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Welcome to a LATE Sunday post. I went upstate this weekend and chopped some wood. Also heard that the Irish are laying claim to the fry-up in Hudson, please… I can’t be having that.

Anyway, right back into it. We had the weekend fixture off, and now we’re sitting in 4th. Spurs pushed up into 2nd place, Chelsea maintained their lead after a Flapianski disaster, so there we are. There’s something wonderfully comforting knowing your place in 4th. I’d be a little less concerned about it, but we now have a trophied United slugging it out for us.

Jose Mourinho is the master of the league cup. He loves to use it as a way to galvanise his teams around winning ways. It’s important for them, especially considering the expensive overhaul going on over there. The league should really be the goal, and Jose will know that top 4 is an absolute requirement for him, and I know that he’ll be relishing pushing Wenger out of that race for the first time in years.

Do I really care about top 4 this year? Well, as a Gooner, of course, I do, it’s a pride thing. Part of me wonders whether it really matters these days, because bar the money, which I don’t care about as a fan (or shouldn’t), it’s been getting in the way big time. It keeps Wenger in a job, it tires our players and we have absolutely no chance of winning it under the direction Arsene ‘have a good time, lads’ Wenger.

Martin Keown reckons Spurs, who are 2 places ahead of us in the league, are 10 years behind us.

“They’re 10 years behind Arsenal”

“The Wembley effect, we did that, and it was never going to be successful for them.’

“I don’t think Spurs fans should get too far ahead of themselves. They have a smaller squad, and that’s due to financial constraints.”

I’m kind of struggling here. I’m not quite sure anyone can be 10 years behind Arsenal, because bar moving stadium, we’ve not really done a lot. Or is he saying they’re ten years behind us because a stadium build is hard?

Even there I’m struggling. Spurs will move into that ground, new money will pour in straight away and I’m pretty sure they’re in a far better financial position than we were at the time. I’ve not read in too many places that they’re going to have to fund the move by selling their best players every year? So not sure how we landed there.

If anything, they’re on the up with a progressive manager, that should be the worry.

Finally, we turned a profit this year. Hooray! More details here.

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  1. ughelligunner

    With the way totenham plays in the Epl, one might wonder why they never win the Europa or compete till the semis. ..but…nobody says anything about them in England. Why? Is it because they are filled with british players hence lesser critism? Or their fans dont see it as a bad thing to always fail in europe, and so the tabloids cant get any thing out of it, like Arsenal fans who lose their cool after every loss, you would think we are Madrid and Barcelona

  2. ughelligunner

    Souness says Dele Alli’s red showed his tenacity and grit..and that it is passion showed. Guess what he wrote about Xhaka’s red..lazy and foolish, unintelligent player. (most of his fouls committed were of lesser extent to Rojos) but since he isnt british and he plays for Arsenal, he is useless. Guess what, our fans lap it up, creating stories for the tabliods.

    P.S.. Change of managers doesnt make any differnce to a team with average players pushing above their weight, as seen in Liverpool and Totenham, Dortmund, Atheletico (dont let their initial results fool you, it is their end products that matter). This is why Wenger will continue to be given a new contract by the board. Fourth place is their aim.

  3. Bamford10

    Ramsey defending Wenger—

    “‘He’s been a great servant to Arsenal and a great manager for me and the players,’ he told the Mirror. ‘We have let him down at times. It is unfair some of the things that have been said. People are entitled to their opinion but he has been great for me personally.'”

    What a farce. Ramsey has not only not progressed under Wenger, he has REGRESSED. Wenger has been “great” for him? Only in the sense that he has treated him as an indulgent uncle would, i.e., paid him lavishly, demanded little of him and never criticized him.

    You could’ve become a much better player under a better manager, Aaron.

    Wenger out.

  4. OleGunner


    If you notice all Arsenal players that are close to Wenger speak the way Ramsey has just done.

    Who the hell else would let them get away with sporting murder i.e. limp weekly performances, self implosions, injury ravaged careers, “we’ll bounce back” attitude all while getting handsomely paid 100k a week.

    There will never be any REAL self reflection from any of our players about their own inadequacies or the managers (though few players ever question their own gaffer).

    The comfort zone Wenger has cultivated at Arsenal is one of, if not the most infuriating thing about the current climate at our club for me.

  5. Bamford10

    The organizer of the March 7th protest — Mark Halfpenny of Online Gooner — sounds like an intelligent guy.

    “It has become a standing joke in football, that any of Wenger’s teams will look good for a while before collapsing like a wet cardboard box as soon as they are put under pressure. Once again this season, spring arrives and for the umpteenth time, we sit in fourth place (don’t we always?) and we have had to endure what has become an annual humbling at the hands of a top European team.”

    And he goes on.


    Everyone who lives in London and is able to attend the protest should attend.

  6. Ishola70

    Ramsey was signed at the height of the youth mania at Arsenal but to be fair trying to sign rated youngsters was the only area Arsenal could compete with the big boys at the time as Wenger was willing to put these youngsters on big wages.

    Wenger got Ramsey over Man United by offering bigger wages than Man United were willing to give and promising him first team footballer sooner.

    Under these circumstances I suppose Ramsey’s fondness for Wenger can be understood.

  7. Bamford10

    Wenger is quietly telling people he’ll go to a CL-contender if he leaves Arsenal. Hilarious. No one interested in winning the CL would hire Wenger, as it’s obvious he can’t contend for such a title, much less win it.

    “Arsene Wenger won’t give up on Champions League dream and will seek club best equipped for success if he leaves Arsenal”