Fan fight back: hit ’em where it hurts | New Arsenal kits revealed, with a twist

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Well, we’re heading into the international break, it’s pretty clear that the tide has turned and the vibe around the club is incredulity and shock. Arsene Wenger did what most of us expected he’d do, and indicated to the ‘board’ that he would indeed stay on. He’s planning to announce it this week, because he know it’s a disgusting decision and he’d rather sweep it under the carpet and give us a bit of time to digest and roll over.

I mean, that’s his plan anyway. I just simply refuse to believe the fans are going to take this one lying down, because Wenger is irredeemable now. As Henry Winter put it, this is not longer a parting of the ways, it’s a messy divorce and the fans are a partner scorned.

With success comes respect. With unbelievable respect comes great power. With great power, in Arsene’s case, came incredible patience and love from – an at times – sychophantic fanbase. We’ve given him more space to make things ‘next level’ than would be tolerated at any other club. We had to, we’d signed a contract of guilt when he gave up what were probably his most relevant years to manage for us. However, it’s been clear since 2010 that Wenger has been in painful decay. But we soldiered on, knowing it’d come to an end one day.

Many hoped that day was after the FA Cup final against Hull, but he soldiered on for 3 years he didn’t deserve. This time though, after proving that his version of stability was the equivalent of watching a bottle of creamy milk sit in a broken fridge for three years, we hoped he’d finally call it a day.

But no… he used the power he’d banked at the club to sign a deal that he had no right to sign. He used his executive order privilege to bypass government, the people and the footballing performance constitution of the world… and sadly, there’s no mediator sitting in Hawaii to provide a 56-page reading as to why this is an insane move.

So what can the fans do?

Well, not a lot. Let’s be fair, the supporter groups blew a massive opportunity to make a move and strike before the ink was dry. They could have added a layer of pressure and chose not to, fair enough. But a grassroots without them occurred. A bit ragtag at times, but hearts in the right place for sure, and some great media coverage. So the question now, is how do we build on that?

Well, I’m in New York, so I can’t really. But we can suggest ideas. The one we thought might be interesting on the podcast was a boycott of the home shirt.

Now firstly, that might be smart, because, at a glance, it’s hard to see that much has changed. Secondly, it’s an easy way to show your support for a more progressive Arsenal without doing something draconian, like boycott a match or eat your block 19 seat. Could be our version of Green & Gold… you know, when United fans thought their owners were anti-sport or some shite.

Anyway, worth thinking about. If Stan only cares about the money, you either throw away your season ticket like an idiot… or you do something small that’ll affect negotiations for more money. I appreciate it’d take a global effort to do something like that, but at the very least, if there were visibly less red shirts at the ground, it might be interesting. Maybe fans just wear the 3rd kit that’ll no doubt be pink and bright orange.

Anyway, don’t give up. Stay focused. Make it uncomfortable for the squatter that is Mr Wenger.

In other news, the PR team is desperately leaking anything they can find in Steve Rowley’s 2012 notepad to make it feel like Wenger is trying to make something happen this summer. It’s embarrassing because the club are now the boy that cried wolf, because they’ve been using this strategy for the last 7 years, so the fans are totally numb to it. Wenger already dropped a near £100m summer last year and the result was pony.

He bought Xhaka as a box to box not realising he wasn’t exactly physical or mobile, he bought Mustafi because he’d seen him play in the Euros and he couldn’t land Manolas, and he bought Perez because he was getting absolutely destroyed by the media for not addressing the striker problem he’d f*cked 4 years in a row. You can see he was pushed into that because poor old Lucas is getting the Andre Arshavin treatment big time.

There is almost nothing the club can do this summer to halt the continuation of regressive actions by Wenger. We’ve already told him he’s bigger than the CEO, we’ve given him a pay rise for being shite, and there has to be next to zero chance of the club doing anything to his backroom team because he’ll just go and cry to Stan K.

We actually have to go through the process of Wenger failing next season before we’ll see any progress. You couldn’t bring a Sporting Director in quick enough to make an impact on transfer plans Wenger is likely rushing through now to avoid his power structure crumbling.

It’s a pitiful mess, but like I said earlier, this is all his doing… and it’s his choice to spit on the fans by signing on again.

We’re going to have a terrible run in and I hope the reception he receives from the fans is venomous.

Man just signed on to give us 14 years of bad for 8 years of good. Forevermore, his memory will be…

‘Good at the start, such a shame he…’,

Power blinds even the greatest. Money and access will always be used as a carrot to maintain status-quo, and a stick to stifle progress. How utterly depressing on every level.

P.S. God bless the brilliant team over at F365 and this epic dissection of the #CircleofAcesss President.

Also, don’t fuck around, tune into the podcast below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Vive la révolution!

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  1. Wenker-wanger

    Champagne charlie….off his fuckin head…
    In no way shape or form are there ANY mitigating reasons for not totally blaming this cnut wankger for the state of our FOOTBALL club.
    Forget the board…they follow the profit-maker Wenger.

  2. Wenker-wanger

    Give Wenger another chance!…
    What a joke..
    He will get worse than he is now.
    Like a punchdrunk boxer not knowing when to quit.

  3. westlondongoon

    Wow, Podolski. Loved Podolski, he really ‘got’ the club, knew what it meant. Another one Wenger wasted.

  4. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger reject podolski scores an absolute beauty.
    More evidence that players flourish once they leave Wenger’s prison.
    Wankger is a football disease.

  5. westlondongoon

    Lukas Podolski; former World Best Young Player, former Bundesliga winner, former Bundesliga top scorer, World Cup winner.

    YaYa Sanogo; former postman.

    Which one had the longer Arsenal career? (Clue: it’s the one still on the payrole.)

  6. Danish Gooner

    We dont need ze new striker,kylian Lottin No,we have our own superstar we will solve it internally we have ze fantastique Yaya Sanogo.

  7. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The list of players that Wenger could have signed would make a good team too, RSPC. They both have something in common…an egotistical putz!

  8. Relieable Sauce

    This futile blame game that has been going on, only seems to be deferring responsibility/blame away from those who deserve it most…ie. Wenger and the fanbase.

    Blaming Kronke and Gazidas or even the ridiculous board is like blaming a leech or vulture for living off of free meals.

    Where there’s muck, there’s brass!
    …and there’s plenty of muck down at Arsenal.

  9. Relieable Sauce

    It’s all about reasonable doubt, has been a tactic for quite a while imo…maybe since the beginning – ie. Kronke buyout, or maybe since they noticed the divide.

    It’s an effective tactic, especially when accomplices use it in a legal setting.

    For some reason it seems to be crucially important to supposed supporters of a Football club, where I don’t think its very important at all.

    We have a deluded, power hungry manager, he needs to go. Wenger is beyond redemption.
    Will the owner and board throw Wenger off the gravy train and pull the emergency cord?…

  10. Carts

    Alan & Dissenter

    Re: Henry

    I have to disagree with you. Yes we’ve seen testimonies of ex-players of the upper echelons not developing into top managers or coaches.

    But when you consider what Henry has said in the past about our tactical, strategic and collective make up, you can’t help but feel that Henry has a more detailed perspective as opposed to those useless yes-men that surround Wenger

    Gambon did a good job providing links of what Henry highlighted, where Wenger turned a blind eye.

    I wouldn’t campaign for Henry as vehemently as I would Simeone, Allegri or Tuchel, but neither would I be devo if Henry came in with a support structure in place that, on paper, indicates a change of approach

  11. Carts


    Elmo’s post @ 14:02pm regarding contract predicaments.

    You say it’s Gazidis’ job to sort that stuff out but you completely discarded the fact that contracts are offered on Wenger’s say-so.

    You think Gazidis can just hand out ext’ When players are in the latter part of their deal? It’s all done at the behest of Wenger.

    Looks at Nasri and RVP contract situation when they eventually left! Look at the Deal we gave Henry just after he realised that Wenger was back to his old tricks talking shit again.

    Gazidis is powerless, thanks to Kroenke. He turns up, does very little based on his incompetence and lack of support, from Kroenke. Collects a handsome salary annually then fucks off

  12. Dissenter

    Gazidis must be a lucky motherfu**er
    He is getting paid 2.5 million yearly to just hide behind Wenger’s skirts.
    The CEO is responsible for the contracts, end of.
    Gazidis has the power to review these contracts. He can order an outside audit and do a lot of other things CEOs everywhere do. He is choosing to kowtow to Wenger.

  13. Carts


    See I’m not sure kowtow is the verb I’d use to describe Gazidis’ relationship with Wenger. As useless as he is, I genuinely doubt he’s as powerful as pragmatic as he should be.

    Negotiating commercial deals is one thing. But poking his nose in Wenger’s agenda items is another. Wenger, imo, has carte blanche on all transfers and contracts

  14. Ishola70

    Wenger seems to find it all funny and amusing the present siuation in the recent interview with Bein and of course the obligatory smirk from him. He laughed out loud when the interviewer mentioned the plane with the banner.

    He won’t be laughing for long.

  15. reality check

    hilarious how bloggers celebrity fans ex players all state what they think should be done.

    Wenger and the board ignore these requests. The failure occurs. Then they go back and say the same things again.

    We need to do this, we need to do that. AKBs too, they support wenger, but want changes at the club. These changes they want are wholeheartedly ignored.

    Then they themselves go full circle and say we need this, we need that.

    Wenger Supporters wake up. He doesn’t care about any of us.

  16. Dissenter

    Take your political balderdash and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Why do keep trying to inject politics to this site.

    Do your politics on breitbart, infowars or whoever new site your type goes to indulge in conspiracy fantasies.

    This is a gooner blog for football. Don’t you get this?

  17. WengerEagle

    ‘He won’t be laughing for long.’

    He’s been laughing for the last half dozen years mate and the comedy show seemingly is set to continue indefinitely.

    Imagine being a fly on the wall in an Arsenal board/manager sit-down, cunts must be in hysterics at how pathetic our fanbase are.

  18. Relieable Sauce


    Not seen to much, he seems a bit provocative, although that can be funny, ultimately it’s not constructive.

    Dissenter mocks any kind of “alt” (RW…I don’t know…???) view…I’m actually left of centre, but I am interested in fairness, decency, freedom of thought. Dissenter presumed so much and threw personal insults my way because he thought I was a Trump supporter and/or insulted the American Democratic party, and couldn’t/shouldn’t/wasn’t capable of having an informed opinion on it.

    Clown actually asked me what could be interesting about the Director of the FBI being questioned in a public congressional intelligence commitee regarding many important questions…not that they are the most telling things, or even the answers (or non-answers).

    Truly intriguing, but I suppose to be interested makes you a conspiracy theorist – a phrase coined by the CIA I believe and reinforced no doubt through programmes like Operation Mockingbird.

  19. Ishola70

    .”He’s been laughing for the last half dozen years mate and the comedy show seemingly is set to continue indefinitely.”

    It’s going to get worse for him don’t worry about that. This recent shit show on the pitch is just the beginning. It’s coming for him. And you can’t sympathise with him in the slightest because of his arrogance and obstinacy.

  20. TheBayingMob

    “You’re talking from the perspective that you know all the info at hand, you don’t.”

    I know everything I need to know from 10 years of systematic failure at all levels of the club and his egomaniacal nonsense. He’s a deluded old fool and to say otherwise and to “hold your hands up” is as insane as the previous 10 years of appeasement that put us where we are today. There no longer any argument left. His glory days are so far behind us it’s not even admissible as circumstantial at this point. Give it up. He’s done. There is no other argument to make. He is now just a slow poison in the club and it’s fan base.

  21. Dissenter

    I don’t care what your political leanings are.
    Look for a political blog to discuss all these stuff you keep shoving down our throats.
    The odd political conversation does take place here but you’re posting 10-20 Trump-related videos here every day. There are loads of political websites to try out.
    This is a football blog.

  22. Relieable Sauce


    Sorry, got a bit side tracked and vented on you a bit there.
    McInnes does seem good in the sense he is willing to stand up to this suffocating PC culture of safe spaces, micro aggressions etc. The fact that this seems so embedded in many of the key institutions in the USA should be a major cause for concern if you are interested in diversity of thought and ideas as well as cultures and races.

    Dissenter named Brietbart in his attempts to tarnish and silence me, I would recommend checking out the story of Andrew Brietbart and judging for yourself.
    Funny hearing Brietbart and John Wayne tell the story of when they discovered they weren’t liberals.

    Matt Drudge is also pretty darn good from what I’ve seen, and the Drudge Report is a great site to get independant news from various sources.

    Glenn Geenwald is also worth checking out in journalism.

    Trey Gowdy seems to be doing Gods own work on congress from what I’ve seen. Have to say I find him to be very impressive man.

  23. Dissenter

    “Dissenter mocks any kind of “alt” (RW…I don’t know…???) view…I’m actually left of centre, but I am interested in fairness, decency, freedom of thought. Dissenter presumed so much and threw personal insults my way because he thought I was a Trump supporter and/or insulted the American Democratic party, and couldn’t/shouldn’t/wasn’t capable of having an informed opinion on it.”

    Yea right.
    A “left-of center” poster interested in fairness, decency and freedom of thoughts repeatedly posting Trump videos repeatedly on a football blog.
    That statement is irony framed on steroids.
    You have a thrown shoe coming your way for the laughable whopper.

  24. Relieable Sauce

    Should have said Glen Greenwald is WELL worth checking out, guys a fucking titan. The Intercept – I think – is his on line publication.

  25. Relieable Sauce

    In the interests of fairness and to creation of a safe space for Trigglypuff : AKA – Dissenter.

  26. Relieable Sauce

    Did you vote in time Dissenter (lol, is your name ironic? lol)
    ….Did you vote in time Dissenter?
    …Who’d you vote for Dissenter, Who’d you vote for?…Bernie?…Jill?…

    …No(lol)…No I can’t(lol)…lol, lol, lol…

    Dissenter. Did.. ..did you vote for Hillary!?!?!…

    : /

  27. Alex Cutter

    “Some idiot posted earlier about picketing Wenger, Gazidas and Keswick’s homes.The police would be called and legal action would be taken. Moronic idea.”

    I don’t know how shit works over there, but in the U.S., picketing the homes of corporate dickheads (or any private citizen) is allowable — assuming certain criteria is met.

    I admire that in many a way.

  28. Mick Kartun

    Daily Express:
    “Arsene Wenger has agreed to help build the structure to replace himself as a trade-off for being given a new two-year contract at Arsenal.
    But Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil will be sold as part of a reinvention process that could see a huge overhaul of players at the Emirates this summer.”

    The inevitable nightmare is very near……

    WESTLONDONGOONS and LADS, please keep up the pressure, picketing those corporate dickheads or those AKB scumbags, or whatever, I don’t give a fuck.

    Maybe our last final effort is by flying the plane to emirates with nuke…..

  29. Mick Kartun

    The day when the old cunt signs, I could sense the inevitable riot.

    Could someone please post the link of the famous song “Anarchy in UK”, by Sex Pistols? but this time will be in North London.

  30. TonyD

    So Wenger has said that Sanchez and Ozil contracts have been frozen until the summer.

    Further proof he’s staying and, if they sign, they will be like 2 marquee signings for the summer. IG & Hill-Wood & fish & chips Keswick will tell us we’ve never had it so gooooooooood!

    It’s starting and we need to rally against the benign stupidity of what’s coming.

  31. Relieable Sauce

    Attorney General, Lorretta Lynch, the USA’s premier “law”yer to the POTUS.

    Gowdy fleecing her and another congressman asked her if she would accept the AG position if HRC won presidency. Also met with B Clinton during multiple investigations, and REFUSED TO RECUSE HERSELF. Unlike Trumps AG – The honourable Jeff Sessions, who has recused himself from the democratic driven witch hunt regarding the Russians.

  32. Jeff

    “Nothing is good enough any more”
    “Success is to take the maximum out of the potential of the team”

    Well there you have it folks. In other words the fans are asking for too much which is unfair and success isn’t about winning trophies it’s more abstract than that. Even if we come 10th so long as Arsene believes the maximum has been taken from the team, then he’s had a successful season.

    I really don’t know what the fuss is about. I tell you what, don’t give him a 2 year contract, just make it open ended because in practice that is exactly what it is.

  33. Wenker-wanger

    What’s with this political shit being posted on here….????
    How moronic to post totally irrelevant material.
    A kid wouldn’t make such a howling mistake.

  34. Majestic gooner

    Oh man do I hate that smirk, what an idiot. The guy is so disingenuous , he lies through his teeth. I keep asking myself is all the glory years under him worth going through what we are going through now? People keep going on about him being the most successful manager in the history of the club(another myth peddled by his supporters) but I look back more fondly on the George graham years now than his own time in charge, the unbeaten run, graham nearly achieved it and he won the title with points deducted as well. There is no two ways about it, this guy’s a dictator end off.

  35. OleGunner


    Been saying the last couple weeks that Wenger’s sly digs at the fans are simply not on. It’s crazy how he makes us sound like ungrateful cretins or something.

    The man is on his high horse and absolutely drunk on power taking out all his frustations on us. Disgraceful form for an Arsenal manager.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Are you having a senior moment ?

    Adam a

    It’s grim in it ? Wenger takes himself to serious ….

    In high street terms we are like Woolworths , c&a Bhs

    A past great that will leave the high street , prem league sort of thing

    Wenger is like mike ratner

  37. China

    Whenever people say wenger deserves more respect I wonder why they have such low self esteem

    The guy derides the fans all the time. He has lied to the fans, cheated on his wife, broken promises and treats the fans like bugs under his shoe

    And there are literally thousands of these idiots going on about respect

    Like how down-trodden do you have to be in life to get treated this poorly, not even taking into account his dismal performance as a manager for the last decade) and still feel like you can’t bring yourself to say anything negative about the man

    Where does this need to defend him at any all all costs end? It’s frankly weird.

    People talk about class and values as though Weber himself adheres to any. He’s a snake and he talks about all this bollocks because he knows his low self worth followers will take it as true and believe any and all members of the club are beyond reproach for absolutely anything they do. It’s a self preservation mechanism. Don’t be against me as that’s ‘below’ our values.

    And there are literally thousands upon thousands of people who can’t wake up in the morning without thanking their lucky stars for having such a glorious manager. They take the bait hook line and sinker

    It’s hard to blame people with low self esteem for setting the bar of what is acceptable so low, what I find bizarre is how a club that is one of the biggest in England and a big club by European standards manages to have such a significant number of low self worth fans in the first place

    Like Liverpool fans are always aiming higher. Spurs are always aiming higher and are a smaller club than us by every single measure. City aim higher. Utd aim higher. Chelsea aim higher. But we are creaming ourselves about the 4th place trophy (soon to be the only didn’t make top 4 once in the last 20 years trophy).

    It’s just weird. I don’t know how else to describe it. Fans of a big club hoping to finish as low as possible and celebrating it. I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories but seems like the emirates been sprayed with chemtrails judging by the mass downgrading of critical faculties we’re witnessing lol

  38. Markymark

    Some previous comments that I thought I’d add my view to as well. Though the Podcast is interesting it’s weirdly out of synch with the site as a whole . We have Pedro chomping at the bit and I have no issue with that. Then you listen to the Podcast and you get this slightly “Have I got news for you” / Radio 4 comedy chat, Middle class London metro bubble. Obviously I’m aware that this is media land style chat. But I was pretty pissed off at sarcky comments over the protest. Yet the same chap who’s doing his marketing professional pull apart of the March . Offers bugger all help. Lots of chatter from people sitting in club chairs. I would have thought considering how campaigning this site it. The Podcast crew could be more helpful in actual help. Some of it came across as a snipe from the sidelines.