Irony not lost that Arsenal press struggle with basic data

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Press Secretary Sean Spicer right back at it the day before a big game. The staunchest supporter of the regime dropped another hit piece on player of the season, Alexis Sanchez. The man Wenger can’t drop, because the player wants minutes so badly, is now on the shit list and our man over at #madeUfink towers is dropping press briefings like Chemical Ali in his prime.

‘It has been a source of great frustration to Arsene Wenger this season that, despite Sanchez’s histrionics making it look as if he works hard, he actually covers less ground than you think.’

You have to look at that statement and really gasp. 43 starts for club and country, 23 goals, and 12 assists. I don’t know where Sanchez factors in the league for chances created, but I’d imagine he’s among the highest in Europe this season. The guy is a powerhouse and there are plenty of clubs queuing up for his signature.

This is the central focal point of the argument of ‘work rate’



Ok, so first up. Out of those 5 players, who would you take at Arsenal? Maybe Firmino? Let’s play a game before we jump into what ‘work rate’ means. If you combined the starts, goals and assists of all the players mentioned above, here’s how that one player looks against Sanchez.

Starts Goals Assists
Crouch 13 7 2
Okazaki 19 6 0
Barnes 13 5 1
Firmino 34 10 5
Borini 12 1 0
Sanchez 43 23 12
Difference -112% -26% 33%

So the combined player has played 112% more games than Alexis, delivered just 6 more goals and offered up 33% less assists.

Now let’s talk about these stupid numbers and hardwork. I already referenced last week that when Carlo A’s Madrid team analysed Atleti under Simeone, they noted that Diego Costa tended to have a good game when he ran 9km. That’s one of the hardest working terriers in the game. So that was their benchmark. So much more goes into hardwork outside distance covered. Sprints are where a striker makes his money, not distance covered. According to the LiveStrong website, the average time for a normal man to cover 10k is between 50-70 minutes. For an elite athlete, it’s 30minutes. So now you can start to see that a distance covered number on its own really doesn’t tell you much, because 10km for an elite athlete is chump change over 90m.

Our pitch is 105m long, cut that in half and you have the area Sanchez is loosely playing in. 9km a game is sprinting half the pitch 171 times, that’s 1.9 times per minute of the game. Ok, now bear with me, there’s a thing called context in sport and data. The context of Okazaki, in his 19 starts, is he plays for a team that play long ball after breaking from deep, that involves a lot of long sprints and his team play deep defensive without the ball, so he’s chasing shadows a lot of the time. Arsenal, on the other hand, control possession in the opposition half. If your style is not long ball breaks, there is only a certain amount of running you can do per game, because you’re breaking down deep blocks outside the box. Sanchez doesn’t need to chase shadows all game, bar in the big ones. Liverpool are counter attacking that aren’t the best in posession, they play with an agressive press and he leads that. I don’t even want to give Peter Crouch the time of day… he’s 36 years old and he’s playing for a new deal, he’d run to London if you asked him to.

Anyway, the point is, Alexis works incredibly hard. This statistic is poorly thought out and the worst thing is it’s put there because it’s dripping in agenda. If Sanchez is ranked 32nd in a table that doesn’t consider games played, that doesn’t consider sprints per game, that doesn’t consider the impact of the players goals and assists. Well, it’s a f*cking stupid statistic that would be laughed out of the room at any other club outside one that is trying its hardest to position our best player as the problem, vs our beleaguered dictator.

I mean, I feel I went to town on that, so the idea of me picking apart Spicer’s second story about Wenger planning the clubs future for the next ten years is beyond tragic.

‘Gunners boss Wenger is already looking at big summer targets with Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette top of his wish list, the club want a new academy boss and, in the long term, a director of football.

‘The master plan is for Wenger to help rebuild the club in the next two years of his contract and get it ready for a successor to take charge when he eventually retires.’

Look at the state of that. Wenger, who has never won the Champions League, is likely to finish 6th or lower this season, has his two best players leaving, has the fans calling for his head, has lost the dressing room… thinks he can plan for the next ten years and he’ll consider a Director of Football in the long term? Two years is not long term. There should be no choice on the DoF. But again, Wenger runs the show. Shame of it is, now the narrative that’s starting to creep out is we’ll do a Leicester because CL now doesn’t matter?

Don’t bet on it people. Conte, Klopp, Poch and Guardiola with another year to bed in, Wenger already totally clueless against teams in the top 10. Wenger is dead, he’s sinking this season, and you should have no faith in him restoring the club to former glories because he’s proved with or without money, he’s f*cking useless.

As for today? Let’s see how it pans out. I always have a good vibe against City and I think we could turn them over. Makes no difference, either way, this isn’t a major turning point in the season.

Interesting to read Kelly Smith, who oversees the ladies development squad, have her damning say on Wenger.

“My mind on Wenger has been turned a bit,”

“I was always on the side of supporting him, but seeing the performances the last two or three weeks, with the lack of effort, the disorganization, it seems to be the players have really lost the passion to play and get up for games.

“It doesn’t seem as if they’ve got that hunger there any more.”

Fairplay, this is what Ivan should be noting behind closed doors.

Right, enjoy the game.

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  1. Dave

    John cross is a disgrace of a journalist. The bullshit coming out of the club/ Wenger, the complete and utter contempt for the supporters shown by the whole club is the reason I gave up my season ticket last year. It’s something that I didn’t take lightly nor did I ever think that I would do since I’ve been a season ticket holder for many years and I’ve been going to games since the Bertie Mee dats. Sad sad times

  2. Adam A. Carbarundum

    there you go again with your blind faith in Gazidis, Pedro. When are you going to learn, he’s an overpaid bum of a patsy moron. You cling to the hope that somehow he’s paying attention. Attention to what? He’s a patsy! Why is that so hard for you to understand?

  3. Adam A. Carbarundum

    John Cross looks like a disheveled horse when he smiles every time he waxes genius of Wenger.

  4. HillWood

    HillWoodApril 2, 2017 08:31:45
    Arsenal have re opened the upgraded Hale End Academy.
    Let’s hope hope there’s been a massive upgrade in The Try To Win The Fucking Match department

  5. Federer

    This is the day it all goes down for Wenger.
    If we loose, the moron would cite how tough the league is since Chelscum and Moo Utd dropped points yesterday.
    He always has an alibi

  6. Leftsidesanch

    Our record against any team that is semi decent this season is dire, plenty of these games have been pressure situations aswell. Don’t expect Arsenal to pull up any trees today.

    Wenger is the master of making excuses, and making a load of statements without actually saying anything of note.

  7. Bergkamp63

    We seriously need to get beat today and by a heavy margin, the more toxic the atmosphere, the more likely he will go upstairs.

    Wouldn’t put it past us to get something out of this game today and prolong the agony.

  8. useroz

    John Cross, Spicer and the like can go to he’ll…

    Talk about class, values,…? Ivan can go with ’em and take the Board with him.

    Wenger will die, not only leave Arsenal, one day. Would they follow to his grave?

  9. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So now are going to have their own FanTV. Seems the negativity on display from the original Fan TV I’d a bit much for the faint of heart pro-Wenger organization. Cones as no surprise as the Cult Of Arsenality demands complete and unwavering loyalty from their followers.

    The more this nonsense continues the more hatred will be directed at the club. Beyond pathetic behaviour.

  10. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Won’t take much for City to beat Arsenal today. It’s not like Wenger will change up his 20 year old tactical plan. After all, given enough time his tactical plan will become en vogue again, right? What, another 10 years ought to do it….the old mule should still be kicking by then to a near empty house?

  11. useroz

    A micky mouse fan TV is poor PR (like that has been) and would simply backfire.

    They really think we are peasants and will kneel before the dictator when being fed with more propaganda?

    Really need to go to that length to defend an EMPLOYEE, albeit one protected by dictatorship due to a combo and rubbish CEO + BoDs.

  12. colin

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, for those who’ve not read it before,this man gave 9 years of success but needs 2 years to repair 12 years of failure, so for those who believe in him i say to you , be careful what you wish for, because what this man is giving at this time is , uncertainty , no clear direction of or on the pitch , the quality of perform against wether it be top class opposition or the so called minnows the standards have clearly dropped dramatically low ,so much so that teams like watford , west brom respectively are made to look much better than what they are , so in my opinion if this man stays to much longer, as arsenal fans there’s lots more troubled times ahead.

  13. Adam A. Carbarundum

    There is an article floating around that show a letter to a perspective participant. In it the club have outlined rules of engagement. Made perfectly clear is that negativity towards the manager or club is not acceptable. In other words, only conditioned zombies need apply to’s FanTV.

    Honestly, it’s a cult that Wenger is running. Wow!

  14. GoonerInNY

    What rational organization would allow the guy with total authority who oversaw a long, steep decline be the guy to try and rebuild?

    If you brought in an outside consultant to evaluate Arsenal top to bottom, I am sure the top two recommendations would be fire the incompetent manager and rebuild the structure so the manager does not have so much power.

    Disgrace. I hate that Wenger has ruined watching Arsenal for me.

  15. useroz

    The more the club does it (eg fan TV + pre screening) and try suppress freedom of speech, more hatred towards Wenger-the-fool and division amongst the fans/supporters will inevitably be created. They will put themselves and SK in a no win situation.

    Public (fans or not) view is getting too hard to manipulate these days even for the best political parties, let alone these Wenger cronies lol.

    Hate to see Arsenal lose but can’t see how they’d beat man city

  16. Jim Lahey

    Does anyone know if that story about Arsenal being sponsored by Adidas next season has any truth to it or was it an obscure April fools day prank?

  17. SUGA3

    Gazidis is patsy, just a mouthpiece. The fact that they are petrified of letting KJW go says a lot of their level of acumen.

    With regards to that regime fan TV, they are in the woods. Not being funny, but smaller clubs (like Benfica) have proper TV channels, been saying it was a requisite for a big club for years. But seeing how amateurish they are anywhere else, I am not concerned about the viewing figures for Robbie’s channel 😉

    I mean, they are barely out of the woods with using green screen and putting a ‘background graphic’ drawn with pixel crayons.

    On today’s game, win, draw or loss. I want performance. Or Wenger’s head on a plate. With an apple in his mouth. 👿

  18. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @JimLahey….have read the same rumour, a two year deal apparently which makes some sense for Adidas (why sign long term for a team that appears set to miss out on Top 4 CL exposure for years to come). Reading the article it did not seem April Foolish, but rather a rumour as we know them.

    With what appears to be an exodus of talent upcoming in the next year, it’s going to be very difficult for Arsenal to attract sponsors let alone real talent. You have the undeniable feeling that lean times are coming as long as Wenger sticks around.

  19. Jim Lahey

    @Adam –

    Yeah when I read it I though it would be very obscure to be an April Fools Day joke! It would be odd though, don’t we have a few more years to run on our current deal with Puma? Also at 90m a season it would be bigger than the deal they did with United, which I would find suspect as we are no where near the size of United in terms of marketability.

    However, I would much prefer Adidas to Puma, the Puma kits were a but awful to be honest.

    “With what appears to be an exodus of talent upcoming in the next year”

    A good point, how would adidas market Arsenal? Ramsey, Giroud?!

  20. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I don’t think it’s Pumas fault that the kits have been awful, Jim. Let’s not forget, it’s Wenger who chooses the kit design from those that are presented to him. It’s been a while since you can say they have had a memorable kit.

  21. Adam A. Carbarundum

    And Puma have gone out of their way to design a Wenger-Proof zipper and still the bufoon screws it up!

  22. Jeff


    It was another one of those prick teasing statements from Arsene. He vows to continue but he won’t say where – as if there is any doubt. Honestly I think he’s doing it on purpose just to troll and upset those who want him gone.

  23. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Sad part is John, it’s believable enough given the environment that Wenger has created in splitting the fan base with his insane and outlandish behaviour.

  24. Bamford10

    I will say again that I think you get the most of out of Alexis if you play him as a second striker through the center. Plus we need to do something different. I like a 4-4-2 diamond, as so:


    And Wenger needs to fuck off as well, of course.

  25. SUGA3

    Arsenal are repeating the same defensive mistakes over and over so much, it’s infuriating. Failure to close down players outside the box, bullshit zero responsibility zonal marking at set pieces, etc.

    Robben must have scored at least two, possibly three identical goals against us. Are these players this thick, or just plain shite?

  26. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Heaven forbid the players putting their faces in front of an oncoming ball. It’d ruin their selfie careers!

  27. Bamford10

    The protest group hired a van to drive around outside the stadium, which frankly is kind of lame. Whatever. The man must be driven out.

  28. Bamford10

    If Lucas isn’t available, I’d start Welbeck alongside Alexis. Like so:


  29. Guns of Hackney

    First off, Kelly is out of a job. Good for her but she’s gone. That’ll teach anyone to speak out against The Weng Man.

    Secondly, Joseph Goebbels…sorry, the propaganda minister, John Cross needs work. He’s like any other journo…a bit of a dick.

    Once again, Wenger is done a favour by the shitty teams around him. Chelsea losing and Man Yoo stinking up the place. There’s always another team doing their best to fuck things up.

    Here’s the thing about The Weng Man. As long as he is better than the bottom three and loitering around the top four, he’s always going to be okay. Now with the real possibility of losing his coveted fourth place, he’s dissing the CL and suggesting it’s not the pinnacle of football.

    Until you all resign yourself to Wenger for at least the next six years, or stop supporting Arsenal for a while, this is how it’s going to be. We are witnessing a turning point in the clubs history, where a mentally ill manager is in charge of a billion pound company and is doing his best to destroy it.

    I hope the protests turn ugly…more press. Come on city you bunch of wankers.

  30. Arsene's Nurse

    BBC MotD 2 reporting that a banner saying “In Arsene we Rust” is going down the Holloway Road.

  31. HillWood

    Quin, Henry and Neville all saying Wenger should stay and then they all list his faults!
    Fucking unbelievable

  32. SpanishDave

    We are in the shite because of Wenger, so now he suddenly has a plan to get us out.
    What utter bollocks he’s clueless that’s why we are going downwards

  33. leftsidesanch

    @guns my thoughts exactly, i enjoy coming onto legrove but i’m so detached from that team it’s unreal.

    You can see from Wengers comments that he is literally disregarding the fanbase..and there are still many who support him. Let them suffer and be stupid together.

  34. Guns of Hackney


    I can see this blog wrapping up. Who has the stomach to write about Arsenal for the next six years?

    Wenger is 100% not well. The truth will out one day.

  35. Dissenter

    So Gazidis and the board are turning to the man who supervised the slow decline of the club over the past 12 years to reorganize it in 2 years.
    Arsenal is now pure comedy gold.

    It’s clear we aren’t a big club. I cant see a top manager coming to work with this lot. They’ll smell the amateurism from one meeting and be off quickly.
    It’s going to get really bad before it gets better.

    It just goes to prove that getting Wenger out doesn’t take us from the woods. We have a stagnated organization from top-down.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Don’t ever want to lose , but does anyone really give a fuck about the result today …
    The is cretin cunt has drained the life out of the club,
    I for one just want rid, however it comes …

    We have been killed like a chicken an the last few steps are like us playing now …

    It’s dead this season

    Congrats spurs they have ended a sequence long since started …

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We are the like the good looking bird in the club
    Beautiful boat but ugly beneath the neck down….

    Everyone sees the club an thinks wow but reality is it’s shit

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We need a mark chapman like dude to ask wenger for his autograph … that’s the only way the deal ain’t being signed

  39. Adam A. Carbarundum

    There are many things I want to happen, but wishing death on someone is never the way to go. I absolutely understand your frustration, RSPC…change will eventually come.

  40. Tomtom

    Listening to Phil Thompson on the radio today and he makes a good point that Wenger really should announce now that he is leaving.
    It will give the fans a chance to wish him well and see out his last few months on a happier note.
    If he stays on now he will lose all credibility and good feeling towards him within the game.

  41. Dissenter

    Wenger-out advertising truck seen driving around the vicinity of the stadium

  42. GoonerDNA

    Hope the Wenger-out march is huge, really hope the AST make it clear Wenger must step down at the end of season and make the club take it on board and actually start the succession plan with immediate effect and I hope we lose today just so it really does happen sooner than later.

    This could be a historical day for Arsenal.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Adam a
    Just jest fella

    Want him hone the honourable way
    Him saying I have taken this club as far as I can …

    I have made myself an the share holders an absolute fortune an that is what I want my legacy to be

  44. WenkerOut


    If you are an Arsenal FC fan & like me, you really want “our Arsenal” back, please sign THIS Petition ASAP!

    DON’T let Arsene Wenger hold our club hostage and sink us further into mediocrity & ridicule!


    If you’ve never signed a petition in your life, sign this one. Post the link on Facebook &Twitter and get your friends to sign it. Thank you :

    #WengerOut #NoNewContract #WEXUT

  45. SpanishDave

    So retirement is death according to Sir Dickhead.
    He gets more desperate by the day, what an embarrassment to our club.
    The board just stays quiet. Unreal

  46. David White

    PR just starting to justify why they will cut Sanchez loose over the summer. ie. Because the club wanted to move him on, not because he wanted to go…

  47. Boomslang

    If retirement for Wengy means death, extending his contract is Arsenals’ death knell.

    What a delusional son of a bitch.

  48. Elmo

    Keown’s just come out with this gem:

    “Arsene Wenger’s philosophy is to shower his players with love. They play for the man and that’s Wenger. You can’t say anything bad about his players. They are his sons and he will protect them. When you threaten to take that love away, they will start to collapse.”

    He’s actually trying to argue that it’s reasonable for a group of men in their 20s and 30s who are paid millions to kick a ball around to collapse when there’s a threat that the manager who over-pays them and protects them might be removed!

    Watched the Wrighty and Rocky documentary this morning on BT Sport. How can Keown think like that now when he was once part of those fearless Arsenal groups?

  49. WenkerOut


    Groete aan jou broer!

    Love the Rainbow nation, and have been lucky to go there twice.

    Just do what I do – sign on behalf of Arsenal friends you know after you asked them if it’s OK you do so for them, as it only requires a name and Email address. People are lazy!

    Frankly, not sure if this petition will help our cause, but as many international fans from all over signing up makes interesting reading to the $ obsessed Stan Kroneke, who said before he is after Arsenal fans tourists who invariably will spend lots on Arsenal merchandise.

    Here’s an interesting anecdote that happened 2 days ago : –

    So I posted on Facebook for PUBLIC view the below : –

    “Wenger Out Petition : –

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    Within a few mins, some twat named “Pete S-tactics” commented and AFTER I replied, he deleted his comment!

    His comment was basically along the lines I am being disrespectful and AFC board is to blame, “brand Arsene” was responsible for Arsenal’s success & the board was hiding behind him, we can’t do anything & Wenger will leave on his own terms, and telling me to “Shut up, don’t go the games and don’t buy any merchandise, and see Kroenke wets his diapers”….

    My reply – “Pete S-tactics, already stopped buying AFC official merchandise like 6 years ago and I am not based in London, but an Arsenal fan for 35 years based in Singapore. Me thinks Wenger is the one being disrespectful to the fans and he genuinely believe it is Arsene FC and he alone built the club, as if AFC has no history or won titles before he came along. If not for George Graham building the famous defence, Wenger will not have won the titles he did, FYI, he has never credited George Graham or defender Martin Keown, who coached the make shift Arsenal defence with Mathieu Falmini playing as left back the one year Arsenal reached the European Champions League final in 2006. Seriously, which top football club you know allows am employee to dictate when he stays or goes? Enough is enough and Wenger is doing more damage to the club by clinging on to power for far too long – Arsenal is in serious danger of becoming the “next Liverpool” i.e. a sleeping giant, and never mind UK, it is now just the No. 3 club in London, no thanks to the dictator, Kim Jong Wenk, who controls all aspects of the playing side of the club. Bottom line is, you have time to waste waiting for Wenger to go on “his own terms”, but not all of us genuine Arsenal fans who can see the shit show that it is have the luxury of time.

  50. jwl

    Few days ago, Wenger blamed the players, not the system, for Arsenal’s problems and now someone at club is being paid to brief against Sanchez, our best player, regularly for past few weeks.

    Wenger is lashing out, do other players notice what their manager doing – respect my authoritah!

    Wenger never been questioned like this before, and it shows, because he doesn’t know how to respond to this crisis other than to blame players.

  51. Tomtom

    Why is Wenger waiting to announce his decision if he is “clear in his mind”

    Pathetic really that he even has a choice but why is he waiting?

  52. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal team news:

    Arsene Wenger has taken the unusual step in not actually fielding a team against Manchester City. When asked what he was doing, Wenger simply said “love will win this match and I believe in my players”.

  53. SpanishDave

    Wengers waiting for a win to say that we have turned the corner and all is well.
    Perhaps beating the mighty West Ham next week.

  54. Bergkamp63

    I can’t remember seeing a bench that bad for Arsenal in decades !

    If we go behind, it could get very ugly indeed.

  55. Ishola70

    lol that starting line-up looks pony.

    Xhaka and Ozil in the starting line-up.

    Wenger wants to outfootball Man City.


  56. Ishola70

    Just seen the Man City line-up though.

    They haven’t got a midfield.

    So the game is one without midfielders with real influence apart from an attacking perspective.

    Arsenal will go direct, Man City will play the Wengaball.

  57. Ishola70

    Pep’s line-up would get torn to shit against a real top team.

    There is no protection for their back four.

    You are into them straight away.

    The battle of the naives.

  58. WenkerOut


    I met Keown in person, took a really nice pic holding up a big Arsenal banner & had a good 5 – 10nmins chat way back in May 1999 when club immediately went on an Asia summer tour to Bangkok (I am based in Singapore) right after last league game.

    I somehow blagged my way past their Bangkok hotel security and took pics with some of The 1998 Double team (a grumpy Adams, a smily pony tailed BIG hands Dave Seamo, a quiet Luis Boa Morte, a super nice Marc Overmars, & a grinning Nic Anelka who after the pic was taken, his grin turned to shock hearing me say to his face, “Don’t you dare go to Real Madrid!” as he was on his mobile, presumably not chatting to a Thai hottie bitd he just shagged but his agent btother!) at the lobby lounge bar some 2 hours after the exhibition match (they lost 3-5 to the vety good Thailand national team btw) , while Wenger & whole squad were watching live on bar lobby’s TV screens Manure completing 2nd of their Treble beating Newcastle.

    So Keown strikes me as a really smart & erudite person, surprising since not many players are (but I found out recently he is an Oxford native). I reckon he has a lot of respect for Wenger and just does not want to see him hounded out, hence the crap he spewed that you commentedvon, which are absolutely spot on.

    What he and a numbet of the Invincibles of late fail to realise they are being ENABLEES, which Wenger will take as support for his long gone Football Manager capability. Only Manu Petit & William Gallas seem to have the cahunas to tell it like it is the shit show i.e. Wenger, obviously unlike fuckin’ Pires & Lehmann, who are fishing for job roles in.the club witj Wenger still in touch.

  59. Joel

    Whilst Arsenal continue to lose then the Board are unable to announce any extension to Wenger ‘s stay.In the meantime the teams run of form goes from bad to worse.Given the team that Wenger has selected today I can’t see anything changing.Ozil back in the side yet his inability to impose himself against top 6 opposition is well documented.Coquelin chosen to protect the back four against speedy quick thinking opposition is “a red card waiting to happen”.For some reason the Ox has been omitted from the squad altogether.The only good news being that the Manager finally seems to have lost patience with his Welsh lovechild.At least another loss today might finally persuade “the Deluded One” and his cohorts that it’s time to walk away….Unless of course he’s already worked out a list of excuses to throw at the media after the game…and carry on regardless….

  60. vicky

    Unbelievable team selection from Pep. Surely Fernandinho is not going to play as a wing back today as that would mean no central midfielder at all in the starting 11. Looks like 3 at the back or perhaps Navas playing as a right-back.

  61. Guns of Hackney

    Guardiola throwing the match today??? Football is a boys network.

    If Arsenal win this, we will have to look at that grinning puppet faced bastard giving us his “told you so look”

    Pep is a fucking idiot.

  62. Jeff

    I have no confidence about today’s game at all. Mental strength is at its lowest. A must win game. Fourth in the balance – less than 50% chance of getting it. The FA cut has big teams in it, the sort we don’t like playing when there’s nothing else left. Manager talking even more drivel than usual. This is the worst possible time to be facing Man City who’ll be looking to cement their position in the top four.

    So basically we have quite a lot to lose and when that happens we usually collapse. So I have no confidence at all today. I might be proven wrong and we play a blinder but, unlikely.

  63. Red&White4life

    Guardiola, another KJW’s lover…

    I’m sure that his players will not give their best today lol

  64. Berg

    What does that snake Gazidis mean when says catalyst for change? I would say director of football or change to backroom staff but wanker stays

  65. izzo

    LOl @ Pedro on twitter “Lineup looks strong” The reason Pedro keeps bigging up Gazidis is because the bald Wenger elf has his nudes. 😀

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    Sky are reporting that Ivan Gazidis met Arsenal fans’ groups at lunchtime today and told them that the club shares their concerns and that the last six weeks have been a catalyst for change.

    What change is he talking about?

  67. Jeff

    The current board and owner mantra is all about “what can we do or say to justify Wenger staying”. They are desperate, even fanatical that he stays. I will never understand to my dying day why this is, never.

  68. Wenker-wanger

    There’s only solution for this disease to end and that is by death to the tyrant.
    What is the point of this selfish fckers life?
    He should resign and do charity work for kids in Africa.
    His money would help generate and stimulate communities that in general love the game.
    At the moment only 20% of fans want him here ,and that’s only because the majority of them fear change..( as if it could be worse!). So basically this absurd apology of a human being is stubbornly clinging on to a ridiculous notion that he can make arsenal properly successful again.He is a totally spent force as a manager, a deluded senile specialist in failure.

  69. vicky

    “What change is he talking about?”

    I would bet my money on Ramsey,Wilshere,Ox and Gibbs being offloaded, a new DoF and possibly a new no 2 brought in. Wenger in all likelihood will continue for another 2 years.

  70. Jeff

    Gazidis has taken a leaf out of Wenger’s book on how to talk in riddles. How to hide the truth. How to sidestep problems. How to trivialise questionable decisions. How to glamorise mediocrity. This is the great PR spin that has been going on for years and years. It’s not going to stop now. Arsenal is a mini totalitarian state where everyone has everyone else’s back the fuhrer is supreme. SMH.

  71. Dissenter

    The Pedro position of not criticizing Gazidis is as annoying as the people who excuse Wenger’s mediocrity.

  72. izzo

    Yep I knew Sane would score and make minced meat of them. I expect Aguero and Sterling to score as well.

  73. Arsene's Nurse

    Blimey, they’ve tried that move three times now and no one picked up on the fact they are passing in-between the centre-backs.

  74. Jeff

    And what is that fucking stupid hairstyle from Belend Bellerin? He looks like a sumo wrestler without the blubber.

  75. Rambo Ramsey

    If these so called executives really believe replacing a few players is gonna prove the catalyst for improvement, they should be shown the way to grade schools. Clearly their teachers failed them

  76. Ishola70

    lol how much did Wenger put Bellerin on in wages last year? Disgusting that a player that is nowhere complete as a player is paid so highly.

    Laighable how Sane strolls through for the gaol.

  77. leftsidesanch

    bellerin can flash his knickers some more at the catalans..whats happened to him

    not that im complaining..poor side arsenal are

  78. useroz

    Truly wenger goal. Fucked defensive shape broken by a long ball from city mid!!

    Where the Fuck were our CBs??

    Did Walcott touch the ball yet?

  79. Jeff

    Every single side from top of the league to the bottom must absolutely love playing Arsenal these days. You get plenty of chances. Virtually no defence. Zonal claptrap. All you have to do is keep them out long enough for frustration to set in and they’re there for the taking.

  80. izzo

    LOL Bellerin cares more about his garbage bag hair bun than he does actually trying to be a footballer. Another headless chicken with all the speed in the world and technically deficient. Cant defend can’t attack. Any new manager will have to practically start over from scratch and ship off 90% of this team over a season.

  81. Galaxygooner

    BillikenGoonerApril 2, 2017 15:09:18
    We aren’t very good.

    We are crap .
    Most of our players are crap as hell
    Our manger is crap .
    Only players worth the money are

    and maybe , just maybe Bellerin.
    The rest should not be wearing the shirt .

  82. Red&White4life

    Lots of full seats at the Emirates, what a surprise…
    Nothing but sheeps, brainwashed by KJW’s regime.