Arsenal fans disgrace themselves | Wenger stops the rot, but the battle is still uphill

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Arsenal and Manchester City played out a bit of a mad game at The Emirates, one which showed why Arsenal will never progress under Wenger, and one that shows Pep has a lot to learn about the Premier League before he can truly compete in the way he did with Bayern and Barca.

The game lacked a defensive brain. Arsenal lacked any sort of shape or vision of how we wanted to play. What we did show is that at a very basic level, when we fancy it, there is a bit of fight buried in our guts somewhere. I mean, kind of  a given for a £200m a year squad.

Again though, we keep coming back to this. Manchester City came to our ground, played to our rules, and we gave them at least half an attempt at winning. Most of the elite teams in Europe won’t play that naively. Most of them will shut up shop when they nick a goal after 5minutes, or, as we’ve seen of late, many will carry on and rout us.

Arsene will be pleased with the point, it allows him to fight another day and it gives him the narrative that he’s in the mixer for the top 4 and an FA Cup so everything is ok. That didn’t inspire me to think he has anything under control. Our defence is a car crash, looking even worse after Koscielny left the pitch around the midway point for the third time in a month. Bellerin lacks discipline, consistently leaving himself open because he’s using pace as his shield, not his brain. Mustafi continues to look a dud, despite coming to the rescue for two of our goals with a hard fought assist for Theo and a brave header for the second.

As for our midfield, have we ever boasted such a mess? The hipster tweeters out there will spit there slow roasted Hornsey Road basement grown coffee out, but my word, Xhaka looks different level bad. He’s clearly not geared for an Arsene Wenger ‘do what you like’ philosophy and we see the output of that decline every week. His gungho tackles and inability to marshal a shape make him look like an expensive weak link.

As for Coquelin, the man is comedic in how reckless he is. Not just that, watching him on the ball is a tragicom in itself. How can a manager who has overseen players like Gilberto, Petit and Cesc look at the Frenchman with anything outside disgust? Back in the day, in the Church of Tika-Taka, he’d have gone up in flames entering the premises.

Mesut needs a stern talking to again. He loses the ball for their second goal and lets everything play out in front of him like he’s just been asked to take a DVD back to Blockbuster, defending looked like one massive inconvenience. Did Danny manage more than one shot all game? Alexis at least had a go in a weak frontline, but he’s so badly managed he tries to do it all himself. Theo Walcott pops up with a goal, not much else, he’s really not an elite level player. Everton at best.

Credit where credit is due, David Ospina did make some very tidy saves. Hard to cut through the drama he brings to even the most basic of catches, but he got down low a couple of times and did a good job. I mean, bar the Aguerro goal that really shouldn’t have beat him, but this is Arsenal keeping, so we need to be fair.

Anyway, the rot has finally stopped eating away at us. But we still have a mammoth chance. To be honest, my fears weren’t really about City, I’m more focused on the games that we’ll play at Crystal Palace, Leicester, Spurs and United. Those all feel like dropped points… and I really don’t think the performance yesterday gives me any vibes that the squad are in this together.

Watching Alexis frantically beckon players for the muted goal celebrations was worrying. This was Manchester City, where was the excitement?

Something is desperately wrong at the club, and it all centres around one man’s greed. Also, I took at lot of criticism for saying Wenger had a fear of death, which is why he’ll selfishly keep taking deals until he’s told not to. The main man came out and said exactly that the other day, how awful the club would indulge an old man’s mortality insecurities over the success of the club.

I don’t want to drill too harpost-match post match nonsense that occurred outside the ground. But I’ll say this, I think it’s pretty embarrasssing that reality TV has seeped into the post match ritual, this isn’t kids running to say something on a camera after the game, it’s grown fucking men. Grow up. What happened to discussing your views with your mates at a pub? Unreal desperation for a bit of attention.

Secondly, the idea of being so angry about something that you’re willing to disgrace the badge of the club by fighting on the said camera after the game beggars belief. You don’t ever fight your fellow fans. I have a deep dislike of what Wenger has become, but sit me in a bar next to somebody with a Wenger tattoo on his face and I’ll be having a craic in no time. This is football. It’s supposed to be a joy even when it’s not. In fact, one of the things I miss about London is the shared emotion after a game, joy or happiness.

What also left a foul taste in the mouth was this all happened on Rocky Rocastle day, to see fans fighting in the stands and outside the ground, just disgusted me.

Victoria concordia crescit. Victory through harmony. Where is the love?

I don’t want to give thugs any sort of politicised mitigating circumstances, because it’s not down to the club to make grown men behave. But someone has to be looking at this mess in the stands. That mini riot could have caused a stampede and injured a child. This isn’t fun anymore. The baord should take note and certainly beef up security after the game if that carry on is happening around families.


Anyway, more on that when we record the next podcast.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Alexanderhenry

    On the protests:

    I’m all for them but the fans should be protesting over the direction of the entire club.

  2. Globalgunner

    Alex Henry.
    That debt is the debt that was incurred before he even invested in the club. A business should run itself. Otherwise it is not a business. We cannot use the Chelsea template as the new benchmark. The club had millions in the bank even before Kroenke bought the others put. That is what attracted him to the club in the first instance. The truth is the only money Kroenke has taken out of the club since 2012 is the bogus £3m a year he takes as consultancy fees. Our demise is entirely down to the chap who takes £8m a year and achieves the barest minimum. The only fault Kroenke has is not demanding more of the French moron.

  3. China

    I’m not sure getting a point with a poor home performance in a must win six pointer counts as stopping the rot

    We need points, not a point

    No evidence of performance improvements needed to get the results we need for the rest of the season.

    How low the bar is set when you can lose 4 in a row then get a draw and it’s considered as stopping the rot lol. 1 point out of a possible 15.

    City were balls. They should’ve been dispatched with a defense that dismal. Their keeper is perhaps the worst top flight keeper I can remember (that includes barthez lol). Car crash of a player

    To stop the immediate rot Arsenal need to get 7 points from the next 3 games. No evidence from the city game that that’s likely to happen

  4. Redtruth

    I am not expecting Kroenke a man who has no interest in football to start demanding we compete for trophies when the supposed football men below him are so ambivalent towards football success.

  5. Globalgunner

    The hierarchy at Arsenal is basically Kroenke at the top and Wenger below him. The board are toothless because most of them own little or no shares . Kroenke and Usmanov own 97% of the shares and AST are the largest it think after that. No shares basically means no say.

    Kroenke doesnt care about trophies. It would be great if he would allow Gazidis to do his job and he would stop taking Wengers calls or when he does call. Tell him to speak to Ivan.

  6. PessimisticPat

    Lots of arguments on here about who is to blame.


    Wenger recruits poorly and as a result of poor recruitment gets no sell on value for our players.
    Also for overpaying the above said shit players with a stupid socialist wage structure.
    For being poor and inflexible tactically.

    You would also have to look at the fact our coaching staff doesn’t have any turnover. This is completely unique in world football.

    Now Wenger is in charge of all these things. He is terrible at all of them.

    Our wage bill is
    13m less than Chelsea’s.
    60m more than spurs.
    35m more than Liverpool
    5m off being DOUBLE Evertons. Fucking DOUBLE

    Our net transfer spend is only behind Man united and City in the last 5 years.
    City 402
    United 352
    Arsenal 205
    Chelsea 186
    Liverpool 121
    Everton 67
    Spurs 1 (just 1 million)

    We have only made 92m in player sales the last 5 years.
    Again a result of Wengers shocking recruitment.
    So all of you complaining about money available GET A GRIP.

    Wenger is terrible tactically.
    Wenger is terrible at recruitment
    Wenger is terrible at managing wages
    Wenger is responsible for the position we find ourselves in
    We have a 205m wage bill
    and on average spend 41m pounds a year net on transfers.

    Saying we don’t have money is a myth.

    There are a dozen managers out there who could do better with these resources.
    A new manager with that budget is an exciting prospect.

    As for Stan. The only thing he hasnt done is sack Wenger. We dont need his money.

    So the only way we can change things is to hound Wenger out and provoke change ourselves.

    I personally hope Wenger gets as much shit as possible till the end of the season and fucks off.

  7. Jeff

    We’re in what you might call a rock and a hard place when it comes to Kroenke. It’s not even worth talking about in many respects. The only way he will sell is if Arsenal go down the pan and I don’t mean mid-table either. I mean it becomes bankrupt, loses its best players and fights a relegation battle every season. That’s not what anybody wants. So basically, Kroenke is here to stay whether we like it or not.

    But I believe we can have success even with Kroenke as the owner. He’s shown us that there’s really no restriction on big spending. The last 3 or 4 seasons have proved that. The austerity argument doesn’t wash with anybody anymore. So what’s left? What is the one thing we all know has been around the longest? It’s a no-brainer but that again is the trouble. Because he’s been here so long and because he’s been getting away with “top four is a trophy” bollocks for over a decade, we now find we can’t get rid of him. This current frenzy of fan disdain and outpouring should have happened years ago, probably turn of 2008/2009 at the latest so it could gather enough momentum to flush him out.

    Here we are in 2017 and there are still fans out there singing his praises and willing to come to blows over him. It’s unbelievable. Truly unbelievable.

  8. TitsMcGee

    Jeff it’s the same thing I’ve always said. Wenger is the common denominator. The talks about potentially changing the staff and changing everything except Wenger is laughable. ThE first 20 seconds of this video is spot on.

  9. WestLondonGoon

    Security at Colney apparently preventing journos from taking pictures of the protesters.

    Just watched some of Wenger’s presser; he still keeps grinning that ridiculous grin, we will know ‘soon’ (again), and he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about Sanchez because he still has 18 months (15 actually) left on his contract.

    He is just playing games with us…..he’s enjoying it.

    If he was your mate, you’d tell him to stop being such a cock.

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    Why don’t these journos try and get hold of Gazidis? Shameless cunt hiding behind Wenger as usual. This wimp will guide us to next level? Yeah right, then pigs will fly

  11. TitsMcGee

    If Wenger does sign after all of the protests and the season going tits up and the laughing pundits then he’s the most shameless man I can remember

  12. Rambo Ramsey

    “But I believe we can have success even with Kroenke as the owner.”

    Would you be willing to put your money on it, I doubt that.

  13. Mick Kartun

    If arsene boys gave his craved long waited win vs west hump for his signing momentum, will arsene dare to announce his staying and face the wrath of his so called “minority” dissenting fans that now dared to show up at colney?

    Come on Arsene, I dare you to show your balls to the whole universe.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Overly aggressive advertising from ba

    Fuckers can’t put a meal on a plane but can fuck up pleasure reading a blog

    Fly virgin

  15. Redtruth

    Any halfwit could get Arsenal into the top 4.
    How can one possibly make the same repeated awful mistakes over and over 70th minute substitutions or signing dross like Xhaka and refuse like Sanogo and lets not forget overseeing several spankings per season and defensive mishaps which could easily be rectified with basic coaching techniques…
    Come on the guys a fraud, charlatan and pygmy…

  16. Relieable Sauce

    West Ham games are guaranteed goal fests so unless Bilic takes up the simulation challenge and get the basics right, I’m thinking along the lines of a 4-3/3-4 scoreline.

    Wenger and the AKBs will love this kind of game and must feel confident they will turn West Ham over with their current form being so shit…and the Arsenal players showing such character Vs Man City.

    : /

  17. Bamford10

    Glad to hear about protestors at Colney. That is smart. The protest needs to be everywhere such that it becomes impossible from a PR and brand perspective for Wenger to stay — regardless of how he himself feels about his situation.

    Finishing sixth will help drive him out as well.

    And by the way, given how much he has spent on transfers and wages over the past five years, there will be no one to blame for the team’s failure this season besides Wenger. It will all be on him.

  18. Rambo Ramsey

    Re the infamous top four is a trophy, remind me.. Wasn’t it the board who set the standards back during the austerity years? 2 times CL qualification out of five, was it they demanded of Wenger?

    Self motivation has its limits. Why do you think even the greatest athletes or anyone successful in their area​ of expertise enlist the help of a coach or a mentor or a partner? Its not to learn something new, they need someone to push them, to keep them motivated.

    Just as Wenger fails to motivate his players, the board and owner fail to motivate Wenger.

    When the people who are supposed to say ‘You can do more, you can do better’, instead say ‘You have done better than anyone else could’, that’s when you start to develop a God complex.

  19. Bamford10

    Koscielny has an achilles problem which could sideline him for the remainder of the season. That would be a massive problem for the defense and the team as a whole. Not only a very good defender, obviously, but a leader.

  20. Bamford10


    Nonsense. No top manager needs someone to encourage him to strive for trophies or footballing greatness. He wants this always by virtue of being a football man and a manager.

    Wenger is the exception to this because in addition to being a manager he is an old-world, frugal French economist who has a variety of “principles” and values that matter to him as much if not more than footballing greatness. He’s also an ideologue, a man for whom principles matter more than results.

    No one needs to motivate a Conte, an Allegri, a Klopp, a Simeone. They are motivated by their love of football, their love of winning.

    And even if Wenger were properly motivated, he doesn’t know how to get it done anyways, so it’s irrelevant.

  21. Alexanderhenry

    Just read about the press conference at London Colney.

    Wenger was once again coy about his future. I honestly think the fan unrest is having an effect. It could go either way.

  22. Alan

    Koscielny has been terrible lately. Not sure it’s because he’s partnered with the world’s worst defender or he’s just past his best.

    Bellerin has been woeful recently aswell and he stands next to Mustafi too so maybe his shiteness is contagious.

  23. Alan

    One player we must sell this summer is Mustafi. There were reports from respected spanish pundits that we massively overpaid for him and I can see why. He’s dogshit. I can’t stand central defenders who bitch and moan at the slightest physical contact. He’s in the wrong league. He can take Monreal with him.

  24. Alexanderhenry

    Rambo Ramsay

    Yes, it was the board that set arsenal’s sights so low. They told wenger they expected him to finish in the top four a minimum of three years out of five during austerity.

    A club’s goals, ambition and overall limits are set by its ownership.

    Any manager at any club needs adequate financial backing to fulfil those goals.

  25. Leedsgunner

    Stopping the rot? Hardly.

    Wenger is still here. Gazidas is still here. Kronke is still here. The self serving Board is still here.

  26. Relieable Sauce


    What characteristics of a leader do you think he has ?

    Just curious because I don’t see it tbh.

  27. Red&White4life

    “so maybe his shiteness is contagious.”

    That’s KJW’s shiteness which is (highly) contagious.

  28. Bamford10

    “We are fighting to have a positive end of season. That’s why you want the fans to stand behind the team.” – Wenger this AM

    This man is such a scoundrel. If he’d simply announce that this will be his last season, the protests would evaporate and no one would be doing anything other than trying to motivate the players.

    Wenger is trying to blackmail the protestors and he is preparing his excuses for failure in advance. Really dishonorable.

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    Bamford, everybody needs help in the form of motivation from time to time. Whether you are a rookie learning your job or a veteran, whether you are an ordinary employee or an extremely successful one, everybody needs help. If you think that is nonsense, you probably haven’t worked a single day in your life.

    Wenger has had his fair share of experience in greatness, but at some point he couldn’t motivate himself anymore. Maybe he needed help or maybe he started taking the easy route, whichever it is, those who are supposed to manage him failed to do so.

  30. Bamford10


    Nonsense. No top manager needs to be motivated by his owner. That’s ridiculous. There is not a single good manager on the planet for whom this is true.

    Further, as I said, it’s beside the point: even if Wenger wanted to compete with the best more than anything else in the world, he isn’t good enough of a manager to do so. He is garbage tactically and he is no longer a good judge of players. So motivation is ultimately irrelevant.

  31. James wood

    Well he does commit himself fully when playing well which when I played is an incentive for others in the team to follow.
    The general malaise in the side at the moment plus the fact he has been carrying knocks has not helped his game of late.
    At least when fit he gives he’s all.
    Who else is there the captains for a day Walcott / Gibbs

  32. Bamford10


    He is absolutely a leader. A quiet one, yes, but a leader undoubtedly. He plays with utmost intensity and focus in every single game, regardless. He is serious, fiery and professional. He leads by example.

    I don’t know how you could watch Arsenal and not see this.

    Would he be more of a leader if he were more vocal and more charismatic? Sure. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a leader as is.

  33. Alexanderhenry

    Usmanov sums it all up very neatly in an interview from 2015 with CNN:

    “Arsene Wenger had a very, very difficult position when the club shareholders did not want to put their money to construct the new stadium.
    Because of this he lost five years – maybe the best of his career – without a trophy. In reality ten years”.

  34. Relieable Sauce

    “He is serious, fiery and professional. He leads by example.

    I don’t know how you could watch Arsenal and not see this. ”

    Not very convincing.
    “Serious”. You sound like Wenger. Care to quantify that and explain how that charachteristic make you a leader.

    What about his commitment and bravery for example ? How do you rate him in that regard ? Do you not think they are not important attributes for a captain ?

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I can see their logic in what they are trying to may ,

    But it is very misleading ( not as misleading as the over aggressive British airways ads on here )
    Taking the facts an distorting them

  36. Redtruth

    Akexanderhenry March 20, 17:59:19 2016
    “Anyway, good point on gazidis. I’m glad you brought him up. When he says something about arsenal I do take it seriously, unlike Harris and Keswick. . Here is what he said at the last rather fractious AGM when questioned about arsenal’s lack of spending:‘We have built a strong squad; we have to be smarter and work more intelligently than our wealthier competitors, But that doesn’t mean spending for the sake of it, we take a talent-led not money-led approach to signings, spending money on players who don’t contribute is incredibly damaging……
    I make no apologies for having a strong squad and being in a strong financial position.’Nothing about wenger, nothing about an actual transfer budget, no figures, nothing about wenger being able to buy who he wants, nothing about wenger not wanting to spend.
    It contradicts what Gazidis said in previous interviews ‘post austerity’. What it says is this:
    Austerity is back. We are not spending because that is what the club has decided. That’s club policy, not ‘wenger policy’. It directly contradicts previous statements Gazidis made, when he claimed that we were a year or two away from competing with bayern munich and arsenal were in a new phase where they could spend freely.
    . It’s back to ‘plucky little arsenal’ punching above their weight. a club who ‘makes stars’ instead of buying them etc. A club run self sustainably unlike all those vulgar sugar daddy clubs blah, blah. It’s bullshit and we’ve heard it all before.It’s a disgraceful statement if you think about it.”

    Arsenal spending £90m the following season shows how clueless you are…lol

  37. Rambo Ramsey

    “Nonsense. No top manager needs to be motivated by his owner. That’s ridiculous. There is not a single good manager on the planet for whom this is true.”

    You don’t think Abramovich specifically makes it known what he wants from his team? His fascination with good football is common knowledge so too his hunger to win titles. So any manager he appoints knows what he is expected to do. Fail that and you’re fired.

    Pretty motivating.

    Bayern, Barca, Madrid, Juve.. any top club really..Do I really need to spell it out how the ambition and the drive to succeed runs from the top order?

    What do we have at Arsenal? Clueless and careless Stan Kroenke, inept board members who sing ‘Arsene Knows’, joke of a CEO who comes out with shit like ‘Arsene is the man to improve us’. Basically the message is ‘Oh Arsene you are the bestest, you do an amazing job and nobody could do it better’

    Real motivating stuff, this.

  38. Alexanderhenry

    Dear WOBs

    Let’s not get carried away here.

    Koscielny is an excellent centre back and one of the best in the league. He cost us £10 million so you have to admit it was an excellent signing.

    He also worked his way up from the french second division which is admirable.

  39. Redtruth

    Alexanderhenry March, 2016 17:59:19
    “What it says is this:
    Austerity is back. We are not spending because that is what the club has decided. That’s club policy, not ‘wenger policy’. It directly contradicts previous statements Gazidis made, when he claimed that we were a year or two away from competing with bayern munich and arsenal were in a new phase where they could spend freely.
    . It’s back to ‘plucky little arsenal’ punching above their weight. a club who ‘makes stars’ instead of buying them etc. A club run self sustainably unlike all those vulgar sugar daddy clubs blah, blah. It’s bullshit and we’ve heard it all before.It’s a disgraceful statement if you think about it.”

    Lol lol lol £90m….lol

  40. Alexanderhenry

    Rambo Ramsay

    Good points.

    In order for any club to fulfil its potential it needs to be focussed on understanding and realising that potential from the top down; from ownership, to management, to players.

    Arsenal fc do not have that focus or commitment.

  41. Rambo Ramsey

    “Further, as I said, it’s beside the point: even if Wenger wanted to compete with the best more than anything else in the world, he isn’t good enough of a manager to do so. He is garbage tactically and he is no longer a good judge of players. So motivation is ultimately irrelevant.”

    Correct, so where is the decision from the board to do the responsible thing and put him out of his misery?

    Wenger holding on to broken, inept players such as Diaby, Sanogo and many many others. The board holding on to Wenger. Both constitute a failure in management.

  42. Alexanderhenry

    Rambo ramsay

    Arsenal fc is not seen as a failure by Kroenke and co- on the contrary.

    The guy really does not care about winning and holds fans in utter contempt.
    Look how he treated the St Louis Rams.

    I sincerely hope they flop in LA.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    It is amazing really that mouthpieces like John Cross are mocking the fans protests about top four being a trophy by saying ‘well it should not matter then this season if Arsenal miss out.’

    Hold on twat face, none of these Arsenal fans have ever held it up as important, bar the period after the Emirates move, you and your boss have held it up for years as being the reason he is still even relevant in the football world and why he should continue at Arsenal.

    If Arsenal fans want to highlight the fact you and your boss being massive hypocrites by attaching his total worth to top four because he’s completely f*****g irrelevant at the top level and now saying ‘yeah, it is actual not that important,’ they are perfectly entitled to.

    Watching the pro-Wenger rabble squirm and shift around, get hostile, and look for any ridiculous excuse is excellent, been years coming, but it is all here now and they are struggling to understand why.

  44. Davey

    April 4, 2017 09:40:08

    What are those guys smoking over there at untold.. cc

    Those guys are seriously fucked up, whatever is in their Barbados banger’s I want some

  45. Relieable Sauce

    Consistency and level of performance, and professionalism(though I think that’s debatable) are the leadership qualities Koz has.
    Basic requirement for a captain I would say.

    Lets not pretend he is captain material – for whatever bizarre reason, Mert and Arteta were above him in the pecking order ffs. This kind of pretense has led us exactly to this situation where we are now with the managers mythical status just blindly being accepted.

  46. Jeff

    For many “fans” (if not most) that turn up at the Emirates, it’s simply a day out. Like going to the theathre or the cinema. Nice visit to London, few beers and a nice lunch. Who gives a fuck what happens at the game. How we managed to attract these types is beyond me!

  47. Alexanderhenry


    That’s right, it’s an ideal corporate day out.:

    A visit to ye olde arsenal, a glass of prosecco at half time and dinner at an Islington bistro

  48. Rambo Ramsey

    Arsene Wenger has revealed the Arsenal board have set him no footballing objectives this season.

    Asked whether he had been set any specific targets, Wenger said: ‘No. I tell myself to finish as high as possible.’

    What a farce

  49. Red&White4life

    @Rambo : that explain a lot of things…
    To resume : we are trully and simply f*cked.

    We are no longer a football club.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t even understand why journalists etc persist with those sorts of questions, like Neville asking ‘who makes the decisions day to day at Arsenal,’ Wenger, obviously, we all know that.

    Unless they are drawing quotes out of him to add fuel to the fire, but really ‘Wenger set no targets, is his own boss,’ is not a revelation to Arsenal fans.

  51. James wood

    Thing is Konch was the best we had to be captain in the present side

    Wengers piss take to make Gibbs and Walcott captain for the day was a piss take.

    Your right in what you say but posters are making the point what else do we have.?
    Tony Adams must be crying at this mob who are representing our club.?

  52. Relieable Sauce

    A scam masquerading as a farce…but the sheeple are happy to be scammed and rationalise it with any excuse available.
    A real worrying insight into humanity imo.

  53. Jeff

    ‘No. I tell myself to finish as high as possible.’

    Notice the subtle downgrading of our ambitions.

    I see that as the forging of a new trophy coming our way. Fourth place trophy is so last year! We’re into “high as possible” trophy now. It’s better than nothing. Which is probably what the board and owner have been resigned to. Next year though we should do our best to get back into top four and that’s where this great reinventing push comes in. 🙂

  54. Sekard

    Jeff well said
    We have the worst support in the whole country I mean that.The majority are there so they can say that they have been.Like going to arsenal is a sanctuary of high class football culture.I was saying the other day on here.The real Arsenal hardcore support has near enough gone.From the mid 80’s when I started going to the present day all the people that I went to football have packed it in for one reason or other.The last time I went to the Emirates was 2 years ago against Chelsea and I didn’t want to go but my dad talked me into using his season ticket.After that game I vowed I’ll never return to that place again.I was shaking my head in disbelief at the idiots following the Arsenal.

  55. Rambo Ramsey

    Wait, I left out the best part.

    “What is important is a good football team on the pitch playing good football. The rest is just literature. What is important is playing with the right spirit, the right attitude.”–Wenger

    Lmfao, its just literature, lads. Someone needs to compile a list of all the stuff Wenger’s coming out with these days. Comedy gold.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    He is an absolute charlatan now, his comments are all waffle, they have not an ounce of fact or actual insight in them anymore.

    The ‘next level,’ ‘finish as high as I can’ etc, its all designed to be as pathetic and loose as possible with the goal of retaining his grip on power.

    What is shocking is there are still people wanting to show respect to this person, this person who is showing absolutely not respect to you as a fan or to your club by his carry on this season and all this ‘you will know soon’ bollocks.

    I said in the summer the egotist would enjoy this season being about him, but I underestimated badly, he’s like a pig in shit right now.

    I actually fully despise him now, when an automatic clip plays on a sports page or something and it is his voice it actually aggravates me.

  57. Relieable Sauce


    Yeah agree with everything you wrote, Koz is probably the best option, though we know it has been a ceremonial position at AFC for quite a while so it’s fairly irrelevant anyway.

    We need a strong spine to the team of course, hopefully a captain would naturally emerge from one of those players. If we ever return to being a football club again.

  58. Jeff


    Yes it’s part of the reason why we’ve been stuck in the doldrums for so long. A remarkable coincidence has happened where we have an uncaring board and owner accompanied by a large section of uncaring fan-base. I don’t know what we ever did to derserve this.

  59. underrated Coq

    “What is important is a good football team on the pitch playing good football.”

    Come now, Arsene, you shouldn’t talk about other teams in your press conference. How about something on Arsenal?

  60. Jeff


    I know exactly what you mean. Listening to him is like to someone running their nails across the black board. But he rules with a rod of iron. Couldn’t give a shit how much unrest there is because of him. Just wants to manage forever and ever and he wants to do it at Arsenal where maximum power, influence and reverence is guaranteed.

  61. Paulinho

    As Wenger said so eloquently a few weeks ago: “The next level is the next level, is the next level”.

    What other manager in the league can sit at the intellectual top table like Wenger does?

  62. Mick Kartun

    Chris Butler and co,

    For your next protest, maybe if you guys could manage to sneak up at least outside arsene’s press conf with banners, that might shake up his super duper egomaniac deluded joke attitude that opposites his pathetic constant tremblings during the games.

    That might effect a little bit to his comfort zone and joke pride in his ultimate press wanking show off.

  63. Steveyg87

    “It wasn’t loyalty and love which kept Wenger at Arsenal but greed and fear of failure at another club.”

    Agreed, by the way, your boy Ospina was on form this weekend

  64. Cesc Appeal


    It is his tone, his face, everything.

    Just speaks as if he is imparting wisdom with every word, like a king holding court. I would give anything for a journalist to absolutely rip him to bits with statistics about his performance against the best sides, average points finishes behind league leaders, performance in the UCL over the past seven years etc.

    He gets such an easy ride, like the panel on ESPN said, there is not another manager who would get the free pass to talk total and utter bollocks that Wenger does.

    It is the way he talks about his future, results don’t matter, fans don’t matter, he has no bosses, he will decide based on his own feeling. F**k off.

  65. Jim Lahey

    One thing that has made me ponder over the last few days is the sheer numbers of people you see on social media, be it Twitter or Facebook, that either believe Wenger is still the right man for the job or are condemning any form of protest against him.

    What are all these people seeing that I am not?

  66. Jeff


    Yeah listening to that pre-match press conference the journalists come across like cute little vaginas asking the most innocuous questions. They might as well ask him about his favourite colour and movie.

    But in all honesty there have been one or two brave souls who have in the past asked him hard questions and his reply is almost always the same. He’s done 50,000 substitutions, he’s been in top flight football for 30 years – so who are we to question him. He never actually answers any difficult question – just dances around it with irrelevant meaningless drivel.

  67. TitsMcGee

    Asked whether he had been set any specific targets, Wenger said: ‘No. I tell myself to finish as high as possible.’”


    Did he really say that?

    He shifts the goal posts whenever it suits him.

    What I would like to know is when was the decision made to “finish as high as possible “?

    Why was that not communicated to the fans?

    Never seen a more destructive manager/coach from a culture standpoint than this guy.

  68. Red&White4life

    “What is important is playing with the right spirit, the right attitude.”

    Just like vs Bayern.

  69. Mick Kartun

    Oh, the art of guilt manipulation.

    The I am always be the victim act, after all he is the master of that. And Jim, that’s the answer or your wondering why?

    Arsene’s devoted flock of sheep.

  70. TitsMcGee

    What is also quite obvious in that quote is that he clearly is indicating that nobody tells him what “success ” is. He decides.

    Rafael Honigstein was asked what Wenger needed to do to change and he said “coach”. Apparently it’s not a secret anymore that Wenger does fcuk all on the training pitch regarding drills. That his success early on was due to having natural leaders. Now that is gone we get what we get.

    Balls of steel if he signs that extension.

  71. Jeff

    It’s absolutely brilliant. In one of his answers, he’s using the fact that we might not get top four to accentuate how difficult it is and therefore all the credit his owed for the 20 years of achieving it. Even cites Pep’s approval that top four trophy is hard to win. Yes, managers say that when they’ve got no chance of winning the thing so top four becomes the next best thing. With us, top four IS the best thing. That’s the difference.

  72. China

    Alex Henry serious question –

    Do you pretend that last summer wenger didn’t blow 100m?

    Because you always talk of wenger’s financial constraints and whenever this is brought up you ignore the comment and move on

    For clarification do you even acknowledge that this happened?

  73. China

    Here’s a great factoid guys, on the same number of games as last year we have the exact same number of points

    That’s what 100m last summer got us

    Cracking business by wengy!

  74. Bamford10

    Three steps Wenger can take to salvage the season:
    1. announce that this will be his final season at Arsenal
    2. switch to 4-4-2 diamond (see below)
    3. bring in a member of the Invincibles as an additional assistant coach


    Fans get behind the team, atmosphere improves, we play interesting, flowing football, and we manage to finish top four. Maybe we even beat City in the FAC semi. Wenger goes out on a high.

  75. TitsMcGee

    Our wage bill is top 3 in the league if memory serves so the notion that Wenger has been handicapped is total BS.

    Leicester City?


  76. Bamford10

    “No. I tell myself to finish as high as possible.”

    So his aim is not to win the title but only to do “as well as possible”. This explains why Arsenal have been also-rans for a decade now. That and his incompetence.

  77. China

    Stop it bamford if wengy steps down the world will end and we’ll get relegated into the conference tomorrow

    Don’t ask me how. It doesn’t matter


  78. China

    Well as high as possible means absolutely squat

    And it’s bullshit as well because over the years on countless occasions wenger and the players have come out near the end of the season saying they need to get top 4, when they were actually within reach of 3rd or 2nd

    I remember clearly when giroud did that and it pissed me off so much. A few points behind second place with 7 or so games to play as his target was top 4

    Absolute cretin. Cretins everywhere

  79. TitsMcGee

    High as possible ” is just another ambiguous quote that means nothing in particular.

    “High as possible ” will be determined by Wenger himself and wherever we finish would have been the highest we could have finished.

    This whole thing is just a circus now isn’t it.

  80. Davey

    After the pathetic 2-2 with City it seems to me that on the day (23 Apr) we are capable of beating them as they are as piss poor at defending as us.
    What scares the shit out of me is that I think Chelsea and the spuds will beat us now I can just about handle the chavs beating us but the other lot, Jesus too much to take.

  81. Rambo Ramsey

    You reckon Wenger’s been doing them shisha pipes? Maybe that was what he was meant with that ‘as high as possible’ comment. His ramblings in the press certainly suggest the possibility that he’s hooked up on some strong stuff.

  82. China

    If you’re not able to take a shafting from Spurs my friend, I suggest you head down to boots and buy some lube

    Like it or it’s a coming boyo!

  83. Boomslang

    Wengy says he isn’t scared by fan unrest.

    Then why doesn’t the chicken shit coward announce his extension.

  84. Davey

    I agree I think City will beat us although a wide open game anything could happen but can you imagine being done in the final by then in the first NLD ever

  85. TitsMcGee

    His ramblings in the press indicate a man grasping at straws desperate to not leave the easiest Job in the world.

  86. Bamford10

    If Wenger continues on as he is at moment, we will finish 6th or 7th, the atmosphere will continue to deteriorate, and he will leave the club in disgrace.

  87. Micheal

    “No. I tell myself to finish as high as possible.”

    This is a scathing indictment of Kroenke and Gazidis – the owner and chief executive who do not set realistic targets for their employee (Wenger). The failure to set goals and hold Wenger to account is corporate negligence.

    In a normal business, shareholders would demand the resignation of the company executives and employees who preside over this shambles and allow Wenger (an employee of Kroenke) to dictate whether he signs a new contarct or leaves the club.

    But Kroenke’s position is clear. He does what is in the best interests of shareholders – and he owns 70% of the shares.

  88. TitsMcGee

    The only silver lining to this whole circus is that Wenger will only continue to implode and get mocked. It’ll come at our expense which is why he should leave now but if he doesn’t then he’d deserve what’s on the horizon.

    Shocking he can’t see what’s coming.

  89. Cesc Appeal


    I think that ship has already sailed, when you listen to the noises coming out of the club, for example in Gazidis AST meeting, talking about structural changes, a DoF, coaching issues etc, it is clear there is somewhere in this club people with desire for evolution.

    If Wenger stays I do not buy for a second any assertions of evolution because he simply won’t allow it, but it seems to me with him removed others might spread their wings a bit and when that happens, even with Wenger gone his legacy will continue to be tarnished when we realise we were a 1990’s early 2000’s club in a 2017 world.

  90. Bamford10


    Actually, Kroenke does not do what is in the best interests of the shareholders. That would mean replacing Arsene Wenger with someone capable of challenging for titles and raising the club’s status in the world. That would increase the value of the brand, commercials, etc. And it would not cost a penny more than what they are currently spending.

    Kroenke is simply being loyal to “an Arsenal legend,” a man who claims he “built” the club. Not to mention that Kroenke knows fuck-all about football, so as far as he is concerned, Wenger knows what he is talking about.

  91. Cesc Appeal


    Leaving the club in disgrace, tarnishing his legacy etc.

    He would have got away with his resistance to change that was undermining the club if he had left after the FA Cup final with Hull. But not now, he’s being criticized like any other manager, quite rightfully.

  92. Bamford10


    Agreed. Wenger seems to be the one person on the planet who can’t see that everything is crumbling around him, and each thing he says is only making it worse. It really is like classical Greek tragedy: hubris & a fall; hubris throughout the fall.

  93. TT

    Wonder how our super super well coached defense will do to morrow when WHU start pumping high balls into the box.

    After all according to alexanderhenry and other WKB Wenger is not to blame for the teams ab missal performance and collapse, thats all Kronke’s fault.

    Wonder if Stan will sneak into the training ground while Wenger is not watching and undo all of his masterful defensive training for tomorrow night.

    I can just picture the panic when the crosses will start raining in……

  94. Globalgunner

    Andy Carroll is licking his lips at the prospect of another hattrick at the expense of no defence Arsenal. We are always obliging when an under pressure coach is in need of a lift.

  95. SpanishDave

    It’s a shambles, laughing stock for other clubs.
    Wenger is fully exposed for all to see, his addled brain is sickening.He has no idea what to do next and to run a club like this is an utter disgrace.
    The board want this to continue?

  96. China

    Yeah kroenke isn’t rubbing the club in the best interest for the shareholders because he doesn’t know how to do that

    Like if I was to buy a rugby team (I don’t follow rugby) and saw the club had a 21 years and counting manager who’s highly regarded I’d trust him to get on with it too

    This is the problem when we don’t have football people on the board to tell Stan that wenger isn’t helping him anymore

    The whole lot of them are just assuming wenger knows because they don’t know any alternative

    What a shambles

  97. Paulinho

    Wenger is just doing what he was always going to do. As I’ve said numerous times, absolutely baffled anyone thought he was ever going to show any ounce of dignity, humility, or self-awareness and leave of his own accord.

    It doesn’t matter how the protests go, or the intensity of them, Wenger and the board will adapt to placate and assure the masses, knowing full well the masses are extremely thick. So, we get vague statements like ‘catalyst for change’, which will probably amount to change of seating position amongst the backroom staff when we do the team photo shoot for next season.

  98. Leftsidesanch

    Been told that I’m not an Arsenal fan as I should be supporting Arsenal rather than focusing on Wenger.

    Not sure how this works as I’m sure theyre synonymous? Wanting Arsenal to do well in the current climax will only prolong Wenger’s stay. The whole club are in disarray and he’s completely “blind” to it.

    The comments today regarding no targets embarass the board, the club and Wenger himself. I’m almost resigned to another 4 years of Wenger. When you have planks like Pep saying top 4 is like a trophy I KNEW Wenger would latch onto this and cite this as rationale for what he views as success.

  99. Micheal


    I was being ironic about Kroenke.

    As the controlling shareholder he can do what he wants with his franchise. It is hands-off with knobs on.

    It is a mistake to judge Arsenal purely as a football club if you want to understand Kroenke’s management of his franchise. It’s like a branch of McDonald’s to Kroenke. So far, his franchise’s business returns have not been seriously effected and he leaves things to that dip-stick Gazidis and his employee, Wenger. Gazidis is weak and Wenger is given a totally free hand.

    Will that change if we fail to reach top 4 or Europa League ? Perhaps, but my guess it will take perhaps two years for this to show up fully in the financial returns. More important, the value of Kroenke’s 70% stake has, so far, not been seriously diminished and he knows there would be a stampede of those wanting to buy him out if he ever put it up for sale.

    As a long-standing supporter, I am as angry and frustrated as everyone else about what is happening. But raging solely about what is happening on the pitch ignores the fundamental problem of Kroenke’s hands-off ownership of a franchise. Under Kroenke, Arsenal Football Club – our club – is no longer a football club.

  100. Leftsidesanch

    No matter what happens, Arsene realigns the goalposts, no matter the protests – the stadium is mostly full and the people who aren’t attending probably have paid up already (season tickets).

    In short, this malaise we are experiencing will have to continue for a sustained period to even nudge the board/Stan into taking action.

    It’s only going to get worse.

  101. Jeff

    “So, we get vague statements like ‘catalyst for change’”

    That’s right. They’re full of them. Full of shit in other words. Gazidis came up with another one a couple of seasons back. What was it, oh that’s right – “transition”. We were in transition. That died a natural death. So last season they went with “cohesion”. Now it’s “reinvention”. I mean how nouns are there that end with “tion” – plenty more where those came from.

  102. RJM

    Yeah Peps his brother! Pep says so, so it is…

    Pep is just like Wenger. No respect for defending. Can only win things if his players are head and shoulders above the rest like at Barca and Bayern domestically.

  103. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The delay in them naming his decision is that they are running scared of the fans revolt.
    They are worried that if thousands turn it may no will cost them …
    We can’t be hoodwinked with their bullshit bluffs ..
    Wengers a cunt
    They know it we know it ..

    They can’t palm the cunt off on us again but they are scared of him an us ….

    Who scares them most ?