Wenger fights Ivan’s plan to destroy his ivory tower

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I’m engrossed in a project about fandom at work and I can’t stop referencing the immense hilarity of the #WengerOut meme that’s taken the stage in some quite incredible places. The latest in South Africa. Bravo. Just bravo.


Stories about Wenger and Ivan G having a ruck behind the scenes are gathering pace. I’m not sure if it’s being widely reported because I ran a story about it first and it sounded juicy, or if there really is substance beyond the obvious friction we’re reading about in the press.

Here’s the amazing thing here, the argument is this…

Our failing manager does not want to accept change as part of his new deal.

Think about that for a second. A manager who is 20 odd points off the top of the league, who dropped out of the last 16 for the 7th season running in a horrible 10-2 defeat to a Bayern who have battered us three times in the competition… doesn’t think he needs to change.

I find it unreal it’s even a debate. But that’s basically what the hold up is. I’d imagine Ivan G is insisting on a DoF. I’d imagine he’s telling Wenger that he has to lose Rowley, Peyton, Primorac, Banfield and Colbert. I’d imagine he is being told he won’t wield the same power as before.

… and Wenger, because he thinks he built Arsenal (he apportioned all our success down to his work), is pushing back.

Quite spectacular really. Is this honestly how the club want to be portrayed? Does Stan think this sort of behaviour is smart? Is he not looking at Spurs wage bill at 95m less than ours and wondering if he should be hiring a manager for half the money to gain the same success as we’re having?

Arsenal are a f*cking farce.

But, here’s the thing I am loving. Ivan G is having a pop. He’s telling the fans he’s batting for them.

‘If he had any balls’

John from Surrey, rocking an insurance admin job he hates because no one listens to him, reckons he’d give up £2.6m to make a point about Wenger. Seriously, you have to play the game if you want to win in the upper echelons of business. No f*cking way is he going to give up just before he can make a proper impact.

… at least we have someone fighting to do what’s right. Sounds like Sir Chips is game for change as well. The board are rounding on the squatter… finally.

Let’s see where it ends. I heard that Hendrick chap who went to Villa was moved on because of clashes with his highness. Hope Ivan doesn’t get the chop… because we don’t need another patsy.

That said, who’d come in as CEO and deal with Wenger ruling the show for another 10 years? Violent fans in the stadium, players ducking the sinking ship, and sponsors being harassed.

Not as plum as you might think.

Anyway, HEAR more about my view on what’s really going on. I was there first, because I have the club bugged and always have the best narrative.

See you in the comments.
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  1. dev.gooner

    Thank you Bankz…. Its a wonderful pleasure..

    Now some one take it back.. I feel like wenger now.


  2. dev.gooner

    I love these random Wenger out banners out everywhere in the world… Shows how much of a laughing stock arsenal have become. Can we rent a cargo ship and stick a banner on the antarctic island?

  3. Malaysian gunner

    I find it strange that Arsenal can allow a manager when to quit.
    For the last ten years he has been a failure domestically and while he has
    turned the gunners into a joke in the cl.Dont forget Arsenal are ranked among the
    too 7 richest in world soccer.
    I believe his future will be decided by the end of th e season

  4. Ishola70

    “Wenger says answering a question about whether he would sign a new deal would be like scoring an own goal. Really? Instability is the own goal. Fans have resigned themselves to him staying. The lack of protest on Wednesday showed that. Yes people will have a moan on social media but in the real world, just announcing what everyone already knows is likely to be a positive.”

    He’s delaying not just because he wants the results to get better and he can dress mutton up as lamb but also because the longer he delays and the protests against him gradually dwindle and run out of steam he is seen as completely winning out against the unrest against him from a section of the fans. It’s like a staring down contest and Wenger-Poos has not budged an inch from his gaze back. If he had announced his extension earlier he would not have the satisfaction in the end of completely seeing off these protests for the duration. He can do this because he always knew he had the complete backing of the owner and he also knew well enough that the protests against him were not serious or large enough.He’s taking a bit of a chance because this team could nose-dive again before the end of the season but perhaps it is not much of a gamble when he is in the knowledge that he has the backing of Stan regardless of finishing place in the EPL this season. I never believed the reports and views of some fans that Wenger lost the dressing room. It’s like fans did not want to believe that it was just a simple case of the team playing poorly and they can and will play poorly again under Wenger in the future. It fitted the Wenger out narrative to say that he had lost the dressing room and it was probably said by some more in hope than reality.

  5. Ishola70

    Gazidis has been full of bullshit before and this recent stuff it would not be surprising if this is the case again.

    He could be seen as just delaying like they all are, playing for time and trying to appease fans until the situation blows over.

    To try to paint Gazidis as some fan hero is jumping the gun and could be seen as well of the mark.

  6. Ishola70

    Arsenal PLC put Gazidis out there as the good cop in this present set-up.

    He can spin, sympathise and make what turn out to be empty promises and statements for as long as you want. Gazidis is there to dupe and sedate the fans.

    Backstage away from the fans they all laugh together among themselves.

  7. Pininho

    I still find all this Wenger Out stuff to be terrifically short sighted. Name me one Chelsea team that will be remembered for a generation. Titles are very important, very important – but the thing that unites the Busby Babes, the Liverpool team of the 80s, the Barcelona team of the past decade or more- and the invincibles is doing it THE RIGHT WAY.

    Wenger is a mensch. He works harder than anyone, is desperate to win, and has brought us into the upper echelons of European Football,

    Boro Primorac gave up his league winners medal with O’M and whistle blew on cheating – even though he knew it would hurt his career. That’s why Wenger loves hi – he’s an honourable man.

    We are talking about GOOD MEN, who behave with the morals and work ethic that all other good men can aspire to. Of course we all want to win the league, but all of this derision and division among fans who love Arsenal is hurting the club.

    We’ve been derailed by Santi’s injury – Xhaka is in his first season and looks knackered. The talented Alexis’ demeanour hasn’t helped, either.

    I do think Wenger needs a Yang to his Yin inside the club, but Wenger Out? It’s just anti-Arsenal.

  8. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    Two pirates, Morty and Sol, meet 
in a bar to have a pint.

    Sol has a patch over one eye, 
a hook for a hand, and a wooden peg leg. “Ye gads, matey,” says Morty. “What happened to ya?”

    Sol says, “Me ship was attacked, and a lucky shot lopped off me leg. So now I got me a wooden peg.”

    “And yer hand?” asks Marty.

    “When me ship sank, a shark bit me hand off. So now I got me a hook.”

    “OK, but what’s with the eye patch?”

    “I was standin’ on a dock, and the biggest seagull I ever saw poops right in me eye.”

    “But ya don’t go blind from no seagull poop.”

    “True,” says Sol. “But it was me first day with the hook.”

  9. Pedro

    Pininho, no one will remember Jose’s first Chelsea side? You don’t think anyone will remember the side that won the CL with Drogba scoring the winner?

    What a fucking absurd comment.

    Good men. Honestly. That’s your conclusion. Wow. Quit the internet right now, you’re drunk.

  10. jwl

    At very least, Gazidis should take control of transfers and deciding what Arsenal will pay for player and their salaries. Wenger is purposely not spending large amounts of money, it just sitting there in banks getting larger every year, that money needs to be spent.

    Arsenal are massive club, we are rich, and Wenger behaves like club needs to count every penny, he is stalling the club’s development now. Way back when, the plan was ten years of austerity to pay down debt and then two or three years ago Arsenal were supposed to spend its huge piles of cash to start competing for league titles again after a break for stadium move.

    If Wenger were actually going to take club to next level, Arsenal would spend up to 100 million quid on young striker who going to score 25-30 league goals annually for next five to eight years. What money the club have remaining gets spent on midfield dynamo to replace Santi.

    Arsenal moved to Emirates to compete properly against other elite teams, and that’s what fans/sponsors are paying for, while Wenger is standing in way of that vision or plan and telling gooners in their match programs that at least were not fighting against relegation.

  11. S Asoa

    Ha ha ha

    Pinochio, mean Pinininho.
    Watch out mate your nose is getting bigger more you talk nonsense about Wenger.
    Honourable man. My left foot , leach stuck to not deserved 8.5 million plus perks for fuckall

  12. Red&White4life

    “at least were not fighting against relegation.”

    Am I the only one who thinks that a relegation battle could be much more exciting than a fight for the 4th place ?? (not even joking)

  13. Ishola70

    We know Wenger has won out when we see posts like Pininho’s.

    That post from him can be seen as proclaiming victory for Wenger.

  14. Arse&Nose©

    Pedro, we can’t say that he was shown the door because he tried to make changes, it could be that he was just a div. He wasn’t actually sacked by Arsenal, he was given an opportunity at Villa which would have been a step up with more pay.

    Keown would be the one I’d wonder about, he came in and helped us keep a record-breaking defensive record (with Eboue) in the CL route to the final in 2006, it was really odd that he was let go of in the summer and hasn’t been invited back.

  15. Boomslang

    One has to wonder what goes on in Wengy’s head.

    The club he claims to love is in steep decline, and yet he’s reluctant to make any meaningful change, or better yet, quit.

    He should go hide himself in the basement of a brothel.

  16. Red&White4life

    “Arsenal are stepping up their interest in Sunderland goalkeeper Jordan Pickford after they watched him in action against Watford.”

    Ze world class players.

  17. Leftsidesanch

    Food for thought..could Ivans comments made at the AST forum be true about a contract being discussed but not signed?

    One suspects a man genuinely would have signed and annouced a new contract if it was there.

    Or am i wishful thinking? His behaviour and statements would allude to a man being under pressure. Plus his comments dismissing Ivans ‘catalyst for change’ are interesting in the grand scheme of things.

  18. Guns of Hackney

    Okay, Peter either ‘knows’ something we don’t, or he doesn’t and is just writing juicy tings to inspire us to not give up hope for change.

    I get that Ivan the Terrible doesn’t want to walk out on the sweet deal he has at Arsenal, but why doesn’t he do something LIKE hire someone to really wind Arsene up? Is that in his remit…is he allowed to hire someone without Arsene’s approval?

    If Ivan is playing a game, he’ll lose because we are constantly told that Wenger has the key to the executive bathroom and Stan’s ear. Surely Stan trumps Ivan, no?

    Can someone explain how or what Ivan can actually do for Arsenal? Seriously.

  19. Kane

    Wanting Wenger to move on is not anti Arsenal…. it is anti Wenger. Being anti Wenger is not the same as being anti Arsenal.

    The Arsenal team that won the league in 2003-04 is remembered for being winners – not for being good men. Wenger was highly respected back then for being a winner…. not because he was a nice chap.

    Sport is about winning above all else. Winning nice is fine, but winning ugly is perfectly acceptable as long as you are winning.

    Sanchez gave an interview recently where he says “Looking at everything I’ve done in my career as a footballer, at all the titles, I believe that what’s hugely important is motivation. As a footballer, everything you’ve achieved can easily be lost and then you are nobody”

    Winners are remembered – losers are forgotten… how nice those losers are only matters to other losers.

  20. Redtruth

    Messi can’t even.produce on the biggest stage for Argentina and he’s supposed to be a special.player..lol
    His numbers are well down for his country compared to his club and Argentina are a good team…lol

  21. SUGA3


    Your waxing lyrical about Ivan is adorable 😆

    The fact is that so far, he has overseen the period where we should have been using the stadium advantage to, well, our advantage! Have we? Have we fuck. Once Chelsea and Spuds build theirs, we are done for.

  22. ArseneisaFraud


    There definitively is something going on as I was half expecting Sky sports news to be splashing out an article on how AW had signed the contract on the morning of the 3-0 v8ctory over the Hammers. And it is effectively yet to be signed. As such we do need to keep up the pressure and not to give up putting pressure on AW and the board so that this fuckin’ contract does not get signed. The crystal palace game is not gonna be as easy as it was against West Ham.

  23. David Smith

    Man like Ivan, Arsenal Trooper, Man of the People!

    Sadly, if they really are going up against each other, think we know who Stan will back……although if this is true, I am surprised…..and to a degree, hopeful that Ivan hasn’t been fired so far.
    If Ivan is fired, or resigns over this, will be 2011 again, can you imagine Wenger, Ken Friar, Josh Kroenke and some puppet CEO bought over from the Nuggets trying to buy players to replace those who are leaving, or soon out of contract

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The dream is a nightmare in disguise ..

    All down to one man ….

    The promised land is a apmarsh land ….

    All down to one man .

    This sycophant cunt is a parasites ripping an eating the club alive from the core ….

  25. David Smith

    Just have to hope Ivan’s bold comments are sanctioned by Stan,,and that he sticks to it, even after wengers whinging phone calls.

  26. Adam A. Carbarundum

    It is beyond offensive that Wenger proclaims that everything has returned to so-called normal with a win an draw from two otherwise crippled teams.

    To equally state that he will transform himself is not only insulting but a gross lie. Wenger neither knows how to transform himself nor how to be truthful.

    If he were my father I would have already secured power of attorney and had him living in a seniors home for his own mental well being and health.

    To be clear, Ivan Gazidis is a fraud of epic proportions. The fact that Pedro continues to perpetuate the myth that somehow this bufoon holds any level of power at AFC only demonstrates the feebleness of his own foolishness.

    AFC are a money making gold mine supported by the globes most gullible moronic idiots, primarily the British.

    Oh how happy you must all be! Idiots!!!

  27. China

    Good men? Wenger cheated on his wife and we’re being told the reason we should keep him is because he’s a good man….?

    I see…..


  28. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Seriously Pedro, you need to distance yourself from Ivan Gazidis as much as possible. To be honest, you look like a fucking moron for supporting well, a fucking moron!

  29. Adam A. Carbarundum

    “Hope Ivan doesn’t get the chop… because we don’t need another patsy.”

    Are you serious, Pedro? What and who do do you think Ivan is? He’s a PATSY!!! Seriously, are you that thick?

  30. China

    Pedro in response to the talk we were having about Ivan doing his best for us, I think there are plenty of things he could be pushing for in Asia to grow the brand

    Make a partnership with a Chinese club the same we did with some European clubs years back

    Sign the best Chinese player (they don’t have to play him. This is cynical and I don’t like this but the club did this twice before with inamoto and park for easy shirt sales in Japan and Korea

    Invest in their amazing new national youth academy training facilities like Real Madrid have to get them an inside scoop when china actually produces a serious quality player

    Push mid to high end merchandise online and with an in store presence with shops in a few key places. Chinese love that kind of thing.

    Go cap on hand to one of the mega rich Chinese companies for sponsorship even if just for the local market such as with advertising

    Invest in a high profile naming rights deal for an iconic tower. For example goldin finance ran into massive financial problems building their iconic 117 story 600m tower in Tianjin (one of the world’s tallest). Construction came to a gridlock and they considered selling it because money dried up. There are countless cases like this in china. Invest a bit in high profile projects like this where the Chinese company negotiates from a position of weakness

    The days of massive multinational corporations sitting on huge financial reserves without diversifying are disappearing rapidly pedro. Apple are making cars and watches. BMW have clothes shops. Aston Martin are building towers and boats. And we have a manager who can’t be trusted with our cash reserves even if he wants to use them. Ivan should grab the. I’ll by the horns and manage the club

    1/4 of the world’s population live in china. They have the world’s largest middle class. They have incredible economic growth. They have the world’s most billionaires (over 600 and rapidly growing)
    They have a country that really loves football and in particular English football
    And we have damn close to fuck all going on here outside like 2 pre season games every half a decade. That’s hardly ambitious from the club in going for the world’s largest untapped market.

  31. China

    We did make the first Chinese language version official website of any PL club. I’ll give them credit for that (not sure if gazidis was here then but I’m happy to give him credit for that)

    My point is that what we’re seeing from gazidis’ accomplishments are bare minimum in real terms. I don’t see any particular vision in the club. No leadership. If Ivan is constrained on wenger then he should focus on areas where he isn’t constrained but he isn’t over achieving on that front either

    He’s probably not the worst CEO in the world but to be CEO of a sinking ship, have no major accomplishments to his name that aren’t pretty standard for big clubs and to be overseeing this shit show as quietly as he has does nothing to inspire confidence that this guy is good enough to help the club move farther

  32. WrightIsGod


    Give it a break with Gazidis, as if.

    Nobody on here backs you with your Gazidis loving and every now and then you desperately clutch at straws to prove his worth when he struggles to prove his own.

  33. China

    I’d actually really respect Ivan for taking 50% of our cash reserves and investing it in diversifying the business.

    Realistically wenger is staying and the worst thing we can do is hand him a blank cheque like last summer. By the time he’s done he’ll have spent all the family silver and his recruitment record this days is shocking.

    If arsene stays give him 40m, tell him to make the rest from sale (tonnes of deadwood to sell anyway which won’t be missed). Then invest 100m in other business activities.

    What’s the worst that could happen? If the investments don’t pay off that’s no different than handing the 100m to arsene like last summer and letting him set it on fire again.

    Best case scenario it makes us some money which is a hell of a lot more useful than anything wenger can be relied on for anymore

  34. China

    And this is especially logical since the pound is doing poorly and transfer values are growing ridiculously quickly

    We can’t trust wenger to sign a 50m player and sell him on in 2 years for 70+, look at ozil and Sanchez for examples of how we get absolutely no value out of our players in terms of sales these days

    Property values in china are growing ridiculously quickly. It’s commonplace to see small, frankly a bit shit 2 bed apartments in Tianjin for upwards of £500,000 and the rate of increase can be as much as 20% per year, in some cases over 30%.

    Arsenal could invest £50m in the area of tianjin next to goldin finance 117. There you can buy apartments for around £700,000 currently and the price is forecast to increase by 50% in the next year.

  35. TonyD

    Here we go again guys and Vicky.

    It’s Wenger’s got talent or the X Ivan factor.

    It’s at this time when the spin PR boys tell Wenger and Ivan to have their mock school playground spats to drive up the ratings.

    It works for Simon Cowell’s juvenile shows, and in the past it’s worked for AFC’s spin gurus.

    Don’t be fooled by it. Neither Ivan or Wenger are going to walk. They’ll just play it out for the remainder of the season or until Wenger announces he’s signed on the dotted line.

  36. Guernsey gun

    I don’t know why but does it feel like the protests are running out of steam? I guess we’ll see at the palace game on Monday night…..it’s so depressing to think of another per season under wenger nothing to get excited about at all.

  37. Wallace


    “Stories about Wenger and Ivan G having a ruck behind the scenes are gathering pace. I’m not sure if it’s being widely reported because I ran a story about it first and it sounded juicy, or if there really is substance beyond the obvious friction we’re reading about in the press.

    Here’s the amazing thing here, the argument is this…

    Our failing manager does not want to accept change as part of his new deal.”

    you start the paragraph admitting youdon’t know if there’s anything to the story, two sentences later you’re giving us the insider’s scoop on it.

  38. TonyD

    That paradox Wenger is:

    Arsene Wenger has claimed that he would be scoring “an own goal” by announcing his future now and that a final decision could yet wait until the end of the season.

    He also confirmed that he has been planning in the long-term for Arsenal, including their summer schedule.


    Not saying he’s staying but opening admitting he’s planning for next season.


    You couldn’t make it up if you tried!

  39. TonyD

    And finally:

    Wenger wants to stay but has admitted that there are final issues to resolve and made strikingly little attempt this week to go along with the idea of major changes.

    Wenger says:
    “At the moment you have a lot of money and you spend a lot on things that are superficial. English football has invested a lot in structures, it creates many jobs but you have to see what is really efficient is the quality of the players. My battle in my whole life is to improve and to be better. That is evolution, not change.”


  40. China

    Would you rather hand the keys to the safe to a man who burnt 100m last year and made absolutely zero progress in doing so?

    With spiraling transfer fees sitting on cash reserves this big is madness because the value increase of players is vastly exceeding our ability to hoard more cash.

    You have to speculate to accumulate in this industry and the man who’s in charge of the footballing side and likely to stay for the next 4+ years has demonstrated he’s absolutely pants at it.

    So take the money and make it useful another way. There’s nothing insane about putting the money to use in a market that is worth a huge amount of money to us and is currently basically untapped

    Saying ‘omg china’ in no way responds to the dozens of good arguments to be made for investing more money here.

    There’s a reason why major corporations with big cash reserves diversify, it makes them more money (if done successfully) and makes them more resilient to changes in their own industry and country.

    Nothing crazy about that

  41. SUGA3


    Not too sure it is the best strategy to invest in the property with the prices so ridiculously inflated, just because this bubble is about to burst, because there is no such thing as unlimited growth.

    AFC should focus on being the football club first and foremost and if the manager sucks balls at that speculate to accumulate business with the players, then he should be moved on. Dump the £10M asset, not spunk £100M on investments that WILL tank. We did this with the Highbury Square before and this was the sole reason why we were actually cash poor up until, say. 2011, when that high interest loan taken out to finance it was finally paid off.

    Dein called it correctly when he said this investment would not yield more than simply selling the place to developers.

  42. N5

    Couple of things: On the #WengerOut Meme, I’ve been laughing at the ‘Where’s Wally’ ish pop ups of them. Some have been in genius places. It’s not as impressive but I was watching some YouTubers on a live stream playing GTA (Funhaus) and a WengerOut popped up on there which cracked me up. He wasn’t being discussed, there was no protest and it’s a game, yet there he was.

    Second. I was in the clock end for the Citeh game and the Wenger Ins are absolute scum. At any point that there is any moaning, booing etc, those fuckers are bang on it, throwing fists and ironically telling us to “show respect”. Unreal. The scenes up there were disgusting.

  43. pires87

    so N5 , dont know how long youve been an arsenal fan but considering wenger’s history at arsenal….how do you feel watching some 20-25 yearold silly americans or whatelse from countries who hadnt even heard of arsenal before showing such stupidity and embarassment for arsenal.

  44. pires87

    oh yes you will show respect N5 …oh yes you will

    if you think our stadium is a place for you or any silly bugger to come disrespect and/or abuse or try to force out this manager is mistaken.

    it simply wont happen

    even your wenger out hardcores are now asking for peace among fans…he..noone following their marches/protests….not in our ground son.

    only 3 people made all your arsenal fna tv wenger out self publicity wankfest run and hide after city . better behave from now on ….

  45. SUGA3


    hope you re trolling, but if you are not, shame on you

    fans like you are the reason this club is going down the pan, but you lot won’t allow any dissenting opinions.

  46. N5

    pires, I wasn’t protesting or shouting abuse. I was with my son in the family enclosure and watching Pro-Wenger fans throwing punches because someone booed Ozil was beyond a joke to me. When I started going to Arsenal 36 years ago, you’d see fights between home and away and football was what it was. But now to see fighting amongst your own whether our opinions differ or not is disgusting.

    How do I explain that to my boy! I want him to love the club like I do, not think it’s OK to punch the shit out of someone because they dared voice their opinion.

  47. David Smith

    Sounds like Wenger has a choice, stay in a well paid position at the club he claims to love…….or stay loyal to the likes of ….erm……Gerry Peyton

  48. Bamford10

    On a political note, the US strike on Syria was an unprovoked act of aggression & war crime — launched on the basis of unsubstantiated (& likely bogus) claims.

  49. Bamford10

    Pires physically threatening people again. This is the same lot that talks incessantly about “class”. A bunch of brainless troglodytes.

    Pedro – What do you think of this guy’s physical threats?

  50. steve

    I want that cunt Wenger shamed out of the club. Kick him on his ass out. Like Redtruth said he should be forced to pay back the money he has swindled from the club. Complete fraud.

  51. China

    The investing in property idea is just a general suggestion, it may not be the best option, it’s just an example of something we could do

    The property bubble in china has been forecast to pop for nigh on 20 years and it’s not slowed down at all in this time. If we take the western crash as an example, how much did the crash hit property values? Was it more than 20%?

    Because if you invest here in a really good place then you’ll still be miles in the black after a 20% hit after 3 or 4 years of growth. If it pops before then it could fail which is why this industry does carry risk – but like I said it’s been forecast to pop for ages and in my city price hikes have been enormous year on year. It’s why everyone in china invests in property. Get in a few years before the crash and even a big hit won’t stop you turning a profit

    I don’t see how we can focus on football when our sporting success is limited and the barrier to improving our football team is probably staying for many years to come.

    We have to spend our money one way or another to make more and the club can’t be trusted to spend it on footballing matters

    So let’s use part of our vast reserves for diversifying like so many other major companies and some clubs do

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Can u do something with the media buyers who buy your slots…

    Overbearing an affecting the reading of the blog.