Stockholm Syndrome grips AFC fans as Wenger prepares his Jordan Belfort

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From The Moose (talksport) 3mins in.

My lord, if you were in the ground last night and you sang ‘One Arsene Wenger’, shame on you. When all is said and done, we get the dictator we deserve, and that was an absolutely cringeworthy bow down to the self-proclaimed saviour of Arsenal.

So what did we learn from last night? Well, let’s be frank here, we learned that Arsenal can beat shitty teams at home. We also learned that as a fan base, we forget very easily what we’ve been through. We are in a collective stupor, it’s mass Stockholm Syndrome. A draw against a poor City side with a sieve like defence and a pretty sounds 3-0 win against a team who have conceded 57 goals in 31 games and we’re all happy.

Look, I’m not a total misery guts, it was great to see Mesut give a f*ck when a team goes out of its way not to bully him. He was firing on all cylinders, he looks comfortable dominating the game and he made a massive difference. Hilarious to see him come on Instagram after with the line, ‘no, we haven’t forgotten how to win’, great to see a bit of fight in him, just not sure you’d see Suarez or Messi bragging about toppling a terrible, terrible side.

That aside, it was also good to see Sanchez show up as well. Again, this is West Ham we’re taking solace in here, so a big dollop of context needs to be had. They were totally taken apart by us. I mean, Granit Xhaka looked a dream, dropping over 100 passes with almost pinpoint accuracy. But where was this when it counted?

Taking apart small teams when we’re dead and buried is fabulous, but it plays into the same narrative as every year. Wenger will now beat Palace and Boro… then he’ll announce he’s staying on for another 3 years, citing that the minority were never going to beat him, and exciting times are ahead (but minus and notable changes). It’s so predictable.

One very positive point was the keeping performance. Martinez looked good in goal, he distributed well and made a couple of tidy saves. I’d be tempted to keep him in for the rest of the season, because it’s clear Petr Cech is not the full ticket, and David Ospina is hopefully going to be moved on to a league that matches his level.

So we’re now in full swing. Wenger can sense the momentum moving in his favour so he might get a deal minus any shifts in his staff, Liverpool, United and City are all stammering like Porky Pig trying to explain quantum physics after a bump of something illegal, and Wenger is preparing his best Jordan Belfort victory parade…


Congratulations to the club for allowing this carry on.

Not only is Wenger running the show, he’s now actively dismissing the CEO. Can you imagine a scenario where any manager, for any sports team, would actually come out and dismiss ‘catalyst for change’ comments as ‘superficial.’ Not only is it unprofessional, it’s embarrassing and it’s not even veiled.

Wenger has no intention of changing. Stan Kroenke has no intention of disciplining him. Ivan has no chance of making Arsenal a winning machine.

But look, his comments to the press should be praised. That was bold and purposeful. The fans who sang Wenger’s name in the ground are the ones who should take a look in the mirror today. Embarrassing… because at the heart of it, as Alfred said on the podcast, what are you defending now?

Only solace I take from that carry on is there were a horrendous amount of empty seats, so I’d imagine a lot of part time Emirates Cup types landed a ticket yesterday.

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  1. Bankz

    Yeah yeah he owes you.
    Now he employs y’all to do his dirty jobs?
    I need to end his monopoly of the Legrove Tro4phy in recent years.., I should be given a free reign to do that

  2. Skooner

    If there is any chance of him leaving, I think the Palace game on Monday is pivotal as I fail to see how we won’t beat a terrible Boro team the following week. If Wenger has 10 points from 4 games under his belt going into the semi, he’ll announce he is staying claiming it to be a boost before a big game.

    If we lose to Palace (or even draw) then you have to say our chances of top 4 become more remote given we still have the scum, Stoke away and United at home, which you feel at best yields 6 points.

    I stayed out for the first 13 minutes last night but boy was it depressing how few people did (in upper tier, maybe more downstairs). Think I counted 4 other people apart from us and I could see the stairs to 5 different blocks.

    All aboard (at least) another two years of boredom.

  3. Matt

    Can you imagine if we do the usual late surge, finish 4th and then Wenger signs on but then Gazidis leaves because deep down he’s sick of this shit show and being undermined. He could go somewhere else in a heartbeat where he’s actually respected.

  4. Steveyg87

    “Then allow me…..let me crush DM once and for all.”

    Stick in there lad, your time is close…

    @ Louis Almeida

    you ridicule Lingards wages, you’re aware Ramsey is also on a 100k a week?

  5. Steveyg87

    “Can you imagine if we do the usual late surge, finish 4th and then Wenger signs on but then Gazidis leaves because deep down he’s sick of this shit show and being undermined. He could go somewhere else in a heartbeat where he’s actually respected.”

    uhhh, his CV is f**ked if you ask me. Allowed the manager to run the show while he did sweet blow all, I’m sure club owners would be all over that

  6. Louis Almeida

    @ Louis Almeida

    you ridicule Lingards wages, you’re aware Ramsey is also on a 100k a week?

    Ramsey’s 13/14 is greater than anything Lingard has done in his career. 16 goals an 10A despite missing three months with a thigh injury. That’s not to forget his performances for Wales too. He has more scope to be on those sort of wages. I’m not even a big Ramsey fan but there’s a bit of logic there. United have just given £100kpw to a squad player probably on the basis that he’s Pogba’s best friend.

  7. China

    I believe Ivan’s CV will be amazing, because only those who follow Arsenal closely would even have heard of him let alone know what he’s not been doing

    To the remaining 99+% of the business world that isn’t familiar with the inner workings of Arsenal, gazidis lays claim to have overseen a period of solid growth and great stability in an extremely volatile sport

    He’s done absolutely nothing in reality, but that’s what his CV will say and 99% will be none the wiser!

  8. Pedro

    China, 3rd highest growth in commercials over 5 years… and about to drop an 80m shirt deal with Adidas or Puma, reworked the infrastructure of the club, globalised it… all with an average team.

    Not sure you can sit there and say he’s done nothing.

  9. jwl


    Also, Arsenal have one of largest amount of followers on twitter in football world, quit your bellyaching.

  10. jwl

    I mean who cares about winning trophies when Gazidis can get going rate from commercial sponsors of elite clubs in England.

  11. jwl

    Adidas rumour, Pedro, only appeared for one day, April 1 or April Fools’ Day and nothing has been written about it since.

  12. China

    Pedro I’m not an expert on these things so won’t claim to be sure that I’m right


    3rd highest growth in commercials – well we’re already one of the biggest 4 teams in England (recent history, not talking all time so Liverpool don’t cut it imo), so I’d expect our growth to be in the top 4 bracket in line with the scale of our club

    Re the shirt deal with addidas or puma, sounds good. Is this much higher than the other big 4 or so will likely be managing for their recent short deals? If so fair enough. Without a comparison the number doesn’t carry weight though. You’ll probably know how it compares with others though because you’re more clued in on this side of things than me in fairness

    Reworked the infrastructure of the club and globalised it. In what ways do you mean specifically? And in what ways did he do so in an impressive manner? Like our club infrastructure seems at a decade low in terms of quality. Our scouting is awful, our back room team responsible for negotiations, salaries and transfer fees is doing terribly. Or academy seems to have died a death compared to how good it look ten years ago. We do foreign preseason tours, but all the big teams do these days and that’s nothing special

    Can you be more specific?

  13. jwl

    “Reworked the infrastructure of the club and globalised it.”

    Gazidis has hired hundreds of people who don’t really do much of anything and Arsenal have strong presence on facebook and twitter.

  14. China

    If you visit Asia you go through places like Bangkok airport and see giant walls covered with Wayne Rooney’ ugly mug saying MAN UTD and some Thai beer brand

    Why aren’t we taking Asia seriously. The market in Asia for English football is huge but Arsenal are totally sleeping on it. I’d expect a better CEO to be getting far more out of this continent than we’re seeing

    Sure in utd’ case their brand is so big companies flock to them. We aren’t successful anymore so don’t have the same pull. Well fuck it Ivan should be out whoring out arsene ozil and Sanchez to be the faces of some crappy Chinese beer like Snow.

    I’m not convinced at all that Ivan spends considerable time or effort on developing our club, really

  15. Rambo Ramsey

    Pedro, how can you be confident Gazidis meant what he said? Maybe his little speech was an attempt to momentarily placate the AST?

  16. jwl

    China must have missed ad campaign built around Giroud head, where he making that face he makes when he once again misses an easy goal, for cheep beer that tastes awful but gets you drunk. I heard Arsenal got a thousand quid and a few balls for that deal.

  17. Pedro

    China, if you’re a football club that doesn’t have a history of winning major honours, and you’ve not won anything serious in 12 years, you don’t have a lot to work with from a brand perspective. He’ll have got the best deals he could… he has great people working for him who know what they’re doing.

    ‘He’s done a shite job’ is just ignorant.

    When you say, why isn’t he taking Asia seriously… you must have missed that time we toured there? And when you say you don’t think he’s taking it seriously, like, what does that mean?

  18. Pedro

    Rambo, just trust that I have a good narrative on the club and I don’t say shit like that if it’s not from a good place.

  19. Jay

    How many people were singing *dat* song last night? Unbelievable if there were many of them. So depressing. We’re f*cked.

  20. jwl

    I think Wenger makes it impossible for Gazidis to do his job properly or to the best of his ability. Wenger makes it very difficult indeed to build any kind of enthusiasm around Arsenal and that’s what you need if you worried about marketing or commercial deals.

    With Wenger at the club making all the important decisions, Gazidis has not had a chance to really implement his ideas. However, If Gazidis was brilliant, he would have moved to another club and proved it instead of staying at Arsenal under Wenger’s shadow.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    Pedro, so if Stan trusts Wenger more than anyone else, then there is no contest. Stan would replace Gazidis with another stooge and out goes the dissent within the boardroom.

    The fans? Dailymail has published an article claiming the planned protest had to be cancelled because no-one bothered showing up.

    The players? What we hoped was a strike/ loss of faith in the manager has turned out to be wishful thinking on our part.

    Basically Wenger has no opposition! Doomed, we are.

  22. China

    It means in Asia it’s easy to find adverts for utd and Barca but Arsenal don’t exist. They’re absolutely nothing out here

    There are 1.4billion Chinese and the Chinese tend to really like football. Doing a pre season tour is barely the tip of the ice berg.

    If you don’t have the leverage like Utd and Barca do then the club should settle for whoring itself out a bit more, investing the money it earns from this and then after we improve and start winning trophies the Asian brands will be coming to Arsenal rather than the other way round

    Why have Arsenal bothered to play games in Norway, or America, when there’s a vastly larger opportunity in china?

    ‘He’ll have got the best deals he could’. You don’t know that any more than I can be certain of the opposite. That’s just blind faith that he’s doing his best, despite the fact as I mentioned with Asia there are clearly opportunities to be had. Not every deal has to be enormous. But look at the money that lots of Chinese companies are throwing around, if we can’t negotiate from a position of strength we should look at taking what we can get instead.

    As for saying he’s doing a bad job is ignorant – not really dude. The CEO you’re saying is doing a good job is overseeing a scenario where he has lost the faith of huge sections of the fans. He is usually silent as the club falls into disarray. He is bringing nothing of substance to the problems with the contract situation and isn’t doing anything to demonstrate that he has any control over the situation at all. Arsenal are a rudderless ship – just how good a job can he possible be doing man? He’s the CEO for Christs sake!

    All this talk that he wants progress me he’s fighting for it but Stan and wenger are stifling him. There’s no evidence of this. If he wanted to do his best to sort out arsene don’t tell me there’s nothing he could do to let the fans know that he’s on their side and trying to sort the shit out.

    And like I said, third highest growth for revenue or whatever. Mate we’re one of the top 4 biggest teams in the country – this is the minimum of what’s expected. You think west brom and stoke would have higher growth than us were it not for the genius of Ivan?

  23. Bob pat den tel

    I fear you might be right. Wenger will ride out the storm and fans will gradually tire of protesting
    Please keep speaking for the pisses off fansYour Comment Here

  24. Follow the money

    It’s time to start investing in blowtorches and hacksaws so destroy the inevitable Wenger statue. The very fact that Wenger stayed this long, and is even considering extending, is a testament to his utter delusion and self aggrandizement. A sane person would have quit while they were ahead. Someone who truly cared about the club and the fans would have done everything in his power to build a a modern infrastructure so managers could be hired and fired with minimal effect on a the pitch. But with Wenger it’s all about him. The fans, winning, it’s all secondary to him and the unlimited power he wields. He thinks he is bigger than the club. Unforgivable. He needs to be shamed, humiliated, criticized, until he cracks up or leaves. No mercy

  25. Boomslang

    Akbs are like brain washed, religious cult adherents, willing to commit suicide at the behest of their leader (Wengy).

  26. PieAFC

    Haven’t watched the last 3 games, highlights included.

    Only game I will show for and give a shit is when we play our ‘orrible neighbours.

    I’m so flat on Arsenal it’s actually scary.

  27. AM

    Havent posted on here before.
    Im going to start.
    Pedro been reading your blog for years (fantastic btw)
    Onto Arsenal the club is shambles.
    1) wenger used to get away with “we play good football” whens the last time that happened? Chelsea at home? Literally only game I remember.
    2) Unfortunately being a London club doesnt matter if the die hard fans dont come to the game anymore the stadium will he filled with tourists.
    3) I am sick to death of ex players defending him. It makes me vomit. Henry calling him the boss. Ye ok mate how about when you pissed off to barca because you didnt believe in the youth project.
    4) wenger will sign and we will lose alexis are only decent player and watch how bad next season becomes
    5) conte what a great manager (one can dream)
    6) even tho im not pron kroenke he has backed wenger and its not his job to select tactics and motivate thes average players.
    7) lost all passion for Arsenal until wenger goes.
    8) until th akbs are runninng we havent got a chance.
    Rant over

  28. SpanishDave

    A win against a proxy side and all is forgiven.
    We are in this shit position because we cannot beat any team above us.
    We are the top of the mid table dross

  29. Kane

    Re post – below is where I think the top 6 will finish this year…. what do you think?

    1.Chelsea… WINNERS

    2. Spurs – WAT, BOU, cpy, ARS, whu, MUN, lei, hul… 20/24 points a realistic prediction. based on form and the fact Kane / Rose back this month.

    3. City – HUL, sou, MUN, MID, CPY, LEI, WBA, wat – couldn’t ask for better fixtures – 6 at home and all against teams they can beat… can see them getting 22/24 points there

    4. Liverpool – sto, wba, CPY, wat, SOU, whu, MID… no games vs top 6, but never know what will get with Pool… could win all 7 or draw a few… so 17 / 21 is an estimate.

    5. Arsenal – cpy, mid, LEI, tot, MUN, sou, sto, SUN, EVE… based on current form… 20 / 27 points is realistic.

    6. Man U – sun, CHE, bur, mcy, SWA, ars, tot, CPY… a tough run in and Europe… with current form can’t see them getting more than 18/28 from that lot.

    1 – Chelsea – winners
    2 – Spurs – on 65 + 20 = 85
    3 – Man City on 58 + 22 = 80
    4 – Liverpool on 60 + 17 = 77
    5 – Arsenal on 54 + 20 = 74
    6 – United on 54 + 18 = 72

  30. London gunner

    Sanchez is ruthlessly underrated on here.

    People saying he is just a selfish soloist…

    Are you guys blind or just completely ignorant?

    He is probably the best key passer on the team. Far better than Ozil at through balls and dink passes and heel flicks basically
    The uber technical hard to pull of passes.

    Anyone see the disguised reverse pass to ozil? World class execution.

    Anyone see the heel flick to Ozil to set him through world class awareness.

    Anyone see that superb curling dink pass to bellerin.

    Anyone see that beautifully inventive free kick welbeck should have scored from.

    The guy isn’t just a work horse he is a fucking superstar.

    His technical ability is serious quality. He may not have the highest percentage pass accuracy because he is not a Mikel arteta passing sideways and backwards.

    He is a high risk reward passer and far better than Ozil and than anyone on this team bar Cazorla.

    Yesterday for example the pass to Ozil

  31. kc

    Spot on London gunner, Sanchez is absolutely a Super Star. The only one currently on this team actually. Next year we’ll be down to zero, with zero chance of landing anymore until Wenger is finally gone. This is after all still a sport to most of the players, not just a business.

  32. Elmo

    Yup – there seems to be a general resignation that Wenger has now seen off the uprising against his continued dictatorship, with those on the centre ground / floating voters clearly indicating that they don’t think the situation is dire enough to justify taking overt action.

    Just to get the level of momentum against him that we have seen, all the stars have had to align (natural break point with end of contract; historic 10-2 trashing against a club Arsenal had benchmarked themselves against as a sign of progress; worst ever PL position at start of April under Wenger; objective indication of majority belief amongst fanbase that no new contract should be signed with AST poll; consensus among both journalists and pundits that club would be best served by hiring a new manager) and he’s deflected it all quite easily. With a couple of acceptable results on the board, Wenger having unequivocally dismissed Gazidis’ call for change, the players coming out in his defence, and the numbers at the protests fizzling out, it feels almost decisive. Even the most critical talking heads on AFTV have spoken of ‘accepting the decision’ and the need for the fans to ‘come together for the rest of the season.’ Wenger has seen off the putsch.

    And with a new contract you enter a whole new cycle and a sequence of overlapping excuses that buy him 2-4 years of breathing room. With a 2 year contract he has a clear run for the first 18 months as it will be argued that out of ‘respect’ he should be allowed to serve out what was agreed. At this point in April 2019 the narrative will shift to justifying a new deal on the basis that he’s had to rebuild a new team since the grand exodus of summer ’17 and the project will be reaching maturity within the next couple of years. Barring a drastic collapse like Chelsea last year (something Wenger avoids through buying loyalty with inflated contracts), chances to build the critical mass to unseat him are as rare as passing comets. Looks like we have quite a few more years of whingeing about him here to come! You almost have to just laugh and applaud him for how he has actively built this ridiculous impregnable position.

  33. Ishola70

    “Yup – there seems to be a general resignation that Wenger has now seen off the uprising against his continued dictatorship, with those on the centre ground / floating voters clearly indicating that they don’t think the situation is dire enough to justify taking overt action.”

    That was always going to be the case though wasn’t it.

    Fair play to the protesters because they have made life uncomfortable for Wenger and the board but the reality is and was always that the majority haven’t got the stomach to call an end to Wenger’s reign. When you figure in that there hasn’t even been a protest worthy of note inside the home ground of The Emirates yet this season then it is not enough to get him out.

    We had some posters spitting the dummies out demanding that the board sack Wenger because of a run of bad results and what is still a minority protesting against him but such calls are just in desperation and completely losing sense of reality.

    There is still the possibility that the team still perform poorly until the end of the season. One decent win against a shitty West Ham team does not necessarily mean that a corner has been properly turned with this current side. Many posters again looking at a game in isolation and thinking that means salvation for Wenger. It could turn shit again for Wenger and soon enough.

  34. Carts

    When Wenger had the troops running up mounds and taking selfies in ice buckets in some rural neck of the woods in Austria.

    Wenger did this practically every year till around 2012, I think. Ridiculous when you think of it cos we missed out on a big opportunity to exploit other continents and grow our brand.

    I’m curious as to who was responsible for the change in tact. Gazidis, maybe?

    I’m slowly coming around to the notion that Wenger has hamstrung Gazidis. Gazidis is now a cuck. Wenger has single handily reduced him to a beta. And Stan, in my opinion has had a few of the record meeting with Gazidis with the agenda being Wenger. Frankly Stan just tells Gazidis to let it go and enjoy his salary.

  35. Dissenter

    You’re enchanted with Gazidis. It’s almost as if he’s cast a spell on you.
    “China, 3rd highest growth in commercials over 5 years… and about to drop an 80m shirt deal with Adidas or Puma, reworked the infrastructure of the club, globalised it… all with an average team.”

    How did be globalize the club?
    Wenger is the one that globalized the club. Gazidis is the cattle egret picking of ticks of the cattle that is Wenger.
    Gazidis is as ordinary as they come.
    You mitigate his errors and arrogate Wenger’s success to him.
    I hope Kroenke foires him if he starts anything with Wenger.
    People like Gazidis are a dozen- a- dime, nothing special.

  36. Elmo


    Wenger will see it through to a new contract even if we finish 7th.

    A few days ago I was thinking that Pandora’s box had been opened and he would be on the run until he was eventually kicked out some time next season if the pressure kept up. But seeing the complete collapse in mainstream support for blocking the new contract since Sunday, there’s just no chance he’ll feel compelled to go. The only chance was if the opposition was as strong in victory as in defeat.

    Wenger has made it clear that he’s all in (adamant that he wants to continue at Arsenal, equates retirement to death, admits he has nothing outside of football). There was a period after the Bayern and West Brom games where he looked and sounded despondent, but since that he’s roared back with a full menu of unashamed propaganda and dismissals of criticism. The only chance to get him out was if the popular discontent kept snowballing, regardless of results to the end of the season, but the last few days have quite definitively shown that’s not going to happen and that there’s no mainstream appetite for the knockout blow needed, such as 30,000 empty seats, white hankies waving, or protesters on a march.

  37. Relieable Sauce

    EPLs top goal scorers over the last 3 years:

    Kane 65
    Aguero 63
    Lukaku 49
    Costa 49
    Sanchez 47
    Giroud 38

    Kane and Aguero head and shoulders above the specialist CFs. Sanchez doing very well for a wide/support forward come CF.

    How embarrassing is Dion Dublin?? He’s only gone and chosen Defoe as his player of the season !?!?
    Neville running him close for melt of the season by choosing Ibrahimovic.

    So many people stealing a living these days it’s criminal.

  38. Relieable Sauce

    According to the Mirror, Sanchez is going to see out his last year if wenger grabs the TW by the pussy.

    Sounds like BS to me, Sanchez and his agent surely aren’t that fucking dumb?!…Dudes 28/29. Gtfo asap.

    Agree these numpty fans we have supporting the club are a fucking tragic excuses for human beings and have the attention spans of goldfish. The thought of Sanchez joining has the ret@rds flapping at the mere thought of it and the Arsene-al PR team has nipped it in the bud…for now.
    Sanchez probably promised a move in the summer if he toes the company line til season ticket renewal time.

    How many tickets to games did Romford Ozil sell this season?…What about last?…And how many will he be willing to sell next season?

    Lousy club, lousy fans. I just hope Sanchez is aware of that and moves to Chelsea.

  39. Moray

    I’ve lived in Asia for the last ten years and I can confirm we have no marketing presence here. I’ve been to the man utd shop in Macau, attended a presentation by man utds head of marketing in Hong Kong and seen the Liverpool fascination in Thailand.

    I also went to the pre season game a few years ago. The posters showed van Persie, Cesc (I think). Who turned up? Walcott and Gibbs.

    We have hugely dropped the ball and it rests with the CE.

  40. Dissenter

    Wenger is not going to make the call about Sanchez
    Arsenal will lose at least 40 million if we let him leave for free.
    Wenger new salary is only 10 million.
    That’s left to Gazidis and Kroenke. Sanchez will be sold pretty quickly.

  41. Dissenter

    Someone please ask Pedro to explain how Gazidis has “globalized” the club.
    Truth be told the globalization is 100% Wenger as flawed as he may be.

  42. TonyD


    Thailand is a fickle country when it comes to sport; they only support the winning teams, so Man Utd has been the dominant brand since Rooney & co got out of nappies and started winning most available trophies year on year.

    Liverpool were the 2nd biggest brand because of their achievements in Europe.

    However, Chelsea have taken over 2nd and are now pushing United.

    Although it’s illegal, Thais love to gamble and the extent of the football coverage here is far superior to the UK. We can watch every game live or get full matches for 5 days after the game on demand.

    Granted we are 6 and 7 hours in front of the UK depending on the summer and winter clocks, so live is generally 10pm or 11pm here.

    The point being is that the AFC brand isn’t going to do much here until we start consitently winning trophies, then you’ll see Thais in their droves crossing over, especially if United, Chelsea and Liverpool flounder, which will never happen because those clubs have owners and BoDs who put winning first and thus find managers who can do just that.

    In my travels to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam I’ve found it similar to Thailand in terms of club support. Rarely do you see an Arsenal shirt or Arsenal shop in the main malls.

    Is this Gazidis fault? I guess the argument can go both ways.

    Is this Wenger’s fault, then the answer is resoundingly YES!!!!!!!

    I agree when I watched West Ham capitulate in the 2nd half my gut told me Wenger will squirm his way in for at least another 2 years.

    I can only cling on the to the hope that the fans’ vitriol has had some effect with the BoD and when the same thing happens next season, as it has for the past 13 seasons, especially when we lose Sanches and Ozil in the summer, the fans can resurface where they may just exert enough pressure for Wenger to be fired.

    Wenger is not going to change; he never will and that ultimately will be his downfall.

    Problem is how many years do we have to wait for enough mud to stick on the wall and how far the brand is damaged for the BoD’s business acumen to finally scramble to save the club’s financial demise.

    As for clubs’ past and present American owners/senior management et al and having had to deal with Americans, I’ve always lived by this premise:

    “If you divide what an American says by 50%, you are generally halfway to the truth!”

    Sorry Bamford and other true American supporters this is not aimed at you, it’s just been my experience in America and with Americans I’ve had to deal with over the past 40+ years.

    Gazidis in my mind is very true of this premise.

  43. mano'gunner

    Hahaha it’s already begun. We are as good as fucked if we get good results against Palace and Boro.
    And the fans. They started singing One Arsene Wenger already? After a win against West Ham ffs.
    We are in a really bad spot and the sad thing is we can’t do anything about it.

  44. China

    Ultimately the problem with the board is that they seem to still think we’re just some mid table club that should be happy to make top 4, rather than a serious European club that should have its eyes on sometimes competing for big trophies

    As far as they’re concerned it’s a privelage to get smashed 15-3 by Bayern over 3 legs because we’ve done so great to reach them in the CL in the first place

    When people low ball themselves so hard of course change is never forthcoming

    It’s about self esteem. We lose 10-3 and around 70% of the people inside and supporting the club actually think that’s as good as we can hope for

    After the game they go back to their dull home, where their boring partner can’t be arsed to even greet them when they come in. They get up the next day and slave away at work with no appreciation from the boss and tell themselves that’s how it should be.

    Our club is built on low self esteem and oblivious tourists

  45. China

    Pedro I’ve tried to post something a few times but it never shows

    I don’t know if that’s an error or it won’t let me for some reason?

    Sorry if it’s giving you a backlog of posts from me, do you know what the issue is?

  46. Jeff


    You are using a censored word somewhere in your text. Two words that I know of are scr@pe and ret@rd for example where the letter “a” has been replaced by @.

  47. China

    There’s no bad language in there!

    Ivan doesn’t want me to say how he’s under selling the club in Asia and is censoring me!!!


  48. Wallace


    “When Wenger had the troops running up mounds and taking selfies in ice buckets in some rural neck of the woods in Austria.

    Wenger did this practically every year till around 2012, I think. Ridiculous when you think of it cos we missed out on a big opportunity to exploit other continents and grow our brand.”

    isn’t that putting making money ahead of the needs of the team? fairly certain given the choice any manager would take the 10 days of solid pre-season in Austria over some PR-fuelled trip to the other side of the world.

  49. vicky

    Kante : ‘there was an interest from Arsenal but not as big as other clubs, that is why I went to Chelsea, not Arsenal’

    Wenger : ‘I can’t explain everything but it’s quite obvious when you look at where he has gone’

    If you connect the dots, it’s quite obvious move for Kante failed because Chelsea offered higher wages. But Arsenal also paid 8M extra in transfer fee for Xhaka. So I guess overall transfer fee plus wages cost the same for both Xhaka and Kante. Looks like Wenger wasn’t willing to pay mega wages to Kante and later had to fork out more in transfer fee for Xhaka that what he had estimated. About time we handed over transfer related responsibilities to someone else, we miss out on a lot of our prime targets.

  50. Wallace


    I’d say he prioritised a playmaker over a defensive midfielder. would have liked Kante, but knew he was going to have to fork out for the other and thought 70m + wages on two players in an area of the team where we were already well stocked was too much.

  51. vicky


    Are you saying Wenger was looking to sign both Xhaka and Kante?? I don’t think so. I guess it was more a case of either Xhaka or Kante rather than Xhaka and Kante. We had Santi, Coquelin, Ramsey, Wilshere and Elneny and Ozil already in the midfield. Even if he had made his mind up on loaning out Jack, number wise we needed just one more.

  52. Wallace

    Guardiola, Klopp & Wenger start from the front and work backwards, Poch, Conte & C*nte work from the back forwards. I prefer the former approach, but looks like first and second will go to the steadier teams.

  53. Wallace


    I think Xhaka was the number one target, but maybe he thought he could also snap up Kante if he could get him fairly cheaply. obviously Chelsea’s interest nixed that.

  54. vicky

    ‘Guardiola, Klopp & Wenger start from the front and work backwards’

    Gaping holes at the back in the teams of above 3. I expect Klopp to address Liverpool’s defense next season. Our issue has more to do with a lack of discipline, commitment and tactical nous than personnel. Left back needs to be upgraded. Guardiola has both personnel and tactical issues in his defense.

  55. Steveyg87

    “Gaping holes at the back in the teams of above 3. I expect Klopp to address Liverpool’s defense next season. Our issue has more to do with a lack of discipline, commitment and tactical nous than personnel. Left back needs to be upgraded.”

    I’d take Milner over Monreal in a heart beat

  56. vicky


    Milner has done exceedingly well this season at left back but I think he will stay at Liverpool. If I had to choose someone from EPL, I would go for Ryan Bertrand. A homegrown player, we can then discard the likes of Ramsey and Gibbs without worrying too much about our homegrown players count. Bertrand is a solid player as well.

  57. Hunter

    lets be honest,AFC is NOT a football club anymore it’s a corporation with the sole intent of making money,owned by a billionaire who has NO interest in football whatsoever.He employs a ‘YES MAN’ as a CEO and a team Manager who only has his own interests at heart.Its a money making machine and has absolutely NO interest in the people who fuel this machine,I.e.the supporters.These people don’t give a toss about us,they don’t listen to our wishes and won’t change what is a cash register.
    AFC has become the biggest joke in WORLD football our fans are regarded as ‘the prawn sandwich brigade’,the no WE are weak and have no shame,our protests are pathetic and not well supported.The atmosphere in the ground is like a bloody library,full of corporate and tourist watchers.
    The real supporters have disappeared with the exception of the AWAY group!
    Wenger knows this and also knows he has won!Regardless of what protest is put in front of him.Just looking at him at his latest press conference tells you what’s coming!
    His grin and smirk tell you everything,he has WON,we are beaten for another 2/4 years.
    To be honest we deserve him,never have I witnessed such complete control over a club by one man in the history of football.
    It’s very sad ,AFC has died along with the legacy he would have left.

  58. Carts


    And remind me exactly what good going to Austria ever did for us or the brand. Don’t recall us winning the league on the back of those exploits!

    The point im alluding to is that any ambitious team would’ve used such a occasion to our benefit. Arsene suffers from illusion of grandeur. Arsenal were allegedly suffering financially, but still we weren’t compelled to get involved in brand building initiatives

    Further proof that Wenger has and always will call the shot as long as he’s at the helm.

  59. Carts

    “I think Xhaka was the number one target, but maybe he thought he could also snap up Kante if he could get him fairly cheaply. obviously Chelsea’s interest nixed that.”

    Fairly cheaply? And what figure do you think that would’ve been, roughly at least??

    I mean, Kante proved that he had what was required to handle the intensity of the EPL. Leicester had just won the league and were to play CL football the following season.

    It quickly transpired that he had a release clause slightly lower than the asking price of Xhaka.

    Not to mention, between Wenger and his trusted scouting network, they thought Xhaka was a b2b player… *weep*

    Xhaka – £35m; £90k p/w

    Kante – £29m; £110 p/w

    A difference of £20k p/w for a proven EPL player.

    To put that into context – that’s an extra £1m p/a. Across a 4/5 year deal = £4m-£5m…guess what…that’s exactly the difference in fee we paid for Xhaka.

  60. Bamford10

    That Wenger hasn’t announced suggests to me that there is not yet a contract on the table, as Gazidis told the AST.

    He got a win, dipshits sang “one Arsene Wenger,” and he clearly wants to stay. There is no reason why he wouldn’t say he is staying if there were a contract on the table.

  61. Rhys Jaggar

    For people who say Gazidis should just head out the door, you need to consider whether he has kids in good schools and he would put their education before a move, assuming any job were available.

    I know nothing about Gazidis’ family arrangements and do not want to know as that is his private life, which football industry families are entitled to keep quiet.

    What I do know is that egotists who think that only they matter and everyone else must make do can cause lasting damage to their own families…..

    It is one recurring theme in the comments of this blog, namely that footballers think only of themselves and money.

    Well go tell thst to Cesc Fabregas as he proudly holds his second born for the first time this week….

  62. Wallace


    I’m not talking about Xhaka vs Kante. my point was Wenger had obviosly prioritised a playnmaker over a DM. your post suggests you see them as similar players. I don’t.

  63. Steveyg87

    “I’m not talking about Xhaka vs Kante. my point was Wenger had obviosly prioritised a playnmaker over a DM. your post suggests you see them as similar players. I don’t.”

    Wenger has looked at Xhaka, and reckoned that he culd do what Arteta did for us in his last good season he had with us Problem is, theres no Alex Song to do the bullying for him and no RVP to cut defences open with. Pretty much a luxury player at the moment if we can call him that. Kondogbia would have done a job for us, but its pointless discussing transfer targets as long as Wenger is around

  64. Steveyg87

    “Milner has done exceedingly well this season at left back but I think he will stay at Liverpool. If I had to choose someone from EPL, I would go for Ryan Bertrand. A homegrown player, we can then discard the likes of Ramsey and Gibbs without worrying too much about our homegrown players count. Bertrand is a solid player as well.”

    Agreed regarding Bertrand, if we are gong to do any business with Southampton, I’d rather we push the boat out for Shane Long

  65. Carts


    Oh, well in that case it’s fair to say that Wenger was clearly deluded in thinking he’d get anywhere with Coquelin as a DM, again.

  66. Samesong

    Spurs have a platform to build on with having one of the best strikers in the prem. We can go on about bottling but they are certainly doing much better than us this season.

  67. Samesong

    How embarrassing is Dion Dublin?? He’s only gone and chosen Defoe as his player of the season !?!?

    That’s his opinion.

    I think defoe has done pretty well in a relegation team 14 goals in 30 appearances is pretty good.

  68. Red&White4life

    “And the fans. They started singing One Arsene Wenger already? After a win against West Ham ffs.”

    Yep, that’s what I call the “new generation”, but you can also call them “the sheeps”.

  69. dev.gooner

    Ahhhh Robin van Persie part 2.. ft, Alexis Sanchez.

    Chances are wenger will sign one of Yaya Sanogo’s many bothers and label him the next Neymar. Alexis will look at that and say.. Fuck this shit, i’m off!

    we’ll sell him for £30 odd million and label the decision as a footballing reason.. what ever that means!

  70. Steveyg87

    “Shane Long? Are you joking?”

    Why not? Has pace to burn, good in the air, good finisher and home grown.. He’s PL proven, don’t shrug him off coz he plays for Southampton lad, if he recall, he was all over our defense last time we faced them

  71. Alan

    Liverpool now without mane and lallana for a long spell. Their fixture list is quite favourable but it’s the lesser sides they tend have a mental block against. I reckon Arsene’s going to maintain his CL qualification record.

  72. WengerEagle

    ‘There is no reason why he wouldn’t say he is staying if there were a contract on the table.’

    Course there is, the man is a lot of things but he’s not stupid.

    He’s not going to announce a new contract in the midst of such vitriolic fan atmosphere, you heard the morons chanting ‘one Arsene Wenger’ as we beat a relegation fodder side in West Ham, once he has secured a few more wins in the bank and the notoriously fickle fanbase soften their stance that’s when the Lizard will pounce.

    Our only hope is that we don’t register these wins and finish way below the top 4.

  73. WengerEagle

    I have a soft spot for Long, purely because I’m Irish but he’s nowhere near the quality needed up front, Giroud is comfortably a better player and that’s saying something.

    Long is also 30 years old, no spring chicken.

    Hard worker and dangerous on his day but his consistency is poor and his goal return is shit.

  74. WengerEagle

    Go on Comedy Central’s AFTV and take a look at Claude who used to be an ardent WOB, he’s now saying that we simply have to accept it if Arsene signs a new deal. He doesn’t get angry when we lose anymore, no fight left in him.

    Same goes for Troopz, he’s more interested in pushing his channel than turfing out Wenger, he also said that if a new deal is signed that he’ll basically call it quits and get behind him.

    Supporters don’t REALLY want him out enough is the sad reality.

  75. vicky

    “POTS this year has to go to Hazard I would have thought with Sanchez an honourable mention.”

    Agreed, Hazard has been the most exceptional player this season followed by Kante. Would be his third player year of the award If he were to win it this time. Neymar and Hazard will end up becoming the big two of world football in an year or so.

  76. vicky

    Theatrics of DT and Troopz drive me mad these days. They have effectively used AFTV to become mini celebrities. Claude comes across as a genuine fella. “fan reacts” is probably the only fan on AFTV who understands the game well imo.

  77. Red&White4life

    “Arsene Wenger insists Mesut Ozil “cares a lot more than people think” about Arsenal as he defended the midfielder’s work rate.”

  78. Alan

    Wenger says Sanchez wants to stay hinting the issue is financial. If he’s desperate to stay in London, the club are in a strong position. Yes, he can run his contract down and join Chelsea next year BUT he’d be going a full season on 140K when he could be earning 270K doing exactly the same thing. Also there’s not guarantee that Chelsea would wait for him and he could get injured like Coleman.

    It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he’d sign a new contract laced with clauses based on the club’s performance. i.e. finishing a certain number of points behind first would trigger a release clause.

  79. underrated Coq

    People have been predicting Hazard to become one of the top two-three players in the world for years. It hasn’t happened so far and I doubt it’ll ever happen. Because he’s not that good, I’d say he belongs in the same bracket as Sanchez, Aguero, di Maria et al. Neymar is another level whom you can back to become one of the best.

  80. WengerEagle

    ‘Neymar is another level whom you can back to become one of the best.’

    Seriously rate Hazard but I agree, Neymar is on another level and will dominate these next few years coming into his prime. Unlike Messi he will have no rival and will likely dominate the Ballon D’or for years.

    Hazard is world class but he doesn’t score enough goals to be in that top bracket.

  81. Alan

    Coq –

    I’d rank it like this (attacking players only)

    1. Messi then Ronaldo
    2. Neymar then Bale
    3. Sanchez, Benzema, Aguero, Lewa, Higiuan, Ibra (probably final year at this level) etc
    4. Kane, Lukaku and Dybala etc who have some development/experience to get up to 3rd bracket which is probably their limit
    5. Players like Alli and Pogba who could be anything

  82. WengerEagle

    Ronaldo isn’t the 2nd best player in the world anymore, he’s not even top 5 if you’re basing it on his last two seasons.

    He’s still a world class goalscorer but he no longer has an influence on matches like he used to.

  83. DM

    Checking out for next 10 days or so. Bankz, it’s all yours for a while. Just don’t start hounding “where’s DM?!” every day – I’m telling you about it right now! 🙂

  84. Alan

    I agree Ronaldo has declined this year. That said, he’s declining from a very high base and still getting numbers above the rest.

    Suarez would be up there with Neymar and Bale. Probably ahead of those two for now.

  85. Jacko

    If the likes of Claude and Troopz are now surrendering to the possibility of the contract renewal being signed, then the AFTV viewing figures will plummet.

    The only reason AFTV gained any real exposure was due to the anti-Wenger sentiment it provided. If some of Wenger’s main detractors are now saying “oh well, he’s’ signed, so let’s all get behind him”, then what’s the point of watching a bunch of sheep giving interviews after each game?

    There will be no publicity stand-offs with likes of Gary Neville because everyone will be singing from the same redacted hymn sheet.

    That’s bad business for Big Robbie if true and a massive win for the Arsene PR machine.

  86. underrated Coq

    Alan, if the club somehow manage the unthinkable and get Sanchez to sign a new deal, I think that’ll kill what little protest and fight Arsenal fans have got going.

    On the one hand you want Sanchez to stay, on the other you know that if he signs its like the ultimate thumbs up which the club and Wenger will use to continue this charade.

  87. WengerEagle

    The numbers that Neymar is pulling in on a weekly basis now are outrageous, think he made 10 successful dribbles only being dispossessed once and 6 key passes in their last match, he didn’t score a brace like Messi or a bicycle kick like Suarez so it’s overlooked but ask any Barcelona supporter who their most important player is now and they’ll tell you it’s Neymar.

  88. WengerEagle

    ‘Messi,Neymar,Suarez,Bale and Hazard the best 5 players in the world for me.’

    You could make a strong case for Thiago Alcantara to get in that top 5 who’s been filthy all season for Bayern Munich, was great last season too.

    Or is it just attackers?

  89. vicky

    “If you could combine the best qualities of Sanchez and Hazard, then you have a player who could probably match Messi at his best. Or maybe not”

    That hypothetical player still wouldn’t match Messi’s mazy runs in his prime :)Watching Messi run past almost half the opposition team for fun with breathtaking speed is something I haven’t seen anyone do and probably never will. Shame he has stopped being the flair player he was till a few years ago.

    WE, Yes I was talking only about attacking players.

  90. Alan

    Coq, that’s why I think Sanchez will extend his deal. There’s literally no one at his level able. Stability and positivity is required so they will make a big effort to keep him.

    Sanchez is hugely frustrated but it will test his sporting ambition if Arsenal say to him he cannot join a PL side, He’d have to give up 270k a week, in London and the league he clearly best enjoys and transfer to maybe PSG. Credit to him if he is that ambitious to win the CL and league titles to give up a rather comfortable situation he’d be offered at Arsenal.

  91. Red&White4life

    “Yes I was talking only about attacking players.”
    Ok, my bad…
    For me L’Olreal, Walnutts, Ox, Pérez and thatguywelbz.

  92. WengerEagle

    2015 was the best year of Messi’s career from a playing POV and was probably when he physically peaked, think that was the year he embarrassed half the City side nutmegging them and destroyed Bayern, Athletic Bilbao and others.

    He’s dropped a notch since then physically and he can no longer take it past players with the same ease and yet right now he’s still the best player in the world, just shows you how special he was at his best.

  93. Alan

    Wenger says answering a question about whether he would sign a new deal would be like scoring an own goal.

    Really? Instability is the own goal.

    Fans have resigned themselves to him staying. The lack of protest on Wednesday showed that. Yes people will have a moan on social media but in the real world, just announcing what everyone already knows is likely to be a positive.

  94. underrated Coq

    What’s the difference between Neymar and Messi, you guys think?

    This may sound ridiculous but I sometimes feel Neymar has more skills in his locker than Messi. I think what’ll set them apart is the difference in their approach to the game. Neymar has that ‘for fun’ approach like any Brazilian whereas Messi’s game is so focused, a football assassin.

  95. Guns of Hackney

    The fake Ronaldo is 32 and Messi is 29. Why is anyone surprised that they aren’t the same as 3..4…5 years ago? Scientifically, age isn’t the mitigating factor as to why a sportsperson starts to decline…apart from being more susceptible to injury, obviously recovery time starts increasing but it’s actually motivation that goes first. If you’ve been training for the best part of 20+ years, early mornings, long hours etc…you just lose that motivation.

    On Arsenal. Are we still relevant anymore? Are we not just a richer Aston Villa?

  96. Alan

    I think Claude and Ty were fans who, although suffer from some probable mental issues, have genuine care for the club and were appearing on ArsenalFanTV with no agenda other than to air their views about the club.

    Watching them debate their conflicting views made that channel.

    The newer group, DT/Troopz etc, care for the club but I suspect they’re priority is maintaining the ‘celebrity’ that platform gives them. It’s now a breeding ground for those types which is why you are seeing some fans attack them. Not that it makes it right.

  97. Red&White4life

    “Wenger says answering a question about whether he would sign a new deal would be like scoring an own goal. ”

    A trully, madly, deeply cunt of the first order, let me introcude to you his majesty Kim Jong Weng.

  98. steve

    “Sorry but Ronaldo has been below par or average at best for a while now.”

    2012-13 55 goals in 55 games.
    2013-14 51 goals in 47 games
    2014-15 61 goals in 54 games
    2015-16 51 goals in 48 games
    2016-17 26 goals in 35 games so far.


  99. underrated Coq

    ‘Wenger says answering a question about whether he would sign a new deal would be like scoring an own goal.’

    What the heck does that mean? It’ll be like an own goal for who? the players, the club or for himself?

  100. WengerEagle


    You surmised it well, they’re different types.

    Neymar is more Ronaldinho whereas Messi is more Michael Laudrup in their dribbling styles. The Brazilian’s have more flair and improvisation in their locker whereas Messi’s style is ruthlessly efficient and is more European, he did move to Barcelona at 13 after all. Both supremely effective.

    Goal-scoring wise Messi is head and shoulders above Neymar and in this respect Neymar likely won’t ever reach Messi’s level, scoring 60-70 goals at his peak in a season.

    Creatively though Neymar for these last two seasons has been operating on level above even prime Messi, tbf Messi in his prime had Pedro, an older David Villa and Ibrahimovic while Neymar is playing with two of the best forwards on the planet in Messi and Suarez, this undoubtedly gives Neymar more space and freedom to operate with Messi in particular seen as the danger man.

    People think that Neymar has been having a poor season when in reality, he’s elevated his game even more. He’s been a bit unlucky in respect to goalscoring but once he regains his groove, he’ll overtake Messi as the best.

  101. WengerEagle

    Agree Alan, it’s why I have time for Claude he comes across as a genuine bloke even if he’s cringe at times.

    Don’t like any of the new regulars like DT and Troopz for the reason you gave. They’re all now making shitty knock off individual fan channels riding off Robbie’s coat-tail basically.