

Finally, I’ll leave you on this. I’m can’t find the source to corroborate, but the very fact I could full well believe it, is telling.

“If you take the first 45 minutes of the 2 games, we were qualified. But we went out in an emphatic way”

Right, that’s all I have. SEE YOU TOMORROW. x

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  1. Bankz

    DM, azed…where are you guys at?
    You both making wining here too easy for me.
    I demand a competition, a challenge to make me appreciate these wins more

  2. Bankz

    Boomslang you need to stop trying to sneak into 4th like Arsene Wenger teams instead of actually winning the full package.
    When you make the full package your goal, then winning the tr4phy becomes easier.

  3. Bankz

    Sanchez is bigger than Arsenal’s ambitions and truth be told, if anyone of us was Sanchez, we’d be jumping ships ASAP especially if Arsene Wenger extends his contract.

  4. Bankz


    I’d jump ships way before Pedro makes up his mind to sell or not to sell.


    Okay. Then beating his record on a weekend should be my new strategy.
    Thanks for the heads up

  5. steve

    I want that cunt Wenger shamed out of the club. Kick him on his ass out. Like Redtruth said he should be forced to pay back the money he has swindled from the club. Complete fraud.

  6. Bamford10

    Sorry to hear you’re having a bad week, Pedro. As for Elneny, while he isn’t top class, I do like what he brings to our midfield.

  7. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Make no mistake, Wenger is doing this deliberately. Deliberately to piss off his detractors and deliberately to rally his supporters. That is what truly believes. What he has yet to actually recognize, being a self-centered egoist, is that he continues to alienate and disenfranchise all supporters, to the point of indifference. The repercussions will be felt for a long time to come, in ways that only ownership will appreciate…and it will be too late.

    Sad days at AFC, very sad days.

  8. Ishola70

    Didn’t take much for Robbie and Arsenal Fan TV to get spooked did it.

    All it took was a few pro-Wenger wide boys to come wading in and threaten after the Man City game and now Robbie on his twitter timeline puts up celebratory images of Arsene Wenger lifting trophies from a decade ago lol.

    Nobody should be making judgements about players on how well they looked against pathetic West Ham. But they do.

  9. SUGA3

    Chemical Ali was Saddam’s army general (I think also related to him), the one who ordered the sarin gas attack on Kurds.

    Comical Ali was the moniker given to the dude from the picture, who was Saddam’s administration’s mouthpiece. He was mocked for saying everything was OK, whilst US of A were kicking all shades of shit out of their army.

  10. Ishola70

    Adam A. Carbarundum:
    “Make no mistake, Wenger is doing this deliberately. Deliberately to piss off his detractors and deliberately to rally his supporters.”

    Yep said the same thing on yesterday’s blog post.

    He is purposely dragging this out so he can be seen to be totally seeing off his detractors over the long haul.

  11. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Pedro, what you speak of is the terrible inconsistency of the manager. Cold shoulders, desert wastelands, Siberia…it really speaks to a manager of great indecision, does it not?

    Players for the most part just want to play, but managers like Wenger often knows not what to do with them. This goes back to the I bought too many square pegs for my round holes board. That’s the manager and not the players who is at fault. Always has been.

  12. ArseneisaFraud

    These AKB’s really sound like fascists with all this threatening that they do. Totally unbelievable…. and then they dare talk about class? Have they looked at themselves in the mirror? Absolutely appalling. They’re a complete disgrace to humanity.

  13. Bamford10

    On a political note, the US strike on Syria was an unprovoked act of aggression & war crime — launched on the basis of unsubstantiated (& likely bogus) claims.

  14. Bamford10

    Arseblog thinks the calls for “Wenger out” should cease if the club announces he is staying. Sorry, but no. The calls for Wenger to fuck off will not stop.

  15. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The AKBs can have their messiah, era I mean pariah. Go on and sing your Dung Arsene Wenger…you look and act as stupid as he does – deserve one another. Said it over and over, he signs and I walk. I can quietly wait it out, there are plenty of teams to watch. I love AFC, but I love football more.

  16. Bamford10

    And for those who still don’t get it: Arsenal should be contending for the PL & competing in the CL. Wenger cannot do either. He needs to go, ASAP.

  17. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I don’t know, Bamford…what would you call Assad? A prince of a guy? And it’s rather hypocritical of Russia to denounce – what the heck are they doing in the Ukraine and Crimea?

  18. Adam A. Carbarundum

    AFC with each passing day cements itself as a farcical organization, from ownership to on field play. It stems from only one source, the guy that should have had the decency and smarts to call it a day years ago….One Arsene Wenger.

  19. Bamford10

    Agreed, ArseneisaFraud. AKBs talk incessantly about “class” — largely to deflect from how poor Wenger has been football-wise for years now — and then threaten to punch people in the face if they say something they don’t like. Real “classy” bunch. They’re cavemen whose religion has run out of arguments.

  20. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Shame the players and manager couldn’t show the same fight that their fascist pro-Wenger supporters show. Truly, what a screwed up club AFC are.

  21. Bamford10


    Meaningless. Whatever Assad is, it doesn’t justify anything US imperialism is up to in Syria. The US has falsely accused the Assad regime of using chemical weapons before — it was the US-backed Islamist rebels, actually — and the current claims are unsubstantiated, un-investigated and implausible.

    As for Russia, Crimea, etc., that’s just more US propaganda. The people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly (95%) to cede from Ukraine in a free, fair and open referendum . This on account of the fact that Kiev had just been topped in a US-backed right-wing putsch, led in large part by fascist elements (Svoboda & Right Sector) and that the vast majority of Crimeans are ethnic Russians.

    There is absolutely no reason to believe a single thing Washington says.

  22. Adam A. Carbarundum

    As opposed to what, Bamford? Your sense of the truth?

    There are always two sides to every story. This one will play itself out and the truth may surprise us both.

  23. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So that we understand each other, because I do like you Bamford, I’m from North America, 90 minutes from the US Border. This conversation may escalate because we see things very differently. Again, I like you and I want it to stay that way. We simply think differently on this and I’m okay with that and hope you are too.

  24. ArseneisaFraud

    For any historian out there Arsenal is a perfect case study into the inner workings of fascism: AW is a dictator, the PR team the propaganda machine, the security staff who “practically” act like the SS/ Gestapo by confiscating banners from dissenting fans and the AKB’s the brainwashed idiots who will defend and fight tooth and nail any slight critism made at the regime.

  25. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Boomslang…that sounds too easy. We all know the AKBs always make things difficult on themselves. This much we know, there will be a mass rush on Wenger Blow Up Dolls, the likes to which no one could ever foresee. Their idol, will not perish in vain!

  26. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @ArseneisaFraud…are you saying that Mussolini is in fact alive? Who woulda thunk it? The guy looks like Boris Karloff!!!

  27. WestLondonGoon

    On 1st July, Yaya Sanogo, FA Cup winner, will have been an Arsenal player for 4 years and will have banked over £5m for his ‘services.’

    He will never have to work again in his life; he can just drift off into football nothingness and live on pinot grigio for the rest of his life.

    Will we have got value for money? Will we have seen him (improve)? I can’t see a positive answer to either of those questions.

    I’m all for giving young players a chance to prov themselves but to take a part-postman whose contract had not been renewed at Auxerre and give him any length of contract other than a year to prove himeslf is ridiculous. When we signed him, Arsenal refused to detail the length of his contract, now we can tell why.

    People say that the FA Cup is devalued in modern football, well when players like Sanogo can walk away from football holding an FA Cup winners medal, surely there is the problem.

    Through unrealistic contracts, see Diaby, Denilson, and Bendtner to name but a few, and playing players out of sentiment rather than ability, Arenal have been massively mismanaged since we left Highbury and it is becoming glaringly obvious the Arsene Wenger is the only person to blame. He wants all the plaudits but none of the criticism.

  28. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I still say that Wenger was convinced he was signing Toure and not Sanogo when he bought sight unseen.

  29. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @ArseneisaFraud…Lets not bring up the fact that my German language skills are atrocious! Doppelgangér… is that like Tutti Frutti Ice Cream or something?


  30. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me…but is it too much to ask that a Wenger just keeps his mouth shut? Every time he opens his mouth and says something you are left with that undeniable feeling of … Really? Really?? Really???

  31. colin

    1 draw 1 win,then he starts talking about individual performances of players and the complex nature of dealing with agents and contracts, all in my opinion an attempt to deflect from the more important issues as well documented over seasons past, present and no doubt if he stays seasons to come , so who addresses the teams lack of on field leadership,the break down in the once cohesive fluent style that was once upon a time seen as the new arsenal way, the ability to break down stubborn defensive teams and the physicality needed to deal with the riggers of the premiership , because as time’s gone on under arsene wenger the fans are divided , the players seem uncertain as to the identity and direction of the team and the board is left waiting on a tired old man to steer the into a very uncertain future , because teams with ambition never change a winning formula , they move with the times and adjust accordingly.

  32. ArseneisaFraud

    Adam A Carbarundum


    On the contrary. However much I hate listening to what he says, let him open his mouth. He is making himself look like a complete fool everytime he says something. That alone helps the cause in opening the eyes of those of have yet to realise that AW is a deluded egomaniac.

  33. Dissenter

    I hate seeing Spurs play these days. They are so much better than us.
    IO hate to say this but they also have better players now, forget the hype of Oil etc. They have young hungry and fearless players.
    If they can keep the manager they’ll win a league trophy in 2 years .

  34. Dissenter

    They are so much better than us.
    How did this happen?
    How did they gather a good group with a smaller purse?

  35. Dissenter

    The media narrative now is to ask every opposition manager if they feel sorry for Wenger and of course they express pity for him.
    Wenger is now the object of pity from everyone and he loves it.

  36. Guns of Hackney

    Wenger can literally say what he want and the press and fans continue to lap it up. You can imagine the long dramatic pauses…the sips of water…the journalists quivering with excitement for the next pearl of wisdom.

    I’ll no longer refer to IT as a man because he lacks all the characteristics one would expect from a human being.

    As for Sanchez. Who gives a shit if he stays or goes? Seriously, if he stays that means we have one WC player in a squad that would make a pub side cringe. No matter how good a player is, if he’s not being offset by other talented players, it’s a moot point and his ability will remain wasted.

    I hope we get relegated.

  37. Dissenter

    I saw the Rambo comments lambasting you for stating the obvious.
    It’s just a cold hard FACT that they are currently better and are set on a trajectory to widen the gap. Next year they’ll have CL and we probably won’t meaning that they’ll attract players that we cannot. We are going to depreciate with Wenger over the next two years and they have a much better manager.
    “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” -John Adams

  38. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Dissenter…Spurs are not a better team, they simply have a far better manager. Place Poch on an Arsenal team and we are discussing a legitimate title shot, not some idiot putz’ farewell tour that rivals The Rolling Stones for duration!

  39. Adam A. Carbarundum

    No Gunz, just that mental midget John Cross is sipping and salivating at every word his God says. You forget, it’s just Wenger and Cross in the room, the rest are aberrations

  40. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I swear every time that bozo Cross shows his mug on the screen and flashes that so-called smile of his, I feel compelled to go grab a toothbrush and send it to him. Makes a donkeys smile look gracious!

  41. ArseneisaFraud

    I am curious to see what the AKB’s say when the Spuds will finish above us this season. They’ll probably dismiss it as some kind of fluke I imagine. Interesting to then see what they do say comes the end of next season if the Spuds manage to finish above us again.

  42. Alan


    I think we have two options; acknowledge their side and manager is better atm or stay quiet. If you sit there going ‘nah mate, they’re shit’, you’re mugging yourself off. I get we’re rivals but FFS, grow up.

  43. Jeff

    Haven’t you noticed yet. Everything is topsy turvy at Arsenal. Wrong way round. Upside down. Weird. Odd. Unusual. Strange. We live in a world of our own. Isolated, insular, incestuous. It’s a closed shop. Ruled from behind an iron curtain. It’s all hush hush. Even the journalists are afraid to ask the right questions. The propaganda machine is working overtime to keep the illusion going, to brainwash, to keep things as they are. Popes and monarchs do not leave and they rarely. We’ll be out of the EU and Charles will be crowned king before Wenger is no longer manager of Arsenal.

  44. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @ArseneisaFraud…they will blame us for the failure. How we were so mean and negative that it affected the millionaire players psyches. And even the genius of their Demi-God Wenger could not break the spell that we cast.

    You know they will spin it to something like this! The thick doorknobs!

  45. Jim Lahey

    “I am curious to see what the AKB’s say when the Spuds will finish above us this season.”

    – “First time in 21 years!”
    – “Yeah wait until they do it for 20 years straight before they can gloat”
    – “Do they get a trophy for it?”
    – “The earth is flat!” (I am assuming they are devoid of rational thought)

  46. Guns of Hackney

    It’s not just about spurs finishing above us, we have to finish out of the top four to really make it stick.

    Eriksson at £10m making Ozil at £42m look like a Sunday clogger. Class player…Spurs seem to find those no 10’s don’t they.

  47. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Spurs are showing what a real manager can do for otherwise pedestrian players. Give them a role, give them a purpose, give them a plan. All things that Wenger never does. Spurs are good because they are coached very well and are maturing as a team. Arsenal are regressing because their manager is in full blown regression.

  48. Rambo Ramsey

    Alan, I blasted you for abusing Arsenal fans who didn’t gush and wank over Spuds. You can fill your den with Spud posters and get the Spud chicken tattooed on your face for all I care.

  49. Jim Lahey

    Spurs are doing some weird tactics …. They seem to be doing this thing were they aren’t letting the opposition side score with every attack they make.. (Don’t know if thats legal, will have to search the FA website for that one.)

    They are also kicking the ball that the goal a lot, without passing it back and forth across the pitch a dozen times.. weird!!

  50. Dissenter

    I really don’t think any Arsenal player will make the starting eleven of this Spuds team currently.
    My statement is frightening but I don’t think I’ll pick Sanchez over Son or Harry Kane.

  51. Rambo Ramsey

    “This Rambo thing is serious for you isn’t it?”

    Says the buffoon who remembered and brought up comments I made days ago. Take your own advice, either say something of note or stay silent.

  52. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I’m sensing anger in you, Jim. What are you going to do next? Walk off in a huff…

    These Spurs are made for cheatin…

  53. Jim Lahey

    We have the better players, no doubt. Spurs however are more organised, they are direct. Looking at the positioning of their defence, they all know their roles and aren’t caught out as often as our lot.

    It all comes down to the guy in charge.

  54. HerveDeNerve

    Jim…can you also include in your letter the blatant cheating with injuries as well, thats twice now this season that Kane has come back 3/4 weeks earlier then expected

  55. Pierre

    ” ) They are also kicking the ball that the goal a lot, without passing it back and forth across the pitch a dozen times.. weird!!

    They may even win a trophy… But I doubt it….. It’s only Watford for gods sake… Flat track bullies….. Oops, sorry I am beginning to sound like a wob…

  56. Alan

    It was just that the blast was so powerful, Rambo…..Or maybe I just don’t have the mental capacity of fish like you and can remember things beyond a 4 hour period.

  57. Pierre

    ” It all comes down to the guy in charge”

    Remind me how many trophies has the guy in charge won…

  58. Jim Lahey

    @HerveDeNerve –

    I think I have already documented that the reason we have so many injuries is due to the fact that our London Colney training facility was built atop of an ancient Indian burial ground…

  59. Adam A. Carbarundum

    You gonna wear that purple panda stripe kit and speak in time delay? I’d pay to watch that!!!

  60. ArseneisaFraud

    Jim Lahey

    It would be hilarious if they did use any of the excuses you stated. Al least we’ll know where they got the ideas from!

  61. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Ooh snap! Now Pierre gone and done it…he played the AKB card! What a brilliant line…bring up Wenger’s accomplishments, pre-senility days. Pure comedy!!!

  62. Alan


    No doubt what Wenger was revolutionary in his prime but like he did to managers 10 years ago, he’s being left behind today. He himself talks about the need to reinvent himself which is important because he needs to accept what he is doing is not working CURRENTLY

  63. Boomslang

    In the world of AKB’s, there was nothing before Arsene, and there will be nothing after Arsene our Lord and saviour.

  64. Adam A. Carbarundum

    What Wenger needs is for the league and game to come back to his level. Sadly, as with life, things move forward and leaves behind the past. Sad that Wenger cannot recognize that, but then again most God-like characters don’t.

  65. Dissenter

    I’m not sure that “we have the better player” schtick still holds true.
    Lloris >> Cech
    Vertoghen> or = Kosh
    Alderweireld is >> Mustafi
    Rose is >> Monreal
    Kyle Walker is > or + to Hector Bellerin
    Wanyama/Eric Dier are >> than either of Coquelin/Xhaka. DMF
    Erikssen/Dembele are >> than either of Ramsey/Chamberlain. CMF
    Dele Ali/Son are >>Ozil/Alex Iwobi
    Sanchez is as good as Harry Kane [don’t dismiss Kane so easily]

    They have better players now [ON CURRENT FORM]

  66. Pierre

    There seems to be some contradiction from Le grovellers…. Do we or do we not have great players who are badly managed or do we have shit players but still win trophies and finish 2nd because they are well managed….
    It seems like, according to Le grovellers, spurs have a great team with great players with a great manager…… But still haven’t won a trophy (not even an f a cup) and haven’t finished above arsenal who have a crap manager with crap players… Weird

  67. Red&White4life

    “Proper footballers don’t give a f*ck about the money”

    Tell that to Mesut, Pedro… (lol)
    Really hope for wins for all the teams above us this week end.

  68. Bamford10

    One wag holding up a “Wenger in” sign at White Hart Lane today. Wenger is a fucking joke, and he has turned Arsenal into the same.

  69. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Yeah, almost as weird as your sad devotion to your God and Saviour, One Arsene Wenger. Seriously, who sings a song like that…oh yeah , you!

  70. Federer

    The Spuds show no sign of slowing down, they haven’t had their customary late season melt.
    What does this hold for us? Tradition is going to be broken this season. Spurs would finish ahead of us. We would miss out on Top 4

  71. Pierre

    Whatever way you look at it, Pochettino and spurs have won nothing and have finished below arsenal despite us having a “senile” manager…… Weird

  72. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Okay Pierre, let’s talk about past accomplishments as a form of defense. That’s called living in the past – be my guest, I prefer to always look forward, live in the now. Wenger lives in the past, tells everyone every time he opens his mouth.

    Move forward!

  73. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Yup, and the sky is blue and grass is green. What’s your point? Let’s talk about today shall we? Cause like after all. We kinda are living in today. Or is that too deep?

  74. Bamford10

    Spurs are unbeaten in 16 successive home league games (W14 D2) and 14 points ahead of Arsenal — 8 points ahead if you give Arsenal 6 points for the two games in hand.

  75. Dissenter

    They have at least eight players who are definitely better than eight players in our starting eleven.
    Anyway I move on before I get tarred and feathered.

  76. Pierre

    Accomplishments since Pochettino has been at spurs

    Arsenal 2 F a cups
    Arsenal finished above spurs each season

    Spurs accomplishments…. A big fat zero

  77. Jim Lahey

    “Whatever way you look at it, Pochettino and spurs have won nothing and have finished below arsenal despite us having a “senile” manager…… Weird”

    Once again, you put both club on a level playing field.. Do you really think so little of Arsenal??!

  78. Pierre

    “Spurs are unbeaten in 16 successive home league games (W14 D2) and 14 points ahead of Arsenal — 8 points ahead if you give Arsenal 6 points for the two games in hand.”

    Lets give them a “we are above arsenal in mid season trophy”… Oops I’m sounding like a wob now

  79. DaleDaGooner

    Jeez! Some of you need to get a life! I’m not wasting mine waiting for Wenger to be gone. Popped in to see and a lot of “AKB” this AKB that being flung around. You guys sound as ridiculous as the AKBs you complain about. Now it’s all about the Spurs…..smh

  80. Bamford10


    I’m pretty sure Spurs’ wage bill is basically half of ours. Who is underperforming this season? Who is over-performing?

    And what is your point, anyways? Wenger is fucking garbage, and the whole planet (save you morons) knows it.

  81. Bamford10


    What did you come to chat about? Please introduce a new topic and make a point. We are all ears.

  82. Pierre

    “Yup, and your point is again what, Pierre”

    Simple… If spurs have such a great team with great players and a great manager then why have they won fuck all…
    Europa… .. Gent…
    Champions league… Couldn’t get out of a piss poor group…

  83. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Dale…and of course one would suppose that if you had a life you’d have no need to be peeking in on this site. Just sayin

  84. Adam A. Carbarundum

    All true, Pierre…but where are they in relation to Arsenal in the standings today? That’s all that matters to someone who lives in the now. Everything you talk about is in the past, it’s history, move forward.

    It’s about today and the prospects of tomorrow, to which, sadly, theirs looks more promising than ours. And if you love Arsenal as I assume we all do, this we cannot abide.

  85. Bamford10


    That’s a straw-man. I’d say Spurs are a good team with a good manager. I’m not sure who here is claiming they are “great” and Pocchetino is “great,” but assigning this view to Le Grove is bogus.

    Pointing out that they play better football than us, get more out of the players they have, are more tactically interesting and are 14 points ahead of us is not equivalent to saying they are “great”. It’s just pointing out their relative strengths.

    So again, nice try.

  86. Pierre

    “Arsenal finish above Spurs for the simple reason of being masters at rolling over scrap heap teams…”


  87. Jeff

    The plain truth is that no Arsenal supporter would ever give other teams even the time of day if it had not been for Wenger. Every win by another club who are lower than us in the “big team league” will get praised by Arsenal supporters because it’s their way of scoring a psychological blow against the longest serving football dictator of all time. Until he goes there will never be unity, there will never be what we used to all “the Arsenal”. Why? Because a club is defined by its supporters not its managers, owners or executives. And so long as that fan-base is divided, the club will always be half what it should be.

  88. Dissenter

    Pierre is just making the emotional argument that he knows will resonate with many;
    Arsenal are great —yipeeeeee ❤️
    Spuds are bad- booooooooo

  89. Dissenter

    Liverpool are probably going to be Wenger’s get-out-of-jail card.
    Their best players are dropping like flies.