Is Arsene Wenger about to drop the mic?

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There’s a smell in the air, and I think it’s change. Journalists deeply entrenched in all things Arsenal are raising little white flags all over the internet, leading many of us to assume the curtain is coming down on the great man’s long career in the blue and red zipper jacket of The Arsenal.

I don’t want to jump the gun here, because there’s every chance at 9am Wenger will come out swinging, but something feels very different this time.

Wenger is a sensitive man. He can feel the pressure of the fans who don’t sing his name anymore. He can hear the upset andoverspills of passion. He’ll understand the aggressive tone in the questioning he’s been facing. He will read the negative press. I’d also imagine a man of his intelligence knows that he no longer has what it takes to cut it at the highest level.

Bayern Munich wasn’t just a lesson, it was a decapitation for the crime of accepting the status quo. It was one of the most brutal spankings I can remember over the last few years, and look, we’ve all seen a few. Carlo Ancelotti showed how it was done. He pulled Wenger’s trousers down and whipped his legs with a bamboo cane in front of all his friends.

The ashen-faced Wenger in the post-match press conference had nothing. All the excuses he’s hidden behind over the past decade were exposed as mouldy red herring. He had the transfer budget, he had the wage bill, he had the stadium ticking over and he had a clean run of not losing any of his best players. Yet he still came up short. Exactly what many of us had predicted through the money doping years.

08 the same as 10, the same as 13, the same as 16 the same as last night.

The story is that many of his close aides don’t think he’ll carry on. Apparently, there were heated exchanges in the dressing room after the game, some calling it a revolt. The worst thing about this particular schooling are the videos flying around after of players walking as Bayern pressed on, stomping their feet like they’re school children and shouting at teammates instead of tracking runs. The players are done with Wenger, they saw the noose tightening around his neck and they dropped a performance they knew would hoist him so his toes barely touched the ground.

It’s strange. Everything I’ve been pushing for over the last 9 years looks like it could be coming to a head. Do I feel pleased? Absolutely not. As I always said, I’d love to have been proven wrong. Wenger loves Arsenal as much as I do and you do. If anything, he loves the club too much. He doesn’t deserve to be ducking out under a cloud. He deserves the most beautiful send-off. Open top bus, hundreds of thousands singing his name, a guest appearance from Justin Bieber with Mr Eboue in a tigers outfit singing happy birthday. He should have it all for his incredible service to Arsenal.

However, we have some monster games coming up which based on current form could very well see us put out of the top 4. A prediction I feared at the start of the year. He can’t let that happen, he needs to control the story. He has the chance to switch up the narrative. Don’t make desperate fans wait to know the deal. Don’t selfishly sit on a decision that could impact next season. Do the right thing. Call a press conference, announce it’s over and graciously allow the club to move on.

That achieves three things. Firstly, it brings the fans back onside. If they know he’s going, they have the chance to say goodbye. Secondly, it puts the onus back on the players. They can’t not play for him, because the fans will destroy them. Thirdly, it allows the club to hire a manager early and let the succession take place at a good pace.

Fans need to be positive about what the club can do. Don’t listen to the fear brigade, who have for years pretended this debacle wasn’t going on, now play the ‘I’m the rational voice’ card. Do not allow them to convince you that the club hasn’t given a thought to Wenger going.

There’s no way that’s the case, it’s a stupid thought and I’ve been reliably informed it’s a nonsense concocted by people who haven’t been paying attention. Ivan Gazidis has access to some of the finest footballing minds in the world. There is no way a guy in his position hasn’t been thinking this over for at least 3-4 years. Secondly, understand that the new manager will likely take over a club outside the top 4 without a major trophy in 13 years. That is perfect. The exact thing anyone wants. No pressure, low expectations and a sandbox to play in. No CL is pretty much the perfect kickstarter for a new manager these days.

Of course there are going to be teething problems. There would be at any club. Of course it’s going to be difficult teaching a team that receives zero instruction how to think critically and do things properly. But look, nothing is going to be more painful than being stocking filler in the Champions League. Nothing is going to more embarrassing than watching a man 10 years past his sell by date lose out to Leicester. Nothing is going to be as bland as 2 years under a man who has been failing for 10.

Also worth noting that the club had never moved to a 60,000 seater stadium before The Emirates and got the job done on time and on budget, despite many naysayers saying it wasn’t possible. They ended up delivering one of the smartest moves in football construction history right in the mix of the most cataclysmic recession of all time. Not just that, the stadium became the second most profitable in the world and the club also worked out a way to become property moguls. Did anyone see that coming? No. I didn’t think so.

I reckon they can pick out a decent manager with £8m in hand. I reckon they can look at what the smart clubs do and copy it. I reckon they’ve been laying the groundwork for a better Arsenal for many years.

They’ll clear out the old school deadwood coaches. Priromac, Banfield, Peyton and Colbert will be gone. I reckon they’ll attack our f*cking awful scouting network. I reckon they’ll upgrade all the bits Wenger has been controlling with his iron fist. They might bring in a DoF of sorts who can help set the vision for the club and manage the bullshit politics. I hope they retire the board who sit there hoovering up money for their silence. They should replace them with a blend of business and football smarts.

I really don’t think it’s as complicated as certain sections of the media, who have zero business experience, make out. It’ll be a shock to the system, but there are people out there sending rockets to space and curing disease. This is not a real world problem. Put the challenge in perspective.

So just remember, change is a good thing. This freshener is long overdue. The club will not only survive, it will thrive. It might not bring success right away. It might not bring it the season after. But rest assured, we’ll scale heights like you’ve never seen before and it’s going to be a truly exciting rollercoaster ride of promise.

One thing we must be sure never to forget, Arsene Wenger helped make this all a possibility. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

See you in the comments.


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730 Responses to “Is Arsene Wenger about to drop the mic?”

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  1. Ethan-gunner

    Yeah were you happy with the 5-1 dismantling. Or getting spanked by Chelsea and watford. Go back to untold. You’re embarrassing yourself

    yes i realize its just a sport and have other things in my life MORE important …
    time you did too ! your a sad human being if you get worked up by something you cant control !!!

    fucking sad man !!!

  2. Ethan-gunner

    GGFebruary 18, 2017 16:17:05
    You are a traitor by drinking beer and being happy while getting embarrassed every year for a decade.

    well guess what your still here too !

  3. Ethan-gunner

    and again go support another club you whining cry baby ..
    to lsiten too you vomit on your own club is sickening you traitor !!

    id rather you wear another badge … go find the winners that deserve you !!!

    the spuds 🙂

  4. GG

    Is ethan Alex Wallace etc in disguise?

    He’s as boring as them with just as useless point

    You keep saying is go
    Support spuds.

    You haven’t made one valid point


  5. Ethan-gunner

    you opinions mean less than nothing ..
    they wont change the club the only thing you can do is become a turn coat …

    well ….

    you sort of have already, as you ain’t got 1 good thing to say about arsenal , and you call yourself a fan ..

    WHAT A FUCKING JOKE !!!! hahahahahahaha

  6. Ethan-gunner

    not 1 valid point ???

    ive made more than you … i can tell you that , you only need the capacity to read and youll get all of my points ..

    but the main point is if your going to complain about your team .. go support another !!!!!!!

    if you aint got 1 good thing to say about the red and white … go support another

    if you bitch to fellow fans … go shoot yourself 🙂

    or change clubs , because why should i listen too you talk like your a spud , putting the red and white down !!!

    and worst thing is your getting jollies from it !!!!

    your a sick traitor !!!

  7. GG

    if you aint got 1 good thing to say about the red and white … go support another if you bitch to fellow fans … go shoot yourself

    Hahaha the Donald trump of le grove

    not ONE point worth discussing other than the moronic one comparing Arsenal to
    Newcastle and Leeds hahahaha.

    I guess we should be careful what we wish for too ?

    Who could replace him?

  8. Ethan-gunner

    if you could read , i said earlier i hate 90% of what wenger does ..

    never plays his best 11
    plays 2nd rate goalies in cups because he dont value them
    predictable subs at the 60- 70 minute mark

    goes defensive with a 1 goal lead …

    but statistically we are always in the top 4 and show up in the C.L
    things could be worse , everyone loses , and likewise has there winning runs ..

    theres been some players Ive hated … but i back my club , i don’t continually cry about it !!!! your sick .. you need to check out

  9. Ethan-gunner

    RedtruthFebruary 18, 2017 16:36:44
    Ethan has a small club mentality..Go and support West Ham if you’re not interested in winning.

    12 years without a win what are you still doing here you glory hunter ????
    you make no sense ..

  10. GG

    What exactly is top 4? Give me a footballing reason why it’s been good for us to be in the CL under wenger

    We are useless in it and get embarrassed every year.

  11. Ethan-gunner

    RedtruthFebruary 18, 2017 16:33:05
    Trophies are what define a club and give it, it’s history.

    well what the F### are you still doing here then ???
    because a fan sticks with its club , not complains 12 years about it !!!

  12. ArseneisaFraud


    Exactly the gist of what I was about to say.

    Let’s put this way Ethan-gunner:

    What do professional elite aspiring athletes dream of?

    Titles/ finishing first, the knowledge that on that one season you were the best you and your team mates.

    And most certainly not to be just finishing 4th and just participating in the CL, that’s for sure.

  13. Ethan-gunner

    The DoctorFebruary 18, 2017 16:38:38
    Its because of cunts like Ethan that wanker is still here

    well that makes sense , because your still here too .. complaining about your own club you fucking traitor !!

    go support someone on a winning streak .. and stop shitting on your own club ..

  14. GG

    Calls us Glory hunters even though we still support Arsenal for the last 13 years under le fraud

    Hahaha these morons don’t even make sense

    Glory hunters but go support spuds haha

  15. Ethan-gunner

    RedExactly the gist of what I was about to say. Let’s put this way Ethan-gunner:What do professional elite aspiring athletes dream of?Titles/ finishing first, the knowledge that on that one season you were the best you and your team mates.

    yes that happens to 1 club out of 20 every season !!!
    considering we had to pay for a new stadium and had to deal with what we did
    its amazing we even finished every year in the top 4 !!!!

    you cunts would only be happy if we swapped jumpers with the chav’s
    unrealistic spoil’t bunch of girls .!!!

    you all seriously need to go support another club if you put so much hate into it !!

    i think you cunts were all dropped on your heads when you were younger !

    this is not the way a fan should act … your fucking traitors ..


    I MUST WIN ! I MUST !!! well fuck off it aint life … grow up

  16. Jacko


    I see another cult member is out on day release. Fuck me, what is wrong with these people.

    Just watching Millwall v Leicester in the cup. Millwall down to 10 men for most of the 2nd half and probably the better team and just taken the lead.

    If only our boys had this kind of fight in them we would be so much better.

  17. Ethan-gunner

    RedtruthFebruary 18, 2017 16:46:01
    EthanGrow a spine and stop being a mouse.
    Powder puff support is the last thing this club needs right now.


    and you think being a traitor and complaining about t helps ???
    no cunt is listening to you mate or they would have already done it by now !!

    only thing you can do is support another club ..

    PLEASE 🙂

  18. The Doctor

    I actually want Wenger to stay. He will lose Sanchez and Ozil and with the annual spankings the whole emirates will abuse him. Can’t wait to watch him be kicked out under utter humiliation

  19. Ethan-gunner

    and im no AKB … we thought the saying up !!!

    and co wrote the rules !!!
    im just not a fucking traitor who hates his own club like you pussies !

    i wouldnt miss a game .. but realize it IS A GAME .. and there has to be a winner
    and 19 losers !!!

    and other clubs have spent more and manU was a freak of nature that won more than it should over the past decade or 2 …
    i also wouldnt lower myself now to talk badly of the club , as wenger is going to go soon anyhow … so whats the point in looking like a treacherous CUNT

    ill leave them honors to you pussies !
    you who call yourself arsenal fans !!!

    HAHAHA what a laugh

  20. Ethan-gunner

    id love wenger to go if it betters the club , but i dont really think its him who makes the big money decisions !

    the board will put in place another AKB clone , and like politics .. (which i said at the start ) will just be ran in the same way but with another YES SIR manager at the helm ..

    you guys are hateful misdirected idiots who know nothing about how big corporations work !!!

  21. GG

    Millwall just beat Leicester

    Leicester can’t buy a result.

    But guess who they will beat in a couple weeks. Everyone’s red headed step child. Wenger.

    And Ethan will be happy drinking his beer.

  22. Marc

    The Doctor

    “I actually want Wenger to stay. He will lose Sanchez and Ozil and with the annual spankings the whole emirates will abuse him. Can’t wait to watch him be kicked out under utter humiliation”

    What a complete and utter prick you are also known as a Spud supporter.

  23. GG

    “I actually want Wenger to stay. He will lose Sanchez and Ozil and with the annual spankings the whole emirates will abuse him. Can’t wait to watch him be kicked out under utter humiliation”


    Don’t worry.

    Man U
    Man city

    All those matches will be enough to completely Humiliate him
    He will have no where to hide.

    I can’t wait to see it.

  24. GG

    What a complete and utter prick you are also known as a Spud supporter.

    No Marc

    You’re a complete and utter prick. You fuck off and support spuds

    Sick of these Wankers like Marc and Pierre etc.

    Wankers like
    You have led us to where we are. You’re to blame just as much as wenger

    So as DT said. please fuck off with wenger. It’s your fault.

    Think they are some sort sort of god like supporter because they won’t boo wenger

  25. Marc


    Sorry didn’t realise you were the CEO of a FTSE 100 company.

    Our spending over the last 5 seasons was £298,340,000 with a net value of £205,890,000. Only Utd and City have spent more and our wage bill is in the top 4.

    Your brilliant insight into the business world is telling us that Kroenke will allow a manager to spend within the clubs resources – that applies to nearly all clubs – Chelsea and City being the exception and Abramovich seems to be moving Chelsea to a sustainable model.

  26. GG


    You sure he’s leaving

    He needs to be hounded out until we know for sure

    Hope it’s gets louder and more vocal.

  27. Marc


    Strange being told to fuck off and support another team by a armchair fan and keyboard warrior.

    I’m a season ticket holder – I pay almost £1500 a season to have an opinion what’s you fucking excuse?

  28. Ethan-gunner

    GGFebruary 18, 2017 17:03:39
    Millwall just beat Leicester Leicester can’t buy a result. But guess who they will beat in a couple weeks. Everyone’s red headed step child. Wenger. And Ethan will be happy drinking his beer.

    but for you im sure its an avenue to complain more !! so keep up the good work you whining prick

  29. Gelbs

    “It is unacceptable for a big club to go 3 years without a League Title.” – Arsene Wenger. And no League Title for Wenger for 13 years and counting.

    “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri. You cannot convince
    people you are ambitious after that. You cannot pretend you are a big club.” – Arsene Wenger. Then loses those two players who wanted out.

    “If we do not deliver in one or two years I will be responsible,” said the Frenchman, whose contract runs to 2011.
    ent Here

  30. Gelbs

    Copy and paste time you fucking cunts!!

    About to destroy the “Wenger had no money to compete” even more. As if Wenger would sign the right players, anyway. Even if he had a 100 million to spend each summer from 2006!
    Look at United’s CL Final win in 2008. Where they also won the League that year, and almost another treble…
    Can you honestly tell me, that Arsenal couldn’t afford these players, or at least of the same calibre, and not compete with the players they had already??
    Van der Sar – 2 million or so.
    Evra – 6 million.
    Vidic – 7 million.
    Brown – Sagna was a better right back.
    Carrick – Gilberto/Diarra (Wenger sold him a few months later!)
    Scholes – Arsenal had Fabregas.
    Hargreaves – right wing in the final… Waste of 20 million, and injury prone and not a wide midfielder anyway!
    Ronaldo – Reyes cost the same, if not more.
    Tevez and Rooney – Probably of afforded Tevez at time. Either way, Adebayor was banging them in that season.

    Vermaelen cost more than Vidic and Kompany. In 2011, Vidal went for around 10.5 million… Arteta, the same price!!

  31. GG


    Sorry for the rant

    But I’m sorry. Wenger deserves no respect.

    Even his last interview was full of disrespect for the fans

    the time for him to go out with respect and a round of applause has passed. His own doing.

    He deserves all the vitriol and hatred he gets.

    It’s on him.

  32. Do one gambon

    The great irony here is as bad as the akbs are they are nothing on the hardcore wobs on here.

    They makes statements like what the fuck is wrong with people and being on day release (at akbs) yet spill the most sickening vile shit imaginable towards wenger .

    You guys honestly see nothing wrong with your mentality?

    Its deranged is what it is.

  33. The Doctor


    I actually miss George. He was a proper manager and loved our club more than wanker ever did. I wish Wenger had never been appointed.

  34. Ethan-gunner

    MarcFebruary 18, 2017 17:12:20
    JoeStrange being told to fuck off and support another team by a armchair fan and keyboard warrior.I’m a season ticket holder – I pay almost £1500 a season to have an opinion what’s you fucking excuse?

    i got a set of eyes just like you .. i pay for my cable ..
    and i dont have to put up with cunts like you shouting abuse in my ear either ..
    plus im sure ive been a fan longer and paid more !!!

    i definitely are more intelligent than you and more realistic about life than you
    and dont hate fellow fans like you .. your a fucking traitor to the red and white ..
    id go get tickets to a war movie at least you will feel like a winner there ..
    better still go to another club where the tickets cost less .. you might not get so uptight about being on the losing end ..

  35. Marc


    I want Wenger out, I differ from you view in that I do value what he’s done for the club historically but that doesn’t give him the right to hang around for ever. He’s outdated, behind the times, a dinosaur or what ever you want to call it but to actually want Arsenal to lose matches so he doesn’t just leave but he’s humiliated is bonkers. Talk about cut your nose off to spite your face.

    Don’t we want Arsenal to be an attractive proposition to other managers when time comes?

    Don’t we want the club to be able to give a new manager the maximum resources we can?

  36. Gelbs

    Your Comment HereGelbs May 28, 2007 at 8:53 am
    Quite simple really. You predict something by going on facts. 3 years we been shit. Last 2 certainly. Just because Wenger says “We got great potential” etc people pathetically believe him. If this team finished 2nd and a few points off the champions, then I would say we could win the title next season. Spurs’ fans are prolly saying similar shit like how they’re gonna finish higher next season etc. Yet most Arsenal fans would scoff at that and say what shit it is. When it is the exact same situation as us. No evidence at all it is gonna get any better. Not in the short term anyway. Pretty sad really. As if this team is gonna improve next term by 20 odd points etc. Be the same old story even with RVP and Henry back. Shit at corners, same 1 dimensional stuff, overplaying it, dropping points to crap teams etc as well as not enough goals from the midfield. Why on earth would it get any better significantly?!

  37. steve


    “It will fascinating to see how arsenal react post wenger
    . Maybe kroenke will break with tradition and actually try and win something”


    Yeah it’s not like Kroenke gave Wenger £90m to spend last summer or so. Moron.

    I see that cunt Ethan is celebrating the “we beat Chelsea on aggregate” trophy. Fucking loser.

  38. Gelbs

    Gelbs April 28, 2007 at 3:39 pm
    Highlight of our season. Beating United twice and ironically they win at least the title, and now we are getting all fired up and excited and gonna brag if we beat Chelsea next week? Inane, pathetic mentality just like our cunts Spurs do. Can’t win anything or even come close and only pleasure is denying better teams than us the chance of a major trophy. Sad. Really is. As for Henry saying he be here until Wenger is, he can fuck off as well. Such a shite spirit and mentality. As I said, you’d think Terry and Lampard would leave if Jose got sacked, or Giggs or Rooney would want out if Fergie went? The way they come out all arrogrant as well and forgetting they supposed to be tied down to a fucking contract. Overpriced, disloyal, greedy loser cunts. Nothing more, nothing less.

  39. The Doctor

    Wenger was shown for the cunt he is when he didn’t resign after 8-2. What manager would stay after such humiliation.

  40. Do one gambon

    Firstly red truth no it isnt- rumour isn’t the same and fact.

    Second even if true. That makes it right does it?


    Last 4 years of Graham were shite (cpl cup wins aside, but they’re not major trophies right?… Right?..) But let’s forget all that and owing him as the second coming of Christ to suit your Wenger out agenda.

  41. Marc

    Do one

    Agree with both of your last points


    I didn’t point any abuse at you – a little sarcasm maybe but I didn’t call you a cunt or anything close. As for length of support I’ve had a season ticket for 5 seasons, shared one for 3 or so seasons before that. I started supporting the club in 87/88 ish although my support has hardened with time.

    You claim to pay more to support the club? I assume you’re American (don’t know anyone else who calls any form of TV cable) well I pay for subscription TV as well, what the hell does cable cost in the US?

  42. Ethan-gunner

    EthanSorry didn’t realise you were the CEO of a FTSE 100 company.Our spending over the last 5 seasons was £298,340,000 with a net value of £205,890,000. Only Utd and City have spent more and our wage bill is in the top 4.
    5 seasons ?? when the other clubs your comparing us too have been spending that over double the period !!! !!

    im sure whilst they were winning and us losing its hasn’t done much for player morale .. 1 year we had a great midfield with no attack presence .. the next years we then rebuilt , had more injuries than most clubs , bought young with no money spent .. but you cant compare us to winners because history says we didn’t win .

    but again we sold key players for big transfer fees .. and budgeted , and that smells like the board , the corporation .. not wenger .. and if it is wenger im sure it wasnt him alone !! your giving him way to much credit .. and at the same time showing your lack of understanding !!!!

    he has his faults and for any who can read ive already mentioned them .. but if you think sacking him will change our fortunes THINK A FUCKING GAIN !

    they will replace him with the same yes man who is modeled from the previous decade .. the same modus operandi ! different face …

  43. Marc

    Do one

    Funny how Wenger get’s battered over substandard players (not saying all of it is misguided) but no one mentions some of the regular starters and signings under Graham.

  44. Marc


    I believe that another manager, would have course have to be the right selection ie Eddie Howe would be a disaster – make Moyes at ManU look like a genius move could achieve more than Wenger is doing at the moment. With the position we are in as a club I think if we get the replacement right the future is bright.

  45. Marc


    Ok apologise not looking to insult – if I mean to it will be pretty obvious. Just never heard anyone over here refer to Sky / BT / Virgin / Freeview as cable.

    Do you ever get to matches?

  46. TheBayingMob

    Ethan, another Untold pussy whipped fruit cake. Do other clubs have this sheer number of limp fannies in their midst?

  47. Redtruth

    Do on gambon

    Last 4 years of Graham

    1991-92- Highest league scorers.
    From January-May 92 we were the best team in the land.
    Were it not for a shit start to the season we would of won the league that season

    1992-93- First club to achieve the domestic Cup Double.

    1993-94-Cup Winners Cup Winners.

    1994-95- Graham sacked in February where we go on to contest the Cup Winners Cup Final.

    Last 4 years were really shite …lol .melon.

  48. GG


    I don’t recall GG saying shit like sanago is going to be a £50m
    Pound player. Or signing a player with a broken back when another proper player probably wins us the title.


    Really hurt Chelsea to be out of the CL. Or Man U? Or Liverpool.

    They signed Conte and kante and lead the league

    They signed Jose and pogba mkhit and Ibra

    They signed klopp and mane

    Yeah good thing you go to all those matches and spend £1500 a season

    Doesn’t mean you understand football any better that’s for sure.

    And give the manager resources? We have over 200m in the bank and a tv deal that dwarfs anything we’ve made in the CL being knocked out in the round of 16

    It really handicapped chelsea being embarrassed last season and finishing 10th

    Any other point you’d like to make?

  49. Ethan-gunner

    The baying idiot

    Are you an arsenal fan?
    Or a duckiNg traitor ??
    Think you need to barrack for another club unless you get off on abusing someone who loves the red and white

    What a turn coat go abuse a spud not an arsenal fan , if you want to see pathetic, look in the mirror you scum

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    AKB’S have been shown up for the no nothing scum they are so they now pretend they want wenger out before trying to absolve wenger from blame and blame the board before adding ” but I do want wenger gone”.
    No you lot fucking don’t. As for wenger leaving then appointing another wenger clone….really? Is their anyone as shit as Wenger left? You lot hope someone worse comes in so you can say ” told you so” but you’ll be proven wrong again and again like you lot have been the last 10 years. The man’s a fucking dinosaur who hasn’t a full king clue and it’s been plain luck that teams below us have been even worse than us which has kept us in the top 4. But if wenger stays on an extra 2 years I bet any of you we will slip out the top 4 because the teams who used to come 5th, 6th and 7th are getting better while we’re getting worse. Fucking muppet.

  51. Ethan-gunner

    When Wenger is gone and the same shit keeps happening , I’ll be amazed on who you tetards will blame then …

    And I’ll be right here to say I told you so ..

    Need to get a new owner who loves the red and white or you’ll just see Wenger 2.0

    Just you wait

  52. GG


    What will
    You do when the new manager comes in and wins us a title in 2/3 seasons and CL in the first 5 and shows wenger to be the complete cunt he is.

    Hope you fuck off with wenger Ethan. You don’t deserve Arsenal. Go support Newcastle or Leeds.

  53. Thank you and goodnight

    And Ethan the only people who are spuds are people like yourselves because only a spud would want wenger to remain so we can slide further down the table. A genuine fan like most WOBS want what’s best for the club and that is obviously not wenger. You think when Sanchez fucks off that any decent player will want to come to Arsenal? FFS we were even turned down by that Leicester pikey Sunday league footballer Vardy that’s how far we’ve fallen. You honestly think if city, ,United ,Liverpool or chelsea wanted vardy that he would of stayed at Leicester? No I don’t either

  54. GG

    Just to wait he says.

    Cunts like Ethan and Pierre can’t wait for the new manager to fail so they can say “see we told you getting rid f wenger was a bad idea”

    These muppets will be proven so wrong and we will
    Never hear from them again.

  55. SUGA3

    Fuck me, can’t believe some people still have it in them to spout bollocks like it is 2009. Even back then the same symptoms were apparent: poor scouting, spending lot of money very badly (wages), shit fitness record and powderpuff mentality. One shit game and a horror injury to Eduardo was enough to end our season there and then. Then the team got only worse with Cesc and RvP being two outstanding players.

    We are in a repeating cycle. For the last few years we have suffered humiliation after humiliation, seen best players being sold even to rivals. We have been repeating on here for years that the club does not live up to its potential. Now it is pretty certain that we will be left behind even by fucking Spuds if we don’t do something pronto.

  56. GG

    These akb wankers are so thick. Call us traitors yet they want the same shit that’s happening under wenger to happen under the new manager just so they can be proven right.

    It’s so funny it’s pathetic.

    Yet they are the true gooners ahahabaha

  57. GG

    And yes Marc

    I hope
    We lose every game until the end
    Of the season so wenger has to go. I don’t even want him to have the slighted thing to lean to so he can sign another deal. Nothing

    So come on Sutton. Come on Liverpool. Come on Leicester. Finish the cunt.

    I hope he gets sacked before the season
    Is over.

    The ultimate humiliation for the Wanker.

  58. Do one gambon

    Red truth

    But domestic cups and the cup winners cup are not major trophies. Your words not mine as you freely apply to Wenger.

    League form not so good (post 1991)

    When Graham left we were dangerously close to the relegation zone, Stuart Houston took over and got us back up to 12th and the cup winners cup minor (again by your definition) trophy where we lost.

    I remember how we were back then you Berk.

    Personally saw the cup double and the CWC 1994 as good achievements but you can’t possibly do that as by your own admission those cups are minor trophies.

    Or do you just change you mind to suit your arguments at any given time.

  59. Do one gambon


    I believed it was euro cup, uefa cup, CWC cup in prestige?

    None the less if you’re right it is the equivalent of Europa league now, which no one on here would be happy with even competing in let alone winning.

  60. GG

    Do one gambon

    Ask Chelsea fans if they weren’t happy winning Europa.

    Arsenal fans celebrated the fa cup like it was the World Cup itself.

    We would celebrate wh Europa as a major trophy which it is.

    Don’t downplay it because it’s not wenger who won it and it was GG.

  61. Gelbs

    When Wenger leaves, he’ll leave Arsenal in a worst state quality wise, than when he took over…


  62. Gelbs

    UEFA was more games. But surely if the CWC was least, why wouldn’t the Super Cup be between the UEFA and European Cup winners?
    It matters not. The CWC was still a major honour. Even more so, when you consider Arsenal never lost a game in it, and knocked out and beat PSG, Torino and Parma along the way. With the likes of Selley and Morrow in the Midfield in the Final! Wenger couldn’t win it, so couldn’t of been that easy, lmao.

  63. Do one gambon

    Gg joe

    Im not down playing it you can’t read.

    I’m using red truth and your tbh logic of minor trophies.
    YOU shouldn’t find it as an achievement otherwise your just a hypocrite flip flopping on major trophy beliefs.

    You both on record as saying league and champs league (so league and euro cup, hell there was no up to 4th place so I’ll give you uefa cup toocare the only MAJOR trophies).


  64. Do one gambon

    *You’re both on record as saying league and champs league (so league and euro cup, hell there was no up to 4th place so I’ll give you uefa cup too back then) are the only MAJOR trophies).

  65. Ethan-gunner


    Only thing that is stupid is you thinking Wenger is in charge of club funds ,
    He’s only talked about when selling a player for profit , he isn’t in charge of club spending , it’s like me entrusting you to spend my money …

    Your are truely thick , it’s more like you who will go missing to support another club as your doing a good job of talking down to your fellow fans …

  66. Ethan-gunner

    What do you think a board of chairman do
    ??? Knitting classes ???

    They talk $$$$ to change the club you need to change them ….
    all Wenger does is sub people in at the 60 minute mark and not play his best 11

    You are so stupid and blind you can’t be reasoned with

  67. Gelbs

    George Graham finished 6 out of 9 seasons in top four as well. He’d of been in the CL/Euro Cup most times had it been the same format and rules back then. Shame as well, as he’d do quite well in it I reckon. Especially if he had more funds. Even Tony Adams said Graham was a better coach than Wenger. What’s that tell you! A a manager might win more trophies, but that doesn’t always mean everything. Like Di Matteo winning the CL with Chelsea. Something Mourinho could never do at Chelsea on numerous occasions. Mourinho clearly the better manager!

  68. Gelbs

    And gelbs you smell like a skid mark and that’s your best features

    Thank you! I’ll take that as a compliment! Because I’ve been rubbing your Y-Fronts over my body 😉

  69. Gelbs

    Gelbs June 24, 2007 at 6:57 pm
    What’s the betting Wenger will make that little turd Fabregas captain or vice-captain just to soften him up the same way he appointed Henry.

  70. GG

    Do one

    Notice how top 4 isn’t in there.

    That’s because it’s not a real trophy.

    Means nothing except when defending teh Wanker wenger. Or if you actually compete for the CL which we don’t under wenger

  71. Thank you and goodnight

    So basically nothing is wenger’s fault yet you want him gone….righto..

    So if he’s not at fault why do you want him gone? Your obviously convinced that no other manager can do better,even one appointed by the board because they’d apparently choose a wenger clone. So ultimately then it’s the boards fault in your eyes so I ask again, why do you want him gone?

  72. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think there will be a mass return on season tickets if it stays,

    Therevbanking on Theron waiting list
    That won’t be interested

    The club is buckled with him as manager …

  73. Gelbs

    Don’t mean to lower the tone. But I bet Wenger’s got a massive cock. A real shower. Gaunt, skinny man. Long and skinny I bet. His foreskin alone is probably an inch or so. Fucking bastard. Le long Dick.

  74. Ashley

    Get Wenger OUT and OUT FAST !!! , and while we’re at it let’s stop celebrating that cunt George graham who took a bung , fucked us Over , we nearly got relegated then he went on to manage Spurs – what a fucking hero

  75. Ethan-gunner

    No one knows for sure where Wenger stops and where the board begins , I would say Wenger needs to man up to a certain amount but I’m sure swapping managers isn’t the easy fix you all say it is , that’s just lame , ignorant, blind stupidity on your parts ,again In finalising, you need to change the boards ethos , to focus on win 1st , money 2nd … and we all know that , that hasn’t been the case . But half of you basic cnuts ain’t got 2 brain cells to rub together

  76. Ethan-gunner

    Like in life and in another great passion of mine ,politics . It’s slight of hand and the illusion of power , like voting in a leader ,
    They ultimately answer to a higher power yet the real truth is that , that power never changes hands only the people to blame …

    Good luck on your misdirected quest
    Time will tell and heed my warning ⚠️

  77. GG

    o focus on win 1st , money 2nd … and we all know that , that hasn’t been the case . But half of you basic cnuts ain’t got 2 brain cells to rub together

    They gave wenger 90m pounds you ret**ded cunt.

    And he fucked it up.

    Pedro. This guy? Your buddy?

  78. Ethan-gunner

    And for proof other than last years freak winners which is truely a 1 off ,it took new management of the chavs and man shitty to buy them wins , and the only other club that didn’t change management, changed ethos to spend big like the 2 above teams was manU . All those got results 1 of 2 ways. Change management or spending big ethos .. of which we did neither …

    Managers have never really changed shit
    Maybe mourinho – furgie but without club backing to spend unlimited they would be in the same boat as all the others .

  79. Ethan-gunner


    And how far does 90 million go ? 3 top players ?? At best … That don’t make a team you putty head , then one or 2 get injured , where you dropped on your head when you were young????

    And again too little to late

  80. GG


    Oh Ethan.

    Truly special Ethan.

    Pedro. You know, your buddy you go way back with, just highlighted earlier wenger has spent
    Lots if money in the last 5 years including 200m in salary

    You are making a complete cunt of yourself

    But keep going you ret*rd.

    Pedro. Is this guy really your buddy? You need to do a better job of picking mates

  81. Ethan-gunner

    Wenger never got a war chest from those at the top to remain competitive, it was the boards tight fisted ethos year in year out that got us so far behind , but you go ahead and blame Wenger for everything, might as well blame him for glabal warming whilst your at it … your just a bitter little man who lives in make believe land , our wage bill has always been high to create players like cesc and rvp then sell them on for profit which would keep only the board happy , yet cause head aches for Wenger .

    You must have a soft spot on the top of your skull

  82. Ethan-gunner

    Hahaha money does have something to do with winning titles you know gg , managers have little to do with it …

    But due to your blind hatred, I realise you can’t see past it , you muppet

  83. Dissenter

    You’re spot on.
    Wenger’s conduct over the last eight years has been about self-preservation.
    Now he’s run out of time he’s running resorting to petty arm twisting.
    He’s the guy no one wants to push out and you’re hoping that he’ll do the right thing.
    He’s the tyrant who needs a dozen stab wound to get him out but everyone is afraid to be the the first to thrust the dagger.

  84. peanuts&monkeys

    @N5, you f&%*ing AKB, you find a fault with my knowledge of when the next game of you (losers’ ) team? dont fiucking miss the woods for the trees, u ass! Your licko-dad (wenger) still has a skinny ass which you want to keep in and around at Arsenal for 20 more years, uh!

    you and your fucking AKB friends got this club from being beaters to absolute losers, you assh*&%^