Wenger would never tolerate a DoF | If AFC hired one, he’d simply ignore

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Quick post today because I worked 16 hours yesterday. No reason to tell you that outside the internet syndrome of instant gratification I seek due to 10 years of being brutalised by webculture.

Tell me I worked hard. Please.

So what do we have today? Jezza Wilson of The Times dropped a piece that initially felt like, ‘we’re gonna sign a DOF to help Wenger’, but by the time you reached the end, you realised it was…

‘Arsenal might offer a name, but if Wenger says no, we won’t, but know the club had a thought’

The PR machine of Mark G is trying its best to polish the wet dog turd that’s leaked down the side of the couch, forgetting – like many in PR do – the internet exists. This is Wenger in 2013.

“I would not work with a ­director of football because they buy the players and when it does not work you are guilty for not using them well,”

“I am not against having ­people to help me buy, sell and negotiate because I cannot do it all. But I think the final ­decision always has to belong to the manager to decide who comes in and who goes out because he is ­responsible for the style of play and ­results.”

Managers buying the players, scouting the players, coaching the players, making sure the players are breast fed properly – is a bit of a dated approach. Not even recently dated, dated for about 15  years. Carlo A says that he never wants to be in charge of signing the players as he feels it takes away from the focus of the job. Most managers are not in charge of signing the star names. The DOF takes care of the staffing and makes sure the names being brought in fit the vision of the club.

What tends to happen when you let your past it manager hoover up names? They make mistakes. They don’t do their due diligence and you end up with too much power sitting with one brain. Fine if the brain is attuned, but we know Wenger’s isn’t these days.

Our manager signed Xhaka and clearly didn’t spend much time understanding his game. We landed a sophisticated regista, when the manager thought he’d landed a B2B bomber with passing skills that would put Kante to shame. You can’t deny me this, because he’s on record saying as much.

Also, because Wenger has been so in the weeds over the years, he’s not looking at the squad with a long-term vision in mind. He’s reactive when it comes to signing players. What was the point of Lucas Perez? How much thought went into that? What were we thinking with Callum Chambers when Toby Alderweirald was available? When Wenger was hating on Joel Campbell, why didn’t he see the MASSIVE opportunity to sign up Manolos and exchange out the wide man?

Transfers should be planned two to three years in advance. You should know that this summer, it’ll be time to move on Per Mertesacker. Next summer, maybe Kos will be creaking. You should have a plan for Giroud being your C-striker. We should have had a replacement in for Santi Cazorla. We should have been noting that a major weakness for us all season has been Coquelin in the middle of the park. We should have a short list of new left backs that fit the vision of how we want to play. We should have new right backs lined up and we should be planning for the potential exit of Bellerin who might want out if we’re out of the Champions League two years running.

We don’t plan like that, which is why we’re found out every summer. Wenger has a plan A that is often pretty basic, his plan B is pitiful, there is never a plan C. He’s not looking at the best young players in Europe anymore. Juventus and Dortmund are hoovering them up. He’s not raiding the Eastern European market where there’s a lot of value at the moment. He’s not attuned to South American superstar kids. He’s totally lost is way in the French league. Even the toddlers we struggle with.

Wenger should be desperate for a DOF, not to support him (or as The Times embarrassingly put it, ‘ease the burden’), but to help show him the way. There should be new coaching blood injected into the backroom team. We should be turfing out Tony Colbert, Gerry Peyton and Boro Priromac. We should be bulking up our analytics teams. We should rip out the scouting department and bring in someone to give it a new vision and a new chain of command so there’s more accountability for buying players.

There is so much that needs to be done, but you’re never going to make the changes you need while Wenger is here. Know this, he’ll never change.

Right, that’s me done.

P.S. Big thanks to Myles Palmer for his hat tip in Le Grove’s direction yesterday. One of the legendary writers on Arsenal. My favourite growing up, no doubt.

P.P.S Remember when all the muppets were ripping Le Grove for the RedZone and the ‘over training’ narrative I had for years. This is from Bournemouth.

“Jack has had a lot of overuse type injuries over the years. He’s had some traumatic ones as well, which every player can get, but he’s a player who is prone to break down if the load is too high.”

“Literally with Jack we would say, ‘this session he can do so many metres, that’s it, until we’ve built him up to a stage where he is able to cope with the load”

This is a prime example of what happens when you give Wenger the tools, but he doesn’t use them because he knows best. This is also why you should follow the narrative of Le Grove

*winky emoticon or something like that*

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  1. hal

    Nice piece Pedro. Everything some of us (metaphorical doffing of cap) have been saying for years . If only those in charge would pay some attention.

  2. gambon

    I think Wengers gone.

    We have heard today that Dick Law is leaving, We are looking for a Director of Football, and now it seems Boro Primorac is leaving.

    Surely this would only be happening if the end is nigh.

  3. BillikenGooner

    I think I’ve heard this term used before on this blog, but the Club has ossified around Wenger to the point that no one, from the Owner, to the chief executive, to the staff can fathom showing up to work without Wenger there. They have their little satellite paths around him and don’t want to change.

    I can’t even imagine the reality check it will be for all of them to show up to work and actually have to work on a plan that isn’t Wenger’s.

  4. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger is gone…..
    Because how can he stay with the footballing world focusing on him. He has a deadline of 1st April to either stay or go( incredulous to think he has the option to stay,).
    Wenger will not respect anyone imposing deadlines…He is far too arrogant for that.
    He will hopefully(for him) win a couple of games then declare arrogantly that the club is not meeting his ambition.
    I would be shocked if psg really want this serial loser…..A manager that will not win the champs league ever….You need sharp tactical nous for that.
    I wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole if was Lincoln let alone psg.

  5. GMR

    A cynic like me might just think that any supposed DOF would be nothing more than somebody employed by Wenger to take the blame for future signings and to take the pressure off him, whilst actually having zero say in transfers or anything for that matter which Wenger likes to control. I think this is all pointing to him signing a new contract.

  6. vicky

    Yes, Dick Law and Piromac leaving and reportedly we are looking at a DoF. Could well be Wenger’s ploy to send a message to fan base that he is reinventing himself or less likely he’s leaving. Would not bet my house on the latter scenario. Wenger had no life outside football, what will he leave the Arsenal job for??

  7. Federer

    These statements show LeFraud is gonna be here for the better part of the next decade.
    He knows he would only be accorded such freedom if he remains at Arsenal. No top club would operate without a DoF

  8. Bamford10

    Let’s hope these are signs that Wenger is on his way out. At moment he also needs to worry about getting us back into the top four, btw.

  9. Bamford10


    Great link. The whole footballing world is laughing at Wenger. Only the AKB is unaware that Wenger is a joke.

  10. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Wenger truly is his own worst enemy. Every time he opens his mouth he rams his foot further down his throat. For a person who has self professed himself to be a genius, he sure is incredibly dumb. Number one rule…say nothing – that will always leave you with plausible deniability as an option.

    Just shut up already, Arsene Wenger…you only hurt yourself.

  11. WestLondonGoon

    All beginning to break up quite quickly now isn’t it? Do they know there’s a new man coming in, or have they woken up to the madness of Wenger?

  12. kc

    So Wenger’s yes men are jumping ship after Allegri gave Arsenal 3 weeks to make a decision. Interesting. Not getting my hopes up yet, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

  13. kc

    Honestly expected the club to release news of Wenger’s extension after the Lincoln game. He might not have many wins left in him this season. Nothing about what’s happening right now tells me he’s staying. It’s my gut feeling and ingrained disappointment with this club that has me doubting the end could be nigh.

  14. Vote leave

    The vultures are circling

    The vile way you speak about this man sums up the modern arsenal fan
    No wonder the rest of England laughs so hard at arsenal tv.
    What a bunch of moronic, fickle, soulless creeps our club has attracted.

  15. Rambo Ramsey

    ”Xhaka is a sophisticated regista”

    And this, kids, is a proper example of the the popular idiom ‘Putting lipstick on a pig’

  16. GunnerRam

    The fact that Pedro knows that Xakha is a Regista and Wenger does not has to be the best joke I have read in recent times. Thanks for the note, it has brightened up my day now.

  17. kc

    Damn right the vultures are circling. Wenger’s a fucking carcass out there. Sort of like the last ten years of his career, the buzzards will be disappointed in how little there is to digest.

  18. Thanos

    Damn you work hard pedro. I can’t believe wenger thought Xhaka was a b2b player either. He should have bought kante

  19. Vote leave

    Talking in riddles red mong…..
    Doesn’t matter what you’d rather
    Your vote didn’t matter
    Teresa may is the best prime minister we have had since thatcher.

  20. steve

    We played them 3 times last season”


    Lololol don’t say that you’re counting the community shield game.

  21. Welbecchio

    Vote leave

    ‘The vile way you speak about this man sums up the modern arsenal fan
    No wonder the rest of England laughs so hard at arsenal tv.
    What a bunch of moronic, fickle, soulless creeps our club has attracted.’

    Never a truer word said. Agree 100%.

    Ashamed to be an arsenal fan and be associated with some of these lemons.

  22. Welbecchio

    Shit stabber

    ‘Lololol don’t say that you’re counting the community shield game.’

    What that didn’t happen?

  23. Stuart

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Wanker simply plans to throw all the coaching team under the bus this summer and try to make it look as if they’re the ones to blame. He’ll ‘retire’ Primorac and the others will drift off elsewhere. Then football’s very own Furher and his Gestapo PR department will spin stories of a new era and how he’s reinvented himself. This is why he needs to be driven out. Don’t let the arrogant walking narcissistic personality disorder ruin another two years with a bunch of shit, z-list rejects. Wenger out.

  24. Alexanderhenry

    Vote Leave

    ‘No wonder the rest of England laughs so hard at arsenal tv.
    What a bunch of moronic, fickle, soulless creeps our club has attracted.’

    Very well put.

  25. Vote leave

    Better that than allow what’s happening on mainland Europe to come here. No thanks
    Anyway don’t worry your little head about it. It’s over now. Just enjoy being proven wrong again

  26. Redtruth

    “No wonder the rest of England laughs so hard at arsenal tv.
    What a bunch of moronic, fickle, soulless creeps our club has attracted.’”

    While Arsenal have become the laughing stock of the World.

  27. David Smith

    Primorac……if the story is true, this is the guy that knows Wenger better than anyone in football. The first man he would tell if he was leaving.
    That’s three coaches, and Dick Law, that is a lot of change for a manager who hates change
    Looks to me that this is the clearest sign Wenger is off….either that, or he has been told to ditch his coaching staff and methods if he wants to stay, cannot somehow imagine that one
    I cannot even begin to imagine who Wenger would replace BP with if he stays, unless he chooses to do it all himself

  28. Alexanderhenry

    Damning stuff from the independent’s chief sports writer:


    This sums our miserable owner very neatly:

    ‘When Kroenke speaks about Arsenal, there is always utter equanimity. He is no more worried about the dearth of titles and European progress than a supermarket manager whose stores turn a profit but don’t win industry gongs.

    The argument runs that if the economic model is strong – £12.6m profits and £123.7m cash reserves, at the latest count – the club works.’

  29. Vote leave

    Red truth
    Prices have been rising for decades
    The pound has been dropping since 07
    Don’t know about you but I’ve hardly been priced out of my local super market

    Nice try

  30. Danish Gooner

    Even a pathetic team like Leicester,one season in the cl are more successful then Arsenes Arsenal have been for 8 fucking years,says it all really.

  31. Danish Gooner

    It is a travesty we havnt won the cl under Wenger and only been to one single final in all those years.

  32. Danish Gooner

    100 mil in the summer plus Alexis leaving that is at least another 60 mil plus selling dross for 50 mil and we have 210 mil and 150 mil in cash reserves,how can we not build another team ????

  33. izzo

    Damn Leicester are through. Again showing up how much of a failure Wenger is. Watch them turn us over in the league.

  34. HillWood

    It’s not possible to be an Arsenal fan AND want Wenger as manager.
    The 2 positions are like black and white
    Come on Leicester!!
    Wenger fucking OUT

  35. Guernsey gun

    Risible piece in the times, as if wenger is suddenly up for change at 67….total bollox. As Pedro states its wholesale changes needed, not just chucking primoric under the bus as has been mentioned on the OG. Wenger out now.

  36. Bamford10

    I love the idea that those who want Wenger to go are somehow bad or unfaithful supporters. Why? He isn’t good enough, and he hasn’t been good enough for years. You have to be deluded to think otherwise.

    He hasn’t contended for a title in some ten years, his teams are the least well-organized and least tactically-sophisticated of any top club in the world, he has overseen countless shambolic displays and humiliations over the past 5-6 years — and has never once offered an apology or an explanation — his press conferences provide comedy fodder for the entire footballing world, and on top of all of this, he’s an arrogant and contemptuous dickhead, a man who has now twice claimed that “he built” Arsenal Football Club and twice suggested that Arsenal fans were to blame for losses or poor performances.

    Now his brainless devotees are resorting to their last refuge, the notion that it is somehow disrespectful to criticize the man or call for him to go. Complete and utter nonsense. He should have left years ago. We are well beyond being “respectful” at this point. He has been paid more than £100m for his work at Arsenal, and he has been treated like a king.

    He has long overstayed his welcome, and he needs to leave. ASAP.

    Pedro – I’m sorry, but this Alexanderhenry really needs to go. Every day with his Kroenke bullshit. It’s just too much.

  37. HillWood

    Leicester go through with old fashioned English grit ,courage and determination.
    Three things Wenger has no idea the meaning of.
    Fuck off Wenger you weak useless French cunt

  38. Guernsey gun

    Fair play Leicester amazing what a bit of change can do…..Craig Shakespeare doing in 1 tie (ok cr was in charge for 1st leg) what the man who has managed 2000 odd games hasn’t for 7 years, must be stans fault.

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    I hope arsehole wanker has watched tonight’s game. See Mr Wanker, that is what you call real mental strength unlike your teams that crumple like paper. Damn Leicester’s crisp money how can we compete

  40. WestLondonGoon

    It’s almost as if not capitulating away from home in the first leg, gives you half a chance in the second leg……..

  41. Dissenter

    I can’t believe that a care taker manager just took Leicester to the DF of the CL in their first try.
    I recall everyone here laughing at Leicester when they qualified because we all thought they will be out of their league in Europe.
    Here they are beating a very good team that would certainly have put us to the sword.
    They have done better in one try that seven Wenger tries.

  42. Bamford10

    Harry Kane will likely be out for more than 5 weeks. Will miss the FAC semi-final but may be back for the Arsenal match.

  43. izzo

    Bamford makes no difference. We’re not meeting Spurs because we won’t get past City and neither will they get past Chelsea.

  44. Welbecchio

    Bamford the only person who needs to leave is you.

    Stinking the place out daily wth your pompous ramblings is more tedious than a top four finish.

  45. Jeff

    Well done to Leicester. Can’t believe they went further than we did. Just goes to show you that a change in management more often than not proves to be a positive thing and there’s really no reason to keep ourselves shackled to consistent mediocrity just because we are terrified of change.

  46. LeMassiveCoq

    Wow, imagine a model where we have a DoF who works with the owner and CEO to negotiate transfers, advise on transfer policy, works closely with the scouts and the manager to identify players who could improve the team in all areas. Who works with the CEO on PR, sponsors, player contracts etc

    Imagine having a manager who is purely focused on the team, tactics, performances, fitness, nutrition, and works closely with the DoF to identify players, training facilities and techniques which could improve the team.

    Imagine not having one senile old man trying (and failing) to do all of the above.

    Imagine this individual being accountable to the DoF and the board and the fans.

    Imagine if this individual wasn’t performing to the tune of £8m a year, that his position might become untenable.

    It’s what just about every other successful club do.

    But not us.

  47. Jonny Boi

    Leicester’s performance really does put ours into perspective. Change in management and poof! Upturn in form. Wonder what the rationale behind our gross underperformance will be. Over to you AKBs. Enlighten us with your brilliant mental masturbation and mental gymnastics. Explain how is it, a guy like Shakespeare, can take a far inferior squad to the QFs when the Prof can’t do the same with 7 rolls of the dice.

  48. Leedsgunner

    Well done Foxes!

    Demonstrates how valuable Wenger’s years and years of experience really is when a side which is 15th in the league can get further in the Champions League. Will Wenger learn? Nope.

    He still thinks he has nothing to learn — from anyone. That’s why we are stagnating more than anything. It’s not a lack of money. It’s a lack of ambition and vision.

    Well done Foxes!

    I hope you win the damn thing!!!

  49. Alexanderhenry



    It’s nice to see a few posts on here from people who can think beyond ‘ Wenger out’, and recognise that the problems at arsenal go much further than just the manager.

    Also, this is a forum where ‘you can have an opinion not get one’. My opinion differs from the majority but that makes for healthy, vigorous debate surely.

  50. Leedsgunner

    Oh, I forgot to mention — with a caretaker boss no less!!! 😉

    Just shows what a Board with courage can do — a Board who isn’t a afraid of the future — and who isn’t continually telling themselves –“Be careful what you wish for…”

    I bet there isn’t a Leicester fan who isn’t rejoicing tonight.

    While Leicester rejoices over beating a credible European side — Wenger celebrates like mad over beating Lincoln. Whose the fool?

    To think, they didn’t even need a new stadium or a manager who takes home £8.5m pa to do it!

    Well done Leicester!

  51. Wenker-wanger

    There is every justification to hurl verbal abuse at wenker…..
    If you were being shafted by an arrogant selfish slimey cnut that was treating your cherished club like his own plaything..Surely you would get angry?
    Seems to me These akb pricks have some weird perception.
    They must think it’s honourable and dignified to remain as manager of a club when it’s being dragged down by him.
    The man has no integrity or sense of doing the right thing. If so he would have resigned years ago. But not him, as he thinks he built the club.
    That’s why we loathe him……Not just the appalling results he has been responsible for, but his selfish conceited attitude.

  52. Wenker-wanger

    I wonder if anyone at Leicester bleated “be careful what you wish for” shortly before raneiri went.
    Can this pathetic bleat be finally binned?

  53. Danish Gooner

    Even a rookie manager have more success in one game in the cl then Wenger have had for 8 consecutive seasons,truly embarrassing and a testament to how lazy and stale our club have become.

  54. China

    Alexander Henry with respect your opinion consists of absolutely anything bad at Arsenal is not the manager’s fault

    It’s hardly sparking interesting debate rather just provoking people who have critical faculties to pick dozens of holes in this logic

    Your entire contribution to legrove is ‘but stan’

    Thanks for that

  55. China

    Don’t get excited about a DoF yet guys

    Wenger will interview him. Wenger will make sure he aligns with his ideals. He’s going to be a well paid guy who’s job is to put another public face on what will still be done by arsene

    Don’t believe for one second this guy will have independent authority to sign players who wenger hasn’t asked for and equally he will be told his budget and wage limit by Kim jong weng himself for the negotiations

    Unless wenger is out of this club a dof is nothing more than a pr stunt

  56. China

    To Alexander Henry
    Wallace and friends

    I ask you honestly in what hypothetical scenario would you lose faith in wenger and get angry with him?

    If we finish outside the top 4?
    If we finish outside the top 6?
    If we finish in the top 4 but don’t win a league for the next 6 years?
    If we take multiple humiliating scorelines in a season?
    If he insults the fans?

    There must be a scenario in which you would all decide you’ve had enough, surely.

    If the answer to that question is no I question your motivation for being an Arsenal fan if absolutely nothing negative orchestrated against the club makes you want change

  57. Elmo

    Here’s hoping Leicester draw Bayern in the QFs.

    You just know they’ll put in respectable, tactically astute performances in both legs, keeping it tight in the first leg and having a go in the second, with it being within the realms of plausibility that they might advance until the very end.

    Imagine Leicester going out 2-3 on aggregate and Wenger having to explain that away as systematic bias against Arsenal by refs.

    On the DoF issue, I’ve said previously that assuming Wenger refuses to walk, a headstrong DoF should be appointed this summer with a clear mandate to modernise the running of the club in preparation for the forthcoming managerial change (i.e creating a system in which Wenger can’t operate). Hopefully Wenger would feel squeezed out. Of course this would rely on the decision and appointment being made independently of Wenger, so in reality it won’t happen, or if it does it will be Wenger appointing a fall guy who he can deflect blame onto.

    Kind of disappointing that there’s now almost universal consensus amongst those in the media who are aware of the circumstances that he’s not going to walk and will be here next season. As Gab Marcotti points out, would a guy who plans to voluntarily walk be still actively trying to excuse a 10-2 loss as being the fault of referees even when the next match (5-0 win) provides a perfect chance to move on? What we’re seeing right now with the talk about Primorac and a DoF is Wenger trying to exploit any option available to rationalise him staying.

  58. Dissenter

    We give bonuses tom players for qualifying for CL.
    I bet Wenger, Gazidis and everyone in senior management gets a bonus as well.
    What a comfy no-stress zone Gazidis is running.

  59. reality check

    ChinaMarch 15, 2017 00:58:01

    To Alexander Henry
    Wallace and friends

    If we finish outside the top 4?
    If we finish outside the top 6?
    If we finish in the top 4 but don’t win a league for the next 6 years?
    If we take multiple humiliating scorelines in a season?
    If he insults the fans?

    Good question, but you know the scenario they describe will be wildly unlikely and even more improbable than Leicester winning the league. Something stupid like ‘If Arsenal lost 5-0 every game then got relegated, then we’d be angry’.

    They are. Impossible. The truth is. they are the most selfish people. Instead of thinking whats best for a 67 Year old with i assume grandkids and very limited time left on this earth. You would think people that really loved Wenger would encourage him to Enjoy the rest of his life with his family.

    Not be bogged down on a cold monday morning in North London, whistle in one hand, cones in the other.

  60. rollen

    To Alexander Henry
    Wallace and friends

    Undold scam
    – prop AKB
    – lie
    – everyone else is not true fan.

    Time to run rats…

  61. China

    Oh and welbecchio how would it make my opinion less legitimate if I haven’t been to loads of games or cup finals? I like your wenger style ‘I’ve made 5000 subs so I know what I’m doing’ logic

    As it happens I’ve been to an Fa cup semi final, two charity shields, a few PL games and quite a lot of league cup games

    Considering I’m from a council house upbringing in Bristol and my parents couldn’t afford to take me to games often – then I went to china before I’d even finished uni, so I’ve never been in a strong financial position with tones of disposable income

    But then considering most of the regulars at the ground are passive wealthy shits who see watching Arsenal as nothing more than a trendy pass time for them and their corporate mates it’s not surprising that prices are so high and I was always on the far fringes of affordability

    So feel free to fuck off before you imply that I don’t know what I’m talking about because I don’t sit with you eating prawn sandwiches whilst quietly stroking myself every time I see arsene vacantly stand on the touch line with his hands on his hips pretending to care about the 5th goal we’ve conceded.

  62. Bamford10

    Good posts, China. Remember that Welbecchio is one of the least likable voices to appear here in some time, and no one agrees with him save one or two other (largely-ignored) dead-enders.

  63. China

    Frankly bamford I just don’t know why they come here

    Preaching in favour of lord wenger here is always going to be pissing in the wind – and even more so with every passing thrashing and snide press conference

    But hey they enjoy losing 10-2 to Bayern (no shame in that as one of those guys posted the other day) so how much can we really expect of them

  64. Mick Kartun

    DM: “Arsenal stars face losing bonuses worth millions if they fail to qualify for the Champions League.”

    “Missing out on the Champions League can cost a club millions. Last season Arsenal received £46.7million from UEFA for reaching the round of 16.”

    Those bunch of pussies players bar Sanchez, all deserve that.
    So this is why the players are so desperate to just finish in top 4 every season and not bothered about anything else…it is simply a fear of their pockets getting lighter, not because Wenger does something special.

  65. Rambo Ramsey

    Leicester effing City put up a brilliant performance in Europe and this only weeks after changing manager.

    Hear that? that’s the sound of a 1000 AKBs furiously working for new excuses.

    ‘Its money that matters most’- Shattered
    ‘Be careful what you wish for’- Destroyed

    Where you at Wallace? still reckon Arsenal aren’t underperforming. Moron

  66. Black Hei


    Wow you are still alive. Glad to see a familiar face after getting out for some fresh air. Been holed up in my post-apocalyptic AKB bunker for some time.

    Its good to think for ourselves.

    Even Peds is not immune to deliberate interpretation when he wants to script the narrative.

    Take those quotes about Wilshire at the end. The entire fitness regime was formulated by both Bournemouth and Arsenal; it certainly wasn’t a one-sided affair; take it from actual interview itself.

    Not saying that the narrative itself is wrong, Wenger should go, but no point inventing sticks to beat Wenger with. There are enough real ones to hammer him with.

  67. PieAFC

    I think the biggest scare for Wenger walking away.

    Is someone walking straight into this team, making an impact asap, tactics, training. Within a year or two winning the league and/or getting further in the CL all with the same team bar a few new additions.

    That would shit on everything he’s stood for and said.

    That’s what I believe scares him the most.

    Because then he will be at the back back burner of everyone’s mind. This new person will be the new “legend” to worship.

  68. Welbecchio


    ‘Welbecchio if top 4 finishes are so tedious why are you so happy for us to settle for them?’

    You are a fantasist. Making things up as you go along obsessed with AW and the fable AKB. You do know they don’t even exist these days? Living in China you’re obviously a little out of touch.

    It’s amazing how the people that are the furthest away always shout the loudest.

    Hope your protest are going well guys , don’t type too hard we don’t want you getting injured.

    Grew up in Bristol? What the fuck you supportiing the Arsenal for? Ah that’ll be right trophies glory boy, no wonder the drought hurt you so much.

  69. Welbecchio


    ‘As it happens I’ve been to an Fa cup semi final, two charity shields, a few PL games and quite a lot of league cup games’

    I don’t know whether to pat you on the back or feel sorry for you.

    And as for telling me your life story, please don’t confuse me for someone who cares.

    Cut the abuse and concentrate on your own pathetic attempts at supporting the Arsenal.

  70. China

    It seems to be like a challenge for you to type as much bollocks as you can per post welbecchio and I’ll credit you for doing a damn fine job of that

    Why do you dodge literally all the questions?

    You called top 4 finishes tedious and yesterday said all that matters is winning because no one gives a shit about the losers

    Yet you’re behind arsene a man who wins a couple of cups in the last few years. You can’t explain it. You can’t give any explanation of what would turn you against him – because nothing would. He could take a shit on your door step and you’d be there blushing with joy as you pick it up in the morning.

    I started supporting Arsenal because they played entertaining football when I was a kid. If you have to be from islington to be a fan then bang goes 95+% of all of arsenal’s supporters. Have fun with that.

    You always call me a glory boy and it’s fucking strange. Like you don’t want to see Arsenal win? If you lambast people for wanting their team to win what the fuck does that make you? I called you out on this month’s ago and you never had an answer like usual with your demented logic – fans want their team to fulfill their potential. You openly admit you don’t. Could there be a more open admission that you’re just trolling

    Oh and by the way fuck off you worthless cunt. enjoy the next two years with your saviour – I’m sure he loves you as much as you do him

  71. Welbecchio


    ‘Oh and by the way fuck off you worthless cunt. enjoy the next two years with your saviour – I’m sure he loves you as much as you do him’

    Please don’t abuse me China. It’s not very nice is it? You’re hurting my feelings and I’m on the verge of tears.

    Have you little man syndrome or just acting the big lad cos you’re detached and miles away, having to shout the loudest to be heard trying to get validation from the internet for being an arsenal fan because whatever you say or do has no impact whatsoever on the Arsenal?

    Don’t address me you cretin, you have trouble with simple comprehension and it’s embarrassing you actually call your self a supporter Bristol.

  72. Welbecchio


    And again who mentioned a saviour you lemon?

    What the fuck will you have to talk about when he leaves?

    Nothing and you’ll have to find something else to obsess over part timer.

  73. gonsterous


    u ‘ve been here a couple of weeks and think all we do is talk about Wenger. should have come during a couple years back when everyone wasn’t Wenger out and the conversation quality was top notch. conversations ranging from the all time best players to what new future players we should bring in. not to mention the quality of joke Friday… seems like Wenger hasn’t only dropped the quality of the club but also many of the blogs…

  74. WrightIsGod

    I said last year on here after Leicester won the league that they were like an English Altetico Madrid, though not exactly playing like them, their type of football and hard work would mean they’d go a long way in champions league. Further then us, I even said they could possibly reach final.

    I was laughed out of the blog and building.

  75. seg

    Just be careful, if you were dealing with a normal human being you can be cautiously optimistic(lol), but, this is Wenger you’re dealing with here, even cautious optimism is taking it far IMO

  76. gonsterous


    I doubt u said anything in the context of Leicester reaching the finals.. it would be madness to think that.. they will likely face juve in the next round and be out of it ( still a great achievement and better than Wenger could do,)

  77. Mark

    Gambon & China made some great points , couldn’t agree more. Doesn’t matter where you live if you have Arsenal in your heart. Under Wenger this club has stagnated and gone backwards. .
    Welbechio , Alexander Has, please tell us why Wenger should remain/sign again ? As I’m yet to recall a valid argument for him to do so.
    Any comments or thoughts on Leicester performance in the CL ? Cos you guys are very silent on these Facts! Or like Arsene said on being humiliated by Bayern, “You have to be in the competition to be humiliated.& lots of teams are not ,even in there.. ??? Totally absurd logic , yet people (AKB’S) still swallow it.