Theirry calls his future right | Another DoF linked, rumblings are positive

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It’s a Thierry kind of Monday, the great man had this to say on replacing Wenger.

‘There are things to be respected. It’s my club of heart, but I do not have any right. My name is quoted to succeed Wenger. I hear that. But it’s hard for me to talk about it. I have a lot of respect for everything the coach has done. Am I ready? I don’t know and nobody knows, but I also need to learn my job.’

You have to learn the job Thierry, the idea of you rolling in with your greatness and turning The Arsenal around is beyond absurd. There has to be a qualifier to running a major company. There’s a reason so many great entrepreneurs find themselves kicked off their own business as soon as the investment starts to roll in. Not because they can’t become a great leader, more because, in the fast paced world of making money, time for learning is not something that is often afforded.

We’d not be handing the reins over in good times. This isn’t Sir Alex giving over a title-winning side, Wenger would be handing over a ship with a slow hole in the hull. This is more than a new job, this is a transformational role. This is a position that needs a big helping of ‘been there, done that.’ You need part man-manager, part construction worker, part visionary and most of all…  you need someone the players believe in for more than the great goals.

I can believe in Theirry, but that’s because I love him. That love, in the working-world, would extend three months before the players realised he didn’t have all the answers.

‘But imagine with Patrick, Bergkamp, and ALL THE INVINCIBLES’

Sure, what a pipe dream. But be real here, if you’re thinking like that, you’re an amateur hour fan who needs to go and look at some of the legend stories peddling around the backwaters of failure in Europe. Seedorf and Inzaghi at Milan. Alan Shearer at Newcastle. Ryan Giggs as an assistant at United. Tim Sherwood at Spurs!

Sure you find the odd Pep, Simeone and Zizou. But two went to functioning setups with incredible players, the other had been a very successful manager (who’d experienced some real lows as well). All three had an education.

Anyway, give me an Allegri over a Thierry. The club can always insist on who the backroom team is. Bring Thierry in as a striker coach. Let Patrick V, a man who has actually dedicated some serious time to his craft be the assistant. Find a role for Jen Lehmann as the keeping coach. But let’s not assume that the best course of action for the club is the one that feels the warmest.

In other news, Martin Samuel suggested Brian Marwood as the director of football when Wenger lets Ivan do his job. The name doesn’t really fuss me, more the fact that Martin likely has contact with Brian. It’s an interesting suggestion. Particularly appealing because he’ll have been watching the Spanish crew at City build out the backroom team and he’ll know what it’s like to work under hideous pressure. Not just that, he did oversee their original team that won some things.

Anyway, fascinating that these stories are starting to creep out the woodwork.

How practical the integration of such a figure is… well, I’ll leave that up to you.

P.S. Absolute banter that injured Sanchez and injured Ozil played this break. Unreal carry on.

Also, last call for our podcast.

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Vive la révolution!

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  1. Mohsin Leghari

    Barcelona has one very good culture of grooming managers for their team. These days stories are emerging that their assistant manager may be given the hot seat in July. It is so sad that this culture is not given conditions to flourish at Arsenal. Henry should do some assistant manager jobs before talking about such a big appointment. A very top level manager is needed.

  2. Mark S

    Good morning Le Grove! I hate International Breaks, but this one has been great. No Arsenal to talk about, and even then it’s the same old stagnant news.

  3. guernsey gun

    Danny Blind is available after chucking a 17 year old centre back under the bus against Bulgaria on Saturday night, straight out of the Wenger book of cowardice.

  4. WrightIsGod

    Anyone considering Henry as Wenger’s successor is just annoying. Same as the ones who want Bergkamp and Viera etc. I want somebody completely new to the club – objective and lacking in sentimentality.

    I want someone who let’s head rule over their heart. Fair enough bring back invincibles for coaching roles, but that’s the max for me.

  5. Red&White4life

    “A very top level manager is needed.”

    By the time JKW will leave, we will no longer be a top club.
    It’s already the case anyway…

  6. jwl

    I would like to take Vieira away from ManCity now they he’s had an apprenticeship and not found wanting.

    Theirry seems like a person who would get exasperated with players quickly because they weren’t doing what manager wanted, proper world class players think game is easy and everyone should be able to do what they did.

    Need some humility and understanding in manager, Vieira seems better fit.

  7. steve

    “Tony Adams proved why it wouldn’t be a great idea to have an ex-player manage your club.”


    Which club did Adams manage that he previously played for?

  8. Kane

    Steve – N5 means that Adams showed how an ex player of Arsenal can be a rubbish manager, not that Adams was an ex player of a club he managed

  9. Kane

    Reports that City will raid Spurs for Danny Rose this summer….

    we are so shit, even City doesn’t want to poach our players anymore….

  10. Follow the money

    Zidane spent years studying, then coaching the B team, then assisting Ancellotti. All necessary steps, the last especially if you’re interested in winning

  11. Jacko

    So according to KJW –

    “The upcoming force in international football for me is France. You find top quality players in France now like you had in Brazil twenty years ago.”

    So why hasn’t the genius signed any of this world class crop for us then? And he’s bleedin French as well.


  12. N5

    steve, yeah I wasn’t really clear with that comment but Kane answered for me. People were saying someone like Mr Arsenal should manage us and he went on to manage other clubs (luckily) which proved sentiment should not play a factor in selecting your managers.

  13. Jeff

    So still nothing from Wenger or anyone from the club. I thought there’d be something by now. What are they waiting for? It’s practically downhill from here.

  14. Wenker-wanger

    Not TH14…..
    Great great player…..But what we need is a real experienced manager that’s tough and efficient.,not a complete rookie.
    But having said that Henry is still a vast improvement on the horror show being delivered by Wenger.

  15. T

    I still think that the chap from Monaco would be the best choise by far. Probably not too hard to sign, incredible managing talent.. Kinda like wenger used to be 20 years ago full of drive, attacking and his players look so happy and in high spirits!

  16. Dissenter

    Zidane never went the easy route of being an arm chair expert a.k.a pundit,
    I would never appoint a manager who has spent more time post-retirement in punditry as opposed to actually maturing full time learning a craft.
    Zidane had a torrid experience in the Segunda but he stuck to it and kept growing.
    Thierry is happy to sit in a studio and babble nonsense every week when he should be managing a Ligue 2 team or assisting a manager like Makalele is doing. Wenger was right to kick him out.

  17. Wenker-wanger

    Arsenal FC is befitting a top manager…..We are such a great attraction for a top manager, because with very little effort dramatic improvement could be made.
    I mean to improve on wankger’s recent record isn’t difficult.
    Obviously to challenge for the prem next season, then he would really earn his money…But the fans now will accept a slow progressive improvement. That’s well within the talent of simeone allegro, touchel and other established managers.

  18. Boomslang

    Henry would simply be the emotional choice, and I doubt it’ll work out. For God sake we need a top class manager to sort out the tsunami of shit Wengy has created. I’d go with Simeone.

  19. SUGA3

    It really is a no brainer: if you carry a bunch of wankers from your so-called ‘team’, see favouritism, lack of fight and discipline, hell, even in the end the manager allowing you to be singled out by the rest of the team for having bit of a gob on you and calling things for what they are, it has to fuck with your head a little.

    Arshavin was not lazy either, yet he got the same treatment. You could tell the team of ponces did not really take him in that well. He got the same kind of treatment, just that he did not have the same psyche Sanchez has, so he plunged into the eastern melancholia. Different culture, etc.

  20. SUGA3

    James Wood,

    Why, thank you 😉

    It is true, isn’t it? Fact of the matter is that AA was a bit of a star, whereas the rest of these dipsticks were a bunch of wannabes without a shred of character. You know, the kind of ‘cool kids’ bunch, who would single out a classmate, but knew how to play the teacher like a cheap fiddle. I remember that 4:4 game against Liverpool, I could slap the shit out of Diaby for simply letting Benayoun past him without a care in the world. Living stealing parasite twat.

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    This bollocks will end soon,
    We will be treated to a cock up story that the cunt is staying ,
    The news that boro was leaving was soon hushed up

    A dictator can’t dictate if he ain’t Surrounded by his henchman …

    Question to ask

    Do the club respect the fans ? No

    Do the club think we are successful ? Yes

    We mean fuck all only good thing about us is our money ….

  22. James wood

    Suga 3
    And then Diaby carried on being a ponce when sadly injured
    for far to long on massive wages.
    I squarely blame our medical people for allowing that.

  23. Guernsey gun

    What a shambles we are right now, too embarrassed to announce that he’s signing on because they know it will cause a shit storm amongst the real fans. Sleep walking into steep decline next season and I still think he will be gone by Xmas as we will be mid table dross by then. Wenger out now.

  24. SUGA3

    The problem I had with Diaby was that he did manage a 30+ game season when he needed a new contract. And boy, did he get one, laughing all the way to the fucking bank. And then he spent its duration in the damn treatment room.

    Fuck all the tear jerking bullshit bout frustration for not being able to play. I am a firm believer in physiognomy (linking the person’s character to one’s appearance) and Diaby looks like the kind of character to freeload, given the chance.

    Must be all this acid I had :mrgreen: Funnily enough, it is rarely a miss.

  25. James wood

    I blameWenger for my Hiatus Hernia.

    The whole set up is enough to give you Acid.
    I’m afraid there’s to much arrogance in football
    big wages for sometimes very little effort on the pitch.
    Just look at Ozil .

  26. SUGA3

    Ozil should be sold and replaced like for like, as this would actually send out a stronger message. At the same time, we should pull all the stops to keep Sanchez.

    Damn the homegrown quotas bullshit. I would also sell majority of the British core, as they are all utterly gash. Walcott is another one whose attitude fucking stinks, he also did manage a splurge of a faux breakthrough season when he needed a new deal. All started with Adebayor getting his wages tripled and going a bit rogue. Putting him in the stiffs for a couple of months whilst still on £30K was the obvious move. But oh no.

  27. James wood

    I’m afraid Walcott ,peddled to the club by his at the time agent ,
    being his father.”Is a pet hate of mine “.
    As far as I can see he lacks any attribute which makes a top class forward,
    his dribbling ,heading,decision making making,crossing skills are dire.
    How Wenger rates him – shows how bad Wenger has become at his job.
    Yes he has scored 100 goals but it’s taken him 10 years.
    Overmars was quality ,Wengers inability to see class has gone.

  28. Charlie Nick

    Adebayor was another Diaby who “played for the contract” I remember some Spurs mates praising him to the rooftops when he went there and I said to them “give it 12 months” Sure enough, once he got his feet under the table he went into cruise mode.
    I reckon Henry would be a disaster for us as manager. We need a proper manager who will clean out the Augean Stables of a club we have become, not a Wenger lite acolyte with zero managerial experience.

  29. reality check

    Where ever Sanchez goes after leaving Arsenal, he will win a major trophy before Wenger.

    By which time Arsenal fans will have forgotten all about this season and the Sanchez saga, and still be cursing Giroud about his latest missed chance, asking has anybody seen Ozil/Theo/Ramsey or Perez?.. and if we play this or that formation, things will get better.

  30. ArseneisaFraud

    The owner is not a football man.

    The Board has no football men around the table.

    The CEO is not that much of a football man (I don’t consider the US as being a footballing nation).

    The manager has completely lost touch with the 21st century footballing world and acts more like he is CEO of Arsenal plc (cf. the 10 million p/a 2 year contract).

    In fact if one looks closely at it, Arsenal really is not that much of a football club any more. As we all know it acts too much like a business more than a football club (this is what the FC stands for in Arsenal FC apparently).

    In fact what’s the point of even playing football. Let’s scrap the 131 years of footballing history that we have, stop the football entirely and brand the Emirates as an events venue. That would suit the Board nicely. It’s even easier than running a football club.

  31. Elmo

    Reality Check

    We all knew Giroud would come out in support of Wenger because it’s only due to Wenger that he has a place at the club and a new bumper contract signed in January.

    But on top of that, Giroud must also know that Alexis is leaving, there will be no CL football next season, and he will return to being the undisputed CF starter at the club. With the exits of Sanchez and Ozil, Giroud becomes one of the ‘star’ names at Arsenal. That’s where Wenger is taking us. We’re not going to see a world class player at Arsenal again under this manager. Two or three years ago there was still a reputation of player development around Wenger.

    Now every single top player and agent knows he’s a career killer and that Arsenal are a joke, not even in the category of a good feeder club or stepping stone (like Monaco, Spurs or Dortmund), but rather a payday destination for the unambitious or a graveyard for overrated players that the elite clubs don’t want.

  32. SUGA3


    Another thing that is a huge worry is that our academy has lost its sparkle, we no longer have the appeal to young talent after that car crash that was project youth. We were hoovering up kids as if people were to stop fucking, then ruining their careers, actin like a gardener’s dog.

    This does not bode too well for keeping up with the homegrown quotas, we may end up needing to buy other teams’ rejects to keep up.

  33. reality check

    Hazard to Real… hmm any LWF (Left Wing Forward) out there who wanys to leave their current club.

    Chavs will be looking to replace Hazard with a WC LWF soon. I wonder who might be available?

  34. reality check

    Robben and Ribery getting old. Bayern probably will need a LWF/RWF soon. So hard to find WC players that are being made the scapegoat at their current clubs these days.

    With 1 year left on their contracts. Dam… I wonder what Bayern are gonna do?

  35. TonyD

    Giroud world class? Words fail me.

    Roy Keane was another abject failure as a manager. Great players rarely become great managers.

    Bergkamp might just break the mold but needs to be blooded at a top club as manager first. He’s done well at Ajax as AM.

  36. 5am

    Don’t be killing the main man Thierry before he’s even been given a chance

    I truly believe he’d succeed. He’s always had vavavoom in whatever he does , mostly as underneath he has that fiery attitude as a winner. How on earth he can be compared to shearer is beyond me – a total gulf in class and intelligence!

  37. Elmo


    Look at France’s U19 team. They won the U19 Euros last summer and that group have been widely hailed as potentially a new golden generation (like those who came through to win France ’98 and dominate international football in that period).

    Even 10 years ago you would have expected Wenger to be all over it and at least one of the group to be on Arsenal’s books. Of course we are nothing to do with any of them.

    If Wenger doesn’t even have an inside track on that sort of recruitment anymore, what’s the point in him? Youth recruitment from France was one of his key attributes, even after it became clear that he had been left behind in terms of tactics etc. If he doesn’t even excel in his traditional core strengths anymore, what is he offering?

  38. Dissenter

    “Monaco midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko, 22, met Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in a Paris hotel last year, but turned down a move to the Gunners. He has now reportedly agreed to join Chelsea. “-

    Expect this to continue
    Wenger is finished.

  39. 5am

    Also look at how Lukaku is rip roaring in the goals – where did he say he’d got some advice from?

    …I seem to remember his bigging up none other than TH14 himself

    Just by that alone, start giving respect and consider along the lines of Zidane; Simeone and Pep please.

    He’d prove all the naysayers wrong by their talking having an ‘experienced’ manager. – no-one’s more experienced than Wenger and look what that’s doing …

  40. Samir

    A centre midfield pairing of :


    Another premier league title for Chelsea next season then…

  41. Relieable Sauce

    Naby Keita looks a real tidy CM from some stats I’ve seen, good offensively and defensively and currently playing in Germany for a mid table team. Would imagine a better team than us will be after him.

    Keita – Rabiot – Brandt

    my FM CM overhaul

  42. grooveydaddy

    Cheers for the ‘follow’ Pedro.

    To be honest, I only started the account to pepper the club and sponsors with #Wengerout and #NoNewContract tweets, but hopefully I’ll find the inspiration to tweet more interesting things in the future…

  43. China

    Firstly our medical team were absolute jokers if they were telling arsene diaby was going to keep making full recoveries for us

    And secondly it took arsene 10 years to cut him off. Like after 8 years of injuries you’d think arsene would’ve got the hint but no. He was keeping him in the squad so he could eternally cite him coming back soon as being like a new signing so we didn’t have to address squad deficiencies

  44. TitsMcGee

    So still nothing from Wenger or anyone from the club. I thought there’d be something by now. What are they waiting for? It’s practically downhill from here.”

    I am surprised as well but as someone else said. Maybe he’s waiting for a positive victory before announcing.

  45. Wenker-wanger

    The slimey failure is definitely staying…..A replacement would surely have been announced by now.
    He is waiting untill he wins a game then brazenly declare ” we will do everything in our power to get this fantastic club back challenging for trophies”. Today you saw the beginning of the transformation”.
    That’s what will probably happen.
    And as for Wenger being arsenal’s greatest ever manager!
    I have never believed that, simply because unlike many legendary managers, he didn’t put a whole team together….His luck was inheriting the best back 5 in Europe and DB10 weighty and the underated Rockford Pele.
    Sure Wenger added great players and at best i would say he was the 3rd best of all time behind Chapman and the defensive guru George Graham.
    But don’t slaughter me on that, it’s just an opinion.

  46. Leedsgunner

    It matters not who Wenger buys. If he stays, any good player worth his salt will see through the charade of a manager that Wenger is and the result will be one of the following directions.

    1. They will want to leave to a better team to win trophies. (Özil , Sanchez, Fabregas and RvP)
    2. They will choose to coast along , not rock the boat, and slowly become average. (Cech, Arshavin, Iwobi and Walcott)
    3. Or become so injury prone they become irrelevant. (Cazorla, Wilshere and Rambo)

    The sad thing is, we’ve literally thrown away millions indulging Wenger on his pet projects — hoping against hope they come good. The irony is when they do… those worth keeping want to leave. We’ve become a glorified stepping stone club for the true elite clubs… and we want to give him another contract? It’s like our Board is afraid to face the future.

    Was this why we left the Emirates?

  47. Thank you and goodnight


    Totally agree with you. 3rd or 4th best manager we’ve had. And in truth 3rd or 4th best is 50/50 as no other manager has had as long as he’s had at Arsenal.

  48. Ishola70

    All the indications must be that Wenger will decide who his successor will be as manager. There is no reason to think any different really given the recent goings on at the club. And who better for Wenger to appoint as next manager than Thierry Henry. The appointment will be all about Wenger the continuation of the club as being Arsene FC which of course the man himself loves and the board are happy to go along with. Henry was seen as Wenger’s most famous and successful signing, Henry whenever asked about Wenger will refer to him as “the boss”. How wonderful for Wenger’s huge vanity to still be referred to as the boss after leaving and having a successor in place that will have such reverence for him. A person who is where he is today because of Arsene.

    I think Wenger’s stock will continue to fall but not to the extent that there will be full on calls from every Arsenal fan for his sacking. We know the board see him as unsackable. Before this season Wenger showed great consistency in treading the same water over and over again. This season he has fallen from that previous level and the remainder of Wenger’s time at Arsenal will see him tread this new water he finds himself in.

    He will go into next season and happily peddle the myth that having no CL football is a great advantage to win the EPL. The silly fans will take hope. He will take this notion as far as he can into the season before it becomes absolutely plain that Arsenal are not capable to win the league whether they have CL football or not and then give his customary smirk and grin and act as if he didn’t even utter such things at the beginning of the season.

  49. Thank you and goodnight


    Spot on about diaby. His previous manager said exactly the same thing about diaby. That he’s lazy and only shows up when it’s worth it for him. Another shite player.

  50. TitsMcGee

    1. Can’t sign top players because surely the whole football world knows we are a fraud club at the moment. Potentially no UCL either but let’s face it that doesn’t matter if we can’t win it anyway and people know it.

    2. Wenger will sign further dross. You don’t improve collective average by signing average so we won’t improve the talent on the pitch.

    3. The ship will continue to go down by the head. We’ve been listing for years but once the bow dips below the sea the inevitable will start to occur more rapidly.

    4. He’ll get more defensive as the results sour.

    5. He’ll take us under with him before admitting fault /falling on his sword.

    We are going nowhere fast.

  51. Jim Lahey

    In 2004 Everton sold Man United an upcoming player named Wayne Rooney for £30m, now 13 years later Arsenal are looking to sell one of the best players in the league for only £5m more…

    What is wrong with this club?

  52. Ishola70

    For those interested reports from France that Wenger wants to sign goalkeeper Rui Patricio from Sporting next season to replace Cech.

  53. TitsMcGee

    What is wrong with this club?”

    Wenger, Arsene

    He’s beated this notion of acceptance of mediocrity for years and years. That has a trickle down effect.

    If your leader accepts mediocrity eventually everyone (almost all) will. Only the most disciplined will continue to work hard which is exactly why we see the best players leave/want to leave over the years.

    The Walcotts and Girouds and Podolskis and Monreals and Diabys and Gibbs and Artetas and Flaminis are all okay with the mediocrity because they are bang average players that make/made big player wages . Which ironically is why even if /when we wanted to clear them out we couldn’t.

  54. Bamford10

    Looks like Wenger is going to try to stay. All that can be hoped for at moment is that he isn’t given a “positive” moment to do so and the protest continues in such a way that it becomes impossible for him to stay.

    Basically, we need something like: no positive moments for next few weeks, 6th or 7th place in the PL, get trounced & bounced in the FAC, continued protest.

    It must be impossible for him to stay.

  55. TitsMcGee

    Any self-respectable person would have walked away years ago but yes I do agree that the buzzards are circling at the moment and a few more embarrassing results might actually raise the shame level just enough that he might think he’s at risk of being shamed out. Above all else he is an ego maniac and the fear of being shamed by being forced out by the same fans he has had contempt for over the years must at least make him pause at night.

    That’s a hope and a prayer anyway

  56. Bamford10

    The protest is here to stay. Wenger out.
    #NoNewContract #afc @Arsenal @pumafootball
    @emirates @Betfair @GatoradeUK @CitroenUK

  57. Bamford10

    “I wonder how 500 tennis balls would look on the Emirates pitch on Sunday afternoon? #FortyLove #WengerOut” – @Wenger_Protest

  58. Red&White4life

    “Looks like Wenger is going to try to stay”
    I’m sorry but what is the purpose of such an information ???

  59. TitsMcGee

    Arsene has an offer on the table. He has to sign it. He has the backing of the president,” Pires said. “The fans want to win the title and Arsenal are not doing that well. They are in the [FA] Cup semifinals”

    “He has to continue and if he does, he needs to change many things. That is the most important thing for him and for Arsenal. We will see what happens.”

    –Robert Pires

    I find the idea that Wenger will somehow just magically switch things up and solve all of the ills in one offseason laughable and naive .

    What tf has he been doing the past decade then? He’s only now going to get serious and show us? Lol Do me a favour.

  60. OleGunner

    L’Oreal the next Wengerite disciple putting it in plain sight for all to see how comfy it is at Arsenal under Wenger:

    “For five years we have had these sorts of sensations and we always finished in the “big four”. The team does not feel that pressure, which you describe from the outside. The coach regularly tells us to ignore what is going on around us and to leave him to deal with the critics saying, ‘Play, I will deal with the rest.’”

    Never a fire lit under anyones arse.
    And if you as a player try to strive for more than big four at Arsenal, you’re branded a trouble maker! The attitude at our club from 75% of our players is appalling.

  61. Red&White4life

    “Bayern Munich lead race to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal”

    ah ah ah that could be priceless!!

  62. TitsMcGee

    Sanchez to Bayern makes sense to me. Lots of aging stars in Bayern’s current setup. There will probably be a major overhaul this summer.Ruthless. The way a club should be run.

    Daddy Wenger taking the blame for the players lol


  63. Red&White4life

    Sanchez ready to join the club which humiliate us so often in the UCL, a big fucking lol this would be!!

  64. S Asoa

    Your Comment Here
    “For those interested reports from France that Wenger wants to sign goalkeeper Rui Patricio from Sporting next season to replace Cech.”

    So Wenger told you that during briefing and payday ?

  65. Ishola70


    The signing of Patricio looks quite feasible really.

    He’s been at Sporting forever and the club he is at is never really going to make a dent in the Champions League so it’s not a big thing if Arsenal are not in Champions League next season in regards to his signature.

    The player could get much better wages at Arsenal then he does currently at Sporting and he is at an age now where he may well be looking for change and the extra money is a motivator.

    Asking price could be a stumbling block but if the player really wants to leave if he knows the asking club are serious in wanting to buy him usually player power wins out and a compromise is made between selling club and bidders. Of course if any big clubs are in the mix as well then the signing becomes less likely. I don’t know if any of the big hitters are wanting a first team GK this coming summer.

  66. Ishola70

    Of course with Wenger still around these potential signings lose their allure but there may be some that still have some interest in possible future signings.

  67. OleGunner

    Guardian are reporting now that Chelsea are in for Sanchez, with Conte promised a lot of funding to continue developing the Chavs.

    Oh my, I can see Sanchez skinning Mustafi and dinking it over Cech next season lmao.
    Wouldn’t be shocked if we sold him to the Chavs for 40 million, it’s all about the money with us after all.

  68. Relieable Sauce

    Naive kids and average journeymen will still want to join us – This no-mark GK, Chelsea u21 CF, Ki from Swansea for example.
    How we deal with the selling side will be interesting considering their atrocious track record.

    Has Joel Campbell finally served his full sentence at Arsenal, or does he have another year?

  69. Red&White4life

    Let’s hope City will be in great shape on sunday, because, in all honnesty, they are sh*t at the moment under pep.

    Arsenal players will want to give to KJW the occasion to announce his contract, and I can’t see us losing the next game lol

  70. Ishola70

    “Sanchez to take the place of Costa in the hearts of Arsenal fans ??”

    Surely only the most idiotic of fans will still bear grudges against players who want to leave the club considering the situation at Arsenal.

    The Chilean players plying their trade around europe seem to be quite close knit. Sanchez and Vidal have the same agent. Vidal has been probably laughing with Sanchez asking him why is he wasting his time at Arsenal when he could join bigger more ambitious clubs. Vidal being in the side that has just annihilated you over two legs just compounds it.

    The percentage of Arsenal fans that would bear grudges against Sanchez when he leaves now has to be very small.