Oh Arsene…

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Oh my, it’s so tough to keep the attention away from Wenger. He came out and said the board hadn’t set him targets for the rest of the campaign.

“No, I tell myself to finish as high as possible.

“It is just about sticking together and continuing to fight. If we show the same spirit we showed against City [in Sunday’s 2-2 draw], we will win football games. We have played 20 games unbeaten this season, and I think it’s a good opportunity to remind people we are not fighting to not go down, we are fighting to have a positive end to the season.”

Love that, ‘hey fans, I know you’re not paying attention, but this isn’t a relegation battle.’ 

What’s he going to drop next, that it’s just a game? We should stop being so emotional. Go upstairs and read a book? Can you imagine any other manager goading fans with shit like that? Can you imagine any other manager telling the world the board don’t set him targets? What a humiliating thing to say about Ivan… maybe a retort to Sir Chips and him saying they had some power in the decision over his future.

The club should pull his contract. He’s not a winner. He doesn’t care about anyone outside himself. Now he’s actively goading a violent fanbase and he’s disrespecting the board in public. I have so much disdain for this man now. Paul Merson was right, Wenger is a squatter, breaking all the laws of the land, except his dad owns the house, so it’s not really breaking the law.

He does make it worse.

“It’s a good challenge but I think it’s perfectly possible. Certainly for 20 years I have done it and it looked always like it’s nothing. Suddenly it becomes important, so I am quite pleased that people realise that it’s not as easy as it looks and if you listen to [Pep] Guardiola, he said the other day that to achieve the top four in England is a trophy because it’s so difficult.

“Of course we have a difficult task in front of us, but I am happy as well that people realise suddenly that it’s not as easy as it looked always.”

Oh my days Arsene, to even compare yourself to Pep G is a f*cking travesty. He’s out there making CL semi finals, winning league titles, and changing the way treble winning clubs train and think. It’s a race to the bottom for Arsene. Pep G might have said top 4 is a trophy, but he’s not shooting for that, he’s shooting for the league. Also, again, just to reiterate, if he doesn’t win the league within 2 years, he’ll be off. No doubt about it.

That we have a manager who is now retroactively praising himself for his achievements over the last 12 years is beyond parody. Just when you think he can’t stoop any lower, he does.

He also won’t tell the fans about his deal. Which gives me some glimmer of hope. What’s the point in holding off the decision if you’re going to sign? Fans are already protesting. They’re camped outside Colney right now, which is hilarious. Why not just kill all their steam by signing on for another 3 years and be done with it?

Utterly shameless.

This is funny though. Wenger doesn’t understand why fans are worried about their best players leaving.

“I don’t understand that debate. Our job is to perform as long as we are here.

“I do not understand this kind of anxiety, it is absolutely denying what a professional guy is about.”

Errrrrr, Arsene, you have Sean Spicer all mixed up in spreadsheet briefings against your main man. PSG, Chelsea, and Juve lining up to take him. 18months means nothing when £50m is on the table. Your word on him staying means nothing after you told us with confidence Samir Nasri and Cesc were staying a few years back. Please don’t pretend you have any control over a man you’re scared to drop incase he throws his toys out the pram.

Tapping out guys, more tomorrow.

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  1. Relieable Sauce

    The soulless atmosphere at the Wengabowl has got West Ham spooked as it reminds them of their home ground.

  2. izzo

    Its pointless talking about Tottenham we are not on their level this season. Even Man City still have a 4 point cushion. The best is 5th and that’s not happening unless we miraculously beat Man Utd and Everton. No chance of that happening.

  3. steve

    Expect that cunt Wenger to say: “look we have 4 points in our last two games. Nothing is good enough anymore” and then announce he’s signing a new deal.

  4. China

    Credit to them they didn’t choke tonight

    We’ll see if they’re still there come may

    If they are fair play. It would be the first time they’ve not completely imploded for 20+ years though so I wouldn’t expect too much just yet

  5. Ishola70

    Relieable Sauce:
    “The numpties celebrate.”

    We never doubted you Wenger Poos!

    Has he been clenching those fits in sweet victory?

  6. Jeff

    With Man City losing to Chelsea, and us having a game in hand as things stand, fourth is very achievable.

    Good performance from us in the second half. The first half was just torture. But 3:0 is a fair result.

  7. Ishola70

    “With Man City losing to Chelsea, and us having a game in hand as things stand, fourth is very achievable.”

    Nah. West Ham were utter pants.

    Arsenal still outsiders for top four.

  8. Up 4 grabs now

    Did what we had to do against a piss poor hammers side.
    But still reckon we need to win at the spuds and Wenger to finally beat Maureen when utd come to town.
    Throw in needing a win at he home of the orcs and I can’t see it.

  9. Jeff


    I wouldn’t bet against it. If we win our next game we’ll be just one point behind City. With 8 games to go, I wouldn’t bet against it. You know what he’s like with his top four. By hook or by crook we somehow get there.

  10. vicky

    Pep’s City despite having so much talent lack penetration, at times all the possession and build-up looks quite meaningless.

    Bournemouth score, 2-2 !!

  11. Carts

    Conte is a total boss. This Chelsea team are so well drilled it’s not even funny.

    City have struggle to get into their final third. Their in severe need of about 7-8 new players.

    I mean their RB & LB offer them fuck all. Their GK doesn’t inspire confidence. Their back four isn’t stable. And their attacking unit comes across as disjointed at times

  12. Jacko

    This game was always a given. WHU are woeful!

    Out of the remaining games, I can only really see 3 nailed on points against Boro.

    Palace away will be difficult at under Allardyce. Leicester are resurgent. Stoke away is never easy and Utd, Everton and Spurs are all top 10 (enough said).

    The old goat might as well sign tonight because this is probably as good as it gets.

  13. izzo

    Look at the schedule for the top 6 teams before passing judgment that top 4 is achievable because newsflash its a little too late and impossible now. @jeff you’re in dreamland because we beat a relegation bound West Ham that have lost their last 5 games. Fickle.

  14. Jeff

    Crystal Palace and then Middlesbrough next both away. Very winnable games. With City and Liverpool leaking points it’s all about who leaks the least! LOL.

  15. LeMassiveCoq

    Sky Sports said that Arsenal players were not celebrating their goals…

    What’s all that about then? Any ideas?

  16. Ishola70

    Jeff it’s like you are in one of those horror movies and the monster has been stabbed endless times and has also had it’s head pummelled to a gel.

    You think that monster is going to rise up again.

    He won’t. Don’t worry.

  17. Jeff

    Izzo, history is not on your side. It’s nothing but wishful thinking to assume top four is impossible. It’s tight but traditionally we always finish strong in the tail end of the season. I don’t think you can say that top four is dreamland at all.

  18. Ishola70

    ” we beat a relegation bound West Ham that have lost their last 5 games”

    Even the most dodgy team of Arsene’s tenure can beat a team that offered zero counter attack threat.

  19. izzo

    Why would they celebrate when they know how shit they’ve been. Plus this might be wishful thinking but its not impossible that Wenger might be off. I just have this slight hope/feeling that with all the fuckery going on this is likely it and he won’t be given a new contract. I can’t fathom him not signing if offered but there’s zero proof he’s been given a contract. Just rumours and ITKs. Nobody fucking knows. That’s the fact as of now.

  20. vicky

    Arsenal’s last 5 games in the league – Leicester, Tottenham,United,Stoke(away) and Everton.

    Wouldn’t back us to get more than 7 points at best from those games and wouldn’t be surprised if we lost all of them.

  21. Ishola70

    Gabriel did alright tonight.

    He’s going to make big mistakes still though but fair play to him tonight because he has become a bit of a comedy figure for the fans recently.

    His style reminds me a bit of Andy Linighan. Nowhere near as tough as him of course.

  22. izzo

    LOL @ Jeff traditionally we havent had a tough fixture in seasons past like this one. So you can keep on banging that drum but when they defeats start rolling again. I expect you to come back on here and admit you got it wrong.

  23. Follow the money

    Who cares about top four? The idea that that is some kind of trophy or notable achievement is ludicrous. We need to keep the pressure on, the delusional coward is cracking up. Pile on!!

  24. zaco

    i said it yesterday that Pep is overrated but was laughed at by some “know it all” professionals, this match apart, is this city team with all the talent in there playing better than when pellegrini or mancini was there? again people keep talking about their full backs but i’m sure Sagna and Clichy are offering much more than Otamendi and Stones (who is not really better than our own Holding), so lets stop making excuses for Pep, Barca and Bayern has not crumbled since he left them.

  25. Ishola70

    “i said it yesterday that Pep is overrated”

    Over-rated in comparison to whom? Wenger-Poos?

  26. Jeff

    The problem with wanting something so badly is that it clouds your rational judgement of the situation. Nearly everyone here wants Wenger gone (including me) and not getting top four might be a route to that eventuality. However, you have to look at it purely objectively and without the spectre of Wenger in the background. If we were playing under a new manager and faced this exact same situation, I’m sure many if not all of you would look at it more realistically.

  27. vicky

    Let’s wait to see how Pep performs in the next season. Mancini and Pellegrini were lucky to have the core of their teams – Kompany, Toure, Silva and Aguero in their absolute prime for the major part of their tenures. Pep has got an ageing squad at the moment. If he fails to build a team even next season, then we can raise fingers at him. I will give him the benefit of doubt till then. Although, I do think Pochettino is better than him regardless of what he does in coming seasons.

  28. zaco

    overrated in comparison to Fergie, Pochetino, Conte, Alegri, these few are all better than the overrated Pep.

  29. Ishola70

    lol Jeff it didn’t take much to get you back on that top fotr bandwagon again did it .

    Arsenal are outsiders for top four this season. Most of the bookies have them as outsiders for top four.

    That’s not happened before that so many pundits, bookies whatever have Arsenal finishing out of the top four this season.

    There is a reason for it. They are not very good that’s why. Awful off the ball. Pep still favourite to be ahead of Wenger at the season’s end.

    The battle of the naives lol.

  30. Relieable Sauce


    What do you reckon to the idea (in theory) of opting to a back 3 with the personnel at Arsenal. With Xhaka and Mustafi unlikely to be sold and us having a couple of young CBs who need consistent game time, I think it might be a good option…if a new man comes in I guess…because Wenger isn’t likely to do anything that “radical”.

    Allows for a lot of flexibility in midfield and upfront – whilst keeping a settled back 3/5 – and also some in defence if you have versatile CBs and a DM that’s capable of filling in.
    Why Wenger doesn’t employ different formations and tactics when playing different scenarios is really lazy for someone with supposedly eats, sleeps, drinks football….and never goes to games unless he is getting paid for it…???

    New LB————-Xhaka———-Bellerin/Chamb


    All sorts of combos possible off of that base.

  31. Ishola70

    Reliable anything that makes for a better defensive record.

    Arsenal are not going to win anything big keeping on playing this way conceding too many goals so yes the back three is a good option but Wenger would have to backtrack from his previous stance. The back three would also be good to start bedding in Holding properly. I like the look of him and playing in a back three will give him extra security to grow.

    Wenger has talked about back three years ago and said he could easily do it but never took upon it.

    The first question the fans need to ask if a new manager is brought in is will he improve this side defensively. That is the bottom line question to bring success. Not if the manager plays lovely football.

    I noticed that many Wenger fanboys or ex-fanboys were pining for Pep and still do. Not needed at this time. for Arsenal.

  32. WestLondonGoon

    “I felt that the confidence is back, and we have found Ozil back, Sanchez back, everybody focused to do well, and you feel that united team, and that makes the difference.”

    He basically admitted that we are just flat track bullies.

  33. Carts


    Think you’re being a tad harsh on Pep, there.

    In a word, he’s struggled to impose his “Mark” on City. He’s got a massive rebuild on the horizon.

    A minimum is top 4 which I think they’ll get this season; but this time next season you’d expect them to be first or close second.

  34. Redtruth

    It’s no surprise Arsenal get found in Europe when the majority of points gained to qualify for the tournament are against the weakest teams in the league…

  35. Redtruth

    It’s no surprise Arsenal get found out in Europe when the majority of points gained to qualify for the tournament are against the weakest teams in the league…

  36. Relieable Sauce


    Will spurs secure more points this season than last iyho?

    I think the very good young players and manager at spurs are not tarnished with the loser mentality that we normally associate with our poor neighbours. They have learned from last season imo and it will drive them on, Whereas AFC Inc -as you well know- top 4 is enough.

    Bilic sounded like a right loser tonight didn’t he? Not at all like the Potch, or The blue eyed Conte

    What do you reckon on Hull manager Red? Impressive home record and Klukas’ description of his meticulous coaching was both inspiring and refreshing, no?

  37. Relieable Sauce

    What team is the bigger pull for players if they both qualify for ECL…

    Liverpool, or Tottenham Hotspurszs’

  38. Elmo

    Spurs don’t pay big wages. Liverpool do.

    Spurs are also going to keep their wage structure very tightly controlled in the next few years during the stadium transition, just like Arsenal did.

    But if either Roma or Inter, say, were offering the same wages as Liverpool, you’d probably go there.

  39. jasongms

    and here comes the Wenger train, all aboard, fourth is the next stop …… as a commemorative celebration MrWenger will be personally opening the brand new line to shitville ……………………………………… :/

  40. PhD07


    Arsene manages to live to fight another day.How often have we seen this script repeated over -ad infinitum…

    I’m mindful of the fact,to go over the same ground,that bloggers on Le-Grove have debated till kingdom come,about the deficiencies in OGL

    I’ll just make it short and snappy(understatement),given OGL and the club in general, it certainly isn’t worthy of one’s time, energy and quite frankly any modicum of paid attention.

    So,in the words of a notable philosopher-a few noteworthy parables describe OGL in a nutshell.Read into it,what you will.Draw your own conclusions…

    “Power brings a man many luxuries, but a clean pair of hands is seldom among them.”

    “What is leadership, after all, but the blind choice of one route over another and the confident pretense that the decision was based on reason”

    & lastly with my own translations of the following parables by another philosopher:

    “Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century:”

    1)”Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others”
    In Arsene’s case,surround yourself with yes man.Strong characters are to be removed or dealt/dispensed with.Ask yourself this question,which strong characters still remain at Arsenal(on the footballing front)-say after 5 years?

    2)”Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected.”
    Oil Sheiks, Financial doping, Failure of FFP, Abramovich, Mourinho. Strong characters that left(Sanchez,Vieira,RVP,Cesc),Winning an actual CL,or EPL Trophy).Hair pills as a cause for injuries..lol

    3)”Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it.”
    Yep,winning an EPL Title-13 years and counting. & may I add,a CL/European Trophy(or lack of it-30 years in management and counting).

    4)”Refusing to set aside trivial preferences.”
    Refusing(in short- pure stubbornness borne out of personal selfishness) to adapt to the modern game-tactics,in game management,predictable substitutions,structural infrastructure(for fear of losing the power grip),extending contracts of perennial crocks(to buy loyalty in order to safeguard one’s total dictatorial position),offering a one pound bid for a world class striker-S.Luaez because of phantom values.Refusing to buy X.Alonso,because it would destroy Denilson..Dispensing with Henry,as his job with Sky,as a pundit and his comments was in conflict with Arsene’s management style.

    5)”Neglecting development and refinement of the mind.”
    Adapting to modern times,updating backroom staff,embracing technology,modern tactics.Not sitting on the bench rocking back and forth like a madman in a straight jacket,when you team goes down a goal.Could add in the zipper and smashing/kicking the water bottle malarkey.But not so important.

    6)”Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.”
    Yes the classic.Brainwashing the fans,pundits or whoever he appeals to,too politely inform us that top 4 is a trophy.That now the goal is to finish as high as possible.That we can’t be a big club,if we sell Cesc& Nasri.

    And that he has reinvented himself,and that the next level,is the next level,is the next level,without politely informing us mere mortals his vision for taking the club forward..
    Oh, and also despite yearly ritual humiliations,and top 4 finishes,that not only is that feat an achievement,but playing good football is an achievement in itself & everything else is literature.Besides he built the club,and Arsenal only existed after he came on board..What a guy!!!A partnership made in heaven,if you ask me.. 🙂

    Draw your own conclusions,any fan that is still sitting on the fence,given the charade that has persisted for nigh on a decade and a half.


  41. Ces1ne

    “the next level is the next level, which is the next level” (looks at interviewer with confused disdain…..)
    That quote will definitely go in the top 10 of “WTF are you ACTUALLY talking about arsene?” comments…….along with his infamous “why you look at me!?!” jibberish from a few seasons back.

  42. Mick Kartun

    No wonder maureen is so jealous and wanted to punch old magoo’s face. Who the fuck could get away with bollock comments like that. He knew his dog shite coming out from his mouth will always be a sell out for the greedy for ratings media.

  43. Mick Kartun

    But to be fair, maureen is a pony act coward too. Why didn’t he slap or punch him when he was shoved by old man arsene in front of the world? Out of a pity or just embarrassed to smack weak old man. But only yapping to the media but chicken out when confronted in his face is pretty much embarrassing.

  44. rollen

    If Sanchez is sold and Wenger signs in I am done with Arsenal and watching football. Anyway in Canada no one gives a shit about ”soccer”. Fuck this shit.

  45. Jeff

    “lol Jeff it didn’t take much to get you back on that top fotr bandwagon again did it .”


    I’m not sure what that means. The “top four bandwagon” is an emotive term disguising palpable disappointment at the prospect that finishing in the top four will cement and guarantee Wenger another two or more years at the helm. All I was saying was that the possibility of finishing in the top four is very real largely because the other contenders are also dropping points.

    If we’re being honest to ourselves, even if we do finish out of top four, Wenger isn’t going to leave. That idea is just wishful thinking. Rather than get all emotional about it and start flinging terms like “bandwagon”, I prefer to see and consider things as they really are.

    Now does any of that actually mean I’m desperate to finish in the top four? Does it mean I want Wenger to stay? No of course not but that’s how you’re reading it.

  46. China

    Poch hasn’t managed any successful title challenges yet

    Last year they were miles behind Leicester come the end of the season and Leicester got a very low points tally for PL champions

    If other teams had shown up last year Spurs would’ve likely come 5th. They were a good side, but like Arsenal totally flattered to deceive when you look at their points tally

    This year they look better but (I may be wrong) they’ll likely finish 10+ points off the pace come the end of the season – which isn’t really competing

  47. Rambo Ramsey

    Pocchetino better than Guardiola? Get a grip! Guy is yet to win a trophy. What is it with Le grove and jizzing over anything Spud? Bleargh

  48. China

    Spurs are doing this far cheaper than Arsenal though and poch is better than wenger undoubtedly

    I’m just saying Spurs get massively over hyped because they’re a small club playing in the big boy leagues. But if you take away the small club in a big world type scenario and judge them just for their points and results they’re good but not very special.

    I mean again city Liverpool and utd have basically failed and Arsenal are having a dismal season.

    It’s only when these big clubs have bad seasons that Spurs emerge above them, not really because they’re a title winning type team

    The proof is in the pudding that they finish in the top 4 and think it’s a massive deal whereas we come second and say it’s a bad season.

    Again in light of their resources it’s a big achievement so credit to them, but imo their achievement is spending little and being good, but there’s a big difference between that and winning anything

    Their CL results were awful as well for this reason

  49. Rambo Ramsey

    China, Wenger is firmly over the hill hence most managers are better than him now. Will Pochettino ever reach the heights Wenger achieved in his prime? I doubt it.

  50. vicky

    ‘Pocchetino better than Guardiola? Get a grip!’

    Haven’t you been calling Pep a fraud for some time now? Make up your mind.

    Although, I rate Pep and think he will get back to winning ways sooner than later, I do feel Pochettino is the best manager in the league. Strange that you are talking about him not winning trophies as if that’s the sole parameter to judge a manager. He took the reins of an awfully average team which had lost Modric and Bale and is on the cusp of building a great foundation for Spurs for years to come and all that without spending mega bucks. English players in most PL clubs seem to either regress or stagnate whereas all the English players under him are blossoming that’s no mean feat. As far as winning trophies go, he would have loads of them if he managed a real big club. At the moment he has got his team punching well above their weight and still all this ain’t a fluke unlike Leicester’s last year exploits.

  51. Rambo Ramsey

    vicky, its true that I feel Pep is overrated but he’s still in a different league to effing Pocchetino. As for him making Spuds this supposed new force, please, they’ve been competing with Arsenal for that top four trophy long before he took over as manager.

    “As far as winning trophies go, he would have loads of them if he managed a real big club. ”

    Yeah, and if my auntie had bollocks she’d be my uncle.

  52. China

    Peak wenger was world class. I won’t ever argue against this, so in all likelihood no poch will never be as good as peak wenger

    In terms of comparing him with pep

    Obviously poch hasn’t really competed for anything, let alone won anything yet. *However* would he have won a tone of trophies if he’d been Barca and Bayern manager? Probably. As many as pep, probably not but we don’t really know.

    Pep is quality but he’s literally had the two easiest jobs in world football and managers before and since him at both clubs for the most part take massive trophy hauls without many exceptions. Likewise if you put pep in Spurs would he be doing any better than poch? Maybe. But he already seems to be unsure how to fix their defense without just throwing money at world beaters (imo spending an absolute fortune on the world’s highest rated players is lowest common denominator management rather than impressive). So whilst I’m happy to give pep another year to sort city out, he isn’t showing signs that he really knows what to do to solve their weaknesses (again throwing vast sums of money at every problem isn’t really impressive)

    In short pep has earned a better rep than poch but you have to take his rep with serious scrutiny considering how easy he’s had it.

    Peak wenger is another manager who never knew tactics or how to solve problems on the pitch, but unlike pep he built his teams with fuck all spending so I’ll always credit peak wenger for that

  53. vicky


    You can’t be serious when you doubt Pochettino would have won trophies at Real or Barca. A greenhorn like Zidane won the CL, Luis fucking Enrique won the treble, to say Poch wouldn’t is ridiculous. Besides, saying a manager is great only if he wins trophies is illogical. One must look at the whole body of work. How ridiculous would it sound if someone said Mesut is a better player than Messi because he has won the world cup.

  54. China

    Yeah this is a huge opportunity for poch to show that Spurs can be more than just also rans

    I think they really need a trophy or two if they’re to convince their best players to stay with them. The Fa cup isn’t what it used to be but for them it would be a solid statement that they’re going in the right direction

  55. Rambo Ramsey

    vicky, all make-believe statements from you. Mourinho was one of the most decorated managers when he took over at Madrid, how did he fare? Madrid had been waiting a long long time before Ancelloti finally delivered that elusive CL. Just because Zidane managed a CL in his first season as manager doesnt mean any random coach could do it too, is it hard to imagine that Zidane might be a exceptional manager? He won his very first El clasico, and this was at Camp Nou. He is breaking record after record at Madrid.

    Luis fucking Enrique hah? Lets talk when a big club actually appoints Pochettino as manager, yeah?

  56. Ishola70

    “Now does any of that actually mean I’m desperate to finish in the top four? Does it mean I want Wenger to stay? No of course not but that’s how you’re reading it.”

    No it was meant like that at all Jeff.

    I know you have been adamant for the majority of the season that Arsenal would finish in the top four and it has been only recently where I started hearing you say that top four would be difficult in the last few weeks and this win over West Ham has seen you revert back to saying top four is very much on.

    I see posters are disappointed that Wenger at last got a win but even he and this current team can put one over what is at present a very poor West Ham side.

    Wenger wasn’t going to continue to lose game after game after game. Gifts like this West Ham side were going to come along.

    Reality is Arsenal are in big trouble against teams that even show a remote sign of offensive threat and West Ham had zero of that.

    I know full well the weaknesses of the other teams and that the EPL is a very over-rated league and that is what could see Wenger possibly get top four = the failure of others but again I don’t think it happens this time. This current Wenger Arsenal team is not good and the number of clubs in the mix this season will see Wenger out of the top four. And that is not me saying that because of the possible repercussions for Wenger of finishing outside top four. He has already said it will not have a bearing in whether he stays or go but of course it will put more pressure on him. It is me saying this because this is what I think will happen regardless of history.

  57. Steveyg87

    “Fans chanting Wengers name? So one win makes it all okay. Arsenal fans deserve this man!”

    They were chanting him name?? Jesus help me

  58. gonsterous

    hahaha did the fans really chant Wenger name.. hahaha… why are we so pathetic.. the same fans that start fights I presume..

  59. Ishola70

    I always thought this talk of players downing tools and not playing for Wenger was hugely over-exaggerated .

    It seemed it didn’t dawn on some posters that this team is not that good rather than them going on some sort of on the pitch strike.

  60. gonsterous

    Wenger in his prime was a beast. But we are looking a lion that has lost his bite. that war veteran we see in an old age home who keeps reminding people of the good ol days…

  61. Ishola70

    He still has a big enough following and enough still have that reverence for him where staying on is still in his own hands.

    And yet we have posters being unrealistic and throwing the toys out of the pram demanding he gets sacked.

    He only goes if the majority inside the Emirates make it plain they want him gone. And there has not even been a sign of any sort of worthwhile protest inside The Emirates this season.

  62. vicky

    “Mourinho was one of the most decorated managers when he took over at Madrid, how did he fare?”

    Why are you looking at everything in isolation ? Mourinho had unarguably one of the greatest club teams ever if not the greatest as his main rival. That Pep and Messi led Barca team was breathtaking, little wonder Mourinho struggled to win major trophies at Madrid except one La Liga.

    “Just because Zidane managed a CL in his first season as manager doesnt mean any random coach could do it too, is it hard to imagine that Zidane might be a exceptional manager?”

    See how winning a big trophy overshadows all the other aspect of managerial ability. If it’s not hard to imagine Zidane might be an exceptional manager then why is it hard to surmise Poch also is an exceptional manager. His work at Southampton and Spurs is there for everyone to see.

    “He is breaking record after record at Madrid.”

    With Barca in decline, that’s not quite surprising.

    “Luis fucking Enrique hah? Lets talk when a big club actually appoints Pochettino as manager, yeah?”

    That day is not far away. If Moyes can land United job, Enrique and Marino can get a chance to manage Barcelona, then what’s stopping Poch.

    There are only 7-8 clubs which win big trophies in CL or in their domestic leagues- Real,Barca,Atletico,Juventus,Bayern,Chelsea,City and United. To disregard the achievements of managers not managing at any of these 8 clubs merely on the premise they haven’t won the big trophies is wrong and off the mark.

  63. Wenker-wanger

    Pep over-rated?…. Yes but only a tad.
    City are a good attacking side, but weak defensively. barca could outscore anyone when he was there, so the opposition had their hands full defending. City are nowhere near that level.
    One fact is crystal clear regarding the outright assessment of a football manager, and that is by every aspect of comparison with other managers, Wenger is substandard.
    His only success comes from beating piss-poor sides like hull and west ham that lack the buying power of arsenal. Players he buys prove to be either duds or unmanageable. A war-chest available every season fails to do the trick for Wenger, and deliver a real title challenge that befits the resources Wenger has..
    With ozil and Sanchez and 90 million spent, it should be expected that we would challenge for the title.
    Wenger OUT.

  64. Rambo Ramsey

    Ronald Koeman is doing an even impressive job, he bettered Pochettino’s record at the Saints not once but twice and he has Everton punching above their weights too, what’s stopping you from claiming Koeman is better than Guardiola too?

  65. Rambo Ramsey

    How exactly did Atletico make into your list of teams that can ‘expect’ to win biggest prizes?! They have no right to be there but they are because of the work of one Diego Simeone, now there’s someone you can genuinely place among the best managers in the World.

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    I think Koeman has actually won trophies in his managerial career, almost at every club he’s taken over.

  67. tunnygriffboy

    Two weeks ago I was convinced Wenger was leaving

    Now I’m convinced he’s staying

    What do I do ? I love my Arsenal and I always want them to do well irrespective of what is going on. I was happy we won last night

    What do I do ? How do I approach it ?

  68. Guns of Hackney

    Once again the premier league has displayed just how shit it is. Arsenal are off the hook again thanks to poor performances from its peers.

    Liverpool. Shit
    United. Shit
    City. Shit

    Arsenal will always finish fourth.

  69. vicky

    Everton are a mid-table club and that’s where they are under Koeman. How is he getting Everton to punch above their weight ? They have more money to spend now under Moshiri, so basically he is financially better supported than his predecessors.

    Pochettino has competed for the league twice in two years, I don’t know how can you spring up Koeman’s name here who is doing more or less the same what Moyes did there.

    Kane,Alli,Dier,Rose are some of the players who have grown massively under Poch’s tutelage, how many stars has Koeman created ? Besides, this Spurs team is totally Poch’s team ,built bricks by bricks. Koeman hasn’t built a team there at Everton, he’s been playing with the same core that Moyes and Martinez had and achieving nothing much better than them . Weird comparison.

  70. Alan

    @ china

    ‘I’m just saying Spurs get massively over hyped because they’re a small club playing in the big boy leagues. But if you take away the small club in a big world type scenario and judge them just for their points and results they’re good but not very special.’

    Lol. You are one stupid fuck. So in your logic, they’re getting ‘overhyped’ because they’re overachieving but if they weren’t so overachieving, they wouldn’t be overhyped. OK mate.

    To be clear. They’re a club bettering sides who spend nearly double in wages and transfer fees than they do. That’s a fact. The hype they get is because they are punching above their weight and therefore it is justified. ‘Take away the small club in big world scenario’ lol. So remove all the facts so you can spout your shit?

  71. Alan

    Next China will be telling us if you remove that Arsenal are a big club in a big club league, they’re actually not doing too badly.

    I mean seriously. Is removing logic to suit your argument a thing now?

  72. Alexanderhenry

    Spurs are not a ‘small club”. They just haven’t won anything for years which is isn’t the same thing.

    Newcastle aren’t a small club either and they got relegated.

    Spurs have the fan base and potential to go the next level and with their new stadium there’s every reason to think they will.

    Worrying times

  73. Rambo Ramsey


    1) The reason I brought up Mourinho was as an example against your bizarre claim that just anyone can go to these top clubs and win shit load of trophies.
    There are plenty of managers who have flopped at the big clubs, how you can casually proclaim Pochettino- a man who has not won a single competition in his life-can win loads then is beyond me.

    2) I notice you use the relative strengths of rival clubs ( Barca ) to undermine Zidane or as excuse for Mourinho’s failures at Madrid. So are you not gonna extend this logic to Pochettino? Tottenham are punching above their weight due to the genius of Poch you say, so Chelsea, United, Arsenal’s struggles have done nothing to help him?

    3) You made a big fuss about Pochettino’s rebuild at Spuds. What about Koeman’s work at Saints ( love how you completely ignored this point in my previous post btw ). Saints had lost half their team and Koeman took them to a seventh place finish and a sixth place the following season, both better than what Pocchetino managed.

    4) Your comments about Koeman’s work at Everton are a fine example of grasping at straws. He’s in his first season there , remind me how did Pochettino do in his first season at Spuds? Also Koeman has not been doing better than Martinez? You have to be taking the piss.

    5) Multiple Championships with Ajax. Portuguese SC with Benfica, Championship at PSV, Copa del Ray with Valencia- some of Koeman’s honours. Pochettino- Fuck all.

    Pochettino is simply not in the league of the best managers in World football. Feel free to pretend otherwise.

  74. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Pochettino has competed for the league twice in two years’

    No he hasn’t, stop talking bs, his team finished 11 points behind Leicester and will finish double digits behind Chelsea this season. There hasn’t been any ‘competition’.

  75. vicky


    “Pochettino- a man who has not won a single competition in his life-can win loads then is beyond me.”

    You missed my whole fucking point. I am saying he is a great great manager even though he hasn’t won any trophies yet. You are a bit obsessed with winning silverware as if that’s the only thing which matters.

    “Tottenham are punching above their weight due to the genius of Poch you say, so Chelsea, United, Arsenal’s struggles have done nothing to help him?”

    What struggles ? Poch has built a better starting 11 than them and that’s why he is above them. And he has done that with far lesser resources. What struggles are you talking about – transfer ban ? referee’s crusades against them ? Or their managers getting chopped and changed every week ? Spurs is beating them footballing wise. You seem to assume United and Arsenal have a god given right to finish above Spurs the way you talk about their “struggles”.

    Let’s not even get to Koeman. He is just about average. Futile talking about him.

  76. vicky

    May be it’s very comforting as an Arsenal fan to believe that they weren’t/aren’t in the title race last year/this year but that’s not true at all.

  77. Rambo Ramsey

    No Vicky, you groundlessly claim Poch would sweep titles at a big club. Now you don’t like it that someone’s calling you out on that bs.

    Tottenham finished last season with 70 points, about the same as the Spuds averaged before he took over. Ordinarily that would be nowhere near enough to get in to top four, but last season’s disasters at every big club helped it make look better than it was.

    Stop playing the dunce. You say Zidane’s record breaking is due to Barca’s decline but you don’t want to accept something similar in England might have helped Poch?

    “Let’s not even get to Koeman. He is just about average. Futile talking about him.”

    How convenient you brush aside all the arguments I laid before you about Koeman’s work at Saints and his record elsewhere. Koeman is average but Pochettino is better than Guardiola, alright then.

  78. Rambo Ramsey

    “May be it’s very comforting as an Arsenal fan to believe that they weren’t/aren’t in the title race last year/this year but that’s not true at all.”

    How about actually writing something objective, based on facts, logic and sense rather than asserting your opinions as facts?

  79. Rambo Ramsey

    Note that I am not saying Pochettino is bad or average. I’m saying he should not be placed among the best yet. He may/may not be successful if he gets a chance at a big club, a bit premature to claim certainty.

  80. vicky

    “88 MINUTES: Tottenham trail Swansea 1-0 with Premier League title dream in tatters… 94 MINUTES: Late rampage fires them to 3-1 victory to keep them in race for glory”

    ^^ Daily Mail headline, not my opinion. “keep them in race for glory” means what ? If that’s not the definition of a title challenge, then please enlighten me with does a title challenge mean.

    Spurs have 65 points from 30 games this season , likely to get close to 18-20 points from remaining games……so a total of over 80 but hey that’s not down to their capability…that’s because arsenal and United haven’t bothered about winning this season according to you.

  81. Rambo Ramsey

    Seriously, Vicky? Newspaper headlines?

    Okay then, I guess Arsenal have been ‘competing’ all these years when we finished 8-13 points behind the eventual Champions.

  82. China

    Poch hasn’t competed for the league twice in two years! This is demonstrably not true

    They finished like 12 odd points back from Leicester last year – who themselves got a really low points tally for champions

    Competing for the title doesn’t mean being up there for most of the season – it means being right up there after the season finished. Otherwise you can say Arsenal compete for the title most seasons because we often have periods in or at the top during the season

    It doesn’t meant anything if you’re miles back on the final day which Spurs were last season.

    This season hasn’t finished yet so we can’t credit them for competing for the title when they still need to have a brilliant run in (which they may or may not do) to stay ‘competitive’ with Chelsea this year

    Even being 7 points back is only barely competing to be honest. Imo you need to end within 5 points to say you were really up there come the end

    If they do that this season then credit to them, but they could realistically end 10-12 back from Chelsea by the end

    In other words they haven’t proved that they’ve competed this season until it’s finished

  83. China

    It’s really hard to guess how many points Spurs will get from the remaining games because they’re serial bottlers, even worse than Arsenal

    For the last 10 years they’ve had half a dozen false dawns of finishing above Arsenal or competing for the title

    They do look better this season but every time they get in this position they totally crumble. They did great last night so well done to them, but that’s one game, plenty left where history says they’re likely to bottle it

  84. China

    This is the one thing that puts question marks over poch’s spurs for me

    Last year a title and at least finishing above Arsenal was on an absolute plate around this time of the year and date I say it they had absolute no ‘mental strength and kwalidee’ to make it over the line. Started playing with ‘ze handbreak on’

    Sounds like another team we know…!

  85. China

    lol I don’t know why you’re so angry Alan, take a breath

    I said they’re over-hyped because across England the last two years, people make comments like they’re league contenders, they’re fantastic, they’re looking like they could win the title one of these days, they play wonderful football etc

    None of these have really been true. Like you said they’re a team that’s punching above their weight and if you’d relax you’d notice that I always acknowledge that and give them credit where it’s due

    But nobody believes Arsenal competed for the league last year but loads of people seem to think Spurs did… despite finishing behind us….

    The reality is neither of us competed for the league. And the fact is unless they break tradition this season which i always acknowledge is possible, they’re still not a special team, which is what a lot of people these days seem to think they are

    It’s all relative. Credit them for punching above their weight. They deserve that for sure. As for being this title contending, excellent team in recent times, no evidence of this whatsoever.

    Again Spurs high placing last year is based as much on the bigger teams shitting the bed as it is on them improving. Credit for their improvement. Perspective on how they’re still not that brilliant though.

    It’s really simple