5 points of Arsenal interest vs Bayern Munich

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Late post today, but I AM EXCITED.

Sometimes you have to put all your pessimism to one side because that’s what football fandom requires.

Things that are of interest tonight.

Away Goals

The advantage of playing the first leg away is you can land that away goal and come back to an extra 10% boost from the crowd in London and see off the game with a dirty double pivot. That’s where the strategy comes into play. Are we going to Bayern to nick a goal and defend like heroes? If so, how are we planning to achieve that?


PSG absolutely blew it out of the park last night with an incredible showing of aggression and hard work. Their pressing game was a sight to behold, watching players you wouldn’t normally associate with beast mode all working together to make Barcelona look like a team of old men being taught a lesson. Bayern can press like that, we know they’ll have that up their sleeves tonight, so what is the plan?

I’d set up with finesse in mind and power play counter attacking football. Coquelin is a mistake in my opinion, especially under pressure of aggressive teams who will give you zero seconds on the ball. My midfield would blend hardwork with great on the ball skills. My attack would likely not include Mesut Ozil, who is off form and a bit of a waste in big games like these. I’d have a front three that boasted pace and intelligence. I’d go for Welbeck, Sanchez… struggling with who hits the right because we have no Ramsey, who did a great job pressing from the front against United last season, and we don’t have Perez who is injured. Not quite sure Iwobi has done enough to merit a place?

My midfield would be Xhaka, Elneney and Chamberlain. I really hope he doesn’t put Chambo on the right, The guy has been electric in the middle and he has a range of attributes that could be of use if he has a good game this evening.

The Press

Do Arsenal have a plan for the aggressive press? Will Bayern set up to allow us possession so they can steal and break at pace. What is our plan? Can we play over the press? Will we set up with players who can deal with aggression? Will we counter press and fu*k up their rhythm? This is not Swansea, Watford or Bournemouth. What are we going to do here?


Going to be very interesting to see if Wenger drops him. Rumblings in the media that the team aren’t impressed with him, his form has dipped massively and he plays badly in big games. At the very most, I’d have him playing on the left. But if my season was reliant on him, I’d not have him in the side. He’s not been worthy of a start and it sends the wrong message to the players if you can play like an arsehole and still start. Not to mention it seems tactically weak to start him.


Rumours from Ornstein, the god of correct information, is that Theo will not be starting. So what does that mean? Could Wenger sh*t the bed here and roll with Giroud as the ‘lob it to the big man’ go to guy? That would be really upsetting. I really hope we have something different up our sleeves because our form has not been good enough to go there and slog it out.

We’ll see though. It would not surprise me to see us win here, but I am very concerned it could be a mauling.

Covering all bases…

Recording a podcast after, so you’ll hear how I’m feeling in the morning.

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  1. GG


    Anyone who says wenger gets to decide when he leaves is an akb.

    That’s going above and beyond of not putting down your “football father”

    That’s an akb.

  2. GG

    It’s ok. After we beat Sutton. Wallace. Wellbechio keown etc will
    All be back singing the praises of wenger.

    And telling us how we are still in the fa cup. Still in the CL. Anything can happen

    And still
    In the PL.

    Glory hunters they will call us.

    And tell us to be careful what we wish for.

  3. China

    Yeah maybe

    Like I said I don’t condone what ex players have said I just think they’re in a catch 22 and are not capable of communicating what they want without sounding one way or the other and it’s coming off on the AKB side

  4. GG

    How dare you China.

    The best thing is that this season there is no easy run out for wenger.

    We could easily lose our last 4 matches. Tottenham. Stoke. Both away. Man U Everton home.

    No we’ve won out. He just needs summer to buy a ???? And all other excuses they come up with.

    and I hope we lose all 4.

  5. China

    Don’t get your hopes up

    Wenger is a shit manager but he’s also the world’s most consistent

    He will smash all those teams and the fans will be crying tears of joy and optimism about the fantastic summer ahead where we will definitely buy top players and definitely prepare for the next season properly

    Definitely. Definitely.

    I promise

  6. GG


    Not this year.

    Jose won’t lose to wenger

    Koeman has wenger’s number

    We won’t beat tottenham away

    And stoke away. Well enough said about that.

    The most we get out of these 4 matches is 4 out of 12 points.

    There’s nothing left of wenger. The team
    Isn’t playing for him. This will
    Be the Hardest run out I can remember.

  7. China

    On paper you’re dead right but this is wenger man lol

    Any other manager sure this would be a foregone conclusion but wenger I’m not convinced

    He can win enough games before then that we can drop a few points in those final games

    or he’ll get his Christmas wish and best Jose in style finally

    On paper I’ve absolutely no faith in wenger’s ability to do this but this is wenger and the time for bending over is now. The final run in is the time where he pulls a rabbit out of his ass and we pick up more points than any other team

    This is the pattern. It has always been this since before time began. I’m pretty sure even the Bible mentions that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem when he got Jews from missionaries abroad that wenger had secured top 4 and had clung on to his job for another year.

    It’s written in the stars joe just accept it

  8. GG


    I’m telling you. He doesn’t have it anymore. It’s over. He’s lost the players. They don’t play for him. He’s useless in big matches.

    He’s had his one win over a big team
    Already. Those last 4 games will have a lot riding on them and wenger don’t
    Pressure. Hes been lucky up
    To now
    Where the run in has been
    Easy so the battle
    Top 4 could
    Be won

    Not this year. The players are done with wenger. Sanchez will be half way to PSG or Bayern or juve by then. Ozil will be half way to wherever.

    The whole
    Thing comes
    Crashing down on le fraud this season

  9. China

    We only need top 4 for wenger so the challenge is smaller than it looks

    Probably two of utd Liverpool city or Spurs will hit bad form again before the season finishes. No way will all 5 of the chasers be consistent imo. Spurs are really overrated these days so my money is on them and leaky defense Liverpool hitting another bad run.

    That leaves a top 4 of Chelsea, city, utd, Arsenal with Spurs/Liverpool just behind us

    Win the FA cup and the apologists got top 4, topped the cl group and were only knocked out by one of the world’s best teams (no shame), Fa cup and the rest.

    This is a cracking outcome for the apologists and will absolutely earn wenger his new contract

    And it’s absolutely a realistic outcome

  10. China

    I don’t think players have played for wenger for a long time. None of this generation of players play for wenger.

    The only exception was when Ramsey had his killer Year and dragged us trough the league and on to the Fa cup.

    That was the only time I’ve seen any Arsenal player look like they’ll carry the team to save arsene’s cold dead ass.

    And Ramsey doesn’t have the ability or fitness to do that again.

    So basically I don’t think we’re in any worse shape at this point than last season because they didn’t play for him then either

  11. Leedsgunner

    I wonder which top European club will be sounding out Wenger in the morning… Lol…

    Those stories always come out when Wenger comes under pressure, you know so. that Wenger can turn around and say “Look at me I’ve sacrificed so much for Arsenal, look at what I’ve given up for the club!” Just before he signs a new extension…

    For what exactly?

    The truth is the reverse… though isn’t? What have we given up in sticking with Wenger?

    At least we can all agree PSG or Real Madrid won’t be calling in the morning… Lol.

    If Wenger thinks another top club would tolerate this foolishness– he really is deluded.

    Sad, tragically sad without an end in sight.

  12. jwl

    “Late post today, but I AM EXCITED.”

    Pedro shouldn’t have bothered with post today pre-match, I bet he not so excited now. Podcast going to be bleak, darkness at noon tone.

  13. China

    Joe I wish I had your confidence in the situation that he’s finished but I don’t

    Wenger loves to dangle by his finger tips over the precipice but somehow always climbs back out

    If we assume he’s not strong enough to do that he’ll do it again. The only way he’s falling down is if someone steps on his fingers

    The fans need to ignore the old man victim looks and comments he’s going to make as he tries to pull himself out and bring out the banners and chants during games. If the fans are persistent then it should be enough to cut him lose. If they’re over confident that he’s done like last year then he will continue to surprise them

  14. Jeff

    What astonishes me is the degree of outrage from some of the more seasoned posters on here. It’s like some of you didn’t actually believe the predictions you were making. You have to look at it from the eyes of the board and owner.

    1. Do they expect us to win the CL? No.
    2. Do they expect us to win the PL? No.
    3. Do they expect us to win any domestic cup? Doesn’t matter.
    4. Do they expect us to finish in the top four? Yes but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t.

    Given the above, Wenger is still a success because:

    a. History (20 years of top four)
    b. Target has always been the same.

    There is no need to get all hot under the collar over 5:1 against Bayern. We’ve been beaten by bigger margins and nothing happened.

    This season we will once again finish in the top four and we will go through all this CL thing again next year under Wenger. That is the reality. You either accept it or you start spitting razors. The former retains your sanity but the latter changes nothing.

    We have to play the waiting game until he decides to call it a day. We can’t vote him out, we can’t shame him out, we can’t embarrass him out so what’s left? We wait.

  15. jwl

    How are you, Mick? You haven’t posted many comments recently.

    I was just reading articles about whether Luis Enrique will make it to end of season before being fired – and he’s won treble and double in his first two seasons – but no similar discussion around Wenger even tho he’s never won Champs League and last won league over decade ago.

  16. grooveydaddy


    Again, good podcast. you guys say pretty much what we’re all thinking. I guess it’s somehow validating to hear someone else say it out loud, in ‘public.’

    I’m surprised you both kept it so civil. I expected a bit more vitriol…

  17. Leedsgunner

    It doesn’t matter if we top the group or not… we end up losing. Not just losing but being humiliated so that opposition fans are actually feeling sorry for us. After all this, Wenger says he can’t explain it. Is that acceptable for any manager to say that?

    If he can’t explain it, he needs to go. Today.

    In any other industry he would be sacked on the spot.

    Why are we keeping him? What does he bring to the club?

    The longer he stays, the more we are laughed at… no we are not even laughed at.

    We are pitied.

    Be careful what we wish for?

    Damn right, I didn’t wish for this.

  18. Mick Kartun

    I’m OK jwl, thanks mate.

    Our old arsene dried me up, very tired to watch our club and lost the appetite to comment here too, kinda getting bored to post same wenger out comments over and over.

    Really hope this season is the end of Arsene, fingers crossed.

    Cheers mate.

  19. jwl

    Glad you well, Mick.

    I have more enthusiasm for complaining about Wenger here at Le Grove than I do for watching team on weekend, that’s for sure. Wenger has removed all joy we had with supporting Arsenal, I can’t wait until he retires.

  20. jwl

    Pedro If you looking for ideas for you podcast still, you can do section on ‘snog, marry, avoid’ on Steph G.

    Steph Gongora isn’t ashamed of her period, and doesn’t think other women should be either.

    The yogi shared a video of herself on Instagram last week in which she performs a series of yoga moves while “free bleeding” — not using a cup, tampon or pad while menstruating — through her white yoga pants.


  21. China

    Fucks sake

    Women shouldn’t be ashamed of having periods but it doesn’t stop ruining your trousers with blood stains being a pretty retarded thing to do

    I’m not ashamed of having to shit but I wouldn’t choose to shit my pants to prove the point

    Some bodily functions are widely accepted as unpleasant because they look/smell/feel bad. There’s nothing wrong with that

    But hey it’s her life. She’s free to do that and spend £100 a month on constantly replacing yoga pants. Fucking waste of money tho

  22. GuNZ

    Baron Munchausened in München. I can’t take any more. Sell him to the rag and bone man. No, fuck it, you won’t get anything for him . . . pay the rag and bone man to come and take him away.

  23. Ishola70


    “Arsenal were pitiful, even farcical against Bayern Munich and they got off easy at just 5-1”

    “Arsenal defending deep was always bound to be a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure and doom, but, in the process, they even invented an umpteenth manner of capitulation.”

    “His departure preceded a massacre, with English blood gushing, around the Allianz Arena, now a cauldron of noise, cheering the onslaught and the corresponding demise of Arsenal. It was a horror movie in bad taste, but Munich were irrepressible.”

    “Arsenal’s central defenders were petrified as Bayern toyed with their victims, with much casualness and finesse, reducing a Champions League knockout game to a glorified training session.”

    “Wenger, who must, after a night without any positives, contemplate a universe from which all substance and hope has been drained.”

  24. Samesong

    SamesongFebruary 15, 2017 07:48:59
    WallaceWill you go missing as per usual if Bayern give us a spanking ?

    Lol not one post from Wallace after the game.

  25. Leedsgunner

    Kos, apparently when questioned about the home tie replied, “You never know…”

    Honestly do they think we’re that gullible?

    No doubt because Bayern have won this big in the first leg they will take their foot off the gas, play their fringe players… and we’ll most likely win the second leg.

    Not enough to win so we go through, just enough for Wenger to claim another moral victory.

    This is where we’re at now. We’re can just about compete when other top teams take it easy on us and play their reserve sides.

    We’re the footballing equivalent to a sparring partner for world champs to use when they want to have a good workout… we’re not taken seriously anymore.

  26. GuNZ

    Frank Mc

    Been a full on few months but finally have time to get right royally fucked off at Steptoe Wenger again . . .

    Things good with you mate?

  27. OleGunner

    Shame we’re being laughed at not only in England but Europe as well (see Nuer fist bump with team mates when drawing Arsenal a few years back.)

    Obviously most clubs look at us as a Benfica, Sporting CP or Dynamo Kiev level sort of opposition.

    Incredible really how low Wenger has sunk the Arsenal the last 10 years.
    Part of why I want the old codger out as manager is so we can claw back some of the respect he’s eroded over the many years.

    I’m sick of the humiliation and embarrassment.

  28. Wallace


    “Dixon keown. Henry. Lehman And any other player who has stuck up for wenger and said crap about it’s his choice when to leave. He should stay etc. Should be barred from ever working for the club once wenger leaves. And any pundit and jounro like cross should be barred from the club.

    They are Lemmings and weak just like wenger and don’t deserve to be at the club.

    I don’t care who they are. If they are still defending wenger like Henry did last week , they should never be allowed to work at the club.”

    have a listen to yourself, you f*ckin’ dickhead.

  29. qna

    I can’t believe we are even having a debate over climate change.

    I can’t believe we are even having a debate over Wenger Out.

    I can’t believe we are even having a debate over the mediocrity of the Arsenal squad.

    Last night said just absolutely everything that I have been saying about our squad. From the injury to Kos over a relatively tame event, to the absolute mediocrity of every man on the pitch bar Sanchez. We don’t sign top quality footballers, yet we are willing to pay mediocre players the same wages that top quality players get.

    We now have 1 good player in Alexis Sanchez. The other good players in our squad are Ozil, Cazorla and Koscielny. Now Ozil has basically gone to shit in our team. He may still have a future away from this club, but his time here is done. He wont produce a good full season of football for Arsenal ever again. His function in this team has been well and truly worked out and any team can stop him. As people say, he is a luxury player and we have far too much work to do before we will ever be in a position to have a player like that with us. The other two players Koscielny and Cazorla are now past their prime. Both will have more and more injuries now as they get older. Last nights injury to Kos just shows this – a reasonably normal event and his body couldn’t handle it.

    Alexis will leave us. He would be completely mad to sign another contract when he has a plethora of better clubs that will take him in 12 months time. So we have no choice but to sell him.

    This will leave us with zero top quality players, who are not injury prone. Wenger has been driving the titanic right into the iceberg with every mediocre transfer since we started selling to City and buying plodders like Arteta. With every mediocre signing from the likes of Podolski, to Welbeck to Perez, the titanic has been taking on more water.

    There are parallels between the warnings of climate change and the warnings of Arsenal’s failure. Like these extreme whether events that are occurring, more frequently and more severely over the past decade, so have Arsenals embarrassing capitulations both domestically and in Europe. AKBs are truly as stupid and damaging as climate change deniers.

  30. Rambo Ramsey

    Wallace, forget Joe, what about you? ever review the bizarre stuff that YOU come up with? like this one yesterday

    ”we’re nor underperforming. if we were finishing 5th/6th or worse and not making it out of the group stages of the CL then we’d be underperforming. it’s been a long time since we’ve had a very good season, but we’re not underperforming.”

    You reckon we performed to reasonable standard yesterday?

  31. GuNZ

    Frank Mc

    Yes, it’s very lovely. I especially liked the colourful highlighting effects on the outside. It kind of reminded me of something but, for the life of me, I can’t think what . . .

  32. Wallace


    “Lol not one post from Wallace after the game.”

    was playing football then watched the game in the pub. would have posted on the way home but Joe & China’s posts were so entertaining I just plain forgot.

  33. Redtruth

    “I don’t care who they are. If they are still defending wenger like Henry did last week , they should never be allowed to work at the club.”

    I’d extend that to those still defending Wenger like Wallace should never be allowed on this blog.

  34. GuNZ

    And I’d imagine, its being Germany and everything, that a serving of Kaffee und Kuchen or even a Currywurst und Bier would be exceptionally reasonable, mirroring, I shouldn’t wonder, the favourable entrance ticket prices..

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    Wallace, what its an isolated result? This has been the case for the last few years, embarrassing ourselves in Europe every time. So tell me again how Arsenal are not underperforming.

  36. Ishola70

    Someone mentioned Benfica there,

    Bayern would have been more concerned if they had drawn Benfica rather than Arsenal. Benfica are not a progressive side at all on the big stage but they are street wise and all yesterday’s game was about was Arsenal funnelling back deep having players behind the ball and looking for some isolated counters. Benfica would have carried out that sort of job with much more know how and unlikely they would concede five goals.

    PSG have shown the way to go here . If Arsenal want to do anything of real note on the big stage in the future they have got to get in players that win the midfield. Not just look pretty when they are on the ball but win that midfield. PSG played some nice football in midfield the other night but it was just not about playing the pretty football when on the ball. It was about winning the midfield with the pressing and then you stake the claim to the midfield and play your football from there. This means bringing in mobile CMs who can run around, press and also show the technical stuff when on the ball. Who have Arsenal got to do this sort of job? Ozil and Xhaka lol. Arsenal are going nowhere on the bigger stage with midfielders in the side such as Ozil and Xhaka.

    Arsenal need a clear out and revolution in midfield as well as the departure of Wenger.

  37. Wallace


    “And I’d imagine, its being Germany and everything, that a serving of Kaffee und Kuchen or even a Currywurst und Bier would be exceptionally reasonable, mirroring,”

    I got a large bottle of jever & currywurst for 3.5 euros in Berlin just before Christmas. even with the pound sinking like a stone that was a pretty great deal.

  38. Samesong

    Wallace fair do’s

    But I told you we would get hammered not because I wanted he team to get beat but I knew it was coming.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    The writing was on the wall earlier this season when it was apparent just how weak our midfield really is in the absence of Cazorla.

    The two defeats before Xmas highlighted the problem and games against Bournemouth, Watford and Chelsea demonstrated clearly that most of these players are not good enough to play at EPL level let alone CL.

    What has been clear to me for a very long time is that our defence has been put under enormous stress by what has been going on in front of them and
    the injury to Koscielny broke the camel’s back last night.

    There are no excuses for what is going on. We have a manager who is now
    incapable of:
    a] buying the right players
    b] keeping the best players
    c] turning the players into a decent team
    d] tactically adapting to the opposition

    My view is very clear. If we have another disaster against Liverpool the club needs to make a clear announcement that Wenger will leave at the end of the
    season and the new manager should be appointed as soon as possible so that
    he has the opportunity to plan for next season.

    On the evidence of what we have seen recently there will be an awful lot of rebuilding to be done over next two to three years not just in personnel, but also
    in the way the team plays its football.

    Some may believe that loyalty to Wenger and coaching staff is commendable,
    but it must be apparent to even Kroenke by now that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way the club’s football programme is operating at
    the moment.

  40. Wallace


    “So tell me again how Arsenal are not underperforming.”

    it was Bayern. they start as big favourites against any of the premier league’s best sides. getting beating by them does not make your case.

  41. GuNZ


    I was in London for a few days in early January. Almost went to that Katzenjammer place you once recommended to me but unfortunately had a 15 year old niece in tow so had to go somewhere more sedate.

  42. Wallace


    “The fact that Wallace feels comfortable coming on this blog after such a humiliation shows just what a shameless twat he is.”


  43. Thank you and goodnight

    I just can’t believe the shame of the man. If he had any honour like he claims to have he would of resigned in the morning . A seriously poor poor poor manager

  44. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘it was Bayern. they start as big favourites against any of the premier league’s best sides. getting beating by them does not make your case.’

    There’s getting beat and there’s getting thrashed and humiliated. Do you need me to spell out the difference to you?

    Does not make my case..Jesus wept.

  45. GuNZ

    Good Evening/Morning TYAG

    As I am too far away, would you kindly shit in an envelope and send it attention of Mnsr. Wenger please. I’d be ever so grateful.

  46. Jamal

    He said we were “mentally jaded”, the same pathetic excuse after every game. How can we take him seriously when he can’t even mentally prepare his team. We are the laughing stock of European football. Ludogorets wouldn’t have been humiliated like we were last night.

  47. Thank you and goodnight


    Curling one out as we speak mate. It’s a beaut, almost as big a shit as the one wenger’s been serving us up these last few years.

  48. Steveyg87

    Went to sleep straight after the final whistle, honestly thought when I went on to goal.com this morning that Wenger might have handed in his resignation..
    It wasn’t to be…

  49. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘I just can’t believe the shame of the man. If he had any honour like he claims to have he would of resigned in the morning.’

    TYAG, Can you blame him? Look at folk like Wallace bending over backwards to defend this shitshow-even if comes at the expense of making themselves look like low IQ buffoons incapable of rational thought process.

    And there are 1000s of these sort. When you have devotees like this, you con them all the way.

  50. OleGunner

    It would actually be one of the most selfish things of Wenger to stay on beyond this season.

    Shows he has no love for the club and is drunk beyond belief on the power he holds at Arsenal.

  51. Wallace


    “Look at folk like Wallace bending over backwards to defend this shitshow-”

    my post 5mins prior to the above –

    “we were shit yesterday. “

  52. Confidentgoner

    How any human being can still support Wenger signing a new contract amazes me.

    Let everyone that has breathe say “Wenger Out!”

  53. GuNZ

    Ah well. G’night gentlemen and ladies. I’ve had all day to get used to the thought that we got humbled like a dwarf on a basketball court and I’ve taken solace in enough gin and tonic to sink a fucking battleship but I’m still smarting. It’s been pissing down all day here in Auckland so I hope your weather’s better wherever you are. Anyhow, enjoy your day.

  54. Confidentgoner

    Wallace, O want to place you on record. Do you support a new Contract for Wenger? Yes or No, with point by point reason. Thanks.

  55. Wenker-wanger

    Even keown says its time to go my friend arsene.
    He worries about his friend arsenes health.
    I think akbs can now join keown in wanting wenger out with a reason that preserves their faith in their cult hero.
    We can then unite.

  56. Rambo Ramsey

    Wallace, and two minutes later you wrote something that suggested that a loss to Bayern is to be expected. erm?

    Similar to yesterday when you blasted China for saying the last five years under Wenger have not been good enough only to say something along the same lines yourself an hour later.

    So many contradictions. I say to you, stop this wishy washy nonsense and fully embrace the WOB within.

  57. Steveyg87

    Send some of thatrain our way Gunz!!

    South Africa have a cyclone approaching(first one I know of) and should be heading right through my region, exciting times

  58. qna

    @Samir. I know we usually post at different times, but your post yesterday was spot on. We will need to backwards to move forwards and there is no need to drag Alexis through that. He wont re-sign anyway. We could use the money that selling both Alexis and Ozil will bring to help rebuild the damage that Wenger has done over the last 5 years in particular. I agree with you that the only 3 players worth considering as first team players are Bellerin, Kocielny and Mustafi. But I also feel that Koscielny will spend more and more time in the medical rooms.

    We should be looking to replace 15 players in the next 2 seasons. It really doesn’t matter if this is good practice under normal circumstances. We are not in normal circumstances. We are nose-diving to a level where we wont be able to attract big players anymore. Due to the shear number of players we need, we can’t really afford to spend on individual players. We need to be looking to build a team in the way that clubs like Monaco have done it. That is a great example of a team that has turned over a large number of players in a short time to great success.

    To this end, I think its more important to get a world class director of football than it is to get a world class manager. Write the next 2 or 3 seasons off now. It wont matter who we bring in with this squad of players. The important part of the job ahead is the rebuild.

  59. Wenker-wanger

    @ redruth… I was thinking the same. I wanted him gone after newcastle 4-4 collapse… Only 7 years a wob… But still I can take some credit for my judgement. To back wenger now is like putting your money on a horse with one leg… Ha

  60. Wallace


    “Wallace, O want to place you on record. Do you support a new Contract for Wenger? Yes or No, with point by point reason. ”

    my opinion’s always been that he wouldn’t renew. and at this point, after the last couple of weeks, I’d like to see someone new get a shot at it next year.

  61. Chika

    You need the right coach to deploy the right tactics.
    You need the right players to execute the right tactics.
    We have neither!

  62. Wallace


    “Wallace, and two minutes later you wrote something that suggested that a loss to Bayern is to be expected. erm?”

    you thought we would beat them? it was a bad performance, far from the first in a big game, but we could have played near to our very best and still lost by a couple of goals. you get that, yeah?

  63. China

    Glad you found our posts entertaining Wallace. As entertaining as wengerball was last night I presume?

    Also it’s literally comedy that you think getting tanked by 4 in 45 minutes (not even including the other goal in the first half) is absolutely great

    Are you sure you don’t want Arsenal to lose because you seem really comfortable with your club getting tanked and laughed at by the rest of the footballing world

  64. OleGunner

    Tbf Wallace has mostly maintained he wants Wenger gone (even with his militant support for Wenger)

    The thing is, he seems to meekly accept Wenger potentially staying on and doesn’t seem bothered about it if the man got an extra 5 year contract.
    That’s the issue I’d guess.

  65. Redtruth

    Arsenal have always had a soft underbelly under Wenger but teams in the past in most cases had enough quality (domestically) to counter such weakness unlike the present team.

  66. Wallace


    “The thing is, he seems to meekly accept Wenger potentially staying on and doesn’t seem bothered about it if the man got an extra 5 year contract.”

    no, I wanted him to have the opportunity to compete once the money started to flow again. for me that’s from the moment we signed Ozil, so this will be his 4th crack at it. and while we’re punching our weight we don’t look like we’re going to win anything big anytime soon.

  67. Sid

    Seriously, don’t understand what kind of value this cunt Wenger is adding to Arsenal . I read an comment from an ex player few days back that Wenger should resign and move upstairs. I hope Wenger completely fucks off from this club after he resigns

  68. Wallace


    “Also it’s literally comedy that you think getting tanked by 4 in 45 minutes (not even including the other goal in the first half) is absolutely great.”


  69. Leedsgunner

    Lay off Wallace, he’s alright.

    He’s not condescending and self righteous like some… and I think it’s to his credit that he’s come here this morning and admitted that we’ve played badly yesterday.

    Fair dues Wallace 🙂

    Although, coincidentally I found this post by Wallace which I amused me on my ipod which amused me.

    “have a weird feeling we might give a good account of ourselves in these upcoming games against Bayern. they’re definiely not the side they were under Pep.”
    12 February 08:37

    How’s that weird feeling Wallace? — Did you get it look at?

    Maybe it was gas? Or alternatively Wenger s***ing his trousers again?

    Pure bantz! 🙂

  70. Wallace


    thanks for that 🙂

    they haven’t been playing well recently, and they are getting old in a few areas….I thought there was the chance to do something last night. should have known…

  71. Leedsgunner

    Wallace, mate you should know by now Arsenal under Arsene is the go to elixir when you’re team is doing badly.

    Goodness me we even made Watford look good the other week.

    Just out of curiosity Wallace when is enough for you? — what would it take for you to say Wenger has had his day?

    Not a wind up, genuinely interested….

    Wishing you the best.

  72. Redtruth


    It’s no surprise you backing Wallace after your epic climb down from kissing Wenger’s butt and believing in his team earlier in the season….lol mug

  73. Alex Cutter

    The bookies’ favourites are:

    • Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus) – 4/1
    • Eddie Howe (Bournemouth) – 4/1
    • Thomas Tuchel (Borussia Dortmund) – 8/1
    • Patrick Vieira (New York City FC)- 8/1
    • Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid) – 12/1

    Bringing in Viera would have huge symbolic value, but I’m surprised to seem him on this list. Is he considered in London to be a realistic option?

  74. Redtruth

    I’m waiting for next season when imbecile Leedsgunner gets all worked up and excited for the season ahead when Arsenal smash a Thailand Presidents XI in pre-season 7-0 ….fuckin mug punter supporter …lol

  75. Leedsgunner


    Climbdown? Whatever.

    I believe in debate not abusing fellow Gooners. If you want to call me a mug for showing courtesy… you go right ahead.

    Wishing you the best…

  76. Alex Cutter


    • Joachim Low (Germany) – 16/1
    • Ralph Hasenhuttl (Red Bull Leipzig) – 18/1
    • Luis Enrique (Barcelona) – 25/1
    • Marco Silva (Hull City) – 25/1
    • Rafael Benitez (Newcastle) – 25/1
    • Thierry Henry (Belgium assistant manager) – 25/1

  77. Paulinho

    Would love to be privvy to the system Xhaka played under with Monchengladbach.

    Did he have some agreement with the German FA to not have any opposition comes within five yards of him or something?

    Deary me, another absolute shocker eh Wallace?

  78. Ishola70

    “Would love to be privvy to the system Xhaka played under with Monchengladbach.Did he have some agreement with the German FA to not have any opposition comes within five yards of him or something?Deary me, another absolute shocker eh Wallace?”

    How is he going to fit into a dynamic midfield , a midfield like which we saw the other night with PSG. He’s a lump. Shit signing.

  79. Rambo Ramsey

    AW: ”We lost our organisation and we looked mentally very jaded”

    but Monsieur Old fool, how can something that we never possessed be lost? as far as the mental jading, yeah I bet the players have grown tired of taking the flak for your non-management. Can be very taxing to go out on the pitch and figure out how best to express oneself.