Mesut might play for a manager that sold him because of his character

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courtesy @allthatchas

Quick one today BECAUSE IT’S SNOWING. JK my darlings, I have time constraints.

Top Issues:

‘I can’t handle the abuse’

When you start feeling sorry for someone who is doing a bad job, that’s when you’re in trouble. The general rule of thumb with grandpa Wenger is he does something at the family party that’s a bit embarrassing, he throws a hissy fit, we all get mad… but then we start feeling guilty and sure enough, he’s back at the next Sunday roast explaining how his problem with the guy in the paper shop isn’t what we think it is.

If you’re struggling with Wenger leaving because of the abuse, ask yourself this, do you struggle with the notion of Arsenal beating Spurs because a few dickheads sing disgusting unacceptable songs about Jewish people? Of course you don’t. You round on the idiots and don’t normalize abusive behaviour, but you still want what’s right for the club.

Abuse of Wenger or any player is unacceptable. However, let’s not switch the narrative to this being about mean fans. He’s the man holding the club hostage and getting paid potentially £10m for the pleasure.

£280k a week?

Circle of access CEO John Cross reckons Mesut ‘I have man-flu all the time’ Ozil has been offered a whopping £280k a week to stay at Arsenal, but he might say no, no, noooooooo. Rumour has it Carlo fancies him at Bayern. I’m not sure about this one, the same Carlo that shifted him to Arsenal because…

“It’s true, that maybe Di Maria has less quality than Özil but on a profile of dynamism, character and help to the team I preferred Di Maria.”

Has Ozil shown the character of a winner this season? Would that fill you with confidence? Maybe. Perhaps Carlo could extract more out of our sulky maestro.

Wenger will consider fans

I mean, kind of. He’s constantly trying to convince us that we’re just not very rational. We’re like ditzy fifties housewives who just can’t control their hormones. What are we like?

“I worked very hard for 20 years to make our fans happy and when you lose I understand they are not.”

Losing is a problem, yes. But let’s not pretend the issue is just losing. It’s the ingredients that make our annual season collapse possible. We’ll all accept that the new manager will take bad losses, but will the new manager learn from his mistakes?

I think quite simply, fans want a new manager. It doesn’t matter if Wenger finishes in the top 4, it doesn’t matter if he wins an FA Cup. It’s clear he can’t take us to the next level and the club is in desperate need of a shake-up. We’re dated, there’s no vision and results are really poor.

This narrative popping in the media that Wenger has to demonstrate he can change is embarrassing. You either have it in the locker, or your don’t. The BBC and Gary Neville suggesting that Wenger has some Alex Ferguson in his back pocket is beyond a joke. What, they think he’s been sitting on winning ways for ten years?

Honestly. The level of punditry and analysis in the Premier League is shocking at times. Worst thing is the fans start buying into it and then we’re back where we started.

Start a fresh people and move on.

Lincoln City

BIG game in the FA Cup which will see us hopefully move into a semi-final against a big team. Reading rumours about Sanogo being in the squad. Another car crash player Wenger can’t give up on. Anyway, even he should feel like he can compete with a team in a league so far down it’s hard to Google it.

The manager should be going all out to dominate the game and destroy these pretenders. They’re a better side than Sutton, I don’t know why I should call that out, but I will, because we’re not very good at the moment and I need some excuses lined up.

It’s a late kickoff, so the eyes of the world will be on it. Let’s see what Arsene has in store.

Finally, jump on the podcast before it becomes irrelevant tomorrow.

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  1. Jim Lahey

    Out of United/Chelsea, City and Spurs in the Semis I feel City are the most beatable.. And also less humiliating to go out against City at Wembley than either Spurs or United/Chelsea.

  2. Bamford10

    Wenger – “We got Bayern out of our system.”

    What a joke. We will lose to any one of City, Chelsea or United. That’s guaranteed. And that’s the problem.

    And we have not gotten Bayern out of our system, you shameless, deluded fraud. Nor any of the countless previous humiliations.

    No new contract. Wenger out.

  3. Bamford10

    City are the most beatable? With Aguero and Sane playing as they are at moment? I don’t think so. I know there are a lot of Spurs believers on here, but I still think they would be our best chance to advance.

  4. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    “With Aguero and Sane playing as they are at moment?”

    What about Kane, Costa and Ibrahimović… All have scored more than Aguero this season.

    Peps team is still very susceptible to pressure. United or Spurs at Wembley, you don’t see this Arsenal team rolling over? And there isn’t a chance in hell we beat Chelsea.

  5. Bamford10

    So Wenger has three weeks to make a decision. Let’s hope the plane flying overhead next weekend makes it clear that he must go for their to be peace at the club.

  6. Bamford10


    I’ve already said we’ll lose to United and Chelsea, so I’m not sure why you bring up Ibra and Costa.

    As for Kane, he’s a good player, but I don’t think he’s as dangerous as Aguero or the two above.

  7. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    “I’ve already said we’ll lose to United and Chelsea, so I’m not sure why you bring up Ibra and Costa.”

    To be honest, I didn’t read your comment on us losing to United or Chelsea, I think its a given that we lose to either of those teams in the Semi. Now its down to whether Spurs or City would be the tougher team to beat, and I believe its Spurs.

    Their defensive record is better and the very fact they are who they are makes them that more difficult to play. Also our recent results against both are similar, could actually say we have done better against City in the recent years.

  8. SpanishDave

    Arsenal is now really Wengerland , his ethics his culture his club.
    It’s not my club anymore, I cannot and will not associate my self with him until he goes.
    I cannot stand the man he is a classless looser