Wenger sours Lincoln win with crazy post match interview

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A solid Saturday really. No drama in a game that really shouldn’t have ever caused any. It was a pretty dry first half, Lincoln making us wait a full 45minutes to score. Theo Walcott well and truly on hand in the BIG games with a lovely deflected finish.

The second half was all about fitness and quality. There’s no situation you’d fancy Lincoln beating Arsenal, but away from home, on that mega pitch, it was only a matter of time before we stepped into destruction mode.

We eventually belted 4 more past the non-leaguers. They put up a good fight, but it wasn’t good enough. We never really stepped out of 1st gear. Alexis Sanchez, that horrible little scuz bucket somehow managed to contribute with some assists and goals. I mean, my big concern at the end of that game was whether he’d run 10km. What’s the point in contributing to the team if you don’t have evidence you’ve run 10km?

The game was so easy in the end, even Aaron Ramsey managed to score, albeit from a range of one yard where he literally couldn’t miss.

The magic of the FA Cup was there because that’s a lovely pay day for Lincoln. It wasn’t there in terms of an upset. The next round is the semi-final, we’re going to Wembley, a trophy is still within reach!

Things to talk about:

The Protest

So amusing to watch Twitter going into meltdown about the guy who had a ‘Vik Akers Out’ sign. It’s like a zero banter zone out there. I even saw a few British journalists play the offended card. Guys and girls, lighten up, it’s football and he’s the kit man. No one died. It was clearly a joke.

The protests caused a lot of online noise again. A lot of snarking from people who don’t like it. I can understand, you go to football on a Saturday to support your team. It can feel quite unnatural to go against the manager. However, we live in a strange world at Arsenal where we have a dictator who is deciding his own destiny against the backdrop of another abject season. Worst thing is journalists who have been close to the club for many years – Amy Lawrence of The Guardian – reckon Wenger is going to sign on again. He’s talking about feeling energised about the future and he knows by the time the season slumps to an end, we’ll all be too bored to kick up a fuss.

It’s really poor form from Ivan Gazidis and co. To even suggest this is a mutual decision is beyond embarrassing. I’ve heard news slinking out of the club from people who have access to various big names saying that not only does Wenger believe he built this club, but Ivan and co like the fact Arsene keeps things steady. The fear being that a new man might come in and shake things up, demand more of the club outweighs steady stagnation and a few grumbling fans.

We’re in a situation potentially where everyone just wants an easy life. Which is really depressing when you remember we’re not a FTSE 250 accountancy firm, we’re a sports club. What a way to live your life. Billionaire owner tied to steady growth figures over trophies, a manager so wrapped up in his own ego and mortality, he can’t quit and a CEO who doesn’t seem to mind what goes on at Arsenal as long as he’s coining in £2.6m a year.

Depressing. I mean, not as depressing as the worry I have that Arsene Wenger is full on losing his mind. He beats Lincoln 5-0 and all he wants to talk about is the Bayern game.

“I think the team was unjustifiably criticised for our last game against Bayern Munich because we had an outstanding game,”

 “Our game was killed not by the fault of the players. But we have to take a distance with that and have a look at a bigger perspective than people want to do.

“And overall, to respond today, that’s what we did. I think we had an outstanding game against Bayern Munich. Our game was killed by the referee. I’ve watched this game three times now, and it’s still the referee who killed our game.”

You’re like, well, at least if he watched the game, he’ll have seen the lack of effort by the players and maybe make some tough love decisions in the summer… errrr…

“I would like to watch the game with you and you would see that the players didn’t let me down, nor themselves, nor the club.

Then when you’re thinking, well, maybe he’ll have something coherent to say about his future.

“Let’s not talk about me too much because that has happened a lot recently. I have shown in my life that I try to serve this club with complete commitment and I will do that as long as I am here,” he said.

“How long? I don’t know at the moment. I have shown a lot of loyalty and my preference is here. I focus on my job. I always do that. I let other people judge my performances.

“People talk and talk and talk, it doesn’t mean they talk truth. We have to deal with that and perform on the football pitch. We let people talk and show them what we are about.

“When I have a problem I try to just sort it out. I am competitive and always focused on solving the problems I face. Sometimes the size of the problem is bigger, but there are always problems.”

A whole series of nothing comments. When he speaks of loyalty, he’s telling you he built the club. When he says people talk, he’s furious that people who comment on the game but don’t manage in it dare to have an opinion on his abilities. When he says he’s competitive, he’s saying that he’ll hit top 4 again and that’ll be that.

Disdain for the fans. Disdain for criticism. Disdain for the idea he can’t reframe what winning is in the modern era.

Just a selfish old man who can’t accept it’s over for him. A now unsuccessful manager clinging onto power in the socialist ecosytem he’s built and runs with an iron fist. A man who doesn’t realise it’s over for him at the highest level.

Depressing that we’re about to give £10m a year to a manager who:

#1 Couldn’t explain succinctly how he was going to take Arsenal to the next level, or explain what that meant

#2 Thinks his team had a great game against Bayern Munich. A side that inflicted the worst defeat on a British club in the CL ever. A game Neuer joked was like a training exercise.

# Thinks the players had a great game and didn’t let him down

When you think like that, how can anyone believe Arsenal will improve under him again? As immature as it sounds, those quotes are loser talk. The players will read them and laugh. Any prospective employer would laugh. Stan and Ivan should be rescinding the contract off the back of those comments.

They won’t though.

Welcome to stasis. Welcome to stagnation. Welcome to another 2 years of the nutty professor.

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  1. Bamford10


    One, the only gap between us and Bayern is on the football pitch, and Gazidis has nothing to do with that. As for why our commercials are what they are, see our footballing mediocrity.

    As for dissenting from Wenger, I trust that he does this in quiet ways — indeed he has done this in some of his public remarks — but Wenger has more power than him so he would be jeopardizing his job if he did so in any pronounced way. He has a choice: work for Arsenal and go along with Wenger, or work elsewhere.
    That’s it.

  2. S Asoa

    Allegri has given a deadline of 3 weeks to Arsenal to declare their firm offer.

    Rewind to when Pep was available. Wenger coolly dodged the issue until Pep signed elsewhere to City. Now we know that he was in contact with Arsenal Board during that time.

    Now Allegri is available for a short window PROTESTS, INSULTS, PIES SHOULD CONTINUE RELENTLESSLY.


  3. Bazza


    Your comment “We’re in a situation potentially where everyone just wants an easy life. Which is really depressing when you remember we’re not a FTSE 250 accountancy firm, we’re a sports club. What a way to live your life. ”

    Firstl, I’m not aware that there are any FTSE 250 accountancy firms and secondly the inference that accountants want an easy life is the worst type of inaccurate stereotyping.

    Arsenal must be one of the few companies, if not the only one, of similar size that doesn’t have a Finance Director on the Board. Perhaps if they did they would understand better the dynamics of the transfer market, have a coherent wage structure and a more financially astute approach to maximising commercial income.

    So Pedro, if you’ve got decency please make your public apology to the Accountancy profession without delay.


    Bazza FCA

  4. Bamford10


    “after Wenger leaves and these clowns continue to hold the club back”

    Care to explain how exactly they are going to hold us back? By not spending? No, they’ve shown quite a willingness to do that. By making footballing decisions that should be made by the manager? No, they don’t do that either. By hiring a mediocre manager? No one has yet shown any compelling reason why they would do this, given that you can get better managers than Wenger for less money, and given that a better manager would increase the value of their investment.

    Rather than railing against my “defense” of the above, maybe try making a coherent argument. We wait.

  5. Follow the money

    What a delusional clown. Pressure must be maintained. The more criticism comes the crazier he gets. I think these comments are down to Dixon saying that without Drinking he’s crap. That’s what he is terrified of, people putting the pieces together and figuring out that he lucked out in the beginning inheriting a great squad, and then Drink was responsible for the success after that. If more journos would highlight those facts he would go completely off the rails. Here’s to hoping. I have no sympathy. None

  6. Westlondongoon

    I just wish he would jack it in now, then he and John Cross can concentrate on bringing up young Theo as best they can.

  7. Bamford10


    You’re being dishonest again. It was in 2011 that the club made it clear that it had entered a new phase with respect to the financials and that they had ample money to spend on players.

    See the Guardian article below from July 2011, “Arsène Wenger has ‘substantial’ transfer budget at Arsenal.”

    In July 2011, Gazidis told the press: “Financially, we’re in a strong position. We have resources to spend. We’re certainly not sitting there saying ‘Let’s hold back on our resources for some reason.’ Why would we? The resources are there.”


    Wenger has had ample money to spend for some time now — and he has spent a great deal of it. He has completely and utterly failed to compete, however.

    It is all on Wenger; the only mistake the board et. al. have made is trusting in Wenger.

    Had they replaced Wenger 5-6 years ago with a Klopp, Simeone, Allegri, etc., Arsenal would have competed for a title or two in that time and would likely have won one.

  8. Follow the money

    There’s nothing worse than a fraud. We have them in the state government in Washington state. Progressives except when it comes to who they bleed for tax money, all about diversity except diversity of ideas. Traitors to what they claim to believe in. They are the worst kind of scum. Wenger is one. Claims to be concerned about the club finances, but refuses to pay any players more than he gets. Pretends to be this educated, erudite, continental with lofty ideals and acts morally superior to the rest of the barbarians in football. It’s all BS. There’s a reason they shoot people for being traitors during wartime

  9. jwl


    Wenger was main part of committee that decided to hire Gazidis, Wenger is paid £8.5 million per year while Gazidis earns £2 million (or there abouts).

    Salaries, money, often tells you how has power and influence at company – if Gazidis tries to get rid of Jenks, as you suggest, while Wenger wants to keep him on squad, who going to win the argument? Is it easier for Kroenke to fire Gazidis or Wenger?

    Gazidis knows perfectly well “if you go after the king, you best not miss” and that’s why he well paid lickspittle.

  10. Vote leave

    Follow the money

    What the fuck are you babbling about

    Dein was responsible for our success???
    Are you for real??
    David fucking dein won us the Invincibles
    He turned Henry into the best striker the club has ever had
    If we were do great why was Bruce rioch not winning titles
    Why was Bruce rioch getting us in at 7th 12th and 5th?

    Stupid thing to say

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    @Vote leave

    Proves you only supported Arsenal since Wenger came to the club otherwise you’d of known Rioch only had one season at Arsenal

  12. Carts


    I don’t know why you waste your time with Alex. He’s fully able to use google himself. He’s indenial!

    That 2011 article by Gazidis was the summer we spent terribly on Santos and Park et al


    When all was said and done, we had a net spend of about £10m. Wenger knew full well what he was doing.

    We lost Cesc and Nasri in the same summer, and similarly to when we lost RvP, we replace with quantity as opposed to quality.

    That list of signings was so depressing.

  13. Dissenter

    “Salaries, money, often tells you how has power and influence at company – if Gazidis tries to get rid of Jenks, as you suggest, while Wenger wants to keep him on squad, who going to win the argument? Is it easier for Kroenke to fire Gazidis or Wenger?”

    That’s not true.
    8.5 million is the going rate for a manager of Arsenal
    2.4 million is the going rate for football CEOs in the premier league.
    Salary depends on what line of work that’s done.

    I didn’t suggest that Gazidis can fire Wenger without course. I said he needs to do his job. His job is not to rubber stamp Wenger’s way of doing things.
    It’s very common for a panel of employees to be picked to interview management candidates. I interviewed my boss along with other selected middle-management officers when she was interviewing for the position. . We passed on our “observations” to the selection board. it’s no biggie.

  14. Vote leave

    Sorry excuse me
    I’ve had a few beers
    Ether way if the team was so good then why was it kit already winning titles in the preveuous years before wengers arrival

  15. Karl

    After doing the greatest comeback ever, Barca went and loosen up their grip at the top of the table. Madrid are to play tonight and have a game in hand. If they don’t win La Liga this season, then, they are sh*t.

  16. WrightIsGod


    “To those who criticize Gazidis: what exactly has he done that makes you so critical of him?”

    It’s what he hasn’t done quite frankly. Where’s the evidence to say he his worth his salt exactly?

  17. Alexanderhenry


    A season or two after that he also said we’d be competing with Bayern in transfers by now only to back track and say we ‘can’t compete’ in transfers.

    Also, gazidis was the one banging on about FFP and how arsenal were the only club prepared for it. FFP has been duly ignored by the big clubs and arsenal have been made to look very silly indeed.

    Sorry, but I do not believe a word that comes out of Gazidis’ mouth. How many times did we hear him or Hill wood or ‘chips’ Keswick make statements like this?

    Wenger spends what he’s given and always has:


    You probably won’t even watch this interview but to quote Wenger when he is asked point blank on why he doesn’t spend as much as the big clubs:

    ‘There is no matter of principle…we spend the money we have’.

    He can’t be any clearer than that and there is no reason he would lie about it.

    Bamford, my views seem to anger you but try and be objective.

    Think about it.

    The idea that arsenal’s lack of progress might have something to do with it’s owner – especially one with such a poor record and such a wretched reputation- isn’t such a far fetched idea.

    The idea that Wenger has refused to spend money offered to him on principle and has been allowed to do so for over ten years, is.

  18. Carts

    Nicolai Jorgensen love a goal too.

    15/25game for him.

    Rebirth of the Scandinavian strikers, me thinks.

    Sadly, barring Suarez, that Dutch league has done well to troll teams into buying strikers who, for the most part, go on to replicate that form else where

  19. WrightIsGod


    “I didn’t suggest that Gazidis can fire Wenger without course. I said he needs to do his job. His job is not to rubber stamp Wenger’s way of doing things.”


    Gazidis could at least position himself correctly and not in Wenger’s shadow ffs. I mean, if you believe getting Wenger a DoF is the best thing to do for the football team then do it, at least make it clear that is your thought. Play the game, especially when it has clearly become a house of cards.

    The truth is Gazidis is clueless about football and doesn’t want to be found out as such and is scared to do anything in case he twists and goes bust. He is the personification of a coward. And I thought Wenger was a coward but at least he sticks to a principle ffs.

    To tell us every year there’s money to spend and then watch the manager not spend it and being content with the mediocrity.

    This is the CEO who has overseen ticket price hikes and also has the ready made excuses to explain them away.

    Personally for a team like Arsenal with such European (cough) standing, a huge tourist filled stadium, a couple world class players, a young and decent looking team full of hair models, fresh off winning FA cups and apparently welcoming the new chapter of success, touring America and Asia during pre-season, and you can negotiate better sponsors than what we have?

    And then to even contemplate interviewing Eddie Howe. My God.

    And then people want to ask why there’s a dislike for Gazidis.

  20. WrightIsGod

    Honestly the way it looks right now is that Wenger could sack Gazidis if he wanted but gazidis could never sack him.

    I mean think about it. It’s probably more possible than gazidis pulling his finger out.

    The man has no credentials to make me back him. He’s part of the overall problem.

  21. Alexanderhenry

    Gazidis really doesn’t have that much say at arsenal. There’s only one man who can sack wenger…

  22. Carts

    Gazidis is a cuck in the eyes of Wenger.

    Poor sod couldn’t even order the catering apprentice to bring him Twinning tea bags, ffs

  23. Bamford10


    So the board goes along with whatever Wenger says — whether he has a plan or not — but Ivan Gazidis, who is paid 1/4 what Wenger is and who was hired in part by Wenger is going to battle Wenger on this or that question which Wenger believes he has say over?

    Come on. That’s nonsense.

    There may be reason to be skeptical of Gazidis, but Wenger has the power at Arsenal, not Gazidis. In truth we won’t really be able to judge Gazidis as a footballing executive until Wenger is gone, until the bizarre and dysfunctional set-up (unique to Arsenal) is gone.

  24. Bamford10


    One, Kroenke believes in Arsene Wenger just as much as you do. If you think Wenger is the man for the job, why shouldn’t Kroenke?

    Or do you agree that Wenger isn’t good enough to help Arsenal contend for a title or in Europe?

    Two, Kroenke is an absentee landlord at Arsenal. He trusts Wenger, Gazidis and the board to run things, receives email updates re key financials and helps to make one or two decisions a year. He most certainly does not change the amount Wenger has available to spend every season — swinging wildly from 70m one year to 10m the next, like some bizarre schizophrenic — as these amounts are part of a long term planning process and are decided long in advance.

    Your theories and your arguments are fucking bunk, and it is really beyond me why Pedro allows you to continue posting here.

    You’re dishonest, you’re an ideologue, you make terrible arguments (over and over) and you’re a nuisance.

  25. Marko

    Wenger spends what he’s given and always has:

    Not this shite again. So yeah that one summer he only had 10 million to spend and could only bring in Cech thank fuck for that. Also he was only given 50 odd million to bring in Mustafi and Perez in the final 2-3 weeks of last summer cause I guess there was a whole up at the bank I suppose.

    Also I love how you take Wenger at his word in interviews but not Ivan? Not surprised. You are really part of the problem currently at Arsenal. Think managers begin and end with one Arsene Wenger and there’s no one else capable of the job.

  26. Marko

    *hold up.

    Look 90% of arguments on this site can be sorted by one simple question how/why/can you justify giving him a new contract? You simply cannot. Year in year out the same problems exist. Lack of preparation for games, lack of ambitions, never take the transfer market seriously, always good for 3-4 humiliating losses at least. Zero progress

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Arsenal have announced the death of the football club with the signing of arsene wenger on a two year contract with the opportunity of extending for a further two,years …

    R.I.P Arsenal

  28. PieAFC

    He will sign up, before the FA cup semi final after a few decent results.

    Then we will lose the semi final, not get 4th.

    Finally then, the penny will drop, what everyone has been saying. By that time damage has been done.

    He’s going out like Clough. He’s ego won’t let it rest.

  29. Redtruth

    League placings matter not in the great scheme of things.
    In fact fans would be spared further humliation in Europe were we to miss out on top 4.

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I am protesting
    I jacked 5 years back
    Gave up season ticket didn’t sell on or lease out like unscrulpous cunts do till it comes good. I didn’t want it Sony more so gave it to do one who did..

  31. Ces1ne

    Someone getting in their feelings & asking Pedro to apologize for stereotyping accountants………..I hate these modern times, I really do. It’s ok Bazza, you’re a special little accounting snowflake (pats head).

  32. Follow the money

    Vote leave. Here are some facts. Wenger has won no major titles since Dein left. Dein was responsible for getting Sol, and Henry and PV4 and Petit etc. He closed deals. I’ve not once heard Dein say he was in for a player and then did not get him. Wenger has a list a mile long of players he’s wanted but not gotten (I suspect because his arrogance makes him a terrible negotiator and deal maker). Without Dein handling negotiations, probably half of the Invincibles wouldn’t have been signed.

  33. Goonereris

    Follow the money, don’t be ridiculous. Henry was Arsene’s kid protege at Monaco, you forget. PV4 and Petit, both being French further dents your argument. Sol is on record as having said Wenger reached him.

    Of course, Dein will only then move in to get the deals in. In any case, did Dein also conduct training sessions?

  34. Wallace

    with Chelsea running away with the league the FA Cup semis – bearing in mind the teams left in it – are probably going to be the most exciting weekend of the whole season. hope we get the Spuds.

  35. Wallace

    if it was Dein’s job to take the weekly pressers, and also the post-game interviews i’m sure we’d have heard of a few players that slipped the net. but that’s part of the manager’s job, so guess we’ll never know.

  36. Ces1ne

    Sergio Ramos with another header to break the deadlock for Madrid………he has the “mythical” #mentalstrengthz wenger has been babbling on about for years

  37. Ces1ne


    Ramos has been on such a monster run lately but has been one of the greatest players of this generation imHo so it doesn’t surprise me a bit. The Kroos stat is wild tho, and that not including the multiple times he’s hit the post.

    What’s the word on Depay so far back in France??……know he’s bagged a few, but haven’t heard much about his overall play that much.

  38. Ces1ne

    Navas (who should have been sent off earlier) saves Madrid with an amazing save at the death. Jumps them a few points ahead of Barca after their loss. Shame Sevilla doesn’t seem to have the lasting power, but fingers crossed they can keep the pressure going.

  39. Redtruth

    As a seven-year-old, Henry showed great potential, prompting Claude Chezelle to recruit him to the local club CO Les Ulis.

    His father pressured him to attend training, although the youngster was not particularly drawn to football.

    He joined US Palaiseau in 1989, but after a year his father fell out with the club, so Henry moved to ES Viry-Châtillon and played there for two years.

    US Palaiseau coach Jean-Marie Panza, Henry’s future mentor, followed him there.

    Correction: Wenger was dismissed 18 days after Henry made his debut for Monaco.

  40. Goonereris

    Ramos is drawn to the set pieces like a magnet. Quite amazing stats; double figures in goals. True captain.

    Didn’t even see Depay look up to see the goal keeper off his line. Good goal. Audacious too, for a man who looked shot of confidence.

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You standing there Eamon’ Andrews like with the big red book in yer hand ,…


    Arsene wenger you thoughttt you were just here for some more abuse …

  42. karim


    Definitely a Madrid legend already imo.

    As for Memphis, he’s been average so far to be honest, scoring a few goals as you mentioned but kind of trying too hard and being a little too selfish for my liking.
    It doesn’t help as Lyon’s strength is their collective game but you can feel it’s getting better already. Needs to adapt to the league, nothing too worrying though.

    Interesting that they beat Roma 4/2 without him, that’s how good they are offensively.

  43. Goonereris

    RedtruthMarch 12, 2017 21:08:03
    Wenger got sacked 6 weeks after Henry made his debut for Monaco.

    Yeah, but Henry joined Monaco in 1992. Not sure what your point was.

  44. Goonereris

    Why does it delight you to take away credit from the man, anyway? I just don’t get it. Want him out, by all means, but must we also deny him his successes? He won two trophies at Monaco and so did well for them, to be fair. Also brought in some exciting players to the club (George Weah, Battiston, Glenn Hoddle and Juergen Klinsmann); people don’t forget stuff like that.

  45. Goonereris

    Redtruth 12, 2017 21:56:10
    GoonererisProtege of the scouting system which was fuck all to do with Wenger…nutjob.

    Lol. Well, whatever floats your boat, mate. So, what happened to the other Wenger allegation: “he controls everything”?

  46. Redtruth

    It was a different setup at Monaco.
    Remember Wenger built the Stadium and has total control on all things Arsenal even dwwn to the type of loo rolls used.

  47. karim

    Wenger was the same control freak Red, just saw a few of his former players debating it a couple of weeks ago on French tv ( Sonor, Petit and Di Meco ).

  48. Goonereris

    RedtruthMarch 12, 2017 22:02:29
    I never heard of Wenger before he came to Arsenal so his impact on football was negligable..

    So negligible Bayern Munich came for him and it was only the resistance of the Monaco management (and his decision to respect his contracts, maybe) that prevented him joining the German side? How did you think Dein “heard” of him then?

  49. Goonereris

    karimMarch 12, 2017 22:10:13
    Wenger was the same control freak Red, just saw a few of his former players debating it a couple of weeks ago on French tv ( Sonor, Petit and Di Meco ).

    There you go, Red. Hahahaha!

  50. Alexanderhenry


    ‘One, Kroenke believes in Arsene Wenger just as much as you do. If you think Wenger is the man for the job, why shouldn’t Kroenke?’

    An idiotic point.

    Kroenke thinks Wenger is the man for the job because he has been able to keep Arsenal top four on a relative shoestring. The important point quite obviously, is Kroenke’s refusal to spend what the club should and could regardless of who is manager.

    ‘Two, Kroenke is an absentee landlord at Arsenal. He trusts Wenger, Gazidis and the board to run things, receives email updates re key financials and helps to make one or two decisions a year. He most certainly does not change the amount Wenger has available to spend every season — swinging wildly from 70m one year to 10m the next, like some bizarre schizophrenic — as these amounts are part of a long term planning process and are decided long in advance.’

    Are you really that ignorant Bamford?

    Of course Kroenke determines the budget and when he wants to, changes the amount wenger has to spend. He is the controlling majority shareholder. He owns 60% of the club and like all owners in all football clubs has control of the purse strings.
    Perhaps you think Kroenke’s given Wenger his personal credit cards and cheque book as well.

    Bamford, your arguments are some of the dumbest, most naive, pea brained nonsense I have ever heard from any arsenal fan. And you’re fucking rude.

    You come across as the worst kind of bullying, pompous prat and your pathetic attempts to get me banned show that you have the temperament of a spoiled five year old.

    Now, kindly go away you stupid man.

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Thank god arsene came in in 96

    We were aimlessly going round an could have ended up like Crystal Palace

    We owe him everything.

    Thank the lord for him

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal is an “investment” for Kroenke. Frankly I don’t think that he is passionate about football, although by all accounts his son Joshua is.

    I think that the only concern, which might impact on Kroenke’s decision making would be if there is a sharp drop in asset value of club and its revenues.

    That might happen this summer if we fail to qualify for Champions League. That Tournament has generated a lot of money for the club both in TV revenues and one suspects in sponsorship as well. Also the club will find it difficult to charge the most expensive ticket prices if we fail to qualify.

    From a personal point of view I want to see Wenger leave this summer, because he has been past his sell by date for a long time.

    Sadly the only person who matters when making a decision over Wenger’s future is Kroenke. He may give Wenger one last chance to prove himself.

  53. Alexanderhenry


    Quite right.

    However, I actually think we will drop out of the top four this season. The atmosphere surrounding the club and wenger will become so toxic, I predict wenger throws the towel in.

    What is worrying, is that there is absolutely no indication that the club have a plan post wenger.
    What should happen is this: Kroenke appoints an ‘elite’ manager and gives him a healthy budget to work with.

    I don’t see that happening.

  54. PhD07

    In a nutshell,why are Arsenal fans even bothering to invest so much emotional attachment,financial resources and time in a club that clearly does not give a flying swan about the fans..

    We have an absentee owner in Silent Stan who is completely detached from the fans.Hardly attends games.So,in short doesn’t care about the fans.

    The BoD clearly think of the fans as pesky ingrates,who should shut up and pay their money.

    A manager who thinks he built the club(&stadium),and rationalises that the fans are short-sighted and know nothing.

    And finally the players,who quite frankly don’t give a cahoots about the fans.Turn up when it suits them& when things get a bit tasty,shrug their shoulders,trot out some inane pronouncements about focusing on the next game.In between taking selfies on twitter/instagram,etc,etc..

    Does this seem like a club to you from top to bottom,that has the interests of the fans at heart?

    In short,the club in it’s entirety does not give an iota of care about you.
    So why should you?

    Some of you guys sound like regressive entities,that need psychological evaluation.

    It baffles logic,that posters are willing to spend every waking hour debating who is to blame,who should go,who we should sign,etc,etc..When the same cycle of events represent themselves every season at the Emirates for nigh on a decade and a half.

    Pointless-save your energy.

  55. Goonereris

    karimMarch 12, 2017 22:14:28
    Wenger was good no doubt.
    He hasn’t been good for a long time, no doubt either.End of.

    Can’t argue with that, Karim, except to view his dwindling quality in relative terms (to circumstances); I’ll choose to have perspective.

    I feel he’ll leave in the summer though.

  56. Elmo

    Xhaka can’t replace Xabi Alonso because he can’t do the defensive work. Even nearing retirement Alonso has a better engine than Xhaka.

    Xhaka has looked more comfortable since he’s been played in his natural deep-lying playmaker position, but his cluelessness when it comes to the defensive side and tracking runners is frankly embarrassing.

    However, we can’t really afford to sell Xhaka unless we have a quality replacement lined up. Cazorla is as good as done now (32 yr old coming off consecutive season ending injuries) and we don’t have any technically gifted midfielders with vision (accepting that Wilshere is a bust who is going this summer).

  57. Alexanderhenry


    Fair points. All of them.

    Arsenal fc- previously a great club- has been turned into just another one of Kroenke’s wretched, under performing ‘franchises’.

    Kroenke can be gotten rid of though if season tickets are given up and not renewed.

    As soon as Arsenal start losing money, he’ll sell up.

  58. PhD07

    Despite my run-ins with Pedro over the years & several posters on here.
    Must commend Pedro,for his relentless dedication to giving us Arsenal fans a platform,with which to air our views over the years,which at times borders on the controversial and at times borders on the mundane.

    Either way, given the non-sensical magical roundabout, us Arsenal fans have had to suffer for the last 12-13 years..Maybe to entice back Arsenal fans & other non -Arsenal fans who have become disillusioned with the state of the affairs at the Emirates and football in general.

    It might be worthwhile considering running another football blog alongside Le-Grove,maybe having a tab on the Le-Grove page,where there can be posts on La-Ligue/German League/French League,even the Major League(USA).

    Have guest posters (i.e.Karim post on the French League)who are conversant with such leagues,where current and potential posters can have another platform to comment on.At least it would be a welcome positive diversion from all things Arsenal..

    Maybe it will freshen things up.Bring back the enjoyment to football.Something that,unfortunately Arsenal haven’t been able to provide for a considerable length of time..

    Just throwing an idea out their to Pedro et al.

    All are welcome to provide their own ideas/suggestions…

    Have a great day/evening depending upon where you are in the world..

  59. Redtruth

    If financial constraints were so great then why didn’t Wenger walk.
    The fact he remains speaks volumes and shows he was a major player and architect of such constraints.

  60. N5

    Redtruth @ 00:05. Excellent point and like most questions asked to posters like Alexander it’ll get ignored as they can’t answer it without accepting Wenger player a part in the current situation.

  61. China

    I start to feel a migraine coming on every time I see Alexander Henry spouting the same fucking lies

    cometh the man comets the hour

    Wenger was only given 10m to sign cech

    Absolute joker of a man you are Alexander

    You talk of shoe string budgets as well Alex, but we were a top 4 team before ozil came. We added ozil Sanchez and cech then spent the best part of a hundred million last summer and we’re now outside the top 4 and just got the one of the worst CL tankings in history

    You also say wenger has no reason not to spend what he has. Yes he does. The more he spends the less excuses he has when he doesn’t win. He harped on about not being able to compete with big spenders for a decade then lost the league to Leicester whilst having a squad that is one of the most expensive in the league.

    I’d have a lot more time for you Alex if you just came out and admitted you have a thing for arsene. Like love the guy, dream about that photo of him playing beach volleyball lying on the sand or whatever I really don’t care.

    But for the love of good stop lying like a 6 year old on the school playground

  62. TonyD


    Couldn’t agree with your posts more: there is too much repetitive ire posted these days. The posts themselves are becoming as much ‘Groundhog Day’ regurgitated arguments as Wenger’s poor overall management has been over the last 13 years.

    We all know what’s wrong with Wenger, Gizidis, the Board and Kronke. It’s getting boring reading the the same things every day.

    Pedro you’re doing a fine job and at least you’re able to find some Lampoon humour in your posts.

    To be honest, I have no idea how to get rid of Wenger. I feel we are losing the battle yet again and always will because there is not enough ‘Voice’ happening.

    What irks me the most (and I’m not really affected living in Thailand) is the fact that Chips and the other ditherers and non football people on the board can treat the real paying supporters with so much disdain.

    I only see one way to fight back to their feelings that the fans are there only to give them money and should know their places is to leave the Emirates empty on match days for a few games.

    Hit the sanctimonious board where it hurts – in their pockets.

    See what the press and Kronke think of that.

    See just how long Wenger keeps his job then.

    The only thing I can do is not buy any Arsenal merchandise any longer or subscribe to any Arsenal revenue stream services until Wenger has gone.

  63. China

    Guys if you want a positive take on the chances of wenger leaving think this

    We don’t need to be a majority against wenger to force him out. We only need to be a sufficiently disruptive minority

    So long as a highly visible and audiable group are relentlessly creating a bad atmosphere around him and the club then the manager board media and players will be unable to avoid dealing with it

    He can’t do these press conferences forever because he’s getting more and more Erdrich and bleeding fans. It only takes enough protesters to keep the difficult press conferences coming and eventually wenger will hang himself

  64. Kane

    “People brainwash you with what they think is right.

    Get out of that heated ­atmosphere and look at things in an objective way. Sometimes it confirms what people say. Sometimes it doesn’t”


    So there it is everyone…. when you watch Arsenal get beaten 5-1 twice with your own eyes or when you see us sitting 5th in the league table 16 points off top it’s not that we are shit, it’s that us ignorant fans have been brainwashed by pundits into thinking we are shit, when actually we are quality.

    I actually think Wenger is trolling us – how far can he take it and still keep his job

    Next will be that qualifying for the UEFA is something we should be excited as it’s a new completion for Arsenal fans to experience and losing Sanchez is ok because it gives Sango a chance to show fans how he has improved.

  65. TonyD


    Agree with your thinking, but Wenger has too much power and spin behind him for anything to work in getting him out other than really hitting the club where it hurts: financially.

    He’ll continue to get away with the erratic press diatribes because he has Kronke et al behind him. He really doesn’t’t care what the fans think.

    I read yesterday that the board have supposedly given Wenger 3 weeks to give his answer as to signing his new contract.

    Anyone else heard about that?

    The timing sound suspiciously BS to me.

  66. reality check

    TheBayingMobMarch 12, 2017 16:02:35

    Doing the Arsene-Wenger

    You put your Sanchez in,
    You take your Sanchez out,
    In Out In Out you’re fucking him about,
    Ignor Stepanovs and Denilson,
    That’s what it’s all about …Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger …6-0, 8-2 RAH RAH RAH!

    You put your Özil in,
    You take your Özil out,

    In Out in Out messing with the Krout,
    Andre Santos and Sa-nogo,
    That’s what it’s all about!

    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger …5-1, 5-1 RAH RAH RAH!You put a Diaby in, then Diaby was out
    He was out out out what the fuck was that about!?
    Cygan, Squillaci, Jeffers and Silvestre,
    That’s what it’s all about!Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger …Eight point two Mill RAH RAH RAH!

    comment of the year!

    The trick is to imagine Kronke Wenger and the board singing it themselves..

    rah rah rah
    rah rah eah

  67. mysticleaves

    The most troubling thing that Wenger has done this season though isnt the failures but renewing messers Per, Giroud and Santi’s contracts. These are players the incoming manager would have beimg looking to move on. Wenger did that out of desperation, maybe to put off incoming nanagers cos theres no way those signings are in the interest of the club.

  68. mysticleaves

    As for available strikers i would sign these summer, i would go Lukaku, Icardi, Morata in that order.

    Dunno what Lukaku is still doing at Everton, hes an absolute monster of a striker capable of 40goals a season in a serious team.