A touch of Arsenal farce | Jardim Assessment | Is Wenger the terminator?

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)

Today is a podcast day. We talked Sutton, pies, Wenger and his Terminator like tendencies. We also talked about Sanchez and we covered the Monaco manager and what he’s doing over there.

Also let us know if you know a place you can record for cheap in NYC because our sound engineering is utter balls.

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216 Responses to “A touch of Arsenal farce | Jardim Assessment | Is Wenger the terminator?”

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Haha. Wouldn’t put it past him though.


    She is a bit of a girl as well, I’ve seen a few interviews she has done, seems really nice, but, a girl, without doubt, uses men and disposes of them, and I bet they complain no end 😉

    ‘Lisa Ann’s a giver man, she provides a good night in with the baby oil/lube/sock for millions of blokes worldwide.’

    Please Tweet this to her, at Thanksgiving or something, ‘I’m thankful for Lisa Ann, my washing machine is not.’

  2. PhD07

    Sol Campbell reinforces what we’ve all known for years..

    Arsene Wenger studiously avoided buying in strong leaders(players) after he systematically dismantled the invincible team.

    He chose to bring in weak characters,gave no instructions how to play.
    So what we say is the blind leading the blind..

    Is not the type of manager to give out a rollicking,nor do tactics.

    Sol pretty much said,it was the strong leaders in the team during his first stint,who pretty much instructed that team.

    He also talked about the comfort zone at Arsenal that pervades through the club.

    And lastly that irrespective of what the fans think,Arsene & Kroenke will decide if Arsene stays.Or put another way,Kroenke is happy with Arsene,the BoD are happy with Kroenke.So it’s Arsenal who ultimately decides if stays.

    Which he will..

    So in a nutshell,Sol Campbell confirming what we’ve all known for years..

    We won the EPL,irrespective of Arsene..

    Arsene had money,but chose to indulge himself in a his fornicating pet projects,at the expense of the fans.

    That what we are seeing is the real Arsene Wenger..That is weak,tactically clueless,self indulgent and a habitual specialist in failure..

    Arsene has an aversion to strong characters.Avoids winners and leaders,like one avoids the bubonic plague..

    Or and lastly,Sol mentioned that there was a manager willing and wanting to come last season..It was all good to go,but apparently Arsene decided he was going to stay on..The manager in question might have been Pepe Guardiola..

    So Arsene is Arsenal..LOL

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Do you think the sock industry sponsors the porn industry?

    I’m kind of worried I’ve stumbled on a secret that will end me, if I’m not on here anymore tell someone.


    They have been doing that for years!

    Far too late for all of us, only thing is now they’ve got to tell you they are doing it. Haha.

  4. WengerEagle


    Hahaha well that’s you boys fucked then isn’t it?

    That’s why you keep the site name as PG as possible, rather than ‘Bangbros’ or ‘Pornhub’ you go ‘Redtube’ or ‘xvideos’. 😀

  5. Cesc Appeal

    I like to think my browser history is melting a server somewhere, just this little machine like voice quietly screaming ‘no’ as it melts.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Or obviously you’ve got NotSureWhatIsHappeningInHalfTheseVideosIsLegalInTheWesternHemisphere.com, colourful stuff on that one.

  7. loyika

    Lolz at Farmer Bamford!! Although since you mentioned it? He does have a strange fascination with “Tomatoes” especially for throwing at people!? Must be some kind of kinky fetish thingy!! Just kidding though.

  8. WengerEagle

    So the elitist nerds who supposedly don’t watch porn have to pretend that they don’t know that these are porn sites, lulz.

    ‘Hmmm, he does spend an awfully long time on Redtube doesn’t he?’.

    Types in ‘Redtube’ and enters site…

  9. karim

    And this is just the beginning. I’ve heard of a Belgian company who managed to convince their employees they needed a chip under their skin last week !

  10. Cesc Appeal

    That is my favorite thing about government surveillance, you know the overwhelming majority of what they farm, or get private firms to farm is porn, filthy, dirty porn.

    The scariest thing though is the malware they can use to gain access to your webcam or microphone on your computer, if I was ever to enter political life, blackmail central over here.

    ‘No, I am not increasing GCHQ funding,’ pulls pictures out of envelope captured from my webcam, ‘so that was £5 Billion?’

  11. Carts


    Agree with you there. This is the only explanation I can give about Wenger’s madness.

    It’s by design what we see today. This is Wenger’s doing.

    He operated with impunity.

    And when he’s challenged he uses embarrassing strawman arguments

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I read a stat that if you put all the data that a firm like Google had farmed on individuals and put it onto a disk there would be enough of them to go to the moon and back five times.

    How much of that is just irrelevant tosh, memes, sports and porn?

    I don’t which fact makes me sadder for the human race.

  13. WengerEagle

    ‘No, I am not increasing GCHQ funding,’ pulls pictures out of envelope captured from my webcam, ‘so that was £5 Billion?’’


    Is scary though, next generation’s politician’s are fucked.

    Look at the media backlash for Trump’s ‘grab em by the pussy’ remarks made in private.

    Not defending Trump but we’ve likely all said things which the public would render us unfit for office.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Absolutely, and it is the strategy of it as well, something gets ‘accidentally leaked,’ yeah bullshit it was accidentally done.

    Just the thought of all that information being gathered up even though the vast majority is never looked at and disposed of, unsettling in a way.

  15. China

    Yeah our generation have no hope of following through on honest intentions in politics because the lot of us are open to blackmail.

    Honestly if your chat history from when you were 20 years old talking to your best mate or whatever gets pulled up you’re finished

  16. Jim Lahey

    @China –

    “Honestly if your chat history from when you were 20 years old talking to your best mate or whatever gets pulled up you’re finished”

    This is so true that its scary, texts, emails, sites you’ve visited.. all of it stored and ready to be used against you!

  17. China

    To be honest though I’m a fairly firm believer that it’s *almost* impossible to get to the top echelons of power without having to submit yourself to something blackmail worthy along the way

    Like it’s no coincidence at all that every leader campaigns on putting previous ones in prison for war crimes and attacks Wall Street and bankers and the like but the moment they get into power they’re like SORRY YEAH ACTUALLY TONY BLAIR WAS A GR8 LAD. BANKS GOOD. CLINTON HAS BEEN PUNISHED ENOUGH.

    The lot of them are working with a metaphorical gun pointing at them for sure

  18. China

    Honestly speaking if you want to blackmail someone these days you probably just need a friend high up in fb or whatever to access your chat logs and hand it to whichever media outlet they fancy

    I don’t even think you need to go to the effort of hacking if you are friends with the right insiders

    We’ve already seen Facebook promoting fake news stories about trump (favorable ones during the election build up) so it’s safe to say there can be no guarantees of neutrality from companies that hold all of these records. They only need to check their logs on politicians they don’t like and if there’s anything useful hand it over to the media

    It’s not even a hacking job just a few minutes work for a high ranking FB employee

  19. WengerEagle

    It’s why Twitter and Facebook are so dangerous to future prospects too which is why I don’t bother with Twitter and rarely use Facebook.

    Look at that footballer who was suspended/fined? for his Twitter post on Gay people from like 5 years ago when he was a teen.

    Forget his name, was it that Burnley forward?

  20. Carts


    I’ve seen his grid on the Northern Line. I can have an artist impression developed and I’ll find where he sleeps

  21. Pedro

    Jim, I got you all nailed.

    So much of my life is online, I’d probs be fine being a politician… 50% of Arsenal fans hate me and call me a cunt already.

  22. Red&White4life

    From Vardy, a few hours ago: “we are all behind claudio, he’s an awesome guy…”
    Ah ah ah jaimie you miserable piece of shit.

  23. Redtruth

    Ranieri deserved to get the sack..
    It’s a results business and he just wasn’t cutting it, besides which he’s used to getting the sack so water off a ducks back..

  24. Dissenter

    I believe that Ranieri has the all term pay-off records post termination of contract.
    He just had his contract redone with Leicester.
    Lucky bugger.

  25. Elmo

    Bellerin is on £115k pw? WTF!

    He’s a great player, but how the heck is a 21 year old kid that has recently broken into the first team and plays in a non-goalscoring position on that much?

    The Guardian claiming Sanchez, Ozil and Bellerin will leave if Wenger goes. If that’s the necessary cost then fine.

  26. Adam A. Carbarundum

    No question, both Vardy and Mahrez have played flat out horribly this season. And to think that The fact that Wenger wanted Vardy shows how further incapable he is at spotting talent.

    Feel bad for Ranieri, but it goes with the job that you are hired to eventually be fired (unless you are at Arsenal under Stupor Stan and the Elixer Board). Will look good on those who let Ranieri down to go down now.

  27. reality check

    they all know whose teet provides the milk.

    they are all in it together. the players love wenger. he described life at arsenal as paradise to xhaka. no pressure for their precious little hearts.

    board, wenger, players, and unfortunately akb fans.

    all happy as larry. I’ve said this years ago. I dont think we as a fan base, understand just how bad things are. we cling to hope.

    My friends, Arsenal is dead.

  28. Black Hei


    I don’t think so. I think the players are anxious about their future that’s all.

    When a new manager comes in, he brings his own people.

    So those who are currently enjoying “first name on the starting 11” status will naturally be worried.

  29. peanuts&monkeys

    Hail Leicester! This is the correct way to run a club. You dont oerform, you are SACKED!!! I am dying to get God’s gift to Arsenal sacked. Cant wait!!!

    Can you beat it? Ranieri sacked even after getting the club a PL when odds were 5000/1. OMG! and here a fossil is ruling over a club and taking it as low as possible.

    If Wengerbastard had got a PL, KroenkeCunt would have perhaps kept him a manager till 2100…even posthumously.

  30. qna

    Respect to Claudio Raneiri. Greatest coaching season in history of all sports. Took a team that is more rightly a relagation battler to a title that billions of pounds collectively fails win year in year out.

    That will never happen again and it will never be forgotten. The legend of that season will only grow with time as more and more people come to understand the actual magnitude of the feat.

  31. qna

    BTW this sacking will only strengthen Wenger as this particular one was harsh and unnecessary. The counter position will be to distance ourself to this type of club culture and say we dont run on knee jerk reactions and we are loyal. Blah blah blah. Funny thing is that Kroenke would actually sack a manager in a heart beat if we were anywhere near relegation. This type of thing doesnt happen in franchise sports and he would have no clue what do do.

  32. WestLondonGoon

    Gary Neville just can’t let it lie can he?

    ”Same people saying Ranieri sacking is disgusting and a betrayal want another removed from his Job where a board shows the ultimate loyalty!”

  33. Redtruth

    It seems fans and Wenger’s attitude of only one team can win the league is keeping him in a job for life.

    Wenger should only sign a new deal with the ultimatum of win the league or be sacked.

    The top 7 can all afford to buy £30m players so it all comes down to which manager can get the best out of his players.

  34. Steveyg87

    You know, I’m not exactly sure what the journos are trying to achieve interviewing managers about Wengers situation, its not like they are gonna come out slugging and slating the manager for underachieving. Anybody going against the grain regarding the Arsenal status quo automatically grabs the headline and puts them in the negative spotlight.

    Also, Gary Neville needs to mind his own fucking business, i used to enjoy him before he got the Valencia job, now he’s just a fucking prick that has opinions on things, he quite clearly, knows fuckol about.

    Finally, Nigel Pearson deserves a lot more credit for his role in the Leicester champions campaign. When Ranieri took over, Leicester were already a formidable force. I’m not refraining from crediting Claudio on his title, he did an excellent job

  35. peanuts&monkeys

    “Wenger should only sign a new deal with the ultimatum of win the league or be sacked.”


    That could be considered in 2010. We are 7 years too late in the dust bins and gutters of world football

  36. ArseneisaFraud

    The Ranieri sacking clearly demonstrates that Leicester are keen to stay in the PL for as long possible and not just be that one hit wonder story. However much it may be seen as disgusting, the board was losing faith in Ranieri actually turning things around. What this also demonstrates is that the club has an ambition to do better than what they are currently doing.

    Very annoying to then see that The Arsenal, and AW in particular, have no ambition in going beyond top 4, which is what a club of our stature should be looking at.

  37. Steveyg87

    “The Ranieri sacking clearly demonstrates that Leicester are keen to stay in the PL for as long possible and not just be that one hit wonder story. However much it may be seen as disgusting, the board was losing faith in Ranieri actually turning things around. What this also demonstrates is that the club has an ambition to do better than what they are currently doing.”

    Spot on