AFC Roundup: Jardim assessment | Un-sack the Sutton keeper | Sanchez was a classless act

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Wednesday is here and I have only but a few words for you.

#1 Big fat keeper sacked

Ok, ok… the big fat keeper eating a pie was one of the most monumental pieces of patriotism I’ve seen all year. A fat man, eating a pie? Fucking lost my mind didn’t I? Why? Because pie is BRITISH.

But scrape back the total nonsense of this act and you start to realise that this is a total damn bullshit.

Picture this:ou

> You are on the bench against Arsenal for your club in a mega game and you try and make it all about yourself? SELFISH!

> At half time, you slink into the bar because you want to make it all about the tubby lad who loves a pint? SELFISH!

> Finally, you sink a delicious pie in front of the cameras, when your team is kind of chasing a game? SELFISH!

Then you hear the whole thing was orchestrated by the dishonest media? SAD!

But here’s the thing, footballers are being identified and caught up in all sorts of dirty betting scandals. Joey ‘I watched Steven Fry once’ Barton has 1000+ allegations against him and he’s still playing, but forget his elite treatment because he has a mean twitter account and more than £40 in his pocket, betting scandalization is a serious issue.

So when I read the keeper had been sacked, I thought it was bang on. Then I thought, shit me, he’s been coaxed into this by the DISHONEST FAKE MEDIA who were Sutton’s shirt sponsors. Isn’t that disgraceful? That keeper sleeps 3 nights a week at the home ground. He’s part of the fabric of the club and he’s been fired, because he took orders from a bunch of slithery marketing execs at a tabloid betting arm that fund his beloved club.

Really horrible.

I hope the DISHONEST TABLOID BETTING COMPANY support him and help him out. Their stupid marketing idea has lost a man who probably earns f*ck-all-a-year his job. That’s not fair, regardless of how dim he is. At least that Irish betting company, the kings of crass, pony up for their b-grade Ladbible (before they tried to go serious and build a mature business model badging up free things their team found on Reddit) style banter (Nik B pants).

#2 Wenger’s class shines through with Sanchez inclusion

I read about how Conte said the only way he’ll play John Terry moving forward is if he’s fit enough and right for the game. No sentimentality. So Arsene Wenger plays Alexis Sanchez against a team that had tried to two-foot one of our players in a nasty incident brushed off as ‘top class from a lad who probably has a mushroom pie in his kit bag.’ Then tried a Sunday League flying headbutt on Chamberlain because he was fast.

‘Classy Arsenal bring on Sanchez as a show of respect for Sutton fans’

Please. There’s nothing classy about throwing on your best player in a nothing game to please others. Embarrassing. That’s a manager who doesn’t care, or, that’s a manager who thinks the season is done. Exactly the sort of carry on that could mean the difference between 4th and 6th. Terrible management that felt like a PR coup for a media who are gunning hard for his future.

#Jardim must be off your list?

Manchester City and Monaco clocked in one of the most exciting games of the season when they beat the French club 5-3. The game was wild, back and forth, attacking football at its best. Unpredictable until the end. Monaco shit the bed eventually, but they earned 3 away goals and it was hardly an easy win for Pep and the most expensive set of misfits in the Prem.

Arsenal fans thought that meant the end of Jardim on my list. They were mistaken.

Jardim is topping the French league against a PSG wage bill of €250m versus their €84m. Put that in perspective, Swansea, West Brom and Crystal fucking Palace have more expensive totals than them. He’s rocking a young team that has scored the most goals in Europe this season, boasting a scintillating style of football you’d f*cking die for at Arsenal.

He’s taking City to Monaco and all he has to do is score two goals against a poor defence, with a team that has rocked 46 goals in 14 games at home.

Arsenal fans, please don’t tell me you wouldn’t bite your arm off to go toe-to-toe with City like that in a major game that mattered… Imagine what Jardim would do with our resources?




Love that there’s all this Brexit stuff going on, stuff that is genuinely going to affect the people of Britain, and we have folk protesting America… a reminder… NOTHING YOU DO IN LONDON WILL AFFECT AMERICA.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. x

P.S. Comment section goes back to nice as of NOW. I spend too many hours writing this to be dealing with people who can’t behave like adults. If you want to play below the fold, treat your fellow Gooner with love, reverence and a nice third compliment of your choice. If you have to be mean, there are plenty of other places to vent your spleen. Not here though. Blog of love.


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  1. Carts


    I’ve watched Seville quite a bit mainly to see the like of Nasri, Sarabia and now Jovetic and he’s got them ticking.

    It’s impressive stuff especially with this weird Xmas tree system he’s employing

  2. Tomtom


    I expect English teams to improve but only under the right management.
    Jorge Sampaoli Would be great at Arsenal but it looks like Barcelona will take him at the end of the season.

  3. WestLondonGoon

    Seeing as we need a new keeper as well, who would be the candidates? I really don’t see Chesney being the answer so who? Joe Hart? Would Schmiechel be an option?

  4. Samir


    Read a few reports recently suggesting we’ve got our eye on Predrag Rajkovic. He looks pretty good and has been compared to Courtois.

  5. WestLondonGoon

    Watching Man City last night, and more so Leicester tonight, just rubs it even more how much we completely naused it up last week. Sickening.

  6. raptora

    Pretty sure that on another day Monaco atleast wouldn’t have lost vs Man City. They had a more clear and better plan what to do and how to achieve it. Naivety, Man City’s crowd, bad goalkeeping and 2 corners won them the game but on another day Monaco would fancy their chances to win the game. Not sure if City deserved it and we’ll see that maybe not in the returning leg but more so in the remaining EPL games.

  7. Carts

    Seville should’ve killed this game off.

    Fair play to Leocester for pinching an away goal.

    I can see them peppering Seville in the away leg, trying to catch them cold

  8. Pierre

    ” Bellerin would need to improve his crossing as its a far cry from what Sagna was producing.”

    Though I agree that Bellerin does need to improve his crossing and final pass , I think your memory is playing tricks on you regarding the quality of sagna’s crossing ……from what I can remember he had trouble even getting his cross past the first man at the near post ….to be honest , his crossing was the weakest part of his game …quality defender though ..

  9. Bamford10

    “After the holiday last Wednesday, yesterday was a hard day at work again.”

    The quote above is Manuel Neuer, talking on Faceboook about how playing Arsenal last week was a “holiday,” whereas their 1-1 draw with Hertha Berlin on Saturday was “a hard day at work”.

    Neuer may be an arrogant prick, but Wenger has made Arsenal into a joke.

  10. Pierre

    Interesting listening to sol who was talking a lot of sense and hit the nail on the head with his comments of how the managers influence has changed over the years and how the players had more power……

    Had to laugh when Andy Townsend was talking to that hull player ( can’t remember his name ) and was saying how he played under Steve Bruce , Alex MacLeish and Bryan Robson and described them as winners who liked a strong dressing room … WINNERS , bullshit ……unless I am mistaken , all 3 of those managers have taken teams down ……. Not a very good comparison to choose those losers when he was clearly trying to discredit Wenger … if he had said Jose, Ferguson and pep then that would have been different but Robson , Bruce and MacLeish, do me a favour …

  11. Bamford10

    In the course of that Sol Campbell interview, Campbell basically says that one of the reasons early Wenger worked is because he inherited a squad of winners, players of character & steel, and that as a result there was a certain amount of “managing” that was carried out by the players themselves. When those players left, he suggests, the players that replaced them were players who required a manager who instills and instructs in ways that Wenger does not.

    He also said this about returning to the club in 2010: “Some players acted as though they had won three titles [despite never having won one].”

  12. WengerEagle

    Na Sagna was a beast of a defender but his crossing was abysmal.

    Many a time nearly smashed my telly up due to a miscued Sagna delivery when we were losing over the years. Only decent cross of his I can remember vividly was the one RVP scored a header from in the 4-4 draw at Newcastle.

    Eboue, now there was a boy that could put a bit of whip behind the ball.

  13. WengerEagle

    It’s true that over the years we never had good headers of the ball up front, Henry was horrible with his noggin and RVP only improved with his towards his last year here.

    Ade was good aerially.

    It’s the one part of Giroud’a game that is top notch.

  14. kelvin


    Neur`s german was wrongly translated by the English press, it actually read “after the celebration last wednesday” and not “holiday”.

  15. Carts


    But wait, look how much Wenger had done for the club.

    The slightest mention of Wenger inheriting a back 4 would result in AKBs losing their mind!!

    Interesting observation about when Sol went back to Araenal in 2010

  16. Carts


    fair enough then. I think it’s a bit two fold. If a cross went in, we’d have no one to nod it in.

    Instantly we’d berated Sagna for not picking out a man, when in fact there was no one even capable of heading, as you rightly pointed out

  17. ArseneisaFraud

    Bamford10February 22, 2017 22:41:04

    This says it all really about what others think of The Arsenal these days. It’s sad. And sadder to think that some people can’t seem to see how bad things have become at the club with AW at it’s helm. It needs to become a footballing club again.

    Bamford10February 22, 2017 22:54:01

    And this says it all about what’s going on at the club. Father AW keeps telling them: don’t worry, you are the best in the world and you’ll eventually be top of the league. All you have to do is play your best! Now run along to the pitch! 🙂

    Of course no tactics and systems are practiced and the players have no clue what to do.

  18. Relieable Sauce

    Crossing a ball is hardly difficult to be fair, but not many teams attack in that style.

    Southampton were doing it well recently I noticed and I think maybe MU as well.
    Classic MU under Fergie and really effective when done well.

  19. Dissenter

    Cazorla out for the rest of the season!
    As is that’s a surprise. No on comes back from two Achilles tendon surgeries and remains the same.
    His extension was a sentimental BS mistake in the mold of the Rosicky and Artea deals.

  20. WengerEagle

    Nagelsmann has been mentioned, just not to the extent that the likes of Sampaoli, Jardim and Allegri are.

    He’s done some impressive work at Hoffenheim, very good outfit. Were unbeaten until very recently in the league but they draw a lot of matches too.

    I think that he’s only 29 which is incredibly young for a gaffer. A bit green for now IMO but definitely one for the future.

  21. WengerEagle


    You’re right he did, knew he scored a brace in that match but couldn’t remember his 1st goal.

    He had a mad season that year, easily could have broken 40 goals which even Henry never managed for us but we were dumped out predictably early in Europe.

  22. steve


    He was ridiculous that last 1.5 seasons at Arsenal and first season at Man Utd. Best striker in the world at the time.

  23. Black Hei

    Thanks for the affirmative last sentence at the bottom of your posts Peds!

    Cowardly AKB like myself can now crawl out of my pit of misery to society once more.

    I have to give kuddos to Pierre. He is on, rain or shine.

  24. peanuts&monkeys

    All ths news about Sanchez leaving is so. Depressing. Freaks me out. Sanchez is the greatest player arsenal had since Fabregas left. This guy has to be stopped from leaving. His attitude itself separates him from hundreds of other arsenal players to have played since 2000. To accept that we wil lose this guy because of an old fossil who has absolutely nothing to contribute to this club, makes my blood boil.

    Stop sanchez from leaving, guys!

  25. Black Hei


    Its ok, I make an exception for you and Retroll.

    Both of you know only troll-speak so I can’t expect you guys to change much.

    I am a very understanding and long suffering AKB……

  26. China

    Basically if you need to highlight individual instances where a player did something well (in this case sagna’s crossing) then odds are they weren’t much good at it

    You wouldn’t have to suggest individual goals to convince anyone that Henry was a great finisher or sliding tackles to show that sol was a beast CB.

    On a weekly basis sagna’s crossing was mostly hopeless, though it is true that he had no one to aim for most of the time anyway. Even a great crosser would’ve got few cross assists in that Arsenal team. But regardless his crossing was only decent 1/4 attempts which is pretty poor.

    Lauren had the same problem. Excellent reliable rb but his crossing almost never amounted to anything

  27. China

    I can forgive players for having these shortcomings if they do their main job really well (sagna’s did for sure) but I don’t really understand it

    Like on an Arsenal setup the full backs spend half the match bombing forwards. How could they possibly not develop good crossing over the years even if they didn’t have the ability when they came

    Like what’s really the point in bombing forwards if not to contribute decent crosses? Might as well not bother lol

  28. China

    Similarly what goes through wenger’s mind (nothing) when he encourages his fullbacks to bomb forwards but not his attacking players to gamble on runs into the box to collect crosses?

    Again what’s the point? Sagna would finally whip in a good cross and you’d have rvp on his own with 5 opposition defensive players around him.


    Shit management as ever

  29. China

    You think back to how we used to score so many goals on the counter and you’d see crosses being put in and an absolute swarm of Arsenal players breaking into the box

    Even if Lauren’s cross was a bit shit the chances of it coming off we’re still good because he had so many Arsenal bodies bursting into the right positions to pick it up or collect a rebound

  30. China

    Freddie bear post for a tap in, Henry penalty spot, pires running at the back post, Dennis on the edge of the box and vieira just behind

    Whatever happens when you play a cross in that position you have a great chance of getting something

  31. T

    Watched the cl match last night Sevilla vs Leicester. I am rather glad that vardy didnt come last Sumner. I think that Pérez was a steal at his price and cant understand why he isnt starting regularly as our nr 9..

    Then i gotta say that the Sevilla manager seemed really wenger-ish and didnt convince at all. If Arsenal are looking for a new manager i hope it is someone else. That chap from Monaco seems quite capable i have to say!

  32. qna

    Vardy is mediocre. Perez is mediocre. The former is a championship-level striker that had a once in a lifetime season (along with 8 other LC players). The latter is a poor mans Podolski (when he was older and past it). Perez was also coming off a once in a career season (at age 27) where he was scoring a goal every 2 games in La Liga. Before that he was a goal every three or four games for his entire career.

    We need to have a medium level striker to back up the first team strikers. But we have 4 medium level strikers and only 1 top level striker. Perez was a wasted opportunity to bring in a good young striker to transition out one of Giroud, Walcott or Welbeck at the end of this season. Instead we now have 4 strikers that we need to improve upon.

    Ever noticed that the fan-love for our players is exactly inverse to the amount of games they play. If they play, they are exposed and there is nothing to the imagination, but if they get injured or aren’t selected then there is this top-notch player just waiting to set us alight. Its ridiculous.

  33. ughelligunner

    Was the 6-3 loss at Man city not attacking enough, liverpool 4-3 loss? And the 2-0 win at the same city not defensive enough, Bayern 2-0 win was also defensive….the same pragmatism? is if the attacking and deffensive intent can be kept in single match with the right players and formation that is important.

    Most of Monaco’s players are ridiculously talented, that cant be said of ours. Who would walcot, iwobi and chamberlain bench from that monaco’s starting 11? Gibbs and Monreal?

    I agree Arsenal has trully stalled (mainly because of wenger’s sentimental approach), and we need a manager who could make variable defensive and attacking approach in one match, not just different matches.

    P.S The reason why this young players refuse coming to arsenal is due to starting of games and better attractive contract on the table which wenger wont ever promise, unlike other top clubs.

  34. Black Hei


    Perez is faster, has a better touch and is a whole lot more versatile than Podolski.

    I once thought Podolski is the 2nd coming of RVP; but he is just a clumsy dude with a thunderous shot.

    Perez on the other hand is just altogether different.

  35. T

    The way i see it Pérez has been very consistent with his performances with the little games he has gotten.

    Wouldnt mind if wenger blew the bank against pool and played a 4-4-2 with niles and ox in the middle, theo and Alexis on the flanks with Lucas and wellbs up top as a striker duo. Would be interesting to see what you can do with all that speed and power.

    Frankly speeking ozils level of play has been so low in recent months that he shouldnt be starting.. 🙂

  36. ughelligunner

    black hei, yeah, what i hate is people making it as if what other managers are presenting, Wenger hasnt done that before. Like people saying monaco losing is entertaning while Arsenla losing to Liverpool is doom. Imagin the hipocricy

  37. qna

    Black Hei you know nothing about Perez. You’re full of it. The only time you have seen him play is the few minutes he has played for Arsenal. You woudn’t have seen a minute of him before that and the onky reason you give him any notice is because your beloved Arsene chose to sign him. Almost all against soft quality opposition.

    Some broken stats model that Arsenal overpaid for spat out his namr because he is so shit he is not part of the current inflated prices of all good players now. Thats the reason we bought him.

    Dollar per goal he is good value. But that buys you only a goal every 3 games and against soft opposition.

  38. ughelligunner

    If Arsenal had lost to Munich by 5-3 goal with, Wenger wont be in good light as is Jardim. I agree though, the hunger is no more there for wenger, just consistentcy in achieving 4th, which isnt good. Hence i hate the owner, because wenger is a guy that needs to be forced by a higher power. And that power isnt bothered by the state of things other than bank balance.

  39. Black Hei


    Lets take this slow.

    You are basically saying that a van (Podolski) and a pickup (Perez) are the same thing since no rich dude (clubs that want to go top) will want to buy either for buying groceries from the mart (win major trophies).

    Still with me?

    What you say might or might not be true but a van and a pickup are still fundamentally different vehicles with different functions and performance.

  40. Jim Lahey

    @UGH –

    Can you be objective about anything? Jardim has been at Monaco since 2014 not 1996. Like when Wenger first arrived at Arsenal, he is bringing football people want to see, Something Arsenal are not doing and have not done so for a long time. Also the guys team are current top of the league, Wenger’s isin’t.

    “I agree though, the hunger is no more there for wenger, just consistentcy in achieving 4th, which isnt good. Hence i hate the owner, because wenger is a guy that needs to be forced by a higher power”

    You’re blaming Wenger’s personal failures on Kroenke??! How is it Kroenke’s fault that Wenger no longer has the hunger to succeed?

  41. Alan

    “I hope the DISHONEST TABLOID BETTING COMPANY support him and help him out. Their stupid marketing idea has lost a man who probably earns f*ck-all-a-year his job”

    Key word there is ‘idea’. They had an idea (a rather good one, actually) and the man accepted it. I don’t see where you got the angle that he was “ordered” to do it by the betting company and tabloid? Be careful as you are accusing those companies of a criminal offence. Doesn’t matter if you name them as it is pretty clear which ones you are referring too,

    Difference between Barton and what this man did was that Barton bet on games he was not directly involved in. Yes, that’s against PL rules but what this keeper did was very potentially a criminal offence. In his interview he says he was aware friends of his had bet on him doing it. By then doing it, he has rigged it for their benefit. See the difference?

  42. Dissenter

    He’s had two Archilles tendon surgeries in the past seven months.
    This injury was an ankle injury.
    The mechanics of running aren’t the same after archilles injuries so athletes end up having repeated injuries; ankle, knees, muscular etc.
    One surgery is bad enough, TWO ?
    Cazorla is going to hang around and keep getting his 75k weekly extensions so long as Wenger is around. He’s not going to play much.

    Wenger is a sentimental, and romantic fool. He’s dishing out multimillion dollar contracts that don’t make sense.

  43. China

    The over reaction about this pie bet is ludicrous

    He broke the rules and has to be accountable but the over reaction has been staggering frankly

    People should calm down and get over it lol. He didn’t become a millionaire off his stunt or anything major. Let’s stop acting like he was part of some sinister plot

    Dude saw odds on him and did something he shouldn’t have for a laugh. Inconsequential as fuck

  44. China

    I don’t think Pedro needs to give a shit about his wording either because the betting company frankly won’t read or give a shit about his remarks and are obviously never in a million years going to land him in court over it lol