Arsene Wenger, if you love Arsenal, tell the world it’s over.

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Borrowed from because THEY RUINED MY WEEKEND

Borrowed from because THEY RUINED MY WEEKEND

It’s over Arsene. No doubt about it. The Liverpool game means nothing in the grand scheme of things – I’d imagine we’ll still finish in the top four – but yet again, you’ve proven you don’t have what it takes to push this team forward. So do the right thing, and let the club prepare for a future without you.

It’s hard to know where to start with the Liverpool game. It was all so predictable. Arsenal do not deal well with teams that press aggressively. Liverpool specialise in that area. We had no answer. Well, we sort of attempted an answer, but we executed with all the expertise Mike Tyson would demonstrate if he were asked to kickbox.

Wenger opted for a 4-5-1, saying before the game Welbeck and Giroud would provide an outlet for a more direct approach. I thought Wenger might be going 4-4-2, but it didn’t work out that way. The real curve ball, and the worst decision of the day was Wenger leaving Sanchez on the bench. The Chilean clearly let Wenger know he wasn’t sticking around in the summer and Wenger’s reaction was to bench him. Watching Alexis giggle with Gabriel on the sideline with a kind of relaxed body language told you all you needed to know. He’s at peace with his time here and that’s down to us persisting with an average manager.

We lost the first half 2-0. We lined up with a big lad up front, but we didn’t use our width to whip balls into him. We also used Welbeck in a 5 man midfield that didn’t really boast the sort of pace you’d expect against a team that plays a high line. I was very surprised to see Chambo out wide with Perez on the bench. Even more surprised to see Wenger opt for Iwobi again.

The goals we conceded weren’t really down to formation, they were down to shocking defending. Laurent Koscielny made a hash of a long ball into the 5ft11 Firminio of all people, what ensued from there was a mess, Mustafi lunged out of defence, Liverpool played around us and found Firmino at the back post where he fired into a basically open net.

The second goal was an even bigger car crash, I keep watching it and wonder how it happened. Milner started the move after squeezing the ball through Bellerin and Chamberlain. Play somehow made it to the left side of penalty box where Mane was unmarked ready to unleash a low back post shot that beat Petr Cech. Fun fact, our legendary keeper has conceded 20% of his career goals for Arsenal.

The 2nd half saw Sanchez come on for the absolutely criminal Coquelin. A real embarrassing climb down for Wenger. Shockingly, things started to look better when we introduced our best player and most dedicated on field leader. His energy fired a lethargic team up. We chased balls, we looked creative and we pulled one back early.

Chamberalin found Sanchez on the half way line, the Chilean delicately picked out Welbeck. The Englishman raced through on goal and sublimely chipped over Mignolet.

Hope slapped Arsenal fans in the face, Liverpool looks a bit lost, desperately trying run down the clock. Then we brought on Perez and Walcott. Our second half side felt like a plan. We continued to threaten Liverpool and created some great chances. However, Liverpool were cutting us apart at the back as well, our defence looking ragged again. Their closest effort rattling the bar.

We couldn’t keep them at bay, A Sanchez shot rattled out of the area, Xhaka was caught in no man’s land with the pace of a snail trying to catch up with Lllana. The Englishman ghosted him, dropped a very cool pirouetted waiting for Origi to run into an offside position, the lino missed this, the Belgian carried on running and fizzed a wonderful cross into Wijnaldum who finished clinically to kill the game.

We predictably invited Liverpool back into the top 4 trophy race. An average team easily beaten by Leicester. A team that has lost to Hull, Wolves, Southampton twice and drawn to Plymouth in 2017.

Arsenal, turning around teams seasons since 2006.

Points to note:

Players mailing it in:

Remember, when players aren’t motivated, that is down to the manager. It’s only worth mentioning because it really highlights how fucked it is at Arsenal. The players – he’s babied and fattened with contracts so big, plenty of them simply won’t leave when asked – have gone on a silent strike against him. It’s go slow. Tools downed. They’re thinking about Vegas pool parties. They are done with Wenger and it’s painful to watch.

Smart arse fail:

When you go big in business, you have to be calculated. In advertising, if you’re on a pitch with 10 people and you are the person that whips their balls out and says – ‘everything you think you know is wrong, but trust me, I have a plan’ – you better sure as shit hope that plan is fucking smart and delivers, because if it doesn’t, trust evaporates and in my line of work, you’re fired or put on the shitlist.

Wenger dropped his biggest name against a major rival competing for our #TOP4TROPHY (I suspect he also dropped Ozil). He changed the formation. He went with Giroud up front (16 touches in the first half / injured most of the half). He asked the players to trust him and he f*cked it up. Players will be gossiping about that after the game, another black mark against a manager they know is dead at elite level.

That was a massive, massive gamble that was not baked in anything strategic or smart. He made the team look stupid. He desperately needed a victory and he f*cked that result all by himself by not giving his team the best chance. No way those players believed they were winning today. You could see it in their lack of intensity.

The death knell is ringing:

Wenger can’t come back from this season. 4th shouldn’t save him here. He is the problem and everyone can see it. I think he must know it by now, so there’s hope he’ll do the right thing. I can hear you say, ‘Wenger is the Rasputin of football, he’ll never die’, well, I’d not be so sure. We’re going to get spanked at home by Bayern Munich. It is highly likely Spurs away is going to be a disaster. The final hammer blow will likely be Mourinho in late May. If he pips us to 4th with a last minute Zlatan winner, it’s over for him.

I really don’t see how Wenger can continue. The fans are done with him. The players are totally done with him, there’s no belief. The exec board that matter know it’s over. The only person who hasn’t woken up to the reality is Wenger, and probably Stan who doesn’t really care.

Ozil leaving. Sanchez leaving. Players downing tools. Fans protesting. Top 4 genuinely under threat.

He has to see it. The vultures are circling. Allegri reportedly verbally agreeing to takeover if Wenger drops the mic. Could the perfect storm finally be brewing? It’s certainly cloudy.

Leave now and let the planning begin (POSITIVE, put the noose down):

This selfish ‘will he / won’t he’ has to stop. Wenger should do the honorable thing, admit it’s over and let the club start planning for a brighter future. Do exactly what Luis Enrique did. You can’t possible get a more negative reaction than the one you’re recieving now. Let the fans say goodbye with smiles over little red bits of mean paper.

Then Ivan can show us he’s the real deal.

We can wipe out the Wenger enablers. Bin off Steve Rowley, a man who seems to have no clue what he’s scouting these days. Bin off Priromac, Peyton and Colbert who add zero value to the club bar world class banter.

Hire a coach who can work with the players and make them better. We need someone who can motivate, make players accountable and teach them how to play a number of systems so we can work in a tactically fluid way. This is a plum job, there is so much low hanging fruit for a great manager to eat. Not just that, the salary is immense, we’re  sleeping giant there is so much room to make history. If we finish 6th, they’d have the chance to work their ideas through the squad. If we finish 4th, they have Champions League money to play with.

Hire a Director of Football. Someone who can set the vision for the club for the next ten years. Someone who can implement a transfer strategy, so we’re always renewing and upgrading our players in a way that represents who we want to be as a club. Let him assess the talent in the coaching staff we have, plug the gaps we all see, bring in new ideas we’ve never seen, bring in suppliers who can make us smarter and make the right connections in the game so we are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The future of Arsenal is f*cking golden. Do not let any of the naysayers tell you any different. We are the greatest club in London. We have a full stadium week in week out. We have world class training facilities. We have a huge wage bill to play with. We have big cash surplus. We are prestigious. You can bet your bottom dollar our next shirt deal will dwarf where we are now. This club can and will become one of the greatest. I would stake my signed 1998 Everton program on it.

It just needs one of two things to happen, Stan to revoke the contract he has on the table, or the only real hope… Arsene needs to do the right thing. The revolution needs to happen now, the work needed to begin yesterday, so fingers crossed Wenger has the awareness and humility to call it a day.

P.S. Well played Jake Humphrey. When your job is hold football managers accountable to the fans, this is how you do it in a respectable ways. Best interview I’ve seen in a while. Amazing how many similarities Wenger has to a certain political star in the media at the moment. As soon as he’s challenged he falls apart, his pithy one-liners that mean nothing can’t handle any sort of scrutiny under the context of his behavior of the last ten years. The media that cover him at Colney should be ashamed at their carry on and learn a lesson from this 3minute video.

Telling how it ends…


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  1. Jeff

    He doesn’t have to literally sign. All he has to do is tell the board in confidence that he will sign which I suspect is what has happened. Why do you think the board aren’t looking for any one? Why do you think there isn’t the slightest official hint that anything is changing? They are playing the waiting game and looking for the ideal opportunity to tell the world. That’s all.

  2. Pedro

    Toli, you have announce major things like that to the market. So he can’t have secretly signed it.

    He’s also pretty animated about having not signed it. My contacts at the club also say he hasn’t.

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Good read Pedro

    He ain’t going nowhere

    He has the gravy boat just right he won’t leave unless it’s in an oak overcoat .

  4. Jeff


    Nothing is guaranteed of course but given all of the available evidence – the interviews and the lack of any movement or hint of anyone else being contacted means probability is he will stay. I’m not just throwing a coin in the air.

  5. Up 4 grabs now


    I thought maybe a draw at best with Everton.
    I can’t see us getting anything from utd or city either at home, or the spuds and stoke away.

    We have the worst run in for all the top six clubs

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Any decent man if off would say so right now so the club can get ready ….

    But wenger ain’t decent ..

    He know the jobs he was offered to him in the past won’t be on offer again …

    A derelict minded football brain won’t be desired by any half decent Europe team …

    He will fuck off to the Far East

  7. Zoran

    Very Good post Pedro.
    I agree that he should leave if he likes Arsenal. Who wouldn’t think so on this Blog? But, he like more the money he is getting at AFC. Tell me one decent Club so stupid to pay him 7m a year?
    But I disagree that we will finish in top 4. Somebody mentioned we where 10 Points from Leicester on 1 Place, but as hard as it is for me to say, we will be this time 10 Points less than Spurs.
    One thing I would like somebody to explain me:
    How it comes that our Management cannot find an Agreement with our only 2 stars, Alexis and Özil? This story is since 1 year actual, until today we are not even a step from the beggining of negotiations.
    On the other side Levy ( tbh I would like him to be instead of the Yankee one by us) without little bit more than half of the budget we have, half of the wage that we can offer, without any problems ties up for another 4 years all the performance curriers as Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Lorris, Dier, Vertonden and next on the list Alderweild. Though every good team is running after them, with, I can imagine, millions and milions on the table. So, they can aford themselfs to sell Kane for 80 m, Alli probably for 60m.
    And we, we will get not more than 25 for Alexis and who knows how much for Özil?

  8. Bergkamp63


    I wouldn’t be so sure, we are pretty decent at home,

    I hate to say it, but personally, I hope we do miss out, it’s the one thing which actually might bring about the end of his tenure.

    I called for Koeman about a year ago and think he would do a decent job, Simeone would be nice too !

  9. David Smith

    the board should be making the decision for him, not putting the managers mind in torment, with results there for us all to see.
    Complete lack of leadership, root cause, Stan.

  10. Up 4 grabs now


    Home forms ok but good enough to finally beat Maureen after 20 odd attempts?
    Or pep with a now inform city.
    Koeman knows hot to out wit Wenger when it comes to tactics, plus they have lukaku.

    We’re losing at the lane that’s almost guaranteed, and away at stoke? Boro (never a good place to go) a hard to beat WBA away where we’ve lost recently. And the most important point of all, we’re so far out of form it’s shocking we’re awful.

  11. Bergkamp63

    UTD hardly impressing ATM,

    Couldn’t beat 10 man Bournemouth yesterday, they are disjointed and have no fluidity about their play, I would be more concerned with Liverpool but you can never discount the Mourinho effect on Wenger !

  12. Samir

    Belotti just scored an 8 minute hat-trick.

    22 goals in 25 games this season…

    Allegri – please bring him with you from Italy?

  13. underrated Coq

    Gotta marvel though at how Wenger’s manoeuvred himself into this position. Never ever have I seen or heard the fate of a multi million pound venture completely dictated by a person who isn’t an owner, a director or chief executive.

    He sowed seeds of this ‘rightfully run club’ and paved way for a careless shareholder in SK, a hands-off type who’d let Wenger do whatever he wants. He influenced the appointment of gutless CEO Gazidis, a dummy power figure. He buys loyalty of average players so he’s never in a position of having to face dressing room revolt. He split the fanbase so again he’s never in a position of having to face a unified supporter backlash.

    How much you wanna bet Wenger had a hand in ousting Dein from the club? Cause lets be honest, he’d never be this totalitarian figurehead with Dein there.

  14. Up 4 grabs now

    Liverpool are just as flaky, except when it comes to playing against us!
    You just know zlatan will turn up with a free-kick or corner.
    Maureen will hit us on the break as well. He will out tactic Wenger again like he always does.

    They aren’t great but if they had turned a few of those draws into wins they would battling Chelsea now for the title they aren’t as bad as they look.

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I have not looked

    What have our esteem colleagues over at untold said recently ?
    Any bold wenger remarks

  16. Lebgooner

    Great post underrated – Wenger is a poltical beast..

    Said it before and will say it again, anyone who thinks Wenger is calling it a day is naive and deluded.

    The simple fact that despite everything happening, the deal is still on the table, he calls the shots and it is up to him to say yes or no says it all.

  17. China

    The last time I went over to untold was after we’d just fucked the start of our season and one of the regular bloggers put he was ‘smacking his lips in anticipation for another exciting season’

    I threw up a bit in my mouth

  18. China

    Pedro someone posted this the other day but usually one only ‘drops the mic’ if they’ve just done something impressive or badass lol

    If wenger drops the mic it would be the wettest mic drop in history (although probably one of the most relieving for us!)

  19. Alan

    Did anyone else notice Giroud taking a painkiller during the game? I’ve never seen that before. I don’t think a painkiller has such an immediate impact (hence the injection instead) so what on earth was that about?

  20. Nickw

    Wenger doesn’t love Arsenal that much. Besides he’s too stubborn and arrogant to think that he might be the problem and not the solution that’s if he can even see there’s a problem in the first place. The only way to get rid of him is to push him and that will require a lot of fan protest to put pressure on the board and the media.

  21. China

    I firmly believe if wenger confirmed he was leaving tomorrow you’d see a massive unification of the fans behind him for his final send off

    However ardent most of his detractors have become, I and I’m sure thousands of others will be willing to put down arms and rally behind him to see off the end of what has been a remarkable journey (ups and downs over the last 2 decades)

    The players will have something to fight for knowing one of the world’s most legendary managers ever is leaving on a down note and the least they could do is rally behind him and pick him up the Fa cup on his way out the door

    As much as it would still be a disappointing end to the season, knowing he’s going in advance, a top 4 finish and the Fa cup would be a good way to say goodbye and I believe IF the bastard would do it this way and announce he’s leaving early then it will give a huge boost to the club

    But alas it’s too much to ask for. He can’t see the woods from the trees and really thinks he’s gonna turn some corner and get beyond this slump. Or maybe he genuinely doesn’t care

  22. Zoran

    Medias are bullshitting us with informations that Alegri made an Agreement with AFC. And we know that Wenger has an Extension offert on the table.
    Alegri might be good solution for us, though I would prefer Simeone.
    But how to explain both of them that it’s better to ride a donkey than a horse.

  23. seg

    Wanting a club you support to lose is an anomaly, but then Arsenal is full of anomalies- from the chairman of the board saying they support Wenger if he has a plan or shut up if he doesn’t, to Wenger interviewing the only executive member of the said board for the job, show me another club where the manager, who is an employer has so much power that he determines how long he stays on the job for?

  24. Ishola70

    And Wenger was trying to imply at the start of the season that the finishes of 3rd and 2nd in the last two previous seasons was the indicator that there was improvement being made.

    If this man who has worked so long in football could not see that those previous finishes had everything to with the weaknesses of the rivals rather than the progression and advancement of his own team and the man on the street could see this quite clearly then there can only be one judgement made of him = bullshitter of the highest degree.

  25. Bamford10


    “The wheels have come off this season.”

    Given that Wenger spent 90m over the summer and has the third or fourth largest payroll in the league, I assume you concede that Wenger is responsible for the “wheels coming off”, not Kroenke?

  26. jwl

    Our mollycoddled British core are irritated by Sanchez, a world class player who always gives 100%, and that says much about our squad.

    Our squad is full of players content to finish second/third/fourth in league and qualify for Champs League every year while Sanchez clearly wants more than that from his footballing career.

    Guardian March 2017 –

    “Sánchez, notoriously, is desperate to play every minute of every game. At the very least his omission suggests that there is no longer a perceived need to keep him happy, but it may be even more than that, an indication that Wenger has run out of patience with Sánchez’s attitude, a profound will to win that perhaps now manifests too often as frustration with his team-mates – many of whom, it is privately acknowledged at the club, do not take well to criticism.”

  27. Bamford10

    Everyone above who says Wenger has already signed or he’ll be signing regardless is talking out of his ass. There is no evidence to support any such claim, nor do Wenger’s comments suggest any such thing.

    If Wenger had already signed, would he have said that he’ll be managing next season, be it at Arsenal “or somewhere else”? No, he wouldn’t have.

    All of the other arrogant, oblivious things he is saying or doing — not starting Alexis, being blasé about finishing outside the top four — he is saying and doing not because he is assured of his job next season but because his pride drives him to thumb his nose at the fans and at the criticism.

    He is teetering, and if he doesn’t finish top four, there is no chance he stays. The criticism will be deafening. Fans should drive him out regardless of our final position in the table, though.

  28. alexanderhenry


    A biggish spend over a few seasons doesn’t make up for ten or more years of imposed austerity.
    Arsenal are still way behind the ‘elite’ clubs in spending and while Kroenke remains, that won’t change.

    Also, I give our miserly owner no credit whatsoever in finally – and I’m sure reluctantly- sanctioning the spending we saw last summer.

    To put it in perspective, arsenal fc have made 117 million euros from CL qualification over the past five years. Add that to everything else including our enormous gate receipts, and that £90 million cash splash last summer should have been £190 million.

  29. Bamford10


    You have no argument. Not only did Wenger spend 90m this past summer, he has spent a boatload of money on transfers over the past five years. And he had the resources to spend even more.

    On top of this he has one of the highest salary bills in the league.

    He has been given ample money and total control; he has failed.

    There is one and only one reason the “wheels have come off” this season: Arsene Wenger.

    Neither Kroenke nor Gazidis have anything to do with it.

  30. alexanderhenry

    The only major title Kroenke is likely to win is ‘the worst owner award’.
    He’s close on this list, ranking a respectable 6th.

    His interest in arsenal fc winning things is about as real as his hair piece.

    A mere ten minutes spent on google will illustrate just how appalling this man is. Comically unsuccessful, universally disliked not to mention disloyal and sly, he is surely the worst thing that has happened to arsenal since the club was relegated in 1913.

  31. alexanderhenry


    I’ll admit this season wenger has disappointed.

    However, arsenal have spent significantly less than the likes of chelsea, man utd, city, barca, real madrid, bayern, psg and others over the past ten years at least.

    This is a fact.

    The reasons for this are not because arsenal fc were not able to spend but because our owner chose instead to stockpile cash and run arsenal as cheaply as possible,

    The result is that we have had inferior players and have consequently been unable to challenge for the PL and CL titles.

    Unless that changes arsenal will continue to fall behind the big clubs, with or without wenger.

    That’s a very clear argument,

    You disagree with this which is fair enough

    Seeing as next season looks to be ‘without wenger’, we’ll find out who is right.

    If you and Pedro are correct wenger’s departure will usher in a new era of big spending, better management and success,
    If I’m correct arsenal will at best continue to stagnate and at worst drift into mediocrity,

  32. kc

    Well sakes alive this is the season we’ve decided Wenger finally crossed the line huh?! He’s been doing this shite for over a decade, but apparently this year was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Not buying it. Wenger has sold his best players before and survived. Hell he even sold our star Striker to United to help them win a title and still kept his job. What makes this year any different other than the fact that some of you are finally losing the patience most others lost years ago?

  33. kc

    LMFAO at drifting into mediocrity. We’re already there genius. More like drifting into irrelevance is where we’re heading if Wenger stays in charge. Nobody is scared of playing against Arsenal anymore. Sad but true folks.

  34. Ishola70

    Alex how many times has it got to be said Kroenke did not devise the financial model.

    It was already planned and underway before he came on the scene. It was probably the main reason he got involved with Arsenal in the first place.

    On the football West Brom away now has become an absolutely must win match for Wenger.

  35. David Smith

    We don’t know what Kroenke does or doesn’t do.
    Widely believed to keep wages vs turnover on a sustainable percentage that others do not have to live to.
    But Kroenke isn’t the one refusing to drill the defence, refusing to provide individual level coaching, refusing to prepare the team or study the opposition,refusing to rid the club of back room staff at least as outdated as Wenger.
    Kroenke is not a dream owner, nor is he the absolute worst, except for his unconditional support of a failing and declining manager.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Went out to a sports bar to watch the boxing last night, caught the game there as well, not surprising was it, what was surprising to me though was talking to other Arsenal fans in there, it feels like most all of us aside from the last stragglers in the pro-Wenger rabble are in the same boat now, no one was shocked, no one shouted, got mad etc in fact the football was basically background noise to them, sort of a ‘Arsenal lost a big away game, got embarrassed, yeah and water is still wet’ type of situation.

    Club desperately needs change, there’s no way they can give Wenger a new deal without it causing serious damage, I don’t say there’s no way as a matter of fact, because I don’t doubt Wenger wants to stay (egotistical control freak that he is knows he won’t get the power he has at Arsenal anywhere else, and no way he lands a top job anywhere else), and no doubt Kroenke wants him to, but it is past the point now where a few results turn it around for him with most of the fans.

    They must know it is game over now, and if they try to continuing playing, it is going to need an enormous sacrifice in terms of alienating the majority of your fans.

    I’m just going to buy into the Allegri rumours, even if I’m deluding myself, Arsenal with Wenger as manager are not a football club anymore, they are an averagely run business and an old man’s plaything, how can anyone invest themselves in supporting that?

  37. Ishola70

    “Lincoln is now a must win game for Wenger”

    Well if he loses that yeah he will be cooked but can’t see him slipping up that badly.

    Needs to get points though and the full amount at West Brom though otherwise his precious top four will be slipping away before his very eyes.

  38. Marko

    it feels like most all of us aside from the last stragglers in the pro-Wenger rabble are in the same boat now, no one was shocked, no one shouted, got mad etc

    Basically how I’ve felt for a while now. Just numb to a club and sport I once loved and found enjoyment in and that’s unfortunately down to Arsene.

    Great post Pedro btw. Convinced he’s gone by the end of the season. It’s gotta be Sampaoli that’s comes in for me that’s the only scenario I see that keeps Sanchez

  39. Ishola70

    “Did you think Sutton looked 105 places below us ?”

    No not at all and the team look shit atm no doubt so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that there could be a shock result.

    But the fallback for such a result for Wenger, just one result if it went the wrong way would be so catastrophic for him that I just can’t see it happening.

  40. ArseneisaFraud

    To AW

    You, who admire SAF and wish to rival him with the only thing that is left to rival (length of service to the club, how sad), will never reach the heights that SAF has reached. Your 15 trophies (total @ Arsenal) compared to SAF’s 38 is what matters the most. More importantly though is that SAF never thought that he was bigger than the club and knew when to stop, hence his orchestrated departure from Manure with a League title to crown his achievements.

    Now please just f*ck off out of our club, like you should have after having won the FA Cup double in 2014 and 2015.

  41. Ishola70

    Marko Arsenal will not employ Sampaoli.

    He is a sort of character the club would not touch. He’s like a little bulldog and his persona would be too much for those that will make the decision for the successor.

    Sanchez wants to go back to Italy and leave England. He wants to go to Juventus. Sampaoli even if he was to come would not prevent that.

  42. 30

    Guys, unfortunately, and I say this with heavy heart, the only way Arsene goes is if we get destroyed by Bayern and finish 6th. He will not go willingly, he will not do the right thing. All we can hope for is for the media and fan heat to become unbearable for him.

  43. Jacko

    Kroenke clearly isn’t the main problem, as any non-cult member can see.

    The manager and a fair few of the substandard playing staff he has assembled might just have a little something to do with our issues.

    Despite fear mongering by desperate Arsene fans, we will do no worse with a new man in charge. If it’s stagnation you want, then hand dear old AW another 2 years and your wish is granted.

    Just give me someone, anyone, who doesn’t think that the likes of Coquelin, Walcott, Giroud, Ramsey, Wilshere, Sanogo, Gabriel, Gibbs, Elneny, Jenkinson and others are the future of Arsenal Football Club.

    Wenger himself proved successful for a period of time with very little managerial achievement or top class experience. Maybe it will be difficult for the new man to emulate that initial period but not impossible. That said, matching or improving upon the last decade or so …… not so much.

  44. reality check

    this akb saying even if we fall out top 4. and dont win FA CUP. he still deserves the contract!

  45. Majestic gooner

    Just heard john cross on talk sport saying the reason Sanchez was dropped yesterday was because of a falling it with wenger, apparently wenger was not happy with his attitude because the guys a winner and hates losing and was having a ga at his teamates, and he will be off to psg in the summer. Why Sanchez and not wenger himself ? If that happens we know the club is one big madhouse. This club is run like some bannana republic, no Critisism or dissent allowed.

  46. HillWood

    Arsenal play Lincoln after they get butt-fucked by Munich
    Anything could happen with this bunch of pussies

  47. Ishola70

    John Cross keeps going on about PSG all the time.

    He said last week that Wenger could go there which is a joke. Cross knows fvck all and is as big a charlatan as his money maker Wenger.

    I think Sanchez is more likely to go to Juventus. Sanchez has been linked to Juventus for an age now in the Italian press. Sanchez agent is very in with the Italian football chiefs. The problem for Juventus has been the price tag of Sanchez. That’s why it’s been waiting game. Juventus waiting for the price to drop and Sanchez running down his contract.

  48. Ishola70

    “Arsenal play Lincoln after they get butt-fucked by Munich
    Anything could happen with this bunch of pussies”

    Ancelotti looked sorry for Wenger after the first leg. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see Bayern coasting the second leg and it might even result in a meaningless Arsenal victory.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Dropping Sanchez was a power play from Wenger directed at Sanchez and the fans, laughably it blew up in his face though, he wanted to show how in control he was, all it highlighted was his terrible decision making.

  50. Ishola70

    Wenger gave up on Sanchez quite a while ago. Or should we say Sanchez gave up on Wenger.

    That interview months back when Wenger was asked about the contract situations of both Ozil and Sanchez and he then replies only in relation to Ozil. The question was not just about Ozil it was regarding both players and Wenger just completely blanked out Sanchez in his reply.

    There was the proof right there months back that Sanchez was a goner.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Ozil is Wenger’s entire approach to football encapsulated in a player, Sanchez is the complete opposite to Wenger’s approach, and he probably does not like the fact that Sanchez is treating him like any other manager, disagreeing, dissenting, questioning and leaving for reasons of ambition.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Do you think he has not made up his mind ?

    Or is he going an waiting till the last minute somminimising the new man had little chance to hit the ground running ?

    Or are the club still waiting for the tine to announce he is staying ?

  53. TheBayingMob

    Devils Advocate moment:

    There’s an outside chance that Wenger could have short term success with a PSG like appointment, it really all depends.

    He could inherit a team built by someone else (which is the crux of the matter right there!) and like he did with the Arsenal team he inherited just have them going out to ‘express themselves’; in a weaker league with a ready made team that would be ideal. It would suit him as

    a) although, again, the success would be ‘in spite’ of him, the narcissistic egomaniac would see it as all his own work and smugly claim it as such

    b) he would claim to have done it by developing without spending as the money would have been spent by someone else

    If the PSG position is really on the table, those two possibilities are probably very attractive options for him right there if he so wanted to gamble … and that’s assuming PSG would appoint the 67 year old

    The crux of the problem is Wenger has complete power at Arsenal.

    He rules a complete autocracy like no one else in football now (nearly every other club has no moved on from this ‘one manager’ model); would he be able to accept giving up all that power? I would say no not easily, which is why his ‘preference’ is to stay at Arsenal where he still has complete control, but it depends how much he wants to gamble his reputation on a) and b), because if it doesn’t work out, he goes down as a great manager who completely lost his shit …

  54. Ishola70

    PSG are one of the big powerhouses of football now.

    They have very ambitious backers. Forget what league they play in they want to become very big on the european stage.

    I fail to see how they would give an appointment to an old man who hasn’t won a major title in eons and has become just as much as a bank manager.

    PSG are not interested in an old guy who last was really significant on the big stage so long ago and they would not be interested in Wenger’s financial head. Wenger would shit himself in going there.

    I heard that Wenger is very much respected in France but that is respect shown out of deference for his longevity not that he is a hungry football manager that is desperate to win big trophies. And PSG is certainly not the same as the rest of France.

  55. TitsMcGee

    And Wenger was trying to imply at the start of the season that the finishes of 3rd and 2nd in the last two previous seasons was the indicator that there was improvement being made.”

    Forget Wenger. Some AKB regulars on this blog were clinging to that as some indicator as well.

    If we beat or heroicly lose to Munich on Tuesday some will come out and try to imply that we are close etc.

  56. TitsMcGee

    It’s amazing that the one good player we have is/was being disciplined (probably for dissent towards Wenger) and punished with benching.

    Just goes to show the type of atmosphere that Wenger expects and no wonder he surrounds himself with players indebted to him.

  57. Ishola70

    “Forget Wenger. Some AKB regulars on this blog were clinging to that as some indicator as well. If we beat or heroicly lose to Munich on Tuesday some will come out and try to imply that we are close etc.”

    One of those AKBs was on here after Barca lost to PSG heavily and then he put two and two together and made five in implying that Arsenal getting results against PSG in the group stage was the indicator that Arsenal were one of the serious big players. He actually beat Wenger to this bullshit who refered to it a couple of weeks later lol.

    The serious teams crank it up a gear after the group stages. Arsenal always mostly fail after the group stage. That’s what separates the pretenders from the real deal teams. AKB couldn’t see that of course.

  58. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger is the class bully

    Thinks he is the club ….

    Someone tell him we had history beforevgevcame an will after hevgoes in June !

  59. Dolomite

    Great Blog Pedro.

    In all sincerity all we really want is Wenger to go, I think its counterproductive and foolhardy to wish the worse on ARSENAL football club based on the incompetence and arrogance of Wenger, Gazidis or Kronke – at the end of the day the Club belongs to the FANS, not the owners or managers – they are merely in charge for a period of time but the Club (the fans) is everlasting.

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Maybe he is leaving an want the new manager to have Thursday night football

    His parting shot at the board ?

    Vicious spiteful old cunt

  61. TitsMcGee

    I’d daresay that Wenger signing this two year extension would crush his legacy. It’s already taken a massive blow(13 years and not even sniffing an EPL title would do that) but we all know that him being here two more years = two more years of failures and the optimist in me thinks that he’ll think it’s too risky. He is an egotistical man after all.

  62. David Smith

    PSG…..amusing….like they would ditch their current coach for Wenger.
    If Wenger wants to maintain his health, sanity, reputation, next season, he will go to a middling club in a non competitive league….possibly in France… that needs a bit of building done, has a decent youth policy, but has a DOF that will put a rocket up Wengers arse should he lapse into old ways.
    And, a club that will not go near Peyton, Colbert, Primorac.
    If he does this, he might, just might ,have a happy twighlight to his career
    If he stays here, his life will soon be hell, and I for one don’t wish that on him… best for all parties of he avoids it

  63. TitsMcGee

    One of those AKBs was on here after Barca lost to PSG heavily and then he put two and two together and made five in implying that Arsenal getting results against PSG in the group stage was the indicator that Arsenal were one of the serious big players.”

    Sheet! !

    Wenger himself said that in the full length version interview with Jake Humphreys posted on page 1.

    Something to the effect of “Barca lost to the second place group stage PSG”

    I.e we did better against PSG than Barca did so we’re a top team.

    It’s a weird twisted world Wenger lives in. He’s a dictator in footballing terms.

  64. David Smith

    RSPC….parting shot… may be onto something, he is certainly behaving in that way.
    Hell hath no fury like a power mad manager scorned…..

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    He is thinking I will make these cnuts realise
    how much I’ve given them big cup for 20 years …

    I let them have europa cup guaranteeing they will fuck up next year when I’m home ..

    The fucker is so transparent

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Why would any top club be interested in a near 70 year old, who has won a handful of big away games in the last five years, considers fourth a trophy, finishes on average double figures behind the league winners, would take second place ‘for the next twenty years,’ routinely gets eliminated at the round of sixteen in the UCL and half the time ends up conceding three or more in the first leg, yeah, that sounds exactly like the manager the executives at Madrid, Barcelona, PSG etc are crying out for to take the next step.

    Laughable as well Sanchez has been dropped for calling out the soft, unaccountable bottlejobs in this side in order to protect the soft, unaccountable bottlejobs, who then played like soft, unaccountable bottlejobs for forty-five minutes before the player who called them out for being soft, unnacountable bottlejobs had to be brought on to hold their hands.

    How are there still Arsenal fans supporting Wenger? Seriously, I don’t get it, why do you enjoy an old egotist making a joke out of your club, disrespecting it and you?

  67. Majestic gooner

    Just like RVP the club has started spinning against Sanchez, disgraceful behaviour. So confirmation if any is needed tha Sanchez is off in the summer but this time we must make sure wenger himself packs his bags, he is like a cancer eating through the club, he must be cut out.

  68. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think anyone is buying it though, not like RVP, Sanchez is a winner, we know he’s leaving because the manager is the polar opposite of a winner, he cares more about protecting his principles, which is now evidenced by him dropping one of the EPL’s best players against Liverpool because Sanchez had the ‘audacity’ to let his teammates know how disgraceful their performance was.

    No one is buying it anymore, club has a massive, massive PR problem on their hands. The fans hate their club now, by that I mean Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis, they hate them.

  69. Ishola70

    Giuseppe Marotta was interviewed today.

    He was asked about Allegri to Arsenal.

    He replied that it is a topic that does not exist and that Allegri is coach of Juventus.

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think everyone realise the pattern that is developing st the club,,,

    Player speaks out

    Player gets frozen

    Player leaves

    Club encourage abuse against them vocally



    Club is in total dissaray meltdown

    Club in crisis

    For sure

  71. Wenker-wanger

    If arsene -al beat Bayern by 2 or 3 goals it’s absolutely of no consequence and it would only show Bayern have risked a team selection on a notion that wengers team have little quality to overturn the 4 goal deficit.
    Unfortunately such a win for this mug of a manager allows more spin that Wenger went close. Then a win against Lincoln gets him crowing. 2 more wins on the bounce and the bast #rd signs another disgusting contract.
    You can see it happening…I hope to god it doesn’t.
    This useless wanker knows he has it made at arsenal. Virtually printing his own money faster than it could be photocopied. He is in the same mould as Philip green the bhs ruthless cnut.
    There is no fan empathy with this egotistical self-proclaimed best arsenal manager of all time. It’s all about him and ultimately only him. A spoilt child of a manager , making decisions that demonstrate his superiority and authority.
    One could argue that Wenger is a psychological clone of Adolf Hitler. A man only following his ideas and personal targets and ignoring any fair criticism or even a suggestion he may be wrong at something.
    Wenger is currently in a bunker refusing to concede defeat and still steadfastly believing in his invincibility. The empire is collapsing but Wenger is convinced that they won’t take him alive and if necessary the empire will be destroyed to save his skin.

  72. PieAFC


    That is exactly what happens. The shit being spewed by the papers like it’s Sanchez being a sulky spoilt brat when in fact they never read between the lines why yet again another top player wants to leave….

    Fucking ridiculous this cycle. It will never end with Wenger there.

  73. PieAFC

    Hopefully. That was a factor in Rioch leaving among other things. I cannot believe any player in our squad would be pissed at Sanchez in training because he voiced his opinion on how shit some of them are. Such bullshit paper talk…

    Wenger is cracking. Only a matter of time. I’m believing some of the players are pushing his hand in making a decision. Didn’t the club in the week make an official comment wanting Wenger to decide by the end of this month?

    It cannot come soon enough.

  74. PieAFC

    Of course no strong personalities are allowed to ruin the easy status quo at Arsenal.

    Bunch of melts. Absolutely the lot of them.

  75. Jacko

    John Cross hasn’t got a scooby. Like most of the MSM he just sucks up to the establishment to get a seat at the table.

    He provides light entertainment for commuters eating their bacon sarnie’s on the way to work. There’s nothing deep and meaningful in his work. His insight is mostly based on press speculation, a bit like most of us.

  76. David Smith

    RC, wrong, Sanogo is the replacement of Alexis Sanchez, and Iwobi the replacement of Ozil
    That’s why Stan loves him

  77. TonyD

    Here it comes from the respected press:

    For me three words would have put us up there this season:

    Kante – Sane – Mahrez

    I felt sick watching the Liverpool game. We all knew we’d lose in our hearts, but still watched it just in case a miracle happened.

    My 8 year old son just keeps asking questions I can’t answer. Now he wants Wenger out from his own thinking!

    See that Arsne? My 8 year old son can see through you without me saying anything.

    He idolizes Sanches. Why? Because of his never-say-die attitude as well as his skill sets.

    After the Liverpool debacle my son asked me if Wenger went, would Sanches stay? I told him that was the question on millions of Gooners minds everywhere.

    But I told him it would probably take Wenger saying he’s leaving now for that to happen.

    I’m not so sure the fans would give Wenger a royal send off if he did the right thing now. Maybe they would today, but next week or next month after our fears being confirmed on the pitch again and again?

    Not a chance, we are not that fickle or so forgiving for all the pain he has put us through in the last 13 years!

    We might just have been if he left today or told the club he was leaving today at the end of the season.

    Such monumental relief might just have switched off our collective fickle meters enough to say thank you for the good you did!

    Leave us Wenger and take your jurassic football brain and autocratic ways with you!!!!!!!!!!

  78. TonyD

    As much as I like Sane, I meant to say:

    Sadio Mane, Kante & Mahrez

    Mane by far the best player on the pitch Saturday, although Lallana was immense as well.

  79. Confidentgoner

    From untold, a very nice read. It’s all turning. The fraud is being called out:

    It seems Tony, that we all see and relaise that changing the manager will not gaurantee winning the league. That’s obvious. But now it’s not about winning the league, it’s about ambition, change and realising when Wenger can’t do any better or take the team further or improve because it hasn’t happened for the last decade. Same capitulation at the same point of each season and no winning momentum. All that has gone with the exception of two recent F.A cups.
    We both see Wenger and what he has done for the club, appreciate him and think he’s quality however when it comes to losing him we take a differnet view. Yours is a selfish view when it comes to loss. I don’t want him treated like sh*t all the time, embearrased, hated and derided week in week out. You seem happy to see this and keep him there just because you don’t want him to go. He doesn’t deserve this. It’s like when you have a loyal pet that’s been a wonderful servant and gives unconditionally for years. You know their ways, you appreciate and love them, but there comes a time when they lose their ability to carry on carrying on. Do you see them suffer, sitting in their own sh*t and p*ss, embarassing themselves and losing their dignity because they’re incapable how ever hard they try? Or do you say “enough is enough, I can’t accept this. You poor sod, the pain you must be in”? Tough love is something that should be administered here for the club AND for Wenger. He needs putting out of his misery and us out of ours.
    Has their been improvemnt? A display of Wenger adapting and changing his tactics and evolving to continue winning and staying at the top? No. Unfortunately not.
    I find your argument about “change won’t bring us the leage title” quite baffling. Simply because we havn’t won it for over a decade. So, if we change manager, and still don’t win the league for 2 or 3 seasons and then find something that clicks in the fourth then so what? I’d take that. What if we change managers and the new guy is an instant success? Then great! We’ll never know if don’t accept and make change. What IS a certainty though is that Wenger has done an amazing job and take the club and the team as far as he possibly can in a league that has changed unrecognisably from when he took over. It’s all old hat now and progress grinded to a halt a long time a go. Credit to Arsenal for trying to stick with him and giving him the chance to turn things around and credit to Arsene for sticking around, accepting the challenge and trying his best for the past 13 years. But let him go Tony. Let him go.
    Arsenal were here before you and I, before Wenger too. They’ll be here after you and I and after Wenger too but change is needed NOW. We all know it, Arsene knows it. He’s being selfish, you’re being selfish, the board are being selfish. Time to move on and show ambition rather than stagnate further.