Damning AFC Press Release: Not even a vote of confidence?

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WHAT IN TARNATION. Just wanted to say that because it’s Thursday and I’m attuned to internet culture.

We have an ACTION PACKED episode for you today because many interesting things are happening. The biggest news to drop since Eboue rocked a tiger suit at the Arsenal Christmas party has landed.


Sir Chips, a man who rocks disdain for the fans with sober venom (god bless yah PHW), actually drafted a statement inbetween goading poor people at food banks.

“We are fully aware of the attention currently focused on the club and understand the debate. We respect that fans are entitled to their different individual opinions but we will always run this great football club with its best long-term interests at heart.

“Arsène has a contract until the end of the season. Any decisions will be made by us mutually and communicated at the right time in the right way.”

So a few things to note of importance here. Sir Chips isn’t really part of the board, so don’t get too excited. He has about as influencer on Arsenal as you do on the geopolitical happenings in Yemen at the moment. He’s an artifact, buzzing around in the background, maybe at the very most tasked with finding a new supplier for dustbin lids. He’s there to ensure power is maintained by Stan and he’s merely a figurehead to give the impression of the continuity of ‘tradition.’

That said, as ex potilical PR man Alex (that other guy that occasionally blogs) informed me, the first rule of having a problem in PR is to NEVER admit there is a problem. You’re already losing if you go there. As we’re seeing in America at the moment, the idea of a problem or an apology is the biggest no of them all.

It’s still snarky. Taking a snobbish attitude about the long-term view of the club when they all sold out their shares to Stan K when there was absolutely no need to outside personal enrichment, feels a little bit hypocritical. Putting that to one side, if they think the long-term health of the club is in good hands when we’re taking 10-2 wallopings in the Champions League they’re kidding themselves. If they’re talking business, be real here, our commercial revenue has only climbed recently because of TV money, we’re

Putting that to one side, if they think the long-term health of the club is in good hands when we’re taking 10-2 wallopings in the Champions League they’re kidding themselves. If they’re talking business, be real here, our commercial revenue has only climbed recently because of TV money, we’re 7th in Europe with one of the richest stadium gate receipts going (important to note as Chelsea, Atletico and Spurs build new grounds that will elevate their wealth). United out gun us by £150m a season. Why is that? Because they know that a winning team brings in winning sponsorship deals. That is what good business looks like people. Don’t buy into the nonsense that Wenger is good for business, because clearly, he’s not unless you like losing ground to your rivals.

Anyway, back to the point. The ‘mutual decision’ is the hierarchy’s way of telling us it’s still not decided. I can’t help but think the way the protest was disseminated around the globe has added to the panic. The fans in full revolt, hopefully they’ll land even bigger numbers this weekend. The decision is on the table fans, do you want to waste another 2 years of your life on a rich old man and his outrageously arrogant view that he owns your club?

Get out and do your bit if you can…

Slightly less positive news if you take a read over at L’Equipe, they have an insider leaking stories of Wenger’s ‘great sadness’ at potentially leaving Arsenal at some point. This is slightly damning of Sir Chips statement, it states that the contract is on the table, the club want him to sign, but he’s aware of unrest so is holding fire. That approach might sound noble, but it has the impact of giving the club not time to react should he leave. That’s why Ivan should grow a pair and call time on the offer ASAP. Wenger’s feelings should not be considered. It’s negligence to put him before the health of the club.

The results are not as expected, the supporters are angry but Arsene is impervious to outside pressure and has the support of the board. His sadness will be immense, the day he leaves Arsenal. It is he who will decide his future. His contract renewal is ready. He only has to sign it. He is aware of some errors, especially in recruitment.”

‘Some’ errors? Please. There’s a raft of problems Wenger has been pontificating on for years, this is more than a few errors, this is a systemic failure of a dated philosophy. Wenger can’t fix it. Well, unless you want to talk to failed Valencia manager Gary Neville.

“In a time when managers get sacked every five minutes, when you think of the Claudio Ranieri sacking this season, I’d love Arsenal to stand by him and somehow prove everyone wrong in the next few seasons.”

This is why there’s so little trust in mainstream media sources. It’s a self-congratulatory old boys club. Really embarrassing. His job is to be honest to the fans, not hide behind a code of conduct that says ‘I won’t ask for a manager to be fired, but I will destroy his credibility week after week on TV.’

That said, Wenger makes a wonderful point in reframing the issues Arsenal have had in the CL.

“In the last nine years only once have we been the worst performing English club in the Champions League.”

Imagine passing yourself off as an intellect and having the nerve to drop an argument that again tries to devalue ‘winning’ to a competition of who is the worst? What must our players with a winning mentality think to that kind of carry on?

Sky Sports jumped into bed with John Cross in trying to take down the clubs best players. The one who scores most of the goals. The one that carries us with his energy and passion. The one that’s made 12 assists. This time, they tried to dive into the sprint stats that damn Alexis.


Ok, so on the face of it, it looks shocking, right? There has been a dip in performance since Christmas. But where is the context here? His distance per 90minutes has dropped by 6%. His sprints per game have dropped by a slightly more significant 8%. Are we factoring in fatigue? This is a player who basically hasn’t been given a break in 2 years. He played all the games in the build up to December, was flown out to Chile for two games and brought back in bad shape. Then we obviously had the massive pile up during that period in which he wasn’t rested.

Is it not to be expected that there’d be a drop in physical output? How does he compare against other players in the team? How does his dip compare to other players in the league?

A more interesting stat was that he’d lost the ball more than any player on the team… about 100 times. He’s greedy, but again, when you don’t trust your team mates, or your manager, it’s to be expected. It’s tough to critique him too much though… he’s scored the most goals and he’s made the most assists and I’m pretty sure he’s created more chances than anyone at the club by an absolute margin. If there’s someone we shouldn’t be picking on, it’s him.

As with most football analysis, it’s pretty poor and it’s spun with an angle to provoke you to write a blog about it. Whatever.

In other news, worth paying attention to the fact Arsenal haven’t spoken to Chamberlain about a new deal. I can’t help but think he’s shown very positive signs in the middle. Great range of passing, drive, power, pace… and only 23. We could be about to make a bigger mistake than ignoring Gnabry until after the Olympics.

Finally, let’s finish on some banter. Firstly, the story of Wenger and the wolves. Secondly, this tweet about Spurs spiralling stadium costs. LOVING THE BREXIT.




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388 Responses to “Damning AFC Press Release: Not even a vote of confidence?”

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  1. Leftsidesanch


    Lmao im crying here, Ty from AFTV is really a plank of the highest order. Wait until you see him in the stadium, aggressive mannered little fella in Arsenal merchandise from top to bottom.

    It’s people like him that is the reason why Mr Burns has a job. Better late than never, we can keep this pressure going and see how it unfolds.

  2. WengerEagle


    Yes, you’d at least hope that to be the case.

    He’s got an enviable cult of devoted followers though which rivals The Branch Davidians and Jonestown that seriously believe that he’s been hard-done by all these years and is still the right man for the job.

  3. Jim Lahey

    @WE –

    I was listening to I think it was “Off the ball” on Newstalk the other night, and they had a few (Spanish) Barcelona fans on talking about their win over PSG. The talk then transitioned into Arsenal and Wenger.

    They talked about not being able to comprehend the idea that the biggest club in the biggest city in Europe keeping a manager that has not won a league for over a decade. Laughed about it and questioned the ambition of the club.

  4. N5

    Wallace if you come to the Emirates (I’m not sure if you do or not), you’ll see that the whole atmosphere is changing. There is very few middle of the road guys any more. It’s more like In or Out.

  5. WengerEagle


    Agree, and at least if it goes tits up we can say that we tried, which is all most of the supporters, myself included, are asking for.

    Souness was on the money during the post match analysis when he challenged the idiot presenter on TV3 that looks like a love child of Mario and an Oompa Loompa on the whole be careful what you wish for argument, pointing to United after Fergie.

    He literally said, ‘well it’s not like they’re good now, United were winning trophies’ to which the moron started bringing up UCL football every season.

    Which Souness snapped back ‘for what, nights like this?’ though.

  6. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    “for them to start going back on what they’ve been saying for years would mean them admitting they were wrong for years because it is not as if this season is any different from the years gone by”

    Exactly, this season is no different than the last 5 or 6, we may be doing slightly worse in the league, but everything else has been par for the course. People hate to admit they were wrong so instead of facing that reality they double down on the nonsense.

  7. Tomtom

    It’s sad to see the club try to scapegoat Sanchez in order to deflect from Wengers failings.
    I’d imagine Sanchez has become disillusioned with the culture of the club as he is a winner and sees his best years being wasted.
    Even occasionally observers of football can now see Wenger for the fraud that he is

  8. WengerEagle


    Hahaha he’s an angry little fucker isn’t he?

    Ever notice how after we’re beaten when he hasn’t gone into hiding, in the exchanges with Claude he ignores what Claude is saying and focuses on his swearing.

    He’s a 40+ year old man and staunchly repeats ‘why are you swearing? Stop swearing at me’ to neutralise the verbal bashing he receives.

    The time that he was videoed getting an autograph off of Wenger [it’s on AFTV], Arsene genuinely looked weirded out by Ty.

  9. Tomtom

    I heard that interview on newstalk regarding Real/Barca opinion of Arsenal.
    Pretty accurate to say that we are perennial underachievers

  10. WengerEagle


    From the outside, especially at a club where if you last 3 years as manager you’re doing very well such as at Barcelona/Real Madrid it must be incomprehensible the position that a club like Arsenal find themselves in.

    Everyone who also brings up Ferguson miss the point, he would have been out on his arse by 2009/2010 at the very latest if he hadn’t won a trophy since the FA Cup in 2004.

    There’s a reason why at all of the elite European clubs they turnover managers regardless of success every few years.

  11. Jay

    I agree with China’s comments earlier. The only chance we have of getting Wenger out is by continuing to protest and building the movement to get shot of him. Despite – or maybe because – of his arrogance, he seems to have a brittle ego. Witness his angry response to being questioned, and his increasing eccentricity – of which his latest ‘mathematical formule’ comment is a prime example. He won’t go without being pushed, but equally I’m not convinced he can cope with constant criticism, constant protest, constant exposure. He lacks ‘zee mental strength’ for that, IMHO. If I still lived in London I’d be at every demo. Get in there lads!

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Exactly, the only people that UCL football matters to is Kroenke and Wenger, the former for money, the latter to keep the former happy and to stay in power.

    It really is a total fallacy this whole ‘UCL’ every year thing, we don’t use it to attract top talent, we don’t use it to progress domestically and we’re actually getting worse int he competition.

    From a football standpoint, what is UCL worth? ‘Those nights at the Emirates,’ what like Tuesday night? I’d rather have a colonic.

  13. Wallace


    no, I rarely go to the games. I appreciate it’ll depend on the kind of people you socialize with. but there’s quite a few Arsenal fans in my 5 a side group, they’re from all over the place geographically, but all would probably be filed under ‘the pro-Wenger rabble’ on here 😉

  14. Jim Lahey

    @Tom –

    It really shows how little is thought of the club on the continent. Not one of those teams in the draw for the last 16 of CL was afraid of being drawn against us.

  15. N5

    Wallace. You know what real life is like though, a couple of wins and the Emirates will return to the state of usual acceptance and be “pro-Wenger”.

  16. WengerEagle


    Agree, for Sanchez’s faults he is a top class forward that would walk into any other BPL side and any European club barring the big 3 IMO.

    He also has the heart of a lion and never hides on the pitch, to his detriment at times such as the 2nd goal on Tuesday.

    He’ll 100% leave in the summer if Wenger remains, guy is turning 29 by the end of the year and he’s no late bloomer, it’s now or never for him if he wants that UCL medal.

  17. Rambo Ramsey

    I sincerely hope Sanchez confronts Wenger and demands to know more about this secret formula…maybe get Sanogo to tape the exchange( he has to be good for something, right? )

  18. Wallace


    “Aren’t you a le grove poster yourself, twat?”

    yes, good point. I meant people with a le grove take on things. I rarely meet them. in the real world.

  19. Tomtom

    Wenger signing a new contract will be a hammer blow for the club going forward.
    What little enthusiasm I have will be gone along with many others.
    Wenger won’t change, he has proven that over the years and to stay on would be incredibly selfish of him but I still expect him to sign a new contract and for things to decline further.
    I’d love a change, we need some excitement and a bit of hope for the future

  20. Marko

    I won’t be sad to see him go. I’ll be excited for what’s next. Thanks for the memories and all that but ffs sad is what’s taking place right now and every single season and every single transfer window and every single big game.

  21. WengerEagle

    ‘I rarely meet them. in the real world.’

    Haha ‘in the real world’.

    Chances are that you interact regularly with 10-20 people max about footy and shockingly, they may be people that you have a lot in common with i.e friends/acquaintances.

    You can’t go by your inner circle ffs when talking about ‘the real world’.

  22. Leedsgunner

    I cannot believe people are still trodding out the “Be careful what you wish for…” as a viable argument… despite being humiliated game after game after game.

    As a reason to keep Wenger it is a hollow shell, a busted flush and an intellectually empty argument.

    It’s an argument that rails against change because it’s change not because of the effects of that change.

    Spineless and driven by fear, we need better reasons to keep on with Wenger. If anyone has such arguments, let them speak up!

    “Be careful what you wish for” is simply not good enough.

  23. WengerEagle


    It’s not just people, ‘super-pundit’ Gary Neville wheeled it out on live TV.

    As good a pundit as he may be, he knows all too well about failure in the manager hotseat.

  24. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    “Souness was on the money during the post match analysis when he challenged the idiot presenter on TV3 that looks like a love child of Mario and an Oompa Loompa on the whole be careful what you wish for argument, pointing to United after Fergie”

    Love child of Mario and and oompa Loompa???????
    You had me spewing my coffee all over the keyboard. My colleague thought I was going to need a Heimlich.
    You are one crazy focker 🙂

  25. Marko

    I still can’t believe that there’s still a “pro Wenger rabble” out there. What’s there to support? Honestly what are you supporting?

  26. Dissenter

    If you were a journalist or pundit. would you want Wenger to leave?
    Hell no. I would want him to stay.

    Everyone knows how this is going to end.
    It has to be fun covering a car crash in very slowed motion. You get to cover the game and all the other extras- fans angst, fighting in the stands etc.
    It’s fun guys.

  27. WengerEagle

    In all seriousness, remember those spate of signings including Gervinho, Santos and Park that he proclaimed to be ‘super super’ quality on the back of selling RVP and Song?

  28. China

    Stop complaining you moaning michaels! I for one have had my anger placated.

    Haven’t you been listening? Wenger’s going to tweak the training and he also made a mathematical formula.

    I’m not convinced that he won’t oversee any more 10-2 scorelines and, if anything, will probably be on the winning end of a 10-2 the next time we face Bayern


  29. Marko

    Honestly what is there to support? If you want him to stay the question then should be do you actually support Arsenal fc or Arsene Wenger? Cause they’re not one and the same

  30. China

    I love how easy it is to fix the club’s problems.

    A training method tweak

    Ok well that’s that fixed then. Who knew it was so simple

    We should use his simplifying qualities to fix more significant world problems

    He could calm down the North Koreans’ nuclear missile testing by offering advice to their leader on how to make the perfect puff pastry

    Or he could solve the crisis of honey bees dying out by planting an acacia tree in his back yard

    Who knows how far his ability to solve complex problems so easily go. The sky’s the limit!!

  31. Jacko

    ‘I still can’t believe that there’s still a “pro Wenger rabble” out there. What’s there to support? Honestly what are you supporting?’

    I know Marko, it baffles me as well.

    What are they thinking?

    I love that my team never competes for the title and I want some more of the same. I love watching the annual capitulation in the CL, fuck yeah! I love that our squad is mostly made up of average over paid lightweights, sign me up for another 2 years!

  32. Red&White4life

    Anyone has already seen Lincoln playing ??
    There’s really no chance for them to realize the impossible ??

  33. Cesc Appeal


    I pissed myself at that, ‘board want to see Wenger is capable of change, tweak to training on Thursday morning shows he can.’


  34. Bamford10

    I have no words for people who are still “pro-Wenger.” Actually, I have many words for them and none of them are nice. Anyone with a fucking brain should’ve seen through Wenger years ago.

    Your five-a-side team, Wallace, sounds like a bunch of fucking losers.

  35. Mick Kartun

    Rumors of merry go round managers from goal.com:

    Barca held talk with Blanc
    Juve approached Simeone
    means Allegri’s chance to barca or arsenal.

    Need a Lincoln miracle to kick wengers arse and out of top 4 along with increased protests to land Allegri, otherwise same old shit for next 2 years.

  36. Bamford10

    The psychology of the AKB would be rich material for a dissertation in psychology. It’s definitely a delusion on the level of religion, Christianity, etc.

  37. Marko

    Look if he was unwilling to change after an 8-2 defeat and a 6-0 defeat and a 5-1 defeat what makes anyone think he’d change after a 10-2 agg defeat.

  38. Dissenter

    I’m beginning to see Wenger in a new light.
    Instead if anger. I actually feel really sorry for him.
    I wouldn’t want to live his life despite all the fame and money he’s made.

    When you’re 67 years old with an easily recognizable name worldwide and enough money to live on for the next 100 years. would you want to stay on?

    He’s an empty sad old man who has nothing else to do with his life.
    Hs ex-wife probably hates him.
    He’s probably estranged from his daughter.
    He has no charities he donates to or represents.
    No causes outside of football that intrigue him.

    For me it’s pity I feel for him
    All that talk about work-life balance never reached him. He’s a sick fu*ked up guy.

  39. WengerEagle

    Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal
    AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal
    Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal
    Manchester City 6-3 Arsenal
    Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal
    Everton 3-0 Arsenal
    Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal
    Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal
    Arsenal 1-5 Bayern Munich
    Southampton 4-0 Arsenal
    Sheffield Wednesday 3-0 Arsenal
    Barcelona 5-1 Arsenal on agg

    Feel free to add more to the pile.

  40. Mick Kartun


    8 million a year would make you sad with your life?
    Get real, mate. I still have big mortgage to pay off for 12 years and busting my ass to daily work to bring food for my 2 kids.

    Good Lord.

  41. WengerEagle

    No way Barca would be interested in Blanc, was underwhelming even at PSG never mind a much bigger club in Barcelona.

    Sampaoli is the obvious choice from a style perspective, being Argentine/South American also helps considering MSN.

  42. Bamford10


    I would feel pity for him if he were not making Arsenal the inadequate, dysfunctional shit-show it is today.

    The minute he leaves and allows us to begin working to become a real footballing power again, I will gladly extend him my sympathy and concern.

    Until then, however, he truly is an enemy of Arsenal Football Club, as is everyone who continues to support him.

  43. Marko

    It’s actually incredible the amount of big defeats in big games we’ve incurred over the years. Honestly that in itself shows him up. His lack of preparation, unwilling to change tactics not to mention failing to address squad issues. Unreal. How on earth could anyone advocate that to continue? It’s such a blatant problem that won’t go away with keeping on Wenger

  44. Davey


    depends where you’re looking. if le grove was representative of the views of the average fan he’d be gone by now. no doubt. in real life I’ve yet to encounter an Arsenal fan who I think might be a le grove poster. everyone i know is far more middle of the road. they probably now want to see a new guy installed for next season, but they’ll be sad if it is the end.

    I have about 20 Arsenal fans/friends (real fans through the 70’s) and all but 1 of them wants him gone, the Arsene FC fans who started following from 1996 and know nothing else seem to want him to stay.

    The fans I know do not go on le Grove, how can you love him so much?

  45. Wallace


    “Your five-a-side team, Wallace, sounds like a bunch of fucking losers.”

    I won’t tell you which country is best represented in the group then 🙂

  46. WengerEagle


    And that’s only from the last 4-5 years.

    Fergie’s United embarrassed us quite few times even when we were good, the 6-1 defeat at OT, the 4-0 hammering in the FA Cup QF in 2008 when Nani was mugging us off with seal dribbles and the 3-1 domination at the Emirates in 2009 where an RVP penalty put a gloss on the scoreline, they murdered us that night.

  47. WestLondonGoon

    The chances of our board actually going to Colney, let alone noticing a ‘training tweak’ is a laughable idea in itself.

    Chips: ‘Arsene, i notice that the squad are wearing blue vests today….’

    Arsene: ‘Yes, it will improve their mentality. I told young Theo to imagine that he is Eden Hazard, and if you look carefully at Francis Coquelin, he is pretending to be Ighalo Kante.’

    Chips: ‘Everything is progressing well then? Here, have another £20m.’

    As far as the Enrique self-comparison, if Wenger had been on the receiving end of the PSG result, all he would have been bleating about for the next 3 months was how the ref had robbed him of a monumental win.

    Emery has been fairly philosophical in defeat, ‘We were calmer in the second half and better positioned. We improved and had a chance for 3-2. The refereeing decisions went against us and we lost everything in the closing minutes. Barcelona are capable of doing that. It was all or nothing for them in the final minutes. It’s a negative experience for me and for the club. We need to learn from it.”

    Those final 6 words are exactly what no Wenger team ever does.

  48. Relieable Sauce

    Bradford City 3 – 2 Arsenal on penalties
    Newcastle 4 – 4 Arsenal
    Man Utd 6 – 1 Arsenal
    Arsenal 2 – 4 Man Utd

  49. Wallace


    “I have about 20 Arsenal fans/friends (real fans through the 70’s) and all but 1 of them wants him gone, the Arsene FC fans who started following from 1996 and know nothing else seem to want him to stay.”

    have they wanted him gone for a long time now? I’ll admit I’m slightly surprised whenever a long-term hardcore fan really rips into him.

  50. Marko

    I know right WE. How the fuck can you argue with keeping him when every time we play a half decent team it’s 50/50 we might win whereas with an actual good team 90% of the time we’re getting fucking tanked. Home and away. We’ve never turned the Emirates into any sort of fortress. He’s been living off luck and memories for years now

  51. Wallace


    “Wallace why do you come on here surely untold is the site for you”

    when I started out there were more of us.

  52. Marko

    I’ll admit I’m slightly surprised whenever a long-term hardcore fan really rips into him.

    Why’s that Wallace? Honestly please just answer that no beating around the bush

  53. Davey

    Fair play to you Wallace, yes we all have wanted him gone for some time but myself the longest (since 2008)

  54. Mick Kartun

    “Sanchez looks grumpy as Arsenal prepare training for Lincoln tie.”

    If only at least there were 3 Sanchez alike with balls in our bunch of pussies squad, wenger himself might commit suicide.

  55. PhD07

    Old Arsene Wenger,for many a year filling us with his pearls of wisdom..

    Now he has a mathematical formulae..??!!

    I wonder if his mathematical formulae,is able to find a solution to ending 20 years of no CL trophy?

    13 years of no EPL trophy?

    Reversing a first leg 5-1 deficit against BM(clearly not)?

    Being able to win away against the top six in how many games?

    Quelling dressing room unrest?

    Buying Alonso,Benzema,Kante,Hazard,Mata,Ribery over the years etc,etc…

    Why has he been keeping this formula hidden till now?

    Hmm..I’m extremely excited now as to what next season holds forth,with his tweaked mathematical formula…


    Every year OGL breaks new records,all for the wrong reasons..

    I guess the 10-2 aggregate loss to BM,was his way of applying the finishing touches to his winning mathematical formula…

    To be applied next season,if he sticks around..

    Probably a 15-2 rout by Barca/Real Madrid/BM in the knockout stages of the CL-2017/18 season…

  56. Wallace


    “Why’s that Wallace? Honestly please just answer that no beating around the bush.”

    because we were f*ckin’ awful for all but about 3 of the 20yrs preceding Wenger’s arrival. I’d no doubt be far less ‘reasonable’ if I hadn’t lived through those years.

  57. China

    Cesc man I know training tweaks to fix Arsenal you fucking whaaaaat mate

    Also your name is so depressing because it reminds me firstly of my second favourite player after big Sol – but also because it reminds me of how it felt to support Arsenal and be optimistic

    I’d frankly prefer not to be reminded of players like cesc and the promise his early years team had because it serves to co trash with how fucking miserable I am about my club these days

    Oh lord please just give me my club back. Just something to be excited about that doesn’t involve wishing the manager to be sacked. Like something actually exciting or positive you know…….

  58. Bamford10

    Wallace’s last reply sheds some light on the AKB’s bizarre outlook. Where the Wenger critic looks at Arsenal today and says, “we could and should be competing for titles, should be a serious force both in England and in Europe,” the AKB says, “we are a bigger and better club now than we were pre-Wenger”.

    The AKB also wrongly believes that we are a force in England and Europe today, where in reality we’re an inadequate joke and perennial failure.

  59. Marko

    because we were f*ckin’ awful for all but about 3 of the 20yrs preceding Wenger’s arrival. I’d no doubt be far less ‘reasonable’ if I hadn’t lived through those years.

    You could say that now too. Definitely been awful for the last 10. But hey if you’re happy with the current state of affairs alright then or if you still think he’s capable of change given more time then you’re absolutely delusional I’m afraid

  60. Bamford10


    You say it’s time for change, but you haven’t said why. Is it because Wenger isn’t good enough a manager to build and manage a title-contending side in this era? Or is it something else? Please explain.

  61. Wallace


    “Where the Wenger critic looks at Arsenal today and says, “we could and should be competing for titles, should be a serious force both in England and in Europe,” the AKB says, “we are a bigger and better club now than we were pre-Wenger”.”

    there’s definitely some truth in that, for me anyway.

  62. Wallace


    “You say it’s time for change, but you haven’t said why.”

    this is the 4th year since we started spending proper money again. I thought the first two years showed promise, but this season and last have been disappointing. this season especially, when I thought we had the squad to seriously challenge.

  63. Bamford10


    So Wenger has shown he isn’t good enough? Sounds like that’s what you’re saying.

    Further, re the previous point, sounds like you also agree that while we may be bigger and better than we were pre-Wenger, we could and should be doing better than we are under Wenger at moment. Yes?

  64. Bamford10

    Can’t remember who compiled the impressive list of French talent earlier, but no idea why he included Coquelin in the list.

    Coquelin has never been invited in to camp and isn’t a top player. Not even close.

  65. Marko

    That’s hardly an explanation for things to remain the same Wallace. Last two seasons have disappointing so let’s stay as is?

  66. Wallace


    the last two seasons have been disappointing. this one especially so. Guardiola or Klopp with this squad would be neck and neck with Chelsea in my opinion. previously I didn’t think we had the squad, mostly on account of not having enough money to buy the players needed. now that we do I think it’s fairer to put the blame on Wenger.

  67. Wallace


    “Last two seasons have disappointing so let’s stay as is?”

    no, I’ve said I’d like someone new in charge next season.

  68. Jacko

    Just a quick glance at our squad would tell most fans that we were never in a position to challenge. Add Wenger into the equation and you would have to be barking mad if you thought we had a chance.

    My own prediction was somewhere between 3rd – 5th at the outset. I guess 3rd was a tad generous in hindsight.

  69. Dissenter

    West London
    “The chances of our board actually going to Colney, let alone noticing a ‘training tweak’ is a laughable idea in itself.”

    Kroenke did see Wenger training at Colney one time. He never forgot it.
    ““I don’t want to say something about Arsène that is not the way he feels but, to me, I think he seems to love what he does. I had my son and a bunch of his friends at the training ground. A couple of them are NBA players.
    “We were standing out in the rain watching. It rained like hell. This was going on for several hours. I was getting worried about players getting hit by lightning and Arsène was out in the middle of it. He’s out there coaching every day. You’ve got to love that or you can’t do it. That’s a passion.”

    The mere sight of seeing a manager training in the rain endeared him to Wenger for life!

  70. Marko

    no, I’ve said I’d like someone new in charge next season.

    Then why are people arguing with you? You want the same thing

  71. nepGunner

    In case you didn’t know… There’s a section on this site to define the AKBs… I guess it needs to be updated now…

    Addendum 1:
    AKBs are sad little cunts that have no ambition to become the best in life.. They are the very definition of brainwashed sheep.. Just look at that idiot Ty (Arsenal Fan TV) with club merchandise (including headphones) as his “proof” he’s a fan.. But no shame of defending the current status quo that is blocking the progress of the club..#facepalm

  72. nepGunner

    Addendum 2:

    AKBs are sad little cunts that need Wenger to show they are something in life… AFC can win, draw, or loose a game… But their Messiah can’t go wrong in any of those outcome… He’s right all the time

    Those pathetic lots… They’ve already forgotten that they support AFC… The Football Club.. And not a employee of the club.. No less who is holding the club back from achieving it’s full potential

  73. nepGunner

    Addendum 3:

    AKBs are sad little cunts who cannot embrace change in life.. By their own admission they should be in caves or trees till today… Thank god, humanity chose change, embraced the inherent risks and progressed to our current incarnation of today..