Arsenal players meekly own up to being weak minded | How Arsenal can plan for success

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Arteta blazing over... via the Le Grove instagram (

Arteta blazing over… via the Le Grove instagram (

What’s cracking my darlings?

Nothing massively pressing to report. Interesting to see that Alexis was being his mopey self for Chile last night. Seems to have shaken off that ghastly injury Wenger said he had against West Brom. Can’t wait to see what sort of condition he comes back in.

So what news do we have going down at Arsenal today? Mostly Arsenal players taking responsibility for their failings.

Here’s Mesut.

“We are having a difficult phase. Somehow something is not working with the team,”

“We are letting in a lot of goals. Maybe it’s down to self-belief. When I look at the quality of Arsenal though I’m convinced we will get on a run again soon.”

Here’s Laurent K.

“It’s him who gave me my chance at Arsenal, who fashioned me as a player and as a man.

“We’re in a complicated situation but it’s not only his responsibility.

“It’s us, on the pitch, who have to do more.”

Now, whilst I like to hear the players owning up to their failings, it’d be nice if there were a little more substance.

‘Self-belief’ really isn’t an elite response. I understand that confidence plays a massive role in teams succcess, but it’s kind of empty. Why isn’t there self belief? What could be better? How should the players be addressing these problems? Does a lack of self belief usually lead to players downing tools?

The situation isn’t really complicated. We’re rudderless. Wenger, in his old age, opted for the easy life by using money and his recruitment policy to hire in nice boys who don’t have the balls to call the manager out. Laurent K calls himself a man, well, what is he doing to hold Wenger accountable?

I’m sorry, but true leadership isn’t rolling into training everyday and doing the same thing. I refer back to Barca under Bobby Robson, a younger than Wenger was at the time. His tactical ideas, communicated in English, were complicated and bollocks. Mourinho, the team translator, would take his instructions with the playing Pep G, then work out something better and take that to the pitch.

Ruthless, but look, if having a f*cking clue what you’re doing helps you get to a better end product, shouldn’t you be doing it?

There are a lot of very smart footballers at Arsenal. If they’re smart, why don’t they do the tactics themselves? Why don’t they go out of their way to use the club resource (analytics / video team / scouts) sitting idle at the club to get better prepared?

Maybe it’s because Wenger hasn’t shaped men. He’s built a team of boys who don’t know how to lead?

There’s no excuse to go into the games unprepared. If Wenger challenges you for trying to do things the right way, ask for a transfer out of the club. That’d make him think twice.

Again, being ‘sorry’ is great. But what the f*ck are you doing to further the cause so our end of season parade isn’t a precession of weak players apologising on

This has to be said of Wenger as well. Most coaches can communicate their vision of what they’re trying to achieve succinctly. Wenger has never been able to communcate his plan. He couldn’t even explain what he meant by ‘the next level’ in that Jake Humphrey interview.

Ivan should force Wenger into crafting a plan. He should demand the following.

  • What is the footballing philosophy of the club moving forward?
  • What do you need to achieve this?
  • How does the vision play out on the pitch?
  • What are the weaknesses in our squad?
  • How do we address those weaknesses?
  • What are the weaknesses in our backroom setup?
  • What is your suggestion for improvement?
  • What don’t you have from a technology perspective that could help us further the cause?
  • How are we going to measure progress this season outside of points and cups?

This process should go hand in hand with an independent assessment of the state of the club, performed by a sporting director. If the proposal has weaknesses, they should be jointly addressed. Then a joint plan for success should be agreed upon with strict performance KPIs that if not adherred to, well, you get the idea.

This is a very basic framework I’ve thought of off the top of my head. But at least there’s a structure, some intropection, some assessment and a plan that is spat out the back of it.

We simply cannot look at our season as a ‘unique blip’ that is linked to a lack of ‘self belief’ that will be solved by ‘focus.’  That’s f*cking amateur hour. That is not actionable. That is purposely loose language to deflect from doing something drastic.

Anyway, see you in the comments. Listen to the damn podcast if you haven’t.

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Vive la révolution!

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  1. SpanishDave

    How can Wenger say his ankle is a mess, then a few days later his running around for Chile?
    Faking injuries rather than playing for the club tells us everything.

  2. Bankz

    Arsene Wenger is total shit and anyone still making excuses for him at this point is a disgrace to the club.

  3. Globalgunner

    Wenger is beyond redemption. He is 68. Has been incompetent since he was 55. While we are waiting for him to see the error of his ways. quality coaches are being anchored to other teams and we wallow in his self delusion. All hands must be on deck to drive him out by all means.

  4. Louis Almeida

    Alexis is probably playing for a move to Brazil lol

    Anybody see Neymar last night? + his goal. Man that dude is some player.

  5. Alex Cutter

    “I will be at the Man City home game in my Yellow away shirt, see you all there.”

    Way to fight the power with literally the least amount of protest someone could do!

  6. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    A rabbi, a priest, and a monk walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, “Is this some kind of joke?”

  7. Louis Almeida

    Alex Cutter, Yes it was awesome as the was finish. Have to be honest, I only really rate Messi above Neymar. The guy can do it all and is very clutch in the big games. If he leads Barca to the CL this year and starts next season well he has a chance of the Ballon D’Or IMO.

  8. WengerEagle


    Watched Brazil-Uruguay and half of Argentina-Chile.

    Second match was atrocious, only decent player was actually Sanchez who caused problems for the Argentina backline and was unlucky not to score a FK, smacked the bar with the GK beaten all ends up.

    I think that you can seriously make a case for Neymar being the best player in the world now, all that has been missing from his game this season has been the goals and we know that he’s capable of banging them in, he scored a combined 70 goals in the 2 previous seasons for Barcelona. He’s putting it all together in these last couple of months and he’s been the stand out player for Barcelona, I’m a huge Messi fan but honestly, he outshines Messi every time I watch them lately.

    His all-round play has now surpassed Messi’s IMO who’s on the wane physically as to be expected as he’s close to 30 and has been performing at the highest level for 12 years now.

  9. WengerEagle

    Douglas Costa likely won’t start, manager seems to prefer Coutinho and Firmino.

    I love Costa, think he’s as explosive a forward as you’ll find in all of Europe but he struggles with inconsistency.

  10. GoonerDNA

    I don’t think any questions we go answered with Wenger in charge I imagine the club might implement some staff structural changes which Wenger will just ignore.

    It’s all a load of bollocks really I doubt the club have the balls to even suggest structural and staff changes let alone a managerial change and demand of accountability from wengabe

  11. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, Yes as I said, I think Neymar actually has a chance of the Ballon D’Or this year, outrageous player.

    He has been playing as more of a creator this season, partly because Barca’s midfield isn’t as good as before and Messi is declining physically. Neymar at 25 is now in his peak so I think it’s the right time for him to take over from Messi. He would’ve been centre stage a couple years back if he wasn’t playing with Messi but with the latter declining, the batton is now being passed over.

    The goal yesterday was outrageous, so nonchalant. I used to argue with Romford that I thought Hazard would be better. Oops. Have to hold my hands up there!

  12. Louis Almeida

    Yes D. Costa is great but inconsistent as you say. And Tite seems to like to play with a playmaker wide to balance out Neymar and Jesus. Coutinho will probably fill that role but I find him very underwhelming tbh. He has about 5/6 amazing games a season where he scores some outrageous goals but his consistency is even poor and I wouldn’t exactly label him a playmaker per se. Plus he gives the ball away loads.

  13. Louis Almeida

    Hazard is a phenomenal player but he isn’t close to Neymar which says something as there’s an argument that Hazard is the best player in the PL right now. He’s only scored 5 CL goals in his whole career which is a dreadful return. I think a few of those were penalties as well. That’s a very poor record for someone of his ability. Even Mesut who never scores equalled that tally this season alone which says something.

  14. WestLondonGoon

    Can’t wait for another MoM performance from Ramsey for Wales tonight.

    Just seen Pires on Sky Sports spouting more Wenger PR fed directly from the club. ‘The most important is to see Arsene Wenger extend the new contract because Arsenal need more stability.’

    Then goes on to name the 2 players who are obviously on the way out if Wenger stays, Ozil and Sanchez, as being great players for the manager.

    I’m guessing that we are looking at our first DoF right there then, appointed, of course, by Wenger himself.

  15. GoonerDNA

    WestLondonGoon, yea after those comments from Bobby he’ll probably get the position or is already lined up for the position.

    Vieira as the next Arsenal manager also seems abit underwhelming

  16. WengerEagle


    He’s frighteningly good tbh, 51 goals for Brazil at 25, he’s on course to smash Pele’s record health permitting.

    He’s a different type of Dribbler to Messi, I don’t think he’s as skilful in terms of ball control and he’s not as good as he cedes possession a lot but IMO he goes past people like nobody I’ve ever seen in terms of ease, he skips past world class defender like they’re not even there, it’s ridiculous. Because he’s so good on his left foot as well it makes him more difficult to predict as he can go past you either side whereas Messi like Robben loves to cut in on his left foot to shoot or pass.

    Will he ever reach peak Messi levels? Likely not but you never know, last season he wasn’t far off for the first half of the season as he was matching anything Messi ever did for goals/assists/dribbles/chances created, etc in those first few months when Messi was actually absent, he destroyed Real Madrid at the Bernabeu absolutely embarrassed them without a fit Messi.

    Passing the torch will be tough though because Messi has been the man for Barcelona for a decade now, he’s still in his 20’s and you can’t argue with his goal return even this season.

    But if you look carefully at him when Barcelona play he no longer attempts to dribble past players as much, Barca go left to Neymar more often and he’s now their most involved player.

    He’s nowhere near where Ronaldo is in terms of physical decline but give it 2 more years and he could well be there.

  17. WestLondonGoon

    Wenger Eagle

    Amazing isn’t it? To say that Messi is on the downturn now and has still managed to score 41 goals!

  18. WengerEagle

    Yeah I’m no great fan of Coutinho either, prefer Firmino personally.

    Neither are as good as Douglas Costa though when he’s on it, that cameo against us was ridiculous and he’s been doing that a lot in the Bundesliga these past few weeks.

    Brazil are still lacking a world class creative player which IMO will be the only thing that holds them back from winning the World Cup next year as I think they will have the most balanced side and best player in Neymar.

    Prime Kaka in this Brazil team would be perfect, there is too much creative onus on Neymar as it stands.

  19. WengerEagle


    Yes mate I watch Barcelona quite a bit though so I’m not even going by the goals, he just doesn’t look the same player as he was in 2015.

    Ronaldo is clearly in decline and he’s still close to averaging a goal a game too.

  20. azed

    “Ivan should force Wenger into crafting a plan”

    Lol, there’s a higher chance of Wenger demanding Ivan’s resignation that the above ever happening.

  21. Tomtom

    TomtomMarch 24, 2017 15:55:52
    Xabi Alonso has said that he was close to joining Arsenal but they only offered 15 million while Liverpool wanted 18.
    Wengers missed transfer stories are legendary

    ‘I was close to Arsenal’: Xabi Alonso on Benitez, Gareth Barry and his unexpected Liverpool exit

  22. WengerEagle

    We’ll certainly never see a 70+ goal season again like Messi’s in 2012.

    I don’t even think that we’ll see 60 again, even Suarez in god mode playing with the two best creative players in the world last season couldn’t quite hit the big 60.

  23. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, Yes I read what a journalist wrote a few months ago. Neymar generally takes pleasure in humiliating his markers which is why he’s the most fouled player in world football. Messi is more a robotic dribbler in that you know what he’s going to do but it’s nigh impossible to stop him. Neymar, like the best Brazilians, possesses that natural flair that you can’t teach. He goes either way, shoots off either foot, does a range of skills which makes him more unpredictable. Godin said after the game yesterday that they planned well and their shape was good but you can’t legislate for someone of Neymar’s level. They hadn’t lost a home game at their legendary stadium in years but Brazil breezed them.

    Neymar, like Hazard, has ridiculous acceleration in that they can beat 3/4 very easily. You always need players like that who can disrupt deep blocks with their ability to dribble. As I said before, he plays as more of a creator this season due to Barca’s decline in midfield, Messi not being able to do as much and Alves left. There’s a few holes there which explains his higher creative output and lower goal tally. But you only need to look at his record to see he’s prolific infront of goal too.

    I don’t think he will ever pass Messi because Messi is Messi. What he’s been doing since 2006 is on another level. The sheer consistency. He’s produced 40+ goals 8 seasons in a row which is stupid levels of consistency. Yes it makes sense to defer to Neymar now because he’s the younger, more spritely player.

  24. £8,000,000

    So according to iwobi “we should be patient and results will come” and ” personally I want wenger to stay” !!!!! Patient ?! I think the fans have been extremely fucking patient and I don’t give a fuck if you want your sugar daddy to stay, shut the fuck up and try and do what your unbelievably well paid for playing football.

  25. WestLondonGoon


    I actually Vieira could be a very good thing. Yes, it would be a gamble, but a gamble compared to the shitshow at the moment? Give me Vieira all day long. I think that Allegri is the man for us, as much as anything, because he has no sentiment regarding the current regime, so he would really be sweeping the cupboard bare, but if we wanted someone with ‘homegrown’ connections, Vieira could be the man.

    The Daily Mail did a really good article on his progress a few days ago; to be honest, he sounds the polar opposite of the last few years of Wenger.

  26. Don

    What is the footballing philosophy of the club moving forward? To finish 4th every season.That is Stans philosophy.Mark my words Liverpool havent won a title for 27 years we will do the same.Winning titles under Kroenke is a no-no

  27. WengerEagle


    He’s as close skill-wise as I’ve seen to Ronaldinho and while I don’t think he’s quite as naturally gifted as Ronny was, his electric pace gives him a different dimension to his play than Ronny had. That goal yesterday presented itself purely due to Neymar’s sprint speed, 90pc of players don’t possess that kind of pace which combined with his array of technical skills makes him so dangerous. He’s much faster than he’s given credit for.

    Yeah was Uruguay’s first home loss in something like 8 years which is mental given they’ve hosted Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia on the regular there over that time frame. Brazil made it look easy and they’ve breezed this qualification group tbh, by far the best side in South America right now.

    ‘I don’t think he will ever pass Messi because Messi is Messi. What he’s been doing since 2006 is on another level. The sheer consistency. He’s produced 40+ goals 8 seasons in a row which is stupid levels of consistency. ‘

    Very fair point.

    You nearly take for granted just how prolific he has been don’t you?

    The great Ronaldinho never surpassed a 26 goal season in his career for Barcelona, imagine what would be said of Messi if he ‘only’ scored 27 goals for example?

    Never mind the fact he hasn’t scored below 38 goals in a season since he was 20.

  28. Tomtom

    £8,000,000 if that is your real name, good point on Iwobi.
    We have been waiting patiently for the past 13 years ffs.
    These players are seriously deluded

  29. WestLondonGoon

    Wenger Eagle

    Ronaldo is defo on the downturn, looks like he’s getting frustrated that his body is only operating at about 80% of at his peak. Age isn’t kind once your explosive speed starts to go, and I’ve seen a few defenders out-sprint him this season, more even since the winter break. Messi will always have his ball skills, but Ronaldo’s reliance on his athletism will see him become less effective in the next 12 months. Not that Real will care as they will have Mbappe to do his running for him.

  30. Tomtom

    Don’t want any ex Wenger players coming in.
    Wenger has shit the bed so hard that we need a completely new approach without the lingering stench of Wengers failure.

  31. GoonerDNA

    WLG, Vieira has only just started managing and it’s in the US. A young manager will be easy for the board to deal with as it’s a mega step up and an “opportunity” of a lifetime.

  32. WestLondonGoon

    Gooner DNA

    No, I totally get that, I’m just trying to think of the possibilities our board may go looking towards. Did you read the article I posted? He seems a lot more clued up than Wenger already.

  33. GoonerDNA

    WLG, just reading about him managing kinda sends me back to when he was dominating the pitch what a box to box player is was.

    Ok I want him even tho he sounds like a young Wenger.

  34. WestLondonGoon


    hahahaha… I don’t want a young Wenger, I want hope.

    I somehow couldn’t see Wenger rocking up to the George and asking the fans what they thought went wrong last season!

  35. Red&White4life

    “we should be patient”
    Quote of the week by Iwobi.

    The Pirès one (about why he wants KJW to stay) is not bad either…

  36. Kane

    I see a lot of posts yesterday re the next manager of Arsenal…. Tuchel being over rated, etc… It doesn’t matter who the next manager is… only that there is “a next manager of Arsenal” instead of Wenger staying on.

    The act in itself signifies change… that Arsenal are no longer a club happy to stumble down a road of mediocracy and have taken decisive action to effect change.

    If that new manager is a flop – so be it… the cycle is broken and he can be replaced.

    The worst thing that could happen for Arsenal is for nothing to change.

    Everything else is a positive step in the right direction.

    #WengerOut #NoNewContract

  37. WestLondonGoon

    I’m with Kane all the way….the biggest thing here is that we need change; we need it and the players (although a lot of them don’t want to admit it,) need it too.

    But change it has to be.

  38. WestLondonGoon

    For all you twitterati out there, don’t forget to follow @NoNewContract for progress on the demos and upcoming matchday protests.

  39. Kane

    Relieable Source

    Interesting to hear… basically the hierachy feels that giving Wenger 2 years enables him / them to make the massive infrastructure / personnel changes required to put the club in a healthy position in readiness for when the next manager takes over in 2 years time….

    While it is good that the media are now saying Wenger should go and drastic change is needed – they seem reluctant to state that Kroenke is the root cause of the problem – i.e. that having an owner who cares more about running a business than a competitive sports club means Wenger is not under any pressure from the owner to change so long as he balances the books.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    The ‘succession deal’ thing is bollocks, it was called on here months ago that that is the route they would go down trying to placate the fans.

    So the reason we need another two years to modernise the club is the thing you’re looking to to solve the problem? Yeah, okay.

    Like I saw someone post on Twitter today, if the hierarchy want to give Wenger a new deal based on stability, finances and sentimentality, then say that, don’t try and pass it off as having any sporting logic at all or as if it is for the good of the club.

    Thoroughly uninterested by anything this club has to offer if it is giving Wenger a new deal, you’ve just illustrated your appalling decision making with that one decision, why should fans trust you with holding an ice cream, let alone you and Wenger creating succession structure.

    Fuck right off.

  41. Marc


    Wenger won’t survive another 2 seasons, nothing to do with the fans or protests etc. He’ll be killed by results, the run in this season is going to be awful, the summer TW will be carnage and then we’ll have a blood bath as next season kicks off.

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better but the end will come.

  42. SUGA3

    The situation within the club is simply picturesque ineptitude personified. I have been banging on about it for years, the moment Dein was kicked out, the moment a massive vacuum was created. Top it off with Fiszman’s illness and the eventual death and we have got ourselves a perfect storm. Make no mistake, these two made the club what it is. Gazidis is nothing compared to them.

    From the commissioner in the MLS (effectively rubberstamping stuff in highly regulated environment), to ‘CEO’ (quotes intended) of the fifth richest football club in the world. Dein would still have him for breakfast and he is 85, ffs.

    There was that great pic of Wenger and Gazidis in the stands both looking like Mr Bean’s long lost siblings. Sounds about right based on the current evidence.

    Fuck me, it is pure comedy. Shame we have wasted a few years of the stadium advantage. Once Spuds and Chelsea build new stadia, we are done for. With this lot in charge, we will be slugging it out with West Ham.

  43. jwl

    If a bunch of players decide to down tools and Arsenal finish seventh or wherever, that only thing that would make management rethink giving Wenger contract.

    I reckon players have Wenger’s fate in their hand, but even so, I dont expect change of mgmt at Arsenal. I was convinced there a was plan for Wenger to retire a couple of seasons ago when Klopp took break from work after dortmund and here is Wenger talking about another contract.

    I keep thinking Arsenal will behave like normal elite football club but it is clear loyalty to Wenger is more important than sporting success. What will it take for Wenger to realize he wrecking his legacy with his refusal to spend money on world class players and actually compete for league titles?

  44. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t know, I’m rapidly losing all feelings for this club, it is so pathetic and that goes for a large chunk of its fan base as well, I have precisely zero confidence that Wenger will ever get what is coming to him and that we will progress.

    I actually think fan detachment and apathy is what this shower of shit is aiming for, so that they can just get on with things with only Ty like fans making lots of noise and then the rest of the fan base occasionally dipping in out of habit and long standing support.

    Given the rest of the league, Chelsea, City, United, Liverpool, Spurs, even Everton, the money around, the progress being made and that will continue to be made, I think we’re in a bad, bad position right now and I said so at the beginning of the summer. Signing on for another two years of Arsenal as a static target is incredibly stupid.

    This season feels like all the chickens came home to roost, or rather shit all over the place, and he is still getting a deal and he is still being defended.

    I’m not sure you can even call this a football club anymore, no football or sporting type decisions are being made at any level.

  45. SUGA3

    Dein also had the most common sense out of all of them, IMO. Take Highbury Square for example: it was said that DD was against it, calling it correctly that the profit margins would not be anywhere near what they assumed. Lo and behold, we have earned ourselves more or less the same money we would have if the Highbury would just have got sold.

    He said to sell it off with lesser profit, but not lump ourselves with a short term business loan, which was the reason for us being actually a bit skint up until 2011 or 2011. Which caused us not having £££ to pay for transfers. Whilst at the same time being expected to invest a certain % of profits into the squad. Which had caused Mr Wenger embarking on the socialist wage structure ego trip.

  46. Relieable Sauce


    Yeah not much substance, plenty of acceptance and chortling. Cross said a decision to keep Wenger on would be “baffling” but doesn’t go any further.

    We are now in a situation where our managers presumed incompetence/greed/vanity is being excused and enabled by our presumed incompetent/complicit CEO, owner and BOD’s !! …This is in no way normal, yet there are ex players, pundits, journalists, still trying to rationalise or even justify this alleged sporting endeavour.

    Fargin iceholes.

  47. jwl


    I agree with you in thinking that next season is going to be proper shit sandwich.

    Arsenal renew Wenger contract with raise in salary apparently, Arsenal sell Sanchez, Ozil and whoever else wants out of club, Arsenal find it extremely difficult to buy quality players because we sold our best players while keeping failed manager, and next season is recipe for disaster.

    I think it is going to take Arsenal being in 15th at Chirstmas or somesuch before Wenger or club finally acknowledge that our manager is not fit for purpose.

  48. Dissenter

    Pochettino has met with the Barca president for the open job.
    I’m pretty sure he must have a clause in there for the big boys to get him out his spuds contract.

    The thought of Pochettino leaving north London is better that 1000 St Totteringham’s day trophies.
    Such is the consolation of the gooner these days 🙁

  49. Kane


    That hopefully will be the final nails in the coffin… considering Arsenals form is on a downward spiral and there are genuine questions around the players desire to fight for the manager, looking at the end of season fixtures bodes hope that what is bad now could end up being so bad, not even a teflon don like Wenger could recover

    Home in CAPS

    MCY, WHU, cry, mid, LEI, SUN, MCY (FA Cup), tot, MUN, sou, sto, EVE

    What horrible fixtues when you are on a bad run….

  50. Kane

    Sorry jus re-read our last 6 fixtures of the season….

    FA Cup vs City
    Spurs away
    United at home
    Stoke away
    Southampton away
    Everton at home

    Arsene mate you are proper fucked!

  51. Dissenter

    Gazidis was never the commissioner of the MLS. Don Garber has been the commissioner since 1999.
    Gazidis was one of the mid level executives who helped to organize the CONCACAF Gold cup. That was his brief.
    He came from nowhere to Arsenal and still yet Pedro can’t stop being enchanted by his skill set.

  52. Elmo


    Totally agree. Wenger will sign the new contract then limp to the end of this season (there will be no bounce because there’s just a long sequence of matchups we lack the pedigree to win). We’ll finish 6th or 7th. The summer will then be a mess as the contracts mismanagement narrative comes to the fore. I doubt many fans, even the pro-Wenger lot, think we will start next season with a stronger group than this season. Even the names being leaked are not those that top CL teams will be pursuing; they’re the tier of player that Spurs, Liverpool or Everton might traditionally be in for (Moussa Dembele, Tierney, Butland, a 30+ washed up Turan). The results next season will be worse than this year, as the playing staff will be worse and the existing group have learned how to lose and down tools together. I think you’ll reach the point where there’s just no option but to sack him by next February.

    The prospects for the club are very positive imo if an ambitious new manager comes in this summer with a fresh vision and manages to both tie up our existing star players and bring in new additions. If Wenger stays at the club long enough that we’ve been out of the CL for a couple of seasons before a new manager takes over, I think we’ll be in the wilderness for a good few years after. We all know Kroenke runs the club as a business; he’s not going to ever run a loss, so when the CL money disappears (c. £66m this season from CL TV + gate receipts, not including sponsorship dependent on CL etc), that’s going to hit the transfer budget and wage bill. Assuming Wenger wastes the remaining glut of money in the bank (a good chunk was used last summer judging by the reduction in cash assets between half-year accounts at Nov ’15 and Nov ’16), the new manager isn’t ever going to have £100m summer transfer funds to rebuild the club. Wenger is going to take us out of the CL, repel the few stars that we have, spend the money ‘he earned’ that would enable a new manager to drag us back into the CL, then finally leave with us in the shit.

  53. Dissenter

    Arsenalnot Arsene
    “These players are all pussies 10-2 aggregate wtf and yet still rooting for Kim Jong weng. They are all sick fucks.”

    Ever heard of “Stockholm syndrome”

  54. SUGA3


    ‘In 1994 he joined the founding management team of Major League Soccer, becoming in 2001 its deputy commissioner.’

    Thus spake Wikipedia :lol;

    You know what I mean, he is nothing but a pen pusher with a slick tongue on him. Never worth £2.5M salary, not in a million years.

  55. SUGA3


    I think we will finish 7th, as each and every other club in the top and top-ish tiers is currently in better form than us. Probably won’t finish any lower, as anything below 7th is unlikely to catch up with us. Unlikely, not impossible.

  56. jwl

    Reliable Sauce

    I was babysitting and we watched double feature of Johnny Dangerously and Bugsy Malone. Both of them enjoyed the movies, Johnny better than Bugsy.

    My sis does not allow her children to swear and my niece loved ‘fargin icehole’, she been saying that about people since we watched movie couple of months ago.

  57. Ashley

    when I hear alonso say we only offered 15 mill for him and pool wanted 3 mil more it makes my fucking blood boil that that tight fucking cunt restricts our progress and won’t pay an extra 3 mil for someone who we could have desperately needed

    I want him to go , he can’t stay he just fucking can’t

  58. Redtruth

    Neymar is s lightweight tool who is over protected from refs making it easy for him to dance around frightened defenders…he’s also a cheating diver..

  59. Carts

    Fuck about, now Wenger wants to remind us about his embarrassing pursuit of Suarez?

    How about he explains the rationale behind the extra quid we threw on top to get the deal over the line?

    From when you don’t submit a transfer request and all it took was for your captain to convince you to stay followed by Liverpool matching your terms then it’s clear to us all that he wasn’t really keen on Arsenal

  60. Redtruth

    Fans should target the board not Wenger.
    The board should let it be known that us fans hold the them responsible for the procrastination and dwindling appeal of following the club..

  61. Hitman

    Wrong decisions by players, manager, & board equals a club in decline.

    Wenger wouldn’t recognise change if it hit him in the face. It will actually get worse. He is an old man past retirement age & old dog without new tricks. Doesn’t have drive to acquire modern management/coaching knowledge. Hasn’t kept himself updated in tactics, coaching & philosophy and ironically sports science which was his strength when he joined.

    The board has predictably committed footballing suicide by keeping this parasite for another 2 years.

  62. luke

    If stability translated into trophies we would have won the league last year. Period. End of story. Wenger’s stability argument is so tired and blatantly false.

  63. jwl

    Welbecchio –

    I, too, thought Pedro was over egging pudding about relationship between Robson and Mourinho. Pedro makes it sound like Robson wanted to play 4-4-2 while Mourinho prefered 4-5-1 and Robson didn’t notice difference.

    I love you Pedro but I think you not giving Robson enough credit.

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You are the Adrian Durham of this blog …
    Just saying things to provoke a response…
    Why da fuck mention something that happened 27 years ago …

    Cmon fella you can do better than that to get under people’s skin….

    Or shall we start asking you questions an you will disappear agaib….

    That’s what you want lad cos that’s what will happen …

  65. Pedro

    Welbeechio, my story comes from Ballague book on Pep G.

    Your hysterical comment comes from nothing. You’re back here two seconds, disrespecting my integrity and the blog.


  66. gazzap

    So the club are offering wanker a 2 year contract. so they’re not even going to see if we get top 4. They don’t give a damn that half the fans are protesting at every match now. and the idiot himself has no shame, and is prepared to stand in front of booing fans every week like he owns the place. fuck off now wenger. I loan my season ticket to someone who is an AKB and ‘feels sorry’ for him. I’m seriously thinking of telling him he can’t have the ticket anymore and giving it back the the club. I would do if I didn’t want the ticket back after wank face has left.

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You can remember England 27 years ago but you can’t remember your fave Arsenal player in the George …another one of the avoided questions…

  68. WestLondonGoon

    The following was posted earlier:

    I’ve written to Ivan Gazidis this week, as one of the Protest Organisers. The letter went by email and was delivered to his personal inbox via a very trusted 3rd party. I have informed Mr Gazidis (very politely) of our position and why we feel the need to arrange these protests. The letter tells him also that the protests will continue unabated until either –

    1. Arsene Wenger announces that he will leave
    2. Stan Kroenke tells Wenger it is time to go.

    I told Mr Gazidis also that the protests will stop as soon as one of those two announcements is made by the Club.

    Mr Gazidis hasn’t even acknowledged our letter !!

  69. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s all very Neville chamberline …

    Good luck but it’s doom to fail , they see him doing no wrong ….

  70. WestLondonGoon

    Just covering all bases I guess, that way they can’t use the ‘lack of respect’ card. Also just in case they wondered what all the noise was about.

  71. Tippitappi

    The club use their players like isis use civi’s absolute cowards , absolute vile abuse of power from these business pirates

  72. Follow the money

    No secret about Wenger. Eliminated all traditional infrastructure that football clubs normally operate with.. assistant coaches with a brain, or that are allowed input like Keown who got a defense including Senderos to the CL final, and got rid of men who occasionally challenged him like Vieira, all so Arsenal would be so dependent on him that he could run his socialism experiments and not get sacked for being crap. Arrogance, hypocrisy, delusion and condescension. There’s nothing virtuous about the charlatan. Get him out

  73. Samir

    This comment gave me a chuckle on an Arsenal Fan TV post:

    “Wenger’s resume for job application as Barca/PSG manager
    1. I almost got Arsenal to win UCL
    2. I almost got Arsenal to beat Bayern Munich for few times
    3. I almost got Arsenal to win premier league title in the last 10 years
    4. I almost signed CR, Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Drogba, Zidane, Figo and all the current and previous world class players”

  74. Carts

    Ramsey is tripe.


    Why nobody reminds Wenger of those comments, I’ll never know.

    The first time I heard him say that I was playing footy manager. I knew Wenger was losing it slowly.

    Project youth got him all kinds of fucked up

  75. Relieable Sauce

    @Wenger_Protest is on a few of the players Twitter feeds giving details of the planned march before the Man City game. Doesn’t seem to be getting much response.

    John Cross said he thought there was a 5% chance Wenger wouldn’t sign the new deal. So, in other words, unless there is a clear and resounding message from the fans that they will not accept it, they will continue to operate more like a hedge fund than a football club.

    A mass walkout on 13 or 20 minutes would be immense and make world headlines. Might even stop the game.
    Not gonna happen though…(sigh)…sure as eggs is eggs and Wengers sixty something minute substitutions.

    Thankfully in a little over a week, we will know for sure if we are a football club, or a tourist attraction.

  76. David Smith

    Apparently Wenger will be given two years to build a structure to pave the way for his successor.
    Are they naive, stupid, or just don’t give a shit?

  77. David Smith

    Root cause of this clubs failure:
    Dein for bringing in Stan. Danny F ….sorry to speak ill of the dead, but sacrificing so much to keep Dein away
    The previous board for sacking Dein
    Lady Nina for bottling it.
    Ivan and the rest of the wet blankets. Josh for failing to tell his dad what’s what.
    Etonian bankers who know more about biscuit games than they do about football.
    “Custodians “who wanted a fast buck
    The rest of them for being completely out of touch
    Wenger is a disaster, more than a disaster blame him by all means, but the happy day he goes, do not exempt any of the above who failed to put in checks and balances for a failing manager who will squander all the years of leanness were meant to bring us
    Wenger took us to the top, when he eventually leaves, we will be 6th or 7th. That will hurt him even more than it hurts us.
    And there was nobody to stop him

  78. mikem

    Wenger’s been over paying players to buy them off, keep them on side. That seems to be the received wisdom on here and I agree with it, but doesn’t that make it more a case of misuse of company funds than of a socialist wage structure.

  79. grooveydaddy

    just watched the latest Simpsons episode…

    Marge and Homer go to a parenting lecture where the speaker recommends giving kids trophies for nebulous achievements in order to build their self-esteem.

    I had to laugh…

  80. Mick Kartun

    Dear grandpoop arsene

    Your famous I ALMOST SIGN comment almost make all gooners believe you should be strapped and sent to the asylum except for your dememted supporters.

  81. Relieable Sauce

    He’s got the “errr” down to a tee already.
    Just needs to prefix it with the assertive (lean forward and eyeball lowly pleb) “Loohk!”…The smirk will come. With the realisation of just how gullible and meek the punters are.

  82. Relieable Sauce


    You’re not talking about the Team America song are you ? If not I’ll need something more specific.

  83. Guernsey gun

    I still can’t believe we are sleep walking into the shambles that will be next season. It has all the ingredients to be a grade a shitfest. Has anyone located odds for us getting relegated in the next 2 seasons because it will get that bad. I think he will be out by Xmas but there are going to be some painful humiliations along the way.

  84. Jeff

    Here’s a possible scenario that might actually work in our favour in the long run – that is, for those of us who want bigger and better things for the club.

    Arsene gets his new 2-4 year contract. In order for this to look remotely viable and to justify the insane faith in Wenger, the board decide to give him a massive war chest to spend (“rebuild”) this and next summer with the sole intention of mitigating Wenger’s long tenure and proving that it was the lack of funds that kept us down all these years. So what happens next? Well, if we’re talking an expenditure of say £400m over the next two years (including extra wages for new players), that might be enough to sour the milk for Kroenke whom (as we know) hates putting any of his own money into it. The club teeters on the verge of bankruptcy and by the end of the two years we see the back of both Wenger and Kroenke. Usmanov (or someone like him) comes along and takes Arsenal to the dizzying heights it deserves.

    It’s a long shot I know, but you never know how far these lunatics will go just to keep Wenger in his Ivory Tower and if the rope is long enough, it might well hang every single one of them in the board and all the way up to the owner. Now there’s a movie with the happiest ending you could ever wish for.

  85. Thank you and goodnight

    @Guernsey gun

    Totally agree with You on the relegation front. With half our team deserting Wenger, the better half, and with the fact most teams know how to play against an arsehole wonga team i can really see us flirting with relegation in next 2 seasons. So much so that if he signs I’m putting a 50 pound bet on next season that we finish in bottom 6 of the EPL

  86. Ishola70

    Highly unlikely that the club moves away from financial prudence and what they like to term responsible spending.

    Wenger says the contract renewal talks of both Sanchez and Ozil have now been suspended until the summer which means in other words both are highly unlikely to stay on, Ozil slim chance, Sanchez no chance. But we knew that for sometime. Thanks for the confirmation Arsene.

    Getting rid of Ozil will not be a bad thing anyway. Wenger would have two luxury players in the first XI if Ozil signs on including Xhaka and that is just committing football suicide against any serious side. You think it’s bad now just imagine if Ozil and Xhaka were regulars next season in the team. Passengers when the team do not have the ball.

  87. vicky

    For me, Ozil and Ramsey leaving in the summer would ameliorate about 20% of the pain caused by Wenger’s extension and Sanchez’s imminent departure.

  88. Jeff

    I no longer subscribe to vociferous criticism of players. Many of them came to us with some kind of pedigree, some kind of reputation and nearly all of them have seen their careers plummet at Arsenal. Is it just a coincidence? In the case of some who’ve come and gone, we shall never know. But there are many examples of players who’ve left and ostensibly did better playing for different clubs and managers than when they did for Arsenal.

    Indeed it can be argued that even the best of the best from distant as well as recent past have left us precisely because of the lack of ambition, the lack of drive and passion that it seems only the most devoted fans of Arsenal (not Arsene) and some very respected players have ever seen fit to associate with the club.

    So given the above, without seeing some of these players under a different manager and/or regime playing for Arsenal, judgement should be reined in or at the very least reserved or suspended. If one divorces completely the effect of management and player performance, is seems to me to be a somewhat shallow and misinformed position to hold.

  89. David Smith

    I would just love to know how they were taken in by Kroenke……a bit of due diligence might have helped….just because he wasn’t usmanov, they all thought he would be ok.
    He is the epitome of a lazy owner, and our problems won’t go away with Wenger, and they could get worse.
    I think one of wengers faults, he wasn’t banging hard enough on kroenkes door at times, but our manager takes the same.
    When Wenger goes, we need a temperamental, he’ll raising, fiery Arsenal through and through DOF to take on Kroenke, and other issues, transfers, loaning out players without putting recall options in, fitness, the lack of a captain, entourages upsetting the players lounge,and the appalling way this team are officiated compared to others.
    But something tells me that Kroenke won’t be employing such a man after the easy ride he gets from Wenger/gazidis

  90. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @DavidSmith…they weren’t taken in by Kroenke, plain matter of fact – he paid the asking price no questions asked. When are people going to finally learn? AFC are a business. Football results are second to that business. It’s all about the money, end of story. Stop looking for noble stories when none exist. To Stan Kroenke and the board it’s always about money first.

  91. David Smith

    But Adam, wasn’t wouldn’t Usmanov have also paid the money?
    Fair enough of lady Nina to admit that…..but some mistake, it really was

  92. Jeff

    “I would just love to know how they were taken in by Kroenke”

    I don’t think there’s any great mystery there. It was in the end just a combination of bigotry and greed. They cashed in, became multi-millionaires overnight. Plus of course they were biased in favour of the presumed “respectability” of an American billionaire as opposed to a “dodgy” Russian whose wealth they deemed to be dubious and one whose “sort” they didn’t want. Well I hope they’re happy with Kroenke’s sort because he’s overseen possibly one of the darkest periods in Arsenal’s recent history and it’s not finished yet.

  93. Alexanderhenry

    Whichever way you look at it; pro or anti wenger, the buck stops firmly with Kroenke.

    He first bought into the club in 2007 and has had full control as majority shareholder since 2011.

    The worrying thing is that arsenal has actually fared better than his other ‘franchises’. In his eyes arsenal are probably the club he’s happiest with.

  94. SpanishDave

    Owners of football clubs have to be passionate and want to win.
    Our owner knows nothing about football it’s just another asset.
    The Glazers got the message at Man U after the supporters clearly gave the signal to them.
    Our AKB s are as much to blame as Wenger they are sold into the mediocrity
    We are currently the minority.

  95. Cesc Appeal

    Remember as well, Wenger’s opinion on who the board should let in, as it were, would have been paramount to a lot of the shareholders and board members. Unless for some reason that was a totally anomalous action in the club Wenger had no input over.

    That is why I will never accepted any painting of Wenger as some sort of victim, Kroenke is a bad owner, but this is exactly the way Wenger wanted it and would want it to stay.

  96. SUGA3


    For the umpteenth time: Kroenke did not exactly stop Wenger from spending, did he? Our wage bill has always been pretty high, this is due to the stadium loan agreement, requiring us to invest percentage of the profits into the playing squad, because the stadium is only as good an investment as the team playing in it.

    We really did have stupidly overblown squad with two thirds of the players not getting a sniff, yet being paid more than they could earn anywhere else. Give me one Suarez over three or four ‘bodies’ any day, it works out the same money wise. The thing is that Wenger is incapable of handling strong characters, because he is weak as piss. Back in the day he had Dein to handle Tones and Paddys.

    I think it was Margaret Thatcher who said that if you have to keep reminding you are important, you are probably not. I think this line suits the ‘mental strength’ babble perfectly.

  97. Bamford10

    Given that some fans are still trying to deflect from Wenger, let’s be clear: Kroenke and the board have made one mistake, and that is placing full faith in Arsene Wenger.

    Of the 111 things “Arsenal” have gotten wrong over the past ten years, Wenger is responsible for 110 of them, the owner and board just one: blind faith in Wenger.

    The owner has given Wenger ample money to spend, and Wenger has spent a good deal of it (though he could’ve spent even more, and he could’ve spent better).

    Yes, the owner and board have been wrong (and are wrong) to continue to trust in Wenger, but this is the same mistake made, of course, by every AKB.