This Arsenal stat will blow your mind | Squad foundations to be rocked this summer

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Well, great to be back in London. When you’re away for a while, hearing English people chatter away on the train is like watching a shit American B-movie where the director has run out of money for extras.

‘This bloody Brexit mate, it’s codswallop’

Nothing is a substitute for family either. Even being able to shoot the shit about football and people not think you’re having a specialist conversation is nice. Anyway, I love England and I love London.

SO WHAT HAVE I FOR YEE? Check out this graphic. Someone mailed it to me, so it might be fake news, but I have a feeling it’s not, because I’ve been doing some basic sums this morning.



How shocking is that? I mean, it was bad enough when we struggling against the top four teams, which we are again this season, but look at the state of that. We’re now struggling against anyone who has a small amount of cash. Truly embarrassing, and yet another black mark against Wenger’s record and yet another reason why we really are making a bad mistake this summer giving the hostage taker another deal.

Someone sent in a pretty OTT letter to F365, basically outlining he thought Arsenal would get relegated next season. Now, while I think the premise is wildly off, I do get some of the logic.

If it goes well for the rest of the season, we’ll finish 7th. This summer, we’re likely to lose our best player in Alexis. He said this yesterday:

“I’m happy in London and I want to finish my contract. That’s what I want. I like to stay in one place, one city, where the team fights for titles.”

Have my doubts we’ll hold onto him, and totally wouldn’t be shocked to see him go to Cheslea.

Anyway, think what you want about the man, he’s been carrying us for large parts of this season. Without his energy, guile and clinical finishing, we’d be in trouble. I simply see no way that we replace him with better this summer. If tt’s someone like Reus, who is being shifted because he’s at the peak of his powers and Dortmund have cover for his injury prone issues, it’s not going to cut the mustard because he’ll never be in our team. It’ll likely be someone substandard who has been acquired under bad scouting. No one elite would join Wenger right now, and even if they did, you know it’d be second choice. Players want to get better under a manager, Wenger can’t offer that, there is a graveyard of young names who have regressed.

There’s a chance Ozil could sign on, but you have to be real here, he’s not carrying our team. He can barely carry himself out of bed he gives so few fucks. If Ozil is staying on, it’s because no one else wants him. People are sharing around the full transcript of the interviews like they’ve uncovered something fresh, I’ve read it and I have zero amendments to make from yesterday’s post (especially as we know his agent has already told the media he feels victimised).

Clinging to the idea that Ozil is secretly working his pants off doesn’t work for me. Promoting the notion that it’s just not his game to tackle or to press doesn’t work for me… because we’re not even arguing that, we’re arguing that he won’t engage in a challenge for a corner, or move to shut off a run. He’s just not a player who can take you to new levels in a broken system, unless you have everything perfect around him. Which we don’t. Even Mourinho had to make special arrangements for him because his fitness wasn’t elite.Who can make things work with average I hear you say? Cesc Fabregas knew how to put a shift in, that can’t be denied. He had just as much pony around him.

Then you look at all the potential issues we have with the rest of the squad. If you’re honest, we probably need to move on Chamberlain (because he wants to go), Ramsey, Wilshere, Chezzer, Cech, Ospina, Per M, and Cazorla. There are rumours Barca are still interested in Bellerin, though I hope he’ll hold strong and stay. This summer could need the mother of all rebuilds, but we don’t have anyone in place managing that process right now. We know Wenger isn’t very good with money, we know he shits the bed at the thought of integrating a whole bunch of names who might have opinions, and we know that he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

If we finish outside top 4 this summer, don’t expect things to get better next season. The man running the show is struggling against top 10 sides because he’s done with being an elite manager. There’s no crash course in being great again. There’s literally nothing you can do, bar bringing in a new guy and a new structure to stop the rot… unless you believe in luck.

It’s unbelievable that Ivan, a man paid £2.6m to advise Stan K, hasn’t informed him that this could get very messy and very expensive to fix. Arsenal has been sitting on a tipping point for years. I think the weight shifted this season, and it’s not going to come back.

We’ll see how it goes on Sunday, but look, even a win against City – a club that’s been largely shite this season – shouldn’t fool you. From a PR perspective, it might look great.

‘Wenger defeats so-called best coach in the world, signs new deal’

… but it’s just a plaster over a gaping wound Wenger has managed to run on for 6 years. The AFC flesh is gangrene now, the players, fans and the general public can smell the stench. It’s not going to be pretty watching Wenger rot even further over the next two seasons, but the club knew this was coming. We’ll pay the price for sitting on our hands, I just hope the wilderness Wenger is walking us into isn’t too difficult to come back from, because there are a lot of bears looking to eat our breakfast at the moment.

Right, see you in the comments.

Podcast is down this week because it’s international week and we want to make sure it’s ALL KILLER NO FILLER.

Also, if you’re about on Sunday, get yourself down to the protest is at 2.50 opposite the box office in Drayton Park is the gathering point for Sunday. Read more here.

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  1. Romford Pele

    Naby Keita is top notch though, as is Bakayoko. All for adding some more power and athleticism to our team of nice boys.

  2. WengerEagle

    Brandt is tidy, smooth baller with the all important ability to beat his marker. Still very raw though, reminds me of a younger Draxler.

    It’s old school but I really value players that can dribble, they’re few and far between these days.

  3. Romford Pele

    Eagle, all good my man. Work is fine as well though it takes up the bulk of my time. Can’t moan at the money though.

    Haven’t actually been to watch a game in the last month and a half. It’s all too depressing. I’ve been lending out my season ticket. Gonna loan it out next season too unless Wenger goes. Can’t be dealing with the repetitiveness of it all, just boring really.

    I’ve been Wenger Out ever since the Fabregas and Nasri debacle. The 8-2 compounded it. But since the end of last season any goodwill I had for the bloke has just evaporated. He’s like that uncle that comes to every family party despite nobody wanting him there.

    Like you say, when people stop bantering you and start feeling sorry for you is when you know the team has hit a new low. Depressing stuff.

    Still, I’m enjoying this season from a neutral perspective. Lots of good players around. Last CL round was very exciting, Arsenal apart. And none of Madrid, Bayern or Barca look infallible this year so we could have a new winner. Be interesting to see what happens.

  4. WengerEagle

    Monaco have something crazy going on right now, it’s downright freakish the amount of top class youngsters that they’re producing/putting together.

    Most of their best XI are still practically kids, if they actually managed to keep that side together they could win the UCL in a couple of years time, firmly believe that.

    Won’t happen though, this summer they will get picked to the bone.

    I could see Pep bringing Silva, Mendy, Lemar and Fabinho all over to Manchester after their tie, he must have been very impressed with what he saw.

  5. Romford Pele

    Draxler is still my boy. Hurts that he’s at PSG and not Arsenal. His impact since he’s gone there has been great. Always performs in the CL. Wish Wenger would bugger offto PSG. Be interesting to see how he does there (lol). Ready made squad there. No excuses for failure.

    Also this season has given me a new found love for cavani. Need a striker like that man.

  6. Relieable Sauce


    Seems to have a really good footballing brain and the ability and composure to pull it off. So much to his attacking game, I think he looks really top notch, amazing prospect.
    Him, Perisic and Lucinius Jr in the same team….ughh! Sorry I’ve just cum.

  7. Romford Pele

    Monaco’s squad is crazy good. Like I would sign about 8 of their players right now. Like imagine that Wenger used to have that market wrapped around his fingers and the best we can acquire now is Sanogo and Jeff FFS lol

    Haha Eagle, yes let’s talk about my boy! What a player eh? Ballon D’Or pending soon!!

  8. Romford Pele

    Dahoud confirmed to join BVB next season. FFS, such an exciting team of players there lol.

    We need to get back to being a club of choice.

  9. Red&White4life

    “Total days of injured players during season since 2011/12 :
    3 – everton 8,058
    2 – manure 9,600
    1 – Arsenal…. 10,285” ==> WE WON A TROPHY!! lol

  10. WengerEagle


    Glad to hear it buddy.

    Yeah the ST holders are in a tough spot because if you give up your Season ticket which you probably waited years for in the first place, it’s going to take a while to regain it and Wenger is 67 so he WILL eventually be gone one way or the other.

    It’s up to the ST holders to lay down the grounds for some sort of a protest though IMO as they make up the bulk of the home support, something as simple as a united boycott for even one match, would receive major news space.

    Yeah 2011 was around the time I stopped believing in what we were doing, after getting effectively knocked out of 4 competitions in the space of a couple of weeks, selling our best two players of prime age and replacing them with a host of cheap rubbish.

    The UCL has been great to watch this season and I’m loving the fact that the big 3 sides now all look beatable, especially Barcelona. Their midfield/defence is incredibly average and with Messi and Suarez both hitting 30, I’d be very concerned if I were a Barcelona supporter.

  11. WengerEagle

    ‘Dahoud confirmed to join BVB next season. FFS, such an exciting team of players there lol.’

    Wow, very shrewd pick up for I’m guessing relatively cheap.

    Dortmund setting a clear pattern in their recruitment intent in the TM.

  12. Romford Pele

    Eagle, unfortunately trying to get all fans to get behind one initiative is futile. The fanbase is broken. Even those who might’ve finally admitted that Wenger isn’t fit for purpose still won’t hound him out. Social media isn’t really representative of the matchgoing fan. Like you say, a silent protest where fans don’t turn up is the best bet. If half the ground was empty on Sunday sponsors would immediately pipe up but I have my doubts. At most you’ll see 5,000 empty seats.

  13. Red&White4life

    “Dahoud confirmed to join BVB next season.”

    Any good players confirmed to join KJW’s regime this summer ??

  14. WengerEagle


    Athletically he’s stand out, big powerful kid 6 foot and weighs 180 lbs.

    He’s also got the right amount of subtlety to his game that I like, he’s not a flair player like a Coutinho but more like a well oiled machine, very efficient in everything he does.

  15. Romford Pele

    Will never forget that January. Instead of buying Draxler we got Kim Kardashian’s twin on loan ffs!

  16. WengerEagle

    ‘ Like imagine that Wenger used to have that market wrapped around his fingers and the best we can acquire now is Sanogo and Jeff FFS lol’


    All of that amazing star talent and we’ll probably pick up a 19 year old Ligue 2 part-time plumber this summer.

    Romford, the dude is a freak. I’ve been watching the internationals and the only entertaining matches in amongst all of the gutter crap has been the Brazil ones, largely down to Neymar.

    As if mugging off Godin and friends in their fortress of a home ground where they were 8 years unbeaten last week wasn’t enough, he runs half the pitch beating 3 players for dead against Paraguay and scores later in the week.

    He’s now above Messi as the best player in the world in what he’s capable of IMO.

    Once he re-adds the goals to his game which will come with confidence as recent weeks indicate, it will be unanimous I reckon.

    Despite Messi’s goal count, he hasn’t been the same these last two seasons, he peaked in 2015 with those memorable solo goals against Bayern and Athletic Bilbao leading Barca to another treble IMO.

  17. WengerEagle


    I agree, your average person doesn’t want to be involved in a public protest which is fair enough, some out of fear of embarrassment because let’s be honest you’re not exactly protesting for potentially life-changing legislation to be put into place, we’ve just had enough of this old man using our club as his own personal toy. Protest entails getting videoed, getting your face slapped across publications, etc and your general bloke is likely adverse to this.

    But I can’t understand why people couldn’t get behind a simple boycott of the ground, are there not like 45,000 ST holders? Even catering for half being Wenger supporters that’s still a substantial number of people, potentially.

    I can’t get how you could be fed up of the regime in place and yet still attend every week, snubbing a boycott.

  18. Romford Pele

    Eagle, yeah he’s outrageous, best in the world at the moment for me too. At 25, the world is his oyster. Hopefully he doesn’t lose interest/peter off like Ronaldinho did. The kid is complete. There’s nothing he can’t do. Dribbling, creativity, shooting etc, he’s got the lot.

    Probably has taken more of a creative mantle this season because Barca’s midfield now pales in comparison to what it was. Also Messi is slowing down and can’t do it all.

    Physically Messi has definitely declined. He can still do all he used to do but just not with the same regularity. Dribbles nowhere near as much whereas Neymar has so many successful dribbles per game which is to be expected considering his age. Still Messi has just achieved another 40+ goal return which is a joke tbh. His consistency over the last decade is unrivalled and I don’t even think Neymar will get there. But I think Neymar will be remembered for iconic performances if he continues to be clutch in big games like he was in that second leg against PSG. Say it quietly but Brazil are probably big favourites for the World Cup next year as it stands.

  19. Romford Pele

    Eagle, yeah100% agree. If you’re not gonna protest then boycott. Do something. Unfortunately our fans are very much like the players, timid. There are loads of ST holders. About half of them in the ground are probably still pro-Wenger which is unbelievable at this stage but it is what it is.

    Some also equate not attending/protesting as not supporting the team which isn’t true. I support the team, not the regime. And plus we’re doing it as a means to an end. When the manager has gone we’ll all come back.

    Let’s see what happens. Unfortunately I think things will get worse tbh.

  20. Kane

    Pedro not sure why you have just woken up to those stats now – they have been talked about on here multiple times…. here is a few more:

    In games played vs top half teams this season, Arsenal have played 12, won 4 (Chelsea, Stoke, WBA, Southampton), drawn 2 and lost 6….. taking 14 points from a possible 36.

    Arsenal still have to play MCY, tot, MUN, sto, sou, EVE so that loss column could be about to get a whole lot worse!

    When we look at games against the top 3rd table teams – Arsenal sit 11th overall, behind Watford, Bournmouth, Leicester and Burnley…. playing 8, winning 1 (Chelsea), drawing 2 and losing 5, taking 5 points from a possible 24.

    Finally – in games against the bottom 3rd teams – Arsenal sit 4th… Playing 12, winning 9, drawing 2 and losing 1… collecting 29 points from a possible 36.

    So what does that tell us that we don’t already know??!?!

    We can beat the worst teams in the Premier League most of the time… however, we are unable to beat the top 10 teams in the league most of the time and are more likely to lose to them than we are to manage a draw.

    What ever way you want to put a positive spin on it, it is pretty grim reading!

    All stats taken from here

  21. WengerEagle


    He strikes me as a different breed to Ronnie, more determined and focused even though you can tell that he also loves a piss-up as Ronnie did. I’m sure he’s desperate to lead Brazil back to glory in 2018 where at 26, he’ll be at his peak. He has a very good shot as Brazil right now look formidable, they have an embarrassment of riches up front as the likes of Jesus and Douglas Costa haven’t even featured in the recent squad.

    Defensively they look solid too, they haven’t conceded many goals in qualifying and individually talent-wise they’re stacked there too. CM maybe you’d ask questions as Paulinho still gets his game but even there they have players like Fabinho who you would expect to come into contention by next summer.

    I haven’t seen anybody beat players the way that Neymar does since Ronaldinho, he literally walks past them with ease. Not as efficient a dribbler as Messi as he gives up possession quite a bit but he has more in his locker with his flair and ability to go on the outside and use his weak foot.

    Yeah at 25 he likely won’t ever hit Messi’s goal numbers as they are GOAT stats he put up all of those years.

    Interested to see how much better he can get at 25, his game has gone up a couple of levels since 2015.

  22. jwl

    Red&White4life -“Any good players confirmed to join KJW’s regime this summer ??”


    Giroud renewed contract just a few weeks ago, L’oreal is our replacement for Sanchez, so we dont really need anyone else. Maybe a new left back but other than that, we are good to go.

  23. jwl

    Interesting that Bournemouth improved once they dropped Wilshere, I bet our underachieving english players have noticed that.

    It would be interesting to see which teams Arsenal’s english players singed for if a new manager came in this summer and decided to sell them all.

  24. Romford Pele

    Agree there eagle, you can tell Neymar is hungry to make history. That’s the only way you’ll go down in folklore. I think he’ll get there too.

    There squad is very good and talented. Could do with a bit more in CM like you say. Disappointed Ganso hasn’t really progressed since being at Sevilla. The ideal type of playmaker that would function well for the Selecao. They have oodles of talent up top though. I think by the time the World Cup comes around they should be in good shape providing they’re fit and healthy.

    Yeah Messi has been making his mark since he was a teenager. Maybe Neymar could’ve don’t more had he not been playing in a team with Messi as the main man. Still it’s all conjuncture as I’m sure he’s learnt loads from Messi. So like Ronaldinho passed the torch to Messi, its now getting passed to Neymar.

  25. Romford Pele

    Tolisso is quality Jim. Energetic B2B. Not the most creative though so would need another in there if you’re playing a midfield three.

  26. China

    Romford Pele but incredibly few people who criticize ozil are doing so without acknowledging the wenger is by far the bigger problem

    We all spend 90% of our time on here discussing wenger. The fact of the matter is however that this club has a truck load of problems right now ranging from the owner, to the board, to the manager, to the fitness staff to the playing staff

    Wenger is by far the biggest problem and almost everyone here knows it

    But just because wenger is the biggest problem doesn’t mean a player who is considered elite but puts in incredibly underwhelming performances for us doesn’t deserve criticism

    This is something that really bothers me about our squad these days. None of them besides Sanchez have self motivation. It’s wenger’s job to get the best out of his players and he doesn’t come anywhere close, but how the fuck do players getting paid upward of 100k a week look themselves in the mirror at Arsenal and feel like they’re doing their bit?

    The players should be fucking ashamed of themselves. This isn’t some corporate desk job where they’re faceless nobodies in a company of 5000 staff. The boss barely knows their name so they don’t make an effort. They have 60000 fans cheering for them every fucking Saturday, wearing shoes with their name on the back, they’re paid astronomical salaries, and they’re incapable of motivating themselves

    It’s wenger’s fault for conspiring to build such a team of absolute fucking prideless pussies, but seriously our players still have a responsibility to put some effort in.

    The lot of them make me sick frankly. By not trying they disrespect the fans. And now we have the worst squad in wenger’s reign. For the first time ever (after spending over 100m we now have a team where here I literally give zero fucks about the squad. No favourite players (I don’t care about any of them). Sanchez is putting in a shift and I respect that he cares but ultimately he’s no Arsenal legend and will be another mercenary footnote in our history compared to our real stars.

    What a shambles

  27. jwl

    In five to seven years, we are going to watch Wenger say he could have signed Tolisso, in a interview a day before match where Tolisso ends up scoring a hat trick against us for PSG or Madrid or Bayern or …….

  28. Jeff

    By the way, I’m not sure why it says “boxing” in the BBC link. I think the BBC cocked things up a bit with their website.

  29. Relieable Sauce

    Sissoko might still join us if we match his wages…

    : /

    Whatsisface Double-Barrell might possibly join us from Chelsea if we offer him Bellerin money.

    Project Raggydoll here we come.

  30. Jim Lahey

    @Romford – A replacement for Xhaka already??

    I honestly can’t see any big players joining this summer, Sanchez will leave and Wenger will say he has all the quality needed within the squad. Watch Wilshere being brought back and hailed as a new signing..

    Fucking depressing times!

  31. jwl

    “China – This is something that really bothers me about our squad these days. None of them besides Sanchez have self motivation. ”

    Our only self motivated player is strongly rumoured to be leaving this summer or next because Wenger ego is more important than winning league. Players are acting rationally, half assed effort and overpaid, that what Wenger wants.

  32. China

    seriously our players deserve mountains of criticism right now

    Absolutely useless bunch of losers

    Gutless, prideless, careless, lazy, overrated, unappreciative cunts

    Wenger gets the blame for buying and playing them but they still get blame for being a pack of cretins

    sell the whole fucking squad as far as I’m concerned and just start again from scratch. Our entire squad has what like a small handful of important players, maybe 3 or 4 and one of those wants out. There’s fuck all to gain from keeping any of them anymore

    Sell 10 of the fuckers. Use the money and bank reserves to bring in 6 serious signings and look for a couple of supplementary bargains. Support the rest with youth and the remaining existing squad players

    I’m sick of the sight of our entire squad and manager. The lot of them need flushing out

  33. Romford Pele

    China, who was talking about Özil.

    If you want to criticise the players that’s your own prerogative. Me I personally see no point in it as we’ve seen the same failings with different personnel so it’s obvious who’s to blame here.

    Obviously the players can’t be completely absolved of blame but I’d only lay 10% of it at their door. We’re in an era of football now where managers are micro-managing every aspect of a game, maybe even changing formation 2/3 times a game so constant need to communicate what you want from the players is vital. Wenger doesn’t do that and it’s why he’s being left behind. But it’s also why the players are being left hung out to dry because things are constantly being changed and they’re being left to figure it out for themselves which is gross negligence.

    Also some of these players have won titles elsewhere for club and country so I don’t think they’re pussies as you say. They may just need more direction which obviously they don’t get from their manager.

  34. Jim Lahey

    @RP –

    “We’re in an era of football now where managers are micro-managing every aspect of a game, maybe even changing formation 2/3 times a game so constant need to communicate what you want from the players is vital”

    What is this witchcraft you speak of???!!

  35. Romford Pele

    Jim, I’m not advocating selling Xhaka at all. I said do a midfield three. Xhaka, Tolisso and another creative type for example.

  36. WengerEagle

    China, someone was spot on here saying that Wenger essentially has a squad of overpaid and average players, he’s bought their loyalty by paying them inflated wages that they wouldn’t earn at any other top club.

    I mean ffs weren’t we at one stage paying Chamakh, Bendtner and Park a combined 200k a week?

  37. Jim Lahey

    I will always say that Theo Walcott epitomises everything that is wrong with Arsenal Football Club. He is the living embodiment of this culture of mediocrity that has been persistent for the last decade.

    It is no coincidence that we have not won a league while he has been at the club. Now that is not Walcott’s fault but rather the mentality adopted by a club that would keep a player like him for 11 years!!

    I think he must be the longest serving player under Wenger?

  38. China

    I see what you’re saying but I think our entire squad only has a small handful of trophies between them outside of Arsenal

    As well I always hold back from crediting individuals too much for titles as that’s a team award. I always say it but john O’Shea and Darren Fletcher won the CL… Wes brown is one of the most decorated players in history!

    But yeah we don’t disagree that wenger is the ultimate culprit. As well we agree a better manager would get more out of the same players

    But I can’t see how people who are paid 100+k a week need their boss to motivate them when 60,000 people are paying through the nose to support them every week. That’s the definition of disrespectful, gutless and prideless.

    Like if you were a pro in the same position playing for utd (I say utd because it removes your natural motivation of supporting the club) – would you be unable to motivate yourself just because your manager was useless? Wouldn’t you feel a responsibility that comes with pulling on the shirt and stepping onto the pitch?

    That’s what pisses me off about the players. They’re not ashamed of being absolutely shit just because their boss isn’t.

  39. Relieable Sauce

    I’m glad the players are playing crap, don’t care who, or why, it’s having the desired effect.
    Why would you possibly want a result or performance that gets Wenger and co off the hook?…

    PR stuff is to be expected.

  40. Jim Lahey

    @RP –

    “Jim, I’m not advocating selling Xhaka at all. I said do a midfield three. Xhaka, Tolisso and another creative type for example.”

    I would also be inclined to give him another year to show what he is capable of, under a new manager of course! I think if we are going for that system (which I like) we should be going balls out for Rabiot. And play a Cazorla (love that little guy!!) type player ahead of them.

  41. Romford Pele

    China, don’t think this problem is exclusive to managers. Who knows the motivations behind why some of them are doing what they’re doing. Player power is at its optimum these days. Look at last season. Chelsea players decided they didn’t want Mourinho anymore and essentially got him sacked, finishing 12th. The same crop are now going to win the league.

    Definitely there’s a lack of accountability these days but it all stems from the top. The board and the manager are lacking and this filters down to the players.

  42. Mick Kartun

    Simeone will turn these bunch of whimps to be resilient and take no nonsense attitude.

    Real whimps among them will get a natural selection and fuck themselves off.

    Still 3 or 4 players are worth to keep.

  43. China

    As well re the same shit different players issue, you’re 100% right on that

    But as sol Campbell said – when he came back to Arsenal he was shocked that there were so few personalities in the dressing room

    Sol himself said after the invincibles left wenger built teams without any strong personalities

    So rather than it being a case of lots of top players who wenger was ruining its seemingly more a case that he just built squad after squad primarily of pussies.

    It’s no coincidence that the invincibles managed itself. He built that squad out of absolute monsters. If current arsene was to go back in time and be just as useless as he is now back in 03 they’d have still gone unbeaten because it was the squad rather than the management that was so effective

  44. jwl

    “Mick Kartun – Simeone will turn these bunch of whimps to be resilient … ”

    This made laugh thinking about it. Simeone would establish army boot camp at Colney and I have hard time imagining Giroud, Ramsey, Ozil … doing well with their new manager.

  45. Boomslang

    Mick Kartun

    Agreed. I’m a strong advocate for Simeone. We need that ruthless aggression back into the team.

    Imagine him barking orders at a clueless, quivering Walcott?

  46. China

    If I was Arsenal manager there would be boots thrown at this group of players’ heads on a daily basis

    It might not get me anywhere and I’d be sacked by Christmas but can you imagine how cathartic it must be to throw a pair of pumas at ollie’s smug head????

  47. Mick Kartun


    That’s why I said, after Sergeant Simeone drills camp, real whimps like ozil, ramsey, and my hair is awesome girude will shit their pants and ran off and pack their bags and beg to be sold.

    The rest of the players that can endure the drills will survive and become real men.

  48. Boomslang

    ‘I don’t want to imagine simeone with Walcott. That’s just cruel!’

    China, Simeone would torture his candy ass.

  49. Mick Kartun

    Keown is an example of a player that arsene inherited with crazy bad ass attitude that always brought me smiling everytime he was like a raging bulldog and smack opponents like van nistelrooy.

    And that’s why many loves arsenal for that aggresive nonsense play that suddenly a keown type was replaced by the likes of Djorou, mommy’s boy chamb

  50. qna

    AnA: Xhaka is shit. End of. You wet your pants when he signed and now you’re struggling to justify that. A case of people sticking to what they believe in despite numerous reasons not to. Just like wenger

    I was furious that we didnt take the opportunity to sign Kante for his 20m buyout (available for UCL qualified clubs) and let Chelsea get him for 30m. I didnt want us to spend our big money on Xhaka either. I lost my shit at our collective signings of Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez and put it on the record then and there that we would 100% finish outside of top 4 this season. That was before the season started. While people were saying this 100m spend might win us the league I put my credibility on the line and guaranteed that we would not even make top 4.

    But the fact that we spent good money on Xhaka that should have gone elsewhere doesnt change Xhaka’s quality. He is a very good player and all of you that cant see it are sinply wrong. You are having a knee jerk opinion based on highly unfavourable circumstances that he is playong under now. He was on trajectory to being elite before he signed and has shown enough to suggest he still will get there. He and Ozil would excel in well managed teams with other elite players around them. Most of our other players wouldnt.

    On the other hand people for some reason can’t fathom that certain players who were on trajectory for mediocrity before joining Arsenal have done nothing to alter that and remain mediocre. A long list of players but most recently including Perez, Mustafi, Welbeck, Gabriel, Elneny and Chambers.

  51. Mick Kartun


    I must admit I was also the one of msny that fooled by youtube biased only good clips shown. A man must have the guts to admit his mistake.

    The missed part of Xhaka’s weakness that many like me just barely realized after watching full of his matches not the lack of his passing techniques, but as much I will be abused after saying this….that his main weakness is his LACK OF BRAIN.

    There I said it.

  52. Samesong

    Did you tell him that he has a shit barnet?

    Looks much better than before IMO but I did tell him to bad it up against City in which his response wasn’t very assuring.

    Sorry london talk.

  53. Samesong

    Did you tell him that he has a shit barnet?

    Looks much better than before IMO but I did tell him to bad it up against City in which his response wasn’t very assuring.

    Sorry roadman talk.

  54. qna

    Mick. On Xhaka my opinion was not youtube based. Even at Arsenal I feel his problem is massively impacted by Arsenals tactics and structure (or lack of). I thought he was fantastic in the Bundesliga as well as at the Euros.

    He is not nearly as poor as people are suggesting. He is treated harshly by refs in comparison to other players. But still many of his cards are well deserved. I think when he adjusts to the different pace of the EPL he will get the timing of his challenges right. If he pulled off all of his challenges by getting his timing right then everyone would be lauding him and saying he is the tough tackling player we needed. Its just a matter of his timing in my opinion. I dont agree he has a technique issue either. I think its timing.

    Having said all that about him I am not saying he is the be all and end all. He wasnt very high on my list of desired midfielders but he at least fits the minimum standard unlike 90% of our signings.

  55. qna

    RT: Xhaka was shit in the Euros and he’s been shit for Arsenal.
    Xhaka a classic example of a mediocre playing being sold for a monster fee.

    You mean like Messi shit or actually shit. He was very good in the Euros. Official man of the match twice.

  56. TheBayingMob

    More intangible bollocks from Wenger:

    “Most important will be, our future will be decided by our mental qualities”

    On his will he won’t he saga that he seems to be relishing and wallowing in: “I would not like to answer that debate, there have been enough press conferences about that”

    Then fucking get on with it and stop cunting about old man! Grow a pair and tell the world you’re staying because it’s the cushiest job in world football with an unheard of power base for one manager and the only way you are going is being dragged out backwards with your bleeding as you resist …

    “The priority in life is always to focus on what is important and not to look for excuses, at the moment our results are not going the way we want … the priority for us is what happens on the pitch, and being professional is to perform on the football pitch and not to find escape, excuses where I think there are not”

    It’s funny that he talks so much about being honest and not finding excuses, yet all he does is find excuses for his nosediving career; most notably the 10-2 humiliation against Bayern Munich.


  57. Redtruth

    Like Messi was Officialy named player of the tournament in the World Cup when we all know he wasn’t even Argentina’s best players in the tournament…lol

  58. Redtruth

    Like Messi was Officialy named player of the tournament in the World Cup when we all know he wasn’t even Argentina’s best player in the tournament…lol

  59. Mick Kartun

    I can’t believe the press is still get on and on with his unstable mental state. Either he is really in mental backward as the story of his ex wife was scared of his sudden change of personalities or wenker is just being smug to fake it to fool the fans, I don’t know which one.

    But to see the journalists listened all the time to his either real demented deluded comments or simply trolling just for the sake of their news rating, but these people should be examined for their mental state too, because how dumb people get so hypnotized with wenker’s routine bollocks and still watching his press conferences that for normal people will puke all the time after listening or reading that crap.


  60. Boomslang

    What a train wreck Wengy has become. It seems he does his best to provoke the ire of Arsenal fans each time he speaks.

    ‘There’s only one club in London’

    And that club is going to win the league.

  61. Carts

    “Keita guys, shits all over what we have in terms of B2B.”

    My boy Diawara at Napoli is a problem as well.

    As per, Wenger will overlook them because other big team will be looking at them.

    If Pep had anything between his ears he’d have to go for Keita or Diawara

  62. Marc

    It’s impossible to really judge the quality of our current players whilst under Wenger. The whole teams a shambles, no defensive nous, a non functional and unbalanced midfield and the attack lacks balance.

  63. Carts

    Any rational Arsenal support well aware of Wenger inadequacies, and there are plenty, can’t deny that even if we had a spine of Neuer, Koulibally, Kante, Messi we’d struggle.

  64. Bay Area Gooner

    When Wenger scouts players he first looks for
    1. Cheap
    2. Does not question authority
    3. Cheap
    4. Happy being overpaid and doing nothing to develop
    5. Cheap
    6. Kiss assses to the media and always defending how great he is

  65. Thank you and goodnight

    Our future will be decided by our mental quality.. …hahahahahahahahahahahaha fuck me the gift that keeps on giving. The same mental quality that enables us to bottle it at every conceivable oppurtunity. The same mental quality that allows us to get butt fucked and humiliated by virtually every half decent team in Europe on a regular basis….hahshahaha the only mental thing arsehole is you

  66. Thank you and goodnight

    Tell you what if he ever does leave Arsenal he has a job in stand up that’s for sure. The man’s hilarious

  67. TitsMcGee

    Yea I’m pretty much team “it doesn’t matter who we sign whilst Wenger is here”.

    The players have been conditioned to accept mediocrity which trickles down to training and preparedness. That conditioning is set by Mr Wenger.

  68. Gavqatar

    You know, when Wenger said ‘You will miss be when I am gone’ a few seasons back, we all thought that comment meant he will leave us in good shape and nobody will be able to do as good a job as him. It’s becoming more apparent that what he meant was ‘I will hold onto this job as long as possible, totally fuck the club and nobody will be bringing you back to glory in a hurry’.

  69. Gavqatar

    That article was written in 2013…..could have been written yesterday. For anyone out there that still thinks Wenger is the man for the job….well, I have no words! I bet if I tried hard enough I could find one from 2010 that said the same shite. Let’s move on and get rid of this dinosaur……as the old saying goes ‘dinosaurs will die’…..hopefully it’s not a slow, even more protracted one!!

  70. China

    Xhaka might come good under a better manager

    I love his passing

    But I don’t think you can say ‘if he timed all he tackles right he’d be doing great’

    He hasn’t. And based on his disciplinary record over the last 4 years he has always had this problem – it’s not a PL adjustment related problem

    He has one of the worst disciplinary records in top flight Europe spanning 3 or 4 years now. It was true before he came, it’s not about the speed of the PL

    Some of his fouls have been really hot headed and cynical. They’re not even accidents in some cases, they’re either badly executed professional fouls or just the guy brainlessly throwing his legs at people at hoping it works out. That doesn’t work in any league, again it’s not about the pace of the PL

    The what if argument only applies if the reason why it didn’t happen is because of something outside of your control. ‘What if that dumb cunt didn’t break Eduardo’s leg, we’d have probably won the league’

    You can’t really say it about timing tackles because it was his lack of ability that was why the tackles were poorly timed. By the same logic – if only giroud took 90% of his chances he’d be the best striker in the league. He doesn’t, though, so he’s not

  71. China

    For me our midfield is the worst part of our squad

    I’m not sure we have anyone better than a 7/10 in our squad in midfield unless you count our forever injured Spaniard who’d be an 8, nothing more anyway

    If you have an average as hell midfield like we do (combined with average number 10 and right winger) you better have some monstrous fergie type manager to get them over achieving. No chance of that with us. Average as it gets

  72. China

    Jwl ‘Someone pissed in China’s cornflakes this morning.’

    You fucking know it! Came into the room to see a 6’1 skinny man in his 60s, wearing a really long coat with a broken zipper, slinking away out the window with a wry half smile tattood on his face muttering something under his breath about qualidee

    Called the police but they still haven’t identified any suspects

  73. Adam A. Carbarundum

    You know this statement is coming….There is only one person that can save me from myself…myself – Arsene Wenger upon signing his contract extension.

    What a fucking putz!

  74. Follow the money

    I don’t have access to stats but I’d like to see this stat expanded to cover Wenger’s entire tenure. I bet it would be horrifying

  75. Rambo Ramsey

    Rollen, you pathetic asskissing moron, I don’t give a shit.

    Ex AKB? Yeah, I bet you was a WoB when Wenger was bringing in the doubles.

  76. TonyD

    Romford Pele
    Mick K

    All you guys make good points as well as the other usual suspects here.

    I don’t think we have a team of gutless wonders nor do I think we have a great team in terms of talent. I think we have an above average team who are leaderless both on and off the field.

    Many of the team are played out of their natural positions. Wenger thinks he can transform them all to his vision of where they should be playing.

    End result? Confusion!

    The team is never prepared properly with specific plan A, B & C tactics for each game; they all go out there trying to keep Wenger happy so they can keep their position.

    End result? Confusion!

    Wenger doesn’t want leaders because they might question his deluded one dimensional way to beat the opposition.

    End result? Confusion & Frustration!

    Marry all of the above together and we have a team that will never be able to perform collectively to constantly win games let alone trophies.

    I believe we need to see a quality manager at the helm to really see what the players can do when they are tactically conditioned for each match and playing in their best positions.

    The England rugby team is a good yardstick to this thinking.

    Under Lancaster they were collectively misfiring as a team.

    Under Jones with the addition of around 3 new players and a new better co-ordinated back room team of coaches, they have become number 2 in the world and have the joint world record of unbeaten games.

    Basically a below par team was transformed to a team of achievers. The players were never bad players nor were they all world class under Lancaster, the same is true now, but they are now winners with the right mentality.

    I see the same happening with our beloved team. Sure a few will have to go and a few replacements being brought in, especially players with leadership qualities.

    I’m not saying anything different here that hasn’t already been said numerous times before. Frustration runs equally high with us as I’m sure it does with most of the players.

    We’re lucky in as much we can vent our emotions and unquestionable logic in public. The players can’t and that would drive me mad if I were one of the players.

    So before beating the players up; have a thought for how they must be feeling, too, and how this must be affecting their performances as they are miss micromanaged to a point of not being able to perform.

    As for a protest, I just wish we could boycott a match or upcoming matches. It’s the only way of letting Kronke, the BoD and Wenger see the vitriol we all feel towards Wenger with his inability to manage and incredulous transfer decisions.

    It really doesn’t matter now for the remaining matches, so voting with our feet is not going to damage the team, but actually in a reverse logically way let the team know we are behind them, if that takes any sense.

    The real damage will be the expected coffers AFC expect to gain every week dropping significantly. By reducing revenue streams for a few weeks, AFC are going to have to think hard about their pockets being less lined in the future.

    That’s my take on things and the thought of another period of Wenger makes me feel physically sick, especially as living 6000 miles away means I can do nothing about it.

    Quick note on Miles Palmer. I can understand people not liking him because he wants to sell his products. However, he is like us and really fed up with Wenger and makes his thoughts plainly known.

    He’s lost his Arsenal mojo like may of us.

    He’s a successful and respected journalist from both the music and sports fields. A dinosaur? Sure he is, and I think he’d be quick to recognize that. He likens himself to an old beatnik from the 60s, which in some ways is endearing to us like minded similar aged people – like me who is 62 this year.

    Like supporters our age he remembers and cherishes the Arsenal of past teams and managers over the last 55 years.

  77. gonsterous

    everyone was an akb

    but where’s gambon? the first WoB.. when he had to fend off this whole blog. poor chap had an argument everyday with one poster or another…

  78. PieAFC

    He’s signed. Glad I’ll be able to avoid the texts, the calls and any slight flicker of flame to go to a game when in Canada.

    We will get battered at the shit hole this year and that will be the turning point… for everyone.

    If he’s signed that’s me done until he leaves.

  79. reality check

    gonsterousMarch 31, 2017 04:38:48
    everyone was an akb but where’s gambon? the first WoB.. when he had to fend off this whole blog. poor chap had an argument everyday with one poster or another…

    (everyone was an akb)
    Not true. Not trying to argue but this struck a cord. Just because a team does well, does that automatically mean the Manager knows best? Portugal just won the Euros. Are chelsea fans about to put out CONTE KNOWS BEST BANNERS, they don’t even sing JOSE KNOWS BEST, Fergie gets slated for winning the league and leaving the club with old men, to this day. Any Fergie knows best banners?

    Just because a team is successful doesnt mean all fans automatically put it down to the manger.. again. Portugal won the euros?!

    I think something happened somewhere along the road Arsenal fans stopped being Arsenal fans and were mezmorized by Wengers jedi mind tricks.

    Fast forward to now the same crap he spoke back then aint working because the team aint working.

    For me, i don’t care who the owner or manger or CEO is. For me they are all duty bound to do whats best for the fans. To deliver what the fans want.

    For example, Leicester fans were not demanding they compete for the EPL. Survival was enough.

    Now if they go on and do something amazing like win the EPL, then i can see why extra “credit” may be given to the manager or owner. The manager just achieved something unbelievable.

    But for Arsenal. Im sorry, what wenger delivered was mandatory for a club the size of Arsenal. He won 3 leagues.. great. Throw in a few FA CUPS, dandy, one unbeaten season, cool. But none of those achievements compare to what Leicester achieved given the size history and fan expectations.

    Wenger did good but not everybody was blown away. For me, the players were amazing. The legends were unique and brought unforgettable moments on the pitch. Done things we haven’t seen before.

    These moments i give to the players. Thank Wenger for buying them. But lets not pretend he taught Henry Pires Vieira Cole Bergkamp and even Adams how to play football.

    Arsenal had 10 League titles when Wenger joined.. The last one being 1990-91.

    Not exaclty a life time ago from the last league title to Wengers first..

    In that Legend era we should have won at least 5 Leagues competing with UTD only. The fact we couldn’t win 2 Leagues in a row shows Wenger wasn’t a great coach. It was the players that (in spite of wenger) achieved as much as they could.

  80. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    “The priority in life is always to focus on what is important and not to look for excuses“
    Somebody needs to remind him of this quote when he next blames the ref, kick off time or whatever else he puts the blame on – except himself.

  81. TonyD

    Reality Check

    On the money as always.

    What idiot said “be careful what you wish for”, or was it several idiots who said it in the press?

    Anyone wish for this and the last 13 years? I didn’t subscribe to it, wish for it or even hanker for it just a little.

    We’ve got the worst situation in our history now and the last 13 years.

    Totally agree that we should have won more honours in the so called Wenger glory days. I questioned it then and even more so now. Really good that Reality Check has brought it to light.

    You look at what Wenger inherited when he joined the club, then added what was already coming in terms of diet, fitness and new evolving training modules, which weren’t new in Europe at the time, then you come to realize that Wenger is a one trick horse.

    That trick ran out of steam over 13 years ago. Now Wenger is flogging a dead horse with the PR spin team of the decade behind him.

    Listen carefully to what Wenger says and he’s like the madam fairground fortune teller. Always seeing and selling the future and the AKBs are still buying it.

    Year on year it doesn’t happen and the AKBs still love him.

    Wenger leave the circus you call Arsenal and take your AKBs with you. Change from fortune telling to the sad clown that everyone who really understands football sees you as now.

  82. gonsterous

    reality check

    by akb i meant you trusted Wenger to do what is best. if he bought an unknown you dint know the player but u trusted the managers decision.. that’s what an akb is, not asking the manager what should my fav meat be from the supermarket.. just that u trusted he knew more about the footballing world than us..

  83. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Arsene Wenger is a legend…in his own mind. Only at Arsenal could such a ridiculous scenario as the one it finds itself in be allowed to happen. By the end of Wenger’s tenure he and the club will be a full on joke with no punch line.

  84. S Asoa

    Wenger is so enamored by the 20 million he will pocket for a shit show next 2 years , it is desperate times . This Avaricious Leach should be evicted using all means. Bad results would be an important factor. So until we achieve our aim and Wenger is evicted ,we just have to overlook the pussyfoot players so they continue to contribute to THE CAUSE .
    When a new manager comes in the matter will be solved because don’t think anyone else can ever be such a big son of bitch as Wenger , ever.
    Until then let the shit fly into Wenger face.
    Patience, Resolute.

  85. goonerboy

    We are now seeing the results of years of poor or completely absent leadership and complacency running the club-the truth is Wenger actually runs the club- no one else matters.

    Wenger has been allowed to engage in a level of self -indiulgence which beggars belief- he’s been allowed to amass a squad of players in his image- they are nearly all strong on style and talk and weak on substance- Walcott epitomises this-far better talking about the game than actually playing and succeeding. A team of charlatans.

    Wenger has spent millions- and it is clear to all except it seems those whose money he is wasting- that he cannot coach or structure a team that can defend competently against a good team..

    It is obvious to anyone who has played a team sport that the players have finally lost confidence-in Wenger, in his whole approach- and his methods-
    The whole set up has to change to regain confidence.

    Wenger staying -talking change but keeping the failed philosophy will not work- nor will buying more players. Its clear that good players he has brought recently like Mustafi and Xakha are confused by his tactics and organisation and underperform badly.

    Wenger is history- and Arsenal will be until he is gone.