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A bit of a sad post today, not because the new Arsenal home kit looks terrible, more because the sharp teeth of football chomped down on one of the good guys of the game. Yep, Claudio Ranieri, the man who pulled off the biggest miracle in modern day football, was fired.

Do I understand the decision? Totally. Football is a business. When you’ve personally invested £100m into your club and you are watching over a manager who hasn’t won a game in the league in 2017, has lost 6 pointers vs Burnley and Swansea, and to cap it all off, bombed out of the FA Cup to Millwall… you’d probably be inclined to make a strong decision.

Not just that, a brisk look at the bottom half of the Championship would fill you full of dread (go a division below and it’s even scarier).

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 7.28.49 PM8 of the bottom 11 have been in the Premier League. One of them has been a Premier League champion. One of them has been a European Cup holder at some point. Going down doesn’t mean an immediate bounce back. Going down can mean a horrible few years. Sentimentality cannot carry you just because a few non-business people who have never put their money on the line think it’d be fitting if Claudio was given a go for the rest of the year. It’s a really stupid notion when you think about it.

It’s still sad though. I wish he’d packed it in this past summer.

Some say that they’re still in the CL with a shout, I’d say what relevance does that have? They won’t win it. Might as well make a hard change now and hope a new manager can reinvigorate a damaged team of champions and save the season.

You have to say though, it’s probably the end of that team. They’ve sullied themselves in all of this. It’ll hit them hardest though, they won’t be getting elite club moves, that’s for sure.

Anyway, how about a Spursy pick me up? I had to Google ‘what is a Gent’

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 3.31.02 PM


Turns out they’re a really garbage team from Belgium who were victors over Spurs.





The Guardian are going hard, weaning amber dairy from the plump metaphorical breast of Mark G’s June PR plan. They dropped a deliciously patronizing piece last week warning Arsenal fans that bad things happen when you hire bad managers. That was followed by an unsubstantiated article on Hector Bellerin fancying a move if Wenger leaves.  For the record, the handsome Spaniard said this in November.

“I have been in London for 5 years and love it. It’s my home, I would like to be here for a few years longer. It is not an issue.”

You can just imagine the scene. Happy as a pig in a blanket in November, but after it all falls to pieces in February, all he’s focused on is whether his failure of a manager is going to carry on.

‘Allegri, Sampaoli or Jardim? NEVER! Give me more years of tactical wilderness and an easy life. GIVE ME ARSENE, for he made me a MAN!’

COME ON GUYS, is that the best you can do?

If you threw a Massimo Allegri at him, a man with a vision, a man with trophies, a man who told Bonnuci he was an ass on the sideline… you think he’d beg to leave? Highly doubtful. He’s living the London life, the fans love him and he’s still just a kid.

Do I even need to explain why Liam Brady’s comments should be ignored? Read them and weep.

“They are craving those days again, but it’s easier said than done. Be careful what you wish for.

There’s more, he even eviscerates his own career achievements…

“We competed maybe twice in the old European Cup,”

“Once under George Graham and once under Bertie Mee. He’s a victim of his own success really.”


Then he really loses track of the PR script…

“To keep the team consistently in the last 10 years in the top four, without having the money to spend… I know he’s spent money, but nothing compared to the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Man United have been able to afford, I think you have to take all that into consideration.”

A JABBERING WRECK. We had money the whole time, just Wenger blew it on wages for Nik B and Denilson. Sure, it wasn’t City money, but we were spending WAY more than we should have. If we’d held back £30m a year and worked things like an Atleti, we might have had more success.

Anyway, let’s not get into that. Just watch the way the media are pincering us to soften the blow when the regime master signs on again because he’s desperate and selfish.


As Alfred said on the pod below (sorry the sound is so bad, it’ll never be that bad again), you don’t want to have to bully Wenger out… but banners and little red signs feel like the only initiatives that will push him to China… or Barcelona if you’re deluded.

RIGHT, too many words, that’s me done. Listen to the pod. LOVE YOU x

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  1. Red&White4life

    Well said RSPC lol

    No news from arsène’s new contract, I am very disappointed and so I leave.
    (too bad he won’t do the same lol)

  2. reality check

    you know what. I k ow theres reasons and whys Cesc is at chavs but naaaa fuck that!

    all that time and energy on him.
    to give his Best years to flippin Chelsea??
    He shouldnt be there. i dont care about the circumstances. Him being there winning 2 titles is up there with 8-2 6-0 obefemi martins goal in the final and all the other sackable offences commited by Wenger.

    Fuck that!

  3. TitsMcGee

    The good news about the kit is that it’s unofficial and somehow doubt that Arsenal FanTv gets the inside scoop on kit leaks.

    Praying I’m right

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The sun reporting Sevilla taking Lucas back in the summer , that is if he ain’t tempted to,stay at Everton or West Brom ….

    Another never given a chance

  5. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Yes but Wenger “coulda” signed so many stars, RSPC! Instead we got stellar players such as Denilson, Squilachi, Djourou…this list just keeps,writing itself.

    It’s become quite depressing being an Arsenal supporter these days.

  6. Jeff

    The reason it’s depressing being an Arsenal fan is because you can map out the next 2-4 years with pretty much guaranteed certainty. Top four and maybe the occasional domestic cup. That’s it. Projecting into the future, it will be 25 years under Wenger with just 3 measly titles – the last of which occurred 13 + 4 = 17 years ago. We will be the perennial runners up again and again, repeatedly kicked out of the big tournaments.

    What the apologists don’t realise is that our ambition in glory terms reach no further than merely staying up and winning the odd domestic cup. The top four thing is nothing but a financial prop – that’s all it ever was and that’s all it ever will be under Wenger and this current regime. The club aims to be average, mediocre and that’s what it has been for 13 years, is now and will remain for the foreseeable. Don’t expect anything spectacular.

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Adam a

    I know exactly what you mean …

    No passion whilst he is manager …

    If he remains I m not sure I will watch games next season ….

    Couldn’t careless about the club .

  8. gonsterous

    happy for fabregas. glad he’s not in this shit team of ours. player of his calibre deserves a premier league medal..

  9. Relieable Sauce

    Meanwhile we are waiting for OGL to grace us with a decision on his future, as Ozil and Sanchez look for moves.

    Next season written off already. Again!…

    Wanton ignorance is what it is, there is zero foresight involved in their words or actions.
    The contracts still on the table, but rest assured.
    We now have a shortlist of replacements!…that might or might not replace him…if and when he decides his ego cant take it anymore.

    Good to know we’re in safe hands.

  10. Adam A. Carbarundum

    You know Wenger will dither again and sign shit all in the summer, but tell us morons that Cazorla will be like signing a new player, same with Mert. Ramsey, Theo, Ox, all rejuvenated and ready to roll. The buffoon AKB’s will lap up the magic sauce yet again and the Grovers will do little but sigh with a distinct lack of who gives a care.

    It honestly couldn’t get any worse, could it???

  11. Ishola70

    There is no great desire really from many of the fan base for change. The fans have to wean themselves first over this notion and delusion of “Wengerball” and it seems difficult for many of them to take this step. Still have unwarranted snobbery so I suppose this fits in well with the manager.

    Take that latest podcast. No offence because overall the podcast is a very good effort so far but when I hear that Swedish Arsenal fan Alfred is it? talking about “joie de vivre” and wanting a Monaco manager to take over that has just conceded five goals on the big stage and in the same sentence saying that the Chelsea players are not enjoying their football and lack the “joie de vivre” then that says to me the fans are not desperate enough to win big. It sounds just straight out of the Wenger handbook tbh along the lines of the oft quoted “just go out there and enjoy yourselves” that is linked to Wenger.

    Many Arsenal fans need to change themselves before we can see a replacement of the incumbent manager and I’m afraid there is just not enough fans who have changed their way of thinking or look likely to change their thoughts.

    Too many have their “joie de vivre” heads on and of course this originates from Wenger himself.

    Oh and that other guy over-rating the FA Cup doesn’t help either tbh in wanting to see the back of Wenger.

  12. Vince

    @Reliable Sauce.
    Thanks. Don’t know when but maybe you try and follow the guy on social media. Sadly I’m not in the UK, never have been.

  13. Micheal

    I would not be surprised if that cunt Maureen does not go for Sanchez in the summer. He has loads of money to spend and it would weaken us both technically and pshologically.

    And our absentee landlord of an owner won’t be bothered as long as his “soccer franchise” is making money. Cunt.

  14. Micheal

    Sorry for misspelt.

    February 26, 2017 12:42:46

    I would not be surprised if that cunt Maureen does not go for Sanchez in the summer. He has loads of money to spend and it would weaken us both technically and psychologically.

    And our absentee landlord of an owner won’t be bothered as long as his “soccer franchise” is making money. Cunt.

  15. Bamford10


    If Alexis leaves, that will have little to nothing to do with Kroenke. If Wenger were capable of challenging for the title — and he has been given plenty of money to do so — Alexis would have no interest in leaving.

    And Wenger is the architect of the “socialist” wage scale, btw, not Kroenke.

  16. Bamford10

    Chelsea’s third goal yesterday was lovely, Fabregas looked twice the player Ozil is, and Chelsea certainly looked like they were enjoying their football.

    And they are 13 points ahead of the irrelevant-yet-again Arsene Wenger.

  17. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I would be beyond shocked if Sanchez signs. Money is there, but he aspires to something which Wenger cannot offer, domestic and European titles – its well beyond his abilities now.

    Sanchez is gone. Don’t really care about Ozil as he has more than proven that he’s as fragile as they come in the mental department. Can see where Wenger won’t sign either and sadly will stay on because he will somehow feel obligated to leave the club in a better situation.

    Geez but it’s got the solid makings of a cluster-fuck of a shit-show moving forward under Wenger.

  18. Micheal

    If Alexis leaves, that will have little to nothing to do with Kroenke. If Wenger were capable of challenging for the title — and he has been given plenty of money to do so — Alexis would have no interest in leaving.

    And Wenger is the architect of the “socialist” wage scale, btw, not Kroenke.

    You are right – up to a point. How Wenger sets the wage budgets is his work.

    But Alexis leaving is directly related to Kroenke. It is the owner who sets the financial budgets for Wenger to operate within. But Kroenke’s negligence – in a football sense – is that he does not care what Wenger does with his football management as the finances are OK. A football-minded owner would move heaven and earth to keep trhe club’s best player. Kroenke’s inerest in his “soccer franchise” is purely about the money.

  19. TheBayingMob

    Lol … Peter getting lazy.

    Remember when the club started playing The Wonder of You before the team came out from the tunnel? What a fucking out of touch wankfest of a club. Run by out of touch old men watched by a stadium full of out of touch old men.

  20. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    “Chelsea’s third goal yesterday was lovely, Fabregas looked twice the player Ozil is, and Chelsea certainly looked like they were enjoying their football.”

    I can remember a few years back advocating for Cesc’s return when he was leaving Barcelona, only to be told that “we already have Mesut Ozil”. My response then is the same now, both could easily have played in the same team, Cesc spent most of his days at Arsenal playing as a CM not a No.10, and he has spent most of his first 2 years at Chelsea as a CM, why could he have not done the same for us again? We certainly could do with him now.

    I feel the main reason Cesc was not brought back to the club was to protect both Ramsey and Wilshere.

  21. Bamford10


    Wenger has been given ample money to spend, and he has spent a pretty penny over the past five years — plenty enough to compete for the title, and plenty enough to compete with the best in Europe.

    Stop blaming Kroenke; he is not the problem. Sure, if he cared more about titles or knew more about football, he would long ago have replaced Wenger. But that’s because Wenger is the problem. Replace Wenger with a better manager, Arsenal are in good shape; replace Kroenke with a more ambitious owner, you still need to replace Wenger.

    Wenger out.

  22. Bamford10


    And by the way, if Kroenke were really motivated by money, he’d also replace Wenger, as Arsenal would be far more valuable and would make far more money if we were competing for the title and competing with the best in Europe.

    Kroenke knows nothing about football and believes in Wenger. Just like the AKB.

  23. Bamford10

    “Arsene is accountable to the fans. They ultimately make judgment. If you are seeing the relationship between the fans and the manager break down, over time that is unsustainable.” – Ivan Gazidis, 2011

    I agree, Ivan. Unsustainable. Time for change. Time for a new era at Arsenal.

  24. Relieable Sauce

    Sanchez might possibly be MUs back-up option if they cant get Neymar or Griezmann. The Griezmann links look pretty strong though and he will cost £100m ish. Neymar!…???
    Surely even MU cant afford both along with a top defender and/or midfielder, even if they manage to convince Rooney to move to China.

  25. Micheal


    And by the way, if Kroenke were really motivated by money, he’d also replace Wenger, as Arsenal would be far more valuable and would make far more money if we were competing for the title and competing with the best in Europe.

    Kroenke knows nothing about football and believes in Wenger. Just like the AKB.

    I am not sure you undertsand how business works. Kroenke is the owner and Wenger works for Kroenke.

    I agree 100% that Wenger has had money to spend and, more important, that he should go – now ! But the real problem is the ownership. The owner sets the parameters. In the current set-up Wenger has free rein within the parameters. While the finances are doing well, there is no incentive for Kroenke to change things at his soccer franchise.

  26. china

    reading that comment about ceac presumably not being signed in order to protect wilshere and ramsey makes me feel physically sick…because it’s probably true. as well cesc wanted to actually win shit which doesn’t sit well with wenger. as sol said he doesn’t want ambitious players in the team anymore. in our entire setup only sanchez seems to be seriously bothered by us being shit

  27. TitsMcGee

    When Wenger signs I think it could get ugly. Let’s face it. We all know nothing will change and the longer something festers the greater chances something will boil over.

    He signs on and he crosses the line between over staying his welcome and strong arming the club/fans.

  28. Relieable Sauce

    Could be the year we miss out on top four I think, we are looking likely to finish with about 74 pts imo and it will be very tight from 2nd to 6th.

    Sticking my neck out I think it’ll finish –


  29. izzo

    Red no chance of finishing 4th if we cant beat Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs, and Stoke at their backyard. Still have to play the relegation fodder who will be fighting tooth and nail to stay up. Chance for slip ups against that lot.

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Remember this day 2011

    When we win our first trophy in new stadium

    It will open the doors for nanyang more ?

    Well those two fa cup wins didn’t lead to much did they

  31. Redtruth

    Arsenal don’t need to beat Spurs, Man Utd, Man City etc., to claim 4th place.
    Arsenal are flat track bullies for a reason, and which is why we will finish fourth.

  32. Up 4 grabs now

    Looking at our remaining fixtures I can see maybe 18 points from our 13 games. That gives us 68 points, not enough for top four most years.

    I can also see ozil pitching up at United next season, Maureen always did rate him, and Alexis maybe at juventus.

    This summer will be Nasri & Fabregas 2011 all over again.

  33. Up 4 grabs now

    Bindippers Away 1pt
    WBA Away 3pt
    City Home 1pt
    West ham 3pts
    Palace away 3pts
    Boro Away 1pt
    Sunderland Home 3pts
    Spuds Away 0pts
    Utd Home 1pt
    Stoke Away 0pt
    Everton Home 1pt
    Southampton Away 1pt
    Leicester Home 3pts
    21 points if that happens. Which gives us 71pts total. Still don’t think that clinches a top four slot.

  34. izzo

    Red this current midfield are brainless and any team that pressures it will win with a past it Cech in goal surely you know 4th isnt achievable this season. Last season top teams were all rubbish hence we finished 2nd. i’m not seeing the same pattern. in fact the top teams have been better this season. Also face it we have been worse. Do the math. I’ll give the lot 5th at best.

  35. Arsene's Nurse

    There really ought to be a system of appeals in football. They have it in cricket so why not in football. It takes 30 seconds to see if someone is off-side or not. Typical jammy Man U getting a goal so soon after.

  36. Jeff

    Man U will probably do a double, but we’ll finish top four with nothing as usual. One thing about Mourinho is that he’s very good at winning finals.

  37. WestLondonGoon

    That Gabbiadini looks a player who knows where the goal is, doesn’t he…..mind you so does Lucas Perez.

    Finally talk about a demo; shouldn’t be just the 7th, but every home game until the end of the season. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow……

  38. WestLondonGoon

    Now this is ‘good mentality’ Arsene. Proper fightback from the underdogs after having had a goal incorrectly ruled out to take the lead in a cup final.

  39. Dissenter

    I’ll take Nathan Redmond over Oxlade any day. He’s just getting better and is working his way to a big club.
    Andre Marriner won’t be able tot tell the difference between them in any case.

  40. Ces1ne

    as someone just said…… was always gonna come down to Ibra the god. Gonna struggle, eh wenger??

    League Cup final always makes me think of the comedy act we put on VS Birmingham……..not even a fckin spuds supporter could’ve wrote a more embarrassing script for us in that final.

  41. raptora

    What a stupid game football is. You are the better team for the whole game and in the end you lose to the weaker team. Should have picked a different sport to follow.

  42. WestLondonGoon

    Southampton’s bench players have been totally ineffective; therein lies the difference between the big teams and the also-rans.

  43. Ces1ne

    Romeu solid in the middle of the park for S’ton……second only to Kante in his position this season. Remember him being a rock for the chavs during either their CL or Europa win a few seasons back.

  44. Dissenter

    Ibrahimovich is probably why United will win the fourth spot and possibly the Europa cup.
    He a player created for the biggest moments.
    You just knew that would happen.

  45. Federer

    Wenger should be ashamed of himself, Mou comes in and boom! Wins a trophy. Conte comes in and bam! Wins the EPL already.
    Here we are, celebrating our 4th place and ze mental strength trophy.
    By the way, why is everyone saying this Man Utd is a weak team? This same weak team would beat the daylight out of our best 11.

  46. Ces1ne

    Flash back to 2008 at this time……….Gooners around the world jaws dropping in unison as Koz & Woj choke it up like only we can. I swear to God I thought we were part of some betting scandal for a bit after that, it was that unbelievable.

  47. raptora

    Actually people who say that mouninho won something are giving double credit to Wenger who won a more important trophy in 2014 and 2015. Plus winning something with United surely can’t be that hard, even Van Gaal did it. In the last several seasons they’ve spent crazy cash like 3 times what we did. Very lucky win doe. In my eyes Soton deserved the win with some impressive game plan and performance. I will make a gamble and say that the two team who are going to be left out of the top 4 are going to be Pool and Man U. You can quote me on this when the time comes.

  48. Federer

    At least Man Utd wouldnt go trophyless this season.
    Besides, why bitch about your rival who spends cash to get results when you also have loads of cash reserves but choose to keep them in the bank, instead over inflating the contracts of your mediocre players.
    This season, Top 4 isn’t anyone’s birthright, it’s just 2pts between the 4th place contenders.

  49. BigLee

    Interesting that many (most?) Arsenal fans assume that the 4th place trophy is a given. By next weekend we could be in 6th and have Everton breathing down our neck to push us to 7th and West Brom next in line. Once there there is no way back up with the tough last 5 matches of the season.

    Wenger targeting the FA Cup is also comical. After Lincoln, there are no non-league teams left in the competition.


  50. David Smith

    Still do not think Wenger staying is anything like a foregone, though I can understand,why others might think differently. Things could happen that could make his tenure very difficult , the players seem very unsettled, maybe they know things that we do not.
    Come June, Sampaoli will be manager, David O Leary, or,maybe Niall Quinn DOF
    Would like a continental DOF but trying to be realistic, if maybe optimistic on the manager.
    There is still a chance, come summer, Wenger is just a bad memory

  51. TheBayingMob

    Don’t be dribbling pre cum into your shorts because United won the Rumbelows Cup … both domestic cup comps in England are worthless now. Buried under the staggering amounts of cash weighting down the PL and CL. Both teams Wenger beat in the FAC were relegated the next season. I just don’t see why anyone would take the slightest bit of interest in them …

  52. raptora

    Federer, I agree that we are not doing that well in being competitive for trophies, but we could never match Man U since I started fanboying bout Arsenal. They would always make the biggest transfers, they would always attract world class players, they would always have the biggest stadium in the country, and the best manager too. They have totally dominated the english game in the 90s and the 2000s and success has been part of their name. Their fanbase is huge (although most of them not being too bright), the ads, sponsors, contract money, transfer deals.. Everything is in the most ginarmous of scales possible. Wildly popular in the whole world they would always want the top of the top and are now the most successful english football team in terms of numbers of trophies. We are far from them in every aspect. They were historically a successful team but Fergie is the one who made them a world powerhouse of a club. Something Wenger could have done with us but couldn’t. Maybe or maybe not because one didn’t have to go through building a stadium and all. Hopefully our time will come soon.

  53. TheBayingMob

    “David O Leary, or,maybe Niall Quinn DOF”

    Bejaysus!! I hope not … O’Leary is fucking a clueless ponce and Quinn did next to fuck all for Sunderland in a business ornaporting context. I’m not sure which hat you pulled those names from …

  54. Redtruth

    “Federer, I agree that we are not doing that well in being competitive for trophies, but we could never match Man U since I started fanboying bout Arsenal. They would always make the biggest transfers, they would always attract world class players, they would always have the biggest stadium in the country, and the best manager too.”

    It also helps when one of your supposed rivals sell you their best player..

  55. David Smith

    O Leary or Quinn….mainly because I am sure they know we need a DOF, and Arsenal are a club who find difficulty in breaking from tradition. Not my choices BTW…..but think it will be one of those, or someone very similar.
    As for the manager…..quite a few rumours Ivan photographed with a manager in Spain recently, a bit worried it could be pellegrini….but he is presumably in China most of the time, or at least I hope so. Sampaoli is for now refusing a new deal at his club…..he is also linked to Barca, if they really want him of course,they will get him, but they often go for managers with a connection to the club. In short, sounds like he is going somewhere, we can but hope.
    Protest…..all well and good, but doubt if they would pay much attention, and as I say, far from convinced Wenger will Arsenal manager next season, unless he massively improves the team in the next couple of months, and just cannot see it. Kroenke may love Wenger, but he is also a hard headed businessman, why pay north of 8 million for a manager clearly in decline? A manager who will create an increasingly toxic atmosphere at one of his major concerns? A manager who will be seen to be driving top players away….again…
    I am with pedro in this one, bet Ivan is itching to be rid of him, but in a delicate position.

  56. loyika

    @ Federer?

    How is the league cup now a brilliant trophy because United won it!? Yet most slate Arsenal for winning back to back FACs!? Or is a Trophy only a Trophy when another team wins it!?

    Also i think the score at OT ended a draw? Or was there another game played against United after than one? Lets see how United do at The Em.

    In other news, can’t wait to see how those “Pussies” at Leicester now lift up their game against Pool tomorrow after having got their Gaffer the sack.

  57. Ishola70

    No chance for Sampaoli David Smith.

    He’s like a little Argentinian bulldog.

    Will not fit the persona that the powers that be at Arsenal will be looking for.

  58. loyika

    If the board won’t go for Simeone why in heavens name would they go for Sampaoli?

    The best anyone could hope for is if Anchelloti decides he wants to leave Bayern to manage in England again. (closest thing the board would have to Arsene in terms of calmness and giving him the reins for a long time as well.)

  59. Carts

    Entertaining stuff in the EFL Cup final. I had money on a Utd win over 2.5 goals. Should’ve taken the second offer of Zlatan to score in both halves and Utd to win @ 14/1

    Anyhow, this win will definitely galvanise Utd and help to reassert themselves going into the last leg of the league.

    I’m sure they’ll win the Europa League barring a “hold my bear” effort, like Skids. (still laugh at that line @ WengerEagle).

    I think Utd are waiting to pounce on anyone who slips out of the top 4, too. Skids have to focus all their effort on getting top 4 for all kinds of reasons.

    We’re practically out so we too should take every game as a cup final.

    Chelsea are champions elect; and City…we;; it all depends what kind of City turn up, but you’d expect them to get top 4 for obvious reasons

  60. stevegooner


    What is it with fans and their aversion to protesting.
    Could it be they’re AKB’s.

    Arrange one. I’ll be first in the queue

  61. Carts

    Naingollan taking all kinds of piss now.

    When that twat of a Belgium coach over looked him in 2014 WC for Feillani, that’s when I knew wankers were still in positions of power

  62. Marc


    Took you a while to Google that one!

    Yes they were home matches but that’s the nature of the cup, you can only beat the team in front of you. No one remembers who the winners beat on the way to a cup final bar the odd supporter of the winners.

  63. Bamford10

    “Schneiderlin shows Everton were right to put faith in him”
    Andy Hunter, The Guardian

    “There were several impressive displays in Everton’s midfield against Sunderland – Ross Barkley’s prospects of an England recall will have been enhanced in front of Gareth Southgate and Tom Davies could join him on current form – but the immaculate Morgan Schneiderlin was the standout performer as the side’s unbeaten run extended to nine games. Aggressive, accurate and intelligent on the ball and in the tackle, the France international underlined why Ronald Koeman, the manager, was so intent on a reunion with his former Southampton charge in the January transfer window.”

  64. David Smith

    Because Wengers charity keeps the worst goalkeeping coach in the league at Arsenal Carts.
    Because of Gerry Peyton, all keepers fail at Arsenal. If you guys are right, we have two more years of him to look forward to as well as Wenger. Google what David Seaman, Jens, and Woijech himself say about the gk coaching standard at Arsenal

  65. Ces1ne

    No Sampaoli for the same reason as Simeone or Bieslia a few seasons ago……bc like others have said, the board would sh!t themselves with either at the helm.

    Same reason why you can 100% dismiss a lot of transfer rumors just by looking at the “type of person” a player is. If a player has disciplinary issues off field or has a “flashy” demeanor you can rule out wenger signing him. Such players would make wenger sh!t himself. He likes “nice” guys, no edge is allowed under the wenger regime. That’s why you can dismiss the Insigne rumors this season. Just like Hazard bc he was branded “arrogant” or Zlatan bc he’s Zlatan (what a fckin player!!!). Players like that will never play under wenger. Him taking a chance on “bad boy” RVP all those years ago was a one off.

  66. Ces1ne

    Been on Naingollan for years, what a total monster in the MF (and all over the pitch for that matter)!!!! Dude was MADE for Premier League ball…..unfortunately I see him going to the Chavs & the machine they are rebuilding over there (oh to have ambition………)
    United is another possibility depending on which way Jose goes centrally for next season, but he’s def having his last season at Roma this year.

  67. Hitman

    Yes remember that.
    Went to Lille and bought Gervino when they had Hazard.
    And earlier in time, went to Soton and bought Walcott, when they had Bale.

    Wenger’s scouts are as mediocre as his coaches, as his medical team, and his players. Not to mention the directors, board and Wenger himself.

  68. Ces1ne

    Bit of a shakey display from Forster today for S’ton, but I’d still have him @
    Arsenal. Wanted us to grab him seasons ago from Celtic (Wanyama, Virgil Van Djik……..another monster of a player Southampton bought from Celtic)
    Need to get rid of Cech ASAP, completely hated that signing. Besides being past it, he was not the “type” of keeper we needed. Only thing he had going for him when he came to us was winning/experience…….lots of good that did us, eh??

  69. Carts

    David Smith

    The core of the Arsenal management has become stale and unproductive.

    Trying to make sense of what is wrong at Arsenal as to why we’re serial underachievers is nauseating!

    Gerry Peyton lol

  70. Carts


    Naingollan is a massive asset to Roma. With imminent CL football next season I don’t think they’d be pressed to sell unless an offer in excess of £40m came in.

    Naingollan is 29 in May…

  71. Ces1ne

    Completely understandable……..but He doesn’t have the same connection to the club that Totti & DDR have. He’s spent quite a long time there and someone like the Chavs will have no problem offering 50million & required wages if that’s what it takes. Conte tried for him while at Juve. Even at 29, he’s showing no signs of slowing down, nor any lingering injury issues. It’s not even like this season is out of nowhere bc he’s been a beast for quite a few now.. He’s been on these big clubs radar for a while. More $$$$$$ and greater chance of winning the Champions League have tempted lesser men and clubs so it’s def possible this summer.
    OR…………….you could be right & he could stay at Roma and help them grow. Very exciting squad they have there……just like a lot of other Italian sides. So much individual talent in Serie A squads but they all just lacking that extra bit of quality to challenge in Europe (besides Juve obviously, who have excelled in Europe & are one of the most ambitious clubs of modern times imo…..hurts to say as a Napoli supporter but it’s the truth)

  72. loyika

    @ Cesine!? What are you on about. You all love your revisionist bs

    Lungberg, Pires, Paddy V, Manu Petit, Lauren, even Titi were players that had a bit of attitude to them.

    Eduardo, Santos, Jack Wilshire, The silly “Dench” guy, Sanchez and Xhaka are all players that have an edge to them.

    Zlatan and Yaya were players Arsene wanted to sign, but they both refused to have trials and saw it as an insult to their ability and that was why they were not signed not due to the club not wanting to bring them in, so i don’t get what your on about.

    Granted that we usually sign quiet guys but painting it as if that is the norm from time is wrong (even Adebayor was a hassle to deal with in the dressing room and lets not even get to “Infant Terrible” Nik B)

  73. David Smith

    For Peyton, read Banfield, Primorac, Colbert. They all stay if Wenger stays. And Steve Bould deprived of a voice isn’t much use at all. Peyton is even ruining Cech, who has begged Arsenal to recruit his old coach, Lollichon, but apparently Wenger vetoed that one.
    Regarding Sampauli, …or indeed anyone else, We don’t know what’s on their minds at all, nobody is saying anything. But agree, he would be something of a change…….the players wouldn’t know what’s had hit them. Might help keep Alexis though. The Wenger clones would be pellegrini, Howe to some extent, Martinez…..they would be insane to touch them, so they might have to go for someone completely different. Even someone like Rafa is a pretty combustible character, as is allegri.
    If you guys are right, and Wenger signs on, that is two…to four more years of decline, and a complete blocking of any succession planning. Who in their right mind would actually chose that when there are clear alternatives?

  74. David Smith

    Fair point Loyika, but a Wenger in decline will cost his investment money.
    Kroenke can be ruthless, ask an inhabitant of St Loius

  75. reality check

    I just don’t see why anyone would take the slightest bit of interest in them …

    This is why Open top bus parades for fa cups and league cups are so cringe.

  76. Pedro

    peanuts&monkeys, I’ve been fairly unambiguous. Stated my case for and against it. Now I’m for it. He’s not been on the way out for 3 years. This is our chance.

    I’ve been pretty clear on Wenger.