Legendary Pep G LOLs back the years | English fail, but is there a fair excuse?

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Hung out yesterday with a farmer in his 80s who started from nothing and now he runs a beautiful 200 acre organic fruit farm. You ever sit there and think, shit, I make tweets for a living? What the f*ck am I doing with my life.


How about Jardim over at Monaco? 2 years on from beating us, he took down Pep G with a 3-1 win at home. That means Leicester are the only team that survived the last 16 of the CL. Unreal carry on.

There’s a stat doing the rounds that highlights that English teams have only made the QF 4 times in the last 5 years, versus France’s 6, the Bundesliga’s 9 and Spain’s 15. This somehow points to our league being weak.

I’m not sure I buy into that notion. I think you have to wrap the issue with a big fat contextual blanket. Bayern were always going to beat us, but they played about half the games we did from early December because they had a monster break.  You can’t tell me that the amount of games the Premier League deals with doesn’t play a huge factor in poor performance in Europe. We need a winter break, but we won’t get one because we’re all about the tradition.

Not just that, pound for pound, the Premier League is way stronger than the other European leagues, so their top sides get days off.

I appreciate that last point doesn’t hold up when you remember lowly Bayer Leverkusen put Spurs out of the CL, but whatever. The Spanish league is toilet outside the top 4 teams. Barca, Atleti and Madrid are in training mode most of the season, so their freshness is preserved for the CL. The French league is 3 teams and the rest are kind of pony. I mean, no league has the intensity we boast, nor the distribution of mega money throughout, which equates to quality players. So we suffer against Spain because the overall quality of the top teams is higher, but that’s because they’re the greediest and they kill the tiny clubs by hogging all the cash. Not to mention all the tax sweetners / avoidance that’s being uncovered every week.

Our teams still need to do better. I feel like the Premier League is going through a bit of a transition at the moment. Pep G doesn’t have the team he wants. United and Chelsea aren’t in the Champions League. Spurs are new to the competition. Arsenal don’t care much for it.

I’d imagine the next 5 years might be a little different. We have all the money, great coaches and the top 5 is starting to look like it used to. All those factors combined can’t fail for long.

Still really embarrassing though. Not as embarrassing as passing on M’Bappe because he was too pricey. Or worse, because Yaya Sanogo boasts too much quality. Why is he even with us?

This isn’t just about Wenger. How about the legendary Pep G playing Sagna and Clichy as his full backs 10 years after they were relevant at Arsenal? Hilarious.

Right, I’m heading back to freezing cold NY this morning. Tomorrow I’m gonna right about Leicester’s Shakespeare being the future of English football.

See you in the comments!

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  1. OleGunner

    Christ on a bike, that Boro Primorac interview.
    Just utter slime.

    “It’s not only about results but also the business that matter”. Tells you all you need to know about the attitude behind the scenes
    Also sad to basically have some early confirmation from him that Wenger is staying. Sure I knew it was likely….but I always held out hope.

    Fuck, 2019 can’t get here soon enough.

  2. Bamford10

    1886 Blog tweeted out a letter to a newspaper in which the writer calls protesters who would fly a banner over the stadium “classless, nouveau riches” types. Would someone like to explain why such a person would be bringing up money and social class here? This is strange to me. Who is the speaker speaking for? Middle class types? Working class? Old money? Please explain.

  3. Dissenter

    ‘Fuck, 2019 can’t get here soon enough.’
    Until he extends to 2021…

    Great point Wenger Eagle
    Wenger has publicly justified his continued stay with Fergie staying on till he was 71 years old – “Ferguson has some other interests in life and he was older [when he retired] than I am today,” said Wenger. “He was four years older. He retired at 71 and I’m 67.”

  4. reality check

    Steveyg87March 17, 2017 13:51:32

    Think we might have to wait till the final day of the season to have any clarity with regards to Wenger
    ffs open your eyes man!

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    See this is what happens when you have a board that isn’t interested in taking responsibilities. Everyone starts acting like King, I doubt there’s any other club wherein the assistant effing coach would dare call fans ungrateful.

  6. Rambo Ramsey

    “Primorac told Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List: ‘Wenger isn’t considering leaving Arsenal.”

    Yeah, where are all those class obsessed twats with their ‘We should stay respectful’ mantra? Gormless buffoons

    Rain down the abuse, only way we stand a chance of ousting this shameless old man.

  7. reality check

    Stay woke people!

    The international break was the original agreed upon time to announce Wenger’s staying. Due to the protest this may now be delayed. But, if you notice, you can see the ground work that has been put in place, that would have led up to the announcement.

    Seriously, i don’t think most of the fans realize just how fucked this situation is.

    He wants fergies Time in charge trophy. Nothing else matters.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Well he should announce his deal then shouldn’t he? Why would he wait, surely if he’s adamant about staying it is completely the right decision and so weeks ago he could have said he’s saying.

    The very fact they have to engage in these frankly embarrassing PR campaigns and are waiting for the most opportune moment to announce the deal tells you everything about this business.

    The pen that Wenger uses to sign his deal, you might as well take it out of his hand and write off the next two years for Arsenal right away.

    If he stays, and it looks likely now, that is the day we officially stop being a football club, a competitive sports club.

    A near 70 year old egotistical flop, finishing on average thirteen points behind the title winners over the last decade, knocked out of the UCL at the round of sixteen seven years in a row, three or four of those times conceding three or more goals in a single game and having not won a UCL leg in the knockout stages in two campaigns now, who has an appalling record against the top sides in his league, who regards UCL qualification as an achievement and who resist modern infrastructure in a club.

    If you’re signing that person on, you are not a competitive sports club and so how can you ask fans to follow you?

    What a total gutless shit show.

  9. Rambo Ramsey

    If Wenger does sign on and it very much looks like that’s a big possibility, what will those who close their eyes to the disaster that is Kroenke say? Will you admit Alexander Henry was right all along?

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Be careful.

    Alexander is not right, he is a pro-Wenger sycophant who essentially tries to totally blame Kroenke for what happens at the club, he tries to claim that Wenger is hamstrung by Kroenke essentially, so when Wenger spends £7 Million one summer, that is all he was given, when he spends £90 Million the next, that is what he was given, so we have a schizophrenic owner basically who is a penny pincher but simultaneously allows £42 Million spends on single players, £140 000 a week wages for players as average as Walcott, £90 Million spends, over £200 Million a year wage bills etc.

    I think most agree Kroenke is not a good owner in that he shows total deference and belief in Wenger to run Arsenal. But Kroenke is a lot harder to get at than Wenger, Wenger’s time could have been up this year and that would have left Kroenke bare to criticism if he fucked up the succession.

    Alexander is a Wenger apologist who is only half right, so be careful with that one. Yeah, Kroenke’s hands-off, deference to Wenger approach is bad, but he is not a bad owner in terms expressly limiting the manager as Alexander suggests.

    As long as Wenger is here, you get half the fan base sentimentally sedated, arguing against protests or even calls for change, so that if you honestly want Kroenke gone, you should be ardently wanting Wenger gone right now.

    One lives by the other.

  11. Dissenter

    I’ve never seen a club where an assistant coach has the gall to call fee paying fans “ungrateful”
    All that mantra about Arsenal being a “classy” club is so dated.
    The manager, his staff, the CEO, the entire board and the owner hold the fan base in contempt. There’s this unbelievable condescension that should rile up every fan.

    Wenger is particularly guilty of thinking the fans are invincible.

  12. WengerEagle

    ‘Will you admit Alexander Henry was right all along?’

    Well he wasn’t though, was he?

    He exonerates Wenger of any blame which is ridiculous.

    Is Kroenke to blame for us getting humiliated on the regular over the last few seasons? For keeping a hold of rubbish players for years more than we should have? For having absolutely no game plan or tactical structure in place whatsoever against better teams which leads us to lose in big matches in an almost identical fashion every time.

    For this socialist wage structure bullshit where we pay bang average squad players a decent wage and we deny our better players their deserved wage? There was a stage a little while ago that we had Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and a couple of others who contributed ZERO to the first team taking upwards of 200-250k every week, where’s the justification for such a waste of funds?

    Wenger actually was handed a sizable amount to spend in the summer and in 2014/15 without any significant first team players departures, he has brought in Mustafi, Xhaka, Sanchez, Perez, Chambers, Welbeck, Ospina, Debuchy, Gabriel, Holding, Bielik, Elneny, Cech over the last 3 seasons, spending 200 million pounds in the process.

    Our results in Europe are getting worse i.e we’re being embarrassed on a larger scale, and we’re even further off the pace in the league.

    How exactly is that Kroenke’s fault?

  13. vicky

    Kroenke for me was the bigger villain till 2011 but I think Wenger has easily surpassed him in recent years so much so that we can perhaps still win things under a new manager while Kroenke is our owner but there’s no way we can win big trophies with Wenger at the helm even if Abrahmovic took over.

  14. reality check

    Of course kronke is a problem but as fans we are not too concerned with the bank balance finances and commercial deals within the club. There are employees paid huge wages to take care of all that.

    The football fan is concerned primarily with what’s going on with regards to the footballing side of the club.

    The football.

    Who is in charge of the football?
    The Coaching the Management the Transfers Team selection? Who is in charge of all that?

    Kronke likes Wenger too much is all. Lets say Kronke restricts Wengers spending. ok, so what. Do only teams who spend the most win?

    Are there no examples of teams and managers (who also have spending restrictions) winning? succeeding against all odds?

    In the history of football only teams and managers who spend.. win?


  15. Cesc Appeal


    What are you thinking with all this, starting to get a really bad feeling, sense of immense, immense frustration that he is going to sign on again for at least two years.

    There was a period where I genuinely thought it was finally over, but in soem sick, twisted, egotistical, stubborn ‘logic’ the failures in big games, the Munich thrashings, the protests, it is actually pushing him closer to staying.

    Despite saying he would be judge by the fans, it seems that if they wanted him to stay he would, now that they want him gone he is going to stay to prove them wrong.

    Club is gone, not about fans, football or competition anymore.

  16. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘How exactly is that Kroenke’s fault?’

    Is this satire? He is the one with the power but is choosing to sit idly and watch the shit unfold.

    The man thinks Wenger deserves another contract, how in the actual fuck are people still trotting out ‘How is Kroenke at fault’ question.

  17. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    An Irish daughter had not been home for over 5 years. Upon her return, her Father cursed her heavily. ‘Where have ye been all this time, child? Why did ye not write to us, not even a line? Why didn’t ye call? Can ye not understand what ye put yer old Mother through?’

    The girl, crying, replied, Dad… I became a prostitute.’

    ‘Ye what!? Get out a here, ye shameless harlot! Sinner! You’re a disgrace to this Catholic family.’

    ‘OK, Dad… as ye wish. I only came back to give mammy this luxurious fur coat, title deed to a ten bedroom mansion, plus a 1 million savings certificate. For me little brother, this gold Rolex. And for ye Daddy, the sparkling new Mercedes limited edition convertible that’s parked outside plus a membership to the country club … (takes a breath) … and an invitation for ye all to spend New Year’s Eve on board my new yacht in the Riviera.’

    ‘What was it ye said ye had become?’ says Dad.

    Girl, crying again, ‘A prostitute, Daddy!.’

    ‘Oh! My Goodness! Ye scared me half to death, girl! I thought ye said a Protestant! Come here and give yer old Dad a hug !!!

  18. reality check

    Rambo RamseyMarch 17, 2017 15:29:10

    ‘How exactly is that Kroenke’s fault?’Is this satire? He is the one with the power but is choosing to sit idly and watch the shit unfold. The man thinks Wenger deserves another contract, how in the actual fuck are people still trotting out ‘How is Kroenke at fault’ question.

    So he’s an enabler? Thats what your saying, thats the word that fits your description of Kronkes actions?

  19. WengerEagle


    Kroenke is obviously at fault too, they both are. Most barring a few nutters agree on this.

    What I was pointing out is that Wenger has failed to improve us in the slightest with 200 million pounds of funding over the last 3 seasons, how can you say that he’s not to blame on the playing front?

    He couldn’t give the slightest fuck about the good of the club which alexanderhenry vehemently claims that he does, even the likes of Wallace, etc reckon that another manager would have improved us in these last few seasons with those resources.

  20. TitsMcGee

    Looks like another season of Barca /Madrid.

    I swear UEFA sets these match ups.

    Bayern v Madrid.

    Ancelotti v the club that ran him out.

  21. vicky

    Get rid of Wenger and chances are Kroenke will also reconsider his decision to stick with Arsenal. Besides, Wenger is easier to get at than Kroenke. Fans have forced managers out numerous times, very rarely have they been able to dictate terms to owners or force them out.

  22. Paulinho

    Me and Jeff said right from the start of this that he wasn’t going anywhere.

    I’m just amazed that even after all these years of listening to Wenger, and the depths to which he plummets to absolve himself of blame, that people actually thought that this season or a few results was going to be some sort of tipping point.

    It simply doesn’t marry up at all with what we do or should know about him by now.

  23. China

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – as awful as it is for wenger to sign the contract, it doesn’t mean we’re stuck with him for 2 more years.

    We don’t need to be defeatist about this

    You have to consider that outside of some meaningful success (hahahahah sorry yeah not going to happen) there’s pretty much no way for wenger to regain fans he’s lost.

    The stadium discontent hasn’t reached critical mass yet to be unstoppable but make no mistake, wenger is bleeding fans faster than ever. He doesn’t have the ability to regain what he’s lost and he will continue to bleed fans next season when we fuck up, or he insults the fans, or the usual fucking shit.

    This isn’t like the old days. The situation HAS changed.

    Even if we have a great end to the season and start to next season and the fans fall quiet on the negativity front. Wenger will now always be just a few poor games off being back to where he is now. He literally can’t undo the damage that has been done without being successful and we know he won’t be

  24. WengerEagle


    To be totally honest with you mate I’m numb to it at this stage, in that respect the old bastard has won. Not too upset either way, I never really believed that this would be the end of him which is why I’m neither surprised nor pissed off with the subsequent noises coming out of the club after the Bayern ass pounding.

    He’s killed much of the love that I once had for the club, hopefully when he’s finally gone if we replace him properly, another big if, it will return.

    I barely watch us anymore, never live barring the odd match like the UCL.

    Immense waste of time and energy watching Wenger’s Arsenal, I’ve finally concurred with Einstein and will stop avidly following us until he’s out of the club.

  25. WengerEagle


    Think that desperation is kicking in for much of the supporters and it’s clouding their rationale.

    We’ve been mutilated and disgraced many times before by United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Citeh, Everton, a geriatric Milan side, an u18 United side, Bayern last season, Monaco at home the list goes on with some appalling scorelines in there worse than the two 5-1’s to Bayern.

    Following the customary pick up in form where we secure the top 4, the rage simply turns to contentment and even relief because he’s successfully brain washed most fans into thinking that finishing in the UCL spots and above Spurs equates to silverware.

  26. China

    If enough people kick up fuss. As bamford and others have noted targeting the sponsors is a great idea

    It doesn’t matter whether he signs again. He can still get forced out sooner or later if the pressure is kept on

    And honestly speaking if the fans are willing to capitulate and let wenger pick his own time to retire then are we as fans really any better then the toaster himself?

    We lambast him for building squads with no fight but as soon as we think he’s signing on the line half the fans are like ‘that’s that then’

    He’s raping the club of its pride and by turning off and allowing him to pick and choose when he will go we are bending over for him

    He’s a not particularly clever man in his 70s. He’s a manager, not a member of the royal family. It only takes a little bit of criticism to get him massively rattled, if the fans turned on some real heat he’d have absolutely no way of handling it

    Instead all I see is people saying there’s nothing that can be done.

  27. China

    As well consider that this year he *just might* not make top 4. We might finish below Spurs and we might get another spanking in the cup

    If it plays out that way we’re going to say anger far greater than anything so far. Whether he’s signed on the line or not

    Going into next season we’ll have lost our best player in Sanchez. He can’t keep going for 2 more years I’m telling you

  28. TitsMcGee

    Well said China.

    Sadly I think Arsenal fans are some of the softest out there.

    There is 0% chance . ZERO . That this would carry-on at any other “top” club in the world. No way. No how.

    It’s ironic that the snake blames the fans for being fickle but those same fans are the reason he is still employed here because that absolutely would NOT be the case anywhere else (by about 6-7 seasons ago)

    He is a joke. AFC right now is a joke club and the fans are the most gutless fans in all of sport.

    There needs to be massive introspection at this club after this guy finally does leave in 2050 about how an employee of the club can be allowed to hold the club ransom.

    Wenger has done irreparable damage to his legacy and as all of us know he’s going to continue to crash and burn and take us with him over the next two seasons.

  29. Paulinho

    WE – True. Wenger is well aware that fans can’t keep up a consistent line of thought and will eventually succumb to short-term gratification of winning games rather than stay militant and hostile towards him with the long-term picture in view. The fact is all it will take is a few signings and the brain-washing will nearly be complete, and the new signings will create the illusion things are different and may turn out different next season, just the way fans thought things were going to be different when we signed Sanchez/Xhaka. How many times have we heard that silly line ” we would’ve lost that game this time last season”, season after season?

    “It doesn’t matter whether he signs again. He can still get forced out sooner or later if the pressure is kept on”

    Didn’t say you know Wenger always respects his contracts? 😉 He’s got that little pearler back in his locker for the next three years.

  30. TitsMcGee

    He’s a not particularly clever man in his 70s. He’s a manager, not a member of the royal family. It only takes a little bit of criticism to get him massively rattled, if the fans turned on some real heat he’d have absolutely no way of handling it”

    It’s absolutely mad. He gets paid £8 million a season to “try his best” and people feel sorry for him. He’s robbing us blind, laughing about it and people feel sorry for him.

    Lol its amazing some people can even function day to day.

  31. Paulinho

    “Going into next season we’ll have lost our best player in Sanchez. He can’t keep going for 2 more years I’m telling you”

    Of course he can. You could argue we had a better balanced and cogent team the season before he signed with Ramsey, Ozil and Giroud knowing exactly what they needed to do and having the freedom – especially Ramsey – to do it.

    It won’t take much at all to keep us up there and be ‘competitive’.

  32. Rambo Ramsey

    Eagle, yeah we are well past the point of realising Wenger’s inadequacy. the next question is why he is still at the club, hence the focus on Kroenke.

  33. Vintage Gun

    “There was a period where I genuinely thought it was finally over, but in soem sick, twisted, egotistical, stubborn ‘logic’ the failures in big games, the Munich thrashings, the protests, it is actually pushing him closer to staying.”

    I agree. In his post match press conference after the Bayern 1st leg i saw a dead man dying, At rapid knots too. I stupidly thought he’d resign by the time i got up in the morning.

    How on earth he managed to not only survive that but a repeat beatdown on our manor then say “We proved we can compete with Bayern” i honestly will never know. I shock myself how much i despise him and his disdain for those that made him (The fans.)

  34. Majestic gooner

    It’s now official, Arsenal football club is the new Nottingham forest, if wenger signs and stays don’t be surprised if we are soon fighting relegation. He is going to take this club down, already we are hemmoraging fans worldwide , you see less and less Arsenal shirts as you travel and it’s going to get worse.

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Get rid of Wenger and chances are Kroenke will also reconsider his decision to stick with Arsenal.’

    He could also appoint a Wenger clone, which is the biggest fear.

  36. Mick Kartun

    Instead of moaning kroenke,

    Why the fuck this thick fat fuck dumbo take action and starting protesting the wiggy kroenke and his cocksuckers.

    What a useless big mouth talking whore.

  37. Leftsidesanch

    WE put it brilliantly. A colleague showed me those ill advised words by Primorac showing utter contempt to the fans. He then proceeded to tell me why the comments aren’t entirely farfetched.

    I’ve been posting here since 2016 but reading since 2013 and can say that most of the Le Grove contigent deserve better than what we get, but my colleague sadly represents a large section of our fan base crippled by fear of the unknown and accepting of mediocrity. They deserve what theyre’re being served essentially.

    We want better, deserve better. Why the fuck should balance sheets and costs interest me, my interest above all is to see an excitng and competitive team that threatens the elite regularly.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    But with Wenger gone Kroenke would be open to attack in a way he just is not right now, look at the incredible resistance in the fan base to chants, protests, banners, calling for change etc because it is ‘disrespectful to a manager who has been here for twenty years.’

    Kroenke may well reveal himself as a massive obstacle to success, but that is completely the wrong battle to be fighting right now, Wenger is the singular greatest blockage to progression at Arsenal.

    If Wenger went, and Kroenke appointed Howe and it all went tits up, how many of the fans saying ‘protesting is wrong/just support the team’ etc would still be saying that?

  39. kc

    Love the people who think they can get rid of the owner. LMFAO ROFL. These shite fans can’t even come together to oust a Terrible manager with far too much power. Gotta crawl before you walk.

  40. Vintage Gun

    The finances dont mean jack diddly to fans. All we want to know is that our club aint going bankrupt and that we are using all available resources needed to compete.

    The board can celebrate the financial sheets because THEY profit from that, THEY get paid,

    So Boro Pirmorac says its not all about results. Well in that case Wolverhampton fans shouldn’t be upset that they lie in lowly 18th place in the championship as they have a rich owner and thus money in the bank?

    So its support the business first the the football 2nd. Silly me! Wev’e been winning for the last 10 years straight and i was completely unaware. Too busy watching the side show on the pitch.

  41. Bamford10


    “admit Alexander Henry was right”

    Nonsense. You seem to misunderstand the point here, even after Cesc’s excellent post.

    One, no one here claims that Kroenke is a great or ambitious owner or that he is not part of the problem at the moment. No one.

    The question is what is he to blame for, versus what is Wenger to blame for.

    AlexanderHenry claims that Wenger always spends what he is given and that when he spent only 10m two summer back — or when he signed only Kallstrom in that January window — he did so because Kroenke didn’t give him enough money to do anything else.

    This is complete and utter bollocks.

    Wenger has had ample money to spend for years now, and the reason he only spent 10m two summers ago or only signed Kallstrom in that window is because Wenger himself decided that was all he needed. He could’ve spent 90m two summers ago and no one above him would’ve even batted an eye. He could’ve spent 50m in that January window and no one would’ve batted an eye.

    So no, Alexanderhenry is not right.

    Further, the notion that transfer spending or the owner’s lack of ambition is the principle problem ignores the other important problems that we have been highlighting on this blog for years now, all of which are on Wenger, including:
    – woeful tactics
    – woeful discipline & organization
    – woeful scouting
    – woeful player development (see Walcott, Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere)
    – woeful buying & selling (Gervinho!)
    – the “socialist” wage structure
    – woeful ambition, i.e., Wenger himself has made it crystal clear that he thinks the fans should be happy with his work over the past ten years, that 4th is a trophy

    Finally, the argument that the owner — and not Wenger — is the principle problem ignores a very basic point: if we replaced Kroenke tomorrow with a smarter, more ambitious owner but did not replace Wenger, we would be no better next season than we have been for the past ten. Replacing the owner without replacing Wenger would do absolutely nothing. To progress, that owner would need to replace Wenger.

    On the other hand, if we replaced Wenger tomorrow with a smart and ambitious manager but did not replace Kroenke, we would in no way shape or form be held back by the fact that Kroenke is the owner. Kroenke would allow that manager the ample resources the club possesses, and Kroenke would allow that manager to run the show football-wise. Unless you think we need a billionaire owner to come in and spend tens of millions of his own money — we don’t need this — then we don’t need Kroenke to do anything other than what he does, i.e., give the manager access to the club’s resources, allow the football men to make the football decisions.

    All we need Kroenke to do is replace Wenger, something of course, he is not going to do. He believes in Wenger and respects Wenger in the exact same manner that the AKB does.

    Which is why the only way forward is to make it impossible for Wenger to decide to stay. He must be driven out, one, by getting into his head, and two, by making it bad for PR/the brand to allow him to stay on.

  42. Mick Kartun


    I know what you mean.

    But take it like this, if cloughie gave you the most prized trophy 2 times as CL,

    arent you gonna be the most devoted CKB or cloughie knows best? For his achievement. Thats what happened with arsene with 3 times PL trophy and his AKBs devoteess. It was the sentiment not logic that attach them.

    But 2 Cl trophy worths more than arsenes 3Pl, then why the forest fans tolerate him more.

  43. Bamford10


    “He could also appoint a Wenger clone.”

    This is another empty argument. By “Wenger clone,” do you mean someone who costs 8m a year, spends a boatload of money (albeit erratically and ineffectively), challenges for nothing and makes Arsenal the laughing stock of the football world?

    Why the fuck would he do that?

    How does that increase the value of his investment?

    It doesn’t. Unless he is irrational — and I don’t think he is — he and the board will select a manager who they believe can elevate Arsenal in footballing terms without needing or expecting 200m a year in transfer spending to do so. Given this manager would have some 50-100m to spend every summer — a reasonable sum — this actually shouldn’t be that difficult to do.

    So again, that argument is empty.

  44. Hunter

    Let’s all take a reality check,The only people who can get him removed are the fans! Us,no-one else.
    The problem is if you take the demonstration only about 150 people turned up!
    It’s all very well the key board warriors moaning about the situation,but let’s be honest if you loved the club and feel that dissconnected with AFC you would do all you could to join the march.
    If we don’t get numbers and significant ones at that all these protests will amount to nothing.
    I decided last year NOT to renew my ST because enough is enough,that was my protest,probably a stupid one but at my age(64) I felt I had seen the best of AFC in by-gone years.
    When I watch AFC to and listen to the rantings of WENGER OUT I ask myself how many of those guys marched,not many I bet.
    I applaud the organisers of this March and only wish that the WENGER OUT brigade would support them more.Lets turn a few hundred into a few thousand.
    If we can’t do that then forget all this war of words about WENGER.
    Admit he has won,that the Owner and board don’t want to listen to the fans and that we are NEVER going to win a Major Trophy whilst Wenger is in charge.
    I am thankful that’s I have seen some of the great Arsenal teams in the good old Highbury days because in my lifetime I don’t think we will see them again.
    Chelsea and Spurs are going to be the leading London teams in the future NOT AFC.
    They have owners who are winners,want to win trophies,believe in success both on and off he field and understand what all this means to the fans.
    So whatever we do to protest it has to be in numbers,not on a blog but at the ground both home and away.
    Even though I have given up my season ticket I will be at the next March I hope some of you guys are too!

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    Cesc, who says we have to pick and choose one battle? Protest against Kroenke and the rest of the board, take ‘Kroenke out’ banners along with your ‘Wenger out’ banners. Hell, maybe you can even get the AKBs to take part, more strength in numbers, stronger message.

  46. Mick Kartun

    Well said Hunter, sir.

    You are a genuine true fan of the highest admiration.

    I wish you can spread that spirit to other london gooners to join you.
    If only most londoner fans had the extreme hardcore fandom as overseas gooners, wenger wont last the past 5 years and would be gone.
    Like myself, i dont have the luxury to piss 2000 quids to get to the emirates protest, at least socmed, protest at sponsor the least we can do.

    BTW, why the fuck the fat rich Piers Morgan didnt do anything to support the protests, with money, his media, or whatever the fuvk he could do?

    Shame on him like you said, only big mouthy, but no action.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    But that does not happen, does it?

    Last season there was the ‘Time for a Change’ protests, the protesters and organizers made it very clear that there were a variety of issues covered by it, some were purely talking about Kroenke and hierarchy, some purely Wenger, some both, the response that it got was that it brought ‘shame on the club’ and a ‘one Wenger’ chant.

    Wenger is the single biggest obstacle for progression at Arsenal, I’ve never seen anything like it. You have a fanbase rallying against rallying against mediocrity because of sentimentality, who view protests and calling for change as disrespectful, and who want to allow a manager to call time on his own career, whenever that may be, even though he sounds increasingly drunk on power, delusion, stubborn, disrespectful to the fans and clearly runs Arsenal and so outside ‘you are the best thing since blowjobs’ he is not getting any feedback from within the club.

    Wenger has a few months left on his deal, every ounce of pressure should be applied to him because that will lead to a) A much better future for the club under Kroenke, or b) Kroenke fucks up and now there are no fans arguing against protesting the club.

    At this rate, Wenger’s health will be the reason he leaves in five or six years time or something, because the fan base just will not entertain treating him like any other manager because of what he did thirteen years ago.

  48. Rambo Ramsey


    ‘Finally, the argument that the owner — and not Wenger — is the principle problem ignores a very basic point: if we replaced Kroenke tomorrow with a smarter, more ambitious owner but did not replace Wenger, we would be no better next season than we have been for the past ten.’


    Looking at half of the picture, are we Bamford?

    If we replaced Kroenke with a more ambitious owner, he would then replace Wenger. And get this point: He wouldn’t be replacing Wenger for the sake of it, he’d bring in an upgrade.

    On the off-chance his appointment fails, our ambitious owner would not need fans to wake him up to that fact, he would take the initiative, fire the manager and try again…relentless until we get success. The way most top football clubs are run.

    On the other hand, if Kroenke continues to be the chief, first of all there is no guarantee he’d make a good appointment. A man who continues to have faith in a loser simply cannot be trusted to hire a winner. And if his appointment flops, are you prepared to go through this routine again, Bamford?

    Protests, marches etc all the while Kroenke sits idly and does nothing, again.

    That, is the Whole picture.

  49. Rambo Ramsey


    ‘This is another empty argument. By “Wenger clone,” do you mean someone who costs 8m a year, spends a boatload of money (albeit erratically and ineffectively), challenges for nothing and makes Arsenal the laughing stock of the football world? Why the fuck would he do that? How does that increase the value of his investment?’

    Why the fuck would he do that? Really, Bamford? Are you naive or just plain dumb?

    He is already doing that!

    How many years has he had the controlling stakes at the club? How come we’ve not seen Stan Kroenke’s efforts to ‘elevate Arsenal’ so far?

    He had a chance three years ago, what does he do? Offer a big fat contract to Wenger.
    He has a chance now, what is he doing? Offering another contract to Wenger.

    But yeah sure, once Wenger is out, Kroenke will suddenly turn a new leaf and start thinking in a whole different way. His other sport franchises illustrate this possibility really well.