Arsene’s career on the edge | Will Carlo go for the kill and put him out of his misery?

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Welcome to Tuesday. A quick blast of a preview, because that’s how I’m rolling today.

Team news is that Sanchez DID NOT have a bust up with the players, which means Wenger is either covering up for his star man, or the circle of access picked up some duff news from an agent trying to stir things at the club.

Anyway, looks like poor little Ozil is bottling another big game. Our little champ – the guy so many fans told us you needed a degree in football wankery to understand – is still sick after a lovely holiday in Istanbul and a little too much PASHUN hawking his no doubt average book to the press.

Tell me this people, why the f*ck to footballers sell books when they earn £140k pw, midway through their careers?

‘Barry, there’s a really sweet pair of sneakers I’d like to buy, but the only way I can fund it without going into my overdraft is to write a book. Let’s do it’

Why not wait until it’s over then spill the beans. I’ll take a Pep G or a Carlo A book because there’s a whole bunch of stuff I can learn. But reading an Ozil book when he’s 28 years old? It’s embarrassing.

‘This one time, away from home, I stuck a boot in my…’

Anyway, our precious little petal is dropping out of another game, let’s just pray to god he’s good for the Lincoln game.

Arsenal stage managed an Alexis / Arsene handshake at training. Wenger said that sometimes his star man takes things too far on the commitment front. Interestingly, my favourite interview answer to the question – explain your weak points – is always that I just care too hard.

Big Per Mertesacker, a man I can tell you for a fact knows the deal with Arsene Wenger, had this to say on the most pointless game since Rory Mcilroy tried to beat Donald Trump at golf.

“I want that we are up for a fight on Tuesday, to challenge something,”

“We haven’t competed a lot in recent games, we need to turn that around.

“I think it’s up to us to show a different face. That is really something we are going to demand because we literally blew it away in the second half there and being in that position.”

The big f*cking German knows the deal. He wants the players to put on a show. It’s a little bit too late whatever happens, but look, a spanking really will be miserable.

It was quite funny watching him snigger like a naughty school boy when someone from the press wasted a question by asking – ‘what do the players think of Wenger staying on’ – Wenger took over the mic and said ‘THEY DON’T DECIDE YOU CRETINOUS PAPER PUSHERS’

Just kidding, he said this:

‘It’s not down to the players to choose a manager. The players have to perform and the board chooses a manager. If I ask you if everyone in your company is behind you, I will promise you I will find someone who is not happy. It’s your bosses who choose.’

Ahhh Arsene, don’t kid yourself. The players don’t directly choose the manager, but they choose when they’re bored. At almost any club in the world, if the board were watching a manager like you fail to motivate a £200m a year team, that’s had a top 3 net cash injection over the last 5 year fail, well, let’s be real… you’d be retired off to China.

Is this game important this evening? Not really. However, it’s kind of a big deal for Wenger. There’s a protest with the supporters that haven’t flogged their tickets and the eyes of Europe will be watching like a Roman Emperor watches a one armed Gladiator battle 10 men and a lion. If Wenger loses by 4 and we drop out of the competition by a massive margin, it’s a hammer blow to his credentials with a team that are already done for him and it’s terrible for the PR machine supporting his pathetic attempt at staying on.

Wenger can keep asking us to judge him over 20 years, but the reality is the last 10 have been bland, the last 5 have been embarrassing and the last 2 have been unforgivable.

There is no industry that would be giving him more time at the moment… if you’re a footballing person, he’s let you down. If you’re a business person, over his watch, you’ve watched United blitz you because – and here’s the reality – Arsene Wenger is bad business. Not good. If you think finishing 4th helps you close the great commercial deal, you’re an idiot. There’s £100m we’ve left on the table. We are not doing well for anything more than existing in top 4 mediocrity. Only small clubs would swap for our position. We did not give up Highbury because we dreamt of being ok for money. That’s a pathetic viewpoint that needs to be extinguished.

Let’s see how it goes, but Bayern are bringing a full squad and Carlo will want to finish the job.

Pray for Arsene if you’re a masochist.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    The referee may have been poor, but that is not why we lost the game.

    Bayern are not the best team on the planet, but they were significantly better
    than us in all departments.

    Basically the present Arsenal team/squad are a collection of individuals who
    know only how to go forward, but lack the basics to defend properly and with

    Sanchez may be the best player in our team, but I doubt that he would be guaranteed a starting place in Bayern team. They have better, more intelligent and
    less selfish players.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    I think it is because it is so huge, carefully couched phrases, sits in the middle, but yeah, having listened to his podcast in the week, that article reads as if written by someone else, sounds like something one of the pro-Wenger rabble on here would say, Wenger taking the blame, all the board’s fault, Wenger does not deserve vitriol etc.

    It is all deflection.

  3. Leedsgunner

    Wenger only talks about referees and their decisions because he doesn’t want to face the truth.

    The problem is him.

    He bought the players. He “coaches” them. He sets the training. He makes the subs.

    So when it goes all well, he wants the plaudits but when it goes tits up… suddenly it’s someone else fault?

    Plus, it’s not like it’s the first time facing Bayern is it?

    He IS a specialist in failure as far as the Champion’s League is concerned. He is the biggest loser in that arena — and he can talk about qualifying for it continuously as much as he likes — but the truth is he has never won it, and he never will.

    Talk about referees if it makes you feel better, Arsene. You are not fooling anyone.

    The truth is, the team were not victims here. The team were outplayed, outgunned and outclassed… both away and at home.

    We were not embarrassed. We were emasculated… and handed our d*** on a plate.

    The only words you should be saying today is “I’m sorry. I’m resigning with immediate effect.”

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Is it mental illness though, or smarts, because our loss to Munich was just described as not being ‘underachievement’ about five minutes ago on here, maybe he is just playing to his audience?

  5. arsene's used sock

    I am honestly speechless at the state of things
    can we even make top 4 with a disenchanted sanchez?

    truth be told I’m impressed it took him this long to hit this point

  6. Jim Lahey

    I also would like to reiterate something I mentioned last night after the game, that the most annoying aspect of the entire night wasn’t the drumming we received or how we crumbled when Kos went off, we been here many times its nothing new…

    It was how well we played in the first half.. Where the fuck has this been all season? We played our best football of the year in that half, we were hungry from the start, pressed hard, direct in our play.. The players are more than capable of producing this, where has it been??!

    One of the problems we’ve all spoken about this season is the first 30 minutes of any game we have played, we’re dead, no desire, no plan. Last night however, we were everything we haven’t been as season. If we played each game with the same heart and hunger we would be challenging Chelsea at the moment.

    Watch next week, even against Lincoln City we will be back to the same lack lustre shit that has been served up to us all season.

  7. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    okay, the performance in Munich was woeful. but last night until the penalty we were good. people saying we should have regrouped afterwards and kept it tight when we’re 6-2 down with 30mins to play…I’m not sure how that one plays out.

  8. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    With Wallace I never know, he seems like a guy capable of rational thought, but then comes out with statements like that. I would love to know if he believes what he says or on the other hand, doesn’t believe it but needs to maintain his (somewhat) pro-Wenger stance? I don’t know which one would be worse to be honest.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    The problem is the foundations have been eroding for years, but the house kept on standing, so when you pointed at those eroding foundations that were not being tended to or properly repaired people pointed back to the house and said ‘roof is still up’ (top four finishes), the problem is, with a foundation issue like that, when it finally cracks the whole thing comes crashing down and you cannot repair it anymore.

    That is exactly what is happening here, and if Sanchez is genuinely disinterested and has checked out already then the struggle for top four really is going to be hard.

  10. Sid

    Wenger is not mentally ill, he is a cunning man… Why do I feel Wenger has signed a new contract already? The question is when will the board announce it? And what will happen if we drop out of top 4?

  11. Rambo Ramsey

    Cesc, its sad to see how deep this loser mentality has pervaded. The board, the coaching and playing staff and even some of the fanbase, threatening to get entrenched into the foundations of this once-great club.

  12. Sid

    okay, the performance in Munich was woeful. but last night until the penalty we were good //

    good means what exactly? A 1-0 scoreline ?You think Bayern were playing seriously after what happened in the first leg?

  13. Red&White4life

    Wenger target the FA Cup to save his ass.

    On a different subject, it is now perfectly clear that he has some mental problems, I mean for real.
    So, do we have to feel sorry for him ?? Certainly not sir.

  14. arsene's used sock

    the only reason sanchez has ridiculous wage demands on this contract extension is because everyone knows how much lolcott makes in a week

    if I were sanchez I would be asking for double his salary too seeing as he’s been twice the player walcott is while at the club

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Can we stop mentioning the referee or any decision they made over two legs. This is totally irrelevant when one looks at the aggregate score line, which was 10-2.

    Sanchez. If he was laughing at the performance, it was unprofessional. However, I remember when man yoo smashed us up 8-2, I started smiling to myself because the score line started to skew so badly, it ceased to matter anymore. He shouldn’t have done it, but this did not affect the score.

    Wenger. What can one say that hasn’t been said…embarrassing, shameful, arrogant, scared, angry or just plain, sick. He is mentally ill in some way. Perhaps not that crazy, piss licking way we imagine mental people, but in a more subtle “where am I” sort of way.

    However, Arsenal and Arsene will look at this result in isolation, as they do with all the terrible performances and results and simply say to themselves “this was a bad day at the office”. An anomaly, an aberration and not reflective of the bigger picture. This is the crux of the Arsenal problem. They live in the moment, not what has happened, is happening and what will happen but an exact moment in time.

    Anyone still defending Arsene is not an Arsenal fan. It’s not about loyalty, it’s about the future of the club.

  16. Jim Lahey

    @Wallace –

    “people saying we should have regrouped afterwards and kept it tight when we’re 6-2 down with 30mins to play…I’m not sure how that one plays out.”

    You didn’t watch the game after the penalty right? All four goals after that were easily avoidable.. I mean, no professional team should have conceded any of them, if we had sat back with two banks of four and were disciplined there would have been no way we would have lost 5-1, 2-1.. maybe ..

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Played well for fifty-five minutes of a one-hundred and eighty minute tie we lost ten-two trophy.

    Our fan base if just beyond anything you’ve ever seen. Said it before, like Hamilton fans claiming they support Mercedes when they would follow him to Ferrari if he moved.

  18. arsene's used sock

    the worst bit of any reactions coming out of last night’s game is people thinking there was a game of football being played

    come on man it was basically a friendly

  19. Red&White4life

    “This is totally irrelevant when one looks at the aggregate score line, which was 10-2. ”
    No it’s not irrevelant, it could have been 8-3!! (lol)

  20. Dissenter

    The Arseblog article was very good.
    It spreads the blame equally.
    Wenger deserves blame obviously.
    Let’s not forget that the board has already up their decision – they’ve offered him an enhanced contract already.
    The contract on offer has Gazidis name on it so he supports it. Gazidis would have had to recommend it to the board.
    Kroenke deserves blame for allowing this flawed manAgement system to thrive.
    The all-of-the-above blame approach is actually unifying for ALL fans.
    Everyone can come with a placard of who to blame.

  21. Red&White4life

    “Chelsea boss Antonio Conte could sign a new deal ‘in a matter of days’ ”
    lol and so le mighty prof as well!!

  22. Leedsgunner

    For the people consoling themselves with the fact that we played well for the first half last night… wake up.

    The tie was completely lost before the game began.

    Plus, we are the Arsenal.

    The professionalism and the hunger shown in the first half should be the NORM and not the EXCEPTION.

    Is this what it has come down to? How Wenger has completely utterly lowered our standards so that we rejoice in a decent half of football as some sort of achievement!

    Laughable. Some of us are looking for positives so much where there is none we are lying to ourselves to find it.

    We are gutless, spineless and leaderless.

    Face it.

  23. Rambo Ramsey

    Wallace, such a shame you AKBs have to dig deeper than the norm. Before, you could atleast count on the Arsene Wenger circus to put a stirring but ultimately futile display for the whole of the second leg. Now you’re having to work with ‘one half’ of the game. Lmao

  24. arsene's used sock

    @cesc appeal

    I love Hamilton, I also love mclaren
    indifferent towards Mercedes but that would probably be different if I didn’t support Hamilton, I do not support Merc as a team though, just their leading driver

    speaking of f1, loving the look of the cars in testing, shorter and wider rear wings has made the cars sexy again for me

  25. Wallace

    Jim Lahey

    “if we had sat back with two banks of four and were disciplined there would have been no way we would have lost 5-1, 2-1.. maybe ..”

    10-2 vs 7 or 8-2…the horse has bolted. give me some reckless attacking at this point over the ‘let’s keep it respectable, lads’ approach.

  26. Ishola70

    “The Arseblog article was very good.”

    The last thing anybody needs at this moment for those that want to see change happening at this club sooner rather than later is for the waters to be muddied right now.

    We all know the issues are not just Wenger entirely but ffs let’s get priorties right if we want to see this club try to go forward.

    The priority right now is to get this over-rated, delusional past his best manager out of the club. And this should be the focus.

  27. Wallace

    arseblog is excellent. good writing, balanced…if they had a worthwhile comments section it’s where I’d spend most of my Arsenal online time.

  28. Jim Lahey

    @Wallace –

    “10-2 vs 7 or 8-2…the horse has bolted. give me some reckless attacking at this point over the ‘let’s keep it respectable, lads’ approach.”

    Really? I mean… have you ever played in a football team? Do you know what its like to be on the end of a humiliating defeat? It destroys any flow or confidence in the team. Luckily enough we have a handy game in Lincoln next but if we had a league game we would be in serious trouble.

    What professional team would indulge in “reckless attacking” at any stage of any game? Especially against Bayern in a CL knock out game. Its attitudes like this that are the reason we have been on the receiving end of so many humiliating defeats.

  29. Red&White4life

    “Plus, we are the Arsenal. ”
    Not so sure anymore about that fact lol

    In any other club, the manager would have been sacked after last night.
    Another proof that wenger has the ultimate power…. and that he’s going nowhere.

  30. Biggles

    I was only disappointed it wasn’t more to be honest. I’d have loved it if there was a proper rugby score going up, the kind that leads to a pitch invasion and Wenger ending up in witness protection somewhere.

    Having never sat in an Arsenal dressing room pre-match, I have no idea what Wenger says tactically. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s some kind of wizard that goes through whiteboards filled with triangles and spells to cast that would enable no-hopers like Gibbs to put shackle Messi out of a game and Sanogo to score hat tricks against Copenhagen (conceded 9 league goals all season). But the problem is that no matter how great his ideas are, the players either lack the skills (Gibbs, Sanogo, Jenkinson, Walcott, Coquelin, Chambers, Ospina) or the motivation (the rest of the squad bar Sanchez). You can fix the lack of skill part – sell them and buy better players. Although for some strange reason Wenger hasn’t… But the motivation part? That comes from a mixture of Le Mental Strrrength (winners wanna be winners) and of course – the crux of the matter – from the manager.

    Sir Alex could fire up players. He could instil a desire to win in them. Look at the 1999 CL winning team – it had dross like Ronny Johnsen and Jesper Blomqvist in it! But they fought to the death and won. Can you honestly imagine Giroud giving that much effort for us? I can’t either. But under SAF? Perhaps. Do I think that if SAF had our squad last night we’d have lost 5-1? Absolutely not. Might have lost, but not humiliated.

    I think the best example in our team of the whole coach-is-the-problem issue is Ramsey – the guy looks great for Wales and crap for us. I think he’s a decent player who isn’t being coached properly. And the coach is… Wenger.

    The squad needs work, for sure. Wenger *could* do that (but won’t) but the biggest issue is the motivation side and he just can’t do that.

  31. Wallace


    “Really? I mean… have you ever played in a football team? Do you know what its like to be on the end of a humiliating defeat?”

    yes, and no. I was always on pretty good teams.

  32. Jim Lahey

    @Wallace –

    “yes, and no. I was always on pretty good teams.”

    Please, everyone who has ever played football has been on the end of a drubbing.

  33. Wallace


    my point is it was a cup tie and we were on the way out. surely better to try and give the fans something to cheer than for Bellerin & Monreal to exercise restraint in their forward runs, no?

  34. Leedsgunner

    After Wenger goes… the first thing that has to go before any player goes is this victim mentality that has pervaded the club when we lose. It avoids accountability and prevents real change.

    We are the Arsenal.

    We are not victims. We are the 7th richest club in the world with a modern stadium, state of the art medical and training grounds, a good academy with a world wide fan base.

    We are the club that has won 13 league trophies, 12 FA Cups.


    How do you think David Rocastle would say if he heard us talking like this?

    Time for all our great players like Henry, Keown, Wright, Seaman, Lee Dixon, Adams to stop protecting Wenger from criticism and to speak out and speak up for the club. For the fans… as fans.

    I understand they have a great affection for Arsene… but they need to decide, who do they love more? Wenger or the club?

    Do it behind closed doors but surely as players that loved the shirt, they should go to Arsene and tell him, “It’s the end Arsene. It’s time to go.”

  35. vicky

    10-2 score line might be a new low by our standards but the basic problems are the same – lack of game management and tactical nous from Wenger and a complete lack of leadership in our team.

    In Munich, we were 1-1 at half time. A smart manager would have tried to tread cautiously in the 2nd half knowing 1-1 would be a fantastic result. We lose Koscielney in 2nd half, Wenger should have immediately switched our formation to provide extra cover to our CBs. Instead we played the same way we always do and ended up conceding 5 goals.

    Yesterday we repeated the same mistake. The tie was over for us at 1-1 in 2nd leg. We lose Koscielney yet again. Wenger should have again gone extra defensive to keep the score line respectable and save our pride. Lyon-Juventus match in UCL this season was a classic example of how a team with 10 men should play. Sure, Juventus were a tad lucky but they never looked completely out of sorts even with a man down. They didn’t do anything extraordinary, tried to hang in and looked for a smash and grab and they finally got it.

    Wenger despite managing so many games in England and Europe shows the ineptitude of the scale you would associate with a novice. The lack of tactical nous, alacrity and leadership percolates down to our players who also react like headless chickens when confronted with any adverse or unplanned contingency. Even Sam Allardyce would have managed both the situations better.

  36. Jim Lahey

    @Wallace –

    “my point is it was a cup tie and we were on the way out. surely better to try and give the fans something to cheer than for Bellerin & Monreal to exercise restraint in their forward runs, no?”

    What sane person goes a man down against Bayern and then decides “Fuck it, lets go all out attack”? Honestly is that something a competent manager would do? You’ve just been beaten 5-1 by this team two weeks ago and now you’re going to just throw caution to the wind? Sure what is another humiliation on top of all the others…

  37. Guns of Hackney


    As people have alluded to in the past, ex players and the hacks HAVE to support Wenger or their meal ticket goes south. Don’t bite the hand etc…

    It’s the same with Wenger socialist wage structure, he doesn’t reward players for performance. He rewards them for their silence and support. Two very different things.

  38. Daz

    People thinking removing wenger suddenly solves our problems need to look at what is actually the driving force of success at the big clubs, why would wenger not last at Real Madrid? Why do they change manager more often than redtruth changes underwear? Success is driven from the top, sure we might get lucky and have a manager come in and win a few trophies but what happens when he goes a few years with just top 4? He gets another 4 year deal that’s what then another and another the only way he doesn’t become the new wenger is if he is either so good he always wins or so bad he finishes mid table. The board have to be the ones to demand success from the manager that’s how it works at all the big clubs except arsenal

  39. Jim Lahey

    @Vicky –

    Exactly, second half out in Munich should have been the most boring game of football ever witnessed. It should have been 10 men behind the ball and try hit them on the counter if the chance presented itself. Take either a 1-1 a 2-1 or even a 3-1 would have given us some hope in the return game. Wenger is incapable of changing a game once the whistle blows, he may as will not be on the sideline.

  40. Emiratesstroller

    Jim Lahey

    Yes we played quite well in first half primarily because Bayern were hardly raising a sweat and treated the game as training.

    The problem with Arsenal is that they know only one way to play and as soon as we come under pressure the team disintegrates.

    Let’s be clear even if Lewandowski was offside Koscielny did not know this when he committed the foul and once referee and assistant made the decision
    that it was a penalty it was probably a red card however unfair that was.

    What should be also discussed is that both Mustafi and Koscielny are too often out of position when it matters.

    This is why I made the point earlier that the so called tactical game of Arsenal
    is awful. Wenger knows only one way to play and a solid defence is not contained in his vocabulary.

  41. Leedsgunner

    Guns of H

    I ‘m aware of that. I’m hoping that despite that our former legends would find it in themselves a shred of integrity to stand up for the club that made them.

  42. vicky


    I absolutely hate Kroenke but let’s be fair – at this moment Wenger is a bigger problem than Kroenke. Yes, under Kroenke we might never be amongst the most elite clubs in the world but for sure we would at least compete for the league title on a frequent basis if not win it and wouldn’t make ourselves a laughing stock in Europe at the very least if we hired a competent manager.

  43. Red&White4life

    “Time for all our great players like Henry, Keown, Wright, Seaman, Lee Dixon, Adams to stop protecting Wenger from criticism”

    TH14 was at the Emirates for the game, and apparently he has not been shocked by what he saw lol

  44. Jim Lahey

    @Emiratesstroller –

    “Yes we played quite well in first half primarily because Bayern were hardly raising a sweat and treated the game as training.”

    I agree that Bayern weren’t giving it 100% but I was pleased with how we went about our game when we didn’t have at ball, pressing from the front, we allowed Bayern very little time on the ball, we started hunting in packs surrounding Bayern players and hustling them off the ball, we haven’t seen this at all this season especially in the first 30 minutes of games.

    In the league we have been sitting back and inviting pressure onto us, then once we retain possession its a slow build up allowing opposition teams the time to reorganise, making it difficult to break them down. What I saw last night was a more direct approach in the first half. I have to say I thought Chamberlain did a fantastic job last night, he really needs to work on his decision making, but apart form that his pace and power caused Bayern huge problems.

    And to be fair to him, I also thought Xhaka played well.

  45. OleGunner


    Stop embarrassing yourself.
    You’re putting lipstick on a dead malnourished pig trying to justify being walloped 10-2 over two games.

    Just stop it.

  46. steve

    Hmmm Wallace seem to have some comprehension problems. Why is he talking about Spurs? The question was if getting humiliated 10-2 on aggregate is considered embarrassing or not.

  47. Guns of Hackney


    I also hope they would stand up and be counted but Arsenal and Arsene pay the bills.

    When Wenger does eventually leave, you can bet your house on every single one of them laying into him.

  48. Daz


    Yes we need a new manager but that will only be a short term fix on the situation the reason we have got to this stage at all is because the board are happy to just make up the numbers. If they have offered wenger a new contract then it shows they have no ambition and they consider the last few years a success or at the very least acceptable, we could very likely find ourselves in the same situation again because the board don’t have the ambition

  49. Leedsgunner

    So is it now “We did better than Spurs in the Champions League”: Trophy? So what?

    What did you do with the fact that we went further than Spurs then? We got exposed and humiliated. Frankly it would have been better for our club’s morale to have not progressed out of the group stages at all.

    Besides, do you think Spurs fans care as they are chasing down Chelsea for the title? At least their team is in good form and winning. In short, they are playing in the league the way we used to play.

    We’ve lost three of the last 4 Premiership games… we’ve been humiliated in Europe. The only reason we’ve any hope in the FA Cup is because we’ve had a very very kind draw in getting back to back non league opposition.

    This talk of Spurs is pointless and disingenious. It’s just another distraction tactic to take the heat off Wenger and his failings. Please don’t insult our intelligence.

  50. Paulinho

    “Stop embarrassing yourself.
    You’re putting lipstick on a dead malnourished pig trying to justify being walloped 10-2 over two games”

    Wallace likes ‘balance’. In other words, comfortable lies rather than unpalatable truths……..

  51. WestLondonGoon

    Perhaps someone can answer this one, Wellbeck gets injured in the warm up, so Giroud has to play instead but that doesn’t count as a substitution so all good.

    We are the home team playing in our own stadium in our own country, but are still apparently unable to name a replacement substitute? I mean, what is happening there? Are we really that disorganised or did Wenger just say we didn’t need a replacement?

    Amateurish, and displays a complete lack of preparation. Although not at all surprising.

  52. Leedsgunner

    “We are the home team playing in our own stadium in our own country, but are still apparently unable to name a replacement substitute? I mean, what is happening there? Are we really that disorganised or did Wenger just say we didn’t need a replacement?”

    Perhaps Sanogo could have been called up.

    Wasn’t he named as a part of the Champion’s League squad if I’m not mistaken?


    Another day… another shambles at the soulless cashpoint previously known as Arsenal Football Club.

  53. Jim Lahey

    @WestLondon –

    Another question needs to be asked about that situation, why Giroud? Why not Perez?

    Clearly we (should have) had a game plan that we worked on all week, the set up, the way we would attack Bayern.. Welbeck gets injured in the warm up and he changes the set up completely?? With 30 minutes to go before the game? really??

    Did we not have game plan? Are our tactics “Just go out there and play football”?

  54. Leedsgunner

    Game plan? Tactics? I’m sorry that’s not part of the basic salary package.

    For £8.5m you get complementary excuses, deflections and 70 minute substitutions. Game plans are not available in this model of the Arsene Wenger.

  55. Leedsgunner

    Jens Lehmann just said on TalkSport that WEnger should stay and sign a new contract.


    He doesn’t deserve to go out on such a low note.


    Honestly… the man is a cult leader not a football manager.

  56. WestLondonGoon

    If he still has the support of the players, imagine how bad it will be when they turn against him.

  57. kc

    Everybody talking about 10-2? How about 15-3?! That’s the aggregate vs Bayern over our last 3 against them.

  58. gambon

    “my point is it was a cup tie and we were on the way out. surely better to try and give the fans something to cheer than for Bellerin & Monreal to exercise restraint in their forward runs, no?”

    What kind of bollocks are you talking here.

    Theres no rule that sayd trying to score a consolation goal has to involve the complete capitulation of the entire team yet again.

    This team is a joke, the most mentally fragile team I have ever seen in sport.

    The attitude is disgusting, and as we have seen from players like RVP, Cesc, Clichy, Nasri – its purely the manager thats the issue.

    We go down to 10 – instantly capitulate.

    We lost Koscielny 2 weeks back – instantly capitulate

    We played Chelsea in Wengers 1000th game, lost Gibbs – instantly capitulated.

    We played Liverpool in 2014, conceded in the first minute – instantly capitulated.

    We played Newcastle in 2011 – Diaby gets sent off at 4-0 up, instantly capitulated.

    We played Man Utd in 2011 – suffered a few inuries in the run up to the game – instantly capitulated and conceded 8. We didnt even try to fight.

    People trying to normalise this culture of capitulation is insane.

    Just a few months before we lost 8-2 at OT, Crawley fucking Town went there, and only lost 1-0, because they actually put some work rate in.

  59. China

    I said it before and I’ll say it again

    If you saw your team lose 10-2 on aggregate last night and don’t feel absolutely furious with the manager then you simply have majorly low self esteem

    The idea that it’s acceptable to ship 5 in one half because the tie was over is so painfully low balling your team it makes me wanna throw up in my mouth

    But anyway there’s nothing much I to be said Wallace and co. You think last night was as good of a performance as Arsenal should be giving. You think where we are in the table is as high as we can be. And you think Arsenal are roughly achieving their potential.

    Enjoy it boys because when you have such utterly dismal standards life must be incredibly enjoyable when it’s almost impossible to fail

    10-2 acceptable because it was vs Bayern

    There is your mind set in a nutshell

    I hope in all areas of you lives you lot aim so very low. I hope you target minimum wage at your job. I hope you plan to marry the first person who is willing to marry you regardless of what their personality is like, I hope when you buy a new car and it breaks down on the first day you don’t feel cheated. I hope when your boss treats you with disdain you don’t mind.

    You are getting exactly what you deserve. Failure. Enjoy it seems you seem to know how

  60. gambon

    Oh and by the way he doesnt have the support of tha players. He hasnt had that for a long time.

    They might say they support him, but I can say that I saw Elvis last night. Doesnt mean I did.

    He has completely lost the dressing room. The players dont want to know any more. They are barely trying.

  61. Bamford10


    Fair enough re the Lewandowski moment / red card. Maybe it should’ve been a yellow, but for me things like this are also part of the game and somewhat beside the point.

    The real point is that we were never even close to good enough to compete with Bayern, and the only reason we looked decent for a time last night is they were in cruise control, playing at 60%. When the real challenge came, we folded, collapsed and capitulated.

    It was shameful, and your attempts above to cover over this are disingenuous and lame.

    Yes, it is better to advance to the 16 than not get out of the group, but there is no question last night and the first leg were more humiliating than anything Tottenham went through. No question.

    Further, any well-run, well-organized team with a bit of pride would have done everything they could (once down to ten men) to keep the score respectable. That Arsenal did not, and that you are trying to rationalize this, is shameful.

  62. Bamford10

    Arseblog is an intelligent and well-written blog. It’s also a good podcast. He may be too sympathetic to Wenger — I just argued with him on Twitter — but that doesn’t change the above. One isn’t an AKB because one recognizes the guy is a reasonably good writer and a fairly intelligent person. Get a grip.

  63. Bamford10

    Gambon is right: he has clearly lost the players. This is why I asked the question about whether he can even manage a fourth-place finish if he stays on. To finish top four, the players will need to give a shit, will need to play as a unit, will need to care, etc. I’m not convinced they can do that at this point. Things may have gotten beyond that, may be so bad that that is no longer possible. Look at both Cech and Alexis laughing on the bench at the end last night. That’s not a team that’s going to perform well when it matters. Bad things ahead, I think. Wenger may need to go immediately to save the season.

  64. Carts

    Craig Burley make me laugh. I’ve got that ESPN segment on series record at home. Buzzing when I saw the link posted in here.

    I have to say, Burley shoot’s from the hip and he’s spot on with it. Anyone that doesn’t believe Wenger is finished is delusded. He’s paid a fortune every years; he’s shit out of ideas about how to be competitive on the biggest platform in European football and he’s outwitted by a plethora of team in both the CL and EPL, yearly!

    There are no excuses anymore.

    Kroenke, as we know is about as hands on as a mother with post natal depression, so he can’t actually be grouped alongside the likes of Celino and Venky. He proved to everyone that he’s willing to free up funds and allow a wage bills to be comparable to the other top teams.

    Gazidis, well fucked if I know what he does for his coin. He’s title implies he’s a boss, but he actually as powerful as Mahrez in a 50/50 tackle.

    That leaves Wenger: a guy that is the king of deflection. Never willing to say it how it is, but instead blames everyone but his troops – and I don’t mean “blue-fam”.

    Doesn’t know how to galvanise the team when the going gets tough.

    Makes the same 68-72 mins substitutions unless dropping your best player backfires like a poorly manufactured rocket launcher.

    Sits on his hands, sometimes berating the 4th official. The guy is devoid of any abilities that he once possessed.

    It’s a sad state of affairs for Wenger. It should never have gotten to this, but he’s created a culture at Arsenal that continues to divide and perplex people.

  65. S Asoa


    You shouldn’t say such geographic qualifiers when the sad fact is commerce for the persistence in defence of Wenger to ludicrous extent
    Troll you know !