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Big week over at Le Grove HQ. Did I take it too far? Maybe. Did I speak the truth as I see it? Absolutely. I’ll never apologise for that.

Then I read Ian Wright saying Wenger looked like he’d tapped out.

“He didn’t say to me: ‘I’m leaving at the end of the season’ but … I just get the impression in him and looking at him that’s it. I think that’s it. He actually mentioned when we were talking that he’s coming to the end. I’ve never heard him say that.

“He looked winded, like someone has whopped him in the stomach. Do I feel he will go at the end of the season? I think he will. The players have let him down badly. If he does leave at the end of the season, there will be a lot of changes.

“They should have a long, hard look at themselves. He has been so faithful to his team. It has been misplaced.”

I mean, I feel bad when I read it like that, but look, this has been a damn long time coming if it’s real and not yet more spin that’ll lead to chants of ‘one Arsene Wenger’ tomorrow.

I also felt bad for going too far with the critique of John Cross. He’s a Gooner who has to do things he doesn’t want to because he’s a journo. I understand that. Sometimes I have to market products I don’t want to. That’s life. I just find it all a bit depressing because fans fall for his press releases. I’m sorry for taking it too far, but not in a way that shows weakness.

However, I do not apologise for calling him out on his latte comments (because they aren’t even hipster or elite. Try calling the fans Raindrop Cake eating mugs or Kale snorters if you want to be mean), nor do I apologise for attacking his ‘the board are baffled’ comments. You know that was a nonsense and so do all the fans who read your work religiously.

I’ll never apologise for the narrative. I’m right. I know the game. I work across sport, media and advertising. I know how bloggers, tweeters, explayers and journos are paid off with access and nice things.

However, it’s pretty clear this is about Stan and Arsene. That’s the powerplay we can’t control. Our manager is one of the greatest, no doubt. I love him like you all do. I just can’t stand his reluctance to end the regime and duck out. I can’t stand that Stan just can’t quit Arsene.

I remember Wenger once telling a story about when he was a player. He asked the owner of Strasbourg to tell him when the game was up. When it was, at 33, the owner told him. Wenger said he was thankful for that.

All I’m doing is telling Wenger the game is up. It is. I feel for him, because he’s like an old boxer being asked to retire the gloves. I don’t feel for him on a pragmatic level, because it’s over. I won’t apologise for calling him out as a dated dinosaur because he is. I just wish he’d duck out on his own terms, rather than wait for the fans to run him out… because that’s the way it’s going. I don’t want anyone to be sad, but come on, this is real life, he’ll leave the job with £100m more than me and you.

Wenger is done. Accept it. It’s the circle of life. It’s the Steve Jobs speech about death and renewal. It is not a moment to worry about. Allegri can map the future. Simeone can do the same. Sarri of Napoli, Sampaoli of Sevilla, Tuchel of Dortmund and the sublime Jardim of Monaco are all there ready if the Juve man says no.

Future success is NOT guaranteed. No one asked for it to be. But it will be brighter. Give me 5 years with 5 managers over 5 predictably bland ones with Wenger at the helm. Progress will be bumpy, but as long as it’s smart, aggressive and pointing to a north star we can all get excited about, I’ll be happy.

I love Arsenal. I want to see us fulfil our potential. I’m desperate for the next chapter.

Anyway, it’s that time of the week where you SHUT UP AND SUPPORT THE LADS.

Before I go. The fans were on my back about the Wenger / Spurs comment. I don’t know where the original view came from that Wenger didn’t compare Arsenal fans with Spurs fans, but I can imagine. My point here is simple. When you are the coach of Arsenal, you do not compare our fans to Spurs fans. You do not ever put yourself in a position where that can happen.

Wenger did that, in my view, on purpose, because it shifted the narrative. I’ve watched the video, I’ve read the press… it’s clear he said it. Comments like this ALWAYS happen when he’s under pressure and we always blame translation.

‘No Pedro, if you listen to the way he exhales on the 3rd syllable, it’s clear he was referencing a metaphorical bible quotation using breathy tones’


Wenger is 67. He speaks 235 languages. He is very fluent. His words are never a mistake. I refuse to believe his Spurs comments were an accident. He knew what he was doing. If you think I’m wrong, he’s worked his magic.


We face Hull City who are proving that silly foreigners from unknown leagues can roll over with their stinking philosophies and make diamonds out of steaming turds. Marco Silva has turned Hull around, he has them playing smart football and he has them racking up points. An unbelievable effort so far and one that has me on worry tenterhooks.

Arsenal on the other hand are in freefall. Back to back losses for the first time since 2012. A manager who now looks like he’s losing the will to live. A fan base on the verge of revolt.

So what’s going to happen? Will Wenger hit up a 4-3-3? Will he revert to type. Will he drop world class Cech for world class Ospina?

Who knows. But we need a reaction. We’re playing for pride and we’re playing for a CL place. Doesn’t that make you feel warm inside?

Front three for me are Welbz, Sanchez and Perez. Midfield of Elneney, Ozil and Chambo. Then the back 4 pick themselves.

Here’s hoping for 3 points. Here’s hoping Wenger’s negative body language doesn’t filter onto an already demoralised team.



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  1. Wallace

    don’t know why the Spuds didn’t give their LB some more support in that first half. was obvious Liverpool were targetting him. Poch was just sat there fiddling with his snood.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    Come on, Vicky, the Spuds were routinely outplayed and embarrassed in most of their CL games this season. Lets not make them out to be some legendary team that has rarely got beat in two years.

  3. raptora

    Mane would fit so perfect in our shirt. Shame we didn’t go for the dude. As I said months ago, the dude has the finishing and the timing of the runs of Walcott, but boy does he have power, composure, way superior technical skills and ambition too. He’s like what we thought we got when we bought Theo all those years ago.

    For me Klopp keeps confirming he is in the mould of Wenger. If you guys remember we were used to do that several years ago – lose against the shitty teams and win vs the top teams in the league. We were almost always with most points in those big games but we were bottling it against the likes of Bolton and after that – Stoke. Klopp is Wenger #2.

  4. sadgoon

    Mane would fit so perfect in our shirt. Shame we didn’t go for the dude. As I said months ago, the dude has the finishing and the timing of the runs of Walcott, but boy does he have power, composure, way superior technical skills and ambition too. He’s like what we thought we got when we bought Theo all those years ago.

    Many players would have been perfect fit for us . We should have bombed out all the non performers. Theo gets a lot of heat but 100 goals with all the injuries is not bad at all.
    I am talking about perpetual non performers who are simply not developing.
    We still have yaya “effing ” Sanogoal”

    These players should have been bombed out after 4 years of non performance. Yet , some are still here after 10 years of picking salaries for doing nothing .

  5. Welbecchio


    ‘ Besides, it was more of a colossal choking from Spurs than Newcastle tearing them apart’

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Newcastle and Sissoko in particular tore them apart….with fucking 10 men.

  6. Bamford10


    “Klopp is Wenger #2.”

    Dumb. Klopp does tactics. Klopp has won big things in this era. This is a stupid narrative.

  7. GG


    Did that win get us any closer to challenging for the league title this season?

    NO. So who cares if we beat a crap relagation bound Hull.

    It makes not any difference on how this season will turn out

    Wenger still needs to get the fuck of our Arsenal.

    Maybe if we had beaten watford and Chelsea and not been out of the title race by early feb people may actually be excited.

    I think you should be more worried that united are only 2 points back and Liverpool are only 1 point back in the chase for you messiah’s 4th place trophy.

    Be a shame if he couldn’t win that for “fans” like you

  8. rollen

    So you guys think replacing Ozil with any top play maker in the world will make difference?
    maybe for first 3 months – half season.
    Ozil was best German player 4 years in the row. First 11 in best club and national teams for years. He is average now with Wenger sure. I don’t thing he will struggle to find top team employer as we will soon find out.

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    He don’t inspire the fans

    He don’t inspire the sponsors

    He don’t inspire the players …

    He foes inspire the very select share holders …..
    Not many of them but they have enormous amount of shares a few bags a go they are …

  10. reality check

    RedtruthFebruary 11, 2017 22:50:18

    Goals that result from hitting the arm or hand should not stand whether intentional or not.

    Have to agree.

  11. Leedsgunner

    One of the most consistent and thoughtful contributors on Arsenal Fan TV.

    I agree with almost everything he says except when he says Arsene should be able to go on his own terms. Why?

    Wenger was a good manager.

    He has been handsomely paid for the post he has held. He is an employee first and foremost… if he is not performing he should be told to go.

    We don’t have to humiliate him, but we owe him nothing more.

    If anything, he has overstayed his welcome and we’ve tolerated stagnation for too long.

    Please just go, Mr. Wenger.

  12. steve

    WelbecchioFebruary 11, 2017 21:37:38
    It’s almost like people are disappointed


    Of course it’s disappointing. More time for that cunt Wenger.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Seeing mr wenger on to

    He’s going nowhere jack …
    Good for wright n Murphy to call him out over subbing ox…

  14. Pedro

    Welbeechio, Le Grove a ghost town? How many other blogs are rocking 485 comments?

    It’s 2330 in England. That’s why it goes quiet at night. Stop commentating on the commenters, you’re obsessed. Talk football.

  15. Welbecchio

    Come on Pedro, you know as well as I do people stay away when we win and are almost disappointed. When we lose fuck me page after page of crying ‘supporters’.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    As if people gathering on a site is unique to the anti-Wenger crowd, as if the pro-Wenger rabble who surface after a routine win at home didn’t scuttle off into hiding or congregate somewhere like Untold when we go through our annual collapses.

    Kind of amazing, the amount of time pro-Wenger supporters spend talking about posters and poster patterns as opposed to football and the actual substance of what they are attacking people for, the least analytical, substantial, thoughtful comments come from pro-Wenger fans, because they are usually the most snarky and juvenile.

    If you don’t like the site so much, f**k off, you don’t have some intellectual or moral high ground, but you talk as if you do, just f**k off somewhere where everyone takes the piss out of the progress crowd and just sits in a giant circle jerk of excuses and anger.

    So boring, almost as boring as Wenger watching pro-Wenger fans constantly, desperately trying to play the undermining game, not arguing the substance of an opinion, but why your opinion doesn’t matter, because you’re ‘anti-Wenger,’ ‘because you only want us to lose,’ ‘because Le Grove hates Arsenal,’ f**k off then, simple as.

    Of course you won’t though, because this is the best comments section of any Arsenal fan site, so shut the f**k up, either talk football, or f**k off.

  17. GG

    Didn’t see many of the wenger apologists on here after watford and Chelsea last week

    Even the lame Arsenal Fan Tv wanna be celebrities weren’t really over enthused by the big win over the mighty Hull.

    Most posters on here are smart enough to
    Realize exactly what a win over hull means.

    Wellbechio on the other hand…

  18. N5

    “We’re basically hostage to a man who fears he’ll be irrelevant if he leaves.”

    And this basically is the crux of it for me. Wenger worries he’ll be twiddling his thumbs until he dies, so would rather go out clawing his nails into the marble floors than bow out with grace.

  19. Welbecchio

    Just keep feeding your rabid dogs on their daily dose of anti Arsenal and they’ll keep coming back…just not as much when we win.

    If you all struggle so much to enjoy a simple game of football, it’s not that complicated, just switch off.

    Trouble these days is everyone know best. You used to get armchair managers that had all the answers but not now.

    Now you get armchair club owners that have all the answers, from our structure, our scouting, the medical departments, transfers and of course team selection and tactics.

    People always talk a good game but the theory is always easier than reality….
    and you haven’t made 50,000 subs.

    Cesc appeal fucking hell lad that was a bit desperate wasn’t it? Pedro didn’t need a knight in shining armour just yet.

    Why did my simple observation about the number of comments post game rouse you so much? Calm down.

  20. Pedro

    CA, usually work in the arts field, have a way with words that makes it seem like they know what they’re talking about… but exactly as you say, zero substance outside ‘what if’ and ‘careful what you wish for.’

    You’re right on the poster commentary, but I suppose if you don’t have a real argument, it’s very difficult to talk about the football.

    Website traffic goes down after a win, unless it’s mega. It goes up after a loss, because people are searching for answers. Pretty standard across most media. No one ever says…


    Can understand why people aren’t interested in debating a pretty standard win against a team on 20 points.

  21. Pedro

    I also think it’s funny when people like W think he’s original. Like we haven’t had folk like him with the same snark time and time again over the years.

    Anyway CA, back to football.

    CHAMBO: He played like the future today. A mobile regista style player… spraying passes like Xhaka, or breaking the lines with his explosive pace. He looks very good.

    What you saying?

  22. WengerEagle


    You seriously think that we’ll better Chelsea in our next 13 matches by 13 points?

    At what point do you just have to stand back and admit once again that we’ve bottled the league, top 4 has become meaningless because it’s qualifying for a competition that we have no chance of winning.

  23. Pedro

    Welbecchio, appreciate people like you, who lack ambition or vision, can’t understand how you can fuel your knowledge of the game by reading, watching what’s happening, and being a student of the game.

    But please. Speak for yourself. Stop trying to shut down interesting people sharing their opinion that’s base on sound knowledge of a sport they’re obsessed with. Or I’ll ban you, and you know you didn’t like that last time, because not so secretly, you like chatting on here, otherwise you wouldn’t spend so much time here.

    We do not cater to people who lack curiosity here. If you aren’t interested in football debate, go to Untold, they have comment section that sometimes reaches 50 contributors.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly, I mean look at his reply, basically saying you peddle in propaganda and then of course wheeling out the usual ‘calm down,’ next it will be ‘don’t get emotional,’ it really is astonishing to me that this rabble of supporters have nothing, zilch to say football wise aside from, as you say, ‘be careful,’ ‘you will be sorry,’ ‘it is all Kroenke’s fault’ etc, yet they will be the ones attempting to rubbish really thought out critiques of Arsenal and Wenger’s ‘systems’ with those aforementioned low energy, low intelligence, low substance snarky remarks.

    Just hate filled people, they know they are on the losing side which is why they cannot actually stick to a coherent argument, even the ones who try to argue football will move all over the place, we use to have someone on here who was a specialist at it if you remember 😉 you would start talking about our open middle and end up talking about the stock price of environmental companies in China effecting our transfer business.

    Whether they agree with your points, or posters points on here is one thing, they are perfectly entitled to disagree, and of course, people just abusing Wenger is not acceptable, but they are no better than that, all they do is target the poster, not the comment, because, as you quite rightly say, they cannot argue against it, how do they argue against now thirteen years of identical failings?

  25. WengerEagle

    You’d give the lad Welbecchio the benefit of the doubt if this was an isolated season but fuck me, we’ve been watching this same film over and over again for well over a decade now. He’d be saying the same shit in Spring of 2020 if AW signed an extension.

    Like Wenger he’s not too familiar with Einstein’s theory on insanity it seems…

  26. Cesc Appeal


    Very impressed with Oxlade again, a few stray balls, but he moves the ball so much quicker than Ramsey in there, even hitting first time deep balls today, but then a few times as well just exploded from the middle, there was a point today where he left three Hull players in his wake and you could see he was brimming with confidence.

    That’s what is nice about him, played some nice balls, sat deep, just ticked things along, but then can play a killer ball, but then can burst out of the middle with the pace of a winger and the strength of a lone front man.

    If Wenger does not play favorites when Ramsey is fit and we give him the platform in there, I would be very interested to see how he does come the end of the season.

    I could see a new manager wanting to keep him around with displays like this, would not have said that a few weeks ago.

    Saw it when he switched into the center against West Ham, just made us more threatening, now that is Southampton, when he came on against Watford, Chelsea and Hull where he’s been one of the best players on the pitch (Chelsea one of the few who could actually leave the pitch feeling okay with his performance.)

    For Munich, drop Ozil, pointless having him in there, Coq/Xhaka deep, Elneny and Oxlade as dynamic No.8 types, Perez, Welbeck, Sanchez as your front three, sit deep, be compacted, and just break on them with pace and directness.

    That is a team where every single man is a worker as well, that is what we will need, a player and half, in terms of work rate, in every position.

  27. WengerEagle

    Team that I’d go with at Munich:

    Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Gibbs, Coquelin, Ramsey (still think that he offers more than Elneny does), Chamberlain, Welbeck, Sanchez, Perez.

  28. WengerEagle


    Ramsey still has top performances in him, people forget/overlook that he was our standout player at home to PSG in the groups.

    Then again, Elneny was brilliant at the Nou Camp last season, however you have to look at the context of that match, we were already beaten and only playing for pride.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Basically agree, though not Ramsey, he slows our play down too much, takes five touches when one or two would do.

    Sort of thinking, could he play like he does for Wales in that system? But I don’t know with Ramsey, it was only in the summer he was named in the team of the tournament, so what is Wenger doing wrong? Jeez, there’s a book.

    Would be a gamble though, Elneny offers less in terms of what is deep in the locker, but he is more steady and reliable.

    I too would go with Gibbs, but would be worried about his defensive switch offs, but then Monreal has disintegrated as a player this season.

  30. WengerEagle


    Monreal even at his best has always been tore a new one against very pacy players in 1 vs 1’s, Bayern are probably the worst side to face for a player like him as all of their most dangerous soloists/dribblers are wide players- Robben, Douglas Costa, Ribery, Costa in particular will tear him apart.

    Gibbs is prone to defensive lapses but at least he’s more game for those 1 vs 1 battles.

    Yeah Ramsey is risky, but away against Bayern Munich in a match that we’re basically nailed on to lose, IMO you have to pull out the wildcard.

    Elneny is a steady eddie but he brings nothing to the table going forward, and along with Coquelin, that leaves us overly reliant on Chamberlain transitioning the ball from the back.

  31. Pedro

    Agree on Ozil, that performance today was shocking, he dropped 35 passes, he’d normally be hitting a 60+ in a game like that. 1 corner out of 3 found someone, 1 cross out of 6 found someone… really shoddy. He looks more and more like a luxury as each week passes.

    It’d be very interesting to see how Allegri would deploy him, or whether he’d take 50m for him and reinvest in a different team dynamic.

    Really please to see Elneney come back into the side, kind of feel we’re going to have to accept Coquelin in the starting 11 for ever. Bayern will be interesting, are they going to let us have the ball like Chelsea did so they can bounce us on the counter? Agressive press in the middle? Force Mustafi to play like Baresi?

    They’re in good form, but Schalke opened them up a few times the week before with some super direct breaks… not sure Wenger has the guts to spring anything against them. Real shame that. Wonder if Danny will start?

  32. Pedro

    WE, Gibbs is a bit of a bottle job… never forgive him for not even arguing being sent off against Chelsea after he’d made a mistake.

  33. WengerEagle


    Yeah pretty shameless that time to not even argue his case, only benefit of the doubt you could give him is that Ox is a more offensive player and we were already 2-0 down anyway, still gormless though.

    Gibbs will likely get ripped a new one too but I just think he won’t be exposed as badly as Monreal would. Seem to remember him having a stinker in the 5-1 smashing we suffered there last season.

  34. Pedro

    W, I dont know how many times I have to tell you, no one gives a fuck about your opinion of what we post on Le Grove.

    Go somewhere else if people having a good time chatting football bothers you so much.

    Last chance, or you’ll hit the sinbin.

  35. Welbecchio


    Chelsea are having a ridiculous season. On course to smash 05 mourinhos tally of 95/96 points. We’ve got more points than when we won in 98 and 02 I read somewhere.

    Do you think the Spuds had a meltdown for losing at anfield today? Doubt it.
    Pep, mob and Poch all in the chasing pack win us but we’re perceived to be the ugly sister that has all the problems.

    I’m not saying we don’t need a change just think the timing for mass protesting is wrong. Even Pedro knew he came on too strong the last couple of days makes you wonder if someone at the club has sent a line?

  36. Pedro

    WE, love that… who is going to get least destroyed is out standard

    I don’t know why I do it to myself, but wouldn’t it be so Wenger to get a draw or a 1-0 win?

  37. Pedro

    W, I came on too strong attacking John Cross. I was bang on about the rest. I do not apologise for going after Wenger.

    Poch is punching above his weight, Pep and Jose are in their first season… we’re percieved as the ugly sister because everyone knows how it ends.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    It was understandably a very nervous performance against Hull.

    On the positive side I think that Oxlade-Chamberlain has at long last found his correct position in team. He is more akin to Cazorla than most of the other players at club who have been playing CM this season.

    The main negatives for me were Ozil having yet once again a poor game
    and both Walcott and Gibbs frankly not good enough to play for a club at
    top level. We need better players on wing and left back.

    I read yesterday morning an interview of Giggs in the Telegraph, which was
    for a change more constructive than most other pundits. I tend to agree with his comments about Arsenal, management and players.

    1. Arsene was instrumental in improving diet and fitness levels of players
    at Arsenal and that impacted on many of older players. Following this
    development most other clubs in EPL adopted similar practice. Laurent
    Blanc introduced it at Man Utd.

    2. Wenger inherited a fantastic and solid defence with players like Dixon,
    Bould, Keown,Adams and Winterburn. Giggs view is that the first title
    winning team under Wenger which included these players was better than

    3. He rates highly Arsenal’s acquisition of many great players in the first
    eight years of Wenger’s management. Players like Henry, Pettit, Overmars,
    Vieira and Pires were outstanding.

    4. He believes that the style of management operated by Ferguson and Wenger is no longer sustainable at major clubs. The clubs need today a
    more sophisticated style than the old fashioned manager who takes control
    of everything. He believes that Arsenal do have already some of the required components in place when Wenger finally leaves, but so long as he is there nothing will change dramatically.

  39. Welbecchio

    I’m going to respond if you’re trying to fucking assassinate me aren’t I?

    We’ll go 433/451 in Munch. We’ll have el neney and/or Xhaka so we’ll have better balance than we did against Chelsea. Least we’ll have options.

    Think DW has been saved for Munich. Wide left with Sanchez up top, Theo to the right. Coq, el neny and Ox as the middle 3. AW will go with form, fitness permitting Ox will definitely start.

  40. WengerEagle


    Yep, lesser of the two evils and all that, same goes for two of Coquelin/Ramsey/Elneny in CM, none of the 3 are really the quality that we need in there when you look at players like Fabregas in his prime in 2005-2010 and Vieira before him have been the standard for the heart of our midfield in previous times.

    ‘I don’t know why I do it to myself, but wouldn’t it be so Wenger to get a draw or a 1-0 win?’

    Absolutely, after Bayern comfortably put us away by 2+ goals at the Allianz in the 1st leg and the 2nd leg becomes a mere formality for them. Likely will happen.

  41. Pedro

    Would be a pretty exciting front three… just hope he doesn’t go for a Giroud through the middle. He’s not going to bother their centre backs… direct, agressive pace will though.

    I’m with CA, can’t see Ozil having a right to a start…. and if you have Chambo, Coq and Xhaka in the middle… you have the creativity you need to feed a pacey front three.

  42. GG

    Where do people honestly believe we will be after our next 5 matches.

    Liverpool away
    Leicester home
    West Brom away
    Man city home
    West ham home

    Man united have

    Bournemouth home
    Southampton away
    boro away
    bRom home
    Everton home

    Liverpool have

    Leicester away
    Arsenal home
    Burnley home
    Man city away
    Everton away

  43. Pedro

    WE, if their exassistant can make life difficult for us for 39mins, can’t imagine what Carlo is going to drop.

    It’ll be fun at the very least. They don’t have the same levels of wow the have in the past, still a very capable team with a great manager.

  44. WengerEagle

    1998/2001 are hardly relevant to present day now, are they? Totally different ball game.

    We’re on course for 75-80 points at best come the end of the season, simply not title winning amounts.

    No because Spurs aren’t a club of our stature, and they certainly do not have our financial muscle in terms of what they pay their players.

    We’ve never held Spurs to a standard that we ought to compete with, we should never look on at them as our equals because the minute we do we’ve just lowered the bar for ourselves.

    Mourinho is in his first season at United as is Pep at City, chances are in the next 2-3 years that one or possibly even both will have won a title.

    For sides in transition they certainly aren’t exactly in terrible shape, City sit above us with a win vs Bournemouth and United after all of the mocking and derision only sit a couple of points off us.

    And look, these aren’t clubs that have been in the doldrums for an age, City won the title in 2014 and United won it in 2013.

    Re the timing being wrong for protest, when will it be right?

  45. GG

    There was always an excuse isn’t there WE

    Chelsea is having a crazy season

    Leicester was a one off last season

    They can never just admit the fraud isn’t good enough to get us to challenge the league no matter what the other things are going on.

    Enough is enough. EIE!


    Unfortunately, it will be Giroud starting b Bayern. He got the rest today. Wenger will always resort back to it. If Ramsey is fit , I would imagine him starting.

  46. GG

    Chelsea are having a ridiculous season. On course to smash 05 mourinhos tally of 95/96 points.

    And he was probably laughing at Conte after we beat them 3-0.

  47. Leedsgunner

    WengerEagle sums it up perfectly @0116.

    A winning run of form now, when the pressure is off for the league, is just a mirage. A cruel joke.

    As we are told time and time again Wenger has never failed to qualify for the UCL…


    What have we done with all that Champions League money?

    Are we any closure to winning the said competition or do we look like we’re just there to make up the numbers?

    Do we think Bayern or Barcelona or anyone else in Europe fear us anymore?


  48. GG


    We won’t go on a run now

    We won’t beat Liverpool away. Our next PL

    We won’t beat city at home.

    And in between those are west brom away
    And Leicester at home.

    Out of 12 points I see 6

  49. Leedsgunner


    My point is what if we do? A run to capture the 4th spot of a competition we are just a glorified minnow for. Plus, it completely sabotages our league form at the same time of year — year after year.

    It’s just a money spinning exercise for us and nothing more. We are told year after year that we need the UCL to attract and keep the best players…

    Well… if this is true why haven’t we seen Alexis sign up yet? Why didn’t players like Griezemann want to play for us when apparently Wenger came calling supposedly last summer? Why is it he is more likely to sign for Man United? A club without Champions League football?

    Could the problem be, just be, Wenger?

  50. GG


    I’ve been saying for ages. I could care less about top 4 while wenger is here. We have as much chance of winning it as a Bulgarian pub team because of wenger.

    I’d take Chelsea’s 1st, 10th and probably 1st again over wenger stupid CL qualification 20 years in a row.

    We are a joke in Europe. And it wouldn’t surprise me if Leicester went further than us.

  51. GG

    Chelsea had no problem signing kante without CL from a CL team.

    I know! Imagine that. Everything wenger says is bollocks.

    It’s all spin. To keep him in his job.

  52. S.Asoa

    1998 – 2002 is another era.
    For courtesy sake only
    “thanks for the memories ”
    You have earned 100 million £ for the job and 8.2 million for FAILURE last 13 years.

    JUST FUCK OFF Wenger

    Overstaying you asked for it.

    Thanks Wright for the courage to spite the gravy train
    Ian Wright you are a TRUE LEGEND loyal to AFC

  53. qna

    Top 7 mini-league (updated:)


    Arsene Wenger: “They don’t lose against the big teams and that is always the secret to win a championship”

  54. victor omotoso

    And the Wenger luck will come, and we will beat Liverpool away,City at home and everyone in between to come third or even second, and Wenger will add some smart talk to the ‘achievements’ and promise a better Arsenal next season. And so, the majority of the ‘wenger out’ supporters will go silent again until this time next season in this exact situation! That is the problem! Not Wenger, not the regime. Our silence when Wenger ‘lucks’ come is our problem!

  55. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “Kind of amazing, the amount of time pro-Wenger supporters spend talking about posters and poster patterns as opposed to football…”

    what? 🙂 I’d hazard a guess 99% of your posts include some kind of dig at those more sympathetic to Wenger. a little bit of self-awareness would be nice.

  56. Wallace

    watching the game yesterday Ozil’s confidence looks shot. I’d leave hm out of the game in Munich, but I don’t think Wenger will. can’t recall him ever dropping one of his best players when they’re going through a tough patch.

  57. Wallace

    have a weird feeling we might give a good account of ourselves in these upcoming games against Bayern. they’re definiely not the side they were under Pep.