Wenger to stay: The man is a disgrace to elite sport

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So kind of as I suspected, Arsene Wenger, according to the circle of access journalists, is sadly poised to stay on at the club. Not for one year, but for the duration of a proper contract. He’s under the delusional notion that this season is a blip in a glittering 21 year career, versus the culmination of a lot of practice that is far from best.

This isn’t a surprising move. We’ve known the club has been preparing us most of the season through its network of lackeys in the press, combining that with the embarrassing ‘gun to the head’ proclamations of love from grateful players who are being offered too much money to stay on in his hugely flawed project.

It still burns though. The choice has been taken out of the hands of the people at the club who full well know what a disaster Wenger is overseeing at the moment. We know that Arsene Wenger has looked at the wreckage of this season and decided the results don’t matter, he’s chosen to ignore the reason his best players are likely leaving, he’s ignoring the protests in the air and in the sky, and he’s ignoring the cold hard reality of where he’s at in his badly stuttering career.

We’re now entering the indulgence zone.

Phillipe Auclair stated this on Twitter:

‘Wenger is aware of the unrest around the club, but not as a fan would be. He’ll take it as a spur to prove people wrong. Always has done.’

For such a talented writer, the lack of substance in these words is breathtaking. If fans see the unrest as poor results, lacklustre ideas, poor execution of said ideas and a collapse of player faith… what is Wenger seeing? Who really cares about Wenger proving anyone wrong? It’s not his right to have a choice in the matter.

Wenger had the chance to prove us wrong after he wrongly signed for three years after scrapping a cup final he went two goals down in. Three years on, how have we moved our game on? Chelsea fired managers twice and won the league near enough twice and Leicester poured cold water on 10 years of Wenger hiding behind money as a reason we couldn’t compete.

Football is about results, not desperately trying to work out the perfect sign off for a manager who has been stale for ten years.

John Cross disingenuously stated that he doesn’t believe Wenger has lost the dressing room, alluding to the idea this unrest comes from players not knowing what Wenger will do next. Are you f*cking kidding me? Wenger is a poor manager when compared to the elite of Europe, players have known this for years. You only had to read Lukas Podolski mocking Wenger’s ‘you are a wolf’ tactics to imagine what they’re saying now. Wenger isn’t even in the top 20 in Europe these days.

His antiquity isn’t even up for debate these days, he’s a dusty fossil in the Natural History Museum of ‘Past Greats’, he’s old, deeply deluded, and living in a now institutionalised world of mediocrity he designed. He is dead in elite management. He will never come back from the grave. Do not kid yourself it is possible, even with a world class DoF he won’t listen to.

So what next? How do the fans move on from this? It’s a tough question. But I think he’s jumped the shark here. This move is beyond desperate and I don’t think there are many examples of this sort of behaviour at any elite club in the Europe. In fact, I struggle to think of a single example this pathetic since Brian Clough hung on for far too long and landed his team in the division below never to return again.

Arsene Wenger, after this announcement, will suffer total shut down with his players. We could end up finishing 7th or 8th. This summer, he’ll struggle to move on underperforming players because he’s tied them all down to new deals. He’ll struggle to keep the good players because he can’t offer them a better career or a development plan beyond the basics he was preaching in 1998. Next season, he might be thinking that without the CL, he can pull a Leicester or a Chelsea. Trouble with that notion is he doesn’t have the players, he doesn’t have a system good enough, and he has no idea how to beat elite teams.

Next season could be even worse. Once you hit two seasons out of the Champions League, the job of bringing yourself back to the top again, under a great manager, becomes more and more expensive.

By continuing the madness, Stan K is making the recovery ever more difficult.

… and we, the fans, helpless? American sports fans are placid compared to the Brits. I wonder what sort of environment Wenger will find himself in next year when things go south?

A conversation for another day.

Final comment. Fully understand the predicament Ivan has himself in. But his inability to influence his boss really is telling. Begs the question if he’s even trying? I fully expect him to do a good job when he’s given the chance, but my oh my, if I were running the club on that money, I’d have Stan seeing the light, no doubt. The difference between seeing your job as something to preserve at the cost of excitement, versus seeing your job as an opportunity to achieve collective greatness and make history.

Sad everyone at the club is fine mailing it in…

See you in the comments. x

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  1. peanuts&monkeys

    “If Wenger signs let’s raise it up from where ever we are in the world and keep going until He’s gone!There must be plenty of ways we can do this.More ideas for the collective good anyone?”
    yes, @tonyD.

    could someone start a CHANGE.ORG petition to Kroenke to leave Arsenal alone and go and mind his other business. Kroenke’s skin has to be brought into the game. someone pl share a link after having done that.

  2. TonyD


    Been saying that for a while. Doesn’t look like it’ll happen.

    There is a vast number of us outside of the UK who would also want to contribute to Wenger’s demise.

    I’ve always said that hit the hierarchy where it hurts: in their Bottom Line.

    Wenger is going to contribute to their revenue streams dropping; the fans also have to help that happen.

    With all that’s gone on before, I feel it’s not enough to protest and fly banners et al. Much more is needed. If it weren’t, Wenger would not be signing a new contract.

    Half empty stadiums, refusing to buy food and drink at matches, programs, merchandise etc. Stop subscriptions to AFC media and any other way to dry up AFC’s income.

    Just stop paying for anything AFC. It’s a good start, back that up with more articulate, negative press about Wenger and his management team/tactics.

    Make it a combined, controlled and co-ordinated effort and we just might stand a chance.

    First we have to make sure we are in the majority.

    So far we and the BoD just don’t know.

    We only see what’s happening in the blogs.

    Quantify we are the majority; let the owner, BoD/Wenger know this, and then keep pressing financially, in the press and at matches.

    Eventually, the fans will prevail – the resistance will succeed!

    This will, of course, be helped by the poor performances by the team.

  3. Jeff

    The main news outlets are reporting that there will probably be a new two-year contract so that Arsene can instigate a major overhaul of the team by spending over £100m on new players. It is also understood that both Ozil and Sanchez are going to be sold.

    So basically underneath all of this is the idea that Wenger is completely blameless for the latest slump and the 13 year drought. It was all the players fault. They weren’t any good so now he will get the chance – yes you guessed it – to put it right. In other words the lunacy is set to continue.

    Hasn’t it occurred to the board yet that the more Wenger spends the less well we do?

  4. peanuts&monkeys

    Guys, pl rise in protest. We dont want you, Wenger! We want Sanchez. Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez

    Rise in protest!!!

  5. Thank you and goodnight

    PSG want Wenger hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yeah they want a specialist in failure. Fuck me the PR bollocks they come up with hahahahahahaha

  6. Jeff

    I don’t really blame fans for not giving up their season tickets. Wenger will eventually leave so if they give up their tickets now they won’t be able to get one again perhaps for years as they join the back of the queue. So it’s not a realistic request. I myself never held a season ticket and haven’t attended since 2009 and haven’t bought any merchandise. That’s the extent of my protest but I appreciate everyone’s situation is different.

    The only way is simply to stay away from home games. You’re not wasting money because you’d still be saving on travel etc. But I know most fans can’t do that either because it’s like a drug – they have to go and both the hierarchy and Wenger know this very well. It’s a catch 22 from every angle you look at it.

  7. Sandy B

    So Van Persie was flaming right all along. The last world class star Wenger moulded spotted the rot & tried to warn the fans before he executed his controversial Judas move to Utd. How he must be chuckling to himself as it finally dawns on some fans what the club that those who lead club don’t actually care about winning (or should I say the men’s team as the ladies team are thankfully serious about & are the most successful side in women’s football). Wenger should go because whether he stays or not we are going to finish poorly by our standards this season & most likely next season. Fans should also prepare themselves for an 8-2 style battering before the season is out. I have a terrible feeling that Guardiola & Man City will want to boost their stock by making an example of us.

  8. Rambo Ramsey

    Yep, the board would prefer replacing the entire squad to replacing the manager. Only at Arsenal, only at Arsenal.

    Arsenal FC-where the players have been responsible for all shortcomings since 2004.

    Sometimes I feel ashamed that I’m following this pathetic club

  9. Mick Kartun

    How about this?

    Surely at least 10 million fans globally as gooners.
    If all would donate 2 quids each person, than we could buy out Arsene’s 20m of two year contract that’s been offered by our dickless board.

    Then, we could hire Arsene as our fake club manager as we named it:

    “RAMMING ARSENE BUTTHOLE FC.” in Maldives League.

    Where he could manage there as his play toy till he’s dead.

  10. pires87

    heh i dont believe you…you said the same thing 3-4 years ago…that if wenger signs you ll stop following, supporting blogging etc.

    what happened to that promise you made?

  11. champagne charlie

    OK here’s been my issue all along in this Wenger saga.

    He’s accountable to the owners and board. It is THEIR apathy and disregard toward Arsenal as a team that’s the biggest issue here not a manager who is too stubborn to acknowledge he’s out of puff.

    “he has too much power”, “he influences their decision making”….all the more reason the fucking board should be chased out of Arsenal asap. I think it’s utterly ridiculous for people to expect Wenger resign, he genuinely feels he’s capable of winning again – why would a man with that conviction willingly step down?

    Enter a board/owner who can use his own fucking judgement to see that’s not a likely scenario and say thank you Arsene, but we’re going to go with that Italian fella actually proving he can do it in this decade.

    If Wenger stays the WOB have to evolve their fantastical idea that replacing Wenger would deliver the world. He’s a meagre piece in a much much deeper issue.

  12. pires87

    hehe jeff and thats the point isnt it? they are afraid of missing out when it all clicks….

    they are not fans..they are posers.

  13. shaun

    Highly doubt there is any offer from PSG ……if there are miracles in this world then let it be true as there is still time to save my 3 month old daughter , you see the other half is die hard spud and her dad is just waiting as he watch’s my spirit fade and my strength drain but I cannot bring myself to spend the money and get her a baby arsenal kit and I really really want to .what the hell is wrong with these AKB’S YOU HAVE TO BE A DEMENTED FUCKING MORON TO STILL SUPPORT WENGER NOW …..HONESTLY WAKE THE FUCK UP….and know I don’t understand the season ticket thing either because if you don’t renew you hit both the Bastards and that’s what needs to be done here ….a big sacrafice has to be made to think otherwise is to support a c… regime and actually pay them to f… you …….you have to leave the Emirates empty or atleast half empty…away fans do not travel because you are not supporting Arsenal you are supporting Arsene and Stan fc………………….there needs to be a massive statement from the fans at the Westham game AND THAT HAS TO BE A BOYCOTT OF THE GAME ….not a protest and then still buy a hotdog at half time and fill a seat

  14. pires87

    this will turn out pretty good. a clearing of the herd is required in the fan base. this will seperate the posers who are only interested in arsenal for trophies to brag at their mates and the true supporters who respect and believe in the clubs principles.

    if i may add…i would make it a 5 year contract instead of two in order to ensure the transition of the next generation the torals the bieliks etc

  15. Youcunts

    You are a shit fans, including the author of this hate filled pile of shite blog. Real fans get behind their team in the good patches and the bad. You are all pathetic. Please do give up your season tickets and go support some other team. You are not wanted near this great club. If you think getting a new manager will immediately change things, just look at man utd. The grass isn’t always greener.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I saw that this morning

    What a loads of bollocks my initial thought …

    But maybe PSg are envious of Monaco an the way youth players come through this season …. an want to copy them ?

    An maybe they want wenger in to give them advice as to how it shouldn’t be done ?

  17. Rambo Ramsey

    As expected, some c*ntfaced AKB crawls out from under a rock and places himself on a higher pedestal with some bollocks about ‘true fans’

    These fanatics are as shameless and lacking in awareness as their Lord Wenger.

  18. Jeff


    Your anger is misplaced. There are no “posers” as you put it. All fans want the same thing but they have different opinions about getting it. Wenger is one big huge difference. They are just fans that want Arsenal to get back to realistically competing again. They are fed up of the mediocrity and the constant allusion to fourth being a trophy and all the rest of it.

  19. Wenker-wanger

    Psg want wenger???
    Haha .. Hilarious
    Is it just because he is french?
    I fail to see any other”credentials”.
    Please take this useless arrogant deluded tosser… And the fans will have a leaving collection for him … Can buy himself a new zipper jacket with a large toggle so he cant fumble with it.

  20. Terraloon

    I rarely post on here but in my last couple of posts I mentioned I don’t think Arsenal have anywhere near the amount of funds available that some think .I still believe that and the rumblings starting to emerge about which players are being scouted to agree I believe supports my view
    The player assessments being posted on here are very similar and spookily are very close to how I look at the Arsenal squad and I suspect as does rival managers.
    The fear factor of facing Arsenal has gone and with it a key component deployed in achieving a CL place.
    Last season I think just about everyone accepts was a freak. So in a way it masked the decline in squad quality.
    Was Cech an upgrade? Not really he was past it as a first choice yet many believed would be the final cog. He is a number two now at best and with one year left on a very lucrative contract no one will be looking to take him unless Arsenal make it worthwhile for him to secure a deal elsewhere. None of the other keepers at the club are an upgrade on Cech . The suggestion is that Butland is a target. A reasonable keeper but has been out with a long term injury so thinking about it might fit in
    With the exception of Kos the defence is in need of a rebuild but that rebuilt won’t happen overnight . Bellerin like most of the defenders form part of that illusion that generated the fear factor. His speed helps him out but his positioning and inability to tackle is clear for all to see
    In midfield with the exception of Ox I can’t see many of the players being in demand. Their age , injury record , lack of consistency and inability to manage the game suggests to me that any clubs vying to buy any of them won’t be paying top dollar.So why would they leave the holiday resort aka Arsenal?
    Up front the likes of Giroud , Wellbeck and Walcott are illusions
    Ozil and Sanchez apart none of the top Eureopean clubs will be looking at any of the players and with their contract situations their value and form suggests to me that whilst they will generate reasonable fees those won’t be vast by comparison
    There is talk today about £100 million rebuild. Rebuild? That will bring in what 3 or 4 players the market is hugely inflated when it come to top players .The likes of Chelsea , City and indeed Utd were paying £30 million + for players several years ago as a matter of course .£100 million to them is a normal preseason spend.
    Have Arsenal missed the boat? Have Arsenal the resources to conduct a full and effective squad overhaul? Have Arsenal the scouting and support network to adopt a radical and ruthless approach to player recruitment?
    I am not holding my breath!

  21. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger believes he can turn arsenal around, but the perceptive among us know that in wengers case YOU CANT POLISH A TURD

  22. gonsterous

    I do believe If wenger Goes to psg he will win the league… which is okay with me but he should be no where near our team…

  23. Johnc

    What gives you people the right to dictate how any football club is run. You may have an opinion and the right to express it but I suspect the greater majority of you are neither qualified or capable of doing better than the victims of your ranting diatribes. Have some respect and if you don’t like the food eat somewhere else.