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Nothing more horrendous than having to pen a post when something awful has happened in your home town. Disgusting barbarism by people who shame whatever pathetic cause they hide behind.

Great thing about Londoners is they don’t give a fuck. Nothing will come between them and the pub, club, restaurant, shopping trip, stroll down the embankment, or whatever other triviality we take for granted because that’s simply the way it is and always will be for London folk.

Fuck terrorism and fuck anyone using these attacks for political gain.

Be safe.

Onto normality, someone pass me that Wenger interview with BEIN.

Wenger can’t stop fanning the flames of his shameful act to sign on again, which is great, because that means he’s reading his own press and he’ll have an idea we’re all totally disgusted at this impending decision. Didn’t stop him trying to reframe a few things and throw in a bit of that classic doublespeak.

Here we give you a cheeky rundown of what was said, and what was meant.

1.What he said

“Today we live in a period where people are very demanding and I can understand that but I know as well that I have guided this club through very difficult periods with very, very, very limited resources.”

What he meant

‘You bitches need to cut a brother some slack. I not only built the stadium, but I also traversed a rough few years very well when there was a limited budget. I never complained, despite Stan having the capital to help out, and I kept us in the top 4. Do you not remember? Should I repeat?’

The reality.

This happened so long ago now that it’s kind of a non-point. Yes, you did some good, even though it’d be easy to point out that maxing the wage budget on a socialist power trip meant you had no spare cash to buy players. We probably could have run that squad on a wages 35% lower than they were, but we didn’t. We even let Nik B have 52 on the back of his shirt to remind us everytime he fell over how ridiculous Wenger’s wage policy was. Anyway, we’ve had bundles of cash since 2013 and we’ve seen no return. Argument over. And fuck off with the ‘this £10m a year job has expectations and people are demanding of me’ line. Of course it’s demanding, that’s why it pays so well.

2. What he said

“I managed to always get the best out of the team and that’s what I will do as long as I am at Arsenal Football Club.

What he meant

‘These players are shite and this is as good as it gets’


Wenger said he’d never had a squad that could perform and score so well on Jan 30th 2017. Hailing his best attacking unit ever. They’re his players, through and through. So if this is the best, there’s no more to give. If he’s saying the players are shite, then my lord, I don’t even know where to start.

3. What he said

“We have good players and they are young players. They have a team that’s very young. Overall I think the spirit is good, the structures are absolutely fantastic and the mental qualities inside the club.”

What he meant

‘There is potential in this squad. But they fail because they are young kids. Remember Project Youth? Basically, that again. So don’t judge them. They have that spirit thing, which sounds good but is unquantifiable so please don’t challenge it. Also, don’t you dare slag off the infrastructure because I don’t want a DOF. You heard about mental strength? That too. Forget what your eyes tell you. I see it. Again, don’t ask what that means.’


Wenger is trying to convince the stupid fans that this blip is unique and that the way he has things setup is just perfect, bar a bit of bad luck. He is already trying to wangle out of having to upgrade his team, because he controls the playing side, his future and the way the club is staffed.

4. What he said

‘For me Arsenal is the best club in the world and what we have built is absolutely remarkable, not only on the results front but on the values that this club, what we have built. Of course a football club is about winning, it’s as well about values.’

‘Nobody talks about that anymore but sport is as well about values and I think integrity, respect, humility, togetherness are very important qualities and if you would visit our club you would see that they really exist on a daily basis. That is part of what I am proud as well.’

What he meant

‘Arsenal do things nicely, why can’t that be enough? By nicely, I mean, I keep all my subpar staff around me, no questions asked. I pay everyone too much money, and I f*cking love all the power I have as a result. I even have a pet journalist who writes nice #TeamPositiveGooner things about me so I don’t have to do too many of these stupid interviews I greedily receive a fortune for doing. Anyway, come visit my kingdom one day, you’ll get it’


‘Values’ is doublespeak for not being ruthless. In a world of elite performance sport, you’d not be keeping the old leeches on the board. You’d not have Rowley, Colbert, Primorac or Peyton anywhere near the club. You’d never keep average players like Gibbs on £70k a week and there’s no way Jenkinson would have been allowed to stay training with the 1st team. 

Wenger thinks being ruthless amounts to lacking values. I struggle to follow that notion and as much as I am proud of my club for having a touch of class, that in no way should detract from the value I place on supporting a club that has brand built on wanting to be the best. That’s what’s missing there. Nearly all the elite clubs have values. It’s a non-point and it’s certainly not worth 3 more years of misery.

5. What he said

“My news is that I have no news for you! No matter how long I stay, I will be committed and completely focused as long as I stay at the club. How long I stay doesn’t really matter because as long as I’m there I am completely focused on what is to achieve the best with the club.”

What he meant

‘I have no news for you because I’ve been advised if I told you, it’d cause a riot. But anyway, I’m committed and as long as you think I’m focused on recreating magic doing the same things, that should be enough. Shut up and goodbye.’


He doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone other than himself. He doesn’t care about the fans and he doesn’t really care about the club, because if he did, he’d move on. I wish I could dig out the interview where he spoke about being a player and ask his chairman to promise to tell him when it was time to retire, because he didn’t want to go stale. If someone can find that, please share. Maybe we could post it to him.

Anyway… we had a pretty good response yesterday to the visual protest. As a recap, if you don’t want to protest in the street, at the very least, boycott buying the new home shirt. Also, Arsenal fans in the ground should wear yellow to make a visual protest against the lack of guts from the owner. I’ll be changing the red avatar tomorrow because Twitter is important (if someone can replicate the LG logo in seventies yellow and blue that’d be amazing),

Gonna ask Sir Chips and his brother what hashtag they’d recco…

#ArsenalAreYellow #AFCareYellow #WeAreYellow

… drop us a note, on a plane banner, against City, you sneaky counter protest bugger.

Final bit, shout out to Lukas P who dropped a belter of a goal in his final game for Germany against England. Wonderful build up play, a bullet of a shot.

Right, have a great day, see you in the comments.

Also, don’t fuck around, tune into the podcast below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Vive la révolution!

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  1. Carts

    Arda Turan..£25m for a 30 years old average player who’ll probably get shunted on to the left. Nah I’m alright.

    If those are the caliber of players that Wenger has been discussing with his cohort of minions then they too are deluded.

  2. Elmo

    For those asking about the size of the waiting list, I would estimate 60,000 or so.

    I stopped going in 2014 and haven’t been since. Have access to some silvers which will be enough for me once a new manager comes in.

    I signed up for a second membership on the list around 2005, when it was around 35,000 long, and got the first ST offer on this probably in 2013 (when I was in the top 5000 on the list). In 2015 the bloke from the club called up again and I told him I had no interest in going again under Wenger and agreed to be kicked to the back of the list. Just checked and I’m 50,000th, so I’d guess there must be 60,000+ waiting (probably a 15 year wait if you sign up now, unless KJW gets the club relegated).

    I’d say the club could keep drifting slowly backwards for a good decade, keeping tickets at the same levels in real terms, and still not have any problem selling all the tickets (whether people turn up is another story).

  3. ArseneisaFraud

    Saw the AW Bein interview…. my oh my does it reek of arrogance and of a complete loser mentality… and the BoD stand by this. From my perspective this is a massive Fuck You from the BoD and most importantly from AW. It is clear from AW reference to Liverpool that he actually wants to see us take a similar path to them and rationalising that it is normal for a great club of our stature to be trophyless . He is actually praising mediocrity.

    If and when AW does sign, we must all return this Fuck You back to the club. We must pool our resources (ie us, the Black Scarf Movement and the AST) to stand up and have protest after protest on match days. I think the best would actually be a walkout, and this must happen early in the game to have any impact whatsoever. It could be at the 13th minute to highlight the 13 years without an EPL trophy. And by walkout I mean not returning to the seats for the remainder of the game. And this could be repeated game after game. It is impossible for them to force you to your seat. This should definitively help with putting pressure on the club. And the sponsors may not like being associated to a club with a stadium that looks half empty on TV.

    Small anecdote: while double checking the spelling of trophyless on Google I selected the automatic suggestion “trophyless club”. The top answer was: The Arsenal. Thanks google……

  4. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Arsenal should take the ball into the corner flag and keep it there until the end of the season.’

    Haha! Brilliant.

  5. WestLondonGoon

    ”Arsenal should take the ball into the corner flag and keep it there until the end of the season.”

    Unfortunately we aren’t good enough to do that, we’d lose it and get caught on the breakaway.

  6. WengerEagle

    Mental that two of the greatest footballing nations in world football in Brazil and Argentina haven’t got a world class midfielder between them.

    Their attacking talent is just insane but if you haven’t got any top notch CM to put it all together, it’s wasted.

  7. WengerEagle


    Should do, he’s been Monaco’s best player this season. He’s not playing tonight, not even on the bench.

    He’s more of a B2B though, all action type can shoot, pass, tackle, dribble.

  8. Dissenter

    South American national teams are realistic.
    They don’t shun players whop move to China to further their careers.
    Contrast their approach with European clubs and all the snobbery.

  9. WengerEagle

    Him and Bernardo Silva are just brilliant together, perfect balance with Babayoko offering the defensive protection.

    If Monaco could keep that side in tact, they’d be a European force within the next couple of years. Likely won’t happen because the big boys will look to raid them come the summer.

    Fabinho is only 23, B Silva is 22, Lemar is 21, M’Bappe is 18, Babayoko is 22, Mendy is 22… that’s insane potential when you consider they’ve sold Martial and Carrasco too in recent years.

    Most exciting side in Europe by far for me.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I’ve been very impressed by Fabinho, a lot of noise was around Bakayoko and I sort of did not give Fabinho the same attention owing to the fact he was a converted RB, but what a player he is. As you say, strength, defensive work, dribbling, passing, speed, engine, the works.

    Especially given the current trend seems to be heading toward 3-4-3, so the two CM’s in the middle of that four need to be hard working, well rounded players with good pace for a CM, so he should be in demand.

    Yeah it is a shame, no way will Monaco keep those players together, Mbappe, Fabinho, Lemar, Bernardo, Mendy, Bakayoko, they will all be on the radar of big sides.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    The PR is just getting sickening now and someone at the club needs to actually engage their brain and realise they are creating an us against them divide. The way some of the players are talking and executive figures they are trying to totally detach Arsenal from the fans and could end up doing years worth of damage.

    Not only now have the fans turned against Wenger and don’t want to see him in the club, you will have a situation where fans feel hostile toward Giroud, Kozz, Monreal, Iwobi etc as being Wenger men, not Arsenal men.

    And I’m still yet to hear a merit based defence of Wenger, ‘respect’ and ‘look at what he did when Bill Clinton was still president’ is not a defence, essentially those are just tactics to try and shame-quiet reasonable grievances because you do not have a merit based riposte.

    If the PR objective was ‘make the fans fucking hate this club’ then those PR people are earning every penny of what I’m sure are hugely inflated wages.

  12. Dissenter

    Reliable sauce,
    I enjoyed your video
    When you stick to Arsenal you are unstoppable
    Now I better get my flak jacket ready for incoming

  13. Mick Kartun

    I agree with gooner63 comment regarding fill the seat and then gone after game started, with next man city match at emirates.

    If there are 20.000 ST holders and others willing to do that to make a statement, then half empty stadium after first minute will do the damage of arsenals image to the media and the sponsors.

    Come on there loyal and caring gooners, lets make one statement at man city match to make stan and ivan and the world noticed.

  14. TonyD


    Spot on. The walk-out idea would be perfect.

    Reliable Source

    Funny; much better than the political posts. Hopefully you can stick to football here now.


    On the money as always

    Wish there was a way to gauge how many gooners want Wenger out. Any ideas?

    Nothing I’ve seen so far show this. The walk-out would if every Wenger Out supporter did just that.

    If we need a Wenger Out fund, maybe someone could work out a radical coloured t-shirt everyone could buy online, and the profits go to the fund. Then everyone wear the t-shirt at the matches. Would give a good indication to the cameras of the supporting numbers. Also a hopefully plentiful fund for further protest ideas.

    Probably much better ideas around, but Wenger has to go and to know by how much he is truly hated and by how many.

    He’s way past the point of sympathy and respect for what he’s done in the past in my view.

  15. Bamford10

    If you’re on Twitter, follow @NoNewContract, as it is the official account for the protest group & info will come from there.

    If you’r not on Twitter, sign up and follow the above.

  16. Jeff

    The other reason the board don’t want to let Arsene go is because he’s basically part of the furniture. They don’t look at him as just an employee. He’s the grandfather clock in the corner – he has sentimental value if nothing else. They want to see some slither of success, anything at all, even just one more win, before they announce the new contract. It might not come any time soon. We have Man City followed by West Ham. Neither of those look appetizing. They’re in a spot of bother I think.

  17. Dissenter

    Reliable sauce
    Nope, nothing to review in my last comment.
    When we discuss Arsenal I’ll give you the courtesy . I’ll change tack accordingly when you decide to ram your brand of politics down our collective throats.
    I’m going to treat you like an “enemy combatant” if you piss on my leg and then try to prove to me that’s it’s rain..

  18. Sekard

    I’m getting fucking sick and tired of these Wenger players and ex-players trumping up in the media (Iwobi the latest disciple to step forward)saying Wenger deserves this..Wenger deserves that….Fuck off.What do the True Arsenal fans deserve?
    Arsenal made Wenger not the other way round.A lot of people forget this.It’s disgraceful how are history pre 1996 has just been disregarded.
    When he puts pen to paper I’ll be gone however they sugar coat it.Don’t be fooled by Henry will assist,War chest,Ronaldo is coming,Sporting director,Wenger has seen the light blah blah blah.
    Don’t give these cunts any of your cash.Simple

  19. Boomslang

    All Jimmy Weng does on the touch line is occasionally get up and clap his hands. While proper managers like Conte, Guardiola, and even Bilic shout tactical instructions to their players.

  20. Dissenter

    It will be really funny when we play city next week and they still wallop us despite the public pledges of support from the players.
    All this public psyching to regain confidence just comes across as a dead cat bounce.

  21. Ishola70

    Granit Xhaka seems a very confused individual.

    Saying Arsenal are on the same level footballing wise as Bayern Munich. Very confused or just deluded or a compulsive liar like his manager. Is it any wonder that there seems no hope of this team improving if they can’t hold up their hands and admit that they are not good enough. Again stems from the manager.

    Xhaka thinks people are concerned that he is too fiery and brainless. Well the brainless is a concern off the ball. But the fiery? Not really. People are just as concerned that you seem a like carthorse running when defending and are a poor tackler. He has recently analysed his game and tells us that he is committing too many fouls far away from his own penalty area. This has to stop he says. Rather than focusing on which areas of the pitch he is committing fouls why doesn’t he address why he commits so many fouls in the first place. He knows the answer as well as we do but it is probably too painful for him to admit to. Is it preferable to commit these fouls nearer to your own penalty area? Don’t think so Granit.

  22. Dissenter

    Boneik the Polish FA chairman (excellent footballer in his days) spoke recently about Wenger.
    “I had dinner with Szczesny and he told me that he would like to stay at Rome,” Boniek told Italy’s Centro Suono Sport radio. “If Wenger stays, I don’t think he will go back to London, while his contract expires in 2019 anyway.

    “I can therefore see two possibilities: either Arsenal recall him, or they name their price. It’s 100 percent certain, though, that he would like to remain in the [Italian] capital.”

    One they taste life under a better manger they never want to return.

  23. Alan

    There’s nothing fiery about Xhaka. Like Wenger says, he’s just technically shithouse at tackling.

    It’s the worst case scenario. A show pony holding player who not only doesn’t get stuck in but when he does, he gets himself sent off.

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    Lol I just read that. For those who have not, here’s the Sun taking the piss out of our brain-dead staff

    ‘ARSENE WENGER is facing a new Arsenal dilemma after a sudden outbreak of Emirates delusion. Midfielder Granit Xhaka has become the latest victim of the disturbing virus which already has the manager in its grip.’

  25. Dissenter

    It’s not Xhaka’s fault that we signed a midfielder who does not know how to tackle. Wenger thought he was a Kante type player when he bought him on. Talk about a system wide failure – he wasn’t scouted properly and the manger didn’t know how to fit him in.
    What do you expect him to say?

  26. Dissenter

    Alexis has a winner’s attitude.
    He absolutely abhors losing. Losing drives him crazy.
    You want players like that on your team. He knows how to forget quickly too.

  27. Rambo Ramsey

    I remember how Romford, Wallace et al used to sneer at Coquelin ( he dives too much and recklessly was the complaint ) and paint Xhaka as an intelligent ‘interceptor’ and accomplished tackler.

    Comedy gold

  28. OleGunner

    Iwobi now the latest Arsenal player coming out and slating the fans calling them impatient and practically ungrateful.

    Of course he also talks bout being desperate for Wenger to stay.
    It’s now patently obvious the amount of comfort and mollycoddling these players are provided by their grandad.

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    I’m convinced Wenger is a master of the arts of hypnotism. There is no way so many individuals- from former players to the current squad, from the board members to the coaching staff- can all fail to see the situation for what it is.

  30. Dissenter

    It’s fast becoming a club vs fans situation.
    Young players like Iwobi shouldn’t even be heard criticizing the fans in any way.
    There’s too much disdain for the fans from people on the inside.
    You’ll think Gazidis would have passed a succinct circular around reminding players and coaching staff to be respectful of the fan base.

  31. Ishola70

    “It’s not Xhaka’s fault that we signed a midfielder who does not know how to tackle. Wenger thought he was a Kante type player when he bought him on. Talk about a system wide failure – he wasn’t scouted properly and the manger didn’t know how to fit him in.
    What do you expect him to say?”

    Yeah of course the blame is on Wenger. It is absolutely mind boggling that any club worth their salt doesn’t scout a player properly that they sign for 35m.

    But I don’t want to read about him saying that Arsenal are on the same level as Bayern Munich and as for the other stuff better he says nothing or just a general comment rather than this over analysing of his game. There is nothing to over-analyse about him. He is poor off the ball and that’s just about it.

    Where do you stand on him? You think Arsenal should just cut their losses on him and sell ASAP or find him a place and role in the team that is more suitable for him?

  32. Boomslang

    Incessant defense of Wenger by current and ex Arsenal players feels like a war of attrition against Arsenal fans. No amount of slobbering sycophancy on their path will pacify real Arsenal fans into accepting that despicable fucking weasel for God knows how long. I hope

  33. Rambo Ramsey

    Dissenter, its disgraceful. Don’t these shameless clowns know respect is something that should never be demanded?

    I love how these inside men of the circus ring believe they are entitled to love and respect, but can’t or don’t choose look at it the other way round.

  34. Ishola70

    “It’s the worst case scenario. A show pony holding player who not only doesn’t get stuck in but when he does, he gets himself sent off.”

    Sums it up perfectly.

    We are all aware of how this team could regress even further in the coming months and next season with Wenger stupidly carrying on as manager but Xhaka as a player will become the cherry on top of the shit cake if Wenger persists and indulges in him which I fully expect him to do.

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘No amount of slobbering sycophancy on their path will pacify real Arsenal fans’

    Yep, if anything these arrogant remarks make their position more untenable. Like poking a half asleep grizzly bear with a stick over and over. At some point its gonna wake up and hunt you down

  36. Sekard

    Call me melodramatic but I couldn’t give a fuck if every single player and staff left Arsenal today.From Kroenke to Wenger to Bould to Ozil to the Tea lady.The club is rotten from top to bottom.As said above it’s like a virus where the host (Wenger)feeds off everything and eventually destroys it.If you are looking to become a winner DON’T come anywhere near Arsenal.

  37. Sekard

    War has been declared.A club should never draw the line with their fans.
    What the clubs need to realise is that it’s us fans which make this game what it is.We’re just a nuisance that should shut up and pay up.

  38. Ishola70

    Monreal giving the line that Ozil and Sanchez are stalling on new contracts because of Wenger. Whether he stays or not. That’s how important Wenger is according to Monreal.

    Stop lying Nacho.

    There is a small chance Ozil may renew but to think Sanchez is on tenterhooks desperate to hear of Wenger renewing so he can plan the rest of his footballing career around Arsene Wenger is laughable.

  39. Red&White4life

    He didn’t officialised his contract yet ??
    F*cking old pig of a joke of a false manager.

    He built the club, and now he wants to destroy it.
    And remember, because of King Jong Weng, Highbury was transformed into condos for hipsters.

    I hate him more than words could ever tell.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly, Monreal cannot exactly say ‘neither want to renew because they think this is a dud side and want to go somewhere where they can actually win things,’ what would that say about him sat there defending the source of that feeling?

    It has been said for years, Wenger has rather skillfully created a power base for himself over the last decade through the use of grossly inflated wages for undeserving skill levels and creating a no pressure, easy life atmosphere. Why would anyone aside from the most driven want that ended. It is the kind of work environment most everyone wants, like a Hollywood depiction of a social media giants offices, big wages for geeky people hired for their creativity as they work in spurts with off the wall ideas before going and laying down in the beanbag chair room for an hour and getting themselves a latte before taking a two hour lunch.

    That is Arsenal. Just fingers crossed the players are held accountable for their comments in the future.

  41. Wenker-wanger

    Great post Pedro.
    You’ve covered every recent Wenger vague tepid bullshit statement and done a thorough reality analysis on them.
    It seems when you are being grilled the best form of response is one covered in a thick layer of irrelevant vagueness, with just enough substance to make it seem like an answer of sorts.
    Perhaps this is wengers real talent, he certainly is now clueless as a manager.

  42. vicky

    I am beginning to believe now the only criterion for useless Arsenal players to keep getting shiny new contracts is to defend and praise Wenger to the hilt. Nacho, Gibbs, Iwobi, Mertersacker and Xhaka would have been shown the door by any other competent manager, ironically these are the same players who come out week after week and pontificate how fans should behave. Really wouldn’t mind if someone got rid of not only Wenger but also 80% of our squad. They all have ruined the whole ecosystem at Arsenal.

  43. Wenker-wanger

    To pick up on cesc comment about easy life at arsenal…
    I can imagine players getting their wages from the arsenal caulking in the wall….
    Sign under the machine says…
    “Help yourself…. if you want more please let your own conscience decide that”
    On the stub receipt, it will have the words.
    Please go out on the field and express yourself with great skill. Endeavour and mental strength.
    And remember if you do not want me to throw water bottles at my feet, please don’t lose. Oh and NO long shots at goal.

  44. Bamford10

    No one is more irritated by these players’ remarks than I am, but any chance these reports are all the result of reporters asking these players how they feel about the situation and the players responding in the only way they can, given that Wenger is the manager at moment and it would be inappropriate to say anything other than positive and respectful blah blah?

    If so, the player remarks don’t really mean as much as people seem to think.

  45. Red&White4life

    Our players are just a bunch of pussies.

    KJW’s famous quote : “I don’t buy pusssies, I make them.”

  46. Wenker-wanger

    Good point Bamford…Even recent ex-players seem to have trouble uttering the lamest criticizm at Wenger.

  47. vicky

    “given that Wenger is the manager at moment and it would be inappropriate to say anything other than positive and respectful blah blah?”

    It’s one thing to defend Wenger but to take a dig at fans or preach them as to how they should behave or be grateful is absolutely uncalled for and even more so when it comes from players who are themselves a liability for the team.

  48. Wenker-wanger

    Craig burley is a guy i would buy drinks for all night!….
    Comments about arrogant Wenger hit the bullseye.

  49. steve


    If that’s the case that means the players are a bunch of pussies who doesn’t dare to speak up.

  50. Wenker-wanger

    Does anyone here really care about half our players comments?
    Most i can’t identify with anyway……They seem to have no spirit, fight or balls anyway.
    Sanchez is such a diametrically opposite type of man…..A fighter, worker and winner.
    Ask yourself this in a fantasy situation.
    If Tony Adams, winterbourne parlour were available now would Wenger even consider signing them?
    No chance…Wrong type of player for that feeble pathetic weasel of a manager.

  51. Vintage Gun

    “War has been declared.A club should never draw the line with their fans”

    Spot on. This isn’t new either, it’s been going on for the last few seasons. Wenger and the board despise the die hard fans because not only do these “rebels” see whats really going on but are pretty vocal about the situation. This in turn shines an unwanted spotlight on the darkside of the board thus potentially messing with their money schemes. But how can you silence those who speak truths? Simple. You ridicule them, call them names gullible uneducated in the sport, inpatient troublemakers ungrateful etc… Then get players ex & current to repeat the same script over and over until the rebels pipe down.

  52. Bamford10

    Again, I don’t love hearing these guys repeat AKB-like claptrap, but they are in a very different situation from you and me. Wenger signs their checks for all intents and purposes, and he also decides whether they play in matches and where their career is headed. For the moment. So the sensible thing to do is to offer positive, manager-affirming, team-affirming blah blah.

  53. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger has created an us and them situation.
    He knows he has the financial power to keep his troops happy.
    They ain’t going to rock the boat.
    The sickening bunch of yes-men is strewn all over the club.Strange to reflect on the so-called “Judas” RVP, was one guy that said NO to wengers cushy ambition less lifestyle at camp arsenal.
    Such folly to boo the guy that compared to most of the current players has balls the size of melons!

  54. Red&White4life

    “Strange to reflect on the so-called “Judas” RVP, was one guy that said NO to wengers cushy ambition less lifestyle at camp arsenal.”

    Agree with that.
    Even if it’s still hard to swallow that he gave to manure their last PL title to date….

  55. Vintage Gun

    Point in case was when we lost at home to Swansea last season and Henry exclaimed that he’d never saw the fans so angry. Mr “Theres never no problems here” Wenger danmed near hit Henry with a shotgun blast over his comments stating “He sits in the Corp box what does he know about the fans” A real savage attack on our greatest ever goalscorer. Henry gone out of the coaching setup a few months later…

    Arsene did you see the plane before the game? Reporter
    AW “What Plane?”
    Reporter “The one flying over your fucking head for the 1st half hour”
    AW “I only look at the pitch although during a break in play i did see a “respect Wenger banner”(Smirks)

  56. Alan

    Just saw this headline on newsnow

    “Granit Xhaka distances himself from Bayern Munich move ”

    Is that through his performances?

  57. Red&White4life

    “I don’t buy pussies, I make them.”

    That’s why it’s very difficult to resell them at the right price lol

  58. Red&White4life

    Apparently Robby Pires said that “Wenger should sign new contract as the club,
    needs stability”…. OMG, it’s getting better and better lol

  59. China

    Dissenter ‘You’ll think Gazidis would have passed a succinct circular around reminding players and coaching staff to be respectful of the fan base.’

    Haha normally in a regular company I would mate but you’re giving Ivan way too much credit. I’m not convinced he even has a desk or company email address haha

  60. Hunter

    As a player,the one thing you never do is criticise the fans,simply because if you do they will never forgive you.iwobi was ill-advised to go down that route whatever the question he was asked!He is a yolk yet at the start of his career and should know and appreciate the feelings of the AFC fans at this moment in time.
    Sure he Dosent want to get on the wrong side of WENGER,but remember Wenger won’t be at the club longer than him and the fans will be,they will also have long memories,he will regret this moment for sure particularly at his age.
    The others such as Monreal,Mert,Kos,Ramsey etc etc are at the far end of their careers and only want to keep a healthy pay check coming in.They will all be removed if a new manager arrives so it’s obvious they want to keep Wenger sweet.
    The fans deserve more respect and sure as eggs are eggs WE WILL HAVE OUR DAY so be warned young Iwobi,the head of the snake WILL be removed!

  61. Samir

    Isn’t it funny that the only players coming out in support of Wenger are the shit ones with no ambition?


    What are the bets on Sanogo coming out in the next few days telling us how great Kim Jong Wenger is and that he must sign a new contract or the club will fall apart?

  62. Samir

    I didn’t realise Ramsey was also in the last year of his contract. He must be leaving too, thank god.

    So that’s:

    All in the last year of their contracts.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    Someone this summer is going to get an absolute steal with Sanchez, can see him going for as low as £30 Million.

  64. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    “Someone this summer is going to get an absolute steal with Sanchez, can see him going for as low as £30 Million.”

    100% agreed, we are incapable of getting a good deal for the players we sell.

  65. China

    This is like some result of some weird drinking game where wenger lost and ha to sign an absolutely shite player and keep them on the books forever

    What’s worse is it seems like wenger’s played this drinking game rather a lot of times and always seems to lose!

  66. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, that is bad enough, but then when you consider he has one year left on his contract and is visibly kicking for the exit, low, low offers incoming.

    I actually expect the club to panic and take Sanchez’s wages and give them to Ozil, offering something stupid like £280 000 or £300 000 a week and holding that up as progress with minimal summer spend. He will accept as well because unless he is already thinking about Chinese money I doubt there are many big clubs who would want him. Having said that, he strikes me as the type who would not mind being a squad player, or rather not a guaranteed starter/team superstar in a trophy winning side.

    That might seem a better alternative to any more time spent at Arsenal which you cannot really knock.

  67. Vintage Gun

    Ox All in the last year of their contracts.”

    Yep and barring Bellerin they’re probably our most expensive players in terms on monies received which makes it even more bizarre.
    Perhaps as all will be looking for £!50,000 plus p.w the club leave it as late as possible to save a years or so worth of extra payment. No such problems for Olly G, Coqulien even Jon Toral ffs

    Penny wise pound foolish aye?

  68. Red&White4life


    lol china, that’s the only thing that bothers you ??

  69. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    I could easily se that scenario playing out, lose Sanchez and offer everything to Ozil and proclaim it as good as a new signing…

    If we look through the years the players we have let go for a fraction of their worth.

    Vieira, Henry, Hleb, Cesc, RVP.. even Adebayor!

  70. Cesc Appeal


    The only thing I’m holding onto now, because I do think the club are going to make the idiotic decision of extending Wenger’s stay here, is that the fan base is now changed and has zero tolerance of any of Wenger’s shite and is hostile toward the club and let them know at every opportunity how much they hate what they are doing and what they are about.

  71. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    I have to say, one of the most annoying aspects of following the club this last number of years is the predictability, and not just on the pitch but in every facet of the club.

    We all hoped with bated breath that this would be there year the monotony ended, but we all knew it would continue on…

    I’m sick of knowing the line up before its announced, I’m sick of knowing the tactics no matter what the opposition, sick of knowing when subs will be made and who will be coming on and off. Sick of knowing the excuses before they are even uttered.

    I’m sick of knowing exactly when we will fall apart in the league, knowing that we won’t get past the last 16 of the CL.

    Knowing that each summer is going to be a gigantic let down

  72. China

    Sorry it just crossed my mind that he’s still an Arsenal player and it’s literally gobsmackingly stupid that it’s so

    Like most of the negatives of Arsenal get countered by positives like wenger USED to be great or Ramsey used to be good etc

    But like sanogo…

    What’s the redeeming part of this story????

  73. Vintage Gun

    A broken clocks right at least twice.

    Wengers waiting for his redemption, even if we have to wait another 12years.

    He’s playing the laws of averages

  74. Arsenal not Arsene

    “I hope even they [Ozil and Sanchez] extend the contracts – the negotiation is very difficult and maybe complicated, but most important is to see Arsene Wenger extend,” Pires said to Sky Sports .

    Loads of horseshit. It’s truly wenger/former players /current deluded dross vs the fans that want him gone

  75. Tomtom

    Wenger should sign a new deal as the club need stability lol.

    The players having a go at the fans is a new low, it’s almost turning into a civil war situation and will only get worse under Wenger.

  76. Dissenter

    Wenger is commenting about the facile Suarez bid.
    He’s asserting that he “almost” joined us because we had agreed personal terms with his agent. Since when did that constitute “almost”
    He goes on to dispel the silly assertion that Liverpool deceived everybody. It was Arsenal that did not do due diligence before jumping into the fray.
    Wenger speaking to beINSports: ‘He was very close (to signing for Arsenal). We had an agreement with the player. We had been wrongly advised that he had a clause, with a minimal clause, but we had an agreement with the player. You can ask him.
    ‘I’m convinced he wanted to join us and then they sold him. They kept him one more year, improved his contract and promised to sell him the year later to a club abroad.’

  77. WengerEagle

    Tuchel for me is overrated tbh.

    Sure he’s tactically savvy and a cerebral manager, a footy intellectual in the mould of Pep but he’s not performed particularly well with the Dortmund side at his disposal, were it not for Aubameyang a Klopp signing they would be sitting in mid-table atm.

    I think that although Bayern are clearly the best team in Germany that he should be pushing them closer than he has, especially this season where they’ve been very underwhelming in the league.

  78. Boomslang

    I agree with you regarding Tuchel. We need a drill sergeant like Simeone to light a fire under the collective asses of Wenger’s play ground pussies.

  79. steve

    March 24, 2017 13:12:51



    But but but… Sanogo is worldclass in training!

  80. WengerEagle

    Simeone would be great, I wouldn’t give a shit about the absence of ‘pretty’ football [I’d MUCH rather watch Atletico Madrid this season than us btw, we play shit football], he’d guarantee a backbone, performing in bigger matches and he’d take us much further in the UCL and the league.

    Guy is a winner, what he’s done in his time at Atletico Madrid to me ranks as the most impressive managerial stint in modern history, took a struggling Atletico Madrid outfit that hadn’t beaten Real Madrid in a match once in 12 years with a notoriously leaky defence and transformed them into the most solid defensive side in all of Europe and managed to break up the duopoly of the Spanish League in the Messi/Ronaldo era by winning the league.

    2 UCL Finals too even if he failed to win either is remarkable when you consider Wenger has managed just 1 in 21 years.

  81. Boomslang

    The problem could be that Simeone’s team doesn’t play possession based bollocks, while continuously passing sideways, dominating possession without actually scoring and conceding goals like under 7’s.

  82. Mick Kartun

    Pires said that wengers contract id more important than ozils and sanchezs.

    What is wrong with these ex players, sentimental or just want o stay in clubs access or circle? or maybe on the club payroll?

    Such annoying behaviour.

  83. Boomslang

    @Mick Kartun
    It’s like Wenger had alot of bastard kids, and they are now coming to the defense of their long lost father.

  84. Dissenter

    Ozil injury situation: “Back injury keeping Ozil sidelined”

    That’s what you get from dating ex-Miss Turkey

  85. Mick Kartun

    Wether we admit it or not, the club has been hijacked by three stooges. arse lickers ex players, and demented akbs, and claimed the club only belong to them.

    Most wenger out fans are just a minority because the silent majority fans still flip flop and dont want to disrespect arsene cause his past glory.

    As long the silent majority fans just keep quiet and dont give a fuck, i am afraid it is hopeless cause we are fighting a lost battle here.

  86. WestLondonGoon

    Interesting that Petr Cech, who has played under people like Mourinho, Scholari, Hiddink and Ancelotti has made no statements publicy backing Wenger.

  87. Tomtom

    Xabi Alonso has said that he was close to joining Arsenal but they only offered 15 million while Liverpool wanted 18.
    Wengers missed transfer stories are legendary

  88. Dissenter

    Wenger should be writing his memoirs in front of a fireplace instead he is giving his weekly “almost signed” lectures.