Irony not lost that Arsenal press struggle with basic data

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Press Secretary Sean Spicer right back at it the day before a big game. The staunchest supporter of the regime dropped another hit piece on player of the season, Alexis Sanchez. The man Wenger can’t drop, because the player wants minutes so badly, is now on the shit list and our man over at #madeUfink towers is dropping press briefings like Chemical Ali in his prime.

‘It has been a source of great frustration to Arsene Wenger this season that, despite Sanchez’s histrionics making it look as if he works hard, he actually covers less ground than you think.’

You have to look at that statement and really gasp. 43 starts for club and country, 23 goals, and 12 assists. I don’t know where Sanchez factors in the league for chances created, but I’d imagine he’s among the highest in Europe this season. The guy is a powerhouse and there are plenty of clubs queuing up for his signature.

This is the central focal point of the argument of ‘work rate’



Ok, so first up. Out of those 5 players, who would you take at Arsenal? Maybe Firmino? Let’s play a game before we jump into what ‘work rate’ means. If you combined the starts, goals and assists of all the players mentioned above, here’s how that one player looks against Sanchez.

Starts Goals Assists
Crouch 13 7 2
Okazaki 19 6 0
Barnes 13 5 1
Firmino 34 10 5
Borini 12 1 0
Sanchez 43 23 12
Difference -112% -26% 33%

So the combined player has played 112% more games than Alexis, delivered just 6 more goals and offered up 33% less assists.

Now let’s talk about these stupid numbers and hardwork. I already referenced last week that when Carlo A’s Madrid team analysed Atleti under Simeone, they noted that Diego Costa tended to have a good game when he ran 9km. That’s one of the hardest working terriers in the game. So that was their benchmark. So much more goes into hardwork outside distance covered. Sprints are where a striker makes his money, not distance covered. According to the LiveStrong website, the average time for a normal man to cover 10k is between 50-70 minutes. For an elite athlete, it’s 30minutes. So now you can start to see that a distance covered number on its own really doesn’t tell you much, because 10km for an elite athlete is chump change over 90m.

Our pitch is 105m long, cut that in half and you have the area Sanchez is loosely playing in. 9km a game is sprinting half the pitch 171 times, that’s 1.9 times per minute of the game. Ok, now bear with me, there’s a thing called context in sport and data. The context of Okazaki, in his 19 starts, is he plays for a team that play long ball after breaking from deep, that involves a lot of long sprints and his team play deep defensive without the ball, so he’s chasing shadows a lot of the time. Arsenal, on the other hand, control possession in the opposition half. If your style is not long ball breaks, there is only a certain amount of running you can do per game, because you’re breaking down deep blocks outside the box. Sanchez doesn’t need to chase shadows all game, bar in the big ones. Liverpool are counter attacking that aren’t the best in posession, they play with an agressive press and he leads that. I don’t even want to give Peter Crouch the time of day… he’s 36 years old and he’s playing for a new deal, he’d run to London if you asked him to.

Anyway, the point is, Alexis works incredibly hard. This statistic is poorly thought out and the worst thing is it’s put there because it’s dripping in agenda. If Sanchez is ranked 32nd in a table that doesn’t consider games played, that doesn’t consider sprints per game, that doesn’t consider the impact of the players goals and assists. Well, it’s a f*cking stupid statistic that would be laughed out of the room at any other club outside one that is trying its hardest to position our best player as the problem, vs our beleaguered dictator.

I mean, I feel I went to town on that, so the idea of me picking apart Spicer’s second story about Wenger planning the clubs future for the next ten years is beyond tragic.

‘Gunners boss Wenger is already looking at big summer targets with Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette top of his wish list, the club want a new academy boss and, in the long term, a director of football.

‘The master plan is for Wenger to help rebuild the club in the next two years of his contract and get it ready for a successor to take charge when he eventually retires.’

Look at the state of that. Wenger, who has never won the Champions League, is likely to finish 6th or lower this season, has his two best players leaving, has the fans calling for his head, has lost the dressing room… thinks he can plan for the next ten years and he’ll consider a Director of Football in the long term? Two years is not long term. There should be no choice on the DoF. But again, Wenger runs the show. Shame of it is, now the narrative that’s starting to creep out is we’ll do a Leicester because CL now doesn’t matter?

Don’t bet on it people. Conte, Klopp, Poch and Guardiola with another year to bed in, Wenger already totally clueless against teams in the top 10. Wenger is dead, he’s sinking this season, and you should have no faith in him restoring the club to former glories because he’s proved with or without money, he’s f*cking useless.

As for today? Let’s see how it pans out. I always have a good vibe against City and I think we could turn them over. Makes no difference, either way, this isn’t a major turning point in the season.

Interesting to read Kelly Smith, who oversees the ladies development squad, have her damning say on Wenger.

“My mind on Wenger has been turned a bit,”

“I was always on the side of supporting him, but seeing the performances the last two or three weeks, with the lack of effort, the disorganization, it seems to be the players have really lost the passion to play and get up for games.

“It doesn’t seem as if they’ve got that hunger there any more.”

Fairplay, this is what Ivan should be noting behind closed doors.

Right, enjoy the game.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wengers got pre cum with that ….

    Just finish with olly giround up front it’s the money shot ….

  2. Jeff

    The post match interview writes itself once again. We showed great mental strength and gave absolutely everything. You cannot ask for any more.

  3. Guns of Hackney

    Man City doing everything they can to keep Wenger in the job.

    Two really poor teams. The premier league is so overrated.

  4. Ishola70

    Yaya has been shit since Pep brought him in second half.

    If the thought was that Yaya would consolidate the Man City team 2-1 up Pep couldn’t have been more wrong.

  5. Ishola70

    “Wengers got pre cum with that ….Just finish with olly giround up front it’s the money shot ….”

    Oh yeah.

    Leg shaker.

  6. reality check

    Guns of HackneyApril 2, 2017 16:19:38
    Man City doing everything they can to keep Wenger in the job. Two really poor teams. The premier league is so overrated.

    So true, this will be the worst city are under pep. Its upwards and onwards for them. For Arsenal…not so much.

  7. Guns of Hackney

    I know it’s early but pep is a bit rubbish. When you don’t have a Bayern or Barca…it leaves you exposed.

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Last time I saw a player like giround

    I wad at the beach in Blackpool an it wad ferry people up n down the promenade …..with skies me quick hat

  9. Guns of Hackney

    This game feels like two teams who agreed the result beforehand. De Bruyne playing like a drain.

    And stones is the biggest pile of nonsense. How much???

  10. Guns of Hackney

    The worst thing about Arsenal isn’t Wenger. It’s the stupid motherfuckers watching.

    Every game is like the first game ever…almost like the past 13 years haven’t happened.

    They sit there clapping like seals waiting for fish.

  11. Sekard

    City are so poor.They need a new back five.Yaya Toures legs have gone.They won’t win the league next year.

  12. Sekard

    Arsenal have the worst fan base.The real hardcore Arsenal have left or are leaving.It’s footballs equivalent to Disney Land.

  13. Guns of Hackney


    100%. Most of those idiots are watching the game through their phones.

    If Arsenal win this…OMG!!! The Weng Man is going clubbing tonight!!!

  14. Ishola70

    A draw here isn’t really a sign that Wenger can galvanise the team.

    Needs a winning goal and even then how many goals this team has conceded in the last month or so is absolutely damning.

  15. izzo

    if Kompany is truly 95% fit they can make top 4. Otherwise think they might surrender it Everton or Utd. Or they’ll finish 4th. Their defense is diabolical. They shoulve killed this game so there was no way Arsenal could come back. Its going to be hard for them to outscore their opponents with that shite defense.

  16. Sekard

    How the fuck did guard ills get rid of Joe Hart for this clown.Hart is dodgy at times but that Bravo is a circus act.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Really poor game.

    Decent for a neutral in terms of goals, but the football on display from both sides was terrible.

    The gulf in class between Spurs, Chelsea and the rest of the league is quite telling.

    Guardiola has serious work to do, that midfield and defence is terrible. Literally Fernandinho and not much else.

  18. Ishola70

    Wenger will be made up with that.

    In reality Wenger fails to take advantage of Man Utd drawing yesterday, Liverpool gain points and Man City get a point away from home that keeps them fourth with a game in hand over Liverpool. Spurs look out of sight over the hills.

    And the goals conceded just keep on rolling on.

  19. Jeff

    What a waste of an afternoon.
    1 Chelsea 29 37 69
    2 Tottenham 29 36 62
    3 Liverpool 30 27 59
    4 Man City 29 24 58
    5 Man Utd 28 19 53
    6 Arsenal 28 22 51
    7 Everton 30 19 50
    8 West Brom 30 1 44

  20. S Asoa

    All opposition side Want Wenger to sign.
    City obviously on handbrake. Players too looked briefed to hold back. Going defensive at end confirms it. No wonder hugged like pals.

  21. Relieable Sauce

    Is there a set of fans in top flight sport more pathetic than the Arsenal fan base ?

    I’m sure Wenger and co can’t believe their luck.

    Were Arsenal fans always such gullible morons ?

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Interested to see how opinion polls and social media etc react to this over the coming week, Arsenal fans are notoriously pathetic, so I wonder if a draw at home to City will lead to support for Wenger rising a little?

  23. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think Sanchez will go to City, if you’ve got Chelsea and Conte on offer, that has to be the prime choice right now.

    City have got to accommodate Sane and Gabriel as well next season.

    Sane was another one today, started well, then just a whole load of nothing, big fan of De Bruyne but I thought he was poor today aside from a few moments.

    Out of both sides I would say Fernandinho from start to finish was the only one who had a really solid game.

    Really weird game.

  24. izzo

    LOL don’t worry guys and gals Andy fuckin Carrol will score a hat trick to bring them back to earth. Don’t forget Crystal Palace beat Chelsea and will give the game of their lives to stay up.

  25. bishop

    Peter Schmichael shredding Ozil to pieces for gallivanting around moreso after gifting them the secong goal..didnt bother to track back

  26. Relieable Sauce

    Navas and Clichy ffs…
    Can’t see Pep lasting long in the EPL if he continues in the same vein.


  27. Red&White4life

    Pep or KJW ??
    Considering their squads and their experience, hard to tell which one is the most pathetic…

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Attacking wise I think City are sorted, but Guardiola basically needs an entirely new defence, and a new midfield, Fernandinho is the only one on merit who could keep his place next season.

    By midfield as well I don’t mean attacking elements like De Bruyne and Silva, personally really dislike that system Guardiola plays, our midfield is shit, but we were able to go toe-to-toe with City’s which should tell Guardiola something.

    As you say, we will see, I don’t think he will survive past next season if he keeps trying this weird, weak stuff.

  29. Guns of Hackney

    Wenger will spin the positives from this, no doubt…but that was a piss poor game from both sides.

    No positives at all for me. Our midfield can’t tackle or pass. The defence is appalling and our attack is simply terrible. Iwobe is a park player, Giroud…um…Walcott isn’t what I’d call prolific or good AT ALL, Welbeck is a trier but ultimately a Trojan horse sent by united and Sanchez is off.

    It’s relegation form and with no goals coming and a leaky defence, fourth can’t happen. Thank god!

    Did the protest happen? Numbers?

  30. westlondongoon

    On the whole, two teams looking like they are playing out the end of the season.

    Other comments:
    1. Protests again today, which is a good thing but still so many people who can’t be arsed to march but shout ‘Wenger Out’ when walking past us.
    2. There is something seriously wrong inside the squad, it seemed very fragmented, almost no reaction when Walcott scored. Interesting that he threw some toys out of his pram when taken off.
    3. Xhaka, sorry I just don’t see it; Coquelin, even less so.
    4. Giroud; what can you say about him? Just one of many to contribute absolutely nothing today. He’s like a horse you see in a farmer’s field, he suddenly legs it across the field for no reason then stops suddenly at half way as if he has forgotten why he was running in the first place.
    5. Without Koscielny, Whammers will ruin us if Carroll plays.

  31. Arsene's Nurse

    It looks like the board are taking notice….

    “Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has reiterated the need for change this summer regardless of whether Arsene Wenger remains manager.

    In a question and answer session this morning with fans, Gazidis underlined how the club are planning for significant change this summer both on and off the pitch in an attempt to finally challenge again for the Premier League.

    Wenger wants to go on and has told the club that he is ready to “reinvent” himself and Arsenal do believe that the 67-year-old is capable of becoming what Gazidis has called a “catalyst for change”.

    However, there is also an appreciation of the fan mood around the club and Gazidis again stressed that the final decision must be “mutual”. ”

    …..whether that means any real change will happen then who knows.

  32. Relieable Sauce


    Yeah they’ve been poor at the back for ages and signing Stones and Bravo were never going to solve the problem. FBs have been averagely average for a while and there only established CB is a perma crock, signing Gundogan was ok as a back up option at the price but, as you say major work needed in CM.

    Kimmich/Rose/Walker/Stoke GK/Bertrand (?) being rumoured, which all look feasible and would improve the starting VI, or at the very least the squad.

  33. Relieable Sauce

    “Arsenal(???)” believe that “Arsene” can “reinvent himself” into “what Gazidis” has called, “a catalyst for change”.

    lol, Gazidis earning his money.

  34. jwl

    Laurence J Peter –

    “Occupational incompetence is everywhere. Have you noticed it? Probably we all have noticed it ….. In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence …. In time, every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out its duties.”

  35. Jeff

    This reinvent idea is complete hogwash. It is a desperate attempt to justify the decision to keep him at the club. It can only get worse from here on. There absolutely no chance in hell the Wenger is capable of winning a major trophy even if he managed another 20 years.

  36. Up 4 grabs now

    Two poor teams today, both needing huge redevelopment in the summer.
    how many times did we lose possession, defence was poor even before koz went off.
    Do our defenders do any weights work, they all look like the wind will blow them over!

    Predicted a few weeks ago that we would finish on the 64-65 point Mark, and that’s still looking right.

    With ten games left, do something different, change the formation and go down trying rather than whimpering over the next two months.
    After watching city today I do feel a bit more confident of beating them in the semis, but think we will be delaying the humiliation if we do get through.

    Full marks to the van driver, more coverage on line & the papers will be carrying it tomorrow, keep it up fellas.

  37. westlondongoon

    Bould and Wenger look like a married couple staying together ‘for the sake of the kids.’ Bouldie can’t even look at him let alone talk to him.

    Would love to be inside that dressing room, bet there little groups everywhere; no unity at all just splits.

  38. PieAFC

    On Bould, you don’t go from being part of a defensive unit that was superb on it’s day.

    Training methods with GG bring very strict to being a number 2 under Wenger and literally focusing nothing on tactics

    Bould surely cannot think this is normal.

  39. Rambo Ramsey

    Perfectly summed up on the Guardian

    ‘Xhaka is like the worst iteration of a hard tackler because he’s not the sort of person who instills strength and combativeness in the midfield like Vieira or Keane while also occasionally getting a red card, he just combines being soft with launching into awful tackles which are plain incompetent and gets sent off. So there’s no ancillary benefit to his overenthusiastic rough play.’

  40. John Giles

    How many times can wenger say the words ‘ qualiteee,mental capacitee or anything ending in ‘ee’ lost count over the years… Forgot ‘referee’ and ‘goliee’ ‘off-sidee’

  41. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Any other day and you would be happy with the point against City. Both teams were poor and that is being generous. Point does no good at this stage and really resolves little in terms of this teams ability to handle the run in to the finish. 6th is likely where they will finish and perhaps 5th if ManU keep finding ways to actually play worse than Arsenal, which they seem determined to do.

    Not much positive other than they were not blown off the pitch today. A pedestrian performance from a pedestrian team.

  42. Mohsin Leghari

    So the most dreadful position is Arsene Wenger signing a two year deal and then being appointed as director of football till his death. He will oversee all the new signinngs. How dreadful…

  43. China

    Xhaka is less of a registra, more of a barista

    Should get his ass back to serving lattes because he surely can’t be trusted to serve a decent tackle on the football pitch

    Also can someone please tell me what welbeck does? Like did he touch the ball today because in his recent games he just seems to quietly jog around near the ball but without ever actually influencing the game at all

  44. Boomslang

    At this point, Arsenal is simply a dressed up carcass. How can the board even attempt to justify giving Wengy an extension.
    After 13 years of consistent failure, he wants to reincarnate himself or whatever

    If Wengy signs on, and Sanchez leaves, our place as a mid-table club will be solidified.

  45. Carts

    Saw about 20 mins in total of the game on the ol’ Sky Go.

    Since seen the goals and all I can say is LOL

    Can’t really comment on any performances but from what I’ve read there’s wasn’t really much to write home about.

    Notwithstanding, both teams have an insane amount of work to do before they’re consider title favourites. Arsenal more so.

    I can imagine that was itching for 3 points today’s in order to announce his extension.

    Looks like he’ll try again if we beat City in the semi of the FAC

  46. China

    We didn’t show a great deal of character. We were slightly the weaker team against a really poor city performance.

    There was a 20 minute period in the second half where city had over 70% possession.

    City had most of the chances and half chances to win.

    Our defending was *awful*
    Our midfield was anonymous
    I don’t recall welbeck contributing a thing. Might as well put a dead kipper up front

    It wasn’t the worst performance of our season but if we had just played a good team yesterday we’d have lost

    At the end of the day the spin is that we stopped the rot. The reality is we took one point from our last 5 games. Wonderful….

  47. Rambo Ramsey

    China, spot on your assessment of players. Welbeck is and always will be a donkey. Can’t believe he has a few fanboys on here. Giroud and even Walcott give more to the team and yet they get blasted more than this clown.

  48. China

    I don’t know if welbeck would be more useful out wide because he does have pace

    But as a lone CF he has been absolutely useless lately. I know he’s recently come back from injury and it’s hard to play well up front when the midfield is poor. He might be a useful squad player in some capacity, but this guy is not qualified to be leading our line at the moment.

    Say what you like about giroud, but he does hold the ball up and contributes semi regular goals. As limited as he is, that’s something. But welbeck isn’t holding the ball. He isn’t winning any 50/50s. He’s not winning headers. And he doesn’t score goals. So right now there’s no justification for him at CF. he was worth a shot and I don’t disagree with wengy for giving him the chance but the experiment has failed and he needs to be dropped again. We’ll see if wengy was lying any attention or not if he still gets picked next game. There’s no justification for it at the moment

  49. China

    As well re ozil I think yesterday was a prime example of why he deserves the blame he so often gets

    He contributed fuck all to the game. He was very quiet when we needed him. He pops up with a lovely cross and gets his customary assist, and is responsible for handing a goal to the opposition at the other end.

    If you minus all the goals he’s heavily involved in is conceding from the goals he makes/scores then his numbers take a major hit. What’s the point in putting in a great cross one minute if you’re going to hand the opposition a goal five minutes later?

    The ozil is world class argument is dead. He’s a wonderful passer of the ball in the final third and he’s a pretty awful player at everything else and everywhere else on the pitch

  50. Ishola70

    I’ve got to say Wenger’s recent post match pressers have been ok to me.

    Take yesterday’s one. He was calm and his responses were measured and quite humble for him. He has recently had this calm way in the pressers.

    That question that journo put to him about fans fighting each other before and after yesterday’s game was absolutely cutting. As was the question later on asking him if he would be alright with a proper No.2 alongside him. They are basically saying to him things are not right to go on as they have been and there is absolutely no getting away from it.

    The board have said that the decision must be mutual for the extension and it looks as if they are actually putting in requirements now that he must adhere to for him to carry on. Will Wenger like these requirements? Journos telling him his way is not cutting. Board letting him know things have got to change. You know just maybe Wenger will actually see the light here and walk.

  51. Ishola70

    This possibility of him walking is of course linked to the results until the end of the season.

    I don’t think the results until the end of the season will save him from thinking it is time to go.

    It will be the right and correct decision from him to walk.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    SUMMARY OF GAME by season ticket holder who bothered to turn up.

    Mostly subdued with a lot of empty seats. In my section only one regular apart
    from me bothered to turn up. Most other seats taken up by friends, family or possibly exchange service.

    Sat as usual in their seats like a bunch of dummies. Only occasional reaction to what went on on the pitch.

    Absolutely shocking. No discipline or communication. First goal conceded immediately after Welbeck’s missed attempt at goal. The ENTIRE defence was in
    Man City’s half of field! As usual both full backs bomb up the field at same time and our positional sense in our box was reflected by the ridiculous second goal.

    This is the weakest midfield playing for Arsenal that I have watched in last 30
    years. The combination of Xhaka and Coquelin is Championship standard and
    Ozil based on recent performances could just as well have left the club 6 months ago for his current input. He was woeful.

    He is not playing particularly well, but at least he is trying and works hard on pitch even occasionally in defence. However, you cannot win games as a ‘one
    trick pony’

    The players don’t communicate and there is a total lack of leadership on field.
    There is also no real game plan apart from bombing forward. We play like there is no opposition on the field.

    They did not play particularly well and their goalkeeper is dreadful. They looked like they were in first gear and that would be enough to beat a very
    poor Arsenal team. One suspects that they were playing WITHIN themselves
    in anticipation of game on Wednesday against Chelsea.

    Arsenal’s mediocrity and some very poor recent transfer business PLUS the injury to Cazorla in October has impacted on our game. This combined with
    the management of club is a toxic combination.

    My guess is that the club and NOT Wenger need to make some difficult decisions. Whether Kroenke or the Board do so is debatable. What I do know is
    that a lot of season ticket holders myself included will be thinking very hard
    whether to renew our tickets on 1st June unless there is a material change in
    way club is being run and more ambition.

  53. David Smith

    I don’t doubt some board members are trying to impose their perfectly reasonable demands on Wenger. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some members want him out as much as we do…..but cannot come out and say it
    But there are problems. As for walking, won’t happen, as he has nowhere to go with the prestige this club have….or should and will once more attain.
    Then, the Stan factor, we all know that if the board place what he considers unreasonable demands on him, Wenger gets straight on the phone to Stan….and no prizes for guessing who Stan will back there. Unfortunately, Wenger won’t give up Gerry Peyton and primorac lightly, especially for a strong character like vieira.
    My guess, he will sign, accept what ever demands placed on him, then get on the phone to the owner and do his own sweet thing for the next two years. Wenger is easily able to outfox the board with stands unconditional backing.
    I also wonder if Stan gave him a contract whereby Wenger automatic renewal at the end of the contract until he says otherwise….in other words, a job for life. Certainly seems that way

  54. Emiratesstroller

    David Smith

    The Stan factor is the real problem, because he is only interested in the balance sheet. He is not a ‘football man’ .

    Arsenal insist that all season tickets are paid for by 1st June. In the past there
    was at least the sanction of supporters losing their seats if they failed to do so.

    This season my guess is that the backroom staff in box office will be working overtime to fill seats. Most people around me are sick and tired not only about
    the lack of quality in team and poor team management, but the lack of ambition of those who run the club.

  55. Wenker-wanger

    Kroenke will only sack Wenger if the profits nosedive.
    For that to happen, arsenal will need to be out of European football, take a massive hit with merchandise, Emirates half empty.
    When it is significantly down in profits, kroenke will throw the wanker out like shit off a shovel. Until then, why should kroenke give a toss where we finish?, so long as the accounts are healthy.
    At the moment only one loser, the fans.

  56. Alan

    Ozil is being offered 270k a week and still rejecting it. That’s how bad it’s become!

    Fans fighting each other is also embarrassing. No defending that. Shows only reason why we’ve been classy over the years is because the results have been good.

  57. Wenker-wanger

    Any decent club would sell the bottle-job ozil.
    Offering him a massive pay rise sends an extremely wrong signal to the other players.
    But arsenal are used to doing this. Crazy wages for shit players that don’t even have to play above a mediocre standard.
    There are players out there and managers alike that have a winning mentality with money not the priority.
    Sure they want parity with similar quality players, but are aware of the committment to the cause of justifying their vast wages.
    Ozil, Wenger and kroenke are just money leaches.
    Fans buying tickets should ask”do i really want to line these cnuts pockets?”

  58. Guns of Hackney

    If you continue to support the club and go to matches, you are keeping Arsene in a job. Remember that.

    If you can’t think of something better to do for 19 weekends of the year, I pity you. Also, there are so many great things to spend your £1,500+ on.

    You’ll feel better.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    I would take the alleged pay offer to Ozil with a pinch of salt. Arsenal declined to
    pay both Ozil and Sanchez what they wanted earlier in the season when we were
    competing for title and there was considered to be no risk of us not qualifying for CL.

    Frankly I don’t think that Arsenal are prepared to offer players more than £180-200K pw and even that is in my view too much to pay Ozil the way he has been playing recently.

    The only player who merits that sort of wage is possibly Sanchez.

  60. Emiratesstroller

    Guns on Hackney

    Actually I pay over £4,000 for 2 season tickets.

    It will be interesting to see how Arsenal react if we fail to qualify for CL. The
    only justification for paying that amount is that I have 2 seats on half way line in the front.

    As I said there will be a review if there is no material change in the way the
    club is operating. I am sure that I will not be alone.

  61. Guns of Hackney


    I’m not knocking supporters like you for actually getting off your butt and going, but I honestly believe some fans literally feel they CANT give up the ticket for fear of never getting it back. It’s a ransom and Arsenal have some nerve charging what they do for the turgid shit they serve up.

    Arsenal have based their extortion on the CL…like you said, when that is no longer on the table, what will Arsenal do?

    Arsenal have painted themselves into a corner that I don’t think they can get out of.

  62. Bamford10

    Protest organizers are now planning an in-stadium protest for Wednesday’s game, asking fans not to take their seats for the first 13 minutes of the match.

    “We’re asking all #WengerOut fans to join a protest inside the stadium on Weds for West Ham game, to show how sick we are of not competing.” – @NoNewContract

  63. Guns of Hackney


    I always liked Dzeko. His career stats are 1:2. He’s up there. His type of player seemed to go out of fashion…a tall, elegant scorer but lacked a bit of speed. Berbatov suffered the same fate.

    Howe and Bournemouth can have Jack. He isn’t bringing anything to Arsenal and Bournemouth is his level, I think. If we can get £20m for him, I’d bite their hand off.

    Arsenal need to start saving millions on the wage bill to counter the lost revenue from the CL and dwindling fan base.

  64. Alan

    Howe is an idiot. His bench costs more than his starting XI. Constantly signs players to try and push their club on but then reverts back to his tried and tested.

    They can’t afford Wilshere’s wages and they’d be stupid to spend big money on an average player he doesn’t even rate.

    If we can find anyone willing to take wilshere on a free, we should shift him. Over 100k in wages can then go to Sanchez or someone who isn’t living off one game about 6 years ago.

  65. Bamford10


    With you. I always liked Dzeko as well, and Wilshere is crocked. I loved him at his best, but I think we should sell him on now.

  66. gonsterous

    watched the game at the bar.. man city are a very shit side.. aging attack and an already aged defense.. pep has a lot of work on his hands..
    we on the other hand, the goals we conceded were comical (Sunday league stuff).. Wenger has no clue, no clue what so ever as to what his job is.. he just sits on his hands and claps occasionally… ospina better than cech. Gabriel played well for a change. rest were garbage..

  67. Alan

    gonsterous – aging attack?

    Sterling, Sane, De Bruyne are all under 23. Aguero is only 28. Silva is the only one up front past 30 and he’s never relied on pace anyway. They’ve got Jesus to return from injury.

    They need to sort out their full backs, a DM, a CB and a goalkeeper. In theory a huge rebuilding job but not for city who will keep spending until they get it right.

  68. Guns of Hackney

    Here’s the thing about these in stadia protests…they are so ambiguous, they lose impact. Why 13mins and not just the WHOLE BLOODY MATCH!

    Don’t give them 77mins of your time, give them nothing. Plus, a ticket costs the same for 90 mins or 2 mins. Go figure.

  69. Alan

    I’ve never hated/despised so many Arsenal players in my life.

    Mustafi and Monreal’s constant bitching. These kind of players belong in Spain. Not in the PL.

    Bellerin’s fucking stupid haircut.

    Walcott, Gibbs, Ox, Jenkinson and Ramsey on easy street.

    Ozil’s cry me a river attitude.

  70. Emiratesstroller

    I can tell you now that Arsenal season ticket holders will not engage in a protest.

    Most are fed up with the way the team are performing and I suspect they want
    also to see Wenger retire, but when it comes to operating like Corbynistas that is just not going to happen.

    What is more likely to happen is a gradual evaporation in the number of committed long term supporters actually renewing tickets. Whether that happens
    this summer or beyond is the million dollar question.

    Arsenal were for decades London’s premier club. Chelsea have overtaken them and now there is a risk that Spurs could do likewise. You have to consider that both clubs plan or are building 60,000 + modern stadia, which they
    will compete to fill.

    Similarly you have West Ham who have acquired use of a the Olympic Stadium on the cheap. Personally I think that club will be sold and if that happens they will also come into the frame.

    That means that Arsenal could be competing with 3 other clubs in London who have at least the same if not more ambition and revenue than ourselves.

    I don’t think that the football market in London is big enough to fill 4 large stadiums.

  71. Leedsgunner

    Due to family commitments, I missed the game.

    Did Wenger predictably laud his team’s mental strength? Did anyone ask him why the team only exhibits mental strength when they get a win or a hard draw? What happens to said mental strength when we lose?

    Mental strength that only shows up when it’s convenient isn’t a sign of mental strength, it’s a sign of mental weakness.

    Top 4 is gone, gone, gone, gone — and the club still wants to give him a new contract… pathetic.


  72. China

    This is the problem when you have absolute melts going on about how they want wenger to step down at the end of the season but it’s disrespectful to not support him

    What twisted fucking logic is it where you cheer for someone you want to leave… and you expect them to actually leave at the end of it?

    The lack of rationale in this hurts my head

  73. Guns of Hackney


    Good post. Strong points. The thing is, do people that fill stadiums actually follow football or the team they supposedly support? My point being, modern fans aren’t like they were 20+ years ago, or at least not in my experience. For me, having a season ticket or going to a match on a Saturday is a kin to having a membership to a golf club…or something similar. It’s just something to do between 15.00-17.00.

    There will always be enough people to fill a stadium in a Saturday afternoon, but the question is, do they actually support the club/team or is it something to do.

    Arsenal are now londons third club. Not a bad bit of work by the Arsenal hierarchy.

  74. Alan

    Guns – you can’t get a refund on a matchday or season ticket.

    Can’t believe Wenger thinks the players showed great mental strength yesterday. The game was played at a walking pace. Both sides couldn’t defend and both lacked the desire to kill the other one off. Wenger and Pep seem to spend so little time on defending. It was embarrassing. The two most balanced teams in the PL are Tottenham and Chelsea. They are where they deserve to be.

  75. Leedsgunner

    Sadly I think, for Wenger and the Board, when the stadium was built, they decided that their job was done.

    So rather than the stadium being used to push the club forward it’s been a shield and an excuse to explain away a decade of inaction and stagnation. As I’ve said before once Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham get their new stadiums up and running — we will be in pretty much the same place we were pre-Emirates.

    Complaining about how unfair it is, and how we can’t afford to compete… otherwise making the move to Emirates utterly pointless.

  76. Bamford10


    With all due respect, you and your ilk’s refusal to participate in protest is helping Wenger keep his job. If he stays on, you will be partly to blame. I say this with no hostility whatsoever, simply as a matter of fact.