Arsene and Ivan go to war?

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You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear more. We talk about the media narrative, we hammer through Ozil and Sanchez, and we talk about the goings on with the fanbase at the moment and what it means to Wenger signing a new deal.

Match report later.


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139 Responses to “Arsene and Ivan go to war?”

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  1. Bankz

    Bring it on Ashley, I am sure I capable of whooping you and DM into submission.

    Talking about DM, what excuses will he come up with today? That he missed his way to the office and landed in the wrong office building or that he was jaded from putting in too much mental strengthzz into his office work yesterday?

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The club is still kept alive by the life support machine …

    Close family are in attendance .

  3. DM


    Nice one. Not gonna bother with the excuse, just annoying because I left my computer at 905 thinking if it wasn’t up yet it wouldn’t be for a while… how wrong I was!

  4. Bamford10

    Good performance last night, especially from Alexis, Ozil & Walcott. Good all around.

    Wenger out all the same, of course.

  5. Romford Pele

    It’s interesting. I spoke to someone last night who said Wenger and Gazidis’ relationship has been strained for a few months now. Whether it’s enough to make a difference, who knows but it’s obvious not everything is rosy at board level either.

    Nice to finally win a game last night. But it’s not surprising once we brought back Elneny and had two players who could circulate well through the first phase. The rest took care of itself.

  6. Bamford10

    “Elneny gives us fluency,” Wenger said. “He is a continuity player who is a generous player and wants to help the team.”

    This will not go down well with the anti-Elneny crowd.

  7. Bankz


    at least you didn’t forget your computer in washing machine….Haaaahaaaaa
    Whooping your ass daily is a nice feel.

  8. Romford Pele

    Elneny is quite average in the final third but positionally he’s sound in the sense that he’s always available to receive and circulates well through the lines. Has an engine on him too. Don’t think he’ll ever be a starter but a good squad player to have.

  9. Red&White4life

    In case you have some trouble to visualized the real truth – I know this is gonna hurt, but it’s time to face it :
    – after last night we will be on a good run, for a strong finish of the season – our famous “better late than never”, like every season;
    – citeh are shit;
    – manure can’t score goals;
    – liverpool have important players injured….

    We will finish 4th, mark my words.
    KJW has win, as usual.
    Ze so famous 4th place trophy.

    Totally disgusted and depressed…

  10. DM


    How was that an excuse??

    Enjoy your tr4phies while they last. Got a Jewish festival coming up next week which will put me out of contention for a while, but once I’m back I’ll be all over you like a rash

  11. Bamford10


    It’s a shame he isn’t a bit quicker, a bit more athletic or dynamic. Could be a good first XI player. I like him, though.

  12. Romford Pele

    Bamford, yes unfortunately. While he covers a lot of ground, he isn’t particularly quick like Coquelin is. He doesn’t have goals in him like Ramsey does. However he’s more disciplined and a better passer than both. Sometimes the team just needs someone who fits the need best and Elneny does this best by keeping things ticking over and this in turn allowed Xhaka to dominate the whole game yesterday. Xhaka would still be best in a 433 but if he’s going to play in a 4231 he needs someone who will do a lot of running for him so he can dictate properly.

  13. Paulinho

    Until we get a better version of Elneny – we have to play him. He’s the only midfielder we have that can receive the ball in any area and look comfortable and you need player like that to have any hope of a fluid team. He’s better than Ozil at sorting his feet out in awkward areas, who is incredibly stiff and overrated in that regard( as we saw when he gave the ball away on Sunday for City goal)

  14. Bamford10

    Red & White

    It’s possible. Still in the balance, though. Makes the end of season reasonably interesting. That and the Wenger situation.

  15. Paulinho

    As for the second goal, that is literally the only thing it appears Ozil and Sanchez are really good for as a combination. Mostly Ozil’s limitations really; the overlap run and the pull back is his one and only signature move in open play. Shame that it’s really only effective against the dross of the league and any sort of decent team with organisation are generally wise to it.

  16. Bamford10


    And while Ozil played reasonably well, his goal was a laughable error from their keeper. Average 17-year-olds could have made that save.

  17. Romford Pele

    No player is ever gonna combine well with Alexis tbh. He’s a soloist, his game has always been based off that so building up a rapport with him will be difficult for any type of player.

    As for coaching combinations, this is Wenger we’re talking about. I wouldn’t really be reading too much into anything considering the hindrances in the team.

  18. Romford Pele

    Yeah Martinez looks decent, keep him in until the end of the season. Bring back sczcesny too please.

  19. Bamford10


    Alexis and Ozil have one of the best understandings in world football. I agree Alexis is not a combination player, exactly, but he and Ozil together are excellent. And this from someone who isn’t a huge fan of either of their games.

  20. Romford Pele

    Bamford – I actually don’t think their rapport is that great. Alexis’ short passing game isn’t great despite him actually being able to pick out a pass if that makes sense? Özil and Reus, for example, would be a much better combination imo. Naturally they tend to look for each other because they’re the two most likely to make something happen since we lack a system/fluid style of play.

  21. Paulinho

    Romford – Be interesting to see Sanchez replaces Hazard. I expect him to be a hit but their collective level to drop a bit as a result, at least compared to their level with Hazard.

    Bamford, surprised you think their understanding is so great. Against poor teams then yes, it appears as if they enjoy playing together. But stick them both together in a tough away game – times when you really whether players have an understanding – and there is nothing there at all. Alexis becomes more of a soloist in big games, and Ozil hides. Superficial understanding- in agreeable conditions – at best, in my book

  22. Bamford10


    You’re out of your tree. The two of them are like a little two-man team within the team. At times they don’t even look for others. And they have a very good sense for what the other is thinking, doing. It’s like they speak a language that is particular to the two of them, a language they do not share with the rest of the team. This has been obvious for some time now. To me at least. Perhaps I’ll have to track down a video compilation.

  23. Bamford10

    Wow, Paulinho is out of his tree as well. Don’t get me wrong: both players have their limitations, and games go by where they do not connect, but there is no question they speak a secret language. No question. I made a remark about this months ago in connection to one particularly smart goal-combination. I’ll do a little research when I have a moment.

    I’m definitely right on this point, though.

    Bamford 1 – 0 Romford/Paulinho 😉

  24. Romford Pele

    Paulinho – well I mean this is it. Alexis has never been a combination player which is why he had to leave Barca in the first place. If you’re going to be a soloist you need to then be hitting ridiculous numbers every season.

    If Alexis ends up at Chelsea he’ll probably score more than Hazard but like you say I expect their overall level to drop. People wonder and ask why this is. But Alexis masks the fact that he’s quite profiligate in possession with his workrate. You wouldn’t need to be working as hard as he does if you didn’t needlessly give the Ball away in the first place.

    Yeah about Alexis and Özil. I don’t think they’re that great a combination. People wondering why Özil’s assist numbers went down this season, him and Alexis basically play on top of each other when Alexis plays as the #9. Özil ends up being more of a striker/making the runs in behind. You either shift Özil to the right or don’t play him at all because you’re then left with issues elsewhere. Last night we played with an actual striker who could stretch play which then left more room for players to actually combine. Alexis, while awesome, drops so deep that sometimes we end up with a 4-6-0. They’re not very compatible as they like to do similar stuff. Alexis actually sees himself more as a playmaker than an actual striker.

    One way I would’ve liked to trial them together is as the two inside forwards in a 4-3-2-1 (Xmas tree-type formation) but obviously with Wenger at the helm, doing anything which go against a 4231 is alien to him.

  25. Pierre

    Nice to see Le grovellers on here talking sensibly about the game instead of the usual Wenger out protest …. Or is Bamford keeping quiet about the protest because only 10 people turned up to protest last night…. Just saying

  26. Paulinho

    “I made a remark about this months ago in connection to one particularly smart goal-combination”

    It wasn’t by a chance against an average side who were four nil down or something? 😉

  27. Romford Pele

    Bamford, I’m not disagreeing that they look for each other. Özil seems the only person that Alexis is happy to pass to (ball hogs most of the time) but I don’t necessarily think that makes them a good combination. Our system (lol) is haphazard but they make the difference because of their individual quality, not necessarily because it’s cohesive.

  28. Rambo Ramsey

    “Or is Bamford keeping quiet about the protest because only 10 people turned up to protest last night…. Just saying”

    What a bizarre chap you are. You’re happy that fans can’t unite and as a result we’ll be served more of this shit for two more years?

  29. DivineSherlock


    Totally wrong there. Watch last night highlights again . see how Alexis picks out Bellerin’s run . Alexis plays well with others , Ozil needs runners ahead of him. Usually Sanchez is the only one ahead of him so he picks him out regularly.

  30. Romford Pele

    Pierre, 95% of people on here still want the manager out. Last night really doesn’t change anything but obviously it’s always good to win.

  31. Dissenter

    Martinez be fitted from his stint at Wolves. He’s seems more comfortable with the physical aspects of the game.
    We don’t need to replace Ospina when he leaves.

  32. Bamford10

    No, that’s not enough, Romford. It is more than that. They speak the same language, and this language is particular to them. And it is not just that they look to speak to one another, look for one another.

    Again, I’ll see if I can gather some evidence, put the case together.

  33. WestLondonGoon

    As the great Frankie once said, ‘when two tribes go to war, a point is al that you can score.’

    I therefore fully expect Arsenal to finish the season with 9 points from our last 9 games.


  34. Bamford10


    Go fuck yourself, you know-nothing cunt.


    More like 99%, and the 1% are morons whom no one here respects in even the tiniest bit.

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    Home matches against near bottom of the table teams is about Elneny’s level. Glad to see him play. Sucks that not one of our midfield players are capable of giving satisfactory overall play on a consistent basis.

  36. Romford Pele

    Bamford, they’re both quality players in their own right which is why they’d trust each other more than any other in the squad. That said, I think its forced rather than natural. They’d need to be given a better platform to succeed for me to rate it as amongst the best in world football.

  37. Danish Gooner

    The Elneny is like a new signing hogwash wont do,he is not the midfield destroyer we need but suddenly he is,so wenger can start his penny pinching again during the summer.

  38. Pierre

    “wouldn’t need to be working as hard as he does if you didn’t needlessly give the Ball away in the first place.”

    Alexis, Very similar in that respect to Georgie Armstrong.. Used to give the Ball away and then run half the length of the field to retrieve it and the crowd loved it… It would have been better if he hadn’t lost possession in the first place but the fans love a tryer I suppose……… Though I do think think Alexis is without doubt a class or 2 above geordie Armstrong..

  39. Dissenter

    If Elneny is good for only relegation teams, what’s Ramsey good for?
    Elneny plays for the team while Ramsey plays for himself.
    He’s the first out of the door for me. We’ll get a good fee for him and push on.
    Obviously you disagree.

  40. Rambo Ramsey

    “No player is going to be able to play their best when our system has so many flaws.”

    Cazorla somehow made it tick for so long, what a special player he is. Shame he’s not 27 and fit.

  41. Danish Gooner

    I am so sick and tired of this stick and Wilshire will probably be like a new signing and so will Joel Campbell when he returns and Bielik at Birmingham is the next big thing since sliced bread so no need for a new mifield no need for a new attack even though our attackers bar Alexis cant hit a barn yard door from 5 yards.

  42. Bamford10


    I’m not the one arguing that Alexis is largely incapable of combination play, though I agree with Romford and Paulino that he isn’t the best in this regard, that his thinking is unorthodox and unpredictable, and that he often looks to go it alone.

    My point is that whatever problems Alexis does have in being on the same wave-length as other players, he has no such problem with Ozil. The two of them have a fantastic understanding. IMO.

  43. Romford Pele

    Rambo, its about creating a cohesive team. Santi is a great player in his own right but our issues were still massively apparent with him in the team. It comes back to Wenger trying to fit his best players into a team rather than creating a unit that thrives in all sorts of situations. No individual is greater than the sum of its parts.

  44. Bamford10


    I was going to say something similar. Whatever level Elneny is at moment, he’s a more effective CM than Ramsey is.

  45. Dissenter

    Alexis will only be an impact bench player in a good team.
    He’s the swat team you throw on when all he’ll breaks loose.
    I really don’t think any team bigger than Arsenal need him.
    Chelsea, City, PSG, Barcelona, Bayern and Juventus have comparable starters who actually play with the team.

    Wenger might be right after all.
    Alexis might not leave if we get fourth place. If we met the 250k weekly he asked for he just might stay.

    He’s not going to get more games else where.

  46. Romford Pele

    Wenger has spent £260m in the past 3 seasons. Spending money isn’t the issue. Looking to the transfer market to solve your problems all the time is silly. We have structural and tactical flaws that will only change with a new manager. You think signing Messi and Neymar will stop our midfield getting parted like the red sea during a counterattack?

  47. Pierre

    “Pierre Go fuck yourself, you know-nothing cunt.”

    I did actually say that there would be no one at the protest march before the West ham game and I was right…. So I obviously know something …just saying

  48. Romford Pele

    I’m surprised people still wanna lay the blame at the feet of individuals. We’ve been suffering from the same problem with different personnel for years. Pretty obvious where the problems lie.

  49. Dissenter

    I find myself flinching every time I see Cazorla’s name come up in discussions about our midfield.
    I think we have a Rosicky situation here. His contract was renewed on sentimental basis by a manager whose reasoning is clouded by nostalgic sentimentalism.
    There’s NO way anyone comes back from two surgeries on his archilles tendon. This is where Gazidis ought to earn his money. That’s the kind of deals that he can easily block as CEO. He will have the benefit of citing Rosicky and Abou Diaby.
    Cazorla is done as a top footballer. I’ll be reminding everyone that I said this when he comes back to break down again and again.

  50. Arse&Nose©

    Elneny takes defensive responsibility, he made Xhaka look good by mopping up for him. Xhaka and Ramsey can’t be trusted to follow runners and protect the back 4.

  51. Red&White4life

    In fact, almost every players was good last night (I didn’t watch it)…
    Against a shitty team, as usual.

  52. Rambo Ramsey

    Either we got players who can pass neatly but have all the athleticism of a mollusk or we got player who is strong, athletic but has all the touch and finesse of an elephant. Ramsey and Wilshere were supposed to develop into rounded and balanced players, that’s gone out the window.

  53. Rambo Ramsey

    “I’m surprised people still wanna lay the blame at the feet of individuals.”

    Its not blaming, its more of an acknowledgement. For a good system to hold up, it needs good players. Even a Kante will look lost if he’s got Xhaka and Ozil as partners in midfield.

  54. Pierre

    Danish gooner
    “though our attackers bar Alexis cant hit a barn yard door from 5 yards.”

    I think 101 goals scored already disproves that theory though I still can’t understand why Wenger persists in playing sanchez out wide…. Our most productive part of the season was when sanchez was up top but for whatever reason, Wenger has decided not to play him there… Very strange

  55. WestLondonGoon


    It’s because he isn’t a very good manager…..prefering to ‘give everyone a game’ whilst sticking to the exact same system everytime.

  56. Pierre

    Until Wenger or whoever gets the balance of the midfield right then nothing will change… Teams like Chelsea, psg, bayern have the perfectly balanced midfield….. We are nowhere near that level…

  57. Romford Pele

    Xhaka and Özil are fine. They wouldn’t be starters for their NT if they weren’t. Utilising them properly is what we should be aiming to do.

  58. Guns of Hackney

    …and as sure as day follows night, a win against a relegation threatened, pile of shit club like West Ham and everything seems cool again.

    Elneny this…Sanchez that…Martinez looks okay…things worked out…the performance was better…

    It’s very simple, you simpletons. You can’t have Arsenal win or even do ‘okay’ if you want Wenger gone. Get it?

    We will finish fourth, Wenger will be here for another three+ years and you’ll all be moaning again.

  59. Pierre

    “It’s because he isn’t a very good manager…..prefering to ‘give everyone a game’ whilst sticking to the exact same system everytime.”

    I agree.. The last 3 seasons it has been the team with more or less the first starting 11 that have won the league……bloody rotation.. Hate it…. Play your best team at all times I reckon…

  60. Red&White4life

    “You can’t have Arsenal win or even do ‘okay’ if you want Wenger gone. Get it? ”

    Unfortunately, you’re right.
    But you take the risk to be considered as a “false” fan…

  61. Boomslang

    ‘…and as sure as day follows night, a win against a relegation threatened, pile of shit club like West Ham and everything seems cool again.’

    ‘Elneny this…Sanchez that…Martinez looks okay…things worked out…the performance was better…’

    Guns of Hackney

    Well there you go. The lyrical waxing will continue until the next defeat snaps over- enthusiasts back to reality.

  62. Guns of Hackney

    Red and white

    …or plastic. Anyone who says a fan isn’t a ‘real’ supporter is a douche bag. Should I as a fan of 34 years just accept my fate as an Arsenal fan?

    People seem to think unless you bleed for the club, you’re a ‘fake’. Here’s a little low down on football clubs…they don’t know or care who you are. If you left your season ticket, another mug would step in. There wouldn’t be a gold watch for your loyal service…nothing.

    Arsenal have meant nothing to me for 8 years and will continue to mean nothing until that penis leaves the club.

  63. steve

    @Guns of Hackney

    Finally someone who gets it. You can’t want Wenger out and then want the team to win games. A manager who is winning won’t get sacked/resign. Also the fact that several players “looked good” yesterday. Hmm I wonder if it had anything to do with playing an absolutely shit West Ham side fighting relegation? Take a player like Ozil. Oh now he decided to show up. Where the fuck has he been the last three months or so? What a fraud player that is…

  64. Guns of Hackney


    I’ve been getting it since 2008/9.

    Arsenal fans are the worst. We’ve become the new Liverpool. But for all of those scouse schleppers who believe this will be ‘their’ year…at least they can force change whether it works out or not. At least they try.

  65. Carts

    Elneny is an ok player.

    His highlight looked decent. Looked rather dynamic.

    Played his first game for Arsenal and had a few shots. Then since then, whenever I’ve seen him, he looks somewhat…average.

    i think he’d be better suited in a 3. However, both he and Xhaka against Kante and Cesc/Matic would be painful to watch

  66. Red&White4life

    “Played his first game for Arsenal and had a few shots. Then since then, whenever I’ve seen him, he looks somewhat…average.”

    Like so many other decent players under KJW…

  67. Steveyg87

    “…and as sure as day follows night, a win against a relegation threatened, pile of shit club like West Ham and everything seems cool again.

    Elneny this…Sanchez that…Martinez looks okay…things worked out…the performance was better…It’s very simple, you simpletons.

    You can’t have Arsenal win or even do ‘okay’ if you want Wenger gone. Get it?

    We will finish fourth, Wenger will be here for another three+ years and you’ll all be moaning again.”

    Wenger knows this and i guess this is why he comes across so arrogant at times, he knows a few weeks of form buys him another few months and so the cycle continues..Wewill amount to nothing under him and the local fans deserve no better, apparently they were chanting his name last night. How the fuck???

  68. Jacko

    Guns of Hackney / Steve,

    Agree with you both. What would our performance level have been, had yesterday’s fixture been against a semi-decent side? Would we have seen a great free flowing 2nd half or would it have been a nervous disjointed mess?

    West Ham were the perfect gift.

  69. Guns of Hackney


    I’ll make a sweeping statement but football fans aren’t the smartest in the world, least of all Arsenal fans.

    As you alluded to, Arsene knows he retains 80% support of the clapping idiots who are prepared to sacrifice winning for some deluded sense of loyalty to an over the hill disgrace.

    Our fan base is a total embarrassment and we have the manager we deserve.

  70. China

    To give more perspective on Spurs latest team getting a bit over-egged, last season they only got 1 more point than they managed in 2012. The difference was that year they finished a full 20 points off 1st and 2nd because Chelsea and utd both turned up that year

  71. Guns of Hackney


    You’re correct. West Ham were the perfect gift for a floundering man to cling on to. He gets so many of these gifts because the PL is so weak. It doesn’t take too many games to come up against a West Ham or hull, even after a series of bad losses. Apart from Chelsea…the rest of the league look very beatable.

  72. Steveyg87

    “Our fan base is a total embarrassment and we have the manager we deserve.”

    The local team I support here in SA, Orlando Pirates, lost 6-0 to African champions, Mamelodi Sundowns, a few month ago. What followed was a full scale riot and the manager quitting live on television. The fans are much more connected to the game than in the UK, i wont say Europe because they have some of the most hardcore fans.

    Arsenal could never get to this level due to the hipster culture that goes with living in London, a few on here have mentioned this and i think over the years a lot of the more die hard fans have left and been replaced with fans just looking for a day out with the lads

  73. Carts


    It’s ridiculous. I know YT clips of a player in Switzerland can paint a false story, but what I saw of Elneny was promising.

    But the fact of the matter that he’s an ok player against middle to lower third teams. Could he hold his own against better players? NO

  74. Romford Pele

    Wouldn’t really focus on points totals. This season, for example, is the most competitive the top 4 race has ever been. So while there is not one super team, there are many places that are hard to go and pick up points at. Everyone is capable of taking points off each other. I wouldn’t say that makes the league weak, it’s very competitive. Every foreign manager that comes here makes that exact assertion.

    Look at Hull for example, since Silva went there they’ve won 7/8 home games. Palace just won at Chelsea last weekend. There are loads of examples of the lower teams taking points off the top teams in recent years.

  75. Kevin Ferrari

    Just listened to your Podcast for the first time, very interesting with the whole Ivan/Arsene tension, if true, would explain why Ivan hasn’t said nothing much and just let Wenger take all the flack. I reckon it was Ivan Gazidis who paid for the Wenger Out plane and Stand paid for the IN plane haha

  76. Carts


    in relation to your podcast: what I found interesting was your segment on Gazidis and Wenger.

    I know from history that you’re quite sympathetic towards Gazidis’ incompetence. Something that bode well with a lot of posters in here. Purely cos a person of Gazidis’ standing should have enough power to veto most of the shit that Wenger does.

    Now, I care very little for Gazidis cos frankly he’s usless. However, I’m inclined to say that he could well be fighting a losing battle with Wenger (and Stan).

    His comments about Arsenal being able to buy Rooney-like players, for starters. Not to mention his recent ramblings which are contrary to Wenger’s nonsense.

    That pay packet he collects is the only reason why he hasn’t left; and I’d probably go as far as to say that he get mixed messages from Stan. Stan’s loyalty to Wenger is from a financial perspective. Gazidis can see past this and has badgered Stan to raise KPI and set more challenging objectives besides top 4 and getting out the group stages.

    Stan agrees with Gazidis; but then when the summer comes, he bottles it.

  77. Alan

    – China

    I get frustrated when people make totally irrelevant points which are just clouded by sucking on a lemon. What’s what Spurs got last year points wise got anything to do with what pundits are saying about them this year?

    Have you not looked at the league table this year AT ALL? They’re second. Comfortably. They’ve lost 3 games (less than anyone else), conceded just 24 goals (less than anyone else) and they’re the most likely contenders to Chelsea (even if it’s unlikely they will catch them).

    At the start of the season did anyone predict the club that has a 100m wage bill, a summer net spend of 30m would outperform Chelsea, Arsenal, UTD and City who have wage bills over 200m and net spends of at least 90m apiece? I don’t think so.

    That’s why pundits and neutral observers are crediting them. It’s deserved.

    I am all for belittling them but when fellow Arsenal fans seek to make such totally desperate, irrelevant points, it belittles us as a fanbase.

    The more we attempt to write posts like yours or the article I saw by ‘She wore a yellow ribbon’ this morning, the more pathetic we look.

  78. Kane

    GOH couldn’t agree more!

    Where are Arsenal today? Can beat the shit teams at home most of the time, can’t beat the top 6 home or away and mixed results against the rest…. terrible in Europe and able to win FA Cups so long as we don’t have to play anyone decent along the way.

    How can anyone be satisfied with that?

    Arsenal fans are pathetic – well those who sit there and sing Wenger’s name because we are beating a terrible West Ham team….

    away to palace and boro next up before the FA Cup semi… I hate to say it, but hope we lose all 3 and Wenger’s mini revival is squashed before it can gain any momentum.

  79. Alan

    Edit –

    “outperform LIVERPOOL (not chelsea), Arsenal, UTD and City who have wage bills over 200m and net spends of at least 90m apiece? I don’t think so”

    IMO, lets remain classy. Ignore their relative success. It’s not likely to result in any silverware so will not live long in the memory. The difficulty will come IF they start winning trophies which all pundits acknowledge is the next step to be classed elite. But that’s the same level as Arsenal for the time being.

  80. Red&White4life

    (p.s. to KJW : fans are feeling the same thing than mesut, but “only” since a decade, you old c*nt)

  81. Alan

    I thought Ozil was OK last night. Last night was made for him. At home against a lesser side who didn’t put up any fight. He’s a good player but not worth 42m plus the 270K wages he is seemingly demanding.

    There’s better out there. The real loss would be Sanchez. Everyone else is totally dispensable.

  82. Rambo Ramsey

    The only one pathetic around here is you Alan, you mong. The fact that you abuse fellow Arsenal fans because they don’t praise Spuds tells us everything about you. Get your head out of the Spud rectum and shut your yapping.

  83. Guns of Hackney

    SG87 and Kane

    Only 6-0 and the manager quits??? Man, Arsene has fallen so much further and that motherfucker won’t stay down.

    Keith Richards, cockroaches and Wenger all survive a direct nuclear hit.


    I always have a nagging feeling that Arsenal will always pull something out of the bag…they are the luckiest bunch of arseholes in football. For the two FA wins, they avoided all the top teams and still managed to almost throw it away…this season, no PL team until the semi. Make no mistake, City are shit and will probably lose to Arsenal. Another final, win or lose and fourth and Wenger stays. As a poster said earlier “clubs don’t sack managers or managers don’t leave when they are winning”.

    Between now and may, we simply cannot under any circumstance win the FA Cup or finish above fifth.

  84. Dissenter

    Wenger is really pathetic with the way he mollycoddles these players.
    His excuses for Mesut Ozil are really shameful.
    Implying that Ozil’s form suffered because he suffered mentally after we got knocked out of the CL?????
    WTF is wrong with this man?

    When is he going to call Ozil [and the other infants] cowards and let them deal with it.

  85. RJM

    Fans happy we won last night. What a joke. Praising Ozil et al for playing well against the team bottom of the current form league.
    Sanchez only player who can look fans in the eye with his head held up high. The rest of them are a true embodiment of their darling manager, a bunch of flat track bully losers!

  86. Guns of Hackney

    As a caveat, with that poisonous amphibian managing the club, it makes us radioactive to perspective players and TV.

    We play a brand of football that makes the crazy gang look like Brazil c. 1970.

  87. Rambo Ramsey

    Of the recent criticism, Walcott said “I haven’t heard anything. Criticism, I don’t even bother looking at. I only listen to people I want to listen to. Who are those people?

    “The manager and people at this club are the best people to listen to. And the players. That is all I care about at this moment in time. I don’t mind people talking; they can talk and it doesn’t bother me at all.”

    No surprises there, Walcott, it must be so comfortable to be in that bubble of delusion that Wenger has cast over the club. Why open eyes and ears to the sad reality

  88. Kane

    GOH – in years gone by sure, Arsenal would pull something out the bag, but this year I just can’t see it,

    It’s not like we are managed by a tactical genius and it just isn’t clicking or are missing 2-3 of our big players with injuries and they are coming back…. we are what we are… a semi decent side, who can beat weaker opposition, but struggles to compete when faced with a high pressure game against decent opposition….. that has been consistent all season and I don’t see it changing.

  89. jwl

    At very least, Gazidis should take control of transfers and deciding what Arsenal will pay for player. Wenger is purposely not spending large amounts of money, it just sitting there in banks getting larger every year, that money needs to be spent.

    Arsenal are massive club, we are rich, and Wenger behaves like club needs to count every penny, he is stalling the club’s development now. Way back when, the plan was ten years of austerity to pay down debt and then two or three years ago Arsenal were supposed to spend its huge piles of cash to start competing for league titles again after a break for stadium move.

    If Wenger were actually going to take club to next level, Arsenal would spend up to 100 million quid on young striker who going to score 25-30 league goals annually for next five to eight years. What money the club have remaining gets spent on midfield dynamo to replace Santi.

    Arsenal moved to Emirates to compete properly against other elite teams, and that’s what fans/sponsors are paying for, while Wenger is standing in way of that vision or plan and telling gooners in their match programs that at least were not fighting against relegation.

  90. Kane

    Rambo – Arsenal fans refusing to acknowledge that Spurs are performing better than Arsenal on all fronts this season come across as insecure and a little delusional.

    Spurs have been exciting to watch (as they were last year) and in Poch they have one of the leagues o/s managers.

    The fact they are 2nd and competing for the league with a wage bill half of ours speaks volumes about Poch’s ability to manage a team and Wenger’s inability to put together a squad capable of fighting for a title.

    I fucking hate spurs with a passion – I really do… but I hate Wenger and the way the club has stagnated whilst Spurs have improved even more.

  91. Guns of Hackney


    I hope you are right but…Arsenal do have two games in hand over Liverpool.

    1. Chelsea
    2. Arsenal
    3. Spurs
    4. Man U
    5. Liverpool
    6. City

  92. China

    Alan the point is not belittling then it’s calling a spade a spade

    They’re doing well so far this season and may yet get a serious points tally (80+) would be excellent for them

    But looking at the table today doesn’t mean much today because they’ve been in great positions (particularly in relation to Arsenal) half a dozen times in the last decade and every single time, including just a year ago, they totally imploded wenger style

    Every time they can smell finishing above us or in lay season’s case the league title they shit the bed. It’s not me belittling them, it’s a fact as true as Arsenal shitting the bed in the new year every season

    Even my Spurs mates bemoan the guaranteed bottle job that comes every time it’s there for the taking for them

    History is far from everything but it weighs on players’ minds. Just like Arsenal usually come into the business end of the season knowing they’ll somehow grind out a run of results and get top 4 and above Spurs, don’t tell me that the Spurs players are oblivious to the fact that for them to have a great year and not to implode like usual would be a first for over 2 decades. It can happen. It might happen. But their team is not seasoned vets who are used to seeing out clutch games at the end of the season. They’re a young team with collectively bugger all experience of success. So to assume they will surely continue the season as they started is a brave call because they have no precident for this and will be well aware of that

    Similarly we talk of how great they’re doing – and they are doing well, but it again fails to notice that Chelsea are the only big team to turn up. Being in second comfortably and outdoing all but Chelsea despite resource constraints is incredible until oi realise Liverpool have thrown the season away, city are a long way away from looking serious, utd are a major work in progress and Arsenal are Arsenal….

    As ever I’ll credit them for seeming to have improved a bit on last season so far and I’m impressed by poch and their club in general these days, but they’re far more impressive out of context of everyone shitting the bed again.

    In terms of comparisons directly with Arsenal I actually think they have a better squad than us so they should be ahead of us. We’re spending much more on wages and transfers but our squad is the weakest it’s been in 2 decades and far less balanced than theirs. Full credit to all involved in their system for managing that.

    Regardless of me thinking the club is overrated their value for money is good indeed

  93. Rambo Ramsey

    Kane, the only insecure fans are those who seem desperate for other fans to praise Spuds. Like, what do you get out of that?

    ”Hey, hey all, come and say how amazing and how much better Spurs are. It’ll make us look classy!”

    Yeah, fuck off with that shit.

  94. Carts

    Don’t get me wrong, Spurs are improving. They’re showing domestic stability ; and are about to go through a massive test, from an operation and financial perspective.

    For their sake, they need to be playing CL football from here on out. Moreover, the financial challenge of their new stadium will be testing – in both recruiting and maintaining players.

    But yeah, Spurs, as bizarre as this will sound, aren’t on our level YET! If they were to win the league before we win it again, then only then will I be inclined to say they’ve overtaken us. The same way Chelsea have.

  95. China

    For the record don’t put me in the bracket for thinking Spurs aren’t out performing us in every bracket at the moment

    They are so far this season in every single respect.

    As was said it highlights that they have a system that’s getting them a lot of bang for their buck and shows how worryingly little bang we get for ours

    They have a better team than us this year in my opinion

  96. Kane

    Rambo – there are 2 types of people.

    Those who are secure within themselves so can openly admit their weaknesses and give praise to others and those are not and so refuse to acknowledge they are weak and refuse to acknowledge the strengh of others

    As I say, I fucking hate spurs with a passion – but to refuse to acknowledge they are playing better football than Arsenal are this year only serves to make us look insecure and bitter – traits we have long associated with Spurs fans!

  97. China

    With them and Everton both getting big shiny new stadia the PL is going to be a very interesting place 10 years from now

    Though it will probably resemble the current system where there are several major teams and the winner will usually be the one that doesn’t shit the bed

    I hope one day we’ll have a season where 4-6 teams all put in elite seasons and it goes down to the wire with 4+ teams still in contention

  98. Red&White4life

    “Keith Richards, cockroaches and Wenger all survive a direct nuclear hit. ”

    @GOH, first you wrote this : “Between now and may, we simply cannot under any circumstance win the FA Cup or finish above fifth.”

    And then your prediction :
    “1. Chelsea
    2. Arsenal…”

    I’m a bit confused… lol

  99. Rambo Ramsey

    Kane, I’d be careful about making judgements on people based on the stuff they write on football trivial rivalries.

    Liverpool and United fans to this day have a rivalry that compares with no other. Are they all insecure, bitter people? I don’t think so.

    I hate this notion of ‘Class’ that has become the bane of modern society. ‘Classy behaviour’ is supposed to be for the benefit of others but I find more and more it is being used for self appraisal, something people are using to feel bigger and better about themselves.

    “Oooohhh, I’m classy. You are not, shame on you”

  100. Alan

    Rambo – You seem incredibly insecure. If you hate the notion of class systems, maybe you should move to North Korea. There’s a guy called Kim who agrees with you. He’ll stick you in the jungle and you can put some war paint on and go shoot the bad guys with air gun.

  101. Rambo Ramsey

    In fact it is this obsession with being seen as ‘Classy’ that is holding back Arsenal.

    Wenger the ‘Classy’ hero, looking down on all those less classy mortals, indulging in self-cooked up war against modern football that is money driven.

    A brigade of class obsessed fans who don’t want to be seen engaging in any acts that are ‘non-classy’. No protests, no banners, no songs. Infact anyone who doesn’t prescribe to these made up rules are stupid, horrible, classless people.

    Hordes of pundits and ex-players sticking the boot into every one of Wenger’s coaching ideas but stopping short of calling him out because they want to be seen as ‘Classy’.

    And finally, the Internet warriors who do the all important duty of ensuring everyone posts Classy stuff. Otherwise they’ll be on to you like bees.

  102. Rambo Ramsey


    “Rambo – You seem incredibly insecure. If you hate the notion of class systems, maybe you should move to North Korea.”

    See what I mean? Cheers, pal, for giving a demonstration of the Internet warrior.

  103. Alan


    “See what I mean? Cheers, pal, for giving a demonstration of the Internet warrior.”

    Hmm – as opposed to calling yourself Rambo and sending me messages like this?

    “The only one pathetic around here is you Alan, you mong. The fact that you abuse fellow Arsenal fans because they don’t praise Spuds tells us everything about you. Get your head out of the Spud rectum and shut your yapping.”

    No. Nothing internet warrior about you. LOL.

  104. Kane

    GOH – interesting predictions! Based on games left… not sure how you get to that!

    Spurs – WAT, BOU, cpy, ARS, whu, MUN, lei, hul… 20/24 points a realistic prediction. based on form and the fact Kane / Rose back this month.

    City – HUL, sou, MUN, MID, CPY, LEI, WBA, wat – couldn’t ask for better fixtures – 6 at home and all against teams they can beat… can see them getting 22/24 points there

    Liverpool – sto, wba, CPY, wat, SOU, whu, MID… no games vs top 6, but never know what will get with Pool… could win all 7 or draw a few… so 17 / 21 is an estimate.

    Arsenal – cpy, mid, LEI, tot, MUN, sou, sto, SUN, EVE… based on current form… 20 / 27 points is realistic.

    Man U – sun, CHE, bur, mcy, SWA, ars, tot, CPY… a tough run in and Europe… with current form can’t see them getting more than 18/28 from that lot.

    My predictions on end of season places based on the above….

    1 – Chelsea – winners
    2 – Spurs – on 65 + 20 = 85
    3 – Man City on 58 + 22 = 80
    4 – Liverpool on 60 + 17 = 77
    5 – Arsenal on 54 + 20 = 74
    6 – United on 54 + 18 = 72

  105. Alan

    China –

    Personally, I think this league has got harder to win. Yes the top 6 has got weaker, but this league consists of 20 teams and the rest of them are stronger than they used to be.

    So while our elite sides struggle in Europe, I do think every game in the PL is now more competitive than it used to be. Namely because even the likes of Bournemouth have sign several 10m+ international footballers.

  106. Kane

    Rambo…. I don’t know and don’t assume anything about you.

    I am saying that I am not afraid to say others are better than I am when it is fucking obviously they are! Arsenal are toilet right now… Spurs are playing great stuff and challenging for the title (well closet to anyway)

    I can heap praise on them and still hate them / hope they choke and achieve nothing this year.

    “A brigade of class obsessed fans who don’t want to be seen engaging in any acts that are ‘non-classy’. No protests, no banners, no songs. Infact anyone who doesn’t prescribe to these made up rules are stupid, horrible, classless people”

    Not sure what class has to do with this… or why you are obsessing about being classy?

    Where is that coming from? You mean people at the games? Or what?

  107. Rambo Ramsey

    Another moron obsessed about monikers. It never ends.

    Yeah, its the same, me asking you to pull your head out of someone’s arse and you telling me that I’m insecure and belong in a dictatorship regime.

    Cut the bollocks, I’m not against class, but it should not be fake.

  108. Rambo Ramsey

    Kane, have you not seen people abusing anyone who holds up a banner or engages in the protest? They deem it disrespectful. That’s what the fights amongst the Arsenal crowd have been about right? Sorry I’m not actually placed in London so the extent of my knowledge is strictly got by following news and media outlets.

  109. Guns of Hackney

    Red and white

    I stand by my hope that we can’t finish higher than fifth but I think we will because this team always finds a way (not in the never say die way), or the other teams around them implode.


    I’ll be honest…I just wrote down my predictions based on git feeling…your ones look more realistic. I hope!!!

    By the way to the anti spurs; to congratulate another team, even if that team is spurs, shows a bit of class. Let’s not become like our gutless and spineless coward of a manager.

  110. WestLondonGoon

    The statement by the fans last night was 8-12000 empty seats. Matchday receipts will be down on previous similar games; the club will know that even if many fans aren’t protesting, they are clearly voting with their feet.