Arsenal: The Sunderland of the CL | Insider rumblings on Wenger departure | Sanchez, the new Gallas

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I’m very upset. We lost. It was predictable and I should have a written post for you. However, I didn’t.

What I have is a podcast. Words will follow later. Please enjoy.

Click any of the relevant links below, or just listen to it by clicking play. Feedback welcome as long as it is very kind and nice.


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166 Responses to “Arsenal: The Sunderland of the CL | Insider rumblings on Wenger departure | Sanchez, the new Gallas”

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  1. gambon



    I think there are lots of good options. All a good age, all who would love to be able to spend £100m per season and £210m on wages.

  2. gambon

    After Bayern were smashed 4-0 agaist Barca in 2009, the manager, Jurgen Kilnsmann said this:

    “We want to be among the four best teams in Europe but we have a lot of improving to do. ”

    Yesterday Wenger said:

    “The referee was terrible, we are well positioned as a club”

    Really shows you how backwards we are as a club.

  3. Arsene's Nurse

    Don’t forget that Wenger performs more functions at Arsenal than managers do at other clubs – it’s the reason why he’s so well paid. When he leaves the club will have to restructure, so any manager coming in is more than likely to be on less.

    They’re still likely to pay £8m, it’ll just be on more than one person.

  4. salparadisenyc

    Those post match comments were pretty embarrassing, Wenger’s become a denialist. Koz red or not, how does one excuse the capitulation?

    If I caved like that on the job, i’d never be fucking hired again.

    The sick Ozil gets subbed on… wtf is with the mixed messages.

  5. Leedsgunner


    Wenger is an employee who acts like he is an owner.

    See what I did there? I answered your question directly.

    Well, no matter you were unwilling to answer mine. You said more in what you refused to say than what you did say anyway. It was just some points of friendly discussion more than anything.

    Wishing you the best.

  6. Up 4 grabs now


    Yeah there’s plenty of options which always makes me laugh when people say who can replace him!

    Not sold on klopp though, doubt he would leave the bindippers now and something just doesn’t feel right about him. (Miles better than Wenger though)

    Would like allegri or jardim. Still thought we missed a trick when Don Carlo announced his sabbatical. Should have got him signed on a precontract .

  7. Up 4 grabs now


    A successful period in french football did precede that.

    French football was pretty poor nationally since they didn’t qualify for the tournament’s at that time.
    And the French league was mired in corruption.
    French football improved when they held France 98 and won it.

  8. Dissenter

    All this boycott talk is silly.
    Arsenal don’t announce the attendance based on fans that show up for games. It’s announced as fans who PAID to attend the game. It’s purely on gate takings.

    The only way Wenger leaves is if things get more nasty.
    Peanuts, you know what I mean.

    If only Lincoln can pull off the biggest David Vs Goliath upset

  9. Dissenter

    When Fabregas pelted Fergie with pizza, No player from United and Arsenal would talk to the media to disclose the identity of the pizza-thrower. It wasn’t until 2-3 years afterwards that Cashley snitched.

    How come so many are quick to out Sanchez to the media?
    Even baby Walcott can’t help talking to the media.
    It’s about time someone disrupted the mediocre’s peace that existed in the Arsenal graveyard.

  10. steve

    What a pathetic man Wenger is. Pretends that the referee was at fault for Arsenal getting knocked out
    Talk about having having no self awareness.

  11. TOLI83


    Agree on your post, however the biggest crime we have committed is creating a witch hunt against our best player.

    A lot of people jumping on the Sanchez out wagon diverting attention away from Wenger just what he wanted.

    A complete disgrace – Pires is clearly being paid to leak information from the training ground.

    Shocking & mercenary tactics to protect to the Senile old fool in the Emirates towers.

  12. TitsMcGee

    Give Simeone our players and he’d at least be more competitive and certainly would not has lost 10-2.

    Wenger is stuck in his own world. Untenable is right.