Victoria Concordia Crescit: How do AFC stand up against that?

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I wrote a post this morning, busted out 800 words before 7, then I binned it.

All the negativity the club serves up to us on a platter every season really is depressing. Some will blame me and my ilk, but really, when you scratch beneath the service, we really have been taken for a ride for 10 years.

Immovable Manager:

There is literally no football club in the world that has an immovable manager. There is pretty much no owner in the world as flaccid as Stan or his son Josh. No club has a power vacuum between the CEO and the manager. No club would tolerate the constant reframing of success we do.

When old hacks like Steve Stammers marvel at quirky anecdotes from 20 years ago as a way of preserving his tenure, you can’t help but think they’ve forgotten what the mission of Arsenal football club… outside of becoming the next Bayern Munich, it surely had to revolve around victoria concordia crescit. ‘Victory through harmony’ for the plebs who don’t speak fluent Spanish.

“But it’s not all about winning’

Our crest literally says victory in it. Sure, that’s victory in the right way, but it’s victory all the same. When did it become preservation through strangulation? Maybe when they took the latin off the club shirt.

How can a club that boasts a board with an average age of 465 look at Arsenal and the state it’s in at the moment and say we’re trying to achieve anything through harmony? How can they look themselves in the mirror and be proud that they are sitting idly by whilst a power hungry old man takes our great club hostage for another 3 years?

The fans are flying planes over the stadium. Banners demanding Wenger leave are present at every game now. There’s even an offline meme of taking ‘WENGER OUT’ banners to Trump rallies and EDM festivals. Chat shows are buzzing with disgusted fans. Some of the best pundits in the game are calling this latest contract a desperate attempt from a failing great who can’t let go.

How does that promote harmony?

When that motto was coined, do you think the founding fathers thought ‘harmony’ would be promoted by mindless media lemmings who churn out the same content year after year in a bid to placate? Did they think a striker on £100k a week would come out and say that he didn’t want titles to define his career? Do you think fighting in the ground was on the agenda?

Arsenal promote class, values and history. We do it all the time, but if you scratch beneath the surface, it’s just an attempt to dismiss those who seek progress. There is no class in failure. There is no honor in preservation. There is no joy in a club that isn’t harmonious.

Wenger and the board should revisit a bit of our history, stress test their current approach against Victoria Concorida Crescit, then assess whether the path they’re crafting feels like the right one.

There is no intellectual argument to keeping Wenger at the club. There is no one in the game worth an opinion who’d keep Wenger in the dugout. The minority are now those who want him to stay.

The truth is, Arsenal go out of their way to squash progressive voices with aggressive media briefings. Wenger cocooned from the dissenting voices unless it’s Jake Humphrey’s. The structure is a perfectly balanced self-preservation society that has no ambition to kick onto the next level. Our manager can’t even succinctly explain what the next level is under pressure. Sad thing is, the person we have to thank for that is David Dein, arguably the most ambitious man to ever walk the Marble Halls.

Where’s the 40-year-old version of him these days? God knows we need him.

Right, tapping out. Have a sweet evening. x



So, just to remind you, my protest is to: wear yellow in the ground at the games (when I go because I’m a foreign fan these days),

  • Wear yellow in the ground at the games (when I go because I’m a foreign fan these days),
  • Wear yellow in the ground at the games (when I go because I’m a foreign fan these days)
  • Carry and “Arsene Out” banner wherever I am to gain MAX exposure in the internetz
  • Change my Twitter avatar to YELLOW #ArsenalAreYellow < because yellow can mean tired

The guys responsible for the planes in the banners have a different ideas:

I’d like to comment on this, but all I can say is as someone that works in marketing, I am furious that a community manager is going to have to deal with Arsenal fans bantering them off the internet. FURIOUS.

They also have a fund page that goes to the banner organisation, that I think funds an underground crime syndicate. But whatever, they’re having a go, which is more than most fans who sit idly by and grumble about others not doing anything. FUND HERE.

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  1. Jacko

    How about this motto for the club crest:-

    ‘Semper et excretum,semus solem profundum variat’

    Roughly translated.

    ‘Always in the shit, only the depth varies’

    A Perfect reflection of Wenger’s last decade.