Arsene Wenger and his terrible straw men

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Currently watching 6th place Hertha Berlin beating Bayern Munich (last second goal to Bayern in the end). Quite amazing. They aren’t so good when a team plays with aggression, structure along with a bit of strategy.

Anyway, Arsene Wenger dropped an absolute horror show of a press conference. It was like watching the Whitehouse prezzer the day before. Clearly hoping to distract from the 42 vehicle car crash in Munich, he came out swinging like yer da after 13 pints of WKD Blue.

‘No matter what happens, I will manage next season, whether here or elsewhere,’

That line was the absolute headline stealer. That said two things to me, either he’s thinking the club are going to retract the contract. Or, he’s just done with the bollocks at Arsenal and he wants to pitch up elsewhere.

As I’ve said on many occasions, Arsene Wenger has pretty much nothing outside of football. He has a grown-up daughter, no wife and no hobbies (Alex Ferguson had horses). He’s just a super rich old man with only football, and that means leaving it is super scary. He’ll also be fully feeling the heat of mortality. Quite often, powerhouse people don’t last very long after hanging up the boots of leadership. You don’t get the same adrenaline from going to the paper shop, your brain isn’t pushed like it is when you’re working and you don’t have the same status.

He’ll die in the dugout, that much is clear. It’s the way he’d probably want it as well. It’d be fitting for a man who gave his soul to the great game.

However, people, please. He’s not picking up the Real Madrid job. They’re 4 clear at the top of La Liga with 1 game in hand. Their coach is a club legend who is working wonders with an incredible squad. They’re also 3-1 up in their CL tie. Not just that, Madrid sign winners. Wenger is not a winner. He’s not been relevant to their shortlist since 2004.

That’s the same for most top clubs people think he’d land a gig at. Bayern, PSG, United, Chelsea, City, Milan, Juventus… they ALL demand Champions League progress. That’s why they exist. Arsene Wenger said this.

“As much as it hurts to lose games, if you look at the history of Arsenal, the club had less Champions League games when I arrived than I had in my career already,”

Dropping straw man records that when put in the context of NEVER winning the competition look embarrassingly redundant. Who, outside Stan K, cares that you’ve played a lot of games in a competition you’ve had 1 final, and two semis? Not many. Well, that’s unfair, Spurs might like that, same for Everton. Wenger moved the club into the elite, and that was amazing. But the stadium move reset the bar, so we were no longer grateful for just existing in the elite, we wanted to be the elite.

“And I hope in the future that we can win this trophy — or that Arsenal can win this trophy — but it’s not like before I arrived that Arsenal had won the European Cup five times. They had never won it. And they had played maybe 10 games in the history of the club. So you have to have some perspective.”

Again, another argument that doesn’t stand up to the rigour of analysis. A totally political statement. The Champions League back in the day was the European Cup and you could only access it if you won your league. Arsene Wenger would have played 10 games if that were the case, maybe even less because it was a straight up knockout. Not only that, we were banned from the cup one year because of the thug issue in our game. We’d have qualified by today’s standards 6 out of ten times in the decad preceding Wenger. Not as good as Wenger, but not bad. Also worth mentioning that Wenger won just one more league trophy than GG. We were and have always been a top club.

“Even if I go, Arsenal will not win every single game in the future,”

“But I care about this club. I care about it’s future and it’s very important that this club is kept in safe hands, whether that is with me or somebody else.”

So another straw man argument that reads kind of pointless. Who has asked for the new manager to drop an unbeaten season? No one. That’s not the issue Arsenal are challenged with at the moment. We need a manager who can upgrade the club. Better training methods, a footballing philosophy for the modern ages, a pressing vision, tactical fluidity, a man who can keep talent like Alexis at the club, a leader who can teach, discipline and motivate.

Wenger isn’t any of those things anymore. Don’t let people shift the blame onto the board, Wenger is the issue, thboard’sds problem is they’re gutless. If you’re slating the board, it’s a more pleasant way of saying ‘they should have sacked him in 2010.’ Which I agree with, but look, Wenger has a direct relationship with Stan K. Ivan G is not a consideration in this, because if he had the choice, I’m pretty damn sure he’d be moving him on.

Some further reading that might excite you, this is a piece on the DoF over at Sevilla. This is how you see Arsene Wenger’s petulant passive aggressive behaviour when you’re part of the circle of access (or the regime). Here is a piece on a manager who knows how to defend. Plus, some good chat from the ESPN boys here.

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  1. Bamford10

    I like your XI, Wallace, but I would tweak it slightly, as follows:


  2. Bamford10

    Any chance we could get Monaco’s manager this summer? Anyone know much about him? His work there over past few seasons has been impressive on a number of levels, would allow us to tap into French talent pipeline and would provide a certain kind of continuity.


  3. Bamford10

    “Glad to get 70 minutes today to build up my match fitness. Plastic pitch at Sutton isn’t the best idea at the moment. COYG.” – @DannyWelbeck

  4. Dream10


    I doubt Özil and Sanchez will play on the artificial 3g pitch. Koscielny and Bellerin (with his ankle issues this year) as well.

  5. Dream10

    Fully expecting Davey Ospina to be the MoTM tonight. He’s been our best player away from home at the mighty PSG, Bayern. What a guy

  6. HerveDeNerve

    ‘Maybe I can do more than four years, more, maybe less. I don’t know,’ he said.

    ‘I’m not making threats about leaving. My preference is always to manage Arsenal.

    ‘I have shown that throughout my time with the club.

    ‘Alex Ferguson has some other interests in life and he was older than I was today. He was four years older and he retired at 71 and I’m 67.

    ‘Everybody is different on that front. Alex Ferguson was an unbelievable manager but he had enough and I’m not at that stage.’

  7. Red&White4life

    “I doubt Özil and Sanchez will play on the artificial 3g pitch.”

    As soon as he learned that it was an artificial pitch, he asked for a pay rise.
    (one more)

  8. TitsMcGee

    ‘Alex Ferguson has some other interests in life and he was older than I was today. He was four years older and he retired at 71 and I’m 67.”

    Jesus H. Christ

    A) This guy ain’t going anywhere.
    B)He’s absolutely deluded to be comparing himself to Fergie.

    Fergie won the EPL every other season it seemed like with a few UCLs sprinkled in.

    Wenger is on a 13 season drought for the EPL and 0 for 20 on UCL.

  9. TitsMcGee

    “but he had enough and I’m not at that stage.”

    If There was any doubt that he’s mental he’s putting that to rest. He sounds like he wants to go out on top and walk away like Fergs. Unfortunately for us he is incapable of that and we will all have to crash and burn with him while he tries.

  10. Ethan-gunner


    Are you on your period?

    Couldn’t even understand your last babbling mess of a post ,you must have woken up in a cold sweat

    Did you have nightmares ?

    Hopefully it was about me

  11. N5

    you f&%*ing AKB, you find a fault with my knowledge of when the next game of you (losers’ ) team? dont fiucking miss the woods for the trees, u ass! Your licko-dad (wenger) still has a skinny ass which you want to keep in and around at Arsenal for 20 more years, uh!you and your fucking AKB friends got this club from being beaters to absolute losers, you assh*&%^

    peanuts&monkeysFebruary 20, 2017 08:25:54
    @N5, now pray your loser team wins. you suckm AKBs!!”

    Anyone speak moron, so that they can translate this for me?

  12. N5

    Amazing the anger shown by P&M for pointing out that we were playing Sutton tonight and not last Saturday.

    I’d hate to have to tell him anything serious. His reply would be unreadable.

  13. Ethan-gunner

    I can’t even understand that gimp gg
    Got no chance in helping you translate
    Anything most of these guys waffle on about on here unless it’s trolling abuse

    Or Putting words in people’s mouths

  14. Ethan-gunner

    Red n white

    Wengers old
    He’s just tooo old

    He’s old …
    And if the board keeps supporting him
    Who do you blame ?
    Wengers not going to sack himself

    Would you take another 4 million plus for
    Another 4 years or would you say , arrr no I don’t want the cash !!!!

    I’ll let someone else have it ….

  15. N5

    Ethan, that torrent of (I want to say abuse, but can’t really tell) gibberish, was because he said I hope we lose to Sutton on Saturday and I said “that would be a miracle losing tonight considering we’re not playing them.

    That apparently makes me a solid AKB and something about skinny ass? 😀

  16. Frank Mc

    “Amazing the anger shown by P&M for pointing out that we were playing Sutton tonight and not last Saturday. ”

    Unified the “I’m a total cunt” belts….

  17. Holmes


    I think the “something about the skinny ass” comment might have been an invitation to do the ‘no pants dance’, but I might be wrong. I’m so out of touch with the youth of today.

  18. Ethan-gunner

    Yes gg wants too lose every single game even if it takes 4 years whilst Wenger is at the helm

    What a guy huh !!

    Talk about putting the club 1st

    I don’t care who manages the club as long as we win !!! F@@@, hire 1 of the Teletubbies if they have the technique, win 1st
    All else is 2nd

  19. N5

    Ha ha Frank, unanimous decision on the belt winner!!

    Holmes, me old mucka! How are you buddy. Did you see that he said fucking about 35 times but then censored Arseh%^$, I thought that was really kind of him. My child was OK with the fuck, but thank god she didn’t see the word hole!!

  20. Ethan-gunner

    Red n white

    Wenger is old
    How long do you think he can keep it up ?

    Me , I’ve wanted him gone since the ade days …. but it has to be the board keeping him on , who else is to blame ???

    I mean you don’t give up one of the best jobs in football , in fact what manager quits

    ??? Not even moaning-ho quits
    Only people to blame for Wenger and 12 years of not winning is management

  21. Holmes


    Ha ha ha.

    I’m good buddy, hope life’s treating you well? It was kind of him to censor himself in all the wrong places, but what do you expect from the kid? He’s clearly not learnt about using grammar and punctuation yet… I think they do that in year 6 now.

    I was trying to hold out from posting on here until Wenger was gone, but I thought “who am I kidding?” The guys never leaving.

    …Plus I can’t have you taking the AKB $h!t from all angles.

  22. Ethan-gunner

    Let’s face it Wenger will never take the high ground and retire, he earns more in 1 year than most of us will see in a lifetime working … you can’t blame him , you have to blame the low aspirations of the management, and from that I deuce that he ticks the boxes needed to remain as manager ….

  23. Jacko

    ‘Only people to blame for Wenger and 12 years of not winning is management’


    Agree to a certain extent but you don’t think the “one Arsene Wenger” crowd help to perpetuate the problem?

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Perez’s agent has come out and said he needs to leave the club at all costs, kind of sad, not anything special, but I think Wenger has treated him terribly in his short time here, nearly always given a good account of himself, like a better Campbell, for some reason Wenger just does not fancy him, Arsenal, clearly, is not a meritocracy.

  25. Wallace

    liked the Jardim article. definitely a serious contender for Wenger’s job, I’d have thought.

    also, “Lokomotiv Fulham”… 🙂

  26. N5

    Frank, getting there thanks mate. Back working and whatnot now so almost back to being a normal human again. Hope you’re well mate.

    Thanks Holmes mate, keep fighting the good fight tick tock wenger

  27. Ethan-gunner


    As long as them seats are filling up
    You think they care ??

    No if the club really had aspirations to win
    It would have been done years ago …

    Years ago , like I’ve said all along this management keeps supporting mediocrity,
    Because $$$ 1st , winning 2nd

  28. Wallace

    “Spurs fan here — Monaco were easily the most impressive team I’ve seen us come up against this season. So direct, fast, organised, and full of purpose. (City most recently come closest). Very fortunate to keep them to four goals over both games (albeit neither games featured full-strength Spurs XIs). Silva and Babayoko — god damn.”

    – btl on the Guardian’s Jardim article

  29. Ethan-gunner


    It’s not all on Wenger , I think as owners
    The club needs to act ..

    When mourinho didn’t win 1 year Romanov sack him , just 1 year , we suffered 12
    Yet our powderpuff management didn’t know do sh@t !!!!

    I think it makes management 100% responsible, if you have an employee who’s work isn’t on par you sack him right ??

    Either that or you happy with the output??

  30. Ethan-gunner


    Here we go again you want to put the 100% blame on Wenger , the board are in charge of a football club , not a hotdog stand

    They are qualified enough to put every single dollar of their cash into this club you have to assume after years at the helm they know something about football,
    I mean you know something about football and your there in some dark room with a day board with wengers face on it .

    It’s a cop out , Wenger is the hired help
    And if he ain’t up to scratch they would keep handing him new contracts to sign

    Year in year out after 12 years of fails

  31. grooveydaddy


    now Lucas’ agent denies those ‘leave at all costs’ quotes haha

    still, no smoke without fire and all that – the lad must be unhappy with his lack of playing time

  32. Jacko


    Of course he should have been outed long ago. Ideally they should have let his last contract expire or even the prior one come to think of. I doubt anyone here believes the owner and board are interested in anything other than just making up the numbers and turning a profit.

    But Kroenke and Gazidis are not responsible for our recent humiliations or any of the long list that came before.

  33. Ethan-gunner

    Wenger sits on the board, hired the CEO and decides when to go

    he recommended gazidis MUPPET ..
    and if you think wenger hired your F-ing delusional !!

    dont quote me shit about this board i know it well

    here ….

    taken from bbc 2008

    It is evident that he has a wealth of business acumen together with a broad knowledge of football
    Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood

  34. Ethan-gunner

    RedtruthFebruary 20, 2017 14:03:42
    Ethan is in denial like all AKB’s twats.

    better than just making Sh*t up to suit your argument
    being right to you , out weighs reality !

    get a grip ruthy !!!

    you think hillwood , lets people just do what they want at his club back then ??
    your dreaming and know nothing of rich people , how do you think they got rich to begin with , by being a poor manager of money ????

    wake up man !!!!

  35. Ethan-gunner

    this is what wenger said about him

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has praised the appointment of former Major League Soccer deputy commissioner Ivan Gazidis as the club’s new chief executive.

    PRAISED THE APPOINTMENT .. it doesnt say he did it !!! muppet !!!

  36. Frank Mc

    Could a Koeman (insert other prospective managers) do a better job with the annual salary bill, the current squad, the war chest and the training facilities that Wenger has had at his disposal????

    How is it Stan’s fault we wank off?

  37. Ethan-gunner

    stop calling me AKB , i know best ..maybe yes ..

    id agree with that !

    an AKB wouldnt want the F###er gone since 2008 !

    i just know why still is there ! ( you obviously are still trying to grasp the reason why !! )
    as the board is happy with his management of the football side !

    and thats the reason why you have to 100% blame management for thinking $$ 1st
    winning 2nd

    wenger is hired help plain and simple they could sack him if they wanted too !


  38. Redtruth

    They mostly get rich through inheritance like trump…idiot.

    The board are incompetent.fools allowing money to stagnate in the bank.
    Don’t they realise a successful team generates more money for the club….dimwits

    Speculate to accumulate is basic economics…doughnuts.

    Later Ethan ..Wenger

  39. Frank Mc

    “If by some miracle Sutton beat us – does Arsene walk? Nope.”

    Jeff my point earlier to Joe, the bloke is Teflon!

    Ranting like some full blown nutter on a blog achieves fuck all….

  40. TitsMcGee

    Perez’s agent has come out and said he needs to leave the club at all costs, kind of sad, not anything special, but I think Wenger has treated him terribly in his short time here, nearly always given a good account of himself, like a better Campbell, for some reason Wenger just does not fancy him, Arsenal, clearly, is not a meritocracy.”

    Perez is more evidence that Wenger has no rhyme or reason to players he decides to sign or not sign.

  41. Jim Lahey

    @TitsMcGee –

    That is very sad news indeed. I think this is yet another example of Wenger’s ego being a detriment to the club. Lucas Perez is a far better player than most of the regulars in the team such as Walcott, Iwobi, Giroud and Oxlade-Chamerlain, but as he is not a Wenger favourite (I doubt even a Wenger purchase) he has been ostracised from the team.

    Just another reason why even one more year with Wenger in charge would be disastrous.

  42. Frank Mc

    How’s it Wenger’s fault we’ve been average at best for 10yrs????

    Surely a manager with anything about them wants to be successful (ie win things) that’s part and parcel of your philophy?

    With all the resources that Wenger has available to him he’s wanking off, no??

  43. Frank Mc

    @ Jim

    No I’ll tell you what I will stick with Walcott, Sanogo or Welbeck or whoever from Wenger’s long list of favourites…..

    I seriously think Wenger has health issues.

  44. Jim Lahey

    @Frank – I am highly skeptical that he had any input into the purchase of Perez so has gone out of his way to shun him at every opportunity. I doubt he will even feature tonight.

    We have seen he target players in the past for this sort of treatment whether it is freezing them out of the team or playing them out of position.

  45. Jacko


    You say you want Wenger out and that you are not an AKB, yet all you seem to do is defend him by blaming the board for everything?

    If the board are to blame for everything, why don’t you want Wenger to stay?

  46. Jeff

    Notice how the the excuses : “financial doping, stadium and austerity” have now been relegated to the back benches while: “it’s all Stan’s fault” or “the board’s fault” have taken over. Very slick. It’s still not Wenger’s fault – for he is faultless. His body is incorruptible and upon passing three miracles shall be followed by his beatification and sainthood.

    And then the AKB woke up to find a large circular wet grey stain under him and wondered inwardly – that was a good dream; I shall have it again tonight.

  47. GG


    You say you don’t want wenger to stay but you don’t want Arsenal to

    I say one step
    Back this season is what we need to get rid of wenger.

    You think the egotistical cunt walks if we get top 4?

    That is why I
    Want us to lose. To make sure he has no
    Escape route to sign another deal

    This season is over. Is another top 4 finish really worth another 2 years of wenger

    Fuck no

  48. Jim Lahey

    I feel a lot of people who are still very much supportive of Wenger (Hate the term AKB) are doing so as they can’t bring themselves to be seen to be wrong. So instead of admitting that they have been wrong about Wenger I think they force themselves into believing that external factors outside of Wenger are the cause of his footballing demise.

    One of the hardest things a person can do is admit that they were wrong, and for many its a step too far (Wenger included).

  49. GG


    Idiots like Ethan have resorted to 2006 excuses.

    It’s beyond pathetic

    I want wenger out but he’s not responsible.

    I want wenger out but let’s get top 4 again(which means nothing while wenger is in charge).so he signs on

  50. GG



    Made the comparison the other day

    It’s like wallace/Pierre or any akb fucktard has just found out his wife has been cheating on him for 13 weeks seasons. Everyone has been telling him but he stood hard and fought them all the way making every excuse he could for her

    And now he’s found out it all true and he’s been wrong and made to look a right cunt by his wife

    So now they are angry but they still love thier wife and still defend her and make excuses for her

    It’s not her fault. I should have been a better husband.

    It’s the kids fault.

    The jimmy chu shoes weren’t enough. She needed more

  51. Jacko


    I totally understand your reasoning for wanting us to lose, some times it seems like the only way to end the madness.

    Personally I never want us to lose but there is always that strange sense of consolation when we do.

  52. GG


    I never want Arsenal to lose

    It’s not Arsenal Anymore.

    I’m sorry. We are a joke under wenger.

    It’s not our club

    It’s arsene fc. And if his last two pressers don’t point that out for you , I can’t help you

    You keep Hoping Arsenal win and when wenger signs a new deal you are not allowed to botch about it

  53. Jim Lahey

    Just on the idea of dropping out of the top four. Why do we believe this would be the catalyst for Wenger’s departure? The club has suffered far greater indignities by Wenger’s hand than dropping out of the top four and still he remains.

    My fear is that dropping out of the Champions League places would give him the impetus to continue until the club was back to where he believes it should belong. I don’t think winning or losing will be a major factor in his end decision and to be honest I don’t know what would be.

  54. GG


    You think i really want Arsenal to
    Lose? I’ve been Arsenal for over 30 years.

    But it’s come that. It’s not our Arsenal
    Any more. It’s the wenger Circus

    What king of cunt has to defend himself in the media and warp stuff like the CL qualification stuff

    Desperate. Weak. Losers

    Trump and wenger

  55. GG


    We play Liverpool. City. Spurs. United. Stoke away and Everton still.

    How many points out of those 18 do you think we’ll get

    Maybe 6?

    Losing will make him leave. The crowd will be totally against him.

    Losing is the only thing that will make the cunt walk. And out of top 4

  56. Vinca rosea

    Wob- arsenal should lose to put fan pressure on Wenger
    Akb- real fan don’t want arsenal to lose ..I am a season ticket holder for 50years.
    Wob- but arsene would then likely get top 4 /fa cup and will likely sign a new contract
    Akb- the board should fire Wenger , they’re all about the ££s, only fan pressure would push them to take action. You can’t blame Wenger for taking the ££s
    Wob- therefore arsenal should lose to put pressure on Wenger ….
    Akb- but real fans blah blah….

    And so it goes ……