Stockholm Syndrome grips AFC fans as Wenger prepares his Jordan Belfort

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From The Moose (talksport) 3mins in.

My lord, if you were in the ground last night and you sang ‘One Arsene Wenger’, shame on you. When all is said and done, we get the dictator we deserve, and that was an absolutely cringeworthy bow down to the self-proclaimed saviour of Arsenal.

So what did we learn from last night? Well, let’s be frank here, we learned that Arsenal can beat shitty teams at home. We also learned that as a fan base, we forget very easily what we’ve been through. We are in a collective stupor, it’s mass Stockholm Syndrome. A draw against a poor City side with a sieve like defence and a pretty sounds 3-0 win against a team who have conceded 57 goals in 31 games and we’re all happy.

Look, I’m not a total misery guts, it was great to see Mesut give a f*ck when a team goes out of its way not to bully him. He was firing on all cylinders, he looks comfortable dominating the game and he made a massive difference. Hilarious to see him come on Instagram after with the line, ‘no, we haven’t forgotten how to win’, great to see a bit of fight in him, just not sure you’d see Suarez or Messi bragging about toppling a terrible, terrible side.

That aside, it was also good to see Sanchez show up as well. Again, this is West Ham we’re taking solace in here, so a big dollop of context needs to be had. They were totally taken apart by us. I mean, Granit Xhaka looked a dream, dropping over 100 passes with almost pinpoint accuracy. But where was this when it counted?

Taking apart small teams when we’re dead and buried is fabulous, but it plays into the same narrative as every year. Wenger will now beat Palace and Boro… then he’ll announce he’s staying on for another 3 years, citing that the minority were never going to beat him, and exciting times are ahead (but minus and notable changes). It’s so predictable.

One very positive point was the keeping performance. Martinez looked good in goal, he distributed well and made a couple of tidy saves. I’d be tempted to keep him in for the rest of the season, because it’s clear Petr Cech is not the full ticket, and David Ospina is hopefully going to be moved on to a league that matches his level.

So we’re now in full swing. Wenger can sense the momentum moving in his favour so he might get a deal minus any shifts in his staff, Liverpool, United and City are all stammering like Porky Pig trying to explain quantum physics after a bump of something illegal, and Wenger is preparing his best Jordan Belfort victory parade…


Congratulations to the club for allowing this carry on.

Not only is Wenger running the show, he’s now actively dismissing the CEO. Can you imagine a scenario where any manager, for any sports team, would actually come out and dismiss ‘catalyst for change’ comments as ‘superficial.’ Not only is it unprofessional, it’s embarrassing and it’s not even veiled.

Wenger has no intention of changing. Stan Kroenke has no intention of disciplining him. Ivan has no chance of making Arsenal a winning machine.

But look, his comments to the press should be praised. That was bold and purposeful. The fans who sang Wenger’s name in the ground are the ones who should take a look in the mirror today. Embarrassing… because at the heart of it, as Alfred said on the podcast, what are you defending now?

Only solace I take from that carry on is there were a horrendous amount of empty seats, so I’d imagine a lot of part time Emirates Cup types landed a ticket yesterday.

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  1. vicky

    Sorry but Neymar for me doesn’t even come close to Messi in terms of skills. The football he played was supernatural , left people dumbstruck and in complete awe. Neymar is skillful and fun to watch but doesn’t inspire the sense of awe that Messi did. He dribbled past players in spaces so narrow and congested that even a snake would find it difficult to sneak through. He never wasted a touch, every touch was for a purpose, unbelievable finisher as well and a mind blowing passer as well. Best dribbler+ best finisher+ best midfielder.

  2. Ishola70

    “Wenger says answering a question about whether he would sign a new deal would be like scoring an own goal. Really? Instability is the own goal. Fans have resigned themselves to him staying. The lack of protest on Wednesday showed that. Yes people will have a moan on social media but in the real world, just announcing what everyone already knows is likely to be a positive.”

    He’s delaying not just because he wants the results to get better and he can dress mutton up as lamb but also because the longer he delays and the protests against him gradually dwindle and run out of steam he is seen as completely winning out against the unrest against him from a section of the fans. It’s like a staring down contest and Wenger-Poos has not budged an inch from his gaze back. If he had announced his extension earlier he would not have the satisfaction in the end of completely seeing off these protests for the duration. He can do this because he always knew he had the complete backing of the owner and he also knew well enough that the protests against him were not serious or large enough.

    He’s taking a bit of a chance because this team could nose-dive again before the end of the season but perhaps it is not much of a gamble when he is in the knowledge that he has the backing of Stan regardless of finishing place in the EPL this season. I never believed the reports and views of some fans that Wenger lost the dressing room. It’s like fans did not want to believe that it was just a simple case of the team playing poorly and they can and will play poorly again under Wenger in the future. It fitted the Wenger out narrative to say that he had lost the dressing room and it was probably said by some more in hope than reality.

  3. Alan

    Ishola –

    I agree that they seem to be waiting on an upturn of results to announce it. In a way, that would irritate me more than if they announced it now.

    If they announced now, wenger will be exposing himself to the backlash of some fans and also increased scrutiny if there is not an immediate lift in performances. So that would be brave and mildly respectable.

    If he’s waiting on results to paper over cracks, he’s taking a chance as everyone knows, this situation is not helpful. So players are having to perform in the backdrop of this instability. I find that rather self serving.