Arsene Wenger humiliates The Arsenal in front of the world, again

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If we’ve learnt anything about Arsenal over the last few months it’s that bogging yourself down in the details of a game doesn’t really get you anywhere productive. Yesterday, Arsenal weren’t just beaten, they were humiliated for the 3rd time in a row against Bayern Munich conceding 15 goals in the process.

Sure, we can talk about that Theo Walcott penalty shout, but in your heart of hearts, what do you think it was changing?

We can talk about the rough way Lewa dropped when Koscielny clattered him for the penalty. We can gripe over whether it was a red card. But really, what was any of this changing?

The ref didn’t change the game. Arsene Wenger is the man that shaped that tie. He’s the man who presided over the worst ever defeat of an English club in the last 16 of the Champions League. He is the man, who has made us the Sunderland of the Champions League.

Yesterday was so bad for so many reasons, but maybe we can take a moment to extract some joy from the game?

The set up looked like our most interesting starting 11. The only thing I would have changed is Giroud. He’d have sat on the bench, where he was until Danny W picked up an early injury. Our starting 11 had balance, it had pace surrounding Xhaka with Rambo and Chamberlain. It had outlets either side of the striker in Theo and Sanchez. It opened Bayern up countless times in the first half.

Theo Walcott looked like someone had pinched his Nespresso and the only way he could have it safely returned was to put in an angry performance. What a player he looked. I think part of his success in big games comes down to foreign teams giving him space versus the deep block treatment, but regardless, he looked up for it and super mean when he had a pop at Martinez.

Xhaka has a good game dictating play where he should be, at the base of midfield. Chamberlain looked really f*cking solid again. He has a superb range of passing, he has explosive pace to break the lines with his dribbling and he is a constant threat in the final third.

However, the lack of spirit when it comes to adversity was on full show again. If you’re fair, even with our great teams we could never deal with a setback. We’re too fragile, built too heavily on motherly love and baby head strokes. As soon as one thing goes wrong, the pyramid of cards collapses. There is no plan B. We don’t scenario plan. That’s what happened last night.

Laurent K, a player we constantly forgive for making massive errors in big games, clattered over Lewa in the box and took a red card. Wenger dropped Xhaka into defence over bringing Gabriel on, which really tells you what a shit show the Brazilian is, then we went into full on meltdown. I can’t give you the run down of all the goals because it was simply too depressing, but at the heart of the problem was this… the players gave up on Arsene Wenger for the second time in 5 days. It is over for him. The man is buried.

There was a time when we played better with 10 men. Remember that Chelsea game all those years ago? We were the sort of outfit that would deal with a sending off by throwing on another striker. We were fighters. Yesterday? No chance. There is absolutely no mitigating circumstance here, no team worth their salt would collapse in that way. Utter humiliation.

The players gave up, they had no belief in the manager, they had no faith in their skills. Which is a real shame, because for me, that team doesn’t need a complete overhaul. It needs a managerial refresh. Xhaka is one of the most promising registas in Europe, Ramsey and Chamberlain could be a powerhouse force in our midfield if they were coached. Sanchez and Ozil could be sublime with a manager that could control their egos. Our defence needs some work, for sure, but it’s not end of days level.

I can’t tolerate discipline issues like smirking on the bench. Sure, it’s fatalistic, I get it, but Stan and Ivan can’t watch that sort of disrespect going off in front of the world and let it pass. It made the back pages. The manager was humiliated by the result. He was humiliated by the noisy protest before the game that received huge coverage in the pregame media. He was humiliated by Carlo, a man who according to his book, doesn’t like showboating when his teams are spanking opposition.

How much harder can we prosecute the ‘Wenger is done’ argument? We’re not even comforting ourselves with glorious failure these days, this is full on shame. This is being marched through the school yard with no underwear on as the bullies throw tar and feathers at us. It actually can’t get any worse.

Ivan and Stan need to step in here, this is yer dah taking a beating in a pub by a pack of teenagers. Someone needs to put Wenger out of his misery. Someone needs to start thinking about the reputation of the club. Someone needs to make a fucking stand as soon as possible.

This is a car crash the world of football has been watching for 10 years. Finally, the dated Ford Mondeo has stopped rolling. The big question is this, will Wenger unbuckle himself, walk out the wreckage and call it a day. Or will he dust himself off, find himself a Lincoln, and carry on because he thinks he’s the man that invented the engine of Arsenal and thinks he has the right to destroy it?

We’ll see. But yesterday was a humiliation too far for me. I just wish the people that mattered could agree and make the right decision.

Wenger, you need to go.

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  1. Snowman

    I think the biggest mistake we will make as fans is to leave our foot off the gas, the protests have started off well lets get the momentum needed to make it unbearable for these retirement home BOD. This is our f*ckin club! Let’s not let these greedy bastards take away our love and pride!

    WENGER OUT!!!!

  2. Bamford10

    “Thank you for your interest in our affairs.” – @Gingers4Limpar

    I forget this guy’s name, but he was on the Arseblog podcast a few weeks back and he is quite smart. This is his reply to the official Sir Chips statement that has just come out. Quite good.

  3. Dissenter

    I think we’ve made a vital mistake with the protest.
    We ought to have had a unified approach by giving the soft Wenger-out fans a sit at the table.
    It should have been labeled as “time for change” so that people can carry different banners attacking the board and Kroenke as well.
    Better 30,000 fans with a diffuse message than 200 fans chanting Wenger out.

  4. Leedsgunner


    Don’t worry I’m not calling you out or criticising you or anything like that. You and I have been singing from the same song sheet for a long time.

    Wishing you the best.

  5. TheBlaster

    I have never seen such unanimity in the blogosphere or press about Wenger. Even the sites that have always generally been on the side of his ‘project’ like Arseblog and ACLF have thrown in the towel and are staring up into the sky hoping he will end soon. What a shitty season is unfolding.

  6. Bamford10


    Not at all. We were never going to get 10’s of thousands. All that is really needed is a committed core. And we very much have that, both in person and online.

    All that matters is that the criticism of Wenger is what the world sees when it looks at Arsenal. This is an unsustainable situation for the club’s public image and brand.

    Not to mention the current favored message — “No new contract” — is not really all that militant and it certainly isn’t insulting.

  7. Elmo

    The unexpected statement from the Chairman proves they are starting to feel pressure. Clearly the narrative that not only Wenger is sh*t, but that the board also have no clue, is getting through seeing as they make a point that they “understand the debate.”

    They probably think that by definitively stating that there is no prospect of a sudden sacking that the protests will peter out!

    Almost certain that Wenger won’t walk but let’s put them all under horrendous pressure and see what turns up.

  8. Mick Kartun

    Why didnt the dumbos deadbrain akbs make unrest and target protesting the wiggy stand and vagina head gazidas?

    That way their can veint the anger at the other direction than to fight the wobs?

  9. Snowman

    Too late to look at what could have been! The train is already in motion!
    If the buzz around the 200 people dies down, Wenger and the board win!

    Remember the time for change last season, focus was made on the people who sang ”one Arsene Wenger”

    I think we have the advantage of the media being behind us. more focus will be on the WOB!

  10. Carts

    If Ox want to leave then fair play t him. At least his bollocks are categorised alongside the like of RVP, Cesc, TH14 et al.

    He hasn’t developed past 25% in all the time that he’s been here., imo.

    Only till the ass end of last year had he struggled to complete more than thirty 90 min games, during his inconsistent Arsenal career.

    I think the boat has all but sailed for him at Arsenal, especially while Arsene is manager.

    I can’t speak for Ox if a new manager/coach takes over; and by the sounds of things, there’s a high probability that Wenger will be here for at least another 2 years.

    Finally, this new found rating for Ox is strange, as I mentioned yesterday. We’re talking about a guy that hasn’t developed very much and still plays as if he doesn’t quite understand his requirements.

    He’s often dispossessed in crucial areas of the pitch and was personally responsible for 2 goals conceded against Bayern in the first leg.

    Now all of a sudden he’s turned a new leaf. Do me a favour; help harry him out of the club for his own sake.

  11. Red&White4life

    “If the buzz around the 200 people dies down, Wenger and the board win!”

    I’m so depressed that I think they already won anyway.

  12. underrated Coq

    This is what happens when there’s a complete lack of youth in any setup- no energy, no drive, no passion.

    A 67 year ancient manager, backroom staff most of whom past middle age, geriatric board members spearheaded by a 70(?) year old Chairman.

    Lets face it, most people lose their hunger and drive by the time they are 50, the last few years they just chug along waiting for retirement.

    Its no wonder the only noise we’ve heard of relating to this issue is Josh Kroenke’s apparant interest in Henry as manager. The oldies neither have the energy nor the interest clearly and left to them they’d probably keep this train chugging to nowhereland.

  13. The Doctor

    Guys Im done with Arsenal I can’t support such a corrupt evil club anymore. Thanks Wenger you wanker for killing my support. I hope you die a painful death. Also hope The board and Kroenke die as well. fucking wankers.

  14. Guns of Hackney

    Who gives a flying flock if the Ox leaves? He’s complete balls.

    I know Peter suggests that we only need a spring clean throughout the squad but I think he’s being too optimistic.

    Let’s lose…
    Joel Campbell

    16 players who I doubt many could argue against. Sure carzorla but he’s 33 and broken. Ta ta. Sanchez is gone. So 17 players…that is where we are. But…there’s probably over £250m in there and a shit load of wages freed up…a £1m a week?

    I’d rather have a really thin, hungry squad than the overblown pile of douche we currently have.

    We just need Skeletor to leave castle greyskull.

  15. Leftsidesanch

    Maybe im clutching at straws here but in my mind mr Chips releasing a statement tells me the writing could be on the wall.

    I just want to enjoy watching football again, I know others can switch off but when Arsenal are playing poorly it ruins the whole game from me. Not the oldest poster but Wengers robbed me of a joy ive had for at least two decades in supporting this once great team. Initially got into Arsenal because Ian Wright used to live in my area and we went to school with Bradley Wright who is now playing in New York.

    I remember crying tears (my mrs brings this up) when we lost the champions league final in 2006. To go from that to being totally unaffected at the pathetic 10-2 aggregate scoreline v Bayern Munich.

    There’s no way our protests can let up, if they’re causing uncertainty which I think they are – need to even turn it up a notch.

  16. Leftsidesanch

    Genuinely a big Sanchez fan but won’t be absolutely gutted to see him leave. He’s approaching 29 and is arguably in his prime currently. The fact of the matter is, when we needed him to step up the most (ie last season) he, along with Giroud and Ozil went missing at a critical point in our season. Not the biggest fan of the whole team if i’m honest.

  17. Micheal

    Chips Keswick’s statement is a statement about nothing. It reveals nothing we do not already know – except offering the famous “Vote of Confidence” in the manager. Is it too much to hope that this vote of confidences ends up the same as it does at other clubs.

  18. Elmo

    “there’s probably over £250m in there”

    Cazorla has no re-sale value: he’s 33
    Ox – £15m: he is unproven and is entering the final year of his contract
    Ozil – as Julian Laurens said a couple of days ago, noone on the continent is going to offer him anything close to what we are, so the likelihood is either he re-signs or he waits for a Bosman. You don’t take risks on non-performing players when you have a chance to negotiate a Bosman just six months later. If we forced a sale, £15m.
    Walnut – £20m
    Ramsey – £15m
    Gabriel – probably will struggle to move him due to wages, but otherwise £10m
    Coquelin – £5m
    Gibbs – £5m: one year left on contract like Ox, coupled with Arsenal wages means likely no interest and clubs will wait until January for a Bosman
    Ospina – £5m
    Mertesacker – no re-sale value: 32 yrs old, major injury, high wages, on a 1 year contract so Bosman near
    Jenks – £5m, but as we’ve seen he’s reluctant to leave because of wages
    Debuchy – can’t be moved on: nearly 32, multiple major injuries and high wages at Arsenal
    Sanogo – nothing
    Wilshere – £15-20m
    Szczesny – Roma have a EUR 16m / £14m option to buy, otherwise he’s another player entering his final year and available in January to negotiate a Bosman
    Joel Campbell – £5m, but also entering final year so Bosman possible in January

    So I think even with a clearout you’re looking at £100m + Sanchez, but having to use the proceeds to literally replace half the squad. The shocking thing is just how many players can negotiate with a new club in January if things don’t go our way. Absolutely shameful management of contracts and evidence of how we pay players so much we just simply can’t move them on and have to resort to loans until their contracts run out and they leave for nothing.

  19. TOLI83

    I do wonder what planet people live on when they slate Sanchez or don’t have a problem with him leaving – making out we can do better than him. We can’t right now and I doubt top players are getting out of bed to demand a transfer to our circus. Under a new manager with vision Sanchez could have another outstanding 3/4 years with us make no mistake.

    He is a 100% winner, the best player in our team by a mile. The only issue with him is that he doesn’t accept mediocrity or the dross around him.

    Apparently he has running arguments with Ramsey (6 touches before he does anything with it) and Ox (Mr inconsistent). As a fan I think we need more players like him. Mr Arsenal – Tony Adams would have people by the throat at half time if he thought they wasn’t putting it in.

    The big problem with all of this is of course the manager. He has lost the dressing room – where the club are shamelessly directing it towards Sanchez.

    Shame on some of you for sucking it up.

  20. S Asoa


    After the wholesale clearout…. time to buy.
    Can you think of any world class player who will put to sign and be eaten by the Manager Dinosaur ?
    Like Perez has found out. And Perez is a far shout from world class

  21. Guns of Hackney


    Mate, I know the players are shit but come on…we all know that English and British players command a premium.

    Theo is £20m
    Wiltshite is £25-£30m
    Ramsay is £20m
    Ox is £20m
    Ozil will still get £35m
    Sanchez will get around £45m I reckon.

    Trust me, there are enough mugs out there to give us £200m + for our toilet waste.

    We just need someone to pull the trigger

  22. Dissenter

    I must admit that I get dismayed when the likes of baby Theo Walcott are the face of Arsenal football club. Theo just encapsulates what a joke we’ve become.
    All that talk about being a ‘WELL-RUN CLUB” is out of the window now.
    Who gives a manager so much power to hold a club to ransom like this.
    Who decides to destroy their best player in the media like this.
    Who sets up the contracts of their best two players to run out at the same time, to coincide with the manager’s contract running out?

    We are a joke of a club.
    Conservatively being run to the ground.
    Graduate business students of sports management MBA classes will review Arsenal’s structure as a failure in years to come.

    So much for Pedro’s non-stop lauding of Gazidis. We are a joke of a club.

  23. Guns of Hackney


    …and to think it was only a few years ago we were subject of a book called something like: Arsenal, the making of a modern super club.

    What really astounds me is people think Arsenal are some how immune to disaster. Bigger clubs than Arsenal have been crushed…Wenger is carrying out a scorched Earth policy on the club.

  24. Dissenter

    Guns of Hackney
    “Wiltshite is £25-£30m”

    No one is going to pay that much for Wilshere
    He’s been healthy for most of the season and has been dog-shit at Bournemouth. He hasn’t made them better.
    He’s over-rated and over-hyped but I expect he will get an enhanced contract as Wenger battens the hatches down to stem the tide of hostile criticism in the years to come.

  25. SpanishDave

    It will be difficult to attract quality player now if the old goat stays.
    The only way would be big salaries to attract mercenaries which s the last thing we want.
    Looking at the list shows the problem clearly how Wenger has collected and overpaid mediocre players.
    This is why he will never win the league..
    We are miles behind the top clubs and now a joke club of Europe.
    Wenger said it’s his best squad, serial lier.

  26. Guns of Hackney


    They will pay that much. English players command top dollar.

    And yes, he’s a dogshit little crab of a player.

  27. Dissenter

    Can you imagine Bayern Munich, a club being run by former players making a decision about a manager “mutually”
    What a farce this situation has been.
    How did this club get so beholden to a manager who’s been pain 8.5 million yearly?

  28. Cesc Appeal

    The problem with Sanchez and Ozil is their values now.

    Ozil I could not give a shit about really and Wenger signing on and Ozil staying on £280 000 a week would just about sum up what a shit-show we are, completely missing the point, going with ease and safety and misallocating assets.

    Sanchez would obviously be gutting, but we could get past with it a couple of players coming in.

    The problem is both will have one year left on their deal, Sanchez is basically a rebel inside the club and teams will know that, and Ozil could be in a position where it is clear he’s turning down deals, Sanchez is a £60 Million player we could end up selling for half that.

    And that is a new managers problem if he cannot convince him to stay. If Wenger stays it is all irrelevant anyway because who really gives a fuck in that case?

  29. NEEG

    Is AFC too big to fail (to be relegated)?

    Most people have come to accept 4th place as ours – what happens when we start spirally down? For 50 years I have only seen top flight football with AFC but with that lunatic depressive managing and a collection of spoon fed dross making up the board we could well go the way of Forest, Villa Etc. We would be the biggest flops in the history of football.

  30. Leedsgunner

    Isn’t it sad that after years and years of shredding deadwood we still have so many passengers at the club?

    Tragic really.

    Where has all the money gone?

  31. WestLondonGoon

    The fact that people think the Ox isn’t all that is more testament to the way he has been managed by Wenger, pushed out into wide positions when he was bought primarily as a central midfielder. Like many players, their careers stagnate under Wenger’s (lack of) tutelage; as has been stated widely by many posters, being told to go out and ‘express yourself’ is not coaching players to get the best of them.

    Another case in point being Ramsey, unbelievable for Wales, invisible for the Arsenal. Why can’t Wenger get the best out of these players, whilst playing favourites, and extending the contracts, of others who deserve far less, Theo Short Sleeves in particular, he has robbed a living from Wenger for years now.

    In short, we need an end to the easy life, we need a manager who makes the players responsible, and takes responsibility himself.

    Only then will the club change from within.

    #NoNewContract #WengerOut

  32. Elmo

    S Asoa

    Nope! We need a new manager for that.

    Guns of Hackney

    I hope so. I just think we’re in a situation with so many contracts for good reason: the good players don’t want to re-sign for us and the ones we don’t want to keep can’t be moved on. Even guys like Gibbs and Ox who are entering their final year with no new offer from the club; the club MUST have tried to sell them in previous windows in the knowledge that the alternative was a cut-price final summer exit or a Bosman, but received no interest based on the price expected.

    Why offer £20m for Ox when you’re confident that your £120k pw wage offer in January will be better than anyone else?

    I agree Theo is £20m. Goals are hard to come by in the PL and he can offer some. Ramsey I said £15m but maybe the £20m you suggest if we’re lucky.

    Ozil I still don’t think we have a chance of moving for £35m. There’s just no need for clubs to take a big risk on a current non-performer if both a huge transfer fee and big wages were required, when they think they have a 50/50 or better chance of getting him in January with a £180k wage offer.

    I hope I’m wrong and China or elsewhere comes in for our dross with mega-bucks, but with so many players we’re bargaining from a position of weakness.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Do you get the feeling reading the comments of Arsenal fans out there it is almost as if people have woken up from dozing behind the wheel? That kind of ‘f**k me things are bad I’m heading for a barrier’ type moment. Just worry if the drive gets smooth again, off they will nod once more.

  34. kristoman

    ” I agree Theo is £20m. Goals are
    hard to come by in the PL and
    he can offer some. Ramsey I
    said £15m but maybe the
    £20m you suggest if we’re

    Who will pay that amount for theo?

  35. kristoman

    this is the problem with some arsenal fans, overhyping our even to valuation.$20M for 28 soon to be 29 yrs old theo. Please get real

  36. WestLondonGoon

    I could see Theo heading Stateside, somewhere nice and sunny for him, Mrs Theo and all their little Theos to enjoy the sunshine; perhaps they might even let him wear the Mickey Mouse costume if he’s really good.

    Could possibly see someone in Spain taking a gamble on Ramsey, preferring to see the Welsh Ramey than the Arsenal model. That way at least he could hold hands with Gareth whilst sipping sangrias in the evening. Would probably do well there to be honest.

    Ozil, well here’s a bombshell, he’ll end up in Turkey, last till the next transfer window before pleading for a return to someone in Germany; end up at someone like Schalke and dreaming of what could have been.

  37. WestLondonGoon

    Forgot a couple there…..Gibbs will see out his contract at the Arsenal before leaving on a free, end up on £20k a week for someone like Brighton and or Palace, hardly get a game there either and end up as an ebay seller flogging signed pics of the ‘Day I was Captain of Arsenal.’

    Jenkinson will quietly slip back to Charlton to run a second hand car lot which is constantly attacked by vandals because the office is decorated in Arsenal wallpaper given to him as a leaving present from the club.

    Ox moves to Manchester, marries his lady from Little Mix and they become the new Posh and Becks with a serialisation of his life in OK magazine. Pep Guardiola adopts him as his new son

    After retiring from football, Petr Cech becomes the drummer in a thrash metal band, initially to help with his depression after finishing his career at Arsenal. He escapes an attempted murder charge for trying to strangle his agent when the judge decides there were extenuating circumstances as he was wrongly advised to join the Gunners in the first place. Whilst on remand, he writes his best selling book, ‘Jose Was Right About Arsene.’

    So lastly to Jack; ahhh Jack, Jack, Jack, what hopes we had for you. In 2019 Jack moves to the Canary Islands and opens the ‘world famous’ Wilsheres Bar. He can be found there recounting tales of when he was a proper footballer and used to frequent Mahiki 3 nights a week. Now divorced, he can be found most nights at closing time fighting with the patrons of ‘Wilsheres’ for looking at him the wrong way.

  38. Dissenter

    Culled from David Hytner in the Guardian:
    “Mixed messages have dominated over recent weeks. But what remains clear is that the chief executive, Ivan Gazidis – who in effect runs the club on behalf of the majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke – and the chief negotiator, Dick Law, retain faith in Wenger. They prize his record of consistent achievement and have not been spooked by the recent downturn. They are well aware that there remains almost a third of the Premier League season to play. It should also be noted that they do not believe there to be an outstanding candidate on the market to replace Wenger”

    Best of luck folks
    Gazidis and Dick the f*** Law cannot think of an outstanding candidate on the market to replace Wenger?
    What does “in the market” mean, a candidate that will pick the phone and call them for the job?

    We are a joke of a club.

  39. Leedsgunner

    Cesc Appeal

    At one time the stadium was seen as one of Wenger’s greatest achievements. However with each successive humiliation I think more and more people are asking… “What was the point of the Emirates if this was the ambition of the club?”

    I think the stadium is slowly changing from a symbol of hope and change to a symbol of greed and complacency. I resent the stadium now because I feel we were all lied to.

    We were told the stadium would allow us to compete… but the reality is anything but. We’ve had the stadium for ten years now — what have done with it? We had a massive opportunity to build for the future and all Wenger did was stick his head in the sand and pretended the future didn’t exist.

    The stadium, for me, is a reminder of how our club’s heart and soul has been sold to be people who neither care or feel for the fans.

    Very sad for Gooners everywhere.

  40. SpanishDave

    How lucky is Wenger having a soft game this week end, Zee mental strength quote will def appear.
    Semi we will get Spuds for sure.
    With so many players wanting out 4th is not on

  41. PhD07

    Oh well the post mortem…

    No comment..

    I’m utterly and totally speechless,that any fan can find any positive spin,or any iota of an excuse for a 10-2 mauling!!!!

    Thank heavens I managed to detach myself from this club and the sport over the years.I thoroughly enjoyed the goal fest on Tuesday,or rather the savage mauling.But I certainly felt sorry for Arsene on the touchline.Until the post match interview,then managed to clinically detach myself again and reason you reap what you sow.He brings it on himself.

    Anyway, for those fanatical Arsenal fans out there,wishing you all the best.Good luck-peace out..!!

  42. Dissenter

    John Cross: “My belief is that Wenger wants to stay, he’s effectively agreed a new deal. It’s ready to be signed. But if they have a meltdown, it’s not working, then he will go”

    Then may the meltdown continue…if that’s what it will take to get rid off Wenger.

  43. Arsene's Nurse

    The fact the club have felt the need to put out a statement shows they are under pressure and the dissent is beginning to have greater effect. The protest and general disillusionment amongst Arsenal fans has been noticed by the media and they are talking about it.

    Plenty of pundits are now saying Wenger has to go. Hopefully more people protesting before home games and holding up signs will push the matter out of Wenger’s hands.

    It was very clever to link corporate sponsor hashtags to the #wengerout on Twitter. The kit and shirt sponsorship are up for renewal in 2019. Two more years of Wenger and the brand will be damaged.

  44. Colin

    Arsene wegner has bought all these problems on himself ,he has allowed his ego to get in the way of him doing the right thing for the footballing side club.