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Welcome to a LATE Sunday post. I went upstate this weekend and chopped some wood. Also heard that the Irish are laying claim to the fry-up in Hudson, please… I can’t be having that.

Anyway, right back into it. We had the weekend fixture off, and now we’re sitting in 4th. Spurs pushed up into 2nd place, Chelsea maintained their lead after a Flapianski disaster, so there we are. There’s something wonderfully comforting knowing your place in 4th. I’d be a little less concerned about it, but we now have a trophied United slugging it out for us.

Jose Mourinho is the master of the league cup. He loves to use it as a way to galvanise his teams around winning ways. It’s important for them, especially considering the expensive overhaul going on over there. The league should really be the goal, and Jose will know that top 4 is an absolute requirement for him, and I know that he’ll be relishing pushing Wenger out of that race for the first time in years.

Do I really care about top 4 this year? Well, as a Gooner, of course, I do, it’s a pride thing. Part of me wonders whether it really matters these days, because bar the money, which I don’t care about as a fan (or shouldn’t), it’s been getting in the way big time. It keeps Wenger in a job, it tires our players and we have absolutely no chance of winning it under the direction Arsene ‘have a good time, lads’ Wenger.

Martin Keown reckons Spurs, who are 2 places ahead of us in the league, are 10 years behind us.

“They’re 10 years behind Arsenal”

“The Wembley effect, we did that, and it was never going to be successful for them.’

“I don’t think Spurs fans should get too far ahead of themselves. They have a smaller squad, and that’s due to financial constraints.”

I’m kind of struggling here. I’m not quite sure anyone can be 10 years behind Arsenal, because bar moving stadium, we’ve not really done a lot. Or is he saying they’re ten years behind us because a stadium build is hard?

Even there I’m struggling. Spurs will move into that ground, new money will pour in straight away and I’m pretty sure they’re in a far better financial position than we were at the time. I’ve not read in too many places that they’re going to have to fund the move by selling their best players every year? So not sure how we landed there.

If anything, they’re on the up with a progressive manager, that should be the worry.

Finally, we turned a profit this year. Hooray! More details here.

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  1. David Smith

    The top four certainly matters…..will help if we get a new manager. If we keep the same manager, lack of top four, or the fourth place qualifier gives him all the excuses he needs not to spend.

  2. Mark S

    I have reached the point where I follow the team, but my real excitement comes from knowing that “change” will be coming sooner than later. There is definitely some deadwood, but the squad has some good pieces. New ideas and tactics, as well as new belief will do this club a ton of good.

  3. Mark S

    And about Spurs…Arsenal have won the league twice at WHL since Spurs have won the league themselves. Think about that. There are players from their squad that I would take…most definitely…but they’re still behind us. The gap has closed in some areas, but they’re still behind. (It’s a lot smaller than 10 years.) Allegri could restore the larger gap on the pitch.

  4. DM

    Evening, Mark S. Hope you’re well, mate! I’m a bit of a night owl – find it so hard to get early nights! Will be off to bed in a while though.

  5. gunner smith

    So Arsenal are 10 years ahead.Thats why Wenger is surrounded by all the yes men/sir and cant ses the flaws or chose to ignore them.
    Its one thing to play attractive soccer and get beaten .Winning is what counts . To hell with sexy football.
    I remember one guy telling me years ago Arsenal are/were the best passing team.
    Have Arsenal won anything prior to 2014?
    That’s why I cant wait for the season to end asap .The board cannot wait for the fm to make a decision.If Arsenal fail to make it to the cl,he has to go. No ifs and buts. His life has been too comfy without accountability when managers who have won the epl or other trophies have been summarily axed.

  6. Mark S

    I was a night owl until I had kids…now I can fall asleep at any hour of the day. The best part of my day was the 3 hour nap I took with one of my kids! I might be able to stay up until 10pm here tonight.

  7. Andy

    It’s a catch 22 situation, if we get 4th he will stay and if we don’t there is a better chance he leaves, we all want the best for Arsenal, I personally would take dropping out CL, hiring a new manager and regrouping, however I still think there is a 90% chance he is staying regardless.

  8. Andy

    Keown is a sheep, spurs play better Football than us, will have a bigger stadium in a couple of years, have a great manger and have some of the best young English talent who actually deliver. I’m not sure who is behind who at this moment in time.

  9. China

    Spurs are a good team but are majorly overrated

    For a team attracting so many plaudits they get consistently low points tallies even in their best seasons from the past 10 years

    They have a few really good players and their manager is good but that’s about it

    This same team getting so many plaudits got dumped out of the CL like nothing. Then they got dumped out of the Europa League by a lower half of the table Belgian side. They’re not competing for the title again this season and whilst it’s possible they’ll finish above us, they probably won’t because they’re the only team in England which consistently bottles worse than Arsenal. Major small team mentality over there

    With regards to their money situation, I don’t expect they’ll sell everyone like we did during the stadium move but I also would be very surprised if they don’t face major financial restrictions for a few years at least after the move

    I have no idea what the terms are on their stadium debt, but unless they’re getting it on an absolutely massive timescale and are happy to overpay enormously in the long term in order to keep debt repayments down in the short term then I don’t see where they will be financially great.

    If they don’t do as I mentioned above they either need austerity years (let’s keep in mind they already can’t afford to regularly splash out on big names) or they need massive new revenue streams. With all due respect I don’t see that team which will likely continue to win nothing of note for the next 5 years having massive sponsors lining up to throw money at a team with less prestige quality and history than Arsenal – and consider we don’t earn much ourselves from that front because we’re not successful

    All in all I just think every element of Spurs has and is being over-hyped these days. I don’t even say that as a bitter Arsenal fan, I say that because it’s dumb that a team which is *still* in our shadow (and we are fucking shit these days) gets so much positive press

  10. gunner smith

    Michael Owen said Arsenal and Spurs can beat any team but as soon as they face Chelsea/MU/BM and other top cl teams they get beaten.It has been going for the last 10 to 12 years and nothing seems to have changed.Any manager worth his salt will remedial action but hey the same thing happens .Something is wrong.

  11. China

    Well the proof is in the pudding. If you can’t regularly break 80 points then you’re simply not playing at a top level.

    You won’t win the league with points tallies that low and if you can’t do it in the league you’re unlikely to be able to outdo those superior teams from the league regularly in the cup competitions as well

    Teams that can’t compete meaningfully for major trophies can only regularly attract top players if they throw massive bags of money at them like Chelsea and city had to do initially.

    Spurs can’t do that and won’t be able to do that for a very long time to come. Realistically 7 years minimum. For this reason it’s hard to foresee that they’re gonna to break the cycle of bigger teams winning everything.

    It’s always possible that they could win a trophy or have a one off great year, but there’s miles away from having the quality and club infrastructure and resources to compete regularly

    The stadium move is the right move for them the same way it was for us. But as with us, the early years are incredibly unlikely to bring much silver into the club

    I think pocchetino is a good manager as well but is also overrated. He’s overseen repeated bottle jobs from his side against inferior opposition consistently when it’s mattered. His team play good football but that’s evidently not enough. Even wenger can build a team that plays good football (maybe not in his old age). The difference between good football and top teams is not consistently bottling it. Pocchetino hasn’t demonstrated he knows how to fix that any more than wenger has

  12. Sid

    The last 4 matches :

    spurs (a)
    man united (h)
    stoke (a)
    everton (h)

    LOL.. I think we are going to drop out from the top 4 this season.

  13. Ces1ne

    Loyika (aka wengers bodyguard) from the last post…….

    As usual you missed the point entirely about players with “edge” or “attitude”…….just bc Xhaka can’t tackle properly doesn’t mean he has that “edge” that most winners have. It just means he can’t tackle. Regarding your Sanchez example…..citing 1 player in OVER 10 years is a joke & even he isn’t the type of player I was describing. Was describing more of a Vidal type, which would be unheard of under grandpa wenger. Every other player you mentioned was so long ago I actually think your joking

    You really think old man arsene would prefer a Hazard or Insigne type charector over a “nice boy” like Theo or Ramsey at this point in his career???? Players like that would give the old timer a stroke ffs!!

    C’mon bruh……this delusional act you put on anytime we don’t lose is getting old. You go back 10 years for lame examples & you’re accusing me of “revisionist bs”???

  14. Ces1ne

    Your Comment Hereros the same reason we didn’t sign Eduardo Vargas when we signed Sanchez…..too much attitude for wenger even tho it would compliment & enhance us & Sanchez on the pitch. Did u see them for Chile together? Like telepathic brothers from another mother, even tho Vargas isn’t “world class” he complimented Sanchez so well.

  15. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal may well be ahead of Spurs at this moment in time in infrastructure,
    but that is no more than three years. The same will be the case with revenues.

    However, sorry to disappoint Keown I don’t think that we are ahead of them in management,coaching or for that matter player personnel. Quite the reverse I
    think that Arsenal are stagnant and if anything falling behind several of our competitors including Spurs.

    Arsenal have failed clearly to secure the contract renewals of both Sanchez and Ozil. This should have been the priority last summer along with Bellerin.

    Instead the club has focussed on contract renewals with the likes of Mertesacker, Cazorla,Giroud and Koscielny all of whom are on the wrong side of 30 and in case of first two injury prone.

    When you add in the proposed two year contract extension of Wenger it tells
    you all you need to know that Arsenal are treading water.

    The real concern at the moment is that Arsenal are going to be forced this summer to make wholesale changes to their squad. My view is that Arsenal
    will need to sell not only Sanchez and Ozil, but also Szczesny, Gibbs, Campbell
    and Wilshire whose contracts are expiring in 2018 plus potentially any players
    whose contracts are expiring in 2019 and are unwilling to renew.

    Arsenal may well be increasing their revenues, but as Pedro points out our reserves are now shrinking and investment in new players will inevitably be limited particularly if the club fails to make top four this season, which I think could be now increasingly likely. Four teams are playing better football, are more consistent and frankly look more motivated and hungrier than us.

    If we fail to make top 4 then I think that Arsenal will cut dramatically our budget in both transfers and wage bill. The major shareholder and board at this club are not the sort of people who will “buy Arsenal out of a downward spiral”.

  16. David Smith

    Couldn’t he be taking a swipe at others Tits, who unlike us, haven’t won in ten years, or at least near ten years?

  17. Don

    4th keeps Wenger in a job.Look at Chelsea and United they didnt finish top 4 last season.But they bought better players than us.Ibra and Kante.4th earns you money thats all

  18. David Smith

    Emirates, if you are correct, then we are stuffed. The club doesn’t do wholesale changes, and the manager…..well, he cannot even bring himself to be rid of under performing back room staff, let alone mass change to the squad.
    i don’t think we will, but if we do drop out of the top four, the next manager will have to face replacing our two best players as well as others who may not sign, nor may we want some of them to sign. He will have to face a French clique clearly blaming others and dividing the team for threatening Wengers job security.
    This is all too big for a man like Wenger. Wengers failing …or at least one of them is his loyalty, to those above as well as below.
    Wenger needs saving from himself, not my words, but those of loyal club stalwart, and protector of all things Wenger, Bob Wilson

  19. Leftsidesanch

    I’m an Arsenal fan of course but I would actually like to see Arsenal drop out of the champions league slots. We rarely cover ourselves in pride and just make up the numbers.

    I’d also like to see what spin the club have on Wenger signing a contract if that happens (ontop of a Spurs finishing higher than us).

    Lots of people say that you shouldn’t want Arsenal to lose to spite Wenger as nobodys bigger than the club – rubbish. Arsene is clearly bigger than the club and anything than can push him out of the door I’m all for. Who cares about champions league money (that doesn’t get used effectively anyway) or Wenger having nothing to do outside of footy? Thats not for fans to worry about.

  20. OleGunner


    If you look at the half year profits statement, you can read Sir Chips Keswick statements on how the season still has an “exciting climax” and we have a chance to win two trophies (FA Cup and EPL) and restore some pride in Europe. He also says he understands fans disappointment, without a mention of an action plan to rectify our mistakes in the future.

    Of course there’s all the baacking of Wenger in the statement and wankery over the oodles of money being made from TV and the grotesque cash balance we have in the bank. *pukes*

    It’s embarrassing stuff from a board member clearly deluded or taking s fans for muggs.

  21. Jeff

    After that embarrassing statement Chips made about listening if Wenger has a plan and keeping quiet when he doesn’t, what do you expect? I mean it’s a no-brainer really when you consider the degree of praise they heap upon him at every opportunity. He keeps the coffers full; who cares if the trophy cabinet is empty.

  22. Jeff


    Where you say he takes the fans for mugs, that is absolutely right – he does. But, the fans ARE mugs. They are happy with the status quo. Fourth is enough. CL appearance is sufficient. After all who can do any better? According to them – nobody. So you wonder how all this can possibly change when half the fan-base and all of the hierarchy are still enamoured with Wenger. Well, it can’t change and it won’t change till one of those axes of evil changes.

  23. loyika

    @ Ces1ne

    Some of you guys really fancy yourselves behind your key boards!? When you clearly don’t have nothing better to come back with, a good old swipe or insulting statement becomes the norm. Anyways don’t have the time for insults.

    Now lets look at your comment(s);

    “Same reason why you can 100% dismiss a lot of transfer rumors just by looking at the “type of person” a player is. If a player has disciplinary issues off field or has a “flashy” demeanor you can rule out wenger signing him. Such players would make wenger sh!t himself. He likes “nice” guys, no edge is allowed under the wenger regime. That’s why you can dismiss the Insigne rumors this season. Just like Hazard bc he was branded “arrogant” or Zlatan bc he’s Zlatan (what a fckin player!!!). Players like that will never play under wenger. Him taking a chance on “bad boy” RVP all those years ago was a one off.”

    OK you felt i went 10 years back (forgetting you didn’t give a time frame and made it seem as if Arsenal had always bought “Teddy bear” players.

    First off for Hazard, Arsene wanted to sign him and made a move, but two things stopped that happening, 1 money and secondly Hazard choose Chelsea, so saying the club didn’t want to sign him is just complete bollocks. Secondly we also had players like Gallas (who was in the middle f the storm with Jose at Chelsea), Nasri (who was a sly pr@ck on the pitch) Arshavin, who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind (although you could say he and Arsene never gelled as player/manager) Flamini (rubbish i know but had a nasty side to him on the pitch) even Fab4 also had a mean side (fights with Lamps when ever we played Chelsea, taunting opposition players and managers and so on) Vermaleen, i could go on.

    Now if you had said we didn’t have a spine of hard men across the team in the recent era to make us winners, i would definitely 100% agree with you and there would be no discussion here (as we all know Arsene always leaves the squad short on those kinds of players: I do remember once, i think last season advocating for someone like Deeney and i think Joey Barton as players that could give us the nasty edge we needed, and probably Armatuvic)

    For fucks sake we actually tried (and that’s being generous to the Arsenal board) to sign Suarez!? How edgier do you want us to go? I also believe we tried to sign Wayne Rooney as well before he went to United (i might be wrong)

    Arsene even tried to sign “Racist” Jamie Vardy this season!?

    We even had “Le Sulk” in our squad (who i feel couldn’t have given 2 fcuks what Arsene thought around that time). He also helped to extend the careers of our famed back four, so if he was scared of “Big characters he should have cleared house immediately he got in)

    Once again saying Arsene only signs “Nice boys” all through his tenure is revisionist bs (as no where in you comments did you specify what time period we are looking at)

    Where i would agree with you is the fact we don’t sign more of those types of players we had with the “Invincibles” (He had the winning template but decided to go south and has never recovered)

  24. Black Hei


    Ha ha; its just fake news.

    But to drill down into it, I don’t think it is the lack of leaders blah blah blah.

    It is Wenger’s inability to blend his team together properly.

  25. ughelligunner

    Our fans are so fickle. Somebody won the community shield and milk cup and yet he is taking a swipe at clubs who havent won a trophy in 10 years and they think its us? If those trophies are so important to zlatan, then our back to back Fa cup and community shield makes it four trophies in ten years. Zlatan isnt talking to Arsenal. Stop been pussies to snide remarks that have everybit of errors to put it down.

  26. ughelligunner

    The main reason why wenger hasnt sign any player as good as the invinsible days is down to money and nothing else.

    There is always a reason why he uses words like “i almost signed this player”.
    It all boils down to money, arsenal isnt willing to throwaway. Qed

  27. ughelligunner

    We all know Mourhino is going to sign more worldclass players in the defence and attack, and he wouldnt care how much they cost. Mourhino’s team never conceeds from an underdog team while in a 2goal lead, and that is already playing on his mind. So far as Kronke and Wenger still run the show at arsenal, i will never compare Arsenal to any spending club mourhino is managing. Stop comparing apples to oranges. We are far lower than Man utd and Man city in spending, we should start to appreciate the fact. Lets find solace in liverpool and that is the reality.

    As for totenham, i always knew they were overated, as their continental football has shown. Their grit and physicality in the Epl, helps them sustain the challenge, and mind you, they are the 5th best team in England, so nothing more there other than them pulling above their weight when the other top teams lose points, they take advantage.

  28. Tippitappi

    Chelsea Liverpool manure City all win the league cup regularly yet this idiot wenger constantly bemoans his squad can’t compete, its simply down to a refusal to pay out and build a suitable squad yet there we are again with that ‘not fit for purpose ‘ board & CEO fretting & fawning over the fraud …unbelievable .

  29. ughelligunner

    Black hei, from your link, a commenter made a statement which just reminded me of what other fans accuse Arsenal of. He said sanchez and ozil were rejected by these so called great teams we want to be, and they were replaced by better players, yet we want them to improve our performance like those teams they came from. Is it possible?

    I remembered in the chelsea away game, ozil and surprisingly, sanchez were handicapped. In a team were you have two or three best players and eight or nine average players out of the eleven, what do you think the results would be?

    Compare us to the other Epl big teams we like to become, they buy the very best players of tops teams, while we take the ones they no longer want. How do can we then face these teams when we meet them in a major competition?

  30. ughelligunner

    Tipitappi, which Liverpool are you talking about please? And when did the League cup and Fa cup become important to Arsenal fans? Dont tell me because Man utd won it?

    All the top teams that fell out of the carlin cup competition made use of their second team except mourhino’s man utd, as usual. And nobody has said anything on how the trophy isnt that important. Rather they use it to dig arsenal

  31. ughelligunner

    In all of Chelsea’s history, they have won 5 league cups, 3 of those 5 was won by Mourhino. That tells you how he is obsessed by anything that has a trophy ring to it. But as usual, put anything Arsenal has won under the carpet because it isnt a Premier league or champions league.

  32. Tippitappi

    simply just look at the last 10 winners or so. I’m sure none of them teams really gave a rats arse if they won it or not as I don’t as an Arsenal support either, the example is to show how bereft of depth we are compared to our so called rivals

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Academy Director is leaving to manage Wolfsburg. Will be interesting to see who Arsenal appoint to replace him.

    Let’s hope that we are choosing someone fresh with new ideas and not yet again
    someone in the mould of Wenger.

  34. Wenker-wanger

    10 years behind arsenal?…. What club is that?…… That statement implies we are the model to be copied. No doing with trophy-winning aspirations would want to copy a club that believes 4th place is a trophy.
    Spurs, if anything, will look at arsenal’s stagnation and will be aware that there is a need to push on quickly. I predict that the spuds will make their income from their ground work in the favour of football. Spurs fans must be sick of always finishing behind arsenal….Much to our delight!…..
    Their fans will expect their investment to work for them.
    People that think the burden of the cost of the Emirates has hindered progress are just AKB s making a feeble excuse for the atrocious under-performance of the senile one.
    Strangely enough, the spuds overtaking us is the nightmare, job-losing scenario that Wenger should dread. 4th maybe acceptable to some fans , but spuds lording it? No way.

  35. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger can’t spend? Ozil42 million…… That’s forty-two million..
    So let’s just agree that money is available?
    Or maybe Wenger bought ozil out of his salary and savings?

  36. Red&White4life

    Man City, Manure, Chelsea, Liverpool, all much stronger in the next seasons…

    In fact, me too, I want you to stay arsène, and I can’t wait to laugh at how you will suffer more than ever.

  37. Bamford10

    Arsenal have spent massive sums on transfers & salaries over the past five years. There is only one reason we cannot compete with the best: Arsene Wenger.

  38. Red&White4life

    People often ask me “why the hell Griezmman has choose Man Utd instead of Arsenal ???”

    The reason is quite simple: that’s because “he knows best”.
    –> joke monday (lol)

  39. Bamford10

    We play Liverpool at Anfield this Saturday. How do people see this going? Who will the XI be? Who should the XI be?

    Important match, I’d say.

  40. Micheal


    We play Liverpool at Anfield this Saturday. How do people see this going? Who will the XI be? Who should the XI be?

    Important match, I’d say.

    Dead right. Very important. However the result clearly depends on whether the players are up for it.
    There is a severe risk we will be blown away in the first 30 minutes by Klopp’s high-speed pressing game. We will have to dig in, but do we have the mentality ?

    On a positive note, this should suit our counter-attacking style and the game is screaming out for a pacey front three to exploit Liverpool’s gung-ho attacking. My chocie (if fit):

    Bellerin Mustafi Kos Monreal
    Xhaka Elneny
    Sanchez Lucas Welbeck

  41. Bamford10

    If we were to go to 6th, the pressure and scrutiny would really be on Wenger. It would be interesting to see how he and the squad would respond. People who think Wenger can simply press the manage-to-finish-fourth button — as he has in previous seasons — underestimate, I think, how much things have changed, how rudderless we are.

  42. Relieable Sauce

    If Liverpool beat us, and providing they beat Leicester, they could gain 9 pts on us by the time we next play in the EPL…WBA, away, Saturday 12.30 ko.

    Looking at the fixtures I think we could be out of the top 4 soon, and with the mood in the camp I just cant see us winning any the big matches. There is a real chance the pressure will be unrelenting from now on until the end of the season, and we all know that doesn’t bode well.

  43. Relieable Sauce

    Liverpool should be able to get 26/27 pts barring disaster, a lot of big crunch games coming up though, so 2nd to 6th placings is anyones guess imo.
    City v Liverpool will be huge if they pick up 7-9 pts in the 3 games prior, which would have them very close on points.
    Should be a great run-in.

    Leicester City V Liverpool
    Mon 27 Feb 20:00

    Liverpool V Arsenal
    Sat 4 Mar 17:30

    Liverpool V Burnley
    Sun 12 Mar 16:00

    Manchester City V Liverpool
    Sun 19 Mar 16:30

    Liverpool V Everton
    Sat 1 Apr 15:00

    Liverpool V Bournemouth
    Wed 5 Apr 20:00

    Stoke City V Liverpool
    Sat 8 Apr 15:00

    West Bromwich Albion V Liverpool
    Sun 16 Apr 16:00

    Liverpool V Crystal Palace
    Sat 22 Apr 15:00

    Watford V Liverpool
    Sat 29 Apr 15:00

    Liverpool V Southampton
    Sat 6 May 15:00

    West Ham United V Liverpool
    Sat 13 May 15:00

    Liverpool V Middlesbrough
    Sun 21 May 15:00

  44. OleGunner

    For all top 6 away games the best Arsenal can usually muster is 1 point.
    We haven’t beaten a top away side in over 21 games, which is the perfect record that reflects our spineless squad and manager.

    I don’t see us scalping 3 points off of Liverpool or Spuds.

  45. Relieable Sauce

    Liverpool V Arsenal
    Sat 4 Mar 17:30

    Arsenal P-P Leicester City

    West Bromwich Albion V Arsenal
    Sat 18 Mar 12:30

    Arsenal V Manchester City
    Sat 1 Apr 15:00

    Arsenal V West Ham United
    Tue 4 Apr 19:45

    Crystal Palace V Arsenal
    Sat 8 Apr 15:00

    Middlesbrough V Arsenal
    Sat 15 Apr 15:00

    Arsenal V Sunderland
    Sat 22 Apr 15:00

    Tottenham Hotspur V Arsenal
    Sat 29 Apr 15:00

    Arsenal V Manchester United
    Sat 6 May 15:00

    Stoke City V Arsenal
    Sat 13 May 15:00

    Arsenal V Everton
    Sun 21 May 15:00

  46. Leftsidesanch

    There is a protest on 7/3/17 at 6pm that starts outside Highburys old East Stand and will walk to the Armoury at the new stadium and say as loudly as possible for Wenger to not sign on and leave at the end of the season.

    …time for grovers to put their money where their mouths are! These should occur in my view in every home game televised (somebody will catch wind of it).

  47. TitsMcGee

    I remember some AKBs on here suggesting that UTD were wasting their time signing ZLATAN in the summer.

    Wonder where they are now or what convenient excuse they will use. 🙂

  48. Relieable Sauce


    3 points all the same.

    You could be right about MU finishing below us, they have a tough task to score more points than us – providing we can show any kind of form that is.

    Do you see us beating any of MU, City, Liverpool, spurs ?

    I have us down for 3 pts. Harsh but fair.

  49. jwl

    Pedro must feel like manly man today after he spent weekend chopping wood to keep womenfolk warm. Pedro I hope you also spent time checking out college basketball this weekend, march madness starts soon and it is awesome.

    American college basketball version of FA Cup, amateurs playing at high level, great to watch, it is my favourite tournament to watch in all of sports because of talent of players and enthusiasm of students.

  50. Red&White4life

    Well if it’s true, let’s just say that it was about f*cking time for real protest.
    Better late than never I guess…

  51. jwl

    Pedro – I support Georgetown since early 1980s and first got into college basketball and then I also started to support Syracuse after I drove to their stadium from Canada to watch a few march madness games. I only pay attention to basketball in March/April, have no idea how my two teams doing during regular season.

    If Madison Sq Garden or any other arena near you hosting Big East or March Madness games, you should attend a game or two Pedro, they are good fun. Top amateur talent, and young fans full of enthusiasm, how sport should be played all time.

  52. gonsterous

    joke Monday (hope u enjoy this gambon)

    teacher : why r u late ??
    student : my dad is in the hospital…
    after a week
    teacher : is your dad still in the hospital ??
    student : yes.. he’s a doctor..

  53. PieAFC

    Pedro I can’t believe you haven’t made much light of the news that Joncker has left.

    He obviously saw the power struggle at Arsenal. Would love if we could get a snippet of information from him.

    Some people at and around Arsenal stick up for Wenger like he’s their dad. When he does eventually leave what are you going to do? Sounds like you will follow him….

  54. PieAFC

    Known is another the ex Arsenal player up Wengers ass.

    Love them all, but him, Ray, Henry, they all sit on the fence when asked questions about Wenger and moving on. They are so vague.

    I wish one ex pro would tell it like it is.

    Afraid we seem to have players scared on and off the pitch for any reprisal they would get from Mr Wenger.

  55. loyika

    @ PieAFC

    What if they are telling it like they honestly see it!? Or are your view point the fact that it’s not in agreement with the way you want them to speak up so they must be wrong to have thier own views!?

    Besides there are enough Ex players that speak their mind in opposition; Robson, Paddy V, Manu Petit, Smudgers, Merse…. so wherein lies the issue!?

  56. PieAFC

    Oh please. Smudger has said a few things, but tip toes around the whole subject as does Merson. They never say it directly. Massively back track on statements they make.

    When it comes down to it they still say “well I think Wenger is the man for the job”

    Look, we are no way in a state like Blackburn are, Villa, geez them clubs I feel sorry for their fans.

    But we are a laughing stock now. More so than ever. Same predictable season every year. We need change. We’ve stagnated massively it’s scary. We’ve gone backwards from getting to A CL final for crying out loud.

    If Wenger was under constraints from the board, like everyone says, he wouldn’t be stealing 8.5miion a year in wages!!!

  57. loyika

    What many keep forgetting is we are not in a dictatorship of viewpoints (even if Arsene is running a dictatorship within the club)

    We can’t say because so and so doesn’t agree with what we want therefore we are right and they are wrong, doesn’t work like that. These ex players have their reasons or interests to protect in expressing whatever viewpoints they chose to have and even if we might not agree with whomever we have no right to slate them for having thier own views (not saying that you are by the way)

    It is what it is, and it will be what it will be. Like i said, there are many ex players that call Arsene out, wanting the ones you might hold high in esteem to follow your own sense of reasoning as a justification for your viewpoints is selfish. The same way you are entitled to your viewpoints and should stick to it is the same way Titi, Merse or whomever is entitled to theirs (regardless on what side of the fence they sit)

    For example i hate that pr@ck Mikey Mouse Owen for his views on Arsenal, but those are his views and i can’t change them (or would even want to) all i hope for is that our team can shove them down his throat (once in a while) but hey i guess hope springs eternal!!

  58. loyika

    I don’t think Merse backtracks that much and i definately know Robson doesn’t hold back on what he feels (same as Paddy V, although he chooses to keep a low profile on things Arsenal now adays in the States)

  59. ughelligunner

    Ex players that have managed to work on the touchline hardly call any manager out, because they know how the shoes pinches. It is the non-experienced onces that are knckle heads in their oppinions.

  60. ughelligunner

    So dont expect anything much from Paddy. There is a reason Neville has changed his approach towards wenger after his trip to Valencia

  61. Dissenter

    Liverpool haven’t played for days while Leicester have had a very eventful week.
    The same lethargy that afflicted Liverpool in the first half will impact us on Saturday.

  62. Samesong


    You know Liverpool will be up for Saturday. Regardless of their form they always give us a good game. Keepers have their best games against us.

  63. David Smith

    I am sure some of our players want him gone, or even worse in one case, and want out because of him
    I would guess this is a sorce of division between loyalists….maybe Kos, OG, Theo…..and others not so keen, maybe we see that on the pitch, and in reported dressing room rows

  64. Federer

    Leicester has roared back to life and Vardy looking like the MVP he was last season.
    Perhaps we should sack Wenger if that would give our players the needed mojo

  65. pires87

    martin means 10 years ahead in terms of oprganisation planning and off course prestige and standing in the europen game

    who the fuck are spurs?

    2 good years with pochetinio and all of a sudden we are equals ?

    get serious…

  66. pires87

    hey federer…arsen does 4-5 different jobs/roles in the club….. who do you bring? youll need ot find 3-4 different people …or some some mug who will ask for 300m budget? and you think kroenke will sanction such expence?

    like it or not…the way the club is structured wenger is the best bet

    and end of the day ill go rip the players a new one instead of insulting the one who has carried us for 20 years

    they have everything sorted for them..once past that line its up to them..

  67. pires87

    whats that danish…bring a keeper who ended up in leceister till his 30s and the only thing of note he has to show is a fluke? fantastic eye there man…. we should hire you as scout

  68. steve

    This is the problem. The other top teams are too clueless to take advantage of Wengers fuckups. That’s why Wenger always gets top 4.

  69. Federer

    DG if he comes to play under Wenger, he would be worse than present day Fabianski .
    Wasn’t Çech rated among the best 3 when he joined us?

  70. Vince

    Now that’s obvious Sanchez and Ozil are going we should be getting our priorities right. Previously we had 2 major grey areas: defensive midfield and a top notch winger. With Sanchez gone (coupled with Lucas and Welbeck considered as wingers/backup strikers),we also need a topnotch striker, and with Ozil gone we’ll also need a playmaker. With Sanchez and Ozils money, and some sales, I think we can get the 4 positions ahead sorted. My picks would be:
    1. Lacazzete
    2. Mahrez/Carrasco
    3. Bakayoko/Kondogbia
    4. Pastore

    If we wanna push the boat out and sort out the defense then a Van Dyjk won’t be a bad idea.

    Sell: Ospina/Cech, Jenkinson, Gabriel, Chambers, Ramsey, Wilshire, Theo, Campbell and Mertesacker.

    Bring Back: Schezny and Gnabry.


  71. Dissenter

    Liverpool were out lounging in the sunny Dubai or wherever they went whil Leicester were playing Sevilla last week.
    They’ll be ready for us though. They’ve worked out all the excessive tan lotion while Ozil’s dic* is still stuck in miss Turkey.

  72. Dissenter

    Ranier is such a model of a man.
    Compare him to the tyrant we have in place. He keeps getting 8 million yearly like clock work. It’s all about him.

  73. London gunner

    Liverpool fan

    Our record since the turn of the year now reads Played 12, Won 2 (1 of them a replay against League 2 Plymouth), Drawn 4, Lost 6. From a title race and in both cups to that.

    That’s pretty shocking

  74. Vince

    London Gunner.
    Are you sure?
    Vintage Mahrez or Carrasco on the wing
    Lacazete striking
    Bakayoko in front of Kos and Van Dyk
    Pastores pulling the strings in the middle
    If that doesn’t impress you I’ll definitely love to see your dream 11

  75. David Smith

    Chesney would be mad to come back to Arsenal unless the setup changes.
    Gerry Peytons coaching would reduce Zoff, Maier , Buffon or Yashin to flapping wrecks who cannot defend a near post.
    The Pole should go where his talent will be nurtured, not destroyed by one of the most incompetent of Wengers merry men

  76. Samir

    Roma have an option to buy clause don’ they? They’ll more than likely pay the €16M to keep Szczcsny as he’s been one of their better players.

    Good luck to us finding a top class Cech replacement.

  77. David Smith

    reports saying Wenger,has turned down thirty million a year to manage in China so he can finish the season with our cursed club.
    That would have made the highest paid manager in the world, twice over.

  78. Red&White4life

    With liverpool at this level, no chance they could finish above us, once again we are stucked and fucked with the top 4…
    Wenger ze specialist in pure luck.

  79. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Spurs will move into that ground, new money will pour in straight away and I’m pretty sure they’re in a far better financial position than we were at the time. I’ve not read in too many places that they’re going to have to fund the move by selling their best players every year’.

    Very well said.

    I’ve been saying this for a while. Are spurs going to embark on an austerity programme when they move?

    We’ll see in due course but I don’t think so.

  80. David Smith

    Who knows what Spurs will do, but Arsenal went on an austerity program initially, then Kroenke clearly demanded money be hoarded….And Wenger took things even further..even beyond when he was given the go ahead to spend..triple whammy…..whatever Spurs do, they will not face that level of fiscal obsession, and incompetence

  81. Elmo

    Check out the piece in the Telegraph.

    Arsenal PR dept in full flow. “Wenger turns down £30m a year record offer to manage in China.”

    Matt Law claiming Wenger’s new contract is £10m pa!

    Even more amusing: “Real Madrid, who have tried to appoint him in the past, is thought to be Wenger’s preferred destination away from Arsenal if they decided to make a change.”

  82. David Smith

    The sad thing is, Stan Kroenke is probably distant enough to really believe a club like Real would actually want Wenger as he is now ,and is trying to act accordingly.
    The people who bought in Kroenke, and I include David Dein in this , have fucked this club over good and proper . They are the root cause, we all know what Wenger and Kroenke are in reality, they don’t even hide it , these people who once referred themselves as custodians of Arsenal sold out for a fast buck.
    Would love to see the small print of what Fiszman signed over, probably in sheer desperation.
    Stan is the facilitator and creator of the latter day Wenger., no other club with any ambition would have stood for what he has long become. Ivan was foolish with his bold promises, if Wenger really does stay, Ivan has no justifiable answers, just two million a year.
    Real Madrid indeed.

  83. TitsMcGee

    Even more amusing: “Real Madrid, who have tried to appoint him in the past, is thought to be Wenger’s preferred destination away from Arsenal if they decided to make a change.”

    That makes the whole article suspect lol

    Wenger’s preferred destination? He wouldn’t touch Madrid with a ten foot pole and vice versa.

    He knows he’d be found out quick at Madrid with the fans throwing pigs heads at him by the end of his (1 season ) tenure.

    It’d be amusing as hell though and to be honest I hope he’s actually thst deluded/stupid.

  84. TitsMcGee

    Matt Law claiming Wenger’s new contract is £10m pa!”

    Wenger signs for £10 million pa and there’d be wide scale riots. Have to say that’d be exceptionally ballsy of the club knowing full well the current mood of the fans.

  85. Ishola70

    David Smith:
    “Stan is the facilitator and creator of the latter day Wenger”

    I wouldn’t say at all that he is the creator of the Wenger we see today.

    People keep going on about Kroenke and that all the woes of the club started with his arrival but really that would only be said from people with short memories.

    Wenger was talking financials globally as well as related to football before Kroenke came to the club. More than a football manager. Many Arsenal fans thought it very good to have such an intellectual manager at the time. Was it any wonder Kroenke was drawn to him. Arsenal decided to go self sustaining before Kroenke arrived on the scene.

    Kroenke is a leech but he is a leech on the club because of Wenger.

    Wenger became more of a suit and less of a football manager coinciding with the stadium move. Nothing to do with Kroenke.

    Wenger was very anti- Usmanov. Much preferred Kroenke.

  86. rollen

    February 27, 2017 21:42:32

    Szczęsny is outplaying Schmeichel this season.

    lol first time corect spelling


  87. peanuts&monkeys

    after 8 – 2, 6 – 0, 5 – 1, 4 – 1, 4 – 0, 5 – 1 again, a manager keeps hims job in the world of top-flight competitive football? There can be only two ways: the manager is the owner (or as powerful). Or, this team will not be counted and playing top-flight football for long. May that be so. I wish and wish from the core Arsene Wenger gets sacked before anything worth celebrating comes Arsenal’s way.

    I hope, at the end of the Spurs, ManU, Stoke and Everton stretch, Arsenal loses all four and Wenger gets sacked. Also hope the English Arsenal fans finally come out of their comfort quilts with posters and banners to claim Kroenke’s head too.

    The team is not with Wenger. 95% of the fans do not want Wenger’s evil shadow around the Enirates. This season is gone anyways. Lets have an exciting one of 2017 – 18 with a new manager. The entire fan-base should now try to (a) get wenger sacked, (b) thereby retain Sanchez.

  88. S Asoa

    looking at lokhyakha

    Think Arsenal Board pays its trolls by number of words ?
    hope this does not provide an opening for another looonnnggg shit

  89. S Asoa

    WAY TO GO Leftsidesanch . BEGINNING MUST BE MADE TO THROW OUT THE “ROTTEN ONE ” OUT OF ARSENAL . Impostor projecting the delusion of Arsene Football Club Joke . And purloining 8.5 million plus perks of office for it.

    There is a protest on 7/3/17 at 6pm that starts outside Highburys old East Stand and will walk to the Armoury at the new stadium and say as loudly as possible for Wenger to not sign on and leave at the end of the season.…time for grovers to put their money where their mouths are! These should occur in my view in every home game televised (somebody will catch wind of it).


  90. Jeff

    Real wouldn’t touch Wenger with at barge pole. It’s just a big delusion on Wenger’s part who thinks 21 years at Arsenal with last major title 13 years ago actually means something. It means nothing. In the real world it’s glory that counts – not delusions of grandeur. He’s not leaving Arsenal under any circumstances.

  91. pires87

    lol you wankers…. arsenal going the self sustainable route was fizman friar and hillwood you idiots…they decide, wenger executes. so get your club hierarchy right before spouting shit.

    how did your favourite klopp do yesterday? lol…

  92. pires87

    and anyone who thinks arsenal owners will sack the golden goose because some wasted fuck ups say so….well..good luck to that..heh

  93. Ishola70

    ” arsenal going the self sustainable route was fizman friar and hillwood you idiots…they decide, wenger executes. so get your club hierarchy right before spouting shit.”

    What shit? Where was it said that Wenger was the main reason for self-sustainable? Nowhere. What was said was that Arsenal as a club decided this route pre-Kroenke.

    What we do know is that Wenger was very supportive of the self-sustainable model and gave his views on financials like no other manager before or since.

    Gazidis said in an AGM a couple of years ago that the main reason Kroenke was at Arsenal was because of Wenger. Now we know Gazidis has spouted some shite in the past but what would he gain by misleading on this certain matter.

  94. ughelligunner

    At least we can stop looking up to Liverpool and totenham managers as better model for Arsenal. All these touchline passion wont win you the games that matter. There are needs for quality players all over the pitch to sustain the push to the very end. This criteria is what makes the worldbest clubs win titles no matter the manager they have on board.

    Liverpool, Totenham, Arsenal have players that start it, but cant finish it. The English tabloids and sentimental ex-players turned journalist makes it to be Arsenal and wenger everytime, but dont use the same criteria for these other teams while our fans lap it up and go against any person who supports Arsene, forgetting that all oppinions cannot be the same.