No way back for Wenger now the dressing room has turned on him

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Things are spicing up.




Oh my, where do we start?


John Cross and Matt Law have both been speaking to someone about Sanchez. He’s a brat, apparently, the most difficult piece of dogs mess Wenger has had to deal with EVER, and in a twist of banter, he wasn’t very good last season so probably isn’t worth the cash (ignore the 20 goals and 12 assists this year). Amazing work, nothing says hatchet job quite like taking down Arsenal’s best as lacking value when Stan is set to offer Wenger £10m a year (£12,307k more a week than Sanchez is being offered, if Matt Law is to be believed).

So what do we think? This could have come from a player agent. So it might not be the club. If Arsenal move on Sanchez, a huge amount of money goes back into the salary pot and players who the club are not speaking with might land some attention and a new deal (I’m looking at your Chambo).

You could also look at this as standard PR warfare from Mark Gonnella. He’s been dropping stories that support Wenger all year and his prized media assets have been supporting him unashamedly for exclusives just like this. We’ve had the ‘baffled board,’ the ‘you’ve never had it so good’, and even the ‘Allegri has been sacked, why would Arsenal want him?’ So this could just be the club’s way of playing a slight of hand and deflecting from the issue at hand – we’re all talking about that nasty Chilean, not a failing Arsene Wenger.

Player Unrest:

It’s pretty clear there are many issues at play, but one of the most striking this season is that Arsene Wenger has lost the faith of his two biggest names. Mesut Ozil has waved goodbye to his Arsenal career and so has Alexis Sanchez. Roll that into the total lack of interest the squad are paying the manager in big games (Cech and Bellerin saying we had a plan, the plays just didn’t bother), and, well, you have what you could class as a silent rebellion. This particularly damning from the Spaniard.

“We are very frustrated with how the game went. After the tough weeks we have had, the team should have gone onto the pitch, motivated and ready from the start.

“We need to realise that it is just not the way to go. We need to push harder, to start the games with a better attitude and just go for it because we showed that when we go for it and want something, we can do it.”

When big players go against the manager at big clubs – under the cloud of inept managerial performance – it’s usually the manager that goes.

Rafa Benitez lost his Madrid dressing room and his job soon after. Brendan Rodger made his role untenable when the players lost faith, despite finishing second the season before. Mourinho lost Costa, Cesc and Hazard and took a bullet after winning the league. Ranieri lost the faith of his senior players after he’d led Leicester to the greatest Premier League triumph of all time. Carlo Ancelotti after La Decima. Luis Enrique after the treble.

These are, in the main, successful managers being moved on very quickly. Wenger hasn’t been successful since 2004, and we’re going to shift on our best players, rather than try and rescue them with a dynamic hire and a restructure around them. How crazy is that? How long did we wait to land a player like Sanchez and now we’re letting him leave for £25m? Madness.

Sanchez ill-discipline:

Look, I am game for discipline at a club. You need a harmonious dressing room. You need to treat everyone the same, even if you’re more delicate with others. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that Sanchez is out for himself, a bit dim and a selfish boy. We’ve complained about it on here. But simply put, he’s been behaving like this all season and the manager has indulged him all season.

He’s pulled faces after games. He’s hidden in his jacket like a 4 year old after being subbed. His body language has been painful at times. Wenger has meekly complained that he can’t rotate him because he gets upset. So why now, of all times, did the manager decide to make a stand?

Same for Ozil. Gets played in every game regardless of performance. Everton at Christmas, he walks away from a corner instead of defending it. He’s caught out countless times letting players run past him as he walks. His lack of interest has dedicated video reels. His body language is unbelievably bad as he mails it in. Yet he’s not dropped until this weekend?

Where is the consistency?

But here’s the bigger issue. How can Wenger struggle to motivate a winner like that? How come he’s not calling Ozil a f*cking embarrassment of a man in the changing rooms like Mourinho? If he was so angered by Sanchez and his histrionics, why was he even with the squad? How could he possibly entertain bringing him on after 45mins if he’d been such a bastard? How are players not prepared and not motivated?

Who’s the real embarrassment in all of this? I’d say it’s the manager who has to hire soft boys and pay them more money than anyone else would for loyalty. That’s a weakness personified. It’s no coincidence Wenger hasn’t been able to keep his best players over the years. RVP, Nasri, Cesc, Adebayor… Wenger even had an issue with Clichy he couldn’t deal with so he moved him on. All had the same issue, Arsenal don’t have the ambition to win. We have a manager who is cool with mediocrity. He’s soft. Just like the players he keeps on.

So sure, Sanchez is all about himself. But look, the best managers find a way. Wenger’s way was to sign nice boys. Nice boys don’t fight. Nice boys don’t win. Nice boys are happy just as they are, which is the anthesis of a winning mentality.

Would you want to go to work with a bunch of bottlers? I wouldn’t. Fuck that.

He’s signed a new deal:

Around this time, a lot of publications will be racing for the ‘I told you so’ story. So you’ll hear a lot of nonsesne that’s being guessed at. Arsenal are on a small financial exchange, any new contract with the manager will need to be submitted as serious financial news, because he’ll be costing £10m a year. There is no way Wenger took his last contract down to the FA Cup final… yet this time, he’s dropped it in secret and a blog has landed the exclusive.

Wenger hasn’t signed, but here’s the thing, the deal is on the table. The only way that deal isn’t getting signed is if the fans bully him out the club, that’s what it’s come to. Wenger has to be protested against. Because like all great dictators, he’s bedded in deep. You saw the interview with Jake Humphrey, his answer to how he was going to take us to the next level – ‘the next level is the next level is the next level. It is up’ – he has no clue how to move us up a level, because the only thing that matters to him is employment, not what’s best for the club.

Impending Disaster:

The other way he might leave is if things get so bad, he can’t stay because it’s embarrassing. Well, the stars arealigningg there. Spurs are on a bit of a rampage at the moment, dispatching of Everton with an ease that made me sad. Kane and Alli together with more goals than the whole of the Arsenal team combined this year.

Anyway, the top 4 race is between Arsenal, United and Liverpool in my opinion. We have to play Spurs away, and if we lose that, it could be carnage. We have to play United at home towards the end of the year which could push us out of the top 4. We also might play Spurs in a semi final, which could result in another devastating loss. We also host Bayern on Tuesday, which could see unprecendented levels of fan fury, for those that bother to turn up, because half the ground looks like it’s on the exchange at the moment.

Wenger is a deadman walking, he’s on the edge and he hears the fan unrest… my gut feeling says that if we continue to ramp up the pressure, we could push him out. It’s brutal, but the embarrassing ironic cheering we have going on at away games is a little bit like what small clubs do when they’re getting a tanking in the FA Cup. Let’s stop being so nice and bring our club back. I can’t take another two years of a man who resembles Comical Ali under the tamest of questioning. I can’t sit here for another two years as my club and your club regresses in quality because we cared too much about an old mans fears of powerlessness and loneliness in his old age. Not our problem.

Time for Wenger to move over. Time for change. Make your voices heard on Tuesday night if you are lucky enough to be there.

See you in the comments.


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  1. Majestic gooner

    The reaction of per when he was asked the question said it all about what the players think of wenger, before he the wenger butted in and answered the question for him. Per actually burst out laughing before wenger went on about it not being the players job to choose the manager, the man knows , the players know, most of the fans know, he is past it.

  2. Dream10


    Elneny is out for a few weeks. Got injured at Sutton. Don’t expect him back till after the int’l break. So beginning of April

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Seriously does it matte what 11 she sends out there ?

    Ideally a crowd of around 45.000 or below will be the best result of the night .

  4. shaun

    “No wonder Arsene Wenger does everything he can, not to win it.”
    I know it’s meant to be funny but you can see Cantona saying this with a serious face , This Sanchez thing is a complete non debate as it would not even happen with a strong manager which reflects on a huge spectrum of issues currently being experienced at the club and can simply be summed up by “the old man is weak in every aspect of football management”