Wenger sours Lincoln win with crazy post match interview

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A solid Saturday really. No drama in a game that really shouldn’t have ever caused any. It was a pretty dry first half, Lincoln making us wait a full 45minutes to score. Theo Walcott well and truly on hand in the BIG games with a lovely deflected finish.

The second half was all about fitness and quality. There’s no situation you’d fancy Lincoln beating Arsenal, but away from home, on that mega pitch, it was only a matter of time before we stepped into destruction mode.

We eventually belted 4 more past the non-leaguers. They put up a good fight, but it wasn’t good enough. We never really stepped out of 1st gear. Alexis Sanchez, that horrible little scuz bucket somehow managed to contribute with some assists and goals. I mean, my big concern at the end of that game was whether he’d run 10km. What’s the point in contributing to the team if you don’t have evidence you’ve run 10km?

The game was so easy in the end, even Aaron Ramsey managed to score, albeit from a range of one yard where he literally couldn’t miss.

The magic of the FA Cup was there because that’s a lovely pay day for Lincoln. It wasn’t there in terms of an upset. The next round is the semi-final, we’re going to Wembley, a trophy is still within reach!

Things to talk about:

The Protest

So amusing to watch Twitter going into meltdown about the guy who had a ‘Vik Akers Out’ sign. It’s like a zero banter zone out there. I even saw a few British journalists play the offended card. Guys and girls, lighten up, it’s football and he’s the kit man. No one died. It was clearly a joke.

The protests caused a lot of online noise again. A lot of snarking from people who don’t like it. I can understand, you go to football on a Saturday to support your team. It can feel quite unnatural to go against the manager. However, we live in a strange world at Arsenal where we have a dictator who is deciding his own destiny against the backdrop of another abject season. Worst thing is journalists who have been close to the club for many years – Amy Lawrence of The Guardian – reckon Wenger is going to sign on again. He’s talking about feeling energised about the future and he knows by the time the season slumps to an end, we’ll all be too bored to kick up a fuss.

It’s really poor form from Ivan Gazidis and co. To even suggest this is a mutual decision is beyond embarrassing. I’ve heard news slinking out of the club from people who have access to various big names saying that not only does Wenger believe he built this club, but Ivan and co like the fact Arsene keeps things steady. The fear being that a new man might come in and shake things up, demand more of the club outweighs steady stagnation and a few grumbling fans.

We’re in a situation potentially where everyone just wants an easy life. Which is really depressing when you remember we’re not a FTSE 250 accountancy firm, we’re a sports club. What a way to live your life. Billionaire owner tied to steady growth figures over trophies, a manager so wrapped up in his own ego and mortality, he can’t quit and a CEO who doesn’t seem to mind what goes on at Arsenal as long as he’s coining in £2.6m a year.

Depressing. I mean, not as depressing as the worry I have that Arsene Wenger is full on losing his mind. He beats Lincoln 5-0 and all he wants to talk about is the Bayern game.

“I think the team was unjustifiably criticised for our last game against Bayern Munich because we had an outstanding game,”

 “Our game was killed not by the fault of the players. But we have to take a distance with that and have a look at a bigger perspective than people want to do.

“And overall, to respond today, that’s what we did. I think we had an outstanding game against Bayern Munich. Our game was killed by the referee. I’ve watched this game three times now, and it’s still the referee who killed our game.”

You’re like, well, at least if he watched the game, he’ll have seen the lack of effort by the players and maybe make some tough love decisions in the summer… errrr…

“I would like to watch the game with you and you would see that the players didn’t let me down, nor themselves, nor the club.

Then when you’re thinking, well, maybe he’ll have something coherent to say about his future.

“Let’s not talk about me too much because that has happened a lot recently. I have shown in my life that I try to serve this club with complete commitment and I will do that as long as I am here,” he said.

“How long? I don’t know at the moment. I have shown a lot of loyalty and my preference is here. I focus on my job. I always do that. I let other people judge my performances.

“People talk and talk and talk, it doesn’t mean they talk truth. We have to deal with that and perform on the football pitch. We let people talk and show them what we are about.

“When I have a problem I try to just sort it out. I am competitive and always focused on solving the problems I face. Sometimes the size of the problem is bigger, but there are always problems.”

A whole series of nothing comments. When he speaks of loyalty, he’s telling you he built the club. When he says people talk, he’s furious that people who comment on the game but don’t manage in it dare to have an opinion on his abilities. When he says he’s competitive, he’s saying that he’ll hit top 4 again and that’ll be that.

Disdain for the fans. Disdain for criticism. Disdain for the idea he can’t reframe what winning is in the modern era.

Just a selfish old man who can’t accept it’s over for him. A now unsuccessful manager clinging onto power in the socialist ecosytem he’s built and runs with an iron fist. A man who doesn’t realise it’s over for him at the highest level.

Depressing that we’re about to give £10m a year to a manager who:

#1 Couldn’t explain succinctly how he was going to take Arsenal to the next level, or explain what that meant

#2 Thinks his team had a great game against Bayern Munich. A side that inflicted the worst defeat on a British club in the CL ever. A game Neuer joked was like a training exercise.

# Thinks the players had a great game and didn’t let him down

When you think like that, how can anyone believe Arsenal will improve under him again? As immature as it sounds, those quotes are loser talk. The players will read them and laugh. Any prospective employer would laugh. Stan and Ivan should be rescinding the contract off the back of those comments.

They won’t though.

Welcome to stasis. Welcome to stagnation. Welcome to another 2 years of the nutty professor.

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  1. Globalgunner

    One thing is for sure, Alexis and Ozil will leave and no top player in his right mind will come here. Without alexis we will have to rely on Giroud, Welbeck and Walnutt for goals . Instand mid table for sure. But Wenger doesnt care. He will blame, the refs, the press, the fans. Insane that the so called board cant see this .

  2. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Your view of Gazidis is unfortunate, Pedro. He’s nothing more than a figurehead and not even a decent one at that. You’d do well to steer clear of propping up this puppet…he’s a waste of space in an ill-fitting suit.

  3. Jay

    Good to see criticism of Gazidis, Pedro. Kim-Jong Weng’s comments about the Bayern game show what a sh*t show we’re stuck with, same goes for how easily our fans are mollified – though that will only last till we’re beaten at Wembley. I don’t think there’s now any doubt that (a) the Board really are offering him another two years, and that (b) of course he’ll take that. The whole club is suffering from a mix of apathy, resignation, delusion and Stockholm Syndrome. Sad days ahead for us.

  4. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So many words come to mind when I think of Wenger now. The one that best suits him is PATHETIC. Nothing he will say or do in the coming days will change this perception. Everything he touches reeks of pathetic.

  5. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Arsene Wenger has just created a new cologne …. ready for it … Arrogance!!!

    With just one drop you too can whiff of the scent of arrogance, just like One Arsene Wenger!!!

    Can’t wait for it to go on sale…

  6. foreverinourshadows

    The man hangs like a dark cloud which simply will not go away, the protest may have been small yesterday, but I would do one at every home game at least til the end of the season, I would smuggle more placards and banners into the ground, a lot of Arsenal fans complain about le fraud but do jack about it, AKBs still think only a small bunch want him out, but the two thousand empty seats put that idea to bed. He has really killed my appetite watching Arsenal, the smug face turns my stomach, I wish he would drop down dead, that’s how much I despise him, the old saying that Charlton Heston had “from my cold dead hands” comes to mind with the despot, but when he goes the dark cloud will lift and the sun will shine again, but when that day comes is anyone’s guess. The board with it’s arrogant stagnant corrupt bile will still be there, the AKBs will still remain but will adopt a new name, but will liner like the fart you leave in the car and come back to hours later and it still reeks

  7. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    “I’ve already said we’ll lose to United and Chelsea, so I’m not sure why you bring up Ibra and Costa.”

    To be honest, I didn’t read your comment on us losing to United or Chelsea, I think its a given that we lose to either of those teams in the Semi. Now its down to whether Spurs or City would be the tougher team to beat, and I believe its Spurs.

    Their defensive record is better and the very fact they are who they are makes them that more difficult to play. Also our recent results against both are similar, could actually say we have done better against City in the recent years.

  8. Vivienne white

    Your Comment Here would be better to stop the moaning about Arsenal Wenger/he’s given his life for Arsenal and he is to be respected for his knowledge of the game.Come on all of you Arsenal fans it’s time to supportArsenal and the team and the manager.

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Stop supporting the club for a few years and come back when he’s finally gone. Arsenal will still be there.

    …and yes, it is that easy. If you keep supporting, you keep Arsene in the job.

  10. WrightIsGod

    I pray to God the AKBs aren’t jizzing their pants all over the Lincoln game. The gulf in levels was so clear to see, when was the last time you saw Arsenal carving through a team with such ease?

    It wasn’t even a competition. A no contest before it began. This is all very embarrassing.

  11. Westlondongoon

    He’ obviously decided that he’s staying, (who wouldn’t with the prospect of another £20m,) but who is he going to be managing next year? The capitulations again Bayern will have seriously damaged his reputation around Europe, players will look at what is happening at Arsenal and question why, other than the money on offer, why would I want to go there? There’s a shed more exciting teams to play for at the moment, teams where there is real progression and genuine excitement about what they, and their managers, are bringing to the table.

    If Wenger stays, over the next 2 years we are going to get left behind, giving new contracts to Coqelin and Mertesacker tells you everything you need to know about the direction we are heading.

  12. WrightIsGod


    Are you finally wishing up to how awful a CEO Ivan Gazidis.

    There didly squat evidence this guy has any credentials I or any Arsenal fans can get behind.

    Shocking you have him such love and support in the first place. But you live by the sword, you may well die by it, or at least get a graze here and there.

  13. Jim Lahey

    @Adam –

    A point came were I just couldn’t listen to the same thing over and over! I honestly think it was about 2010 when I last listened to one of his post match ramblings… At that point I thought we needed a change but still wasn’t vehemently “Wenger Out”, I just knew what he was going to say win/lose or draw.. there is never any honesty or great insight in his interviews its the same tired phrases he has used for decades.

  14. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Perish the thought, meeting Spurs in the semis or finals. Lose and Wenger’s fate is sealed, he will have nowhere to hide from the baying mob. Win and it galvanizes the fool and clinches an extension and two more years of purgatory for supporters. Two more years of further embarrassing moments.

    Perish the thought, but somehow I’m loving it. His legacy on a dime with two tails.

  15. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Indeed Jim. I’m all but done with his Arsenal. It’s not my Arsenal, that’s for sure. Taking time away from him and his nonsense will likely do me a lot of good. I think I’m quite comfortable in my 40+ years of support that a couple of years away will not make me any less of a supporter.

    Love the team, just can’t stand the Manager any longer. Not good for anyone’s mental health in the long run.

  16. Bamford10


    While I know there are many Spurs believers here, I still think we’d have a better chance of beating Spurs than City. But maybe I’m giving too much weight to City’s attacking class and not enough weight to their defensive weaknesses.

    Nah, I think I’m right. 😉

  17. Bamford10

    Wenger has three weeks to make a decision. Let’s hope the plane flying overhead next weekend makes it clear that he must go for there to be peace at the club.

  18. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I would say our chances with Spurs is 50-50, Bamford. History plays big in this one, but the team is so gall darned awful under pressure this season. In past I’d wager full on Arsenal over Spurs. Now? I wouldn’t wager your money on this collective bunch of weaklings.

  19. Bamford10

    To those who criticize Gazidis: what exactly has he done that makes you so critical of him?

    He’s not responsible for Wenger’s contract, so he can’t be blamed for that.

    What is it you blame him for, exactly?

  20. Bamford10


    Yes, I’d probably have us as 50-50 against Spurs as well. But I wouldn’t give us the same chance against City. With City I’d say out chances are more 40-60 or 45-55.

  21. Adam A. Carbarundum

    For doing exactly nothing, Bamford. Gazidis is nothing more than a figurehead put in place to counter claims that Arsenal are a dictatorship. Isn’t it obvious? I’d be amazed if the man can even spell his name.

    You give far too much credit to a puppet.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Yesterday’s game was not a test of our team’s character or performance even if it was a FA Cup semi-final.

    The idea that the result was likely to be in doubt was frankly a reflection about
    team morale and not the massive difference in class.

    Nevertheless the game did highlight once again some basic weaknesses in the
    team. Both Giroud and Ramsey were poor even if they did manage to score goals.

    Also I have maintained since October when Cazorla got crocked that Arsenal’s
    midfield is weak both creatively and defensively. Messrs Ramsey, Coquelin and Elneny lack the talent or skill to be top class players and it is also clear that Xhaka was not a player who was likely to adapt quickly to the pace in EPL.

    The fragility of our defence is due to poor organisation and tactics and that is
    down to Manager and Coaches.

    I think that everyone now accepts that Sanchez will leave at end of this season.
    This is not just down to the performance level of team, but also to his behaviour both on and off the field.

    There are posters who will blame the club for this, but the reality is that footballers are high paid professionals. It is one thing to be ambitious and want to
    move to a club which is likely to perform at a higher level, but that should not
    be at the expense of your teammates. They should command respect.

    From my point of view the club and Wenger need to part company at the end of this season. We need a new broom for the sake of the sanity and future success of club.

    This team is not going to get better under Wenger and the coaches. They offer
    a stale recipe. All that is now happening is that we are dropping down the pecking order.

    The inherent weaknesses of our team/squad have been highlighted this season particularly in the games against Chelsea and Bayern. Under Wenger I
    don’t see any material change in style before substance.

    My view is that there will be a reckoning at the end of this season, because I
    think that there will be financial consequences.

    For a start our revenue will drop by at least £20 million if we fail to qualify for
    Champions League and that will also need to be reflected in Ticket Prices. A
    lot of season ticket holders are already fairly disgruntled with the way we have
    been playing this year and you see a lot of regulars absenting themselves from
    games even if they loan their seats to others or make them available through the exchange.

    There may well be a lot of regulars who decide to give up their seats at the end
    of this season, although surprisingly there is still divided opinion on whether
    Wenger should stay or go.

  23. Westlondongoon


    If the board have really told Wenger to make his decision by 2nd of April, the FA Cup semi final (defeat) will come about 3 weeks too late for us. This is going to get a whole lot more painful for us yet but Wembley, depending on the opposition, could be a real tipping point; looking at our recent record against the rest of the top 6, I can’t see us putting up a good showing, let alone getting a victory.

    Cue multiple choruses of ‘Arsene Wenger we want you to stay’.

  24. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I fear all the remaining teams. Each of them are more than capable of turning this weak minded squad into a bag of jelly by just showing up. Before Xmas I’d fancy our chances on all of them. Given we are now in March, I’d fancy our chances at capitulation over actually winning, let alone competing.

    In my eyes we are that poor now.

  25. Jim Lahey

    @bamford –

    On Gazidis, I will admit I don’t know too much about the business world, its not my area of expertise, but is it normal for a CEO of a company not to have the power to fire an employee below him?

  26. Bergkamp63

    “Our confidence came back against Lincoln”

    LMAO !

    Is he saying we were not confident of beating them before the game started ? Is that why he felt he had to field a full strength team at home against non league opposition ?

    I wonder what the excuse will be after either the away game to WBA or home to Man City ?

    Welcome to the world of Wenger’s lost and found !

  27. Gerry

    Your Comment Here
    Unless the board put pressure on him to go he won’t.
    They should be insisting on results and back him with a massive transfer budget. That won’t happen.
    Liverpool are talking 150M next year. Then there’s MU Chel Man City ALL with bigger budgets.
    Wenger or any new manager will not be in a position to compete UNLESS the board is prepared to compete.
    Won’ t happen.
    We’ll end up mid table.

  28. China

    A classic wenger quote from circa 8 years ago – we have one or two players in our academy with technically nothing left to learn

    (Presumably referring to wilshere and god knows who else)

  29. Bamford10


    What credit have I given Gazidis? My question is what has he done to earn all of this venom and criticism? That he lacks power isn’t his fault; that’s the structure of things at Arsenal Football Club.


    No, it’s not. But this is Arsenal, where Wenger is emperor.

  30. Adam A. Carbarundum

    There is no timeline on Wenger making a decision. If there were it would have already come and gone by now. Truth is Wenger is playing this out for the attention. He wants to galvanize the supporters once and for all and quell the naysayers in one felled swoop.

    The only problem, by my estimation, is that he underestimated his own inadequacies as a manager and now he finds himself in a worse predicament than he could have ever imagined.

    He should have signed before Xmas, but his selfish greed got the better of him. He’s clinging now to. A frayed thread in hopes at somehow resurrecting his master plan. Two problems exist…he has to win the FACup and he has to finish Top 4. Both are far more difficult due to the severe crisis of confidence that he has instilled in his squad and the pure fact that he’s tactically inept.

    Wenger will wait to the end of the season because he has no other choice. It’s his mess to the very end.

  31. Me

    Apparently if he stays he has to show how he can take this club forward. This involves rebuilding the squad of players, getting rid of the dross and practically reinventing himself and the way he approaches tactics and training for games.
    At 67 years old with the hugely inflated ego of his this is something that is not going to happen.
    Just a question of time really.
    This ownership is money orientated – no champions league and falling attendances means less money.
    As bad as it sounds it would not be a bad thing for Arsenal to finish sixth or seventh..

  32. Danish Gooner

    No ambitious CEO would over see this shower and do nothing but Ivan is a lap dog and Arsene is the owner and Arsenal Football Club are now a business and not a football institution.Personally i Will stop supporting this Great club If he gets 2 more years,i have Got 99 problems but Arsenal shouldnt be one of Them.I cant handle another season like this one where every European commentator laugh at the club and Call it “forever losers” it wont happen.

  33. Pierre

    “Perish the thought, meeting Spurs in the semis or finals. Lose and Wenger’s fate is sealed”

    Would it be unreasonable to think that pochettino’s fate will be sealed if they lost to Arsenal in semis or the final as Spurs season is running parallel to Arsenal’s …. Of course the argument from le grovellers will be that pochettino hasn’t been at Spurs 20 years , unlike Wenger , but during pochettino tenure at Spurs , Arsenal have won 2 trophies ( plus 2 community shields) to Spurs big fat zero ….. I can see millwall creating an upset today but as pochettino is the media and le grovellers blue eyed boy , then he is above criticism despite continually failing to win trophies in his managerial career , unlike Wenger ………

  34. Elmo

    That’s it, Globalgunner

    We’re heading back to a stage where a player like Giroud can be a star name at Arsenal. When he came to the club after Montpellier won Ligue 1 against all odds, we were at the stage that a limited player that no other big club was in for could be a big signing. Then Ozil, Sanchez and Cech arrived and Giroud was a nobody. Next season if Wenger stays, it will be back to Giroud being a big name for Arsenal.

  35. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    I feel the sponsorship deals we can negotiate reflect our ability to win trophies so I don’t think Gazidis could do much better in that regard (I could be totally wrong).

    Is a CEO really a CEO if his powers are as restricted as Gazidis’ seem to be?

  36. Duzie

    I have to agree that Gazidis is nothing other than a figurehead. It’s quite astonishing that he dithers in making executive decisions.
    Not only do we need Kim Jong Weng kicked out, but the whole cabinet as well. It may be challenging to kick out the Kroenkes though. If good money is spent by the club every season, then, I don’t mind him remaining.
    Finally, the resident fans have shown some balls to go out and protest, and that’s commendable. Put more effort reclaim what belongs to you.

  37. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Pierre….there is an upside to Poch that isn’t there with Wenger any longer. He knows how to manage. Spurs will always be Spurs regardless who manages them, but at least with Poch they have been presented with a light at the end of their tunnel, certainly something that could her be said with the likes of Old Arry and Tim .Mutha Sherwood.

    Spurs aspire to a different level than Arsenal do – beating Arsenal is tantampunt to winning a World Cup for them. Beating Spurs is liking eating a bowl of cereal, something you do in your sleep cause it’s routine.

  38. Jim Lahey

    @Pierre –

    You seem to be totally incapable of grasping the fact that Spurs are a club nowhere near the size of Arsenal. You treat the two as if they are on some level standing..

  39. Pierre

    “As bad as it sounds it would not be a bad thing for Arsenal to finish sixth or seventh..”

    I agree… It’s obvious we are nowhere near footballs elite …… Playing in the Europa league or better still , no Europe, will not harm Arsenal in any way …. The new manager will be able to concentrate on the league without worrying about overload of games and can hopefully do a Chelsea and be able to create a tactical system which is effective and possibly compete for the title …

  40. Duzie

    Who else has a sneaky feeling that we will bottle it again this summer and Allegri joins Barcelona? First, it was Pep, and now Allegri. I’m being hysterical maybe.

  41. Ashley

    The fact that we didn’t put at least 8 past Lincoln shows how dreadful we actually are , not that we needed any more proof …. it’s a scary thought that we won’t be able to attract marquee players from now on , we are well and truly finished …. it’s gonna take a Man City style ownership change with mega money wages on offer to turn this around ….

  42. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Not your imagination, Duzie. Just like Arsene’s I Coulda Signed Players List. Only a moron could take pride in that one. Arsenal will good and truly fudge their manager search…mainly because, well, they aren’t actually searching and never have been!

  43. Paulinho

    Reading Wenger’s interview, is it any wonder our fans want us to keep losing games to shame the tosser out of the club?

    The guy is utterly shameless and will grasp onto absolutely anything from now until the end of the season.

    Unfortunately it appears Sanchez is back on board, and looks willing to put a shift in until the end of the season. They’ve obviously told him he’s free to leave at the end of the season and he could yet save Wenger’s bacon.

  44. Duzie


    Are you sure that the axe will be wielded, if we finish below Spurs? The board are so lost, that they may let him carry on. The best scenario we want is:

    1. We finish 4th
    2. Still below Spurs, realistically
    3. Wenger walks away in ignominy.

    I don’t think we will be a top draw for the best players, if we play in the Europa league.

  45. InsideRight

    “How long? I don’t know at the moment. I have shown a lot of loyalty and my preference is here. I focus on my job. I always do that. I let other people judge my performances.”

    And when other people judge Wenger’s performances, he shirks all responsibility. It’s the fault of the players for not being mentally strong. It’s the fault of referees for having the temerity to follow the laws of the game. It’s the fault of fans for being negative because we are tired of his consistent inability to compete with the top sides.

    “When I have a problem I try to just sort it out. I am competitive and always focused on solving the problems I face. Sometimes the size of the problem is bigger, but there are always problems.”

    Yeah, like he sorted out the absence of a main striker. How long since RVP left? Yet according to Le Fraud there wasn’t anything like sufficient quality out there worth signing. Giroud was signed as a number two man, a back up. When Giroud disovered he wasn’t getting a big name up front with him, he fell apart. Lucas Perez has pace and goals in him and when played centrally has banged them in. He can’t even get in the starting line up. So what the fuck has Wenger solved?

    The man is a fucking fraud. PSG would be his destination, says Merse. Fuck off. One look at Wenger’s record over the last decade and they would run a mile from him and his PR scam outfit. Just fucking leave already so our club can begin to compete with our rivals.

  46. David Smith

    Stand to be corrected, but wasn’t Pedro one of the bloggers invited to meet Ivan Gazidis? Know others were and were impressed by his vision, and ambition for the club…..at the time.
    But, it is quite possible that Gazidis…like Steve Bould, some but not all of the players, and maybe even elements of Wenger himself have been worn down by Stans stultifying lack of ambition. And of your passion has been worn down by something you have no real control of , 2.6 million a year isn’t the worst place to be.
    If Wenger does sign on , the club will have to deal with another Wenger transfer fiasco as he has to replace much of his squad…..The AGM will be fun….things will get even worse, they delay the inevitable and the building job gets even bigger for the next guy. They might not care, but these are situations that can damage health, the pressure they will be under will be immense. In that event, only a matter of time before the fans in the stadium turn.
    I still think events this season could yet lead Wenger to walk away., if he just wanted to sign at all costs, no matter what, he would have done it last November..
    But if he stays, the club go into turmoil, and none of them escape the blame for that

  47. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The only reason that any player signs with Arsenal are the hugely generous wages that Wenger pays for otherwise marginal talent. If you are a true superstar, you won’t be signing with Arsenal – they don’t aspire to greatness. If you are a so-called star then Arsenal is for you because you will be paid handsomely for you your decent skills.

    I never worry about attracting the big names because we won’t. Sanchez was not a big name before signing, he was considered excess surplus at Barca. Ozil is not an elite player, never has been, but he was presented an out that even he couldn’t refuse and has since shown middling flashes of talen when he feels like it.

    Arsenal are not a big club and haven’t been for some time, but Wenger has done his best to make you believe they are. Results don’t lie. Arsenal do just enough to remain in the spotlight, but never quite enough to make them memorable, let alone feared.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    I cannot remember who it was, whether it was The Mirror or someone on Twitter like Tim Payton months and months back stating that the club would try to bury Wenger’s new deal in the international break.

    Now we’re getting stories that the club want his decision in the international break, could just be media rehashing of old stories, or it could lend validity to all those who thought the deal was already done and the PR machine was just waiting for the best time to get it done.

    That would be sad as it would mean the club literally into a football club anymore and they know what they are doing is wrong.

  49. Duzie

    I’ve been reading a business psychology novel titled: “12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back”, and I couldn’t help but see Wenger in that book. He’s the emotionally tone deaf manager, who never listens, but carries on with his principles.

  50. Carts

    Why Wenger has been given another 3 weeks, I’ll never know! He’s had the last two and a half months this years as well as when ever the contract was proposed.

    I guess the next 3 weeks is frankly make or break for him.nWe go out of the FA Cup and drop more points in the league then I suppose that’ll be Wenger’s cue to leave!

  51. Pierre

    “You seem to be totally incapable of grasping the fact that Spurs are a club nowhere near the size of Arsenal. You treat the two as if they are on some level standing..”

    I disagree with the nowhere near comment ….yes., Spurs have been below us but there has never been a massive gap …… The gap has been created since Wenger has been in charge
    In years gone by it was Arsenal & Spurs as top London club then Chelsea followed by West Ham ….

    Arsenal and Spurs history from the fifties until the nineties were pretty similar to Spurs , both had limited success in the league , f a cup and Europe ….

    Spurs were always considered as the team with more money who played the better football but wengers arrival changed that but now the 2 clubs are back to a level footing ….Spurs have progressed and Arsenal have regressed …

    Spurs have a massive fan base as Arsenal do so I wonder how long pochettino will be regarded as the blue eyed boy if he continues to be a failure in his pursuit of trophies…

  52. Me

    Its an odd analogy I am about to make but it describes the situation of Wenger and Arsenal perfectly.
    Between 1995 and 2007 Nokia was by far the most successful mobile phone manufacturer selling hundreds of millions of units – each year the highest selling model was a Nokia. Then the market changed and smart phones became popular and Nokia could not adapt and as a consequence it almost disappeared.
    Football has changed and we have a set of managers like Pochetino, Klopp, Conte and Mourinho with new ideas and stronger financial muscle and they are surging ahead.
    Arsenal are the Nokia of the Premiership – once powerful and successful but now just a fading memory.
    Arsenal needs to re-invent itself and for it to do that there has to be massive changes at the club in which the replacement of the manager is just one part.
    This needs to happen.
    Wenger is not the only reason why Arsenal have gone stale..

  53. Duzie


    That’s true. “Marginally talented” is a great adjective for these players.


    The worst is expected. He may sign on 🙁

  54. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The only reason that Wenger may be given 3 weeks to decide, and I don’t believe any of it, is because the hierarchy known as the board are uncomfortable with the negative press and want a return to the quiet country club lives they all lead.

    Don’t be fooled, this is nothing more than a stupid game at play where the outcome was never in doubt – Wenger signs and at the same time punishes those who dared to ever question him or his power. The ultimate head game from the ultimate head case. Prove me wrong!

  55. Danish Gooner

    We were told the debt would be gone by 2022 we are 5 years away from being debt free we have new commercial deals Coming up we are 200 mil cash Rich and could make it 300 at least when Alexis is gone and some of the dross,we have every chance of being a football juggernaut ala Bayern but AS long AS we have an outdated manager and Money greedy board we Will never come close.This is where you step in uncle Alisher.

  56. Westlondongoon

    We have 5 away games left, 3 games against teams fighting relegation battles (as it stands), 3 London derbies, away to N17, both Manchest clubs and Everton at home.
    12 games in total so a possible 36 points up for grabs, I can see us getting 20 at best in our current form, but wouldn’t write off us finishing with double digits in the loss column by the end of the season.

  57. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Personally, I would be flat out shocked if Wenger does not sign. He’s shown:

    1. He has absolutely no shame
    2. He has absolutely no life outside football
    3. A wanton disrespect for the average supporter
    4. He lives in a dreamland
    5. Has the unwavering support of an absent owner

    Wenger will sign simply because he can. He’d rather there be no fuss in his life, but his ego ensures this will never be the case. In the end Arsenal will continue to aspire to that sweet level of mediocrity that lesser teams envy and better teams snicker at. Arsenal under Arsene Wenger will always flatter to deceive. If that’s your thing than more power to you. To aspire to greater things is no longer in Wenger’s vocabulary. It’s about being comfortable in your own mediocrity, something that is undeniable in its presentation.

  58. Kwame

    The comments Como g from Wenger are quite worrisome. An honourable manager would have offered his resignation after the Bayern match. Enrique came out and cleared the air after the loss to PSG. Everything points to the fact that Mr Wenger wants to remain at the Emirates for as long as he wants. The club is in a very dangerous position. Despotism is written all around the man. We need someone who can move the club to the next level. It so clear for even a baby to see. The man cannot win against the top clubs, struggles to beat average teams, (some of whom he loses to) and has not been able to hold on to his best players, (it’s obvious he has lost the dressing room) and yet he would not throw in the towel. Selfish! Selfish!! Selfish!!! And he says he loves the club!!!

  59. Jim Lahey

    @Pierre –

    But I am not talking about the Tottenham of the 50s or 90s, I am talking about how things stand today. Yes, Wenger was a huge part in creating that gap. There is a large financial gap between the clubs.

    Wage bill: Arsenal £200m – Spurs £121m

    Turnover: Arsenal £345m – Spurs £196m

    Gate and Match day income: Arsenal £100m – Spurs £41m

    TV: Arsenal £125m – Spurs £90m

    Commercial: Arsenal £79m – Spurs £60

    Manager Wage: Arsenal £8.3m – Spurs £5.5m

    That is a sizeable difference between the two teams.

  60. Dissenter

    Jack Wilshere’s stock has fallen drastically.
    It’s squeaky bum time and Eddie Howe has realized that his starting eleven is better off with Wilshere on the bench.

  61. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Come to the realization that Wenger will stay until he either dies or takes very ill. As long as the team makes money there will be no desire for change, even if 99% of supporters oppose him. In the end he who writes the cheques calls the shots. Kroenke ain’t selling and Wenger ain’t going. Phew, glad I got that one off my chest.

    A very very heavy sigh.

  62. Adam A. Carbarundum

    And about to get wider, Jim. That new stadium isn’t coming cheap and will have negative impacts for years to come until the debt becomes manageable. It likely is now or never for Spurs. Not that I actually care.

  63. Jim Lahey

    @Adam –

    I read somewhere recently that the cost of their new stadium has skyrocketed to approximately £800m… Brexit alone has apparently put a another 20% cost onto the bill!

  64. David Smith

    I suspect a lot depends on PSG, because if they sack their manager, they will come for Wenger. He may find that hard to turn down, despite his protestations on financial doping.
    If we win the cup and finish second or third, they might just be able to spin it, but if not , and Wenger stays, Ivan will no longer be able to claim anything approaching ambition to fans, the current squad, future players of interests, and more significantly, to sponsors. They won’t be able to talk about the bright new era when Sanchez and ozil arrived.
    If they fail to reach the top four, Stan will just take the ECL money out of the transfer and wages kitty,….Wenger of he stays, won’t bat an eyelid at that, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, as it may if Wenger has to rebuild, it will eventually become a problem, even for one with the lack of ambition Stan has.
    Would love to know who Wenger will replace the departees ….and the now perma crock Cazorla with, would guess Iwobi, Giroud and even Sanogo are going to get a lot of games next season.

  65. S.Asoa

    Adam A. CarbarundumMarch 12, 2017 11:00:19
    You are a wise man, Jim Lahey!
    Jim LaheyMarch 12, 2017 11:00:32
    @Pedro Nice use of the word “succinctly

    Succinctly…. like Wenger ” sucks”. Jim ?

  66. gooner63

    No idea why all the discussions

    We all know wenger is going to stay, he will sign a 2 yr contract,

    Wenger wont go anywhere else, why go where you have to prove yourself when you can stay and have all the moronic AKB’s lauding over you and get paid £10m or whatever to achieve nothing..

    He will once sold blame Alexis/Ozil etc for causing disruption and negativity to the club which lead to our run of poor results .

    He will then make a so called marquee signing – maybe Isco or Jorginho or someone like that.

    Dross like Ox, Ramsey, Coquelin, Gabriel, will all be given new contracts if they are close to expiring.

    He will sell maybe one or 2 and “upgrade” with the same level of players.

    If we dont qualify for CL it will be how the EL is now of the same level as CL is

    Groundhog day season 2017/18

  67. Tomtom

    Truly depressing comments from Wenger.
    Surely the Bayern game was rock bottom but no, he describes it as a great performance.
    How can anything change if a defeat like that is not hitting home.
    I’m done with the club if he signs on again.
    He is killing my love for football and destroying my faith in common sense!

  68. SpanishDave

    We really played well against Bayern , yep look at the last three goals, they literally walked the ball in after strolling through our defense.
    The players know he’s talking shite , he is getting desperate by making these crass comments.
    Still he can do what he wants it’s his club isn’t it?

  69. gonsterous

    I really enjoyed today’s post.. but sadly Wenger ain’t going anywhere… the way he talks in his conference, shows he’s trying to find a way to make the fans accept that he will stay..

  70. Guernsey gun

    Wenger out now, the clown. I can’t believe some of the crap people still churn out about wenger. Just watched motd 2 and Alex Bruce coming out with the be careful what you wish for lazy bollox. Leon osman called it right tho we are soft and cave in like a sack of shit when the heat is turned up…..something you should never be saying about an arsenal side.

  71. Elmo

    Yep – you can see from Wenger’s comments that he perversely sees the prostests as a vote of confidence in his continued leadership. “If they didn’t want me to continue there would be tens of thousands, not one hundred.”

    Would you bet against him still being here in 2021? It’s seems pretty nailed on that he’s here until 2019; why would he not stay even longer? Right now he’s surviving calls for his head despite failing to perform with a stable team that should be peaking. In two years time with Sanchez and Ozil long gone he’ll have the claim that his new team needs time to come to fruition and he should be judged at the end of the project. You know it’s coming.

  72. GoonerInNY


    I agree with every word you wrote.

    There is zero evidence from anything Wenger has said or done, based on his approach the last 10 years, to convince me he is doing anything but staying.

    Here are the facts as I see them:

    1) Stan has offered him two years and a raise (?!?!).

    2) Wenger has a cushy setup with total power and no pressure.

    3) Wenger lacks self-awareness about Arsenal or himself.

    4) Too many Arsenal supporters are mindless AKBs.

    5) I don’t believe any decent-sized club would want Wenger.

    To me, the evidence all points to Wenger staying. I bet he has already signed the contract.

    I sure hope I am wrong.

  73. Bamford10

    One, we are in 5th place at the moment (albeit with a game in hand). We are competing with Liverpool and United for fourth. Both of them, I think, have slightly easier run-ins than us. Thus there is a reasonable chance that we finish 5th, which would seriously undermine Wenger’s position.

    Two, the protest will continue until Wenger leaves. If he stays through the summer — perish the thought — the protests will begin again on the first day of the new season. They aren’t going away, and a “No new contract” banner will be flown over the stadium next weekend. Thus the only way to move beyond the divide at the club and cloud hanging over the club is for Wenger to leave.

  74. Jrock

    The man is like a cancer tumor on our club….. the 2 year contract offered to him worth £2m has blinded him. Wenger doesn’t care about the well being of Arsenal football Club. For him it’s about his pay check, lack of accountability and power. He knows he reports to no one and if he leaves, he won’t have freedom anywhere else.

    Some fans feel sorry for him having spent many years at the club at the expense of progress. It pains me to see arsenal regressing. I will tell you right now he won’t leave unless we make unpleasant noises and make the atmosphere toxic. Am sorry to say but I don’t want top 4 or even win the FA cup . Because he’s waiting for a good run in the league and cup to sign that contract. Am depressed

  75. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Arsenal are dead to me for a while now ….

    Like I’ve thought it ain’t a club but a business where result on grass don’t matter results on incoming do …

    We are no different to sports direct

  76. Bamford10


    I agree with all of that, except that Wenger did say that no matter what he would be managing next season, be it “at Arsenal or somewhere else”. That remark remains important to me, as it suggests that he has considered the possibility of leading.

    I agree that no big club would be interested in him — no way PSG would be — but perhaps he could be tempted by a lucrative offer from a decent French club, say a Monaco*, Nice, Lyon or Marseille.

    That would be nice: then he could go there and fail, and the case against him would be closed for good.

    * if Jardim were to move

  77. Bamford10

    Question: anyone know when the postponed Southampton match would/will take place? How does that work, exactly?

  78. Dissenter

    The Wenger has been talking recently suggest that he’s signed the contract already.
    He’s turning logic upside down and is shamelessly defying pressure.
    He doesn’t care because he has nothing left in his life.

    I’ve mentally prepared myself that it’s done. He will find a way to justify himself.

  79. Marc


    I don’t think it’s been rescheduled yet you also have to bear in mind that the Sunderland match will now be moved as well.

  80. Dissenter

    Spuds will likely fold without Harry Kane.
    Hope he’s out for 6-8 weeks, his ankle looked really twisted.

  81. GoonerInNY


    I sure hope you are right.

    Why would a middle-upper French team want a 67-year-old manager with a record of not getting the best from players?

    I don’t know, I think Wenger talks, but in the end, he wants to stay and believes he deserves to stay. That’s a bad combo for Arsenal supporters. Plus, I think his options will be super limited (a national team not in FIFA’s Top 30?).

    Again, I think he’s signed already, and they are waiting for the right time to announce it.

    But I really hope I’m wrong.

  82. Bamford10

    I just went through the remaining games for Arsenal and United, and while this is entirely speculative and wholly unreliable, I have Arsenal finishing with 72 points and United with 73, and that’s if we draw with them at the Emirates on May 6. If they were to win that — that could be a tasty showdown, btw — then they would finish with 75 and we would finish with 71.

    If United have a reasonably successful run in, Wenger could be looking at fifth place.

  83. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If he signs
    I guess I may just forget about the club till he leaves or dies ?

    He has the club fractured yet they want to keep it .

    Greedy cunt he is

  84. Goona

    Just watched that dennis bergkamp video…..my god how our first team has gone backwards….the clubs a bloody embarasment at present.

  85. Dissenter

    I think Wenger stays regardless of us coming fifth.
    He’ll spin it as staying to fix the problem. If he’s signed before the final game he’ll stay to “honor his contract”.

  86. Marc


    About 9 weeks of the season left so he it is 6 – 8 weeks could finish the Spud’s chase for top 4.

    I’m also of the opinion that if the Spud’s don’t win the FA Cup this season they could see this team break up over the next couple of years.

  87. GoonerInNY

    I am not convinced finishing 5th kills Wenger’s chance of staying.

    It’s up to him, and he will always find a way to rationalize staying.

    Delusion and lack of opportunity is a powerful cocktail.

  88. Bamford10


    He might. But if we finish fifth, the pressure, negativity, criticism and protest will be at a deafening level. It will make recent weeks pale in comparison.

    Also, I heard James Olley say yesterday that if Arsenal were to extend Wenger’s contract, the smart thing to do would be a 1 + 1-year, not a 2-year. That way Wenger would know he was being evaluated on his performance that year, and that way the club would actually be evaluating him.

    Now I have no interest in that — as another year of Wenger is another year completely wasted, but if we finish fifth, perhaps they would revise the contract, making it a 1+1.

  89. InsideRight

    @ David Smith

    “I suspect a lot depends on PSG, because if they sack their manager, they will come for Wenger. He may find that hard to turn down, despite his protestations on financial doping.”

    Given PSG’s financial firepower and ambition, does anyone realistically think they would prefer Wenger – a man who has achieved nothing in a decade – over a number of other managers who, you know, have won things and improved their teams over the same time frame?

    What on earth would PSG see in him? Sure, I’d be delighted if they took him off our backs. We would be rid of him and at least one big European side would cease to be a threat in the CL. I just don’t see what they would think he would offer. The notion feels like a Wenger PR scam.

  90. Jeff

    If you let a useless tree grow for 21 years, it’s much more difficult to dislodge it than when it was a mere sapling. We the fans are also to blame. Whilst many basked in the glory of the past, they piled on the excuses for the present – and this went on season after season. They blamed financial doping, the stadium, gearing up for FFP, mistook mismanagement for stability, some even praised him for the lunatic wage policy that still rages on. Even now, he is hailed as the most successful manager in Arsenal’s history when it’s simply not true. Many talk about respect which is meaningless and misplaced if the club is deliberately competing well below its true potential.

    It’s only in the last couple of seasons, after 13 years of mediocrity and excuse-making, that the already frustrated fans have started to really boil over and some of the AKBs began to turn. But it’s too little too late. He should have been uprooted long ago because as time went on he just grew stronger and stronger.

    Gross incompetence, intransigence and conceit in all quarters have kept us in mediocrity and ensured our humdrum existence continues.

  91. alexanderhenry

    Regarding Gazidis, he has been a bad CEO. He is also not to be trusted.

    In 2013 he said this:


    ..and in 2016 he said this:


    He goes missing for months on end and trying to interpret pretty much anything he says is intensely frustrating.
    He’s not a football man. He’s more of a legally astute PR man. It’s all spin designed to placate fans while covering up the lack of commitment and leadership from Kroenke.

    In that sense he’s does a very good job .

  92. Dissenter

    The fact is that the board at Gazidis recommendation has offered Wenger a 10,000,000 yearly contract for two years with no changes to the club structure. That contract is similar to all his other contracts except for the salary hike.
    We’re passed the stage of 1+1 or whatever these journalists are spouting.
    All this talk is meaningless unless they yank that contract and replace it with a new one with provisos and riders.

  93. Dissenter

    I agree with you 100% about Gazidis.
    You shouldn’t be surprised to know a good many people here think he’s just a snake oil salesman.
    You still need to stop all these BS conspiracy theories about Wenger’s transfer budget being restricted by Kroenke in the last 5 years. it’s unbecoming of you.

  94. Bamford10


    Gazidis was telling the truth there. Look at our financials at that time. They bare him out. The only reason we didn’t spend appropriately was Wenger, who is & was opposed to such an approach.

    Further, your responses to my questions yesterday were empty and dishonest.
    One, you said the current Chelsea team has taken longer than five years to assemble, I asked you to identify those key players who were signed prior to 2012. You failed to do so. Please do so now.

    Two, I pointed out that Allegri would cost less than Wenger does. Even if the board/owner were penny-pinchers — no recent evidence supports this — hiring an Allegri would not a big outlay. Rather than reply to this, you told Le Grove that you think they’ll hire Benitez, supporting this with not one ounce of evidence or reasoning.

    Three, given that Wenger has had ample money to spend since at least 2012 and complete freedom in which to run the club, you have yet to cite a single specific way in which Kroenke is holding us back. I asked you to point out how, if we did hire a Simeone or Allegri, Kroenke would hold such a manager back. You said by not allowing him to spend; except this makes no sense given that Wenger has been allowed to spend — and allowed to spend a great deal!

    You have no points, you have no arguments. You’re a dishonest ideologue and a troll.

  95. Bamford10


    You are wrong to give this AlexanderHenry any respect whatsoever. He is an utterly dishonest AKB. His entire project relies on using bogus and thoroughly-exposed arguments — such as Kroenke was accumulating cash at Arsenal to help with his LA stadium move — to support his bogus claims.

    While I agree that Gazidis is guilt of PR speak at times, he has not been dishonest when he has stated Arsenal’s financial position. Those claims were and are true. We were in a position to spend this or that. The only reason we didn’t is/was Wenger, his “socialist” wage scale, his attitude toward spending, valuations, etc.

  96. alexanderhenry


    Makes a change that you agree with me on something…appreciated.

    It’s also encouraging that you and I think most arsenal fans are looking beyond wenger, and are at least acknowledging that a lot of the blame lies with other people and agencies at the club.

    On transfer budgets, to be fair the Ozil purchase, which was the first big signing we made, was done four years ago.

    The now infamous ‘£9 million’ transfer window was an unpleasant surprise to me at the time. We don’t know for sure why arsenal underspent so drastically in that window when it was obvious to everyone what the team needed.

    What I think is highly unlikely is the idea that wenger chose not to spend because he thought spending was somehow vulgar, or because he couldn’t find a single player out there who would improve the squad.

    As always these things are shrouded in mystery at arsenal, which is where Gazidis earns his money, misleading and confusing fans and journalists.

  97. Dissenter

    Alexander Henry is wrong on many things. I have called him out on the Kroenke obsession as it relates to him restricting Wenger’s spending. I believe I was the one who drew him out to make the infamous assertion that Wenger’s spending was restricted to 10 million in the summer of 2015. He’s shameless demagogue on here for these issues amongst others.

    However I agree with him on some things;
    -Gazidisn is just as bad- He’s making bonuses every year and is the highest paid football CEO fir doing nothing.
    -The club structure is decrepit and too many people hide behind Wenger’s stature, however receding it may be.

    Wenger is NOT the only problem.
    He has to go first then we start to deal with the other issues which are going to be more obvious- Gazidis is one of these idiots who use Wenger to look better.

  98. Bamford10


    One, look above: Alexander continues to traffic in the same bogus claims. He still thinks we only spent 10m two summers ago because Kroenke limited what Wenger could spend, not because of decisions Wenger himself made.

    Two, please explain how Gazidis, Kroenke or the board will/would be holding us back if they were to replace Wenger with a top class manager, e.g., an Allegri. What is it you see Gazidis doing with Allegri at the helm that anyone here should care about? Kroenke? The board? Please be specific.

    As far as I’m concerned, all of the above deserve a great deal of criticism, but that for one reason and one reason only: putting complete faith in Arsene Wenger and not replacing him with someone better when it became obvious he could not compete for titles or in Europe.

  99. jwl

    – Daily Cannon April 2016 – “Goalless on Thursday evening, Olivier Giroud has now only managed to find the back of the net in one of his last 19 appearances.”

    – The Mirror Oct 2016 – “Arsenal’s latest financial results revealed a cash balance of £226.5million. That total is more than the balances of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich combined.”

    – Wenger press conference – “When I have a problem I try to just sort it out. I am competitive and always focused on solving the problems I face.”

  100. Bamford10


    “What I think is highly unlikely is the idea that wenger chose not to spend because he thought spending was somehow vulgar”

    It is clear, then, that you have no idea who Arsene Wenger is and that you’ve taken no time to study the man, his various pronouncements on these matters, etc.

  101. Arsene's Nurse

    If Kroenke was a penny pincher then he would want total control over the club’s finances. Kroenke does not control the wage budget because it’s Wenger that agrees players wages unless it’s over and above a spectacular amount. We know this because of the statements the club and Wenger have made, in particular the ‘socialist wage policy’.

    If Kroenke was in control of the wage bill then Walcott would not have been gifted his last two contracts which included massive pay rises. Ditto a few others. Similarly he’d have rid the club of the likes of Diaby and other crocks like Rosicky.

    It’s Wenger’s sentiment that inflates our wage bill.

    Lastly no manager of any note would come to Arsenal because during any interview he’s going to ask how much money he’s got to spend. No manager would take on a job not knowing if they could spend £10m one year or £100m the next.

    Wenger has the most power at the club which is why he’s dictating whether he stays or goes. He’s unsackable in Kroenke and the board’s eyes.

  102. Dissenter

    What has Gazidis done to bridge the gap between us and Bayern since he made his silly assertion in 2013?
    Has it occurred to you that Gazidis does not have to needlessly kowtow to Wenger on everything?
    He can’t choose Wenger ‘s match day squad but he can stop him from giving the likes of Jenks 40k weekly contracts. As CEO, he has a lot of powers. he could commission an independent contractor to double check the salaries so that he can he can veto some things. Mr Levi at Spuds wouldn’t pay these salaries and they are in North London too.
    He’s playing quiet choir boy because he knows Wenger always meets the fourth place hurdle which guarantees him another cushy bonus.
    He’s part of the problem.

  103. BigLee

    Next season, when we have no European matches to play, the excuse for losses will be “we have not enough games, so we are lacking rhythm”.

    And so it will continue. I see immense rewards for Arsenal fans once we do get out of purgatory. However, we will have to outlive Wenger to experience these rewards.

  104. alexanderhenry


    The ‘five year ‘ argument is bogus. Arsenal changed their transfer policy four years ago not five. Therefore, to make a fair comparison you would have to list chelsea players bought before 2013.

    On Allegri, I said I’d be happy with him as arsenal manager. I don’t think he’d take the job though. I’m not sure what you’re objecting to.

    On Kroenke’s influence: he has given wenger some money to spend but still a lot less than the big clubs. Also, he has done this after years of not giving wenger any money to spend at all.
    Kroenke is all about the ‘bottom line’, but that doesn’t work in football. You have to speculate- not in a silly way- but speculation is not something that kroenke indulges in. That’s why the club will go nowhere with him in charge,

    For example, if arsenal fail to qualify for the CL, I bet kroenke will take that loss of revenue out of next season;s transfer budget regardless of who the manager is.

    That would be exactly the wrong thing to do of course and that’s the reason why arsenal will not get a really top manager post wenger and will not improve.

    As I’ve said many times; Kroenke’s been involved since 2007 and has had complete control since 2011 .

    How have arsenal fared during this period?

    In Kroenke’s world, very well. The club has been stable and profitable with the fan base essentially paying off arsenal’s stadium debt.
    That’s it. That’s all he cares about and that’s why we’ll never succeed under him.

  105. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has revealed Arsene Wenger isn’t interested in buying big in the transfer market.

    He said: “I was at a dinner with Arsene Wenger recently and Danny Fiszman asked him who he would buy if we gave him £100m to spend in the transfer market. He said he would give it back.


    Everyone who follows AFC and who knows Wenger has seen this famous quote dozens of times.

    And then there’s this:

    Arsene Wenger has confirmed for the first time that he does treat Arsenal’s money as if it was his own.

    Gunners manager Wenger has also confessed he is cautious about spending big because he is nervous about making mistakes in the transfer market.

    “You make big decisions and I believe you have to act like it’s your own money — like you’re the owner of the club and you can identify completely with the club, because if you don’t do that I think you cannot go far.”


    Tells anyone all they need to know.

  106. Arsene's Nurse

    March 12, 2017 15:27:36

    Has it occurred to you that Gazidis does not have to needlessly kowtow to Wenger on everything?
    He can’t choose Wenger ‘s match day squad but he can stop him from giving the likes of Jenks 40k weekly contracts. As CEO, he has a lot of powers. he could commission an independent contractor to double check the salaries so that he can he can veto some things.
    Wenger decides how much to pay the players. There is a limit, but the board will make exceptions (e.g. like Ozil and Sanchez) if they feel it’s needed.

    In nearly every company the CEO would outrank the manager. At Arsenal Wenger outranks Gazidis. This is why Gazidis is seen as a puppet, he just doesn’t have the normal powers someone in his position should have.

  107. Dissenter

    Kroenke lets then club run itself. That’s his biggest mistake. He calls his a self-sustaing model which means that so long as we live within our means, he’s okay with the spending. We’ve been living BELOW our means hence the huge cash balance. The cash balance is Wenger’s doing.

    If Kroenke brought the hard nose American sports model to Arsenal, we would have informal salary caps and be run just like Spuds – lean salary burden and intrusive management style. Wenger would have 4-6 people above him pulling up power-pointb presentation at every meeting. He wouldn’t have the septuagenarians in the boardroom; it would be name-less 30 year-olds with MBAs from Oxford and Harvard running the show.

  108. Westlondongoon

    Seeing as, we as fans get absolutely no access to Wenger or Gazidis, when is one of the journos going to call the out on this supposed refusal to step aside to allow Pep to take over at the club? I’d love someone to explain to us how this was a decision made with ‘the best interests’ of Arsenal at heart? Someone within the club really needs to answer to this, assuming it is true.

    We all know John Cross isn’t going to do it but someone like Henry Winter has both the knowledge and acumen to do so as it just spells out yet another example of the board running the club like an old boys network.

    Meantime, they are singing Wenger’s song in N17…..we are a joke of a club now. If I wasn’t a Gooner, I’d be laughing at us too.

  109. Rambo Ramsey

    Typical, Bamford jumping in to defend Gazidis, Kroenke and the rest of the donkeys on board. I look forward to calling you out on a daily basis after Wenger leaves and these clowns continue to hold the club back.

  110. Micheal

    If we draw the Spuds in the semi-finals, we will be playing them on successive Saturdays –

    Sat/Sun April 22/23 FA Cup @ Wembley

    Sun April 30 – Prem League @ @ White Shite Lane

  111. Rambo Ramsey

    It baffles me how these people can even attempt to play down the our board’s hand in this. The donkeys have offered this past-it old fool another two year extension, they enable him, their support feeds his ego, open your effing eyes!

  112. Dissenter

    Arsene’s nurse
    There’s nothing in the club charter that states Wenger decides the salaries.
    Gazidis is just happy to play along with Wenger because so long as the status quo remains he has his place in the elite of European football.
    Gazidis has to sign on and approve EVERY penny that is spent. If he declines and has good reasons to, Kroenke will back him- that’s how business are run.

    People need to realize that people in the club [including Gazidis] are sucking up to Wenger voluntarily because he has been the goose laying the golden eggs and it also helps their own aspirations.

    Pedro has indoctrinated people here that Gazidis is this CEO hostage [making the highest football CEO salary worldwide] who is waiting in the wings for Wenger to leave before he shows his brilliance. It’s like saying Pigs can fly but they only fly when no one is looking.

    I agree with Pedro on most things Arsenal but disagree about Gazidis.
    Pedro uses ITK fairy dust to blow off criticism of his Gazidis fetish but it’s really unprovable so we’ll have to wait and see.

  113. Arsene's Nurse

    Rambo Ramsey
    March 12, 2017 15:42:22

    Typical, Bamford jumping in to defend Gazidis, Kroenke and the rest of the donkeys on board. I look forward to calling you out on a daily basis after Wenger leaves and these clowns continue to hold the club back.
    One thing at a time. If you had a whole in the roof and rain was pouring in you wouldn’t try and get on with repainting a bedroom. First things first. Once Wenger is gone then if things don’t improve you can attack the board and Kroenke.

  114. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I reckon

    Wenger got such a strangle hold on the board the deal is …
    When he retires he becomes the owner of the club …
    Fronting it up for Stan … then taking it over .

  115. TheBayingMob

    Doing the Arsene-Wenger

    You put your Sanchez in,
    You take your Sanchez out,
    In Out In Out you’re fucking him about,
    Ignor Stepanovs and Denilson,
    That’s what it’s all about …

    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger …

    6-0, 8-2 RAH RAH RAH!

    You put your Özil in,
    You take your Özil out,
    In Out in Out messing with the Krout,
    Andre Santos and Sa-nogo,
    That’s what it’s all about!

    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger …

    5-1, 5-1 RAH RAH RAH!

    You put a Diaby in, then Diaby was out
    He was out out out what the fuck was that about!?
    Cygan, Squillaci, Jeffers and Silvestre,
    That’s what it’s all about!

    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger,
    Ohhhhhhh you do the Arsene Wenger …

    Eight point two Mill RAH RAH RAH!