Snowflake Mesut crying in the media | Wenger still on the edge? | Protest on Sunday, JOIN

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I’m back in the UK, grey, moody but mildly warmer than NY. Mega bonus. So on that note, why don’t we start Eeyore of Arsenal, Mesut Ozil:


“When the team’s on a bad run, somebody needs to be singled out, sadly most of the time it’s me.”

What’s that you can hear? The faint notes of the world’s tiniest ‘GROW THE FUCK UP’ trumpet playing to the soundtrack of Titanic. Honestly, Arsenal fans give that man too much wiggle room as it is. Fantastic player, elite passer, unreal productivity numbers last season… but look, there are some major flaws.

#1 Character. Always goes missing in the big games. He earns the big dollar, wants more dollar, but can’t show up against a top 6 side? SAD! If scoring against shite teams was the benchmark for greatness, then Oli Giroud would be at Barcelona. Also worth noting that the fans crying about how brutal English football is for not understanding wallflower Ozil should revisit the reason Carlo let him go. Character, straight up, in words.

#2 Fitness. Very difficult to argue the curve to Mesut’s season. He starts really well, we think he is on course to overtake Thierry for god-like status… then we roll into Christmas, his game dips, then the second half of the season, we lose him… every damn time it’s the same. Same happened this year. Where has he been in 2017?

#3 Fucks Given. He covers a lot of ground, but look, there are no excuses to the half-arsed nonsense we all see with our eyes. Obvious points, how about walking away for the challenge for Everton’s second away from home. If you’re that interested, have a dig around for moments when Ozil literally couldn’t give a rats arse about the team. It’s cool to be an Ozil-toligist, but most of the time, it’s isolating moments, rather than the bigger picture.

#4 Team. Not often your best player is the subject of leaks. Mesut was. Remember the story doing the rounds about him being undroppable? You don’t leak stories like that if you have Cristiano and Messi playing every game. My point here is even his own teammates don’t think he’s putting in a shift.

So, when Mesut is crying about being singled out, he should be, because he’s our star man and he’s not doing his job properly or consistently enough. Crying about being the star man as you’re negotiating a £280k a week contract is embarrassing, but it does perfectly sum up the lack of spine the team has. It’s an honour to be the scapegoat because it usually means there are high expectations. Ronaldo is a scapegoat when things go wrong at Madrid, he takes it. That’s what Champions do.

Trouble is, we don’t foster Champions. We baby children, fat on entitlement. We get the results we deserve.

In more banterous news, The Daily Star reports that if Arsene is tanked on Sunday, he’ll pack it all in and leave. The only reason I give this any sort of oxygen is The Star was actually PHWs paper of choice to leak to back in the day, when he was relevant to fans because he always shat on them at the AGMs. Anyway, who here thinks Arsene would leave if he was tanked? Not me. No chance. The guy could crash a busload of hookers into the Thames, drunk, wearing a bondage suit and he’d still carry on. The guy is shameless, the club is spineless and any story like this is just a total nonsense.

For the protestors out there, the crew are meeting at 2:50 on Sunday. They have a surprise for the protest. I hope it’s better than Wenger’s surprise signing 2008… which was Mikael Silvestre. What a moment that was. Turn up if you care about Arsenal, he’s still not put pen to paper, so technically, he might be googling his name to check if the fans still detest this situation and his continued smelly lingering.

Fingers crossed. Hope he leaves. Shameless hostage taker.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Bankz

    I’m back!
    DM beware of the next level…..I’m back to take you guys to the next level which is the next level of the next level.

  2. Bankz

    Mesut Özil is the weakest and scariest “world class” player I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching.
    He’s a fraud is way so many ways.
    Never was a fan of the hype and still I’m not.
    He can fuck off with Wenger to Tahiti for all I care.

  3. Bankz

    Lol @ Sal
    Why you look at me?
    You fans have to learn to behave and start becoming more like Tottenham fans.

  4. salparadisenyc

    Mesut’s a large soft marshmallow, zero doubt. Negotiating for ‘that’ deal with this attitude. Sell.

    I’d take 50% of Sanchez to Mesut’s 100.

  5. Wenker-wanger

    Once again Pedro is spot on about ozil.
    A prima Donna not really gonna impose himself when the going gets tough.
    A lightweight very suitable for wengers tippy-tappy.
    Never gonna be instrumental in winning the league, too inconsistent and placid.

  6. Wenker-wanger

    Could be some logical truth in wengers decision resting on the city game.
    If we win he will announce he’s staying…I’m persuaded by that.
    If we lose, he may quit. But may also say nothing and wait for the next victory.
    So heads we lose, tails we throw again, is the most likely scenario.

  7. Idowu

    “It’s an honour to be the scapegoat because it usually means there are high expectations. Ronaldo is a scapegoat when things go wrong at Madrid, he takes it. That’s what Champions do”. … spot on Pedro.

  8. Ashley

    Ozil-toligist – big lols !!

    Have we all failed to notice the Sanchez to Chelsea story !? Why are we all so calm ??

    Pedro why are you so calm !! I demand panic and I demand it now !

  9. Olumide

    Ozil is a cry baby. No wonder he didn’t survive at Madrid. People singled him out. How come Sanchez wasn’t singled out? Of course people will single you out coz your price tag has done that. Please grow up Ozil. You deserved the criticism.

  10. Steveyg87

    I want us to lose every single game that it becomes unbearable for Wenger, whether that makes me a plastic fan or not, I don’t really care, its gonna have to get a lot worse before it gets any better from the look of it

  11. Steveyg87

    “Have we all failed to notice the Sanchez to Chelsea story !? Why are we all so calm ??”

    I think there are much greater things to worry about at the club

  12. Red&White4life

    “Trouble is, we don’t foster Champions.”
    But please let’s not forget that we make them (lol)

  13. Boomslang

    Ozil represents the quintessence of Wengy’s Arsenal; soft, emasculated and whiny.
    Hopefully they both fly off to the Bermuda Triangle and disappear.

  14. Red&White4life

    “The Daily Star reports that if Arsene is tanked on Sunday, he’ll pack it all in and leave. ”
    lol we won’t lose anyway, players will give everything for giving their master some fresh air.

  15. Sid

    City will destroy us completely .. expected scoreline will be 0-3 or worse … Players can turn up only against Mickie mouse teams

  16. WestLondonGoon

    In other big Daily Mail news, Wenger is planning to extend his French scouting network, headed by Giles Grimandi.

    ….apparently Sanogo has brothers.

  17. Ashley


    I kind of agree but disagree , we don’t know what Wenger is going to do regardless of what happens on Sunday , so yeh the whole Wenger saga is bigger than Sanchez going to Chelsea , or not going , but , on the flip side , if wenger does stay it’s imperative that we keep Sanchez and then at least we can try and make things happen next season. Having him will help , even if it’s just a teeny tiny bit , us to attract some semblance of quality player that we need and that Wenger will absolutely have to look at getting in next season . I hope he doesn’t sign on every day I hope for the breaking news that he’s leaving

  18. WestLondonGoon


    Can you post on here, the top 10 record that you just posted on twitter? It needs to be seen to be believed.

  19. gonsterous

    if we get a draw on Saturday, expect Wenger to stay and the akbs to start chanting “one a.Wenger”….
    only a defeat will save us…

  20. grooveydaddy

    We have taken only 1 pt. away against top 10 sides this year (@ Old Trafford, funny enough).

    *ranked dead last in the PL

  21. TitsMcGee

    In other big Daily Mail news, Wenger is planning to extend his French scouting network, headed by Giles Grimandi. ….apparently Sanogo has brothers.”


    I literally laughed out loud.

  22. Dissenter

    “Have we all failed to notice the Sanchez to Chelsea story !? Why are we all so calm ??”

    Because Sanchez wont be the first to leave for a BIGGER club to win trophies.
    Remember how we all worked ourselves into a frenzy when Ashley cole left for Chelsea.
    Guess what he won 16 trophies including 1 CL, 1 Europa league and 3 league titles.

    I wont begrudge Sanchez if he leaves for Chelsea.
    I dont think Chelsea actually need him though.

  23. jwl

    I would not be surprised at all if Sanchez is sold this summer but I don’t believe Chelsea story today because it is really feking stupid negotiating tactic to announce who your number one target is before negotiations start.

    I would bet lot of money that today’s Sanchez/Chavs story was made up by journo to increase website’s traffic for the day.

  24. China

    We’re so calm about Sanchez because we all feel so jaded about Arsenal

    If he stays or goes what difference does it make?

    If wenger leaves the next guy should be fighting to keep him. But until wenger says he leaving there’s literally no point in worrying about who comes or goes anymore

    We have two quality players in our entire squad. Sanchez and kos (though he’s running on credit atm). Just who cares

  25. Do one gambon

    Interesting snippet from Myles Palmers site, talking about a quote from Wenger’s ex:

    The other thing I didn’t want to see was on Twitter, posted by Martin Wengrow, an alarming comment by the wife Wenger never married.

    “In 2015, Annie told L’Equipe, “It wasn’t about affairs, he’s become a different person, I’m afraid of him.”

    I’ve met the gracious Annie, who deserves much better treatment.”

    This could support the theory some have that Wenger developed a mental illness, of he ‘became a different person’ to the extent that his behaviour scared her.

  26. Guns of Hackney

    A weak minded, millionaire coward whines about the press and fans getting on his back. And his manager is…?

    Ozil and his pathetic ilk are Arsenal. His scumbag manager is Arsenal. The impotent board are Arsenal.

    Serious question to everyone. Can anyone think of a club of Arsenal’s ‘stature’ who has literally destroyed themselves and their reputation quite like the way the gunners are doing it?

    I now hate Arsenal. Fact. People say you are with a club for life…not me. Fuck them.

  27. jwl

    What would Arsenal taste like – salty tears of rage?


    Scientists Discover Way to Transmit Taste of Lemonade Over Internet

    With the use of electrodes and sensors—and zero lemons—a group of researchers at the University of Singapore have announced that they can convince you that you’re drinking lemonade, even if it’s just water. Plus, they can send you a glass of lemonade virtually over the internet.

  28. Knickerless Bender

    LMFAO… “The guy could crash a busload of hookers into the Thames, drunk, wearing a bondage suit and he’d still carry on”

    First time in commenting although I have been reading LG for years but that quote deserves a round of applause.

    Keep up the fight Pedro and hopefully that imbecile of a manger will feck off and we can get Ant and Dec in as interim until Tony Pulis becomes available.

    Surely couldn’t do any worst?

    Yes, I am that desperate to get this differing old twat out of our club.

  29. PieAFC

    Let’s say some, if a few players do want change and know that downing tools could help the case for change.

    It’s a case of rock and hard place, they lose do not qualify for CL it hits them personally in the pocket and on the field.

    They win the remaining games, to an understanding it would help Wengers case to sign on.

    What you fellas think? Possible or not at all.

  30. TheBayingMob

    Do one gambonMarch 29, 2017 15:49:55

    … posted by Martin Wengrow, an alarming comment by the wife Wenger never married.“In 2015, Annie told L’Equipe, “It wasn’t about affairs, he’s become a different person, I’m afraid of him.” …

    I’ve very little time for Myles Palmer or ANR; he is an original AKB (check out the slightly modified precis of the book he is still trying to flog relentlessly …

    “The Professor
    Arsenal’s most successful manager was superb for most of the 12 seasons analysed in this insightful and detailed paperback. Yes, Arsene Wenger changed English football. This essential Arsenal book is now available … ”

    What an absolutely tool!! Anyway, that’s not why I haven’t got time for him.

    He has repeatedly posted bullshit to his site in the claim that he ITK which have turned out to be utter drivel, so I haven’t been to his site in years; plus he comes across as a bit of wanker.

    BUT, in saying that, if anyone can drag up the L’Equipe interview with Annie Brosterhous I’d be interested to read it; I did a quick search and couldn’t find it but I’m at work so shouldn’t be messing around … would be appreciated …

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    Hahahahaha the PR team are pulling out all the stops….now it’s Lucas Perez’s turn to want Wenger to stay hahahahaha fucking brilliant. I think that’s most of team and ex players done now. Think it’s the turn of the tea lady to come out in the papers telling everyone how Arsene has changed her life

  32. Up 4 grabs now

    Don’t know if this has been posted already it’s from skysports, but it says it all.

    Total days of injured players during seasons since 2011/12

    Club Total days
    Arsenal 10,285
    Manchester United 9,600
    Everton 8,058
    Liverpool 8,044
    Tottenham Hotspur 7,625
    Sunderland 7,353
    Stoke City 6,607
    Manchester City 6,023
    West Bromwich Albion 5,851
    Swansea City 5,111
    Chelsea 4,559

    In contrast, West Brom’s impressive season has been boosted by a league low 389 days of injuries, while Chelsea’s title tilt has benefited from just 444 days lost.

    Chelsea players have lost just 444 days through injuries this season.
    The Gunners have lost 1,038 days in total, losing Santi Cazorla (150 days), Aaron Ramsey (117 days) and Per Mertesacker (166 days) for extensive periods.

    Manchester United players have missed 787 days, with Phil Jones (90), Luke Shaw (84), Henrikh Mkhitaryan (81), Eric Bailly (59) and Chris Smalling (58) out for long spells.

    Bournemouth’s Jack Wilshere, on loan from Arsenal, has been the most injured Premier League player over the period.

    Jack Wilshere has been the Premier League’s most injured player since 2011/12
    The England midfielder has missed 884 days during the last six seasons – 879 days during his time at Arsenal – of which 606 days were from foot and ankle injuries.

    Former Gunner Abou Diaby is second on the list with 858 days on the sidelines before his move to Marseille in 2015.

  33. WestLondonGoon


    Like you, I’m very suspicious of anything put out by Palmer and I’ve been searching for any evidence of this L’Equipe interview with Annie Brosterhous but no luck yet.

  34. Alex Cutter

    ” if anyone can drag up the L’Equipe interview with Annie Brosterhous”

    There is no such interview. Someone else may have referenced her in an interview, but no interview with her participating.

  35. WestLondonGoon

    Or in Arsenal PR speak, ‘I can neither confirm, nor deny, that the former partner of the manager did, or did not, at some time, in 2015, or at a time since or before 2015, offer, or profess to give, any interview where she suggested, confirmed, or denied that Arsene Wenger was, is, or continues to be, anything other than a sociopath of the highest degree.’

  36. TheBayingMob

    “I’ve been searching for any evidence of this L’Equipe interview with Annie Brosterhous but no luck yet.”

    “There is no such interview. Someone else may have referenced her in an interview, but no interview with her participating.”

    There you go then. More Palmer / ANR diarrhea … back to my boycott of his dreadful site …

  37. Charlie Nick

    I think the linking of Sonogo’s brothers with key roles in our scouting network is disingenuous, malicious and totally misrepresents Arsene Wenger.
    Surely you must know by now , if Sanogo has brothers they would be in the first team SQUAD!!!!!!!

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Th clubs negative output on selling Sanchez don’t bode well, seems like mentally they have sold him …

    The club is shit …

    The club is in crisis

    Fuck em

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    You see this weekend the BBC will cone out an support wrnger …just like they supported remain ….
    Wenger loves the BBC to .

  40. Alexanderhenry

    It’s far from a foregone conclusion that wenger will sign.
    If we don’t somehow claw our way back into the top four, I’d still bet he quits.

    After that?… well, arsenal fans will look to the powers that be to put things right.

    Our two octogenarians will swing into action. ‘Sir Chips’ and ‘Lord Harris’ ,- one an old etonian and the other, a carpet salesmen, followed by Ivan Gazidis, who will say just about anything while at the same time managing not commit to anything and in fact not really mean anything.
    Then we have Ken Friar OBE who’s been at the club more than 60 years apparently and runs the ‘property’ side of things, so he’ll be full of energy and fresh ideas I’m sure.

    Finally, the two Kroenkes- father and son- despite being astoundingly unsuccessful with all their other franchises- will I’m sure show all the energy and commitment of a SWAT team on amphetamines.

    …I really can’t wait.

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Monday is the day pencilled in for wenger to say he is staying … that’s if we beat city, it’s will rollover till we win a game … for them to beak the news …

  42. vicky

    ‘I am happy in London and I hope to finish my contract at Arsenal,’ Sanchez said at a press event in Santiago.

    ‘I want to stay in a winning team and keep playing in the same city. I want to play in a team that has aspirations’

    Chelsea it is then!!

  43. Dissenter

    Smart boy Alexis Sanchez
    “I’m happy n London and I hope to finish my contract at Arsenal”

    He’s in charge of the proceedings. Wenger and Gazidis are shitting tier pants because they know he will be able to sign a pre-contract by Jan 1st 2018.
    The people who do contracts at Arsenal need to be publicly flogged ISIS-style.

  44. Boomslang

    ‘The people who do contracts at Arsenal need to be publicly flogged ISIS-style’

    A firing squad would be more appropriate.

  45. SpanishDave

    So if we loose he will go, that’s some incentive for the players to put in another shit performance..Nice

  46. ArseneisaFraud


    For once I agree with you. Once AW leaves it will be “hilarious” to see them squirm. They will literally not know what to do. Hence the new contract. They’ve delegated so much to AW they’ve literally forgotten how to run a club. Whichever way it goes it will be a disaster.

    As for Kroenke Sr and Jr, they’ve yet to realise that football is not franchise sports. We have divisions which mean that if ever it was remotely possible for us to be relegated (which I doubt will ever happen) the value of the club would just plummet. Imagine a billion £ club in the championship!!! More seriously, dropping out of top 4 on a permanent basis will definitively hurt us financially, that’s for sure. This is where Kroenke doesn’t understand that there is a proportion of “supporters” who will move on to support another club and therefore will not be dropping money on buying the merchandise.

  47. Jay

    I’ve got a horrible feeling we’ll beat City and in the aftermath Weng will announce he’s staying. There’s a sort of horrible inevitability to it, whatever the current form book says…

  48. Carts

    This place almost went into melt down when I said I would’ve paid £7.5m To bring Cesc back.

    The likes of Romford were defending the shit out of Ozil. I wasn’t perturbed.

    Ozil was the costliest panic buy in history.

    Wenger had to literally build a team around Ozil if he was going to take a serious stab at it.

    Ozil is insanely limited; but good at what he does.

    Now they’re saying he’s stalking on £280k pw – smart man. He knows the heat that will come with putting pen to paper

  49. izzo

    Funny most of you are still making assumptions this team can win games. They can huff and puff all they want but theres 90+ mins in a game and this season has shown they can’t last and oh this is the worst midfield ever which makes defending as a team impossible. There’s too many tough games coming and its only going to get worse because those teams coming up won’t bend over for them. Not even Sanchez can save them anymore and past few months have shown that. Hopefully the losses coming will be too much for Wenger to even attempt to sign on. The protests are already growing bigger and louder. Theres no escape this time around. I remember everyone laughing when i said top four wasnt going to happen.Lol.. tunes have changed now.

  50. Alex cutter

    “They’ve delegated so much to AW they’ve literally forgotten how to run a club. Whichever way it goes it will be a disaster.”

    This is the club’s short term future.

    “As for Kroenke Sr and Jr, they’ve yet to realise that football is not franchise sports.”

    I would bet a testicle that old man Kroenke doesn’t get more than bi-weekly updates on the club. Arsenal is likely the fiftieth thing on his mind every day.

  51. ArseneisaFraud

    Alex Cutter

    And this is exactly what makes the problem ten times worse. We are yet to see the worst of it.

  52. reality check

    Sanchez has played a blinder.

    He has let the club know. He will run his contract down. So either way, he’s leaving. Now, AFC can either cash in now and face the rage from the fans or, wait till next season, lose Sanchez for nothing which is bad for bussiness AND still face the Anger from the fans.

    He has them between a rock and a hard place. All the club can do is tarnish Sanchezs reputation, make him the scapegoat (i don’t know what ozils talking about) so that to us DUMB fans, the club is Morally right to sell this “Misfit” this.. “Problem in the dressing room”

    They have no choice really. It’s definitely Chelsea hes going to, but even if it isnt.. hes definitely going and the club has no choice in the matter.

    Great stuff from Sanchez and his representatives.

  53. Elmo

    Who bets the incompetents managing the club get us a dud deal when Sanchez goes to Chelsea?

    Remember we got a near 30 yo Gallas + £5m for the best young LB in the world, 25 yo Ashley Cole. Daylight robbery by Chelsea.

    Were it offered, I think Wenger would take Batshuayi + £7m for Sanchez.

    Remember how Wenger believes in his own ‘realistic valuations,’ where he won’t buy players because he thinks the market is inflated, but he will sell in line with his ‘realistic values’ (meaning for less than market value).

    £22.5m for Van Persie, the reigning PL top scorer. Song for £16m after he had a breakout season (Steven Fletcher went for the same money). £29m for Fabregas when he was the best MF prospect in the world (Pastore went to PSG for £37m that summer). £7m for 25 yo Clichy to City. £14m for Hleb when we bought him for almost the same amount. £16m for a 29 yo Thierry Henry (Darren Bent was sold for more that summer).

    The only times I can recall us driving a hard bargain and getting good money for the time have been Overmars, Anelka and Adebayor / Toure. You can bet if Chinese clubs came in for Sanchez, Wenger would get no more than £30m.

  54. Mick Kartun

    ‘We Will Ramp It Up’ Arsene Wenger: Arsenal protestors vow that things will only get worse if Frenchman signs a new two-year deal.

    ANGRY Arsenal supporters are stepping up their campaign to stop Arsene Wenger signing a new contract.

    And one of the protest organisers warns all hell will break loose if and when the manager finally confirms that he is staying.

    Mark King, a member of the Black Scarf fans’ movement, said: “The protests don’t stop, even if Wenger announces that he is staying.

    “It won’t be a major surprise if and when he signs a new contract. But it will be a shameful decision from an owner who has no sporting ambition for Arsenal.

    “Wenger has done nothing in the past three years to justify a new deal and we will ramp up the protests against the board and the manager.

    They will ramp up the protests against the board and the manager.

    So for the flip floppers that stay silent and don’t give a fuck, take your shot at the fucking dickless boards too, I don’t care. Just don’t bitch the board only with your mouth, get your arse up and do something.

  55. Bamford10

    We are not going to beat City. No chance. Indeed I imagine they’ll beat us rather convincingly. But I don’t think that will send Wenger packing, as he’ll hold out for a positive result against Palace or Boro.

    As for Ozil, he can fuck right off. He has been an underwhelming, whiny pussy since he arrived, and he has been invisible for weeks on end now.

    As I said in the previous, Wenger’s recent comments about Ozil are part and parcel of Wenger’s basic dishonesty.

    “Arsene Wenger likens ‘sensational- Mesut Ozil to Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp. And says he’s best player in Prem,”
    writes John Cross.

    What a fucking joke. Ozil has been invisible and ineffectual for some time now, and very far from “sensational”. In truth, as much talent as Ozil has, he hasn’t been “sensational” (even once) since arriving at Arsenal. Not once. And he most certainly is nowhere near being the best player in the Prem at the moment.

    In addition to his inability to compete with the top managers and teams, Wenger is fundamentally dishonest.

  56. reality check

    Chavs may just move costa on as he obviously pushed for that china opportunity. So then conte could move willian back into the first team (deservedly so)LW, and play Sanchez as CF…

    Man.. the hope and optimism other fans get to experience these days. Supporting Arsenal feels like a full time deadend job..

  57. Mick Kartun

    I am afraid these debate comments taken from DM sums up the reality check of over 30 years supporting of gooners.

    – wardenmal, london, United Kingdom, 5 minutes ago:

    “Kroenke is the real problem. Any ambitious shareholder would not offer two years contract to someone who doesn’t like to win.”

    Replied comment:
    – denhen, singapore, 11 minutes from now:

    “The REAL problem is the fans continue to FILL UP the stadium after Decade plus Two Title-LESS. An AMBITIOUS FANS will say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and boycott the match and hold DEMONSTRATIONS (WENGER OUT) outside the stadium in numbers.”



  58. China

    I dunno why people are still so invested in Alexis

    He wants to go. Mentally he’s already gone. And here or there won’t make any difference to Arsenal if wenger is still manager – which he probably will be

    So what does it matter who he plays for?

    Even if he plays for Chelsea, it won’t change much. They’re already better than us and we’re not a direct rival of theirs anymore anyway

    Us complaining about him at Chelsea is like an Everton fan crying about lukaku if he decided to join Chelsea or utd. It’s normal. A good player going from a decent team to a top team. No point over thinking this

  59. Mick Kartun

    China: “A good player going from a decent team to a top team.”

    Tell that to demented AKBs that we’re only decent team, and they will be raging like mad dogs.

  60. Jeff


    A valiant effort to turn focus onto Ozil but he’s only been on the scene five minutes compared to our supreme leader Wenger. Sport is all about psychology. It plays a huge part in how well you do. If you’re being led by someone whose only claim to success is in the distant past, whose decisions, tactics, opinions and outlook appear to be in direct contrast to what a normal football club with ambition and drive should strive to, how can any player ever hope to do well or play well? It is left up to the individual player’s frame of mind and work ethic when there’s absolutely no meaningful managerial input in that area.

    Yes Ozil’s performance has dropped – that’s not in question. The big question is why. And we can ask this of many players who’ve come and gone. Even the players themselves often cannot explain it and try to rationalise their game and blame factors other than the manager because that’s a place very few players in the past have tried to go.

    The latest example is Iwobi.

    Arsenal are now a microscopic representation of a totalitarian state and media propaganda is very important. Player after player will be wheeled in to sing Wenger’s praises until it looks like he has no choice but to stay which he most definitely will. Arsenal is a football club only in name. In reality, it has for a long time been nothing more than a going concern.

  61. mano'gunner

    This situation regarding Ozil is quite hilarious if you take a moment to look at it.

    Wenger was reluctant to spend for so long and would stubbornly refuse to break our transfer record which was not more than 20 million pounds. He was waiting for the right player to splurge on and then BAM..

    Arsenal’s transfer record broken and our most expensive player ever, Mr Ozil.
    What a player!

  62. China

    Ikr ozil is the guy who we spent big on

    Though don’t get me wrong, a better manager could have probably brought him to Arsenal in a notably more useful manner than we’ve seen

    If wenger had realised his fitness levels are hopeless to last a whole season (especially without a winter break) we should’ve been looking at building the team around him if we are going to have a player like him – then bench him 1/4 games to keep him fit over the season

    But no. That would take common sense

    I’m also not a fan of signing specialist world class players like ozil. In a system that is built just for them they thrive, but world class players who have a diverse set of qualities are far more reliable because they can be adjusted a bit in their roles and the rest of the team without letting up

    That’s why Sanchez does so much better than ozil. In terms of quality they’re in the same bracket. But one of them is the most over specialized player in top level football whilst the other is a high talented work horse. Proof is in the pudding we started Sanchez out of position for half of this season and he banged in the goals anyway

    You put ozil in a system that’s not built for him and he will always be this peripheral figure.

  63. Pedro

    ‘A valiant effort to turn focus onto Ozil but he’s only been on the scene five minutes compared to our supreme leader Wenger.’

    Comments like that lead me to believe you’ve never read a Le Grove article before this one?

  64. Carts

    Now we’ve passed the mic to Iwobi, This doesn’t look good.

    Why would you allow a platform for Iwobi if not for desperation. He’s been no short of terrible, lately.

    How about we let Perez have his own acoustic session…oh yeah, that wouldn’t go to well, would it?!

    Yes it’s as candid as it comes, but using Iwobi as a mouth piece hardly fills anyone with renewed confidence.

    “He’s always got fourth” – thanks for reminding us, Iwobi, but for your information we don’t want 4th anymore. How hard is that to comprehend?

    Our approach, going into every season doesn’t look like we’re prepared for any kind of assault on the Champions league or Prem’.

    It’s all delusion.

    Lost count how many shit players have came out in supprt of Wenger

  65. dev.gooner

    I’m going philosophical because I cannot be arsed anymore. I’ve likened Arsenal’s present situation is like Apple Inc.

    Steve Jobs Revolutionised Apple and the computer industry with the Mac.

    Steve Jobs was influential in acquiring the Pepsi boss John Sculley as Apple’s CEO.

    John Scully plays a vital role in getting Steve Jobs booted off the Apple Board and company.

    Apple dwindles and almost goes bankrupt.

    Steve Jobs comes back, sacks everyone on the board and rescues Apple by being innovative and entrepreneurial.

    Apple branch out to new markets unvieling iPods, iPhones, iPads along the way to become the most successful and richest company in the world.

    Now I’ve deduced the old board at Apple is Sir Chips et all at Arsenal. Vast experience but not a clue on how to run a football club. Just like the Apple Board was running a computer company.

    I’ve also assumed John Scully is Ivan Gazidis. Lots of potential and a somewhat successful in his previous role. But out of his depth at Arsenal. His hand is forced by the fact that Wenger had a role in employing him, so it will take a lot of balls to fire him. Scully fired Jobs and made an enemy for life.

    But unfortunately for Arsenal. Wenger ain’t Steve Jobs. So we are stuffed. Until this madman goes. There is no brighter future. Like the dwindling stock of Apple and the falling sales of Mac II. Arsenal will continue to fall until Wenger is here. Just wish Gazidis was like Scully and actually mustered up the balls to tell wenger to GTFO.

    Thats me being philosophical. who am i kidding, I should be a natural journalist!


  66. gonsterous

    I have to ask the brits.. has brexit changed anything ?? don’t being sarcastic or ironic.. just curious..m

  67. dev.gooner

    But shall we bright up a gloomy morning?

    International Breaks over. Ozil and Sanchez both played for their countries despite being “injured”. We will get smashed by Citeh, Wenger will now proclaim that international duties have had an effect on their mentality as the players have been resting too much (those who didnt play) and tired (for those who did play). (See those excuses lined up already.) Players had too much time to pay attention to dumb fans protesting across the globe. (See those excuses lined up already.) Citeh was mentally strong and we did not have ze mental strength available to us today as we left “the pill” on the training ground.

    I will sign a new contract. Why you look at me? I am Mr Arsenal, I shall die on the touchline and you will all bury me in the centre circle where I will ask to put a statue of me on kick off dot and it will be made from the gold of the invincible EPL trophy. Screw You All Stupid Fans. I Built the stadium. Ivan Sucks on my Balls and Kroenke licks my arse.

  68. dev.gooner

    BTW Pedro.. Are you still on GMT? British Summer Time has started you know…


  69. dev.gooner

    @ gonsterous

    Not sure.. as an EU citizen living in the UK.. I am eager to find out our position too. You’d think with 3m EU citizens living in the UK and about the same British citizens living in the EU, that would be a priority to deal with?

    this is worse than the #WengerOUT saga.. #MayOUT