5 things I DON’T want to see against Liverpool

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I’m very excited about the game today, but I don’t have much time to drop a review, so I’m going to bullet this out at a rate of knots.

Things we don’t want to see today:

# The Banner

We know Arsenal fans have been propping up the banner industry for at least 7 years, their stocks are flying high at the moment and you’d imagine there’s a spike going into today. If the banners are rolling out, that means we’re in trouble. I’d really love for Arsenal to show us something, I’m not sure what the overall worth of that would be, but it’d be great to put Liverpool and Klopp to the sword this evening… because if Klopp can’t make CL in a dead season European wise, you have to wonder if he’ll ever get them there.

# Manè MoM

It’s so predictable that he’s going to have a good game today. Klopp is either going to push him out wide or through the middle and he’ll have the game of his life. Are we going to allow Liverpool to break on the counter like monsters? Are we going to play into their hands because it suits our game? Or are going to go armed with a plan… go against our gut instinct for once… and play smart.

# Press Press Press

Come on, we know what Klopp is going to do against us… the same thing all good teams do, press us hard, ruffle our midfield feathers and hit us fast when the ball is taken from us. What is the plan for that? Do we cede possession to them like some of the teams who’ve had to recently? Do we play over the press in a mean long ball game? Or do we counter press them aggressively like I’ve not seen since the opening months of the season when our players can be arsed?

# Injured players

So Mesut Ozil has the flu. Yep, the guy who’s been on holiday to Turkey whilst dropping a book tour mysteriously has the flu again. So he’ll be out. For me, being a medical amateur, I’m always suspicious when a professional athlete gets the actual flu… because that illness is debilitating. I’ve had it once in 20 years. I think most people, if they were honest, do not have it that often. So for me, he’s picked up an Manuel Almunia broken finger.

My other worry is that Koscielny will be playing regardless of fitness because that’s a safer bet than disaster prone centre-back Gabriel. If there’s one striker who is going to test your injury, it’s Manè, so let’s be praying to the medical gods he’s not actually injured.

# Favourites Line-up

I’m dreading that the line-up Wenger drops is a collection of his favourites without thinking about what we’re about to face. We know Coquelin doesn’t do well against teams that press because he’s not technically good enough to play under pressure. We know Iwobi has struggled in big games this year. We know Chambo isn’t that good out wide and he at least looks comfortable in the middle.

Will Wenger opt for a different type of midfield? Xhaka, Chambo and Rambo? Or will he go very interesting, Maitland-Niles, Chambo and Xhaka. Or will he go Coquelin, Ramsey, Chambo? One thing we don’t have to do is play with a #10. We can load the front line with pace and I think I’d be matching that with a midfield that has a range of passing. Imagine a front three of Perez, Welbz and Sanchez? Could be special.

I have no idea how it’ll pan out, but that’s exciting. It’d be nice if there were ever a reaction to the way we’ve been beaten by big teams all year.

Liverpool are giant killers, we are ripe for their counter-attacking player, they do not like the ball, we do like the ball.

Let’s see how this pans out!

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  1. Red&White4life

    Wright : so you prefer to witness the ugly and snarjy smile of arsène knowing that he’s about to save his ass again and again ??

    He has taken everything I once loved about this club from me long ago, so I really don’t care anymore anyway… As long as it’s still the Arsène FC, I will gladely watch him digging his own grave.

  2. leon

    I would only sell few players out of this squad, I would want see how well, this team would under a more disciplined more defensive manager. I used to think that wenger has lost it, but if you about it wenger has never been defensive minded manager he was very fortunate to inherit some world class defenders and a world class goal keeper. Wenger has a good manager for his time but the game has moved on he has not moved with it.

  3. Red&White4life

    “I support the entity that is Arsenal FC”

    If you’re not able to understand that this is not Arsenal FC anymore, there’s nothing we can do for you…

  4. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Well…that was predictable….and perfect!

    Barca announce an opening and everyone that supports the club is excited.

    Arsenal presents such a possibility and everyone, seemingly, is apprehensive.

    And you wonder why Barca are World Class and Arsenal live in the past!

    A very, very, very heavy sigh…

  5. Jamal

    Today was just a mere blip. It doesn’t matter aslong as we bounce back against Lincoln which I believe we will because this team has tremendous character. All you WOBs can fuck off!

  6. Dave

    Plays sanchez against Sutton but drops him against Liverpool. Plays a half fit ( by his own admission) Giroud today. That’s the actions of a petulant, fuck you, I’m in charge prick

  7. GoonerDNA

    Pedro I’m a big fan of your blog also starting to enjoy the podcasts but why oh why are you hoping for us to win games this month and possibly stay with Wenger in the process.

    Hate to see us lose but glad we lost tonight would love to see Bayern smack us I think it’s abit to much to ask for a loss against Lincoln. Once Wenger announces he’s leaving I’ll fully back the team again and even hope the team and players put in a good shift and try and regain some pride and a CL spot

  8. loyika

    If people have the right to want their team to lose, then it’s a bit rich to now slate someone for wanting the team to win.

    We all know the state the club is in, so nothing new there, (as far as i am concerned) right now everyone should support the team however they choose.

    if folks want to protest, fair enough, if they want to scream blue murder on a blog, fair enough as well. We are only accountable to ourselves for our actions (Same way the away fans keep going regardless)

    Lets just respect each others viewpoints i say, (i know that’s the approach i am taking, can’t really be bothered arguing with anyone over this particular issue)

    Will always watch our games, give my honest opinions on what i have seen (Win, lose or draw) and leave the rest for faith to decide.

  9. Red&White4life

    “Once Wenger announces he’s leaving I’ll fully back the team again ”
    Spot on!!
    Too bad all grovers aren’t able to understand that…

  10. Rainman

    Wonder where the Godfather is, the troll really dispises Klopp. Can’t imagine how he must be feeling now,seeing Klopp do the double over his Messiah

  11. WrightIsGod


    You and I both know it’s still Arsenal by name.

    You think I like that new plastic badge we have on our kit? Do you think I like the plastic Arsenal fans who go to games but have no voice? Do you think a new regime will mean a return to the old Arsenal? No, things evolve, bottom line is…

    It is still Arsenal.

    I don’t prefer to witness anything. I prefer the fans muster up some bottle and get him kicked out. If literally spitting in his face is the way to get him out so be it.

    But how many games have we lost and he is still there. And yet you believe losing more games and dragging the team you support through the dirt the remedy?

  12. Emiratesstroller

    This has to be the end for Wenger.

    He looked in post game interview a ” tired and spent force”. Totally devoid of ideas.

  13. PaddyV91

    But it is not Arsenal FC anymore it is Wenger FC nowadays he has infected the club from top to bottom. The way the club is run is nothing short of disgusting. The fans mean absolutely nothing to him either.
    I like you want the club to be successful again. To do this I believe we need to get him out by being abusive and non supportive. Then there will be some hope at least next season. Just because I want the team to lose one meaningless game to have a chance of success next season does not mean I love the club any less than you do just a different perspective

  14. WrightIsGod

    Ok so rather than actually get petitions going, protests etc you rather we just lose?

    This week Bamford tried to get peeps to do the WengerOut online protest. How many of us actually participated. Instead we’re too busy cheering Liverpool on.

    Terrible state of affairs IMO.

    And I’ve been Wenger out 8 years. I have articles to prove so.

  15. loyika

    @ Em

    I doubt it. He will still look at the season, right it off and gun for a top 4 spot.

    How do you see the protest going on the 7th? Will this result spur on more fans to join?

    Arsene always has a way of letting himself feel that the world ain’t coming to an end, he will look at any positive result against Bayern at home as a wayto save face (to himself) and a win against Lincoln to get into the semis as a way to spin this to his advantage.

    Personally i have a feeling he has given his word to the BoD that he will stay, because any other scenario would have called for him to announce he was leaving.

  16. steve

    You can’t want Wenger out and at the same time want Arsenal to win. A manager who wins game won’t get sacked/resign.

  17. Ishola70

    Oh dear did you have to put that vid up of Wenger.

    The first few words that came out of his mouth were excusing the 5-1 humiliation at Bayern and he despicably used Barca’s defeat at Paris as comparison.

    Barca didn’t lose by four against the same opposition a year before did they. Barca are taking action after that defeat in getting rid of the manager.

    Also in the knock out stages teams crank it up a gear in comparison to the group stages. No-one is saying teams don’t try in the group stages but they unconsciously up their game in the later knockout stages. And yet his uses PSG coming second in the group stage as some sort of victory. Pathetic.

    Seriously listening to this man is it any wonder the club has no chance of winning a major trophy now as him as manager. He just continually lies and deceives and is in complete denial to the public at least. He wouldn’t get away with this in any other profession aay from football. He would have been chased out. Only the infantile fans keep him in place.

  18. loyika

    @ WiG

    100% agree with you bro. Too many “Indiana Jones Keyboard (“Samurai”) Warriors”.

    Talk a good game on most footie blogs but don’t do shyte in real life (always wanting others to do the dirty work for them!?)

  19. Ishola70

    And btw that’s why Wenger’s record in CL knockout stages is so poor.

    When other teams crank it up a gear from the group stage he and his team is most times found wanting.

  20. Majestic gooner

    To prove how useless a coach wenger is the club should sack him and appoint George graham temporarily till the end of the season and show how much of a difference a good coach would make to these Sam e players. Wenger hasn’t got a clue, the players don’t want him , they don’t trust his methods.

  21. Jamal

    I guess I need rehab then, we have shown great courage and heart after losing to Bayern. Sutton wasn’t an easy game to win, that’s why Sanchez was subbed on.

  22. WrightIsGod


    “Just because I want the team to lose one meaningless game to have a chance of success next season”

    Pardon me if I come across rude but what a ridiculous sentence. First off 1 loss is definitely not enough to get rid of Wenger. So secondly the truth is you want us to lose multiple games. How many does it need to be 10, 20, 30, shall we get relegated? And what exactly is a meaningless game, certainly not one in the UCL, Prem, right?

  23. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I’m not dumb nor stupid nor gullible. Why then must I, as a 40 year supporter of my beloved club, be forced to listen to the machinations of an irrationally foolish man?

    I’m done. I have had wonderful patience for many years, more than Wenger ever deserved. I ask only one thing ever, treat the supporter with respect. Wenger clearly has no intention of ever doing so again.

    Best wishes to you all. Nothing but good fortune and better health. Hope to see you all again perhaps somewhere down the line.

    There you have it…Arsene Wenger drew me in and captivated my imagination 15 years ago….and that many years later on managed to lose me. I ask for imagination and creativity, and you give me exquisite boredom. Your legacy is well on its way to being destroyed. Go on and sign your extension…go on and finish what you statrted. I spit on your statue for what you’ve done to my beloved Arsenal.

  24. Levi

    Absolute disgrace of a performance today. Majority of the blame should fall in Wenger’s lap. Terrible starting lineup. Complete lack of strategy to deal with the press. Unbelievable.

    Shout out to Chaka for taking up Özil’s role as the slow, clumsy midfielder.. more concerned with his hair than helping his team win. A couple decent through balls does not justify your place in the first team. With every 50/50 ball in his direction, he seems likely to either lose out and/or make a foul with a possible card. Exactly what we don’t want from a holding midfielder. If he doesn’t turn it around soon, we should replace him ASAP.

    But again, at least 90% of the blame is on Wenger. Perhaps a few more of these embarrassing losses is exactly what we need to wake the club owners out of their complacent stupor.

  25. Majestic gooner

    Whether some of us celebrate us losing or not is beside the point, everyone knows we are going to lose more games before the season ends. Listening to talk sport a lot of Arsenal fans made money betting against the team, this is the 25th match we have lost against the top sides, surely surely this can’t go on.

  26. WrightIsGod


    “You can’t want Wenger out and at the same time want Arsenal to win.”

    Wow. The state of our fanbase.

    Surely by wanting Wenger Out it is for the reason of wanting Arsenal to win.

    It’s very easy. I want Arsenal to win and I want Wenger out. I know him leaving is best for the club. But I don’t want Arsenal to lose. Losing games doesn’t get him sacked for Arsenal. His own decision or a United fanbase against him does.

  27. PaddyV91

    I am in full support of petitions protests and the like….just also hope we lose every game from now until end of the season as it brings more and more fans out to protest etc

  28. TT

    Only one Arsenal manager has ever built a lasting legacy at Arsenal and thats Herbert Chapman. That man was so far ahead of his time. Such a shame he died so young.

  29. Ishola70

    Adam A. Carbarundum:
    ” I ask only one thing ever, treat the supporter with respect. Wenger clearly has no intention of ever doing so again.”


    What he comes out with for so many years now is disgusting to any rational mature thinking supporter.

    Yet his infantile backers think it clever and wily.

  30. WrightIsGod


    I can tell you now I was on here at the beginning of the season stating I hated Ozil (cannot win the prem with a team built around him) and we will do exactly the same as usual if not worse.

    When Pedro came out before Watford and Man City games and said “exciting times” after an FA cup win over Saints I slated him.

    Simply put there are too many AKBs who will stick with Wenger regardless if we win or lose. That is stopping th fanbase from uniting against him.

  31. InsideRight

    Let’s face facts.

    No matter what the players say in public, if they wanted Wenger to stay they wouldn’t start every game in a fucking coma.

    If they wanted Wenger to stay they would be sweating blood and running themselves into the ground to tear the opposition apart from the first whistle.

    Players at this level can tell the difference between a coach who demands and expects commitment and effort, and one who splashes big wages on people who don’t justify them, who doesn’t ask them to do more than get their boots on the right feet and who sits like a sullen teenager pretending to be a mime artist in the dugout as the game goes to rat shit.

    This feels like a team begging for some passion and direction. It’s a team that wants change so it can be coached to compete and win things.

  32. Roaaary

    Dropping sanchez was akin to playing sanogo at bayern. Wenger doesn’t do tactics and when he does – he drops clangers like this

  33. loyika

    @ Majestic

    But every team will lose games, Liverpool just lost against Leicester didn’t they.

    What WiG is saying makes sense, join something (online petitions, protests at the ground, even what Bam is suggesting) anything rather than fans always scream fcuk all on blogs and the radio yet nothing changes?

    What most do is just let off steam and then we are back at it next game time (nothing wrong with that in itself, but then they should stop painting it as some sort of macho personality showing they are actually doing anything that affects the status quo)

    Arsene doesn’t read Le Grove or any other Blog for all i know, what he will see are “Empty bums on seats”, protests shown live on TV, Online petitions being relayed to him by journos during team briefing and stuff like that. The rest is all hogwash to him and won’t move him in any way (as long as he feels he can still get Top 4 and FAC)

  34. Roaaary

    Excuse that we haven’t played for a while which is why we were slow to start…. Then he complains that our poor performances are due to playing 2 games a week…..We see your bullshit arsene

  35. Confidentgoner

    Gazidas had said that only fan pressure can force Wenger out. Anything other than that , Wenger leaves his job at his own choosing.

    As it is, we are a divided lot. Matter of fact, we are just about evenly divided. The only way to pressure Wenger is if he continues loosing matches. This is the only scenario that will unite enough fans to make his signing untenable.

    I hope WiG now understands why folks would want Arsenal to loose? It’s called Tough Love.

  36. Redtruth

    Those wanting Arsenal to win will only see Arsenal lose out in the future..

    Besides which, we’re safe from relegation so losing every game from now until the end of the season would be the best thing ever happen to the club

  37. WrightIsGod


    I get the logic, I also hate the logic.

    I’m an arsenal fan first and that means we give the best account of ourselves on all occasions.

    Wanting your team to lose goes against the definition of a supporter. It’s such a weird paradox I don’t even want to entertain it.

    You come to an away game with our away fans and you cheer for the opposition to win. You’ll get a well deserved clump.

    I’d say 75% of the away crowd want Wenger gone but they still travel up and down the country because they are ARSENAL fans.

    Very easy to sit behind a computer and spout irrelancies that change dusky squat. At least go to a match and hold a banner.

  38. PaddyV91

    You can’t expect a united fanbase behind sacking Wenger is possible with us winning games? Have you seen how moronic and clueless the AKB’s are, one win and they think all is hunky dory again

  39. Carts

    Wenger spoke of Arsenal “not performing at our level”…I’m confused as to what level he is actually referring too, here.

    We on have one gear and it ms been that way for several seasons now.

    Wenger is deluded, as are the board, if they think there’s another level in there somewhere.

    It’s desperate stuff! Instead of Wenger coming out and telling it as it is, he skating around the topic of “levels”.

  40. Dissenter

    “Wanting your team to lose goes against the definition of a supporter. It’s such a weird paradox I don’t even want to entertain it.”

    Sometimes you have to amputate a limb to save a life.
    You’re only viewing it from a very emotional and rather short sided lenses.
    .. can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

  41. WrightIsGod


    I get your stance on it and in the end it’s for the greater good.

    Morally, me personally, what football means to me, when I used to play the game, even if I was benched and someone took my place etc….. Could never wish defeat against my own team.

  42. Rob

    When we lose against Bayern, the excuse is that we’re “mentally jaded”. When we lose against Liverpool, the excuse is that we haven’t had enough competition : “The fact that we lacked pace in our first half was down to, in my opinion, the fact that we had a lack of competition.”

    When will people wake up and realize this fucker is bullshitting us day and night ? He’s going nowhere ! Will no journalist roast him just a little during an interview ffs ? Won’t anyone protest during a game ? Bring them banners out !

    Sad to say but, like a lot of us here, I’m not feeling anything anymore for that club and I’m hoping that we lose as many games as possible so that this guy finally fucks off with his dumb groupies. If that’s what it takes, then I’ll support every team we face until Wenger leaves. Give me my club back.

  43. rc90

    “I guess I need rehab then, we have shown great courage and heart after losing to Bayern.”

    Great courage and heart is to not show up for the first half and then only even think about responding when the game is gone…

    Aye, rehab…

  44. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Ishola70…take care and great fortune to you, my friend!

    We all deserve better, so much so. See you all again down the road…better days will be upon us again.

    To One Arsene Wenger…show some humility and do what is best and right for your suppposed beloved club. Shame on you!

  45. Dissenter

    “RedtruthMarch 4, 2017 21:14:25
    WrightIsI take it, you don’t boo the team when we get thrashed?”

    Have to say Redtruth just decapitated your argument.

  46. Bermy boy

    Tuned in to find out the score and see people kick shit if we didn’t win.I didn’t even care to watch the game and I missed nothing.Hell I’m not even upset It’s just another day in the life of this club of no ambition.I can’t support another club so until then football is fucked for me period.

  47. Redtruth

    We could have two weeks preparation loading up with carbs and all sorts and still we’d fail against a big team because it’s a mental and tactical issue..

  48. WrightIsGod


    Not sure about booing. I’m more dispondent and angry if anything. I don’t go into games expecting us to win anymore if truth be told. But I’m a football fan and Arsenal is my team so I watch.

    What I do for sure is celebrate like a crazy person when we score. For instance, I celebrated so big when Welbz scored today more because I’ve been campaigning he should be in the team and he works hard. When my scouser mate is giving me stick I want nothing more than to stick it back to him.

  49. Wenker-wanger

    Wanting arsenal to lose is like the collateral damage you inflict in a war scenario. Its not what you want, but its a means to justify the ends.
    Wrightisgod needs to understand that winning just prolongs the agony.
    Losing will eventually force the senile, incompetent, arrogant cnut out.

  50. El Tel

    Your Comment Here Bermy this is exactly as I feel. I never watched today either. Preferred to do some DIY. When He is gone I will be happy to watch the team I love

  51. Paddy got bored

    Lots of talk on here as usual
    You have your chance to turn up and protest on Tuesday
    If you don’t turn up then you get whst you deserve

  52. WrightIsGod


    ““RedtruthMarch 4, 2017 21:14:25
    WrightIsI take it, you don’t boo the team when we get thrashed?”

    Have to say Redtruth just decapitated your argument.”


  53. WrightIsGod

    Redtruth and Dissenter

    I don’t boo but even if I did. Being unhappy with a performance is not the same as wanting your team to lose.

    Now, if I turned up to a game and the WOB was out in force together, handing out posters saying Wenger out, or an orchestrated protest of some kind I’m in 100%.



    Pretty weak.

  54. WrightIsGod

    Paddy got bored

    “Lots of talk on here as usual
    You have your chance to turn up and protest on Tuesday
    If you don’t turn up then you get whst you deserve”


  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think the players have lost faith in him

    They think it’s himwhomhas list the mental strength …

    We need a player to be outspoken about him …

    We really are a club in crisis …

    The club is drifting like an old barge ….
    Aimlessly going nowhere under him …

  56. SpanishDave

    George Graham had ten days to prepare our team against Liverpool in 1989 , we had to win 2 nil to win the league. We played a Liverpool team that was in top gear and we stifled them and won playing to a plan with the will to win.
    Today we just went through the motions like our manager.
    He doesn’t know what to do anymore, he’s finished

  57. BigLee

    Liverpool had 4 days rest and Arsenal had 2 weeks, so Arsene assumed that we would win regardless of team selection. This was the perfect opportunity to show everyone that Arsene could win without Alexis, just like a few years back when he benched Arshavin in the FAC semi v. Chelsea. He is now 0-2 in the “I am bigger than any star player who will not suckle at my teet” competition. He tried this in Monaco and got rid of all the star players, then got sacked for that. Obviously learned nothing from that experience. I guess when you think you know everything, there is nothing left for you to learn.

    Sadly, Alexis is gone. His smirk on the bench after the first Pool goal said as much, as did his half-hearted 2nd half effort. Even though a half-hearted Alexis was still 10x better than any other Arsenal player on the pitch today. Sad!

    How can any true supporter be happy with what is happening to our club, all because of this man’s vanity project? Of course, he has 8.5M other reasons for staying on as well. I am certain the Board can’t get rid of him because Stan gave him a no-sack clause to get him to stay on during the stadium building years. I don’t understand why the media don’t challenge him harder. He is not even particularly likeable anymore with his arrogant and condescending tone. I am not sure if he was ever really likeable. Anyway, whether he stays or goes is probably a coin flip at this point. Can anyone name a dictator that retired voluntarily and went away quietly into the sunset?

  58. BigCheese

    35 years supporting this amazing team. 1st time ever I actually felt happy that we were tanked yet again by another “rival”.

    That’s me done with Arsenal FC until this crusty wankstain fucks off.

  59. loyika

    Arsene’s decision to not start Alexis!?

    Does that look to you like a man scared of getting sacked or feeling his time is up!? Nope, (not from where i am sitting it’s not) it looks like a big; “Fcuk You all I am in charge and i will be in charge till i say i am no longer in charge!” I mean he knew Giroud was injured and still played him ahead of Sanchez.

    I also think/feel he doesn’t really give a rats ass if Sanchez asks to leave (I think Cesc was the last Arsenal player Arsene felt any pain in letting go, as he felt he had invested a lot to bring Cesc through…. even sending Paddy off so that Cesc could come into the first team) and was doing this as an ego trip to tell Sanchez; “Do whatever you want mate.”

    Looked very much/similar like his decision to not start Arshavin against Chelsea to prove a point that he was in charge and wouldn’t be forced into any decision.

    This guy ain’t leaving anytime soon (In my opinion) from what i see and his behaviour after every game (win, lose or draw) doesn’t show him in any new light from the Arsene we have known.

    Wanna bet he will be smiling for the cameras come Tuesday pre UCL prezzer!? as if the world was all brilliant and he had no care in the world.

  60. loyika

    Asked whether Arsenal can still make the top four, Wenger said: “It is a possibility that we can still make it, so let’s focus on that.”

    Doesn’t sound very much like a man worried about his job? Like i said, i wouldn’t be surprised if he is either signed the contract or given SK and the BoD an assurance that he will sign end of season (Where they will paint it as his last contract before they find someone to replace him)

    Worst might be if he hands in the reigns as Manager and the BoD announce him as the DoF!! Now that would be a fcuking laugh and a half!!

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If he feels not wanted by the fans that may help him piss off ….

    So make the emirates a toxic atmosphere for him ….

    We want you gone
    We want you gone

    Arsense wenger we want you gone …

  62. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Some of you are debating whether it’s appropriate to boo? What are you, mental cases! You boo because you boo because they are awful. What part of the suck job on display today was questionable of a boo?

    Grow up you bewildering morons! Do you want the address to Wenger’s house to mail in your undies and brains too? Jesus F’n Christ…just how stupid are some of you!!!

  63. loyika

    @ RSPC

    Doubt that very much.

    You won’t get mass revolt at the Em and he already believes dissent is being fueled by Media (and twitter and blogs) and that only a few fans want him gone… to use his words; “He is big enough to live with that” Lolzz

    @ Red

    You and i know the BoD won’t consider diddly squat.. Arsene has a direct line to SK over everyone’s head. (and 80% of the BoD worship the ground he walks on eitherways) So all he has to do is convince Kroenke and all will be well in his position.

    There we were thinking he was an innocent French bloke, not knowing we were dealing with “Kaiser Soze” all along!! “KAISER SOZE!! KAISER SOZE!”

  64. loyika

    @ RSPC

    We will see evidence with the planned protest come 7th… if the Fans can’t bring themselves to give a big protest even after a gift like this Liverpool loss coming ahead of the return leg against Bayern, then……. i leave the rest for you to decipher.

  65. Adam A. Carbarundum

    No Sanchez, no Perez? What was that, a drunken gamble? Even in a tidal wave drunken stupor I could have come out with a better starting 11. Can we have Wenger committed to an Asylum?

    I laughed this morning at how bad ManU were and how pitiful,Pogba really is. But nothing, and I mean nothing, can explain how gall darned pitiful Arsenal are…nothing!!!!

  66. David Smith

    It’s just about over, there is no way Wenger is going to do anything that will make him employable next year. He will not beat two main rivals he needs to win the FA Cup. Limping to fourth may not be enough.
    Dropping Sanchez….almost like a manager who knows the board have lost faith in him, so he has thrown the toys out of the pram. Make no mistake, that was a Wenger sulk.
    Stan may lack knowledge about football. But he gives a shit about money, surely the contract offer has been withdrawn subject to performance. Even the club are saying it will be a….mutual decision….at the end of the season, very different to reports they were begging him to sign in November. Why would anyone pay Wenger ten million a year for this dross.
    Finished, fini finito, just hope they do a good job getting the next guy , and Stan, not Martinez

  67. Leedsgunner

    Even Wenger’s excuses are unbelievable and shameless. Apparently according to him we lost today because we have not played for a while and we’re out of rhythm. What about being fresh?

    Had we been playing loads of games and lost? The excuse would have been that we were too tired.

    Never his fault is it?

  68. Leedsgunner

    Sanchez was dropped to punish him for not signing up to the club like a good boy. No other reason not to play him… especially if Giroud was not completely fit.

    Sanchez is good as gone. It’s plain as day he doesn’t want to play for Wenger any more.

    A big F*** You to the fans.

  69. David Smith

    Leeds, he has a point, they haven’t played for a while. Remember, he regularly loses, or fails to win first league game in August as well, when they have had the summer off…….just a Wenger thing I guess.
    If, he fails to win the cup, IF finishes fourth, or worse, IF he fails to beat other top teams in the rest of the season, IF loses his two best players that were supposed to herald a bright future, IF Bayern batter them, and he stays, he is something else, he really is, the special masochist…and Stan is not your usual tight billionaire if he indulges him with ten million a year in such circumstances. If Wenger stays, he will be the corbyn of football….decent guy, smart in his own way,has his fans , but utterly useless at his role, and letting his supposed passion down.
    Come the summer, Wenger will be just a bad memory, unless you cast your mind back ten years plus

  70. loyika

    @ DS

    I agree more with Leeds”G”

    Dropping Sanchez was more of a message to Alexis (and the Fans) and nothing to do with Arsene and the BoD.

    Sorry to bust your bubble but Arsene has been given “Carte Blanche” in terms on when and how he wants to leave. It will be his decision and his alone.

    Only thing i would say is the BoD won’t bend over to convince him to stay if he felt like packing it in. (as they probably would have in years past)

    Sir Chip has already come out to allude somewhat to the fact that no player will hold them to ransom in terms of wage demands (following the release of the clubs audits) so that shows the BoD are not ready to pay Alexis the money he wants regardless of the risk involved in losing him (has nothing to do if AW will still be the manager or not)

  71. David Smith

    And Leeds, if Wenger really dropped Sanchez for failing to sign a contract extension,surely he should drop himself as well, for good

  72. China

    The problem with saying that only protest will make a difference to getting arsene out the door is it ignores the fact that arsene has LOADS of worshippers

    As ridiculous as it is, only crap results drags those guys into a neutral and eventually a wenger out position.

    If you say I don’t want us to lose I want us to protest. That’s great but at Chelsea it was a single fucking guy holding the banner

    The reason is because despite what you see on here and on fan tv, 50% of the people in the stadium still support him (why would they protest?) and another 20% are neutral (they won’t protest). If the WOB half of them still have this weird wish for him to be treated ‘respectfully’ and aren’t comfortable with shouting shit at the guy.

    So what you’re left with is a small percentage who actually tick the boxes to be able to protest in terms of their beliefs

    If we tread water and win some games along the way that status quo will not change significantly.

    The only (utterly ridiculous) way to get more people on board with protesting is for more of them to realize that it’s necessary – and they won’t do that as long as wenger keeps the status quo. He needs to bring embarrassment and disappointment to the club relentlessly to turn that small minority of protest willing fans into something big enough to achieve what it wants

    Nobody likes the idea of wishing their team to lose. It’s stupid ridiculous and awful. But it’s now becoming a choice between closing our eyes and praying that the 5000 pissed off fans manage to have more influence than the 55,000 passive fuckers, or that Arsenal continue to let themselves down and more of the 55,000 bleed into the 5000 and allow it to actually mean something

  73. China

    As hard as it is to believe an awful lot of Arsenal fans enjoyed arsenals performance at Liverpool

    We know this because they don’t want change. They think this is as good as it gets. The grass isn’t greener.

    You can’t ask these people to protest, you can only convince them to ‘join the dark side’ by them eventually being fisted by the club so many times that they can’t hide from the truth anymore

    It’s pretty staggering how loose those guys ass holes must be though considering they’ve been getting fisted for 13 years and still haven’t noticed

  74. loyika

    Funny thing is that the situation works for Arsene.

    If Alexis does go, and he is still manager he will paint it as a “Money Thing!”

    Alexis being the person he is will paint it as wanting to go back to Italy (If Juve is his desired destination) And God forbid he decides to go to China… It will definitely be made to look like a “Money” decision.

    Really doubt he will be allowed to go to a Prem Rival.

    Arsenal will just tie Ozil down and then use whatever money they get from Alexis to swoop for any “Big name” available (after Jose must have finished his shopping that is)

  75. David Smith

    Loyika, I am not sure they are so keen on keeping him after recent performances…..none of us know his exact KPIs or if he has any, but both Wenger and Gazidis said at the start of the current contract, winning the league was the target.
    If so, Wenger has failed, and last year, failed very badly.
    I cannot believe they are that enamoured with today’s Wenger, or that they cannot get some other decent manager in.
    The carte Blanche is widely reported, but is it really accurate? Or if it was once, have things now changed with poor performances, and a risk of losing top four, with a strong, and an expensively attained squad?
    As for Alexis, I am sure money is part of it, but not the whole story. He may even tell us when he leaves.

  76. Leedsgunner

    Wenger is always asking for a winter break– well ladies and gentlemen he effectively got one this past fortnight and he dropped the ball.

    How can someone so incompetent be so arrogant?

    Answer? Someone who knows he will never get fired no matter what happens!

  77. loyika

    @ China

    The fact remains that no fan has any right to question another fans loyalty as no one pays for the other person. Everyone chooses to decided how they want to spend their (hard earned) money and time.

    It’s condescending to slate folks for being passive (same way round) As long as everyone is allowed a voice (whether they choose to protest or not) then it is what it is.

    I always ask this question; have Arsenal never always been a conservative club? The club have never been in the mold of like say a Liverpool with a proactive Fanbase or even a Newcastle. (or even as die hard as the Chavs can get) So where do we now expect that militancy to suddenly creep into the fan base (as if there’s a tape you can just turn off and on) We only show some resemblance of being “Hard” when we play Spurs (and even at that i doubt most of our fans could take on a lot of the Spurs fans one on one)

    What we have to hope for is that when Arsene does leave, the BoD never allow any other Manager stay this long or grab as much power as he has.

    I think whenever AW does go, Ivan G will take back control of most stuff. But then again, if the BoD name AW as the DoF!?

  78. Relieable Sauce

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal March 4, 2017 21:16:11

    Did anyone hear what le cunt said at the end about not starting Sanchez .?

    He said…he started thee 2nd half… : /

  79. China

    So when the players play every week they’re jaded and when they don’t play for a week they lack sharpness

    This management business sounds impossible when the players won’t be fit regardless of anything lol…

    As well let’s look at wenger’s comments after the game. He was asked about top 4 and he said his target now is to get that.

    Dude. We are 3 points behind second place and your target is to come 4th. what the fuck is wrong with this guy? How can we ever win a league title with a guy who isn’t interested in finishing in the highest available position? Absolutely mental.

    Utd are 3 points behind us and mourinho just said they’re aiming for second because it’s the highest they can realistically aim for.

    The mentality at Arsenal is absolutely gutter

  80. China

    Loyika you make a very fair point, but there has been an increase in militancy (all be it extremely slowly) over the last 4 years. Rather than a tap being turned on it’s more just dripping or leaking a little bit so on a day to day basis there’s not much change.

    The idea of fan protests and wenger out winning opinion polls was absolutely
    unthinkable a few years ago and the reason has been the relentless humiliations from the club.

    Whilst numbers are hard to count it’s clear that wenger has bled supporters to some degree in the last few years. It’s also clear that the fans position has been consistently creeping to the right in terms of militancy. Now massive outbursts of anger are standard issue rather than subdued disappointment like the old days

    Anyway the point I’m making is that wanting Arsenal to win and expecting sizable fan protests are totally incompatible scenarios at the moment because the numbers aren’t there. The only way to get the numbers there for the protests to count is for the continued bleeding of fans from neutral towards the WO side and for those alreadybthere towards the more vocal type. That’s only going to happen when Arsenal lose games.

    Aiming for victories but expecting passive followers to be angry and protest isn’t realistic. If we’re winning there’s nothing to protest as far as they’re concerned

  81. Emiratesstroller

    This season we are now looking at damage limitation.

    It is crystal clear that there is intrinsic weakness in both defence and midfield
    plus a lack of leadership both on and off the field.

    Since Cazorla’s departure in October the team has buckled under pressure against almost any half decent counterattacking team.

    I think that it is fairly clear now that Sanchez is on his way out of the club at end of the season. The same is also probably likely in the case of Ozil.

    Replacing Sanchez is now the main concern, because there are few equivalent
    replacements available in the market and by leaving his situation unresolved
    until one year to end of contract could result in a diminution in transfer value.

    Furthermore we are now faced with prospect of Arsenal failing to finish in top
    four, which will make it more difficult to buy top class players.

    The reality is that the club has been treading water for too many years and its
    failure to replace Wenger and coaching team is now costing the club dear.

    What is also evident is that Kroenke and the Board are unlikely to throw money at the situation once Wenger leaves. The situation may not be terminal, but I suspect that it will take the club a long time to recover.

  82. China

    Even by wenger standards his top 4 comment was next level bullshit

    Like what the actual fuck

    If we come fourth it’s very possible that Spurs come second or third. And we’re only 3 points behind on the same number of games

    And he still aims for fourth


    Like at least PRETEND to care arsene fuck me

  83. Relieable Sauce


    Redmond a possible replacement for Sanchez, £30m ish, young, good potential and has goals in him.

    Good signing from Southampton, too good for the championship and well worth a punt for a mid-high Prem team.

    Southampton seem to be a terrifically well run club and look to have got themselves another fine manager. I dont actually think they are doing anything ground braking necessarily, just focusing on the fundamentals of running a FC.

  84. Redtruth

    Nothing militant about wanting a loser out of the club.
    Sanchez hasn’t improved the club so who cares if he goes.
    Same with Cazorla, we’ve been struggling against decent/good teams and leaking goals a long time before Cazorla joined us so no excuses for his injury.

  85. reality check

    I can’t remember one game bar the early Chelsea game where we played well?

    This is a first. Every game even the ones we’ve won were poor performances.


  86. Follow the money

    Jonathan Wilson in the Guardian. “Arsenal have a squad full of lost boys, promising young stars who never quite grew up and operate in a Neverland of unfulfilled potential.”


  87. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Wenger will endure the comments and calls for his job. And why not, he has full backing from ownership and the board. Since when does the desires of the supporter matter to him? After all, it never mattered before – so why start caring now?

  88. Jeff

    So, here is how it works. Too many games in a short time makes us jaded. No games in 12 days makes us forget how to play. The excuses he finds are unbelievable. It’s not your fault Arsene, it’s not your fault. I bet he’s still sobbing in his office.

  89. Jeff

    We’ll probably see Tottenham and City pull away from us today. That going to hurt unless of course they also bottle their games.

  90. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Woke up this morning as sober as I did going to bed last night. Yet I feel really crappy, the kind of crappy that usually follows a hangover. Funny how Wenger and his boys have that effect on a person after yet another lousy performance.

  91. BigCheese

    I hope Carlos and his boys don’t take it easy on us in the week. I want them to bring the whole crew to London and build up a double digit aggregate score. I’m taking champions league history double digit win.

    My fear is he turns up with half of his superstars rested as he knows the tie is over. We end up putting I’m a performance that ends up looking like glorious failure which we’ve been accustomed to at this stage of the tournament. This in turn sways a few mugs. Cue “There’s only one Wenger chants”.

  92. Thank you and goodnight

    How anyone can still stick up for the dinosaur baffles me. Obviously clueless about football.

  93. Leedsgunner

    Since Wenger proclaimed this team his best ever attacking side (even better than the Invincibles) we’ve lost to the likes of Waford, Everton, and Man City. We’ve been humiliated by Chelsea in the league and torn apart in the Champions League.

    Where’s that attacking prowess now?

    In fact the only Arsenal side in the past two weeks that turned up was our reserves who defeated Soton reserves 5-0….

    Even the strong side he played to beat Sutton Utd didn’t look that impressive. In fact had we been given a tougher side like Man City or Man United in the FA cup draw would we have anything to look forward to now?

    I fear we would be out of the cup too.

    The only thing that changes are the excuses… they become outlandish with each loss. He makes them knowing he will never be fired… and by them he shows utter contempt for the fans…

  94. Guns of Hackney

    Putting football aside, and please don’t think I’m defending Arsene, because I am not, but I think there are clear signs that mentally he isn’t 100%. At 67, he is by no means an old man, but he isn’t going to be as sharp as someone 20 years younger. Arsene has put a lot of mileage on the clock over the years and I think we are witnessing his public battle with ageing and the issues that arise from that.

    His time is up, and deep down he knows it, but pride, arrogance and the fear of what happens next is driving him to a very dark place.

    Listen, as an Arsenal fan, he simply has to go as he’s not performing his basic duties as a professional. On the flip side though, he probably is struggling personally with his own mind. He deserves that sack but he also deserves compassion. Arsenal FC should do the right thing and end this shit show for us, the fans and Arsene, the man.

  95. HillWood

    Wenger just cannot be allowed to continue.
    He’s like an 80 year old driver who gets a puncture and carries on driving oblivious to the shredded tyre and sparks flying from the hub

  96. Confidentgoner

    Looking at Untold, a fair bit of reasoning coming to fore, though the fundamentalist (ISIL) haven’t posted much. One said the loss is from poor refereeing decisions! These “ISIL” Wenger supporters can never change!

    This though cut my attention:

    When will the “sheep” admit that the game is up? Wenger had 12 days to prepare his team for this match. 12 days! Liverpool had 5!

    Wenger had never been a top manager. The early success was partly due to top players and a monopoly of French talent. Now he has normal players he appears lost. Every analytical mind can see the problem he has in the midfield. Coq cannot endure pressing, he is not good with ball, yet he plays him. He has M-Niles as a better option, but he hasn’t seen that yet or he doesn’t think highly of him.

    Liverpool like most other teams need good wing play to be lethal. To stop that, it is important to cut out crosses and have a tight midfield. We had none of that. Same with Bayern, and a long list of teams.

    Why start Giroud, when he is better towards the end of the match against tiring defences? We lost yesterday because if the manager. The problem is that the guy blames everything but himself. Inwardly, he knows he is past it. He must be having echoes of Monaco on his mind. Monaco is playing out right before us.

    My team for Liverpool


    Bell Must Kos Mon
    M-Niles. Coq

    Perez. Sanchez. Wellbeck

    This team would have won or at least drawn at Liverpool.