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Arsenal finally found a win after back to back defeats when they beat Hull by 2 goals in a less than thrilling encounter at The Emirates. Alexis Sanchez broke the deadlock with an accidental karate chop for the first gaol, later on, he finished the tie when he buried a penalty after, ironically, a Hull player handled the ball on the line and was spotted.

The game wasn’t overly one-sided possession wise. Hull actually pipped us in the first half with 51%. We had all the chances though. True of the whole game really, that said Petr Cech had a good day, making two very slick saves, one early on from a high bullet header N’Diaye and one early in the second half from the same man when a rasping shot was tipped wide.

The biggest talking point was Wenger after the match. He must have felt how dead it was inside the stadium and he must have seen the masses of empty seats. But he still weighed in on his future. Firstly he took on Ian Wright, saying that basically, it wasn’t the two of them, so nothing exclusive going on there.

“We had a little dinner before but we were not the two of us,” the manager was eager to point out. “We were four, five.”

“We were four, five.”

Then he took on the tired comments, and to give it to Wrighty, Wenger has the ashen face of a man who’s expecting a knock on the door for a shoplifting offence from 1998.

“I could be tired because I get up early in the morning and I finish late at night so sometimes I am tired, yes, but I didn’t give any indication [to Wright] about my future,” “Did he misinterpret me? Yes. I appreciate very much you want me to rest [in retirement] but I am not ready for that.”

“Did he misinterpret me? Yes. I appreciate very much you want me to rest [in retirement] but I am not ready for that.”

I’m not sure how to take those comments. Do they mean he’s going to stay on? Or does it mean that he’s not going to make the same mistake Fergie made. I’d say the latter, he’s not giving away anything, because if he tells his squad he’s leaving, Ozil might actually sit down and play computer games for 90mintes on the half way line, and the rest of the squad will take their holidays early.

Wenger needs to motivate a group that switches off pretty easy. He has to traverse the upcoming Bayern game on Wednesday in Munich. He still has an FA Cup to play for. He still has 2nd to play for, up for grabs after Spurs fell to Mane’s Liverpool. He’ll want to go out with the biggest bang he can muster.

I’d say it’s far from decided. You know that because Arsenal have been talking to talent all around Europe. You can see it in Wenger’s eyes that this is all weighing heavily on him. So it should. He’s holding onto power he doesn’t deserve.

That’s what you always have to remember when the Ian Wright stories about him being broken drop… he doesn’t deserve the job, that’s why he’s down. He knows deep down the club has been taken to a glass ceiling he can’t break.

It’s not the fans fault. I’ll tell you this as well Mr Wright, this is not the players fault either. They aren’t prepared properly, there’s no discipline, they’re sent out to play with minimal instruction, they are not given the tools they need to express themselves in the most effective and smart way.

Conte has his players training against mannequins so they know exactly what to do all time. Everyone has a role. Everyone knows their job. So when it goes to shit, they have that technique to fall back on. Allegri, Pep and Nagelsmann of Hoffenheim believe in tactical fluidity. If you can master 8 different formations, and it can’t be predicted, you can flex in and out of shapes like an NFL team, which helps you become difficult to play against.

Wenger doesn’t nail one system. He can’t master many. He’s broken, stuck on 2002 repeat. It’s sad to watch. Someone should put him out his misery, but let’s hope he has the guts to do it himself. Hand over power to someone who knows what it takes to win a Champions League… or at least offer a system exciting enough to attempt that challenge.

Back to Hull. Wenger still opted to start Coquelin. It was interesting watching him pair up with Chambo in the middle. The Englishman made 9 ball recoveries, using his pace to get the better of Hull. He also took players on successfully 5 times, more than anyone else on the pitch. He had a blend of defence splitting passes, combined with breaking the lines with his explosive pace. It was Hull, but you can really see a player there. If you play Xhaka as the deepest midfielder, then use Ox to do his box to box donkey work, you could have quite a pairing. Ox links the defence and midfield in a way Coquelin just can’t.

Ozil was very off his game, looking mightily uninterested at times and rather impotent. Only one of his 6 crosses found anyone, 1 of his 3 corners found a red shirt and he only created two chances. 5 players made more than his passes than his 35 good ones, versus 10 bad ones. A staggeringly poor return for a man who normally drops 60+ against average teams. I just wouldn’t offer him a new deal if PSG are circling. He switches off and clearly doesn’t have the character you want from your likely biggest earner. Rumours about players being baffled about his consistent inclusion looking pretty on point.

Anyway, a win is a win. Unbelievably, there are 2 points between 2nd and 6th. Unbelievable. It worries me a little if I’m honest. Our European adventures over the next two weeks panic me a little and I don’t like Jose when he’s bearing down on an objective. It’s not often he doesn’t get the better of Wenger and there are a lot of games for him to make things happen. Pep can push City to 2nd on Monday if they beat a tricky Bournemouth away.

It’s going to be a tight finish this year… hold onto your hats.

Right, that’s me tapping out. LOL at The Mirror linking us with Rafa Benetiz. JOKERS.

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  1. Wenker-wanger

    Never thought I would enjoy reading anything from Rio Ferdinand…
    His comments rang a bell with me, and keown trying to argue wengers case on being tough when needed, was just pathetic.
    Wenger: the “Mr barraclough” in porridge. Haha

  2. Wenker-wanger

    Trust me Pedro, I never start on any blogger with abuse.
    Although we are in a particularly fractious fan phase I’m aware of the need to be civil.

  3. Redtruth

    The top 6 is fairly average so i can easily see a new manager winning the title in his first season for Arsenal, but the board must act quickly and take full advantage before the window closes.

  4. Welbecchio


    So don’t see the point of the Champions League? Have you ever experienced a European night? I’d recommend it then you might see what all the fuss is about.

  5. Wenker-wanger

    I used to love these nights….The final V barspcelona was an amazing night in a packed Holloway road pub….Despite the result.
    These days it’s just some dire games and some good games culminating in getting knocked out in the last 16.
    We are predictable.

  6. Wenker-wanger

    Keown on mod2…” Arsenal is a family business”….. It sure is Martin…….
    Not a football club determined to win trophies.
    It’s like watching your pet dog get slowly strangled.

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Don’t like the man

    He dragged us away from our home ..,

    We could have re developed an mad a 50,000 stadium

    That’s all we neec

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Don’t like the man

    He dragged us away from our home ..,

    We could have re developed an mad a 50,000 stadium

    Yet we’re lumbered

    That’s all we neec

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I’m old enough lad




    Is this best most positive thing I have seen from you
    Well done sir

  10. reality check


    Its called being a jack of all trades and a master of none.

    Explains why this NEW Arsene Arsenal is so shyte.

    Tell me. One of our players that is a master in his position?

    Ha! Even our most expensive player doesn’t play his position right!

  11. reality check

    These stupid akbs don’t even realize their excuses for why Wenger hasn’t won a major trophy in, what is it? 13 years. Are the same reasons why he won’t win one ever again.

    If.. those excuses are valid.

  12. GG


    Ask them to give you 5 reasons why wenger should be given an extension?

    They can’t give you 1 other than bollocks like 20 years in the CL yet no closer to winning it.

    Careful what you wish for. What? Wishing to be part of the title race past jan and get past the round of 16 in the CL. God forbid.

    Ask them what they think wenger will lead Arsenal to if he signs for the next 2 – 5 years. And it the same he’s brought us for the last 13

    At least a new manager brings something wenger doesnt

    Hope and something to look
    Forward to

    My belief is a new manager leads us into a title challenge in his first season.

    Something wenger can’t do. Even Wallace, Wellbechio can say wenger will get us to challenge for a Title ever again

    And to use words that Wallace used a couple weeks ago., Arsenal has fizzled out under wenger never to be fired up again until we get a chance of manager.

  13. GG

    WallaceFebruary 12, 2017 15:40:55
    we’d be 4pts off top if we’d beaten Watford & drawn at Stamford Bridge…


    If wenger was half of
    A decent manager we would have won
    2 -3 league titles in the last 13 and challenged for the CL every season.

    Lots of if situations can be made Wallace.

    You could play the “if, and but” game all day if you want but the FACTS are that we are out of the PL race by first week of Feb. earlier than usual. We will Be out of the CL by Wednesday.

    And there is no light at the end of the tunnel unless wenger goes.

    If we had beaten city and Everton as well we would have been top of the league.

    If Sanchez’s goal
    Had been called off for handball, maybe hull beats us or gets a draw.

    Want to keep playing this game Wallace

    A grown man making this comment. Only from a wenger apologist

  14. reality check


    Fools i tells ya. If we didn’t compete. Forget winning the thing. If we couldnt.. no sorry. If WENGER couldn’t even compete because of
    Oil roman ffp ect ect. If thats why we couldnt compete, then whats changed?

    Romans still here. The arabs are still here. Utd are even richer. TV money has increased the whole leagues finances. FFP is still bull****. We still can’t compete with wages. We still get loads of injuries and the refs still hate us. The sky is still blue on sundays and giroud still uses to much mousse.

    So what are they expecting Wenger to achieve? Morons i tells ya.

    If Wenger couldnt compete back then. How the hell is he going to compete now?

    “We have a stronger squad”

    Our rivals do too.

    “We have money now”

    Our rivals do too.

    By their own admission. Wenger is finished 🙂 imbeciles

  15. GG

    Taken from Facebook.

    Well Steven Young….. Let me mug you and every Wenger Fan off right here-right now!!

    Excuse 1: He got us champions league football for the last 18yrs.

    Shoot Down: Mourinho gave Inter Milan & Porto a total of 5yrs of Champions League Football and won the competition twice while spending less. Wenger has failed in Europe his entire career. Fact!!

    Excuse 2: We had no money but we have money now the stadium has been paid off.

    Shoot down: Stadium is not paid off until 2032. Wenger has had as much as £50M per transfer window to spend since we moved into Emirates. Financial records are on our website. We currently have £226M in reserves available to spend on players alone. FACT!!

    Excuse 3: We have no divine right to win trophies.

    Shoot down: We had no divine right to go unbeaten in 2004 but we did! We had no divine right to chase down Man Utd in 1998 & 2002 to win the League Titles either. Man Utd had no divine right to beat Barcelona in the champions league semi final in 2008…. But they did!! People with low self esteem or no confidence in themselves say “I have no divine right to….” Shows what our Wenger In fanbase is truly made of!!….

    Excuse 4: There is no better managers out there and we must be careful what we wish for??…..

    Shoot down: There was none of that talk when we were looking for a replacement for George Graham. Did we get relegated and lose the plot??…. Nope!! Wenger was a nobody chosen ahead of proven quality. Better quality being Capello, Cryff & Hitzfeld. So his replacement can be easily found in the world of football. Not just the usual suspects in Europe. For a person who supports Arsenal, you have no faith in this team without Wenger so how can you call yourself a fan??…. If Wenger died next week, are you suggesting Arsenal will completely fold!??…. If your answer is yes, its you Wenger Fans who need to wake the fuck up!! Because you don’t care or support this club at all…. This club could get relegated to League 2…. I will still love and support this team…. Wenger Fans won’t!!!

    Excuse 5: There is no guarantee of success if we get rid of Wenger!

    Shoot Down: There is guaranteed failure by keeping him! We couldn’t win the league with Wenger last season and all our rivals being absolute shite! We couldn’t win the Champions League WITH the Invincibles so how can we possibly do any worse without Wenger!??….. We can’t even win the league this season after spending more money than Chelsea!!….. But you will see 2nd, 3rd or 4th as successful because we qualify for champions league which is a competition we have no care or interest to actually win!!

    Excuse 6: We won the FA Cup in 2014 & 2015

    Shoot Down: So fuckin what!??….. Winning the FA Cup in 2014 happened due to ALL the big boys crashing out giving us a very easy run with a number of home draws. Didn’t happen any other time. Lets not forget the Semi Final in 2009 when wenger fielded a weakened team to concentrate on the league and champions league…. Crashed out of everything. FA Cup has not covered up the cracks at all. After winning the FA Cup in 2014 (just 9yrs after saying qualifying for champions league is better than winning a domestic cup) its hilarious how Wenger Fans would celebrate…. You being the same people who kiss his arse and follow his flawed logic would celebrate winning the FA Cup after dismissing it along with Wenger for almost a decade…. Such double standards from so called fans…..

  16. GG

    Best one yet.

    We spent more than chelsea this summer and are 10 points back.

    We actually spent same amount as Man U this summer too.

    We spent way more than Liverpool.

    And way more than Tottenham.

    Imagine a manager who knew what he was doing with the resources wenger has had.

    It’s hard to figure out how people still back him

  17. Black Hei

    For the CL game, I wouldn’t look to just counter Bayern,

    Just fly off the blocks and attack them like crazy
    GK: Cech
    Back4: Same old
    2 CMs: Xhaka/Ox
    ACM: Iwobi
    Flankers: Walcott/Perez (Walcott needs to just run his socks off/drink as much coffee as that machine can maser)
    Striker: Alexis
    Ozil needs to sit out

  18. qna

    I am a massive Ozil fan, But unless he is willing to stay on similar wages as he is on now, I think its time to cash in. With seemingly little interest in him, I wonder if we can flog him off to China. Based on the price paid for far lesser players I think he must go for at least £100m. I would like to see us splash that straight at Monaco and try to get as many of the following as that would buy us (in order): Bakayoko, Mbappe, Lemar, Mendy. Obviusly, they wont sell their whole team, but I would take all 4 and top up the £100m as required to get that done. Realistically, I think we could get at least 2, maybe 3 and still have change.

    We should try to keep Sanchez and pay him as much as £250k/wk. But if the guy doesn’t sign then we have to sell him this summer. There would be at least 2 big clubs in for him and he is arguably the most desirable striker on the market this summer, so we should be looking at around £80m to £90m in value. I would like to see us do a swap deal involving Verratti and I think that Sanchez has more value, perhaps £30m more. I doubt that Verratti would want to join us, but assuming we can convince him, I wonder if we could get a second player as well. With the extra money that we should be able to get out of PSG for that trade I would also like us to throw a lifeline to Mahrez. I know he is not popular right now, but he still looks to have that little bit of extra quality and with renewed confidence and a good team around him, I think he could be even better than he was last season.

  19. Dream10

    Black Hei

    I’d be very surprised if Perez starts. He’s done the right things but only gets a cameo here and there. Özil off pace recently. I think Welbeck will start.
    We’re going to need one of Welbeck or Giroud to help with scoring because Sanchez rarely performs against better teams away from home.

    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Elneny Xhaka
    Ox Özil Sanchez

  20. Brooklyn

    Personally I will try this lineup,
    Bellerin Mustafi Kos Monreal/Gibbs
    Walcott Ozil

    It is good enough to hold onto possession against good pressing side, I think…While Elneny, not a great ball winner will help keep midfield compact and this should help Xhaka. Ozil and Sanchez to interplay with mids,and Walcott to run in behind….Ozil needs to be covered by Ox or Elneny to help Monreal…or We could play Walcott\Giroud as striker, I know he is not very good, but we can just hold unto possession much better with Ozil on right and Sanchez on left….but we can get better penetration by Sanchez on center and Walcott on right….If covered properly and if we can maintain possession even if opponents press then Ozil will come good….
    This one against teams that like to attack and\or press

  21. Brooklyn

    Also haven’t seen Bayern this season, but past Ancelotti teams are any thing to go by then to win against him we will need a team that is very good at what ever we do….if we look to play by trying to hold unto possession then we should be stationed as to prevent counters, but it may really show up our lack of penetration when we hold unto possession….best we could be doing is defensive counter/possession football….that is try to hit them on counter by sitting deep and when we have possession we play deep in our half and so pulling their players towards our half and provide ball to Ozil\Sanchez between the lines and hopefully they should be less compact then, and hope for this duo to make something then when they get more space…..for that we will need Xhaka and Elneny in mid to hold onto possession deep in our half despite being pressurized by opponents, and should be helped by wing backs and CB’s….someone like Marcelo and Boateng would have been good…and we should never over commit on attack and play good defensive football….seeing as Arsene is our manager and players at our disposal, it is easier said then done, I know that.

  22. Black Hei


    I doubt Welbeck will get the nod.

    Wenger clearly likes him but this is a guy who has a few matches after coming back from injury.


    Yah it is a futile exercise since unknown Le Grove avatars do not actually pick the team.

    But it is at least interesting. Kind of like playing CM kind of interesting.

  23. Wallace

    “The emergence of Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and Leroy Sané as a dynamic frontline, first used in the FA Cup at Crystal Palace, is why Agüero has not started since the draw against Tottenham three weeks ago. Guardiola said: “I know he’s trying. I know how much he fought against Tottenham and how many chances he had. But at Palace I saw three guys in front with a high intensity and said: ‘Wow, I like what they do.’ In the last game it gave them continuity. My advice to the guys is keep going – show me again how good you are.

    “Sergio knows the intention of his manager and the club. I don’t want to sell him. I want him to stay here for a long time until he decides. The reason he’s not played the last two games are because Leroy, Gabriel and Raheem have played amazing. That’s the only reason why. If I can change the model and play all four … But I am a guy who likes to play midfield players to have more control. What I feel now is that if Leroy, Gabriel or Raheem don’t play, then he will be in for them.”

    – Guardian

    buys a couple of defenders and a decent keeper in the summer and City are going to be fierce next year.

  24. Wallace

    Honigstein interviewing Neuer….

    “They have a saying in Germany: a good horse won’t jump higher than it has to. Bayern have long been known as masters of such minimal effort, but after the relentless drive towards excellence and total control that defined the Guardiola era, the regression towards a more ponderous, ordinary state this season has come as a bit of a shock.

    Neuer believes that the difficulties are “a matter of details, for example keeping the right distance between players and parts of the team” rather than the result of more fundamental issues. “It’s not about trying harder, or running more. If the positioning and organisation are right, you have to run a lot less.”

    Still there is a worry, openly discussed by dressing room leaders, that Bayern may not be able to move up a gear or two in time for the crunch matches in Europe. For the first time in five years, they have not won their Champions League group. A run of indifferent performances since the winter break has not allayed doubts, either. “When the floodlights are on, concentration levels are a bit higher, but you mustn’t assume that you’ll automatically do better,” Neuer warns.

    “We know from experience that anything can happen in games against strong opponents, nuances can make the difference. Arsenal like having the ball. So do we. Like us, they have had highs and lows this season, moments of outstanding and some poorer games. They’re not the perfect draw for us. But we’re not the perfect draw for them either.”

  25. Leedsgunner

    It’s looking more and more likely that Sanchez is off.

    It’s almost as if the club is resigned to losing him. I’m a massive Özil backer bit I can see Mesut staying and Alexis going…

    I wonder if Perez was bought as Sanchez’s eventual replacement…

    Just a thought.

  26. Welbecchio


    Judging by some of your useless comments, you should probably think about keeping those thoughts to yourself fella.

  27. reality check


    I wonder if Perez was bought as Sanchez’s eventual replacement…:

    C’mon mate, a little acknowledgement. Just a little.

  28. reality check


    Why are you still here you fruitcake hahaha Your manager has failed. I don’t see what else there is to say from your point of view.

    You thought wenger would succeed. He failed. Early. Now you have the pathetic task of cheering the team on to top4 mediocrity.

  29. reality check

    It’s cool. Either way i think its pretty clear Sanchez is going, and because there’s no excuses why our big players should still be getting sold, the club will spin it as Sanchez is greedy, disloyal, a contract rebel, selfish, how its better for the team to let him go because its causing unrest in the dressing room.

  30. Welbecchio

    Reality check

    ‘Why are you still here you fruitcake hahaha Your manager has failed. I don’t see what else there is to say from your point of view.

    You thought wenger would succeed. He failed. Early. Now you have the pathetic task of cheering the team on to top4 mediocrity.’

    I think you need a dose of reality you lemon. How have you magically invented that?

    I still go to games and I still cheer the team on what’s the problem here? What do you do exactly apart from inventing imaginary scenarios from your laptop?

    Fuck all that’s what.

    Supporting the team is now pathetic? lol that’s a new one.

    Reality the epitome of a modern age plastic fan…don’t support the team…what a fucking lemon.

  31. UGooner

    We love you, Arsene, We do!
    We love you, Arsene, We do!
    We love you, Arsene, We do.

    My top manager of all time. Nothing can take away from that!

    I still think he should move on and we should get someone fresh in, but also give them a lot of support with squad improvement to fit whatever new system they bring in. Of course, I also hope we keep most of the squad here.

    Oh wow, I just expressed that opinion without being abusive to the manager and the players. Less anger, just a clear view with a clear mind. That’s why I never post on the days we play. Not even when we win.

    COYG. Ozil for a goal and assist tomorrow. It’s a dream, but one I’ll start the game believing, because that’s why i watch. Not to moan. To hope, to believe, to back my team, cheer them on and celebrate. Gooner For Life!

  32. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Wenger will put out a starting lineup tomorrow as follows:

    I don’t think that he will pick Xhaka as some suggest, because he has not played in last 4 games nor do I think that despite some poor games recently he
    will drop Ozil. The only position which might come under review is Walcott
    if he decides to go for a more defensive lineup against Bayern.

    I believe that Wenger will put out a different team against Sutton United with
    a complete change of personnel. I would not be surprised to see this starting

    MERTESACKER [first start of season]

    I think that Wenger will be disposed to put out everyone who is match fit in
    one or other of these two fixtures. The only players likely to be missing are
    Ramsey, Cazorla and Sanogo.