Legendary Pep G LOLs back the years | English fail, but is there a fair excuse?

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Hung out yesterday with a farmer in his 80s who started from nothing and now he runs a beautiful 200 acre organic fruit farm. You ever sit there and think, shit, I make tweets for a living? What the f*ck am I doing with my life.


How about Jardim over at Monaco? 2 years on from beating us, he took down Pep G with a 3-1 win at home. That means Leicester are the only team that survived the last 16 of the CL. Unreal carry on.

There’s a stat doing the rounds that highlights that English teams have only made the QF 4 times in the last 5 years, versus France’s 6, the Bundesliga’s 9 and Spain’s 15. This somehow points to our league being weak.

I’m not sure I buy into that notion. I think you have to wrap the issue with a big fat contextual blanket. Bayern were always going to beat us, but they played about half the games we did from early December because they had a monster break.  You can’t tell me that the amount of games the Premier League deals with doesn’t play a huge factor in poor performance in Europe. We need a winter break, but we won’t get one because we’re all about the tradition.

Not just that, pound for pound, the Premier League is way stronger than the other European leagues, so their top sides get days off.

I appreciate that last point doesn’t hold up when you remember lowly Bayer Leverkusen put Spurs out of the CL, but whatever. The Spanish league is toilet outside the top 4 teams. Barca, Atleti and Madrid are in training mode most of the season, so their freshness is preserved for the CL. The French league is 3 teams and the rest are kind of pony. I mean, no league has the intensity we boast, nor the distribution of mega money throughout, which equates to quality players. So we suffer against Spain because the overall quality of the top teams is higher, but that’s because they’re the greediest and they kill the tiny clubs by hogging all the cash. Not to mention all the tax sweetners / avoidance that’s being uncovered every week.

Our teams still need to do better. I feel like the Premier League is going through a bit of a transition at the moment. Pep G doesn’t have the team he wants. United and Chelsea aren’t in the Champions League. Spurs are new to the competition. Arsenal don’t care much for it.

I’d imagine the next 5 years might be a little different. We have all the money, great coaches and the top 5 is starting to look like it used to. All those factors combined can’t fail for long.

Still really embarrassing though. Not as embarrassing as passing on M’Bappe because he was too pricey. Or worse, because Yaya Sanogo boasts too much quality. Why is he even with us?

This isn’t just about Wenger. How about the legendary Pep G playing Sagna and Clichy as his full backs 10 years after they were relevant at Arsenal? Hilarious.

Right, I’m heading back to freezing cold NY this morning. Tomorrow I’m gonna right about Leicester’s Shakespeare being the future of English football.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Chop-Suey

    ‘Pep G doesn’t have the team he wants.’

    Or, better said, is simply a vastly overrated manager. Much like someone we know closer to home.

    The team he ‘wants’ is Xavi Iniesta and Messi in their prime.

    His team is fine, they re the same who got him a 2 goal advantage in the first leg. Nothing can justify throwing that away, at this level, when you’re earning, what 15m p.a.?

  2. Guns of Hackney

    Not sure I agree with the notion that the other league’s teams (outside the top three/four) are much weaker than ours. They routinely beat our ‘big’ teams across all the competitions and play much nicer football than the premier league. True, the winter breaks do help but hey, we didn’t have a game for two weeks and we weren’t ‘prepared enough’ and we were ‘too rested’.

    The Premier League is well over rated and if you look at the past 15 odd years of winners to second/third, you’ll find that the gaps are pretty massive in terms of points (except a couple of close calls) Chelsea are walking it. Man U walked it. He’ll, even we were pretty comfortable when we won it.

    Moot points. We have Wenger so nothing really matters or is relevant anymore.

    Let’s hope Leicester win the CL.

  3. Wallace

    Jardim’s Monaco also dispatched Spurs with ease during the group stages. they’re a formidable side, and he’s an excellent coach.

    would expect Pep to be very busy in the summer. don’t think he’s far off with his midfield and attack, but desperately needs some FBs a dominant CB and a keeper.

  4. WestLondonGoon

    I see he’s in fine form again in this morning’s presser…..talk about the protests definitely got to him. Watching him squirm when asked a question that requires a direct answer, is one of the few genuine pleasures I get from watching the Arsenal now.

  5. WestLondonGoon

    Didn’t want to answer questions on the protest or Leicester’s progression in the CL ‘I don’t think people are interested.’ He didn’t even congratulate Craig Shakespeare; he’s such an disingenuous, flipant bastard of a man.

  6. Rambo Ramsey

    Anyone followed the old fool’s presser?

    Why are Leicester the only English team to progress?
    “There are some obvious reasons but I don’t think people are interested that’s why I don’t want to talk about it.”

    What a clown!

  7. Rambo Ramsey

    On stories circulating about Primoriac’s departure- “That’s a complete invention,” he says. “It’s good today to take information without checking anything. Fake news.”

    Arsene Wenger, the Donald Trump of football

  8. Vintage Gun

    This is the same man who said that the foxes will struggle in Europe this season.

    Now he’s saying he knows why they excelled but he’s keeping it a secret.

    Oh do tell Arsene you big tease

  9. Rambo Ramsey

    Anyone that says Wenga is a classy guy need to get their head examined. He is vain, egotistic, arrogant, spiteful, patronising and condescending…To surmise, a piece of shit.

  10. Guns of Hackney


    While I agree with your sentiment, Donald Trump, whether you like him or not, is successful.

  11. Charlie Nick

    Just seen Stuart Pearce and Peter Beagrie on SSN trotting out the old fables about Wenger building the stadium and the training ground and how much Arsenal owe him. They then, with straight faces praised his brilliant transfer market record! Were they frozen in 2002, have they never seen coquelin, silvester and the abortion that is sanogo!
    I just dont get this old boys union when it comes to wenger, i honestly dont.

  12. Jay

    A bizarre press conference. Kim Jong Weng turns up, says nothing, leaves. Maybe he and the journos should have sat there applauding each other, like those pukka North Korean party rallies? Agree with Rambo about the ‘fake news’ schtick – although even though he’s a vile politician, at least Trump *was* elected!

  13. Jay

    The big lurv shown to Kim by the ‘pundits’ (punnets, more like) is one of the reasons that he can hang on for a few more seasons. Until that changes, or the pressure escalates from the fans, he’ll keep on signing those shiny new contracts…

  14. Guns of Hackney


    All sports are the same. Cycling has omertà with regards to doping.

    Football is no different. I also think if someone critiques a fellow footballer, they themselves will be open to criticism. It’s easier just to stay quiet.

  15. Leftsidesanch

    I’m sure most managers when asked of Leicesters exploits would congratulate today but not Mr Burns.

    The media give him too much of an easy time but ultimately its not them who will hound him out. Its us, the only thing that can save him is if this gutless team he has assembled pick up form and go on a run which won’t happen.

    It’s just warming up, as results get worse he’ll crumble under the pressure US fans create.

  16. OleGunner

    Christ, Wenger’s presser this morning!
    Arrogant and untouchable is the only way I can describe his demeanor.

    He doesn’t even concede in any way shape or form that we have been poor for a long while or why some Arsenal fans have felt the need to protest at this stagnation. At least extend an olive branch to the fans Arsene.

    I think it’s pretty obvious it looks like he is staying at Arsenal and is just going to batten down the hatches over the next 2 years.

    I’ll see ya’ll in 2019!

  17. Leftsidesanch

    “Nothings good enough anymore” – Jesus, I hate this man.

    He’s banking on an FA Cup win to justify his stay. Maybe he wants to stay to best Fergies record or maybe he’ll leave once hes ran this club that he built with his hands into the ground. Cunt.

  18. Dissenter

    Lukaku is a very smart kid. He’s very courageous too to reject that deal.
    “You only get remembered for winning trophies”
    Well I guess Arsenal is not on his radar at all.

  19. WestLondonGoon

    Did anyone see the Wenger Out sign at the Minnesota game at the weekend? It was widely reported by loads of foreign press after the guy said that it was the only way that he could protest as e lived so far away.

    So there is the challenge to all us LeGrovers….whatever sporting event you go to, wherever it is, proudly carry that #WengerOut banner with you. Off to the boxing? #Wengerout. An evening at the dogs? #Wengerout But running the marathon even? #Wengerout for 26 miles!!

    As Boro sack Karanka. Be careful what you wish for……

  20. Bamford10

    The PL may be the most competitive league, but it isn’t where the best football is being played, nor are its best teams as good as the best teams from other leagues. This has been evident for some time now. All of the attempts to rationalize PL teams’ poor results in Europe are simply excuses.

    Monaco were a fantastic show, btw, last night. Great football, great match. Hats off to Jardim, hats off to Monaco’s players.

  21. Dropby commenter

    WestLondonGoon, I would go so far as to say that to watch Wenger uncomfortably squirm in a press conference is one of many genuine pleasures of life, let alone watching Arsenal! That probably makes me a little sad……

  22. Danny

    I wrote last year before Man City went out of europe that they had no chance with Sagna and Clichy starting and I expected Pep to get rid of them but he didn’t. They offer nothing going forward which I thought Pellegrini was happy with but Pep wouldn’t be.

  23. PhD07

    I would even go as far as to suggest,tagging the major global newspapers and media outlets..For example…
    #NYTimes,#WSJ, #The Guardian,#TheTorontoStar,#BBC,#SMHerald,#NBC,#ABC,#Foxsports, etc,etc..

    This is bound to get some mileage globally..At least one of this major outlets will pick up on the growing discontent and possibly do a feature cover story on Arsene and the club..Who knows.they might start opening up a can of worms..

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    No doubt Wenga hates Leicester City.

    Year after year the he did his best impression of a scam artist convincing the world how the job he was doing was amazing considering the lack of money.

    On came little Leicester romping to a title victory shaming whatever achievements the old fool boasted of previously.

    Wenga the small minded loser couldn’t take this and thus desperately came out with ‘Ahh but they’ll struggle in Europe, you’ll see!’

    Yes, that’s right folks. That was from Wenger, the serial loser of CL, the man who has failed to win it in 20 attempts, the man whose teams get routinely smashed by every decent side… Taking about ‘struggles’ in Europe.

    But lo behold, little Leicester have gone further in the competition than Wenger has managed in his last Six attempts. Once again leaving him with egg on his ugly, wrinkled face.

    Leicester City, I doth my cap to thee, the champion WOB

  25. Boomslang

    If possible Wenger would stay for the next 6 years. Look, as much as we would all like to see Arsenal do well, for the sake of the club, let’s hope results and morale deteriorates to point were that archaic overlord decides to leave.

  26. Elmo

    Think it’s pretty unfair to describe France as being a 3 team league. Monaco have comprehensively outclassed Arsenal, Spurs and City in the past two years. PSG are clearly better than our best (they SHOULD have beaten us 4-0 each group game this year and SHOULD have beaten Barca over two legs). Nice are keeping pace with Monaco and PSG in the league, so must be a good side. Beyond those top three you have traditional powers like Lyon (beat Roma 4-2 last week with Tolisso and Lacazette on fire) and OM who are reemerging again. Lower down you have a raft of clubs who are creating the best talent in the world, ready to be sold on abroad.

    Also on the winter break, yes, the Christmas schedule is ridiculous, but Arsenal had a two week hiatus between the two Bayern games that was almost as long as the winter breaks in both Spain and Italy. Just one data point, but it didn’t make a difference as Arsenal lost by the same 5-1 scoreline for the third time in 18 months, All the rest and planning time in the world doesn’t change the fact that 5-1 is an accurate reflection of the gap between the two teams over 90 minutes.

  27. S Asoa

    Rambo RamseyMarch 16, 2017 10:04:37
    Anyone that says Wenga is a classy guy need to get their head examined. He is vain, egotistic, arrogant, spiteful, patronising and condescending…To surmise, a piece of shit.

    Rambo as you started felt you were praising Wenger. But finally you put everything in perspective.
    Wenger is a piece de Merde shit

  28. PhD07

    *Sorry I meant to say @, not # in my previous post.
    @NYTimes,@WSJ, @The Guardian,@TheTorontoStar,@BBC,@SMHerald,@NBC,@ABC,@Foxsports, etc,etc..

  29. S Asoa

    West London Gunner
    Excellent idea for the flesh and blood Arsenal fans to protest wherever they are.
    In fact a single
    banner in places like Minnesota and games not football would stand out because of the oddity . THIS WILL DEFINITELY GET THE RELUCTANT ATTENTION OF THE KRONKEDOODLEDOO and will be forced to act pronto.

    Come on Gooners

  30. TheBayingMob

    “We need a winter break, but we won’t get one because we’re all about the tradition.”

    I’ve always believed we can have a winter break and keep the tradition, but the 20 team PL does come into question. So quite simply this is how it works :-

    PL campaign to Xmas, keep the same.

    Xmas Period Traditional games, Check

    First Weekend in the New Year, FAC 3rd, Check

    Here’s the first change, no more FAC replays, ever. All decided on the day, ET + Pens, so all 3rd games are done by Sunday night.

    Two or three week break.

    Thing is we weave in four to five two week breaks for internationals, so the FA would have to come on board with a) not using that two week ‘winter break’ to schedule meaningless money making friendlies in China, but in saying that, so would the clubs. If it’s meant to be a break clubs should have total down time. No training. No tours. No player PR or stunts. FAC 3rd round then I don’t want to see your face for two weeks.

    But also, UEFA and FIFA need to look at the ridiculous international schedule.

    Lastly, I would truly not play my first team squad in the domestic cups. Kids or nothing, even if that means going out in the 3rd or 4th rounds every year; that would mean for a club serious on CL the players would also miss 3rd round weekend potentially giving them 4-5 days extra.

    I’ve always hated the way Wenger half arsed the rotation in cups, either play the kids with the hammerings that come with it or don’t.


  31. Vintage Gun

    Interesting Wenger touched on the topic of ‘Fake News’ , It’s funny because…

    ‘We have great mental strength’ FAKE NEWS
    ‘Ozil had flu recently’ FAKE NEWS
    ‘Only 100 fans want me gone’ FAKE NEWS

    ‘We Showed we can compete with Bayern’ FUNNY NEWS BUT FAKE ALL THE SAME

  32. Elmo

    It would be great if ‘Wenger Out’, ‘Wexit’, ‘In Arsene We Rust’ and ‘No New Contract’ banners started showing up at the home games of Kroenke’s other sports teams.

  33. Carts

    Agree with you on the structure of the leagues, Pedro.

    A lot of the top teams in the aforementioned leagues rarely break strides in their home games let alone away.

    There’s no excuse for our shit-shows of late from Arsenal and City, but let’s divide up the league money more fairly in La Liga and I’m certain you’ll see an interesting trend occur.

    Real and Barcelona pimp that league and have been doing so for too long. There was a suggestion at dividing league earning more fairly and both those teams threw their toys out of the pram. Fair play to A.Madrid at their valiant attempts and breaking the trend.

  34. Red&White4life

    “Arsene Wenger says it’s not for him to judge what success for Arsenal is this season but admits “nothing is good enough anymore””.


  35. Jacko

    This was posted on a Mirror article regarding KJW’s “nothing is good enough anymore” comment :-

    ‘Wenger is so in denial regarding his job performance. And he needs to be careful, as he can only placate the fans by getting good results. So if he can’t find ways to win, and chooses to poke the Arsenal fans like he has here, then it will get worse for him. Why doesn’t he simply acknowledge the fans have a right to be angry with results? Is it too much for his out of control ego to admit – that he is under performing?’

    So true.

  36. Tomtom

    I’m going flying with a friend next Monday and have just printed 250 Wenger out leaflets.
    I plan to drop them from the plane

  37. steve

    What a despicable man he is. He acts like he has put in a good performance and the fans are out of order for wanting more. He’s getting regularly embarrassed. Can’t get through to the quarter finals for seven years straight. No league title in 12 years and then complains about “nothing is good enough anymore”. Top cunt.

  38. Catenaccio76

    Someone please comment on this guy RG6 claim last night?

    RG⁶‏ @registability

    Take it for what it’s worth, but I’ve just been told Wenger will indeed be at Arsenal next season.

  39. WengerEagle

    ‘Not just that, pound for pound, the Premier League is way stronger than the other European leagues, so their top sides get days off.’

    Don’t subscribe to this tbh.

    ‘The Spanish league is toilet outside the top 4 teams. Barca, Atleti and Madrid are in training mode most of the season, so their freshness is preserved for the CL.’

    Now this is just sheer ignorance Pedro. Ridiculous thing to claim when you clearly don’t watch any other teams outside of the top 3 on the regular. Don’t let the table fool you, sides like Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao and Villarreal would all get on very well in the BPL.

    If we were in La Liga we would also be nowhere near the top 2 so it’s not a good marker to use, you’re talking about literally the two best sides in Europe to which the entire BPL are MILES off.

  40. Hitman

    He is a poor excuse for a human being . Full stop.

    He has no redeeming features eg bad coach but nice man like Ranieri.

    Worst of all he has utter contempt for Arsenal fans. Deluded and arrogant. Thinks of us as something on the end of his shoe. We are nobodies shouldn’t even voice an opinion.

    The dislike is mutual Arsene. The fans will still be hear when your long gone.
    I just hope your exit is as humiliating as possible. You deserve nothing less.

  41. Tomtom

    You would imagine a lot of players must be growing very disgruntled at Wengers approach with no clear vision on how things will ever change but then you see that we have zero strong characters in the squad apart from Sanchez that would question Wengers approach to tactics etc.
    It must be a great club for the players that want to cruise along and pick up the pay check with no apparent pressure from Wenger to perform.
    Maybe the money is too good nowadays and just taking part is seen as winning to a certain extent.
    It’s very hard to support this team under Wenger, I’m actually starting to hate the club and what it represents under Wenger

  42. Bamford10


    Yes, he did. He’s in fifth place, hasn’t contended for a title in ten years and was just humiliated in the CL, but “nothing is good enough” for the fans these days, he complains.

  43. Tomtom


    That says it all really about Wengers level of ambition.
    He’s obviously under no pressure to succeed from the board and feels that he is doing a great job.
    If Wenger came out and admitted that things have been poor and acknowledged his failings I would have some hope but recent comments from Wenger suggest that he will be happy with more of the same in the years ahead.

  44. salparadisenyc

    Pedro’s playing with honey bees at the moment so well cut him some slack on the ‘rest of La Liga being a toilet’.. which it clearly isn’t.

    Pretty clear the Ligue 1 has gotten stronger with influx of money with the Serie A getting a bit weaker overall. With both Milan sides not remotely up to level they were a decade ago. Agree the prem is influx, with players coming in under the managers working, the level is going to rise if theres any fight left after killing each other off. Germany with its winter break is geared to compete in Europe, i’d imagine if we had the same break we see a deeper run happen, barring Wengers Arsenal.

  45. OleGunner


    Agree with the comment you lifted.
    Wenger in recent months and weeks has started running to straw man arguments that “no one is ever happy”/ “nothing is good enough anymore”/”this club will still lose games when I’m gone”. It’s beyond bizarre.

    He’s not seeing the forest for the trees and is resorting to infantile arguments to insulate himself from criticism and protect himself from any bad results we get.

    He genuinely takes us fans for mugs, it’s frightening that he is willing to push even more gooners to the edge when he’s so dependent on positive results at the moment.

  46. WengerEagle

    Monaco were impressive again last night but in a different way to the first leg, they were battered in the second half and were it not for Aguero/Sterling/Sane’s wasteful finishing would have been convincingly beaten IMO. Their resolve was what impressed me as all great teams have it as an inherent characteristic.

    When Sane scored on 71 mins after nearly half an hour of intense Citeh offensive pressure, you’d have bet your house on them to score another putting the tie to bed but Monaco hung on in there and found a way to win through a fantastic set-piece delivery and header with their only chance of the entire 2nd half.

    They more than matched City over the 180 mins though and were deserved winners IMO albeit on the away goal rule. They’ll be a problem for anyone in the QF, I think that they’ll be a team that no-one will particularly want to draw.

    So much talent with Silva, Fabinho, M’Bappe, Lemar, Babayoko, Mendy.

  47. Tomtom

    No wonder Wengers wife left him.
    He probably lasts 20 seconds during sex and when finished looks at her and says “why do you look at me”

  48. WengerEagle

    ‘i’d imagine if we had the same break we see a deeper run happen, barring Wengers Arsenal.’

    Hahaha was patiently waiting for this.

    Sal never disappoints.

  49. WengerEagle

    Real Madrid
    Bayern Munich
    Borussia Dortmund
    Atletico Madrid
    Leicester City

    Kind of crazy to see Leicester City’s name there when you look back only 2 years ago and they were footing the BPL table.

  50. WengerEagle

    Most interesting UCL in years for me, none of the top 3 look unbeatable especially Barcelona who despite that amazing comeback have had their frailties and over reliance on MSN badly exposed against PSG in the 1st leg.

    Real Madrid have been made to look human too in the last few weeks by Villarreal, Las Palmas, Valencia and Celta Vigo.

    There’s no real obvious pick, for me any of the 8 teams barring Leicester and Dortmund have a very good shot at going all the way.

  51. SpanishDave

    Has Wenger finally realized that 4th every year isn’t good enough?
    Obviously the deluded dick has been thinking that it’s fine.
    The board and the owner think it’s fine.
    The AKB s think it’s fine.
    But heh ho doing it for over ten years repeatedly is not fine.
    Wake up call is having some effect at last.

  52. Tomtom

    I’d back Real to win it.
    They will come good towards the business end of the season and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an all Spanish final with Real just edging it.

  53. Vote leave

    Funny isn’t it
    Liverpool city and Man U all have new managers and what are they doing? They’ve all been left behind in the league
    None have progressed beyond an arsenal team clearly on its knees
    Only conte seems to be able to cope with the premier league

    So let’s just change manager
    Ranieri won the league once
    He will do

    A lot of people here are going to have egg on their faces very soon

  54. Vote leave

    If we change manager we still will not win any of the big prizes until Kroenke either leaves or has a paersonality transplant.
    Without wenger we won’t be signing the level of players we are currently able to attract.
    Nobody is going to come in and get us winning with our owner and our board

    Then what?
    At least you’ll all see that wenger wasn’t so bad after all

  55. BillikenGooner

    Not winning the league in over a dozen years.
    Not getting past the round of 16 (let alone never winning it) of the CL for over half a dozen years… with the occasional embarrassment against a World Class club.
    Only being able to celebrate finishing top 4 and above Spurs.
    Thinking beating 2 non-league squads and Southampton to get to the FA Cup semis is an accomplishment.
    Watching our best players leave in an exodus every few years.

    Yeah, we have egg on our faces already.

    Of course, if one is saying we aren’t a big club and can’t compete with them and should just accept our fate as a high achieving mid-club who shouldn’t have aspirations to grand things like league and CL titles, there might be a point to be made.

  56. WestLondonGoon

    Vote Leave

    Just defensive organisation would bring us a minimum 10 extra points each season, so at the moment, I’d have pretty much anyone above Wenger. He has been so obviously left behind in terms of method, as someone asked yesterday, is there a more out of touch, behind the times, manager in top flight football anywhere?

  57. Vote leave


    Are Man U and Liverpool big clubs?
    Were Newcastle spurs and Aston Villa?

    That might be a a pipe dream if we hire a new guy but keep gazidis and kroenke at the top.

    You’re also forgetting getting to the European cup final
    3 league titles
    5 FA cups
    A 49 game unbeaten run and the best football An English club has ever produced, not to meantime a collection of goals that will go down as probably the greatest ever scored.

    Also, if everyone is so convinced that dein was the driving force to victory then why do they not blame gazidis (his successor) and this leech of an owner?

    Wenger seemed to fare better with support from uo too
    This lot just role him out for abuse and hide every time we don’t win a major honour.
    And you lot don’t seem to be able to see what’s happening
    They will do the same when our new manager fails.

    No wonder we voted out of eu

  58. Vote leave


    Jose has defensive stability apparently. How are united doing?

    Pep is a genius apparently

    How are city doing

    Klopp was wengers natural successor apparently
    How are Liverpool doing

    It’s not so easy to just change managers
    Throw some money at them and win.

    And again I have to say not with our board and owner

  59. BillikenGooner

    The first half of his career was fantastic. I doubt you will find many, if any, Arsenal fans that will disagree with that.

    However, it doesn’t give him a free pass for the last 13 years of abysmal results. 2 FA Cups don’t make up for the failure to compete with the top clubs.

    The lack of money isn’t an excuse. Even when paying off the stadium, which so many use, the club still had money to spend, but didn’t want to dip into their cash reserves. Smart business? Sure. Except, while we were making profits and scrapping to top 4s, others were taking a hit in by making a loss, winning trophies and seeing their commercials rise exponentially. The old adage of “you have to spend money to make money” holds true in this case because in sport, winning = money.

    Now, I know this is when the faction of “Owner is bad, not Wenger” will chime in about him getting handcuffed. But that still doesn’t excuse his horrible purchases, his unfathomable loyalty to players that didn’t deserve it (it’s nice and feels good, but this is a ruthless business, not a charity for down or injured footballers), and his team’s annual “downspells” that leave them out of all competitions (except the occasional FA Cup). Price or not, he chooses the players that come and go, he chooses the ones that play, he tells them how to play.

    You seem to be part of the group that views Arsenal as Camelot and Wenger as King Arthur. It’s not romance, man. It’s a business. Fans who have been around since the ’80s (and earlier) remember a time without Wenger, remember what it’s like to be a normal club, yes… with ups and downs, but not this weird Cult of Worship that this man has built.

  60. Bamford10


    Agreed. Great CL quarter-finals in store. None of the big clubs are unbeatable this year, as you say, and there are a number of challengers playing interesting football. I’ve fallen for Monaco: their matches will be un-missable for me going forward. Great team to watch.

  61. Vote leave


    I agree it’s time for a change
    I just feel that
    1) the board/owner/chief exec are equally or more negligent and care far less

    2) the spite and vitriol to a man who has given the club and its fans more than any person in history is vile
    He deserves better

    I also feel the protests should be aimed at gazidis and kroenke too.
    I dont want arsenal to become a soulless club like Chelsea or city.

    That’s what a lot on here seem to be calling for.
    I stand by my original assertion that we will not transform into a winning club no matter who we appoint until we get rid of kroenke

  62. Moz

    Liverpool just beat us with ease and will Get back in the CL next year and continue to build.

    United already won a trophy and have a great chance of winning the EL and will also continue to build.

    City are above us in the table and we all know they won’t be happy to just finish in the top four! They will throw money at their squad for next season.

    Chelsea also has a new manager and are looking at the double!

    Us meanwhile are going backwards and will loose our by far best player we certainly won’t win the FA cup and have a massive job on our hands just to get back in the top four.

    Vote Leave your defense of Weneger is absolutely pathetic and provocative. Feel ashamed that people like you support Arsenal.

  63. Federer

    In all honesty, I read only the first and last paragraphs.
    Pedro why do you always delude yourself with these lame arguments?
    These are rationalistic at best, let’s not even get going on the arguments.
    Truth which we keep shying away from is that the Prem is only the best by PR, but in content it’s deep down below Spain, Germany and France.
    Whoever told Prem clubs not to use their mega TV money to deepen their squads since they play more games than other leagues?
    Complete BS

  64. Bamford10

    Vote Leave

    Your arguments make no sense.

    One, you say we can’t win with Kroeke as the owner, except that the club has spent a boatload of money over the past five seasons. Aside from not replacing Wenger, how is Kroenke holding us back?

    Two, just because it is difficult to do, or because this or that manager isn’t doing it this season, is no reason to stick with Wenger. Not only has Wenger not won a title in some ten years, he hasn’t even contended for one. Not even close. Arsenal are out of the picture every February.

    Contrast this to Klopp, who beat out Bayern twice for the double, who took Dortmund past Madrid and to the CL final (in this era), and who despite spending near-nothing at Liverpool and only having been there for a short bit has them playing flowing football and above us in the table.

    Is it difficult to do? Sure. Might a manager come in and struggle for a year or two? Sure. But there is absolutely no reason to stick with Wenger. This is a man who has been an inadequate failure for a decade now and who rather than apologizing or even account for his failings tells the world he has his best team ever or blames the refs or blames the fans.

    He’s a fucking disgrace, and why anyone continues to defend him is a mystery. Frankly at this point there are legitimate questions as to Wenger’s mental health. I mean that seriously.

  65. Red&White4life

    “The first half of his career was fantastic. ”
    the third half has just started lol

    Joke apart, I seriously wonder if Stan Kroenke has already see one single Arsenal game… Does he only know what football is ??

  66. BillikenGooner

    Heh. True.

    Years are flying by now. It’s hard to believe it’s 2017 already. So yeah, it’s more like “The first 3rd of his career”, which makes it all the more worse how long he’s stayed with these results.

  67. Bamford10

    Vote Leave

    As for your complaint that Wenger is being “mistreated” by his critics, this really is just plain nonsense. Why should anyone treat this man with kid gloves? He has led Arsenal into humiliation after humiliation, has lied to the fans, has twice now claimed that “he built the club,” has blamed losses on the fans and has long, long overstayed his welcome.

    If he had left in 2008, sure, there would have been little reason for ridicule. But it’s 2017, and intelligent observers of Arsenal have been calling for him to go for nearly ten years. We are past the “be nice about it” stage, especially when he is hanging on for dear life and spouting all kinds of nonsense.

  68. Vote leave

    I think wenger needs to go. It’s time
    I’m agreeing.
    We all know that gazidis cannot close a deal on a player
    Neither can dick law. They are useless
    But yes kroenke is not pushing as an owner for success. He is allowing wenger and the club to stagnate. He is only interested in the money the club can provide and that means he has not interest in the club progressing. He is interested in stability.
    Do you see a new manager coming in with a radical ideas and visions? No
    I see Rafa Benitez or pellegrini
    If we do get allegri and he is supported and he takes us that final step then I’ll happily eat my words. I just don’t see it.
    And it is just a final step
    The final step wenger made when he joined and now is just out of reach for him.
    It’s hardly and embarrassment.
    It’s not a shambles
    It’s not a crisis

    It’s just treading water. For that, kroenke and gazidis are equally to blame

  69. Vote leave


    Then blame his employers

    If you’re wilfully employ someone who is taking us through “humiliation after humiliation” then where does the buck stop?

  70. Relieable Sauce

    PL teams were successful in the CL when they could actually defend.
    One of the reasons why wenger will never win a Euro trophy.

  71. salparadisenyc

    Kroenke may be a pretty unlikeable character but lets be honest, Wenger spent upwards of £100m last summer, essentially has been given funds necessary to assemble this side as he see fit. With an overall wage bill competitive with most.

    A manager with a clear vision, and fresh outlook could make Arsenal title winners, Kroenke isn’t the elephant in the room.

  72. Redtruth

    Vote leave

    From 2005-2017

    Between 2005-17 Arsenal would have won a the minimum 2 trophies with ANY manager.
    Indeed you are looking for a club like Arsenal to win a minimum of 6 trophies between 2005-17.

  73. Redtruth

    Between 2005-17 Arsenal would have won at the very minimum 2 trophies with ANY manager.
    Indeed you are looking for a club like Arsenal to win at the very least 6 trophies between 2005-17

  74. Ishola70

    Vote Leave Wenger should be making the decision to step down to see Arsenal progress not Kroenke or Gazidis making it for him.

    You yourself said the situation is not a crisis but just treading water. We see under a thousand fans protesting against Wenger but of course many more wanting to see him leave. He has attained CL football for many years . At this moment in time it is not realistic for Kroenke or Wenger to dispatch Wenger.

    Wenger is the sole footballing man at the club. He should be making the football decision to call it quits. But he doesn’t because he is selfish and delusional and is not allowing this club to progress.

    It’s a shame that Wenger will only consider to leave if the wheels come completely off. There are signs that this could well happen. But Wenger doesn’t want to see this. He should be recognising that he has taken the club as far as he can. But he lives in yesterday’s world.

    As for respect for him that has gone out of the window for many a long time ago. His outright lies, spinning and deceiving for so many years is not tolerated by many who are not blinkered and have any sort of perspective.

  75. Vote leave


    That is because wenger still believes he can take this team to the next level. He loves the club
    He can only think of succeeding with arsenal.
    It is part of his soul.
    Rightly or wrongly he tortures himself and strives to elevate arsenal fc
    The same cannot be said for
    Kroenke and gazidis
    They are happy for arsenal to maintain its current level as long as the money rolls on
    They are his employers and they are responsible for selecting a manager capable of delivering the trophies or at least competing for the trophies that a top class club should be.

    They won’t
    Because wenger offers what they seek
    Maintaining the equilibrium at a tidy profit

  76. Vote leave


    Jose and pep spent heavily too
    Probably considered the two best managers in world football right now
    Hardly setting the pace are they?
    If we had hired either of those would we be any better off?
    And if that’s the case then why bother changing the manager at all?

    Kroenke is not the elephant in the room you’re right.
    But he will be when wenger goes and we still aren’t winning titles

  77. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Wenger should be making the decision to step down to see Arsenal progress not Kroenke or Gazidis making it for him.’

    Lmao, yeah sure Ishola, I’m sure you’d resign an 8 million pa job for the greater good. What world do some of you Kroenke apologists live in?

    Leicester should have waited for Ranieri to resign, I’m sure that would have happened

  78. kc

    Kroenke doesn’t like change. Just look at how hard it was for him to change coaches for the Rams. He had actually agreed to a new contract when the fans and a certain former player turned on the team hard for extending a loser of a coach. Within days Fisher went from having another multi year contract to not having a job and being replaced. Stay woke and keep up the pressure folks, it just might work.

  79. Redtruth

    The Champions league if anything is responsible for adding to the fixture congestion.
    Lets do away with the group stages and make it a straight knockout competition..

  80. GoonerDNA

    Pep been in England one season and is being written off yet everyone is praising Leicester but they sit 15th and will get knocked out in the next round.

    Reactionary bullshit like Wenger

  81. Dissenter

    There’s going to be pandemonium on the day Wenger signs that extension.
    I’ve prepared myself for it but I’m hoping that we have a shitty ending to the season, maybe that will force the board to withdraw the contract.

  82. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “Wenger should be making the decision to step down to see Arsenal progress not Kroenke or Gazidis making it for him.’Lmao, yeah sure Ishola, I’m sure you’d resign an 8 million pa job for the greater good. What world do some of you Kroenke apologists live in? Leicester should have waited for Ranieri to resign, I’m sure that would have happened”

    Wenger is a very rich man. It’s not about the money with him. It’s about vanity, delusion, arrogance and selfishness. A couple more years of him being overpaid is not or shouldn’t be a major factor to a man that is alreay very wealthy.

    Bringing up Ranieri is not really applicable to Wenger or Arsenal. Leicester made the decision to sack Ranieri because there were legitimate concerns at the time that they were on course to get relegated which in turn would see their financial state fall of a cliff. Arsenal have no such worries financially.

    And to focus on Wenger to make the right decision and quit when he should is not being a Kroenke apologist. Those that want to blame Kroenke are not being realistic in their thoughts.

  83. Red&White4life

    “It’s not about the money with him. It’s about vanity, delusion, arrogance and selfishness.”

    Totally agree.

  84. Vote leave

    Pep has spent £189.25 million at city according to transfermarket.co.uk

    For that money he should be wiping the floor with a team that came tenth last season and he took
    Over what was already the best squad in the league

    Sorry don’t give me that poor old pep bull shit

    He got lucky with the Barca squad he inherited
    They were already the best in the world with the best two players in the world
    He then went to Bayern where he couldn’t compete in the champs league despite his apparent genius.
    Now he’s being found out at city

    Give him a a 4th place squad and £35 million to spend and see how he does

  85. Vote leave

    apologist. Those that want to blame Kroenke are not being realistic in their thoughts.

    This is fucking madness

    I run my own business
    If I employ somebody to manage certain parts of that business and they fall short then they are demoted or moved on.
    It is not an employees to sack themself. It’s the owner’s.

  86. Ishola70

    What are you on about Vote Leave?

    He is not falling short in his main remit from the board. He is turning the profit. The club are not in dire straits.

    The decision that needs to be made is a footballing one. Wenger is the man to make the correct footballing decision. He is not making it. He is refusing to make it.

  87. Redtruth

    Wenger at a boardroom meeting:

    Wenger: “Why you look at me, i have made 30.000 substitutions and you look at me”

    Gazidis: “Sorry, boss i….”

    Wenger: “Never interupt me when i talk, remember i have naked pictures of you and fido..

  88. Rambo Ramsey

    Ishola, don’t be daft. Why would any human being willingly quit a job they love and pays well? Take the managerial changes that have occurred in the recent years, the vast majority of them happened because the respective boards forced the hand either by sacking or putting pressure on the managers to resign.

    Arsenal are a special case, never ever have I seen such a pathetic BoD. They don’t want to sack him, neither are they prepared to put pressure on him. They actually support him and fan his oversized ego.

  89. GoonerDNA

    Vote leave, United spent how much and currently are where in the league but it’s all cool because they have a small trophy again Wenger bullshit mentality.

  90. Ishola70

    There really shouldn’t even be a discussion or argument about this tbh unless people want to paint Kroenke and Gazidis as the comic book villains/bogeymen.

    The decision that needs to be made is a footballing one. Kroenke and Gazidis are not footballing men. They are the money men. Wenger is the footballing man at the club. Thus the onus is on him to make the correct decision.

    And he only goes if the majority of fans in the ground make it plain they want a change of manager. Gazidis said as much a few years ago. But we have fans who want Kroenke to stick the knife in Wenger. Laughable notion at this present time. The fans have to do the mercy killing.

  91. Redtruth

    Vote leave

    Would yiu employ someone who was sacked from their previous employment for being incompetent, well football does it all the time…so you’re talking.b*****

  92. GoonerDNA

    Also I fully understand trophies are not a given, it’s just about having the hunger and tools to be competitive.

    Bombing out of all comps season after season is not that.

  93. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘He is not falling short in his main remit from the board. He is turning the profit. The club are not in dire straits.’

    Well done, you have stumbled upon the issue itself.

    No other big club ownership puts monetary profit before sporting success.
    No other big club ownership would tolerate 10+ years of sporting failure, they WOULD consider this club to be in dire straits as it is.

  94. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “Ishola, don’t be daft. Why would any human being willingly quit a job they love and pays well? Take the managerial changes that have occurred in the recent years, the vast majority of them happened because the respective boards forced the hand either by sacking or putting pressure on the managers to resign.”

    Never mind Wenger’s love for the club. See this is just about Wenger all the time rather than the greater good. How about Wenger gets his head out of his arse and makes the right footballing decision for Arsenal FC and it not being about him.

    Tell me the sackings you are going on about RR and we can compare those sackings and see if in comparison the dismissing of Wenger would in any way be realistic at this present time.

  95. Ishola70

    RR I could just easily call you a Wenger apologist.

    Completely failing to see who the person is here who can make the right decision and unrealistically blaming others.

  96. Rambo Ramsey

    Hey, why in the fuck does Abramovich shove his large nose in chpping and changing management? Is he not aware that its a ‘footballing decision’ and should be left for the managers to decide when they should quit?

    Also who the hell do those Sheiks over at City think they are? Appointing Guardiola and pushing out Pellegrini. Those twats shouldn’t be meddling in such ‘footballing decision’, Pellegrini should have had the final say over the matter!

    David Moyes should still be in a job at Old Trafford too.

  97. WestLondonGoon


    ”There’s going to be pandemonium on the day Wenger signs that extension.” Possibly the greatest understatement in the history of mankind.

    Channel 5 should do a special programme where they get psychologists and psychiatrists to evalute Wenger’s personality traits and state of mind. In all seriousness, some of the stuff he comes out with is literally so off the wall, he can’t honestly believe it all. Can he?

  98. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “Well done, you have stumbled upon the issue itself. No other big club ownership puts monetary profit before sporting success.
    No other big club ownership would tolerate 10+ years of sporting failure, they WOULD consider this club to be in dire straits as it is.”

    lol stumbled? Everyone knows that Arsenal are run to make financial profit. You want to blame Kroenke for that do you?

    Arsenal already had in place their financial model that would turn profit before Kroenke even came on the scene at Arsenal. The move to the Emirates was done to make financial profit again a decision that was made before Kroenke turned up. Kroenke is guilty of leeching onto what he saw as nice profit earner that was already in place that is all. But’s let’s continue to have these comic book villains if that makes you feel better.

  99. Kane

    Original poster: “wenger is the best manager in Arsenal’s history, why should anyone else appointed do any better, as fans we have been spoilt over the last 20 years”

    Me: “no league title in 13 years, no ECL trophy ever, a few FA Cups and routinely humiliated by the worlds best teams. A manager who has not been able to compete for a decade and you think we are spoiled – how can you say that?”

    Original poster: I have supported Arsenal for 45 years and have known times worse than this – Wenger has brought a level of football unkown to English teams – trust me when I say there will never be another like him – 10 years from now you will look back and realise just how good you have it – just wait and see”

    FFS – This is what we are up against.

  100. Kane

    Vote leave

    Pep and Mourinho have both won countless league titles in multiple countries and even the Champions league – whereas Wenger last won a title in 2003 and has only ever reached 1 ECL final, which he lost.

    Not really a comparison!

  101. Vote leave


    Rambo is right
    The owners hire and fire their employees.
    Why should ours behave differently?
    It’s like you just want to blame wenger for absolutely everything
    Even firing himself.
    It’s absurd.
    For all his faults wenger has a deep love for the club and would give his all to win titles
    That has to mean something to the fans
    Kroenke could not give two shits about the club or the fans beyond maintaining top four status and regular profit for his portfolio
    I long for him to just sell up, make whatever it is he is after and leave.

  102. Vote leave


    And spent more in two seasons than wenger has in ten
    And still look where they are this year? How well are they doing?
    And they’ve spent double what wenger has. Still either lower in the league or knocked out of champs league by inferior oppositions with inferior managers and inferior bank accounts

  103. Vote leave


    Bet you didn’t even vote.
    We’re leaving anyway so who cares. Chin up kid. Things are only going to get better

  104. Ishola70

    Vote leave:
    ” Rambo is right
    The owners hire and fire their employees.
    Why should ours behave differently?”

    Heh, Behave any differently? They prey on the cult of Wenger and it seems to me by some of your posts that you are exactly the sort of people they prey on.

    What sort of owner would you want VL after Kroenke? Remember the financial model of the club has been already decided pre-Kroenke. Self-sufficient, spend what you earn. financially responsible, looking for financial profit. All in place before Kreonke darkened Arsenal’s door.

  105. Kane

    Sorry Vote Leave – what exactly is your point?

    If it is that other managers have spent more than Wenger then I agree with you

    If it is that other managers have won more than Wenger then I agree with you.

    So what are you saying?

  106. Vote leave

    One who Doesn’t pay himself £3m a year for nothing without putting in for a starter

    And one who gives the manager an ultimatum
    Trophies or move on

    I love wenger and hate to see it come to this with him. I as an arsenal fan would sack him for two reasons

    1) the club had to come first
    2) he is damaging his legacy and its unbearable to someone who grew up watching his teams grace Highbury

  107. Vote leave


    You know what I’m saying. You’ve mugged yourself off but I’ll baby walk you through this

    You’re saying look how much Jose and pep have won

    I’m saying yes well done.
    But if they are so great and they are spending double what our manager is then both should be blowing our useless squad and manger out of the water

    Guess what…..? They aren’t
    Pep walked into the best squad in the league added £189m worth of talent and still is trailing a did that finished 10th the season before and got dumped out of the champions league.

    I’m saying that Jose has spent £200 odd million himself on top of the £300 odd million LVG spent and still can’t break into the top four. Still has to play the dullest football I. The country and should be doing much much better.

    In comparison wenger isn’t doing so bad