Which footballing philosophy is Arsene ready to serve Pep G?

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'We play with the handbrake off, Boro'

‘We play with the handbrake off, Boro’

The big one is tomorrow, Arsenal vs Manchester City,  Pep G vs Arsene Wenger, the end of the top 4 challenge or the beginning (new beginning).

However you want to frame this match, it’s massive. Fans are preparing another protest, it should see some big numbers because it’s on a Sunday and at a time suitable to the masses and the temperature is pretty moderate. The game is massive as well, you kind of get the vibe Wenger senses Pep G is weaker than an Abou Diaby hamstring right now, he can see the headlines in his dreams….

‘Arsene Does Know’

John Cross writing the, ‘well, people think Pep G is good, but look, Arsene just beat him, so maybe that makes him better’ article as we speak.

… but will the dreams become a reality? Will we see something tactically surprising from our lot? Will we see a reaction to his confused fighting talk in the press this week?

Or will we just see more of the same. Arsene does have a habit of leaning on his footballing philosophy for games like this. What I mean by that is he generally changes nothing, pays zero attention to who he’s playing and how they play, and he usually loses.

What we know:

Last time we played City we faced them off the back of a grueling schedule, and straight after a midweek defeat against Everton. We had nothing, we totally ran out of steam and we let them pick us apart. Well, let’s get more specific, it initially looked like we had a game plan, which was to sit deep, steal the ball, then counter them at pace… but after a while, you realised it wasn’t a plan, we were just tired and didn’t have the power to press.

Sure, we lost to 2 offside goals, but again, you felt they had more gears. We also showed that our starting 11 struggle under pressure. We lost the ball in midfield a lot, Ozil looked lost, and we passed really badly. I think the top 7 passers of the game were City names. If that’s playing to your philosophy, well, I’m not sure that’s a plan.

So what can we do tomorrow? Could we drop a 4-5-1? Ozil on the left, three middle men being Xhaka, Ramsey and Chamberlain… then roll with Sanchez through the middle and Theo on the right? Keep it tight andy compact in the middle with the ability to break at pace? Could we opt for a surprise 4-4-2 against a very dodgy John Stones? Or will we just do what we normally do and go gung-ho for glorious failure?

We know City are terrible at the back. We know they really don’t deal well with an aggressive press. We know Yaya Toure through the middle can look very pedestrian. My main concern with City is they have Arteta who will know exactly how to get at Arsenal, because you know he probably had a lot of the answers when he was been handed to the wolves under Wenger for 5 years.

Right, that’s all I have time for today, have a great one!

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  1. Wallace


    “What do you think of Wenger’s conduct in delaying his contract decision?”

    not bang up to date with everything, but seems like he’s wanting to re-sign. I’m surprised, I was fairly sure that whatever happened this would be his last year.

    uncertainty over Wenger’s future, our best player probably gone in the summer, our other best player playing like a drain….not great.

  2. reality check

    Rockys honours

    First Division: 1988–89, 1990–91
    Football League Cup: 1986–87

    All before Wenger. But as Wenger thinks, and ex players have said, we we’re nothing before him, so were Arsenals and the ayers including Rocastles Career achievements nothing also?

    “Having played a major part in Arsenal’s title triumph of 1991, Rocastle flourished in the centre of midfield as George Graham’s side played some of the most attractive football seen at Highbury. His flair, allied to that of Paul Merson and Anders Limpar, conjured up chance after chance for Ian Wright, Kevin Campbell and Alan Smith. The title eluded Arsenal but the entertainment was non-stop.”

    I’m sorry arsenal.com, how dare you put this on the clubs official webpage arsenal.com. Wenger invented flair play at Arsenal. We’ve never seen exciting football before Wenger.. smdh

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/gunners-greatest-players-16.-david-rocastle#pciptRs6YGUmQJK3.99

  3. reality check

    No misprints here

    “I have no doubt about my huge motivation,” he said. “I just think I built the club, in the way I did it with hard work, without any external resources.

    “I think if you compare the club with the moment I arrived and the club where it is today, we have moved forward and without any money from anybody.

    “The money has been produced by the quality of the work and I am even more motivated than in the first day I arrived,”

    Hes talking about money ffs hahahah not trophies won, not leagues won.. because WE ALREADY HAD THOSE, and he knows that.


    (He built the club from nothing to now they have a lot,” Podolski said. “It will be interesting when he leaves who comes in because the club is built like in the Arsene Wenger style. Who will come? I don’t know.”)

    So were all the clubs honours including the late rocky Rocastles achievements nothing?

  4. Arsenal not Arsene

    Wenger thinks he built the club, the stadium, he hired 600+ employees since he came, he knows the tea lady by name, and above all he’s the club, without Arsene, Arsenal is no more. Loads of BS. And to think there’s a group of fans who believe that is very disturbing. I can’t wait for him to leave and go to hell with akbs.

  5. seg

    Would sp*rs’ coach be able to say ‘he built the stadium’ when they finish it? Or is that privilege for Wenger only? I asked cause i don’t think they’ve got any sugar daddy, it would only be fair if he could