Replacement shortlist looks uninspired | FA Cup gods on Wenger’s side

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Good news is the papers seem to now have switched tact, realising the worm is turning, it’s no longer about publishing stories about selfish Arsenal fans, it’s now about talking of the inside track they’ve all got with the most silent board in history.

The one doing the rounds in The Sun is that Josh and his dad Stan have written off Diego Simeone because of his temper. Just can’t see that sort of conversation filtering down to a newspaper. Same article also said they’d like Theirry Henry in the setup, which I’d be totally game for. Having explayer presence around the club is cool, but again, I’m game for this providing he ditches his TV duties.

Manuel Pellegrini has also been linked to the club, but for the life of me I can’t understand why we’d want to go there. It’s a regressive move. You don’t sign a coach that one of your rivals binned because they wanted something more modern. I appreciate the job he did at City, but one of the constant nags I had about him was the lack of motivation he could extract from those players. We have a problem with lazy egos and I’m not sure the mild-mannered Chilean is what we need.

Finally, topping the group of, ‘oh my, that’d flatline me’ is Rafa Benitez. Now, he’s an exMadrid, Chelsea, Inter and Liverpool manager. But look, he’s just a good manager. He’s not exceptional. He never won the league for Liverpool despite choking hard twice. Chelsea fans hounded him despite winning a European trophy. He took over from Mourinho at Inter and f*cked it all up. Then he had an ill-fated experience at Madrid that lasted about 3months, clouded in player arguments and some dodgy performances.

I don’t want managers on the decline, I want managers on the ascension. Or a manager doing something really interesting that no one else is doing. We should be picking from two batches.

The Established Elite:

Ancelotti, Simeone, Allegri

Manager on the up

Sampaoli, Sarri, Jardim, Tuchel, Hassenhutl, Favre, Emery

Managers to pass on:

Howe, Koeman, Benitez, Pelligrini, Blanc

Names for the backroom

Paddy V, Thierry, Jens Lehmann

Anyway, those are my thoughts. As it stands, I think it’d be hard to better those lists, but happy to hear your suggestions in the comments. We need to be ambitious with our change, but for me, that isn’t reviving an old boys career or going for something that feels obvious. We need to upgrade the way we approach the game. That means giving more power to those the club already have, like Shad F and Steve B (who I’d definitely keep).

That means filling in the infrastructure gaps. Most top clubs work with a DoF or a general manager type figure. How would that work at Arsenal? I don’t know. But I think you need to have a stable figure who can oversee the vision and help make sure we’re always pushing those marginal gains. The scouting department desperately needs modernising. The way we use data needs to be improved. The way we do analysis in general needs to improve.

Another major upgrade for me would be to reassess how we look at wages. Looking at our squad, compared to Spurs… you really have to work hard to understand how their wage bill is a full £80m less than ours. Let’s move on the expensive dross and work out a way of paying players what they’re worth.

Right, I don’t have huge amount on the Sutton game. Our kids would beat them, make no mistake about that. They’re on a cup run, it’s just that. Their league form is poor. This won’t even be a game this evening.

The most interesting part about it seems to be the growing angst online about some of the banners, sorry, A4 sheets of paper that are being handed about. Fans going there are going to make a visual protest. Do I blame them? No. Wenger is talking like he’s going to grip onto power until his last breath, saying this yesterday.

“Ferguson has some other interests in life and he was older [when he retired] than I am today,”

“He was four years older. He retired at 71 and I’m 67.”

When asked whether he was going to carry on until 71 he said.

“Maybe more, maybe less, I don’t know. Everybody is different. I do not want to take anything away from Ferguson, he was an absolutely unbelievable manager, but he had enough. He had enough. And I’m not at that stage.”

I’m game for Wenger carrying on somewhere else until he’s 90, but I don’t want him indulging himself at Arsenal. Time is up on that one, if he needs to constantly be reminded the fans don’t want him here next season, so be it. Arsenal fans have been pretty forgiving up until now, like fans of no other club would be, time to move on.

The manager earns £8.5m a year, he’s not volunteering to do this out of love. It’s out of relevance and his fear of ending his career. It’s pure selfishness. If he starts getting the ‘one Arsene Wenger’ bollocks he’ll put his signature on that piece of paper. If he wins the FA Cup, he’ll do the same. We need to move him on and that starts by making sure we don’t start feeling guilty about a man who is not performing.

Right, enjoy the game if you’re going, see you in the comments.


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  1. Pedro

    Ethan, very much doubt they’re hiring Wenger mark II. You can tell that by who they’ve been talking to already. Hassenhutl, Allegri, Tuchel etc…

    The Italian would be the best move imo. Don’t think the club is concerned about spending, as long as it’s within their limits.

    Cut the wage bill, ship out the dross, make some smart moves. It’ll be different post Wenger. Especially if they get a DoF.

    Really hoping they sack the board as well.

  2. Ethan-gunner

    im trying pedro ..

    pretty hard to keep a lid on it when every comment i make is greeted by loser , moron , F### off etc 🙂

    i know owing up to the truth is hard to take .. but dont shoot the enlightened 🙂

    …..don’t know why you keep it up .. your destine for much more …
    couldn’t you land a job as sports writer now ??? your talent is wasted dealing with the delusional , and
    the heavily sedated here .

  3. GG

    Because every comment you make is wrong. Contradicted by you in the same post or a few posts later or you change the parameters of your trying to prove.

    You’ve been called by numerous posters on here and you’ve been nothing short of aggressive. Condescending. Abusive.

  4. Pedro

    Joe, the only commonality seems to be that you are constantly at the heart of people’s upset.

    Maybe there’s something in that?

  5. China

    I disagree on pat rice. It had become clear in his final years his was merely a ceremonial position. Sitting next to wenger with a concerned expression and only speaking when spoken to.

    He’s a legend but was a total yes man. I’m not convinced he was contributing anything meaningful to our club as n2

  6. Ethan-gunner

    gg like every other comment you make ,
    you obviously were telling porky pies when you said youd finished with me !!

    i would go back to yesterday when you clearly stated you hope we lose .. and lose every game until wenger goes …

    and by stating 0-3 and then said a score line of 0-2 flatters them , you obviously
    dont have a good grip on your team ..

  7. GG

    Did you even watch the game?

    How’s predicting 3 nil and then saying 2-0
    Is flattering as the game progressing have to do with each other? ?

    One is before the match and the other is a comment while watching the match

    It’s quiet simple

  8. Pedro

    Joe, when you state you want the club to lose, you’re taking the worst position possible in football. When you spend the day attacking people for being AKB, you should expect bullets fired back.

    … but Ethan, just leave it. Make it look like a war on here.

  9. GG

    and by stating 0-3 and then said a score line of 0-2 flatters them , you obviously
    dont have a good grip on your team .

    Hahahaha you don’t even make sense

  10. Follow the money

    The entire team and staff are all yes men. Why do you think Wenger shunned Vieira? Anyone who had criticized Arsenal or Wenger in the past is banished. Even those who are not critical but show Wenger’s failings like Keown are banished. This is why the team is mentally weak

  11. China

    Assistant manager at Arsenal is an absolute dream job because you get paid a good salary to have front row seats. The only requirement is to look concerned all the time and repeat whatever the lord says whilst nodding a few times a game

    On the other hand it sounds kinda like a weird surrealist nightmare job so dunno

  12. GG

    Joe, when you state you want the club to lose, you’re taking the worst position possible in football.

    Not when it comes to Arsenal and wenger.

    It’s a unique situation like
    No other in sport.

  13. Pedro

    China, it’s probably the worst. Knowing you have to stick it out to pay the bills… but knowing you have no power.

    FTM, no idea, maybe because he’d speak out… you can’t control the opinion of a man who earned 6 figure weekly money. Bouldy didn’t have that luxury.

  14. China

    Wenger during the AM interview process:

    ‘Do you frown a lot?’


    ‘Am I basically Jesus to you?’


    *reaches out hand*

    ‘When can you start?’

  15. Ethan-gunner

    you know what they say pedro , follow the money trail ..
    money is the root of all evil .

    for arsenal and the management it was always too little too late as far as spending is concerned .. sanchez was a bonus though !!! and needs to be retained … but you know what happens to all our stars , a few years of winning nothing and off they pop … the head starts turning , the rumor start rolling . and then its start again …

    man shitty set the bar when they injected 200 mil in a season for top class players .. then slow to react AFC HAD to follow suit …

  16. China

    I’ve no idea what AM earns but I’d hazard a guess it pays those bills and has a pretty penny left over for expensive whisky to drown your work related sorrows so I guess it evens itself out

  17. GG

    He has all the power. He say when he goes.

    Only thing that makes him go is Fan dissent and completely blowing it the rest of the season

    Ans trust me any sort of opening he will sign. Because there are so many fans out there who have already forgotten about the Munich game because we beat Sutton 2-0.

    That’s the problem

  18. TonyD

    Deacon MOM

    First goal hopeful pass into the box aimlessly going in the corner of the net

    Misplaced passes all over the pitch especially by Chambers

    Deja Vu – Groundhog Day = Totally boring unless you are a Sutton fan

    Can we gain anything from this match?

    Only that the ‘ Wenger should leave’ point only grows further in strength.

    Deacon MOM says it all right there.

  19. GG


    Arsenal and wenger situation is 100% detached from all of football

    Name one other manager who has as much power as wenger does at Arsenal and calls his own shots about when he leaves

  20. GG


    On FB and twitter.

    There are 1000s of people hoping we lose
    To get rid of wenger. Even on here there have been 10-20
    Posters saying the same thing. It’s not just me.

    It’s 1 step back to take 1000 forward

  21. Ethan-gunner

    you know what they say pedro , follow the money trail ..
    money is the root of all evil .

    HAHAHA follow the money i swear i didnt see your post !!!!!

    but your name is spot on !!!!

    love it

  22. GG


    And bould would
    Have no say in any tactical sense for the team

    How we set up. How we train. What we doduring the match. Who we buy. How we play a team or that team.

    Fergie Jose all top
    Coaches use their AMs

    Fergie changed up his baxkroom staff all
    The time to keep it fresh

  23. Ethan-gunner


    but you know what happens to all our stars , a few years of winning nothing and off they pop … the head starts turning , the rumor start rolling . and then its start again …

    and that above statement said by some genius 🙂 is the very reason you cant compare arsenal players with the chavs , they dont have that problem …

    we do , start winning and the dollars will go further , and we will attract a better class of player .. and retain players for years then you can appraise cost , as most of the chavs where bought at a time when the player was cheaper ..

    not a forced buy that we have to pay through the nose for !!!!!!
    and thats all ill say about costs because one i never said compare the chavs to us ..
    it was man shitty spending !!!

    and 2 the whole thing was said by a deranged individual with an agenda to make wenger look like a tit …

  24. Ethan-gunner

    wow its the fickle twins

    outta here !

    ill give you 2 some time alone 🙂

    use a condom … wouldnt want an more of you traitors created 🙂

  25. GG

    No game for two
    Weeks now until Liverpool.

    And our Leicester match has been postponed because of the FA cup match.

    Then brom and another 2 week break
    I’m assuming intl break.

    Lots of chances to announce the contract when fans won’t be headed to
    The stadium

  26. TonyD

    From Mail Sport:
    Asked if was a case of job done, he replied: ‘Yes, against a side that was astonishing.

    ‘They are basically in division five and they are 17th out of 24. I will never go down there (to manage) because it is too difficult.

    Mr Wenger, then why do you think you can manage a Premier Division team?

    Read more:
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  27. TonyD

    Wenger also admitted he was caught out by Sutton’s display and believes that justified naming such a strong side, with the likes of Shkodran Mustafi, Granit Xhaka and Lucas Perez also starting and Alexis Sanchez coming off the bench.
    ‘(I was surprised) by the speed of their game,’ he said.
    ‘The fact they never stopped going until the end and compared to 20 years ago these teams are fit now and can play at the pace of the Premier League, maybe before they collapsed in the last 20 minutes, that is finished.

    Sums up Wenger’s preparation for the game then!!!!!!!!!!

    Read more:
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  28. GG

    Wenger still doesn’t have a clue about or adapt to lower league teams even though he lost to bham, Blackburn, Bradford and Wednesday in recent times

    Shows how clueless he really is.

    Can’t prepare for Bayern and can’t prepare for Sutton.

    But yeah it’s kronke and the boards fault. Wenger’s not responsible.

  29. GG

    What happened to players being mentally jaded..Oh i forgot, that returns for the

    Saving that for when we play Liverpool and Bayern again

  30. PieAFC

    Lewisham, deptford the place of beauty,haha…..

    My necks of the woods. Hence found that Bermondsey tweet quite funny.

    Oh we were shite. Players have lost any edge, Wenger needs to come out and say what’s happening for everyone involved with the club.

  31. Vinca rosea

    Wob- arsenal should lose to put fan pressure on Wenger
    Akb- real fan don’t want arsenal to lose ..I am a season ticket holder for 50years.
    Wob- but arsene would then likely get top 4 /fa cup and will likely sign a new contract
    Akb- the board should fire Wenger , they’re all about the ££s, only fan pressure would push them to take action. You can’t blame Wenger for taking the ££s
    Wob- therefore arsenal should lose to put pressure on Wenger ….
    Akb- but real fans blah blah….And so it goes ……

  32. Wallace

    “Assistant manager at Arsenal is an absolute dream job because you get paid a good salary to have front row seats.”

    those seats are awful. they’re actually a metre or so beneath pitch level so your depth perception’s f*cked.

  33. Wallace

    can’t wait for the Monaco vs Man City game tonight. first chance to watch some of these Monaco kids, and right now Jardim’s got to be near the top of most lists to replace Wenger. up until this season you could have concerns about his teams maybe being too cautious but 76 goals in 26 league games this year kinda blows that one out of the water.

  34. Wallace

    “As a spectator, it is so nice to see them,” Guardiola said. “I am really impressed how good they are. The full-backs play like wingers, the wingers play like attacking midfielders. The two strikers are fighters – Falcao and Germain, they are killers in the box. Both holding midfielders – Silva and Bakoyoko – are intelligent, physically strong. A complete team. It is the most successful team in Europe in terms of scoring goals and a tough draw.

    “I’m looking forward to playing against them and seeing what our level is and I just have compliments because they are a really good team. I know how tough PSG can be in the French league. Yet this season Monaco are top, four or five points ahead, and that shows how good a job Jardim has done.”

  35. mysticleaves

    i would have traded the FAC victory yesterday if it meant Wenger would hve walked.

    Anyone still wishing for Wenger wins or supporting him that may prolong his stay with The Arsenal is actually the spud and chav and city fan, not Steve or Joe or Red and White

  36. Confidentgoner

    We won, despite our average display. Wenger is just marking time. I don’t see him winning the FA cup. Simply because in the final, he will meet with Jose or Conte. These managers know how to beat him. The only way we’d win is if we win on penalty shoot out.

    After watching M-Niles short display yesterday, if any fan has doubts about his game in that CDM position, such a person has to look himself in the mirror.

    Niles is by far our best DM today. Far better than Coq, much better than Elneny who uptil date I fail to see his purpose.

  37. Jeff

    I thought we were woeful last night for much of the game. It just goes to show you that a wage bill of 192m compared to 400k doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything when Wenger is at the helm.

  38. Confidentgoner


    Wage bill can only take you some distance. Match day strategy, fitness , tactics goes a long way and we know our glorious leader does not do those things.

    We are simply wasting or wasted money on many players. Arsenal is a comfy couch for many of them and they know it. Theo , OX, Elneny, Ramsey, Giroud, Gibbs, Gabriel, Coq, Jenkinson. Debuchy wanted to go at one point but Wenger refused, so I will leave his name out, although he has been a sick note.

    We have a club that pampers average players, and the only reason Wenger does this is to buy off their loyalty.

  39. Dream10


    Yep. City-Monaco has the chance to be a terrific match. Don’t think Jardim will start Mbappe tonight, as he’ll opt for Germain’s work rate to balance out the predatory instincts of Falcao. If Monaco produce a classic performance tonight, every one of their players will have 20m extra put on their price tag (bad news for us lol. wish they played a lower profile team for selfish reasons). Guardiola prefers a mobile front line, so that may mean Aguero back on the bench eating sunflower seeds with Bravo, Fernando and the rest of the lads. Matches like these are where you wish Arsenal had an owner who will invest heavily in the market to propel your side. Many of Monaco’s players have a chance to have top careers like many of those in the Ajax of ’95 side.

  40. China

    Wenger is such a pillock

    He knows Sanchez isn’t impressed by this shit so is happy to stir the pot and make him seem like the prime candidate

    Anyone but him. Not wenger. It was the players’ fault. Again.

  41. China

    I haven’t watched Monaco lately so no opinion from myself, but it sounds like we should be looking in their direction for squad/managerial improvements

    Even if they win the league I can’t see top players being loyal in the long term to a comparatively small club like them if bigger clubs come knocking (are we even bigger than them these days??? Lol)

    Teams like that are ripe for picking off, like strong Dutch teams, silverware in their own league can only be so enjoyable…

  42. Wallace


    “Many of Monaco’s players have a chance to have top careers like many of those in the Ajax of ’95 side.”

    yeah, just been reading up and watching videos of Bakayoko. Vieira-like in his relish for the physical stuff combined with the driving runs forward. very impressive.

  43. China

    I never really subscribed to the school of thought that we should’ve replaced vieira with like for like – firstly because PV4 was an incredibly unusual player combining such technical quality and physical quality too, as well as intelligence. I felt like cesc was a really different but equally effective CM in what he brought to the team. But since we lost cesc we have neither a Vieira nor a Cesc quality CM and having neither is out of the question imo

    Our squad isn’t tall enough or physically imposing. That’s only acceptable if you have incredibly technical players but frankly I see very few of those in our setup so we’ve short changed ourselves on both fronts

    If this Monaco cm is all that then Arsenal should go in for him seriously in the summer

  44. China

    Damn I’m now dreaming of if we’d managed to keep cesc and signed Santi to play with him. Then if we got a beast of a DM we could’ve had a ridiculously effective central midfield 3. Ozil can sit on the bench :p

  45. Ethan-gunner


    Pv 4. Those were the days ,
    It probably was the days fans could chat without having to head butt each other too