The Revolution: How Arsenal fans can fight back against the tyranny of Wenger mediocrity

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Oh, you didn’t like the title? Grow up you cry baby. If we can’t poke fun at our first world footballing problems, then what is the damn point?

Wenger is an autocratic monster continuing his power grip on the club against the will of the people. Sure the people are just football fans, and in the grand scheme of life, this isn’t the worst thing we’ll have to deal with. But in footballing terms, this is beyond disgusting. This is the most provocatively selfish move in elite football since a West Ham manager interfered with his captains wife.

This is the most disgraceful, shameless and underserved signing of a contract since Sepp Blatter gave his son the FIFA ticketing deal way back when. This is a sportingly corrupt. 

It can’t even be described as a car crash because at least a car crash has some sort of perverse thrill about it. This is a slow bleed out, alone in the woods, with 2% battery and no reception. It’s like locking yourself in a food cupboard that has three years worth of supplies – the food is glutton free porridge, you have to eat it with water, in the dark, surrounded by the stench of misery – then you die.

Arsene Wenger jumped the shark in VR. He thinks Arsenal fans are passive like American fans who follow franchise sports and sit together in harmony like proper adults.

He is wrong. Arsenal fans are creative. We are passionate. We WILL come up with a middle-class answer to this that is both classy and effective.

To find out some of our ideas for the fan revolution, tune in and listen to our podcast below. Then let us know what you think. I’ll write about it tomorrow.

One more thing. DO NOT TAKE THIS LYING DOWN. Arsene Wenger is a slow poison on the club, he’ll never be great again and no amount of Circle of Access warchest stories will convince me otherwise. He spent £100m on Lucas, Mustafi and Xhaka last year. What do you think he’s going to do this summer after his players staged a silent revolt against him this season… and he loses his two superstars?

I wouldn’t trust Wenger to go to the chip shop, as for the list of names that has been leaked, totally depressing. A blend of 2014 Football Manager potential and kids you’d expect Southampton to sign.

Lacazette? Joke of a striker, just a fast Giroud. There’s a reason he’s still in France at 25 playing for a selling a club. Not elite.

M’Bappe? We have zero chance of signing the hottest young player in Europe.

Reus? A Robin Van Persie like injury record. Top quality, but a huge risk for a guy who will be 28 in May.

Ross Barkley? Don’t we have a version of him in Chamberlain? He was about as effective as him until a half decent manager coached him. He’ll go the way of Rambo, Wilshere and the British core if he comes to us. Most unappealing.

Dembele and Tierney of Celtic? Errr… really? Bit of a waste unless you’re bulking the squad with more unproven risk. Also, let’s be real here, Sutton would win the SPL these days.

Fact is, we are shopping in the second tier this summer, the club can’t even leak decent names, mainly because our scouting department is in decay. No one top class is coming in, because the best players want to develop and learn. You won’t do that under Wenger, unless defending like a ‘wolf’ or ‘having fun and expressing yourself with the handbrake off’ is your version of tactical education.

It’s going to be painful to watch. Here’s the thing though, and you really must remember this… our failings are not down to the quality of players, they’re down to a dead manager who surrounds himself with 1998. Give us to Klopp in July 2016 and I’ve no doubt we’d be pushing Chelsea (and I’m not even a fan of Klopp).

Anyway, tune into the podcast below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Vive la révolution!

391 Responses to “The Revolution: How Arsenal fans can fight back against the tyranny of Wenger mediocrity”

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  1. Ishola70

    “Why is there a delay in signing?”

    There are some reports that the contract has already been signed by Wenger and he is just playing the fans and media. They are just waiting for what they saw as an opportune time to make it official to the plebs.

    If that is true I wonder when it was signed? Before the Bayern Munich debacle? Or between that trouncing and the slump that has seen the team’s place in CL next season from EPL league placing looking bleak to non-existent?

    Of course if it has already been signed it shows the board put no pressure on Wenger to meet certain targets in the season but we knew that already or they thought their messiah would get top four again.

  2. Samir

    Another great quote from the mighty Usmanov:

    ” As a top Club we should, at the very least, match if not beat the offers that other clubs make to try and lure our very best players away, and also provide a more compelling vision of the future. You can try and put a good face on a bad game for as long as you want, pontificating about the merits of this model, but it will not hide the obvious fact that it just does not allow our great manager to fully realize his managerial talent and deliver success for the fans who are paying the highest prices in the land. It appears that a place in the Champions League will be the pinnacle of our ambition again next season. Unfortunately, in the future we may see this ambition lowered further. It doesn’t help to turn a blind eye to the reality of the situation and keep thinking of ourselves as being in the same league as Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City and Barcelona. To have a fighting chance of success, which means winning trophies, we need to match them in every aspect, including, if not first and foremost, financial.”

  3. GoonerDNA

    Spanish Dave, I believe the announcement will be made on Sunday which gives the fans enough time to get over the shit show at WBA apperently, never mind the last 3/4 months of utter rubbish and the last 12 years of failure.

    For all the fans asking for the board and owner to get abuse, they will after Sunday for allowing this to manifest.

  4. Ishola70

    Do you remember Samir when the club instructed was it Red Action? to display anti-Usmanov banners at the ground when Usmanov was threatening Kroenke’s outright ownership of the club?

  5. Jeff


    Talk is cheap. Usmanov can flood the club with platitudes all he wants but they don’t achieve anything other than fall on deaf ears. If he really loves the club (like other owners of big clubs do), he would have offered Kroenke a deal he couldn’t refuse and told him to fuck off. As it is, Usmanov talking and writing letters doesn’t make the blindest bit of difference. If he was going to do something he would have done it by now. Absence of action means he’s not going to do anything. It’s all bullshit. There’s no hope there at all.

  6. Ishola70

    ” if he signs the club have to announce apperently so I don’t think he’s signed yet.”

    Ah right ok. There were some media reports that he had already signed and the delay was just in announcing.

    We all know what the outcome is going to be anyway don’t we. The recent spin in the press is all we need to see to know Wenger continues for the time being at least.

  7. Samir

    I don’t recall that. But if so that is despicable behavior. This club is all about deflecting bad media and brainwashing the fans in various ways.

    Once Wenger signs we need to turn on the board and Kroenke. Usmanov is the only man that can save us if Wenger signs on.

    Usmanovs worth rose $3 billion in 2016 alone. Why can’t he just buy out Kroenke? It’s pennies to him.

  8. Samir


    Usmanov did say in that letter that he’s tried to arrange meetings with Kroenke many times:

    “We have sought and been refused any meetings with Mr Kroenke despite the fact that we own almost 30% of the Club.”

    But I agree, if he were to offer a substantial amount, Kroenke would respond and accept as he’s already admitted he’s only interested in profit.

  9. GoonerDNA

    Ishola, yep the PR machine was enough evidence he’s signing just wonder if the BoD have put any conditions on the contact or its continue as if nothing happened.

    Whatever the case the BoD have fucked themselves as the fans will turn on them next and they deserve it just for allowing this to play out for the next 2 years.

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    Lol Ishola is still going on about it, watching you squirm whenever Kroenke’s name is brought up is hilarious, not many others appear to have a problem if the board is criticised. Why are you different? Do you feel sorry for Kroenke?

  11. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “Ishola is still going on about it, watching you squirm whenever Kroenke’s name is brought up is hilarious, not many others appear to have a problem if the board is criticised. Why are you different? Do you feel sorry for Kroenke?”

    lol sorry for Kroenke? Hilarious concept for anybody.

    Tell us RR why you are so uptight about the protests being focused on Wenger at this stage? As you were the one that seemed to get heated up about it.

    Remember it’s already been explained that a “Wenger Out” banner is a protest against the board and Wenger. Not one or the other.

    So what’s the problem?

  12. Rambo Ramsey

    While all the focus remains firmly on Arsene Wenger as the “Will he? Won’t he? He probably will. Any day now, just waiting for the right time!” fiasco continues over his contract, the point is rarely made that the Arsenal manager, despite how powerful he is, has not offered himself a new deal.

    It has been presented with the approval of majority shareholder Stan Kroenke and chief executive Ivan Gazidis. Both of whom have remained very much in the shadows as the tumult that envelopes the club grows.

    The last time Gazidis was on record saying anything about Wenger’s future was Oct. 6, 2016, when he declared: “Arsenal is not Arsene Wenger. They’re not one in the same thing. He’s been clear and we’ve always been clear, that’s a mutual decision as to how long he’ll continue.”

    At that point, the Gunners were just two points off the top of the table, having recovered well from an opening weekend defeat to Liverpool with five wins and a draw.

    Now, when they’ve won just one in five and fan unrest is at an all-time high during the 20 years of the Frenchman’s tenure, there’s nothing but silence.

    He may well be taking his cue from Kroenke, dubbed Silent Stan, but when you’re paid over £2 million-a-year to be the chief executive of a massive football club, you have a responsibility to behave in a way that a role of that importance demands.

    Wenger, for all his faults, is front and centre, week in, week out. No matter how bad things are, he does his news conferences pre and postmatch. He’ll do his interviews for the assorted television companies and meet the print press just as he has done when things have been much more positive.

    But the Arsenal board, bar one fairly risible statement from the chairman, Sir Chips Keswick, last week, have remained resolutely silent despite the growing uncertainty that surrounds the club.

    Arsenal fans hear nothing at all from the men who are supposed to be running the club. It feels like a silence of self-preservation, that they’re unwilling to back the man they want to stay publicly in case results are bad and it reflects poorly on them.

    And with people like that at the very top, it’s little wonder Arsenal right now look like a club that doesn’t know where they want to go, or how they’re going to get there.

    Read this Ishola, you might learn something.

  13. SpanishDave

    Maybe he sighed it hoping to keep Ozil and Sanchez. This has gone tits up so he might be reconsidering his future because he knows it could get toxic now.
    I think he has backed himself into a corner so he doesn’t know what to do.
    He’s in a loose loose situation but cannot face the truth, utter coward.

  14. Ishola70

    I think everyone agrees with that RR. Nice piece but nothing new.

    That’s why the protests have taken place against Wenger and the board.

    A “Wenger Out” banner is a protest against the board just as much as it is against Wenger.

    I think where we differ here is that you feel more sympathy for Wenger than I do in this situation at present.

  15. Ozy

    I’ve seen several articles now about potential signings – how we’re talking to Goreztka’s agent, how Wenger is planning a complete overhaul this summer, Allegri being courted by Barca…

    The propaganda machine is in full swing, guys. The war chest!

  16. Dissenter

    This squad s really fractured
    Mesut Ozil was not injured or at least not as injured as he claimed because Germany just cleared him fit.
    Wenger is not fit for service. The players are now feigning injury to avoid playing for him.
    This is the point where CEOs do their jobs and take him out of his misery.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, we will sit back and watch the next load of managers move on to different jobs, Allegri, Simeone, Nagelsmann, Jardim etc.

    It is not even funny anymore or a source of mere annoyance, he is actually injuring the club, and the board are allowing it, enabling this behaviour because Wenger has created a culture of utter weakness, from the players to the board so that he cannot be challenged at any level.

    Regardless of where you sit on the debate, this is a sad time for Arsenal.

  18. Ozy

    (sorry for the third post)

    Bellerin now talking about how interest from Barcelona is special? Man, talk about wanting to jump ship. Because of Wenger, we are going to lose Sanchez, Ozil and the best young right back in probably of all Europe. Incredible.

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    A ‘Wenger Out’ banner may or may not be a protest against the board, but that’s not what is relevant.

    How many fans are willing to carry Wenger out banners and how many might be willing to carry a message against the regime- this is the question you need to consider. Which one will get you more protesters?

    Weren’t you banging on about how you were a realist, Ishola? You should be able to know the answer to the above.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Ruthlessness, warchests, ambition, changed man, DoF, new coaches, board getting tougher with him, we all knew this was coming along with any new contract.

    Load of bollocks.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘I think where we differ here is that you feel more sympathy for Wenger than I do in this situation at present.’

    Or maybe you feel sympathy for Kroenke, oh no wait, the very accusation you termed hilarious. But we who speak against Kroenke must feel sympathy for Wenger..

    You are so full of bullshit.

  22. Ozy

    Cesc Appeal,

    Without a doubt. The managers you named would take the Arsenal job in a heartbeat but the board is more than happy where we are now. Nothing will change. Every second Wenger is here is detrimental to the club and it’s future..

    We are being overtaken by our rivals in every single department. Man City became the first club in the Premier League to sign a shirt sleeve sponsor. Meanwhile, we’re five years behind, as always.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    What is the point of infighting, seriously?

    It is the fans who need to stand up for Arsenal against Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis, they are all in it together, every one of them gets what they want be it money (Kroenke and Gazidis) or power and attention (Wenger, and money I suppose).

    We can all rally around the pro-change banner, and not a change of tact, a change of people.

    Moving on from pro-Wenger to anti-Wenger to fully Wenger’s fault or partially Wenger’s fault is exactly what that shower of shit want, a fractured fan base who cannot form a coherent protest or take solid action.

  24. vicky

    I don’t understand why RR is so hung up on protesting against Kroenke? It’s gonna be fruitless. He is not going to sell his ownership nor is he going to withdraw his offer to Wenger. Let’s be pragmatic here.he is not even physically present in the stadium. Wenger at least still can be forced to depart if we lose almost all our remaining matches and the protest goes up in intensity. At least there is a slight chance of Wenger leaving whereas Stan is not leaving, at least not until Wenger is at the helm.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Gambon stated, not sure if this is true or not though he usually likes his business stuff, that we actually agreed to lock out any sleeve sponsorship in the Emirates deal which just makes that one look worse and worse. Amateur, in keeping with everything else we do.

    The only people at Arsenal not happy right now are the fans and the top rate players, the rest of this average shower are perfectly happy, average players, average board, average owner, average CEO, average manager making superstar money milking the fan base.

    For years we’ve all fought each other when really we were the only ones being injured, if fans still think Wenger is a good man and cares about them, really do not know what to say to them.

    Fans need to remember the media will want this circus to go on as long as possible with Wenger, doubt any other saga gives them the views they get off of what is already a huge internet presence anyway in the Arsenal fan base.

  26. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “A ‘Wenger Out’ banner may or may not be a protest against the board, but that’s not what is relevant. How many fans are willing to carry Wenger out banners and how many might be willing to carry a message against the regime- this is the question you need to consider. Which one will get you more protesters?”

    RR I was commenting on the protests so far and that has been the angle. But if Wenger signs on tomorrow then yes full on protests against the board would be the order of the day. Those that have been carrying “Wenger Out” banners can swap them for anti-board banners.

    It has to be large scale though inside the Emirates stadium itself to have any bearing on these people. Got doubts it will happen but who knows if the team continue to nosedive may occur.

  27. Rambo Ramsey

    Cesc, don’t look at me. Ishola gets his knickers in a twist anytime I or someone else mentions Kroenke. It was the same in yesterday’s blog.

    It’s bizarre, not like we’re saying to stop protesting against Wenger, I’m suggesting protest against all of them. One, because they deserve it. Two, because it may get more people participating.

    But clarity of message matters apparantely, in an effing protest. 50 people all holding Wenger Out placards apparantely gives out a stronger message than 150 holding varying messages against the club. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this logic.

  28. Ishola70

    But then again I just saw Vicky’s post lol.

    It would be ultimately futile to protest solely or mostly against Kroenke.

    Focusing on Wenger is still the best option and although both are difficult to dislodge Wenger is the least difficult out of the two to see change.

    But then people like RR would not entertain holding a wenger out banner along with so many others so therein lies the problem so we are stuck with the status quo.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    I’m just of the mind that this is too far now (Wenger signing on) and we as fans all need to come together and do whatever we can having in mind geographic and personal situations meaning some may be able to do more than others.

    But whether you are physically protesting, or protesting on social media whatever, whether you are using the banner of Wenger out, or Kroenke out, or both, to me all that matters is you’re there doing it and keeping that narrative of change going on sites like this, among the fans etc.

    I do understand the logic of targeting Wenger as his situation is the most precarious and acts as a sedating influence over many fans.

    But I would rather see two Arsenal fans who care enough about the club to argue for hours over change just agree broadly that change is much needed, deep change, whilst you might disagree on methods, every single one us aside from the most deluded can agree on that.

    Not saying that in any kind of antagonizing way, because as I say I know we all want massive change.

  30. Rambo Ramsey

    Vicky, bruh are you serious? so a protest is useless if the person or organisation against whom its been running is not physically present in the vicinity?

    That’d render about 95% of protests that happen everyday useless. Media, social sites transfer the message.

    Anyhow the entire point of any protest is to put pressure on the decision makers, to try and force their hand.

  31. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “Cesc, don’t look at me. Ishola gets his knickers in a twist anytime I or someone else mentions Kroenke. It was the same in yesterday’s blog.”

    RR if you don’t know why I get annoyed at times when I read your stuff then you haven’t got a clue have you.

    I get annoyed because I can see as Cesc has pointed out that Wenger is the most precarious or if not the most precarious the most realistic to budge at this time to see change ensue at this club or at least the chance for change.

    Focusing on the board like you are fvcks things up in seeing a chance for change any time soon.

  32. PieAFC

    The club is finished as a top fight club.

    wenger wants SF’s record. Longest serving manager. A record, etched forever that no one else will ever come close to.

    Regardless or trophies. He wants it, the club will give it to him.

    This won’t be 1/2 years, this will be another 4-5. You bloody watch.

    We’re fucked from here on out.

  33. Rambo Ramsey

    Ishola70March 21, 2017 19:28:13
    RR I was commenting on the protests so far and that has been the angle. But if Wenger signs on tomorrow then yes full on protests against the board would be the order of the day.

    Ishola70March 21, 2017 19:36:09
    But then again I just saw Vicky’s post lol.It would be ultimately futile to protest solely or mostly against Kroenke.

    Ishola70March 21, 2017 19:42:34
    Focusing on the board like you are fvcks things up in seeing a chance for change any time soon.

    Well…Glad that you’ve cleared that up. Nothing duplicitous or conflicting to see.. I don’t think it necessary to waste any more of your time, I’m sure they are precious.

  34. PieAFC

    Great post Moz.

    anything to discredit that idiot. He’s probably a bigger ass kisser in real life than he sounds on tv and radio.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Great article.

    As you say, utterly destroys him, brilliant patient from the author to go back and find all that crap, someone should try and get that to prominence on Twitter.

  36. loyika

    Wow!! The over reaction sometimes is just quite amusing (its as if people didn’t know that this might happen!? Are in shock) FOLKS WE ALL KNEW THERE WAS A CHANCE OF HIM STAYING ON REGARDLESS!!

    Guess folks will have to go through the 7 stages of grief (I believe Pedro is going through his, hence the sensationalism of his posts of recent)

    Anyways my own honest opinion on the matter is, Firstly (as Pedders mentioned, even though it was more in jest) there are more important things to do with your life than the constant hum drum of all things Arsenal, whether Arsene decides to stay or goes doesn’t affect anyone’s life in the sort of way i have seen many portray on social media (Unless you’re a player or coaching staff) The club will survive regardless (it’s not as if we are in danger of getting relegated despite what some feel or being down in the bottom half of the table even at its worst)

    (As many have already alluded to) Majority of punters will not hand in their season tickets, and the thought that the stadium will be empty next season is just laughable. I think TheBayingMob (i believe it was him) gave a breakdown of the fan base a while back which was quite accurate.

    Many (on here as well) like to think that the so called “Extreme WOBs” are a majority? Far from it, they are a minority (a noisy one at that) There are quite a few passive so called “Wobs” but they won’t go to the extremes needed to rock the boat, my thinking is that they know that as all things; “This too shall pass” and instead of giving themselves an unnecessary migraine over something that frankly they can’t change, they just bite their tongue and get on with life. The rest are just “Key Board warriors” that just use blogs and twitter as means to let off pent up frustrations.

    The fact is, to get Arsene out through “Fan Power” alone was always going to be a fallacy because the numbers aren’t just there to achieve the desired effect. All that has happened is,

    1. His ego has been bruised with the knowledge that he is no longer loved or revered as he once was.
    2. He has also been taken aback by the strong and constant scathing scrutiny of the press, who always seemed to have his back (but many are still flip floppers and 80% will all come round with a benefit of doubt theory if he does sign)
    3. The squad and results are not going his way for him to spin the narrative the way he would have liked, and he is/will be forced to write off the season (unless something drastic happens to overturn the fortunes of the team)
    4. The BoD has taken note and will be a bit worried, but not enough to throw the baby out with the bath water (but the next AGM will/should be quite an interesting one to say the least)

    Make no mistake, the way Arsenal FC seems to be run (and most football clubs for that matter) Fans are just an after though and don’t factor to most BoDs in the large scheme of things. Ask yourself this, does anyone actually think Chelsea’s owner gives 2 flying fucks about how the Chelsea fans feel? Nada! Zilch! No! (apart from wanting to be loved as well, which i also feel Roman doesn’t give a shyte about in the long run)

    Only difference is Roman loves football, is a “winner” and wants to win (and he just happened to pick Chelsea as the club to own and achieve his desire. Just imagine if he had decided as had been reported, to have pitched his tent with Spurs!? PERISH THE THOUGHT!) As a result of that we see Chelsea being successful, but no way is it due to anything that Chelsea fans do or want.

    Fan power usually only shows much strength up North in Engerland (Even at that Mike Ashley still poo poos on the Newcastle fan base time without number)

    For any change to take place there will have to be like a 50% boycott of the Emirates (which you and i know won’t happen) I saw someone say that Chelsea’s and Totts will soon have stadiums and so the numbers coming to the Em would come down!? How does one answer that?

    Firstly, its not as if those two stadiums will be ready in the next 2 years (AW might even be gone by the time they are ready), secondly that’s not how it works. There are still enough punters to fill as many Stadias as can be built, that’s why West ham can still get enough fans to fill their ground as well. Only effect Chelsea and Spurs stadiums will have in relations to Arsenal is for the new found wealth that comes with a new stadium which increases their financial power and also as an alternative to generate extra funding (more for Spurs vis a vis Arsenal, as they could now compete with Arsenal to lease out their stadium for other events outside footie)

    Either ways, let’s wait and see what the Old (selfish) Gezzer does or announces. If he decides to stay, many will rant and rave as is their wont and life will go on. Arsenal FC will survive regardless. What I will say though is that the fan base will sadly never be the same if he stays (or decides to go eventually), (and that will be a shame for any new manager, as he won’t be given the benefit of doubt by all)

    All this talk of; “The fans will come together when he goes” is just a pipe dream. Lines have been drawn and crossed and as I mentioned the new manager will feel whatever brunt (both positive or negative) of this, unless he hits the ground running and success comes instantly. We have to remember that at the beginning of the season, quite a few Chelsea fans were calling for Conte’s head in relations to their love for Jose, it is to Conte’s credit that things took a turn for the better with his tactics and the fortunes of the Chelsea team taking a turn for the better to the extent they are now champions elect, and that will hopefully be the template any new manager adopts to eventually get all fans on board. (a clear example of this can be seen with Vardy’s recent claim that he received death threats after CR was sacked? Regardless of how their season pans out, many of their fans will still hold a grudge against many of their players)

  37. Ishola70

    Oh come on RR there is only one conflicting post there.

    Been very consistent with the views overall.

    You swayed me for just a few minutes before I came back to sense.

    But if you think that protesting against the board and diluting the focus on Wenger at this point is going to be helpful and the right thing to do then I hope you are correct. Highly doubt it though.

    It’s a conundrum like most things are with Arsenal these days.

  38. Thank you and goodnight

    We’re all against the board you cocks. You fucking dunces. From the moment kroenke took over I commented to a fellow fan how we were fucked. Take a look at the yanks record in the premier league, aside from United who won in spite of the glaciers not because of them, every yank owned club are poor and are more a business than a football club. We all know kroenke and the board are cunts but what happens on the pitch is 100% wenger’s fault. He claims he loves the club we’ll if he did he’d realise because of him we’re falling behind. Wenger cares for Wenger and only Wenger. As I said earlier, any other HALF DECENT manager would of achieved more with this team and previous teams over last 8 years. Wenger is clueless always was always will be. We won because of the WC players we had not because of Wenger.

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    Look at the England rugby union team. Virtually the same team Stuart Lancaster had, but achieving so much more because of a far superior coach in Eddie Jones. England are now the 2nd ranked team in the world and going places. I believe with a better coach/manager we’d achieve far more with this squad than wenger’s managed these last 3 years. Yes kroenke is a cunt for not sacking the failure, but Sorry, Wenger is 100% to blame for things on the pitch. Personally I hope the cunts dies tonight, won’t shed a tear for the fraud that’s for sure

  40. loyika

    @ TYAGN!? Lols!

    How many Managers out there win not due to World Class players!?

    That has always been a funny statement every time i see it. Only Leicester can be said to have won the Prem with out the number of WC players required (and maybe Fergie’s last Prem Trophy)

    A Manager is just meant to have the right personnel (that he wants) and put them in the right places, tweak things once in a while and then the results come.

    Pep has many so called World Class (even though aging) players in his squad, why isn’t he running away with the league? Jose has a blend of WC players, why is he still 5th on the table?

    The statement is just too simplistic. The fact is, i doubt that many now care whether Arsene is given credit for his time at the club or not (his record will always be there) what we care about is the lack of the so called WC players (bar 1 or 2)in our squad right now.

    And yes, Arsene is 100% to blame (and no one else) for that fuck up.

  41. salparadisenyc

    The propaganda machine is fighting a loosing battle from the off, Gazidis has to grasp that as he collects the salary.

    Yet another rebuild for Arsene without the lure of champions league?
    Only sell would be new project under new leadership. Otherwise this club is a dead man walking.

  42. kc

    Zero = the amount of world class players playing for Wenger next year. The man is spent and the whole world knows it. Mercenaries and kids are the best Gooners can hope for until Wenger fucks off. Arsenal are simply not a top tier club anymore. Shame.

  43. SpanishDave

    Wenger doesn’t know how to spend, the scouting system is farcical.
    All he would do is to buy second tier players, as the top ones are only attracted to winning teams.
    We are a second tier club now and sliding down fast.
    The club is now a yesterday club.

  44. salparadisenyc

    Look at Wenger’s downward trajectory, coupled with loosing our two biggest name players in Ozil and Sanchez this summer.

    That AND fixing our deficiency’s this term?

    Suddenly Wenger is going to change and find his mojo after 11 seasons, bridge that gap bringing in all thats required? Without the precious Champions league place the clubs previously sold the barometer to lure talent to club and success?

    Its a ridiculous strategy to back.

  45. Kwame

    Wenger is fighting back like an animal cornered. The owners and the board will let him have his way. By December his position would be untenable bcos the club would be in danger of being relegated. The mercenary owners interest would be threatened like never before. Wenger would then get the sack. Mark my words. Truth will triumph over FRAUD!

  46. Majestic gooner

    Nice one moz, if john cross has any shame he should lock himself away from the public eye, stop irritating people on the radio and get a new job but I guess he is just like the master he is defending , wenger, both shameless. We all know now what a weasel he is.

  47. Dissenter

    Hector Bellerin
    “The loyalty to this person [Wenger] is worth more than money, it’s something very important to me, that he’s there carries a lot of weight for me.”

    The Arsenal board has set up an untenable situation where the manager has become bigger than the club.

    It’s really galling what’s going on.

  48. CarlosLA

    The effective and quite painless supporter strike:
    Stop buying concessions at the Emirates and stop buying AFC licensed crap. This is the only form of protest Stan will notice that doesn’t require people to eat the cost of their tickets.

    If we could organise a 25+% reduction in food/drink sales, with the promise of more to come, that would arm Ivan with real business impact to show Stan.

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Once brexits kicked in can’t we send the cunt back to France or Austria or wherever he is from …

  50. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Yeah the media has gone in to overdrive to keep le cunt …

    Are they doing it cos they want us to fail ?

  51. David Smith

    In the unlikely event Wenger was able to sign Mbappe, at least he could have a ready made song…..that rather catchy number by the Hanson brothers

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    There is absoulety no chance of him joining …
    In fact you have more chance of seppmblatter coming out saying he is corrupt , UEFA admitting that they favour anyone but England ….
    Oh an Leyton orient winning the prem …

    Those are better odds than m baps coming to the club

  53. David Smith

    Think you are probably right, but a shame nonetheless, would have been such a good song, if a little difficult for most supporters to sing, the harmonies and higher notes may prove challenging

  54. Moz

    Seriously who are these people?!
    I find it enraging to read the delusional shite they come out with! They have an excuse for everything, it’s unbelievable the lengths they go to for Wenger.
    These guys are the root cause to all the our problems at the moment. I really hope that these guys goes when Wenger goes and we can give rid of all the losers that celebrates second place as an achievement.
    It’s sickening to have to be associated with these losers through Arsenal!

  55. pires87

    revolution…fight back..tyranny

    this gets funnier every day

    i suggest we handcuff pedro in one of the goalposts throw away the key and sing for the revolution

  56. pires87

    hey pedro will you honour your word and stop blogging if he signs for more years?

    do you wear trousers or skirts ?


  57. TonyD

    Good podcast. But I think you should put one together with a plan how to have a collective Wenger campaign and look for a spokesman to lead the fight.

    Also set up a fund with a lawyer that the spokesman can use to take the fight to the BoD, Wenger, IG and Kronke.

    We the fans can all donate to the fund for the fight.

  58. Bamford10

    I cannot believe that people are still arguing about who is mostly to blame or whom to protest against.

    It is all on Wenger, and he is the only one whom protest can touch, influence or affect.

    The board and the owner have made one and only one mistake: putting blind faith in Arsene Wenger.

    Every other mistake is Wenger’s, and everyone calling for anti-Kroenke or anti-board protest is really just trying to protect their favorite manager, Arsene Wenger.

    This lot are crypto-AKBs.

    Cheers to the real niggas. 😉

  59. Bamford10

    One more thing: the mistake made by the board and owner — placing full faith in Arsene Wenger — is the same mistake that every single AKB has long made, and this includes our resident crypto-AKBs.

    These morons were just as wrong — and are just as much to blame —as the board and owner.

  60. Bamford10

    A small thing, but above it should read, “most to blame,” as well as, “is really just trying to deflect from and protect their favorite manager, Arsene Wenger.”

  61. rollen

    Arsenal and their transparent PR
    On March 7, Mediawatch truly knew Arsene Wenger was in trouble at Arsenal. That was the date on which the Daily Mirror’s John Cross turned:

    ‘There should be no room for such sentiment or charity in football. Wenger has relied on sentiment for too long, living off the back of his previous achievements in his glorious first ten years at the club.

    ‘The last ten years have represented a steady decline; we thought they were picking up again in the last three seasons but this shows they are actually further behind than ever. A two-year contract is on the table waiting to be signed. But it is surely nearly impossible to justify Wenger signing it and staying on for another term. Sadly, yet another humiliating European exit must represent the end game for Arsenal’s greatest ever manager.’

    Pretty damning stuff from a man who knows Wenger more than most. Fast forward a fortnight, and another shambolic defeat (this time to West Brom), and surely Cross’ feelings haven’t changed?

    Except that they have. Despite Cross writing in February that ‘Arsene Wenger is preparing to leave Arsenal at the end of the season — and make a clean break from the club’, it now seems that Wenger will stay. Cue an about turn from our man:

    ‘Wenger is ready to reinvent himself in order to rebuild Arsenal and his own reputation, and bring back success to the Emirates.

    ‘That’s the deal and the reasoning behind the discussions over a new two-year contract. Make no mistake. Wenger has made his decision clear that he wants to stay and, even at 67 and after years of stubbornness, he believes he can rediscover his glory years.

    ‘There will be a major shake-up of the squad, big changes behind the scenes – they want a new Academy director and in the longer term a director of football – and an expectation of Wenger being able to take the club “to the next level.” That has become the buzz phrase around the place despite the prospect of losing star duo Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil this summer.’

    From ‘impossible to justify staying on’ and ‘must represent the end game’ to ‘ready to reinvent himself’ and ‘major shake-ups’ in two weeks. Arsenal truly have got a loyal friend in John Cross. Either that or the win over Lincoln City was better than we thought.

    Like night follows day
    Don’t think that this Arsenal PR surge is just about pithy buzz phrases and promises of improvement, though. Oh no. No boy. No siree.

    This time Arsenal really do mean business, because they have a list of high-profile transfer targets. And you were worried about maintaining the stagnancy while losing your two best attacking players? Silly supporters. Now go buy your season tickets.

    As part of his Daily Mirror PR push, John Cross writes that Arsenal are interested in *takes deep breath* Alexandre Lacazette, Kylian Mbappe, Marco Reus, Ross Barkley, Moussa Dembele, Jack Butland, Joe Hart, Jordan Pickford, Kieran Tierney and Jose Gaya. It’s not like the club have ever made similar promises via a media leak before when the chips are down.

    Apart from that time in March 2016, when Cross wrote that Arsenal were targeting Victor Wanyama, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Toni Kroos, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and John Stones.

    And apart from that time in April 2016, when Cross added Alvaro Morata and Kostas Manolas to that list from a month previous.

    And apart from that time in May 2015, when Cross wrote that Arsenal were interested in Petr Cech, Ilkay Gundogan, Yohan Cabaye, Nabil Fekir and Raheem Sterling.

    And apart from that time in April 2014, when Cross wrote that Arsenal were targeting Antoine Griezmann, Mario Mandzukic and Tom Cleverley.

    And apart from that time in May 2014, when Cross added Karim Benzema, Lars Bender and Morgan Schneiderlin to that list from a month previous.

    And apart from that time in May 2013, when Cross wrote that Arsenal were targeting Gonzalo Higuain, Stevan Jovetic, Rene Adler, Kevin Strootman and Maxime Gonalons.

    But this time it’s definitely going to happen. And definitely not a shonky attempt at appeasing supporters. Good work, Arsenal.

    Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before
    ‘Wenger has made his decision clear that he wants to stay and, even at 67 and after years of stubbornness, he believes he can rediscover his glory years.There will be a major shake-up of the squad, big changes behind the scenes – they want a new Academy director and in the longer term a director of football – and an expectation of Wenger being able to take the club to the next level’ – John Cross, Daily Mirror, March 2017.

    ‘Arsene Wenger is determined to stay on as Arsenal manager – and wants to oversee a major rebuild of his squad this summer. It is likely to lead to a big clear-out at the Emirates, with boss Wenger targeting several summer buys’ – John Cross, Daily Mirror, March 2016.

    ‘Arsene Wenger will sign a new Arsenal contract, and is proving it by planning a huge spending spree in the summer transfer window. Wenger has left Arsenal in no doubt that he is staying because he is lining up big transfer targets as he looks to strengthen his squad for a title challenge next season’ – John Cross, Daily Mirror, April 2014.

    ‘Arsene Wenger will be given a huge budget to transform Arsenal back into genuine contenders next season by making summer signings’ – John Cross, Daily Mirror, May 2013.

    We doubt if even poor Crossy believes it by now.

  62. Ofebs

    At Arsenal, dissatisfied fans don’t matter…
    A Dalek would probably put it this way “protest is futile”

    Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger have killed my innocence about football; their ruthlessness in pursuing the ‘sport is all about the money’ philosophy has killed the child in me when I am watching football.

  63. Mick Kartun

    Well, if Le Goof signed and think he is ready to reinvent himself and bring back success, good luck with that deluded senile and denial behaviour.

    Take a look what the other top 4 clubs have been preparing for next season.

    – Chelsea has already made agreement with Monaco’s midfield Bakayoko to strengthen the team depth, and target Morata, Bonucci, and other big names, to cover both CL and PL schedules.

    – Man City will go an overhaul with potential targets Rudiger, Gaya, D. Alves, WC GK (hard to find), maybe Mbappe, and other big names. And I think Pep will get his team blend with his tactics next season.

    – Man Utd will splash the cash for Griezmann, Lindeloff, and other big names.
    Surely, Mou’ team will be hard to beat next season.

    – Liverpool, unless Klopp doesn’t do something about his defence, they will be a hard team to beat.

    – And finally Spuds will be stronger and more established next season if they can keep Poch and a few quality addition in Summer window.

    So those 5 teams above, if Manure won Europa League and all go to Champions League and easier for them to attract best players and with their “SERIOUS” manager, and….

    still think OUR OLD ARSENE will bring us back to our 4th trophy glory days (LOL with how low can we get as fans to accept 4th is a real trophy), next season assuming with no CL to offer means we could only get second tier players in the summer window, …..AND HE WILL TURN IT AROUND WITH HIS NEW SECRET MATH FORMULA (WTF)? FUCKING LOL.

    Like someone here said let’s watch him squirm to the emergency room next season..

    ohhhhhh… be a gooner………

  64. underrated Coq

    I am one of those who calls for protests against Arsenal’s entire management, am I a crypto-AKB?

    Its fascinating how these numpties who are unable to see past Wenger are starting to mirrror the ones they make fun of- the AKB

    The AKBs loathe blaming Wenger and have always insisted that he is the least of our problems, the ‘blame only Wenger’ brigade are now taking this route regards to Kroenke.

    The AKBs have always had this delusion that Arsenal would be able to get back to title winning ways under Wenger subject to conditions. ‘Once the austerity period passes’, ‘Once he is able to bring in top players’. Likewise we now have the blame only Wenger brigade similarly making up statements that this BoD won’t hinder us ‘Once Wenger leaves’, ‘Once we get a better manager in’ etc

    Against all common sense and evidence that is on display.

    The AKBs have a bit of juvenile about them, refusing to even attempt to understand anyone with a different line of thinking to theirs, countering any argument with the inexplicable ‘You are not a true fan’. Now we have the numpties on here treading the same path calling anyone who doesn’t trumpet the same song as them as AKBs.

    You know what? I think PhD007 has it right, with fans like Wallace on one side and Bamford10 on the other, Arsenal is doomed.

  65. Bamford10


    Aside from not replacing Wenger, how are the board and owner hindering Arsenal?

    Aside from not replacing Wenger, how have they hindered Arsenal over the past ten years?

    Please make a case. I don’t think you have one.

  66. underrated Coq

    Why should I have to make a case ignoring the singular biggest crime that has happened at Arsenal? They have stood by and allowed this sh!tshow to run for years. Clearly not satisfied enough with that, against all sense and logic, they want to keep it running for 2 more years atleast.

    Cluelessness, carelessness, incompetence..however way you dress it up, it has and will continue to hinder this football club.

    “I want a socialist wage policy at this club”-Yes,Arsene
    “I want to keep Diaby, Rosicky, Wilshere, Sanogo even if its a complete waste of money”- Yes,Arsene
    “I choose how much to spend and whom to spend it on in the TW”- Yes,Arsene
    “I shall interview and pick the next CEO”- Yes,Arsene
    “Fourth place is a trophy, I am doing a quality job”- Yes,Arsene
    “I built this club, I am bigger than anyone or anything at the club, nobody should question me”- Yes,Arsene
    “Doesn’t matter if I get humped 10-2, doesn’t matter if take the club out of the top four”- You are right,Arsene
    “I think I’ll continue to indulge in more of the same for a little more time”- Yes, ofcourse Arsene, a shiny new contract with an improved salary is already on the table

    Yeah, those poor souls in the BoD, they are innocent and have little to do with the problems at the club.

  67. GoonerDNA

    Wenger and Arsenal were probably banking on beating WBA and announcing the contract its like they just waiting for a win to announce what a bunch of cunts.

    Now we have the Arsenal PR in full effect when everyone knows Wenger is not selling deadwood and signing superstars what a fucking joke we’ve become and how stupid do they think we are.

  68. GoonerDNA

    Underrated Coq, no one is saying the BoD is doing a great job and immune to abuse but we have to get our priorities right and realize we have no chance of removing them if we can’t remove the manager.

  69. pires87

    ‘Aside from not replacing Wenger, how are the board and owner hindering Arsenal?’

    what kind of mug are you?

    abramovic has put 1 billion of his own money at chelsea….

    glazers took 700m debt to buy players

    sheiks….lol..they brought OPEC with them..

  70. Wenker-wanger

    Kroenke gave wenger 90million … (ninety million pounds) to spend .
    They may be a shit show in footballing terms, but they did their part up to a poinr. The absolute culprit is wenger. This very sick deluded arrogant despot is taking the football side of this club down with his ailing madness.
    Yes remove kroenke, but the despicable head of the hydra that is wenger needs to go as a priority.
    Untill he goes, we will be seeing the same shit football, albeit with little runs of victories from overpriced enthusiastic new starters… Until the wenger-disease infects them and they evolve into arshavins ramsey walcott etc.
    Wenger thinks its the players letting him down when just like a madman he fails to see that the fault is with him.

  71. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Arsenal are in a strong position to sign Kylian Mbappe’ – the Mirror

    Help! I’m choking because of uncontrollable laughter

  72. Dissenter

    “The board and the owner have made one and only one mistake: putting blind faith in Arsene Wenger. Every other mistake is Wenger’s, and everyone calling for anti-Kroenke or anti-board protest is really just trying to protect their favorite manager, Arsene Wenger.”

    Even with your modification, the above statement is reckless and just exists to sow division or generate replies.

    Has it not occurred to you that a system that gives £90 million to a manger without checks, balances or any expectation of real success is damned.
    You keep talking about who has th most blame but that in itself is an academic argument. It’s a meaningless cause-effect “chicken or the egg” situation.

    The better approach to it is the “all-of-the-above” approach.
    Like I said the first piece to fall has to be Wenger because he helped to masterfully create the situation that serves him at the expense of the club.

    However Wenger can’t fire himself, he didn’t offer the contract to himself. There are other characters in the picture that having just as damning culpability.

    Your referring to my ilk as crypto-AKBs but all you’re doing is blindly seeking purity for a revolution while my kind is seeking a unified coalition to make change happen,
    This club is badly run from top down.