Is Arsene Wenger about to drop the mic?

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There’s a smell in the air, and I think it’s change. Journalists deeply entrenched in all things Arsenal are raising little white flags all over the internet, leading many of us to assume the curtain is coming down on the great man’s long career in the blue and red zipper jacket of The Arsenal.

I don’t want to jump the gun here, because there’s every chance at 9am Wenger will come out swinging, but something feels very different this time.

Wenger is a sensitive man. He can feel the pressure of the fans who don’t sing his name anymore. He can hear the upset andoverspills of passion. He’ll understand the aggressive tone in the questioning he’s been facing. He will read the negative press. I’d also imagine a man of his intelligence knows that he no longer has what it takes to cut it at the highest level.

Bayern Munich wasn’t just a lesson, it was a decapitation for the crime of accepting the status quo. It was one of the most brutal spankings I can remember over the last few years, and look, we’ve all seen a few. Carlo Ancelotti showed how it was done. He pulled Wenger’s trousers down and whipped his legs with a bamboo cane in front of all his friends.

The ashen-faced Wenger in the post-match press conference had nothing. All the excuses he’s hidden behind over the past decade were exposed as mouldy red herring. He had the transfer budget, he had the wage bill, he had the stadium ticking over and he had a clean run of not losing any of his best players. Yet he still came up short. Exactly what many of us had predicted through the money doping years.

08 the same as 10, the same as 13, the same as 16 the same as last night.

The story is that many of his close aides don’t think he’ll carry on. Apparently, there were heated exchanges in the dressing room after the game, some calling it a revolt. The worst thing about this particular schooling are the videos flying around after of players walking as Bayern pressed on, stomping their feet like they’re school children and shouting at teammates instead of tracking runs. The players are done with Wenger, they saw the noose tightening around his neck and they dropped a performance they knew would hoist him so his toes barely touched the ground.

It’s strange. Everything I’ve been pushing for over the last 9 years looks like it could be coming to a head. Do I feel pleased? Absolutely not. As I always said, I’d love to have been proven wrong. Wenger loves Arsenal as much as I do and you do. If anything, he loves the club too much. He doesn’t deserve to be ducking out under a cloud. He deserves the most beautiful send-off. Open top bus, hundreds of thousands singing his name, a guest appearance from Justin Bieber with Mr Eboue in a tigers outfit singing happy birthday. He should have it all for his incredible service to Arsenal.

However, we have some monster games coming up which based on current form could very well see us put out of the top 4. A prediction I feared at the start of the year. He can’t let that happen, he needs to control the story. He has the chance to switch up the narrative. Don’t make desperate fans wait to know the deal. Don’t selfishly sit on a decision that could impact next season. Do the right thing. Call a press conference, announce it’s over and graciously allow the club to move on.

That achieves three things. Firstly, it brings the fans back onside. If they know he’s going, they have the chance to say goodbye. Secondly, it puts the onus back on the players. They can’t not play for him, because the fans will destroy them. Thirdly, it allows the club to hire a manager early and let the succession take place at a good pace.

Fans need to be positive about what the club can do. Don’t listen to the fear brigade, who have for years pretended this debacle wasn’t going on, now play the ‘I’m the rational voice’ card. Do not allow them to convince you that the club hasn’t given a thought to Wenger going.

There’s no way that’s the case, it’s a stupid thought and I’ve been reliably informed it’s a nonsense concocted by people who haven’t been paying attention. Ivan Gazidis has access to some of the finest footballing minds in the world. There is no way a guy in his position hasn’t been thinking this over for at least 3-4 years. Secondly, understand that the new manager will likely take over a club outside the top 4 without a major trophy in 13 years. That is perfect. The exact thing anyone wants. No pressure, low expectations and a sandbox to play in. No CL is pretty much the perfect kickstarter for a new manager these days.

Of course there are going to be teething problems. There would be at any club. Of course it’s going to be difficult teaching a team that receives zero instruction how to think critically and do things properly. But look, nothing is going to be more painful than being stocking filler in the Champions League. Nothing is going to more embarrassing than watching a man 10 years past his sell by date lose out to Leicester. Nothing is going to be as bland as 2 years under a man who has been failing for 10.

Also worth noting that the club had never moved to a 60,000 seater stadium before The Emirates and got the job done on time and on budget, despite many naysayers saying it wasn’t possible. They ended up delivering one of the smartest moves in football construction history right in the mix of the most cataclysmic recession of all time. Not just that, the stadium became the second most profitable in the world and the club also worked out a way to become property moguls. Did anyone see that coming? No. I didn’t think so.

I reckon they can pick out a decent manager with £8m in hand. I reckon they can look at what the smart clubs do and copy it. I reckon they’ve been laying the groundwork for a better Arsenal for many years.

They’ll clear out the old school deadwood coaches. Priromac, Banfield, Peyton and Colbert will be gone. I reckon they’ll attack our f*cking awful scouting network. I reckon they’ll upgrade all the bits Wenger has been controlling with his iron fist. They might bring in a DoF of sorts who can help set the vision for the club and manage the bullshit politics. I hope they retire the board who sit there hoovering up money for their silence. They should replace them with a blend of business and football smarts.

I really don’t think it’s as complicated as certain sections of the media, who have zero business experience, make out. It’ll be a shock to the system, but there are people out there sending rockets to space and curing disease. This is not a real world problem. Put the challenge in perspective.

So just remember, change is a good thing. This freshener is long overdue. The club will not only survive, it will thrive. It might not bring success right away. It might not bring it the season after. But rest assured, we’ll scale heights like you’ve never seen before and it’s going to be a truly exciting rollercoaster ride of promise.

One thing we must be sure never to forget, Arsene Wenger helped make this all a possibility. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

See you in the comments.


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730 Responses to “Is Arsene Wenger about to drop the mic?”

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  1. Jeff

    The Doctor,

    Yes unfortunately we’re locked in to the sad, stubborn and unwavering whim of an old man. These types get more stubborn and more intransigent as they get older thinking that experience alone trumps everybody else. This era shall be known by most thinking Arsenal fans as the dark ages.

  2. Barney75

    GG – i agree, I don’t think Wenger could have pulled that Anfield victory off. He’s obviously won at Anfield a fair few times but we blew a big points lead in the ’89 season leading up to that final game and I don’t believe aWenger team would have had the mental resolve to recover from that sort of capitulation so late in the season. On the other hand Graham got that night tactically spot on.

  3. Jeff

    The Doctor,

    This is how I apportion blame. Kroenke is completely ignorant of footballing matters in the UK and has no interest or desire in changing that. So he defers everything to Wenger. To Arsene, this is an absolute godsend. Able to do practically whatever he likes without being challenged.

    Logically speaking Kroenke is to blame only for his ignorance and indifference. The rest, and that’s going to be a big chunk of it, is on Wenger. I liken Kroenke to a cash-laden absent parent who doesn’t want to get involved with the family. The surrogate father is Wenger and his gross incompetence is costing us dear.

  4. The Doctor


    Kroenke’s only fault is he hasn’t sacked Wenger. But this makes Wenger even more a cretin taking advantage and making himself a dictator. Wenger could have moved upstairs and let someone else take over but we all know his ego couldn’t handle it. I think we need to blame Gazidis. Honestly he should have convinced Kroenke to get rid of Wenger a long time ago but he is happy with Wenger.

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Whichever way you look at it, however you weight up there’s not getting away from it. Only a fan loyal to Arsene more than they are loyal to Arsenal would find words and phrases to the contrary.’

    Jeff, that Arseblog fella Tim Stillman wrote an article which has been published in the Guardian. found this comment on the blog from an AKB C*ntard

    ”I would love nothing more than for him to go to Barcelona and win the CL there. Ideally, we’d play them in the Round of 16 of the Champions League, and hopefully we’d get absolutely thrashed by them when he/they came Emirates (1-4, Suarez hat trick). Then we’d go to the Nou Camp, and win 3-0, but crash out on away goals. Maybe I’m naive, but I think most of the fans would see the humour in that. I’d find it absolutely hilarious.

    A man can dream.”

    Textbook example of an Arsenal ‘fan’ who has got his priorities all mixed up. A win for Wenger gives him more joy than win for the team he claims to follow.

    lets not even go into the levels of delusion involved, to think that (a)Barcelona are likely to appoint Wenger and (b) Him leading them to a CL trophy….Jesus wept, these clowns are stuck in their own little world

  6. Jeff

    The Doctor,

    This is how I settle the matter in my own mind. I ask a very simple question. If you kept everything the same but changed the manager say 10 years ago, could we have done better? For me, the resounding answer to that question is yes.

    The reason Kroenke doesn’t sack him in my view is that he would then have to get involved. He can’t possibly give the same power to a new manager. Gazidis doesn’t really know much about football either. He knows about PR and the business side of it (i.e. the same skill-set you can use to manage Co-op) but practically nothing about the pure football side of it such as transfers, dealing with other club executives etc. Currently it’s a real cushy set up for everyone concerned including Gazidis because Wenger does most of the rest.

    How did it come to this? It came to this over time. When you leave things to fester they harden up and become difficult to dislodge. Through frequent humiliations and beatings, Wenger is now being seen by the wider world for what he is which is a huge painful boil on our backside. It has to be treated soon because it won’t go away by itself.

  7. Redtruth

    I’ve always blamed the fans for tolerating such a football loser for so many years.
    At least Kroenke keeps away from the club unlike mug fans who shame themselves with each passing season with their fake support.

  8. Jeff


    That’s how they betray themselves. Words and phrases that try to hide their true allegiance but end up giving the game away.

  9. Vince

    How hard can this be for the fans actually? To me its as simple as Gazidis said, only fans can get rid of Wenger.
    If he wins 5-0 against Sutton boo him.
    If he loses scandalously to Liverpool boo him.
    The away fans should sing him off the park and I bet our hosts will join.
    Boo him at the train station.
    boo him at the touchline.
    Boo him when he’s not even listening.
    Just do this for the 13 weeks remaining this season and be rid of him.
    It’s simple really – if we have the will.

  10. The Doctor


    Yep if only Wenger would leave and we get an actual Football Manager I don’t see why we can’t compete with the likes of Chelsea. I think the way to get rid of Wenger now is hope we lose form badly and miss out on top 4 and he can’t take the pressure from the fans and leaves. That is if he hasn’t signed his contract yet.

  11. Vince

    And funk it Gazidis should earn his keep too ffs.
    Tell Jardim or Sampaoli: “Here’s 6 million salary for you. Watch this team for the next 10 weeks from the comfort of your house. By season end give us a list of the 10 players you want sold. Give us the list of the 4 first eleven players you’ll love to buy and alternatives. Tell us the vision you have to convince our aggrieved players to stay. Tell us your assistants preferably a legend like Henry, Vieira, Bergkamp or Overmars. Make our work easy and we’ll deliver on your targets before preseason starts.”

  12. Wallace

    underrated Coq

    “Don’t know why people try to get Wallace into an open, honest debate. ”

    it’s just posters shouting ‘Wenger’s an incompetent c*nt’ at me. where’s the fun in engaging with that? I am far more open about Wenger’s failings, especially this season, with posters who I feel will actually listen to what I have to say, but they’re pretty thin on the ground these days. I thought this season held a lot of promise, but it’s nosedived dramatically. think we’re all just waiting for the end of the season at this point.

  13. Jeff

    Arsenal has become a club that is “weird”. It’s not a normal set up. An owner that stays away and doesn’t care. An executive who knows nothing about football. A dictatorial manager who runs and has a say in practically everything, won’t leave and thinks he has sole rights to manage forever. If you can find another club that is remotely the same, I’d like to know about it.

  14. Redtruth

    I have not enjoyed watching Arsenal for a number of years for the simple reason i know of Wenger to be a complete and utter berk who is too incompetent of winning the glittering prizes.

  15. The Doctor

    Hope Sotton win then WEnger has no escape with Southampton Bayern and Liverpool coming up. I think Wenger has more humilations coming up for him which will see the end of him finally.

  16. Jeff


    I’d like to know on what basis did you though in the summer that this season “held a lot of promise”? What was different about it? After all we had signed expensive players in previous seasons and nothing remarkable or different happened. We also signed cheap players and nothing remarkable happened. We sometimes signed no players, and nothing remarkable happened. Whatever we do in the summer seems to always result in nothing remarkable and nothing different. So you see why I ask the question.

  17. The Doctor

    I had a look at the fixures.

    Liverpool away, bayern, city home, spurs away, united home could all cause humiliations to Wenger.

  18. The Doctor

    Wenger isn’t even getting the best french players any more. Pogba, Griezmann and co all playing for other clubs.

  19. Wallace


    I thought Mustafi & Xhaka were two very solid purchases, and then when he moved Alexis to #9 and we started scoring goals at a rapid rate again I thought we might have a decent shot at it, but he hasn’t been able to get them up for the important games. and I think every title-winning team has to have a period, usually around about now, where they really click and have some big wins. no doubt we had the talent this year to have done far better than we have done, and Wenger has to take responsibility for that.

  20. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Mustafi is a horrific defender. He settled in early as a functional defender, but since the new year has regressed into a complainer who demonstrates poor positional acumen. As for Xhaka, he’s not a Wenger player. His aggressive style of play does not mesh with Wenger’s soft style. Both players are byproducts of poor scouting and smell of panic buys.

  21. Jeff


    I agree with you on Wenger taking responsibility but I would go a bit further than that and contend that it’s not just this season. The similarities of what has been happening to us (regular as clockwork) for at least the last 10 seasons are uncanny. This is why any future under Wenger is completely hopeless.

  22. Dev.gooner

    Alex cutter:
    ”The irony being that dim-witted akbs still see RVP as a “traitor” — even with the benefit of hindsight — when he (and others) simply had the ability to see the truth.”

    Too right.

    My brother is a united fan and I actually forced myself to watch every single Man U game that season, because every time van Persie scored, it was a slap on the face of wenger. And that season culminatin in RvP lifting the premier league and squealing like a little girl was the final humiliation one hoped wenger suffered.

    I was actually so happy to see that that I told my brother to buy the poster of RVP lifting that trophy and hang it my room. It serves me as a reminder everyday that this French Baboon is the reason my club is in such a state. Gives me passion to do anything I can in my power to kick his sorry arse. Every time we get mauled, I’m hurting deep down but strangly I have a smile on my face. Only because, I know it brings us one step closer to the end of this mad mans rule.

  23. peanuts&monkeys

    pedro peddling half lies and full lies and pro-wenger narrative like ‘ wenger loves Arsenal…’ and all those bullshit. these are deliberate attempts to stay in the good books of Arsenal BoD. stop pretending that you want a change in Arsenal. Pedro, i suspect you prefer Arsenal rot and rot more under this brainless tactless winless fossil rascal.


  24. peanuts&monkeys

    “Man U game that season, because every time van Persie scored, it was a slap on the face of wenger.”

    no mate. it was on your face. on your face coz, you never ever thought of or felt like killing Wenger for selling RvP at his prime to United.

  25. N5

    “pray to God, Arsenal lose to Sutton, and badly tonight. ha ha ha’ losers.”

    It would be a miracle for Sutton to beat Arsenal tonight!! I’ll leave you to work out why…..

  26. David Smith

    Apparently The Sun have a big exclusive tomorrow on our next manager, with photos of the man having talks.
    Assuming you can believe anything they say.
    One wag out there suggesting its Pellegrini …..hope that is a wind up, or just wrong…….but that would be so very Arsenal, replace one clueless tactical buffoon who cannot keep players fit with another

  27. WestLondonGoon

    If we are going to start from scratch again there is an ex-Arsenal player currently sitting on top of the Dutch league in his first appointment: Gio Van Bronkhorst.

    With the pedigree of a long international career and 4 years at Barca he could be a manager going places quickly. I’m also sure that he could attract some of our former players back into the Arsenal fold.

    Could be a lively outsider.

  28. Ishola70

    Fvck off John Cross.

    Now linking Wenger with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    He also puts in his article that Real Madrid were after Wenger last season.

    Absolute twat the man is.

  29. Ishola70

    Allegri would be the best appointment for next Arsenal manager.

    Tuchel and Simeone would be the most entertaining appointments.

  30. Wenker-wanger

    @ redruth. Talking mustafi….. Wenger cannot buy a decent defender or if they are potentially good, Wenger destroys them.
    Wenger is. a Useless judge of a player, particularly in the mid range bracket.
    Many turn out to be duds and lightweights…..We can all recite the lists…Gervinho, Stephanovs, squillacci, senderos cygan etc etc. Not really the quality for a title challenging team.
    Mustafi not a leader or commanding at the back, too prone to be out of position. Koscienly is a very good player and alongside a leader and big commanding centre back ( a la Adams), he would be world class.
    Yet another deficiency with Wenger to state, along with no tactics, no motivational power, no preparation before the season starts, no sensible delegation of power and to listen to other more knowledgeable people at the club, like physics.
    Just a c#ck up clown with the audacity to proclaim he built the club.

  31. Jim Lahey

    @WestLondonGoon –

    Thats an interesting idea, but it is his first appointment and the PL is a huge step up from the Eredivisie. I would love to see him back in the Arsenal set up though, Gio, Overmars and Bergkamp all should be back at the club in some capacity or another.

  32. Ishola70

    John Cross also links Wenger to PSG.

    Right ok.

    Wenger just gets demolished again on the big stage while Emery’s team showed a master class in dismantling Barca.

    So yeah PSG would be looking at Wenger.

    I think Pedro said before that John Cross is only trying to earn a living and we should be understanding. If that’s the case it’s a shameful hollow living. Despicable the man is really.

  33. Marc


    Wouldn’t it make sense for is to be happy that other clubs are trying to poach Wenger if we want him out?

    Seems as if many on here won’t be happy with a new manager they actually want to see Wenger destroyed.

  34. Wenker-wanger

    Real Madrid must be managed by the players themselves……Why appoint a failure like Wenger? What would he improve?.
    If real Madrid are interested in Wenger, then I question my own state of reality…..proposterous rumour !
    I’ve never heard Wenger talk tactics….. Perhaps John cross mixed up real Madrid with Rotherham.?

  35. David Smith

    Can only agree on Tuchel , Allegri et Al.
    Rafa getting a few mentions too, he would certainly toughen them up a bit , but hasn’t done anything for a long time now

  36. Ishola70

    “Wouldn’t it make sense for is to be happy that other clubs are trying to poach Wenger if we want him out?Seems as if many on here won’t be happy with a new manager they actually want to see Wenger destroyed.”

    Marc do you seriously believe that Barca, Real Madrid or PSG want to hire Wenger for next season?

    This is more about the absolute gutter press of John Cross.

  37. Marc


    I really struggle to believe that there are people who claim to follow football and don’t know that 99% of paper stories are utter fabrications.

    Only job in the world where “results” can be produced by completely making stuff up.

  38. Marc


    See my comment to Wenker – my point is why should you care what Wenger does when he leaves as long as it has no connection to Arsenal?

  39. Wenker-wanger

    Yes Marc I realise that…..In this case he is linked to Madrid so often in the past, you start to feel it maybe true, however ridiculous we all think his appointment to a bigger club than the one he is dragging down with him.

  40. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I think that Pedro’s trying to be understanding is resulting in his stepping in his own feces on a more regular basis. You can’t slam Wenger continually and then show compassion and pity, Pedro. Trying staying on script.

  41. Rambo Ramsey

    Ishola, we’ve seen this routine before.

    Wenger reminding the club and fans for the hundredth time how he turned down offers and stayed loyal because he luvvves Arsenal. Proceed from there to casually threaten he might consider leaving now. His lapdog Cross et al fabricating stories linking him to Madrid, Barca etc. The board using this as an excuse to announce their intention of not wanting to lose him, muppet Gazidis to come out with ‘Arsene is our man!’ speech. The dimwit AKBs that we have in scores all lining up to sing ‘One Arsene Wenger’ to convince the old fool to stay.

    Pathetic, shameful, a complete disgrace. If that C*ntface Wenger spent as much time thinking on tactics and coaching instead of these plots to con the fans, he might have actually won some trophies.

  42. David Smith

    Would actually be interesting to see Wenger in a high pressure job, to see if there is still a good manager in there, or if stans easy regime and all his underperforming yes men have just ruined him for good
    Not sure how he would do with a Spanish giant, but I bet he would improve on what he is here
    If he goes to barca, would he be allowed to take peyton, banfield, Colbert, burrows and co? The mere thought of it, that lot could put a club back ten years

  43. Ishola70

    “See my comment to Wenker – my point is why should you care what Wenger does when he leaves as long as it has no connection to Arsenal?”

    I don’t care. But it is not only the John Cross shitty article where I have seen Wenger linked to unrealistic clubs. Arsenal fans on other forums have been linking him to these sort of clubs. Even when the end may be in sight some fans are still over-rating the man.

  44. Wenker-wanger

    Marc , I have a good bottle in the fridge when he goes….. He can manage the best club on the planet for all I care.
    I just don’t want the media to slyly big Wenger up so that his reputation is boosted and he stays.

  45. Jim Lahey

    @Adam –

    Completely agree, what ever happened to journalistic integrity? Even the papers of record aren’t beyond pumping out ill-written hit pieces these days. So much bias and sensationalism.

  46. Jeff

    Club management is completely out of Wenger’s league. He’d be more suited to international football managing a country that has not chance of winning anything (e.g. England) and then being praised for making it to the quarter finals. That’d suit him to the ground.

  47. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “Pathetic, shameful, a complete disgrace. If that C*ntface Wenger spent as much time thinking on tactics and coaching instead of these plots to con the fans, he might have actually won some trophies.”

    Yeah it’s so transparent isn’t it. As you say pathetic from John Cross yet again.

  48. Jeff

    It’s almost like they have a script for every occasion. Wenger gets humiliated badly, people everywhere questioning his tenure; wheel out the “every club wants him” narrative. LOL. It’s actually incredible.

  49. Ishola70

    Wenger should look to manage one of them West African countries on the international stage.

    Lots of French managers in the past have done the same plus he can develop players in that sort of appointment something which he has always taken great stock by.

  50. Wenker-wanger

    Ozil in the Sutton dressing room! Hana he will think he is in the toilet. No disrespect to Sutton, just a dig at ozils apparent luxury personally.

  51. Marc


    I genuinely think Wenger’s lost the dressing room, the player’s just don’t seem to be responding to him.

    With the crowd shifting towards a majority Wenger out, the players either coasting or looking to move on I just can’t see how he can stay.

    Can you imagine the response in the summer to the news of a ticket increase on top of a new Wenger contract and the sales of Sanchez and Ozil (might not be performing but still our record signing)?

  52. David Smith

    If Wenger goes, can see the club appointing an experienced head, a youngster or man without experience in this league could cost them money, a man without controversy who looks good in a club blazer and who doesn’t hit the front pages. A man with an attacking, Barca lite philosophy who won’t shake up playing patterns too much Someone the players may take to, especially Chilean players, a man who will be a different voice, but won’t shake things up too much. A man readily available at short notice from seasons end. A man who will bring continuity, not revolution.
    FFS……that is Pelegrini all over, I’ve just seriously depressed myself

  53. Wenker-wanger

    You are cheering me up Marc.
    I feel like a kid given a really big present….But won’t open it as I feel it could get snatched away at any time soon.
    Yep you feel it’s absurd for him to sign a new contract. Nothing logical….Only selfish interest and £££££.

  54. S Asoa

    James Carragher in Daily Mail

    Will make Alexander Henry smile and still be acceptable

    For all those who have placed Wenger directly in the line of fire, what about Sir Chips Keswick, the Chairman, or Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis, or Stan Kroenke the owner? They are the ones who have fawned over Wenger for the way he has become a money maker not a trophy taker.

    Who allowed Wenger to develop so much power to the point where he is unsackable and can decide his own future? They did. Whatever shortcomings you believe the Frenchman has, the board have been more culpable. What they have done is a dereliction of duty to the club

  55. Marc


    I don’t think money comes into for Wenger I think it’s an obsession with him. Problem is if you’re a fanatic you don’t see clearly.

  56. Ethan-gunner

    I’ve Been questioning wengers 60 th minute subs for years , but one really needs to look deeper into the clubs ethos, it will matter not who really coaches- manages the club because like in life the game is rigged by the money people at the top. I don’t think no matter WHO is appointed that your going to see drastic change . It’s like politics, it’s rigged by those who make the decisions , not the small fry who give you the facade of control … we will still finish top 4 , and not really challenge until the guys at the top allow Wenger to go for top rated world players , and I don’t mean ones you gable on being world players , I mean current top of the crop … I suppose what I’m saying In A nut shell is you need to sack the ones who control the club like a corporation..where money making priorities become 2nd to winning priorities

  57. Ethan-gunner


    Of course Wenger is going to say those things , again like in life see how long you stay employed if you slag off your boss , rather you emulate their ethos like a mouth piece … he let too many good players go over his time and he obviously couldn’t keep them due to money restrictions, he let them go as he couldn’t sweeten any deal to keep them there . I’m no lover of arsene but over time I’ve come to realise he is just an echo of the people’s at the tops commands

  58. Spanishdave

    The players have a large part to play in this. They can either roll up their sleves and try to win the cup and get 4th, or if they want him away they can go through the motions and let the poor results assist in finally getting rid of him, like Chelsea last year.
    Hope it’s the latter , I think some players have had enough of him.

  59. Ethan-gunner

    And just like in life calling for wengers head only to have another Wenger clone take his place …. the board wouldn’t hire someone like moaning-hoe or fat Sam or anyone prepared to fight the board , not that I want the above … but you’ll just see another YES SIR manager take his place ,
    Like American politics, its corrupt from the ground UP

  60. Ethan-gunner

    You won’t get the caliber of players needed when making $$$$ are 1st priority .

    To get a team of winners you need to spend big not have a 50-50 mix of good and bad players , Wenger is to blame as far quite often he never plays his best 11 , rather he benches key players trying to rest them for the next game ….often dropping points in the meanwhile …

  61. Wenker-wanger

    Talk of a clone replacement for Wenger.
    As much as I agree with the notion that the whole structure of the club is not conducive to a great winning mentality, a new manager, even with these players could considerably do much better.
    Watford was a shining example, no half decent manager would have allowed that happen to him.
    So yes we are burdened by the power barons at the club, but a good manager could still work wonders…..We just want to challenge till the end of the season. Under this clown not even that is possible anymore.

  62. Ethan-gunner

    It’s like in cups he rests peter and puts in that idiot Spanish keeper , play your best every game or drop points / get booted from cups

  63. Terraloon

    Your comment @12.16 got me thinking and . The club have already announced that there won’t be any ticket price increase for 2017/18 indeed if there isn’t CL football surely season ticket costs will drop
    I personally think that any incoming manager will only be give transfer funds if the majority of that spend is generated from sales that is of course unless Arsenal change its basic financial operating model unless they do I am not sure that there is much money in the mythical transfer pot and that despite there having been at the snapshot on 31/5/2016 some £226.5 million in cash reserves.
    Of that vast sum Arsenal said £100.6 million was for advanced ticket sales and was needed to fund the season, another £35.4 can’t be spent under the terms of the stadium financing deal and another £42.5 is put aside as it’s still owed for players signed prior to June 2016. Arsenal unlike some other clubs in the PL still don’t pay all the transfer fee in one hit so in efect they pay more for a player than the likes of Chelsea/ Man City who do pay all upfront
    So that left £48 million.
    There has been a net transfer spend of around £85 million in this accounting year and other than growth of about £40 million from the TV deal I am not aware of any real significant growth in income. You can be sure however that wage and other costs will have risen again.
    Ok it’s early to talk about non qualification for the 2017/18 CL but if that does happen that in one will account for the additional domestic TV monies.
    So as I say unless Arsenal re assign monies on deposit or they borrow I am not quite sure what funds will be available

  64. WestLondonGoon

    @Jim Lahey

    I’d love the club to do something a bit left-field by appointing someone like Van Bronkhorst who has both big team, and international, experience. He would be perfect in that sense with the connections to our old guard and may actually bring them back to the club to instill some of the old values that we used to be associated with; pride in the badge being the one we surely need more than any other at the moment. Keoman has made the transition from the Dutch league pretty seemlessly and he didn’t even have premiership playing experience. I mean, who was Arsene Wenger before he came to the Arsenal?

    Of the others currently being mentioned, Allegri has done some great things for Juventus this year (admittedly starting from a position of strength), but I wouldn’t be surprised if Mancini were to end up in the hotseat; mostly because he wouldn’t command any compensation payments. But with up to £8+m a year on offer, we should have the pick of world football.

    Wenger will, no doubt, end up managing next year as the Gulf States and Chinese teams love a big name, or a move into international football with one of the African national teams. Wherever it is, I expect him to be found out very quickly.

  65. Ishola70

    Ethan if someone like Allegri comes in the players will actually start listening to the manager rather than pretending they are. Wenger has been telling these players for years that they can walk on hot coals and when these players keep getting burnt they naturally stop listening.

    Allegri would come in from one of the biggest clubs in the world on the back of winning a title and the players you would think would respond to this. He can bring in actual tactics, make the team better organised and put in place trying to get rid of the soft underbelly that Arsenal have suffered from so for so many years. That doesn’t necessarily require massive big name signings in every position.

    Plenty of fans have got to stop deluding themselves about the beautiful football though. Arsenal haven’t played beautiful football for a long time. If someone like Allegri can come in and get this team to be less naive, stop with the delusions of the beautiful game then that will be a step in the right direction.

  66. seg

    You think these set of players would want Wenger out? Wenger treat these guys like his grandchildren, you think they would want their grandfather to be replaced by someone who holds em accountable? You think Walcott would still be here after ten years if Wenger were not the manager?

  67. Ethan-gunner

    Wenker . (Interesting name )

    While I agree in the short term you might give the team a new lease on life I think over time with the boards penny pinching ways , it will do its rotation and we will end up with the same old scenario , he’s getting old anyhow so I suppose sooner or later he must go regardless…. and soon we shall see

  68. Ethan-gunner


    You need a certain amount of natural English players and he should stay , he isn’t no dennis bergkamp but as far as our shit Brits are concerned he is ok , and can score the odd goal.. a good sub but yes in short would rather more top class players , but again that goes back to $$$$$$


    Yes like I said earlier I think a new manager could provide more spark , Wenger has his faults , but I think until you get the clubs ethos change it will be an uphill battle to beat the chavs or man shitty ,
    As they keep there good players and keep them motivated year in year out …

    When our players bare fruit we sell them
    For the big bucks and create holes in our team , look how long it took to get a top class keeper f’ing years

  69. David Smith

    Names to fear over coming months 1/ Wenger…..followed by… no particular order…Pellegrini, Howe, Martinez, Bould, Blanc, Van Gaal, Garde, is AVB too far out there?

  70. Ethan-gunner

    David that’s your wish list not the people in charge , I think that you will find it’s someone who is cheap , says yes a lot and spends money only when the silent majority tell them too to maintain top 4 and CL qualification

  71. Wenker-wanger

    @ Ethan…It’s hard to argue against the logic you put forward.
    I dunno, I think kroenke is as neutral as you can get and a new manager won’t upset the financial model currently in place.
    Of course a manager that wants £70; million players will be talking to a brick wall, and the wages to attract one of those superstars may be too high as well. But I just think there is enough scope financially to get us as real contenders.
    It’s not all about money as the freak event Leicester showed.
    I’m living in hope, mate, but I hope it’s not a dream too far.

  72. Wenker-wanger

    @ Ethan…Do you think our star players jumped the sinking ship to better themselves? Or as you say sold just for £££ ?

  73. Ethan-gunner

    @ wenker,

    Unfortunately in this new business model it’s all about the $$$$, staying in the top 4
    Getting into the champions league year in year out and all the $$$ it brings the club and Wenger has ticked those boxes , so he remains in charge to steer the ship ,

    But I suppose we have a get out of jail free card in the form of Wenger is getting on in age …
    And it won’t be long either way

    I’ve tried to keep faith since the mid 2000’s
    But it seems looking back one year is just like the other , selling our best then restarting , it’s getting predictable, like wengers subs and benching players instead of playing his best 11, doing just enough to stay close yet not really achieving silverware … it has been better recently but I think our football has suffered.

    Wenger is still Wenger …

  74. Ethan-gunner

    I think all our players that hav jumped ship , fabs , rvp. Etc the list is long 🙂

    All got more $$$ , but jumped ship because they knew just like us die hard fans that this club does just enough to raise revenue
    Yet lacks the winning edge to win the top prize so for instance fab wanted Barcalonas top prize and Rvp wanted a title … and they both got more pay which we couldn’t give them … and that shows me there is some line drawn in the sand that Wenger can’t cross … like a salary cap he is told he can’t go past … plus it helps when offered massive transfer $$$$ , it’s got the greedy board members foaming at the mouth

  75. Ethan-gunner

    Some gooner above said bring back the players that love the badge …gotta say that would be nice , but in today’s world it’s probably unrealistic as that sort of dedication requires a winning spirit. To win things …. that spirit can only be revived by winning year after year , it happened back in 2003 -05 when we won back to back , but being top of the pile is just a memory now

  76. Ethan-gunner

    And as my old mate Pedro said in the post we should be thankful for what Wenger did for us , the stadium ,top 4mfootball year in year out ,CL, things could have been worse ,they could have been better also with silverware too but over all with Wenger getting on in years I think all fans sooner or later (this season or the next ) will bring a close to the mr bean lookalike , and get what they want” change ”
    he did have a slick passing style that made our football good to watch
    And yes Pedro I did tell you it was all about real estate And $$$$.

    Some saw that coming.

  77. Redtruth

    “For the big bucks and create holes in our team , look how long it took to get a top class keeper f’ing years”

    Which top class keeper would that be ?

  78. Ethan-gunner

    Ok doubles

    97-98? And 01 ???

    Then unbeaten 03-04 you get the idea stop being a troll , winning spirit. Even getting to a c.l final , those days are gone so getting back any club spirit is mute ,

    You have to admire people who nit pick
    And miss the point ☝️

  79. steve


    How is winning doubles years apart the same as “back to back”? Two completely different things. Don’t forget Wenger went three season without winning anything between the doubles.

  80. Ethan-gunner

    Your free to support another team , go put on the blue and support the chavs , if all you want is to win things , I thought. I this was for arsenal fans not women complaining

  81. Wenker-wanger

    Some suggest Wenger is restricted by the board and his miserly budget( 90 million this year )
    means Wenger is hamstrung.
    Look I really have to dispute that. Wenger has had enough money to have won the title…He himself has for whatever reason refused to stick his neck out and buy those players we needed for that final push to win trophies.
    Even if he was only allowed players like ozil and the brilliant Sanchez, it’s enough to challenge hard.
    Blame the board if you are certain of their politics and their influence on football success, but to me Wenger is almost entirely to blame for some of the most appalling results this club and myself as a fan have ever seen.
    Carragher is correct, the board haven’t had the sense, guts or football interest to sack a manager that the whole world knows is disastrously under performing.
    Wenger should’ve had the sense and dignity tosay to the board…. Do you know what chaps, I really think it’s time I retired, and thanks for your offer but I feel that this great club would do better with a new top class manager.
    But that isn’t the egotist that is wenger.

  82. Redtruth

    “Your free to support another team , go put on the blue and support the chavs , if all you want is to win things , I thought. I this was for arsenal fans not women complaining”

    Spoken like a true loser (Spud)

  83. Ethan-gunner


    Agreed he makes some hideous decisions
    And he used to only buy the odd player after cash cowing another , and that just unsettles the team , but no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors and money making corporations are friggin evil , he wouldn’t have lasted this long if he didn’t conform to their whims

  84. Ethan-gunner

    You’d know red , as you sound like a traitor
    Constantly complaining like you enjoy it
    , you get off on arguments with fellow fans .. your sad.

    No need to cut and paste my text , come up with something original where you have to type more than 2 words …

    I got 2 words for you ..

    —– you

  85. Ethan-gunner

    You obviously can’t read , I didn’t say that
    You big girls skirt , I’m saying we could have been Leeds or up and down like Liverpool , but we’ve been consistently close and things could of been worse …

    And like I said go support another club you obviously hate arsenal hate the way it’s ran
    And very fast to say we’ve won fuck all so
    Go leg it too the spuds

  86. Ethan-gunner

    Steve there can only be 1 winning team per year , and I’ve got news for you mate it ain’t been us for a dozen years so if you still a fan , then I’d say it’s not all about winning

  87. Wenker-wanger

    I think Wenger and the board have evolved into a mutually acceptable arrangement. The board enjoy the profits, Wenger gets handsomely paid for his consistent money generating 4th place and is tolerant of the negativity he gets.
    The board are happy, but wengers ego is under attack since it has now become widely known and discussed that he isn’t much good anymore.
    So years of this anti-sport arrangement are now coming to an end as the fan base spearheaded by le grove and now arsenal fan tv are generating widespread interest.with the media on the bandwagon probably providing the real weaponry to convince Wenger time is up.
    It has been a sickly alliance and I believe Wenger has put his ego way way before the interests of arsenal FC.
    The club smells like stagnant water. But not for much longer.

  88. Ethan-gunner

    Wenker –

    Agreed his time is coming to a close
    But probably has more to do with age
    Than the fans unrest , if you look at the way the board see him , they call him a god sent

    And yes your right about his ego also,
    And that same ego would see him at the reigns another 10 years age permitting

  89. Redtruth

    “Steve there can only be 1 winning team per year , and I’ve got news for you mate it ain’t been us for a dozen years so if you still a fan , then I’d say it’s not all about winning”

    What a defeatist attitude letting Wenger off the hook.

  90. Ethan-gunner

    And for the record we ain’t 2nd fiddle to the chavs . They won at home and so did we this season , honours even and we won with more zest … it took the ref to ruin the game for them to win it , and Wenger not playing his best 11. we kicked there asses and handed it to them in slices

  91. Ethan-gunner

    Red Ruth it’s not defeatist, it’s called history you mindless idiot, go support your local club and leave the big pressures of support to people who realise winning is tough and when we get victory it will be savoured

    Are you a woman ???

  92. GG

    You big girls skirt , I’m saying we could have been Leeds or up and down like Liverpool , but we’ve been consistently close and things could of been worse …

    Leeds??? Really? A big team in London who could fill the stadium with Wanker akb tourists and with 2 billionaire owners. Hahahaha

    Consistently close? Close to what exactly? 4th place? Sorry but we average double digits behind the league leaders for the last decade. That is not close.

  93. GG

    And for the record we ain’t 2nd fiddle to the chavs . They won at home and so did we this season , honours even and we won with more zest … it took the ref to ruin the game for them to win it , and Wenger not playing his best 11. we kicked there asses and handed it to them in slices

    Ethan with the “we beat Chelsea with Zest” trophy.


  94. GG

    John cross is a compelete cunt

    Yeah real
    Madrid is going to replace ZZ who won the CL in his first half seasons. Is leadinb la liga comfortably and is on his way to 1-4 finals of the CL this Season.

    Hahaha yah Right.

    And there are “fans” like Ethan and Wallace and Pierre and Alex etc who will lap that up

  95. Wenker-wanger

    @ Ethan….
    I’m not getting into an argument here…..I really think Wenger will probably be judged a lot harsher than you could imagine.
    You know the tabloids….They are ruthless….Wenger is no “national treasure”… He will get slaughtered soon.
    Personally I despise his arrogance and selfishness and the audacity to continue after 8-2 and again at 6-0.
    I love or loved arsenal and can take defeats…But this selfish tw#t has driven fans like me to despair.
    And he has still not resigned!!!! A club destroying burden costing 8 million a year is shoving his middle finger into you me and the rest of the fans.

  96. GG

    Things that’s never exsisted until wenger became a specialist in failure

    Top 4 trophy
    We beat Leicester twice Trophy
    We beat Chelsea with more zest trophy
    We beat Barca/Bayern in the second leg but lost the tie trophy
    We led the league for most days trophy
    We were undefeated from march to October trophy

    Feel free to add to it

  97. Alexanderhenry


    Good points and I’m enjoying your work on Redruth.

    Concerning wenger, I think this season is the final curtain.

    It will fascinating to see how arsenal react post wenger
    . Maybe kroenke will break with tradition and actually try and win something

  98. GG

    Buying Ozil and Sanchez not tryin to win

    It’s wenger who didn’t want to spend money because he wanted to win his way m

    He failed spectacularly.


    You conveniently forgot
    To respond to my post where I mention kronke spends to the max of salary cap?

    Oh right goes against your bullshit narrative

  99. Ethan-gunner

    nothing wrong with bit of zest GG , and yes not failing to be out of the top 4 for all these years isn’t trivial … its probably the reason we are blessed to still have fans like …. er you .. same with the C.L to a lesser extent .. im happy to sit down beer in hand and watch my team play … you sound like a bunch of cream puff shallow ‘little girls … we must win , are you nazis

    id like a few more titles also but could things be far worse ? oh shit yeah ! they could !!!!

    we could be Newcastle .. or others who failed to stay competitive !!!

    and if your unhappy FFS go support someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy !!!! i hate 90% of what wenger does , but i can also see what good he did for the club too !!!!! and anyone who knew me like pedro would be shocked by my support , but as ive got older ive learned winning isnt everything !!! football is sport … not some manufactured movie with a fucking happy ending !!!

    role with the punches like in life !!!!
    take the good with the bad , and if your complaining this much go support a winning team so you dont have to cry like babies

  100. Gelbs

    Arsène Wenger is free to re-invest the profit he made from his summer trading but feels his “unbelievable” squad can already compete for the title without further investment.
    The Arsenal manager sold Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure during the close season, bringing in only Thomas Vermaelen as a replacement. If you believe the reported figures, that is a profit of around £30 million.
    His relative lack of expenditure has been discussed in the wake of recent defeats in Manchester but, speaking at the official opening of the Highbury Square development, the Frenchman put up a robust defence of his position.
    “We sold Kolo and Adebayor but bought Vermaelen,” he said. “That money is for me. I know how much I have and I am happy with it.
    “But last week we played Wigan. We won 4-0 and on the bench I had Bendtner [while] Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri, Denilson and Djourou were not playing.
    “Do we have the squad to compete with the other [‘Big’] four? I say yes.
    “We have an unbelievable squad. Where do you put all the talented players?
    “I believe we can show that we are not in a position where we need to buy. For me, we are in a position where we want to transform our potential into being real Premier League contenders.”

  101. BigCheese

    Sign Benitez up I say. Yes he has his flaws but he’s a CV manager. He’s selfish in that he wants to win trophies to make himself look good. He doesn’t care about glory and creating dynasties. He’s Mourinho minus the nastiness but equally huge ego and thick skin.

    We need someone like him in the interim. Give him a 3 year gig, while we look for a more longterm option. Gives a bit of time so we don’t end up in a Moyes/United situation.

    Not everyone’s cup of tea but he’ll get us top 4 and at least the FA Cup or League Cup in the mean time.

  102. GG

    Winning isn’t everything

    How about competing

    We are one of the biggest clubs in the world. We should be competing and yes winning titles

    You are comparing us to Newcastle and Leeds?

    Are you Fucking serious?

    You should fuck off and support Fulham. You’d be much happier. They match your ambition.

  103. Redtruth


    You can blame Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis all you want, but they’re zidis is a comatose CEO, but they have supported Wenger fully in terms of finances. The club is not profiting on transfers, quite the reverse – Arsenal have not made a profit in the transfer market in any of the last five seasons. Player expenditure has been £306m, with a £90m rebate on player sales. The wage bill has reason exponentially, and is now virtually on a par with the club’s competitors. So don’t tell me that Kroenke is not supporting the manager financially. The problem with Kroenke is that he is comfortable making a net profit and does not make Wenger accountable for his perpetual failure to compete for major trophies.

    Taken from ArsenalTruth

  104. GG

    im happy to sit down beer in hand and watch my team play

    Yeah were you happy with the 5-1 dismantling. Or getting spanked by Chelsea and watford.

    Go back to untold. You’re embarrassing yourself

  105. Ethan-gunner

    red ruth ..

    you cant even write more than 1 sentence .. you look like a whining little cry baby .

    new stadium , sanchez , FA cup wins … yes theres been positives .. positives and negatives that a girls blouse like you will try hard to ignore …

    but AGAIN go support a winning club .. and fans not being united is the only fickle thing here , you sour pussies would rather fight with fellow supporters ..

    and you call me traitor ! you guys need a mirror …

    maybe just to put your curlers in 🙂

    you bunch of girls 🙂