Arsenal win with familiar undertones of average we saw against Bayern

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It’s really difficult to keep moaning on about Arsenal. You look at the Sutton game one of two ways.

#1 A game we should have won that we won. So shut up and look onto the next round where we play a team 17 places higher than them

#2 You looked at that game as one in which we should have been dishing out a ‘we really do care’ spanking but we didn’t

I sit in the #2 camp. Sutton really are a poor team. Fighting relegation in the Conference League. A team like Arsenal shouldn’t be giving them anything, and we certainly should be winning by more than two goals.

Sadly, we played the evening in 2nd gear. The Arsenal players barely woke from their slumber. We suffered similar issues to those we did against Bayern, Chelsea and Watford. We weren’t interested in pressing them when they were in possession and we were dispossessed time and time again in midfield.

The night was never in threat, but really, you’d kind of hope the players would do a little more to make amends for what happened in midweek. Sadly, all they did was pile on weight to the narrative that they’re unmotivated and unprepared.

The only shining light for me was Lucas Perez, anything interesting that happened through the evening went through him. He’s fast, he works hard and he creates. For our first he picked up a low diagonal ball from Xhaka, he made his way to the byline, cut back onto his left and fizzed a ball at Theo Walcott, it looked like the central man had dinked it in with a fancy back heel, but he missed it so the Spaniard took it.

The second started with Perez again, his fast interchange with Iwobi found Nacho out left in the second half, the Spaniard slipped a ball across the box where Theo was on hand to slot home for his 100th league goal. A very weird moment when firstly, you’re hitting that number against Sutton in a durgy game, second, it took 10 years to land that. For a player Wenger said could be the new Theirry in 2012, that really is poor going.

We gifted Sutton two or three very good chances. Our calamitous keeper everyone loves (the small one) played a shoddy backpass to Sutton in the first half that resulted in a chance a real pro would have netted. He also flew out for a cross he was never getting and missed. Sutton also hit the bar late on, and missed a glorious header.

Our midfield truly did look lost. Iwobi shouldn’t be playing every week. He looks clueless at the moment and should be used sparingly. Chamberlain came on and livened things up, but still managed to give the ball away and let them break on goal. A now classic move associated with him. Xhaka looks out of form and off the pace. The midfield is just not balanced and it has no vision for what it wants to be. Our club, under Wenger, has zero identity. Really sad, especially when you consider what the football looked like when Wenger arrived.

Wenger threw Sanchez on for the banter. It tells you a lot that he’s willing to risk his star man to show a non-league sides fans a good time. Some call it classy, I’d say it’s the sort of behaviour a manager who gives zero fucks engages in, or a manager who knows the season is over. Either way, I’m thankful he didn’t pick up an injury.

The only other talking point was their keeper eating a pie for a newspaper PR stunApparentlylty you could have placed a bet on that before the game. Not sure how ethical that is, especially considering the scrutiny the worlds game is under because of player gambling.

The team now has a 14 day break. Next up is Liverpool. That’s a worry, the giant killers of the league, back in form after some dodgy results. Watching that today, you have to wonder what’s going to happen there. The only thing Wenger will be thankful of is that the team don’t play at home for over a month. Game after that is Bayern and I think us qualifying means the Leicester game will be moved.

I was listening to the Football Weekly pod earlier, interesting to hear Sid Lowe breeze over the idea of Wenger taking on the Barca job, he said…

‘Some are saying maybe Madrid dodged a bullet after going hard for him in 2003’

He also said the problem at Barca is they have no identity. Not sure you’d be heading to Arsene for that. He reckons the front runners are Valverde (Bilbao), Sampaoli and Tuchel. All managers with exciting visions, all managers you’d be pleased about at Arsenal.

Anyway, dreams. Two weeks until the next game. I’m looking forward to seeing what Jardim does for Monaco when they play City this evening!

See you in the comments.

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  1. GG


    It’s not only the bayrens of this world that would have beaten us 5-1

    Monaco would have given it a good run

  2. Wallace

    credit to City for not panicking, but they were outplayed for large parts of that game. incredible performance from Monaco.

  3. Olumide

    Watching these games would make an Arsenal fan see how far we have regressed. Watched PSG against Barca and it was obvious we could never have played that well. Some are still celebrating 2-1 win over Barca till today when we lost the tie.

  4. raptora

    Don’t be this quick on judgements boys. Every team goes through a tough patch. A month and a half ago people were sure than the two Man City teams won’t be in top 4. Now everyone says that us and Pool won’t make it. Just like City had won the league in their first 8 games or so. Talking about bandwagoning.

  5. Paulinho

    All these teams have flaws defensively but they play with such purpose and verve.

    Arsenal, under Wenger, are shit defensively – like these teams – but also tense and tentative on the ball, so we get none of the compensative pleasure that comes from supporting an attacking side with a fragile spine.

    Wenger is so embarrassingly inferior to nearly every half decent manager in Europe, and it becomes more blindingly obvious whenever we see these other teams go head to head.

  6. Samir

    Such a shame we’ve missed out on all these wonderkids.

    Why couldn’t we have got a few of them:
    Ousmane Dembélé
    Dele Ali
    Gabriel Jesus
    Bernardo Silva
    Kylian Mbappé

  7. Cesc Appeal

    There really is no point in coveting players when you would put them in a dysfunctional system here. Missed players for us are essentially lucky misses for those young talents.

    Great game of football though, Monaco were very shaky at the back, however. Looking forward to seeing Sampaoli’s Sevilla tomorrow night.

  8. WengerEagle

    You have to remember that while they both were defensively porous, a large reason for that we because both teams were committing so many men forward which is why we were treated to do many goals.

    Reminds me of Barcelona’a 4-3 win at the Bernabeu 3 years ago, last time I’ve seen such an exhilarating match and defending just wasn’t on the menu.

  9. Wallace

    of the younger players Mbappe was the one who stood out for me. the c*nt’s only just turned 18. Bakayoko also a force. loved how they just swarmed into attack.

  10. WestLondonGoon

    Monaco played brilliantly going forward, but at 2-3, or even 3-3, a top manager would have killed the game and taken City back to France for the return leg.

    That’s the difference between playing in the French league and playing in Europe; for me, that’s just shown Jardim up as not yet being what we need.

  11. karim


    Don’t think so. See you in a fortnight.


    That’d be very surprising after what we witnessed tonight, wouldn’t it ?

    City scored 5 goals out of their 6 shots on target though !

  12. WengerEagle


    He’s come on leaps and bounds this season, very much the lynchpin of the side.

    This team has so much potential, sad that they’ll likely be ravaged by the bigger clubs this summer.

  13. Wallace

    “Best game I’ve seen this season. The defending at times has been terrible but the attacks have been brilliant. City stuck at it and kept going and they deserve credit. We’re in for another classic in three weeks because both teams will play the same.”

    – Chris Waddle

  14. karim


    I think it shows Jardim wanted his team to score another goal or 2 and kill the tie, can’t blame him, they looked more than able to do that.

    Subasic and Falcao’s pen are more to blame imo.

  15. Samesong

    Subasic and Falcao’s pen are more to blame imo.

    Yeah Karim that penalty would of broke City a little if he had scored.

  16. Bamford10

    West London

    One, who plays better football — Monaco or Arsenal?

    Two, which manager is getting more out of his players (young or old) — Jardim or Wenger?

    To ask these questions is to answer them: Monaco play better football; Jardim is the better manager.

  17. WengerEagle

    Aguero’s goal was the turning point, after that Monaco were visibly tiring and were holding on.

    If Falcao buries that chance at 4-3 then it’s a different story though.

  18. Dissenter

    West London,
    “Monaco played brilliantly going forward, but at 2-3, or even 3-3, a top manager would have killed the game and taken City back to France for the return leg. That’s the difference between playing in the French league and playing in Europe; for me, that’s just shown Jardim up as not yet being what we need.”

    This Monaco side would have beaten us home and away…easily
    Jardim is better manager than the Wenger of 2017.

  19. Wallace

    no way City are keeping a clean sheet in Monaco. if Jardim can tighten up his defence a little they’re still in with a great chance.

  20. WestLondonGoon


    No, I agree, I’m not saying that Jardim isn’t getting more from his players, I think it’s more a comment on the French league. I can’t think that too many French teams would have come back like that against Monaco in their own league, but in Europe it’s a different story; just as it would have been if Falcao had scored the pen to make it 3-1 just after half time.

    Obviously, Monaco are a young team and just wanted to carry on charging forward, a bit like we have done in the past, and there didn’t seem to be much coming from the bench to get them to slow the game down a bit. But, hey, they ran spuds ragged in the group stage, so this might not have been a good game to take in isolation.

    Personally, I’m looking for a new manager to bring us a bit more organisation, especially defensively, so I’m currently favouring someone like Allegri, but don’t get me wrong, I’d take Jardim over Wenger every day of the week.

    Let’s face it, the Monaco we saw tonight will be picked apart in the next transfer window!

  21. Danish Gooner

    Is Toure a free agent in the summer ???? If he is he would be a massive upgrade on our turgid midfield but hey ho i would give my left nut for a midfield of bakayoko,fabinho and silva.

  22. Danish Gooner

    City away and home are two very different animals an injury to Aguero and they could be seriously fucked in Monaco.

  23. Carts


    I would like to think that we could sell more than half in a window, but a fire sale of that magnitude wouldn’t happen at any other club in the world, tbh.

    I think 4-5 this summer 2017; 2 more in Jan 18; Then 4-5 next summer,

    I’d entertain the idea of loaning some players out if we struggled for a buyer, as well.

  24. Carts

    Jardim was a bit naive there. A two goal margin in any case isn’t bad, though

    I think Jardim wanted to go for the kill, but the fact this tie is over two legs shows that he probably should’ve halted his guys at 3-3.

  25. Danish Gooner

    This tie is far from over but how nice to see a manager like Jardim going for the kill,no respect just plain ferocious desire that is every ingredient in a young talented side that isnt suffering mental weakness like Arsenal.

  26. Danish Gooner

    Kylian Lottin will set the world alight only 18 years of age,we can not afford to miss out on him if we will have to pay 80 mil uncle Usmanov could front us the money or better still we off load all the dross like feo,debuchy etc.

  27. WestLondonGoon

    At the start of the game I commented that I liked how they were brave enough to go 4-4-2 , I wonder in retropesect, whether a change of formation after the third Monaco goal would have made them harder to break down? Is Jardim that tactically flexible or is it just something that he wouldn’t need to use when his team are steam rolling just about everyone in their own league?

  28. Dissenter

    That Wenger-out banner at the anti-Trump march was a piece of genius campaigning.
    It’s going to get a lot of free air-time tomorrow.

  29. Jeff

    I must admit I laughed so much at the candour of whoever it was that put up the “Wenger Out” at the Trump rally. That was just sheer genius.

  30. Rhys Jaggar

    OK, Mr Wood, you want Walcott out, but your argument lets you down.

    1. Walcott was injured for two seasons so it is really 100 goals in 8 seasons, or around 12 goals a season.
    2. Comparing him to Henry is ridiculous. Whatever Wenger may have said, Walcott has played overwhelmingly out wide. So you want comparisons for scoring, use Parlour, Ljungberg and Pires. Until Walcott starts 150 games central striker, forget Henry….of course he does not have the technical quality of Pires, just compare goalscoring…..

  31. peanuts&monkeys

    the whole world appears to be playing better than Arsene’s pack of donkeys. All AKBs too agree on that, but still want their godfather to keep screwing Arsenal fans’ happiness.

    even sutton was better than Arsene’s FC

  32. peanuts&monkeys

    I have taken to Leipzig this season. Hoping the team does a Leicester. Also, hoping their owners will not do a Kroenke on the fans by selling their on-demand players to Real and Munich in summer.

  33. James wood

    Yes there was some good young talent on show last night,
    when you watch a game like last night ,our grinding football
    really pisses me.
    The question again arises how inept our scouting machine
    is.I mean Cohen Bramall from Hednsford town(and good luck to him)
    is hardly a known young talent from across the water.
    Have we got a scout of any note?
    Who was the last young dream player we signed?

    As regard Walcott I’m another Mr Wood who would like him gone
    Making him captain was a piss take by Wenger to the fans
    Yes he got the goal but if he had missed a sitter like that.Well.
    And what is it with the Walcott glare,he looks fuckpin stupid.

  34. seg

    For a player that does practically nothing else, 100 goals in all competitions in a decade is poor returns IMO. And if Wenger were not still the manager, Walcott would be long gone. Remember when Wenger said Walcott at seventeen has more talent than Messi at seventeen? Wenger apparently believes this, that’s why he here.