Summer exodus: Deadwood, or vital cogs in the mix?

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Took the day off yesterday, there are only so many spleens one can vent.

We’re right in the mix of international week, so it’s a down period for me, the idea of watching Jermaine Defoe lead England out of the tunnel really does make me a bit sad.

So what do we have?

Horrible to see Seamus Coleman go the way of Eduardo, Diaby and Aaron Ramsey. An utterly disgusting challenge and one of the most horrendous leg snaps I’ve seen since the last one. Disappointing to see anyone come out and defend the challenge or the character of the fool who did it. There’s simply no excuse. If you engage in dangerous football, you should have the book thrown at you. You committed a crime on the pitch that you’d go to jail for in the real world. Simply inexcusable, that one aggressive challenge has changed the course of another’s life forever. Even more unforgivable when you consider it’s a sports person doing it to another sports person. Interesting, you don’t see leg snaps that often in other leagues? It also seems to mostly involve British players?

Anyway, nice to see the press going hard at this one, rather than lightly dancing around the idea that maybe Seamus Coleman isn’t man enough to cut it at the highest man-levels of the British isles.

Sending positive thoughts for his recovery.

Mesut Ozil looks to be staying at the club, he had this to say.

“I am contracted until 2018 and I feel very comfortable,”

Glad to hear it Mesut, you and the whole squad look pretty comfortable too damn often in my opinion. He’ll likely be looking at the contract carnage that’s going off that the moment and he’ll probably see an opening to pick up a banger of a deal. After all, there’s no better opportunity to go for the kill moneywise than the point where there looks to be an exodus.

Ozil, Alexis, Ramsey, Oxlade, Wilshere, Chezzer, Santi, Gibbs, Per, JenksSanogoCampbell.

All due to expire in 2018. The

The frustrating thing about it all is Rambo and Jack should have been sold last summer at the peak of their powers. Ramsey has had another shocker of a season and Jack has been pretty dull at Bournemouth, dropping to the bench over the last few weeks in favour of more disciplined players.  So I’d not be hugely moved by the above going, but picking up poverty price tags would grate.

There are rumours that Chambo might be going to City, hard to argue the possibility, he’s looked great in midfield of late, he’s home grown and he has near perfect Prem physique.

Could be a turbulent summer. My main worry is that Wenger is no longer an elite coach. Great players want to develop, I’m not sure you can pass Wenger off as a developmental manager these days. Chamberlain, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs and Jenks are a testament to that after the short-lived #BritishCore experiment failed. You can say he made Alexis a great player, but please, he’d been winning titles at Barca, hardly finding a unpolished diamond? If anything, moving to Arsenal has just enhanced all his worst attributes of greed and skulky on-pitch behaviour… to great effect mind. But be fair, he’d not be getting away with that carry on at Juve.

Anyway, an interesting summer ahead. If things go seriously south, which looks quite likely based on recent form, it could be very tough for Lord Wenger and his band of yes-men to make the sort of impact they need to in this summer’s transfer market.

Also, total banter that Francis Cagigao (head of recruitment) is ‘apparently’ the focus of international attention this window. Can you imagine any elite club looking at our shit show of a recruitment policy and yearning for someone to transport it over seas?

‘So a machine told you Griezmann was shite, and you said no… and that same machine told you Gabriel was a good idea?’


One interesting thing about that is there must be a job opening at Arsenal that he’s trying to make himself favourite for… that, or these top euro clubs have terrible standards.

Right, see you tomorrow!

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  1. jwl

    I find it more likely that other clubs are looking to recruit Francis Cagigao than ManCity is going to buy Chambo this summer. Data people make recommendations, Wenger does actual buying and selling, and Arsenal have supposedly put much money into analytics.

    No way Pep is telling himself Chamberlain is key to winning league next season. Only way he going to ManCity is because they need home grown players and he will be given number 37 and never heard from again.

  2. jwl

    grooveydaddy –

    There was a first comment there, when I said second, that been deleted maybe?

    No drinking or drugs yet today, I was sure there was first comment that wasnt me.

  3. Mohsin Leghari

    Mesut Ozil is a world class player. He had a good season at Arsenal. However, he is going through a poor form. This situation comes to every world class player at some stage. Arsenal must keep him. I disagree with idea of some fans asking for let him go

  4. grooveydaddy


    Yeah I saw it too. Danny maybe?

    That’s why I wrote 2nd. Hadn’t seen your posts at the time…

  5. Danny

    Pedro deleted my comment.
    I wrote that somebody here was insulted that I wrote “Wenger Out”.
    Fair enough, it is after all Pedro’s blog.

  6. izzo

    LOL Ozil is “comfortable”. Also, sorry but he’s no longer world class. I used to rate him but after this season and a bit from the last as well, he has shown how much his attitude stinks and in the wrong way so how someone can still be posting that he’s world class and we should keep him is just laughable and taking the piss.

  7. Whitty

    Wenger signing his new contract in the center circle on the pitch at the Emerites with 60,000 fans signing one Arsene Wenger……with sky pay per view live ….millions of fans watching all around the world wanking over their hero.

    Thats how deluded this cunt is.

    Wenger out !!!

  8. Boomslang

    Once Sanchez leaves, we can start competing as Wenger’s contrived ‘next level’ by building the team around Ozil, and slugging it out with Southampton, Everton and West Ham.
    Exciting times ahead.

  9. Relieable Sauce

    – Could be a turbulent summer. My main worry is that Wenger is no longer an elite coach.

    Had to check it was a Pedro post when I read that.
    Truly incredible that he believes Wenger could possibly be such.
    Was he ever ? No of course not! Elite coaches win in European competition and he had some of the best players of a generation – arguably some “greats” in the history of the game in Henry, Bergkamp and Adams.

  10. kc

    No need to worry Pete, Wenger is in no way an elite coach, and Arsenal is in no way an elite club. Mediocre to slightly above average at best these days. It’s just a business.

  11. kc

    Ozil and Wenger are a match made in heaven. Living on easy street collecting that cash for just going through the motions. Who needs China when these clowns can get away with this shite in London??

  12. jwl


    Arsenal are largest football club in London, and London is largest/richest city in Europe. Arsenal are elite in reality but thought of as second rate by our manger, execs and many fans (not you, not having a go at you).

  13. jwl


    One fact that does not get discussed much when we talk about Wenger is how bad our youth set up has been for past decade. Gibbs has been with club since under 10 I think? but the rest of our squad were bought when they 16-20 yrs old.

    A Cole last proper player to be developed by Arsenal? Lots of room for improvement, fer sure.

  14. Relieable Sauce

    It’s easy enough to excuse/justify pissing away your own money as an “Arsenal fc fan” (Wengerite), but when you realise its your very limited time – and extremely limited career in regard to pro footballers – that you are pissing away, it becomes a little harder to square – assuming you have any ambition of course…?…
    : /
    …and it is abundantly clear that anyone associated with the club that has any inclination of ambition are few and far between.
    We have a team of Walcotts, and a fanbase of Wallaces.
    Trophies for turning up types. I’m sure Wallace will be at Walcotts testimonial if someone gives him a ticket.

    Only bantz Wallace 😉 you are certainly a level or two above the usual gutter snipes Wengerite.

  15. David Smith

    Have a feeling anyone expecting big changes from Wenger this summer is going to be very disappointed, he just does not do big changes, despite what the PR dept will tell us in coming weeks.
    He will dither, penny pinch , walk away as per usual, 2011 over again, a probably trolley dash late summer.
    not sure how Wenger defines himself anymore, no longer a winner, development manager, just a sad loser who cannot walk away and is only there because of a football ignorant owner who doesn’t give a shot.
    What a sad twilight to a career of one who once achieved so much

  16. String

    Your Comment Here
    Whitty glad you mentioned next Sunday this protest a week today needs to be big I’ll be there along with all the lads I’ve been going with for years every one on this blog moaning about Wenger needs to turn up we can make a difference to get rid of this deluded prick that’s destroying are club

  17. Elmo

    Everyone rest up.

    We all know that this time next week there will be absolute drama here one way or another.

    He probably will have defiantly announced he has signed the new contract. We may well have been trashed by City. There’s even the miniscule chance that he will have announced that he’s leaving and we’ve beaten City!

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The only time wenger will change is when his body rots in the grave ….
    Until that day he ain’t never changing

  19. Redtruth

    Arsene Wenger ‘honoured’ by Stan Kroenke backing

    Published 3 years ago 23 Sep 2013

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that he is ‘honoured to receive the backing of Gunners’ owner, Stan Kroenke.

    Kroenke said he is proud of the Frenchman, and wants the 63-year-old to sign a new contract, ensuring his long-term stay in north London.

    Wenger is in the final season of his contract, after managing Arsenal over three different decades, and celebrates his 17-year anniversary this weekend.

    “The good thing with me is you don’t need a lot of talks to extend the contract I have,” he is quoted as saying by the Daily Telegraph.

    Wenger is the longest serving Premier League manager, after being appointed in October, 1996. During his time at the helm, Arsenal have qualified for the Champions League in the past 16 seasons, and although the club has failed to win a trophy since 2006, Kroenke insists Wenger is in Arsenal’s future.

    “I am very honoured to have the support of Stan Kroenke – that is a huge confidence vote,” Wenger said ahead of Saturday’s trip to Swansea.

    “I don’t believe anyone can question my commitment to this club, I want to feel I do well and then the question of me staying will be secondary after that.

    “I don’t know where the last 17 years have gone. I always said our job is work like you are here forever and know it could end every day. What I would like to do as long as I am here is do my best because I love this club.”

    “I am very grateful to this club because during the 17 years there have been ups and downs and they have always shown faith in me. I turned many offers down because I rate what I have got here. I always thought this club was special.”

    The Arsenal boss insisted his team’s on-field performances remained the priority and suggested signing a new deal would be a formality, thoughts backed up by Kroenke.

    “There’s no-one I feel more strongly about and he’s doing a great job. Arsene knows how we feel,” Kroenke is quoted by the Daily Mirror.

    “We have been very supportive. We have never wavered. We are proud of him, proud of the club, the way the club is run and how it holds itself out to the world.

    “Arsene knows how we feel, what our philosophy is, what we want to do and I feel like we are totally aligned.

    “I think he wants to do it the exact same way as we do.”


  20. Dissenter

    There won’t be tomatoes available for sale in the whole of London on the day Theo Walcott has his testimonial game.
    He’s the poster boy of Wenger’s second decade.
    Cup cake, lightweight, weak-minded and over-paid.

  21. reality check

    Friend sent me this,

    “Trophies won during the Wenger Era..

    Uefa Champions league
    2005 (Istanbul)

    UEFA Cup
    2001 (Dortmund)

    European Super Cup
    2001 (Monaco)
    2005 (Monaco)

    FA CUP

    Legaue Cup

    Charity/Community Shield

    In 2001 we won 5 Trophies!!?”

    Uefa Cup, European Super Cup, FA Cup, League Cup and Charity/Community Shield

    So hold up lads, what was so great about Wengers time here again, when we say the ‘glory years’ are we comparing Wenger to other Arsenal Managers.

    Wengers team to other Arsenal teams?

    Not Arsenal to, everybody else?
    Is that why we call it the glory years?

  22. reality check

    Sorry, let me clarify further. its because some akbs on twitter saying wenger brought glory to arsenal we wasn’t successful before him

  23. SpanishDave

    If Ozil signs Wenger will wet his pants and sign as well .
    This us what he is waiting for, then he will talk about rebuilding and then screw up in summer and we have gone full circle

  24. China

    Yeah I’m not buying that pep think ox is a world beater. He’s put in 5 or 6 good performances all season.

    He has some promise and would do better under a good manager, but if he’s signed it’s because he’s British, nothing else

    He’s put in a 6/10 season so far. His first half of the season was absolutely laughable, running the ball out of player multiple times per game, not making runs, standing with his hands on his hips as players ran past him

    Then in the last 5 weeks he’s put in a few solid games and suddenly he’s a player? The best performance he put in were against absolutely shit teams. Other than that he’s just been ok in a time that’s played worse than ok. Against west brown he was aaaaaawfuuuuuul

  25. China

    People say changing positions helped him but I don’t think that redeems him

    The things he was doing wrong out wide weren’t about positional knowledge or experience etc, they were about shit running, shit technique, shit passing and shit attitude

    Things which you don’t change by moving position

  26. Ekpang Bisong

    Summer exodus: Deadwood, or vital cogs in the mix?……… Wenger should be the first out of the door. Does anyone believe We can win more than 5 of our remaining fixtures, guys let’s the reasonable this clown has fail and he is too arrogant for his own good and especially the good of the club

  27. kc

    Headlines today say it all. United planning on 190 millions raid on Barca for Neymar, Chelsea looking at Morata and Bakayoko, Arsene FC interested in Tadic of Southampton. The article goes on to say Tadic is no Neymar, but he should help a lot in the Europa League next season. Oh to be, Oh to be, Oh to be second rate. Not sure London will ever be red again after Wenger. This hole he’s digging will take years to climb out of.

  28. Thank you and goodnight


    Totally agree with you. By time Wenger finally leaves we’ll be lucky to be the best London team in the championship. A has been Arda Turan and Tadic…..oh my the joy the euphoria of second rate signings to come…..fuck me he’s turned us into the stoke of London

  29. Thank you and goodnight

    Wilshire wants to go to Milan if Wenger stays on hahahahahahaha. Seems to me the players have finally woken up to the fact that if they want their career to prosper and hit the heights potentially they have to fuck off from Wenger. So much for Wenger developing players hahahahaha Wenger destroys careers he doesn’t make them. Seriously though if Wenger signs on and we lose most of our team we’ll be lucky to have league 2 players wanting to play for us. I’m seriously putting on 100 pound for us to go down next season. Well done you akb cunts, along with Wenger you’ve destroyed the club. Arsenal Fc….the laughing stock of world football

  30. Mick Kartun

    Well, Tadic’s release clause is reported at 13m pounds. We know how our arsene is very sharp when it comes to bargain.

    I am pretty sure he will bid plus one quid to show his royal act.

  31. Red&White4life

    “I am contracted until 2018 and I feel very comfortable,”
    By “comfortable”, Ozil meant “rich”.


  32. WestLondonGoon

    Fabulous to see Bobby Pires spouting the usual bs straight from the Arsenal PR department…..spirit, mentality, commitment.

    Honsestly, they must think we are all as clueless as the manager to be taken in by all this? Just another Wenger yes-man looking to join the gravy train.

  33. Jim Lahey

    Agree with you Pedro that harsher punishment should be dealt for reckless tackles that result in serious injury as we saw the other night.

    A 3-4 match ban is a joke considering Coleman won’t play again for a last another 10 months. How about the offender receives a mirroring ban, the player is banned for as long as the player he injured is out for?

  34. Dissenter

    Paul Scholes on Wenger
    “Whether he wants to stay or wants to go you have to respect his decision. He’s been great for Arsenal over the last 12 years. It’s up to him.”

    This schmuck is mocking the fans.
    Did you notice he used the phras that Wenger has been “great” since the year of the invicibles.
    I expect fans everywhere to start singing “only one Arsene Wenger” songs in all games.

  35. Red&White4life

    “Fabulous to see Bobby Pires spouting the usual bs straigh’

    And a bit ironic, knowing that he live in one of the super condos which were built on the ashes of Highbury

  36. guernsey gun

    Why don’t they just get on and announce it – sums up everything that’s rotten with the club now, they haven’t got the bottle to announce it as deep down they know its the equivalent of football suicide. I said at the weekend that next season was going to be a car smash and the names mentioned above confirm that. We are sleepwalking into deep shit territory, I can’t believe that its happening -but it is.