Arsenal fans, WAKE UP and mobilize

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So another fan favourite bites the dust, this time it’s Thierry Henry, a man who chose Barcelona over Arsenal when he was captain, in the hunt for major trophies… a man who chose £4.5m a year and the opportunity to call Giroud a donkey every week over a job at the greatest club on the planet. He’s slithered out in the press in support of Wenger.

It’s embarrassing.

“Personally, I do not think Arsene has to go,”

“Does he have to change his tactics or his way of doing things? I do not know if he’s willing to do that.”

“The work he has to do at the moment is difficult, because it is mental work,”

“What I saw against Chelsea is a mental problem. I don’t want to go into details but that is why Arsene’s job is very complicated because it is a mental problem. And it’s not easy to manage.

“Every time Arsenal can put pressure on the leaders or put the pressure on others by being first, usually in that match, they lose and then you lose confidence and bad results follow. The problem is more mental than quality.”

“You have to be in tune with every day. You have to be good at training all the time. You have to get in a little bit from time to time.

“I think Arsenal players are not aware of what they can achieve. At some point you have to believe in your chances of winning.”

What a burnt goats cheese latte of a mess that comment is. No wonder Wenger let him leave to be a pundit. An opinion giver so bland, he makes sharing a Ryanair flight to Austrailia with Robbie Savage sound stimulating.

So lemme get this straight Thierry. In 2007, you left to win proper trophies, when we’d just dropped you an eye popping salary package of around £200k a week, which was staggering back then considering the restrictions we had. Now, ten years on, after no CL trophies at Arsenal, no Premier League to boast of, you’re suggesting you’d keep him on? Please. You absolute creep.

What I’m reading in your comments:

  • You think the way he does things could be wrong
  • You think his tactics are crap
  • You don’t think he’s willing to adapt
  • You think the players he’s signed are mentally weak
  • You don’t think the players train hard enough
  • The players aren’t motivated
  • The players don’t believe they can win

Step back. Deep breath.

Which of those 7 problems do not sit with the manager?

Staggering that Wenger has built such a well-oiled propaganda machine around him. It’s grotesque. He’s like a dictator running a third world regime.

This is the process:

  • Buy off the loyalty of the establishment (Ken Friar / Sir Chips / Bob Wilson being paid to stfu and support the king)
  • Make sure those that serve you are weak and reward them beyond their level to ensure zero dissent (All the players that came out and said Wenger was like a father figure)
  • Work within a small trust circle, sacrificing quality for loyalty, even if it is at the clear expense of success (Primorac, Peyton, Colbert who wouldn’t land jobs at Sutton)
  • Control the press by punishing bad behaviour and rewarding good (See journo’s close to club throw fear at fans of the unknown as well as working to divide them, all in the hunt for access to Wenger, Ozil and Sanchez exclusives)
  • Offer hope to those on the outside by occasionally showing humbleness by bringing new folk to the setup regime. Theirry, Keown, Parlour, Pires, Seaman have all sought coaching jobs, hence the loyalty (Gary Neville doesn’t want to burn bridges in case his PTSD counselling leads him back to real work). Whereas Gallas, Alan Smith and Paddy give zero fucks, so critique away
  • Use fear and guilt to control fans who have only known one great leader, tap into the nostalgia of those who remember the barren seventies and eighties (but don’t realise we’re moving into similar territory right now, at 13 years)

It’s disgusting people. The system is circling us like a drunk man chasing down a kebab van, because the people in charge think you’re stupid, malleable and docile like a dozing fat pig.

Remember this: Those ‘names’ leaking the comments do not agree with the regime, but they have too much to lose by not playing the game. I promise you that.

So my point. We need to wake the fuck up. Mobilize. Let’s make the run in tough for the manager.

He is not worthy of that job. He needs to know the love for him has changed. He needs to stop being selfish and move over for the next manager.

The only way you’re going to have a good next two years is if you make your voices heard.

I back protest. I back dissent. I back making our voices heard. We need a smart approach to letting the manager know this is the time to go.

This isn’t a debate anymore. Don’t let the media, the explayers and the manager manipulate you into thinking anything else.

This needs to be a fan revolution.

Make this tough Gooners. This is about a better Arsenal.

Don’t fear this, fear more of the same. Don’t feel ashamed, he’s earning £8.5m a year for being garbage at his job. Don’t listen to people who aren’t emotionally moved by the blandness of our team witter on about the dangers of hiring a manager who can’t guarantee trophies. There is no reason for him to stay. We have a solid infrastructure in place, a great squad, unreal facilities, London as a backdrop, £100m in transfer cash, £60m worth of dross we can sell and fanbase itching for a bit of excitement.


Tweet Aisa, Black Scarf, Red Action and The Arsenal Supporters Trust. Demand they run emergency surveys now, so we can own the backpages. Hassle the Arsenal media (nicely) to pay attention, don’t tolerate fence-sitting ‘influencers,’ demand they all support the overwhelming fan narrative that together, we are writing and don’t tolerate their bullshit articles that have been issued on instruction. Send e-mails to Ivan Gazidis, Mark Gonnella, whoever will hear you. Work this like a political strike against the establishment… and remember, this isn’t populism, it’s rightulism. Which is populism, but not so contradictory, and more right.

Running out of steam here.

Anyway, this nonsense has to end now. We have at most, a month to deliver our message. It starts with YOU!


If you want the action on iTunes HERE

If you want it on Google Play HERE

If you love a Pocket Cast HERE

If you are too poor for a smartphone, it’s embedded here.

No fence sitting on The AO. ENJOY!

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  1. Red&White4life

    I would gladly welcomed a Hull win, but it’s not gonna happens…

    In other news, believe it or not, but William Gallas himself believe it’s time the old fool to leave lol

  2. HillWood

    It is total bollocks to credit Wenger for building the Emirates. He may have made some suggestions for the stadium but he ain’t an architect.
    When all seater stadiums became compulsory it was obvious Highbury was too small. Especially for European nights when the first two rows had to be left empty.
    That’s reason for the failed move to Wembley for European nights.
    We had to move regardless of who the manager was

  3. gonsterous

    arsenal fans, wake up ??

    Pedro, I have puts girls first, arsenal second for the first time in my life. I think Im awake already..

  4. jwl

    I think only type of protest that would work on Wenger has to happen with home and away supporters making their displeasure known. I bet Wenger is protected from all negativity by Gazidis, all complaints get directed to Gazidis and Wenger is allowed serenity at Colney.

    Only protests that are going to get Wenger’s attention have to happen within stadiums by supporters, the people who care most about club. The rest of us are pissing in the wind, season ticket holders have to act.

  5. SuperSwede

    I like many of the replies to Pedros excellent post. Make Arsenal Great Again, Not A Cent More etc…

    The movement can start digital but needs to be physical very soon. Thursday evening protest outside Highbury or at Ashburton Grove, signs on every game, win or lose. A sudden decrease in match day revenues and the biggest and most powerful signals of all – a half empty stadium no matter what.

    Let’s do this!

  6. SuperSwede

    I for one, sticking my neck ot here, wish we loose against Hull and have a disasterous spring so that we finally miss out on the CL. I want my team to win and if that means we need to take one step back in order to take a couple of steps forward I’m all for it. I’m so, so tired of the middle class, middle age numbness of the Arsenal fan base. I want the anger and frustration from young men, I want working class rage, I want a f*cking revolution that kicks Senile Dimentia, Ivan the terrible and Stan the half wit man to out of The Arsenal.

    Angry young men – I call upon you, Let’s ASSEMBLY THE ARMY! SEE YOU ALL IN VALHALLA!

  7. bapi

    Still can’t believe Wenger is Arsenal FC manager until now.His archaic coaching methods and tactical ineptitude continues to add to Arsenal fans’ misery the world over.#WENGEROUT!

  8. Carlos

    One thought: get Ivan and Stan’s attention by voting with our Sterling. Boycott concessions at the Emirates. It’s not much, but if we could achieve even a 30% drop in concession sales via a fan organized boycott, that might signal to Stan that the supporters can actually be organized to hit him the only place that hurts.

  9. izzo

    I just believe Wenger won’t renew. The odds are against him. Crashing out of the CL and not qualifying should see him off. As well as more defeats to both Manchester and Merseyside clubs and Spuds should be the final nail in the coffin.That’s my take on the whole debacle. It would be beyond evil if he signs on after all that. Surely if there’s a God somewhere he shit be smitten. LOL…

  10. jwl

    izzo – Lagertha has more spine than our entire squad other than Sanchez, some Shieldmaiden feistiness would be welcome from our squad.

  11. SuperSwede

    @izzo – The romantic in me rose through the layers of political correctness and took over for a while 😉

    Damn I miss that youthful fool that was me all those years ago, haha. Now I’m just a tired old fool :p


  12. ray in LA

    I would like somebody to explain something that’s eating at me

    It’s been so long since I played Football myself that I no longer have a practical or intuitive understanding of the game, never-the-less some of the points raised in discussion seem so obvious to me that I am at a loss why someone as bright as Wenger doesn’t address the addressable — it can’t just be a stubborn fixation on doing it “MY WAY”, or can it?

    It is in his interests as much as ours to be successful, so why do you think he doesn’t address the obvious?

    Thanks 🙂

  13. Alexanderhenry


    There’s nothing that gets your goat more than a respected ex player coming out in support of wenger, is there

    You can’t stand it. Now, according to you, wenger is some kind of mafia style football boss.

    According to you, wenger ‘controls’ the press and has bought off members of the arsenal board. This is pure fantasy on your part and you have no evidence to back it up. Not a shred.

    You don’t like Wenger and you think things will only improve after he’s gone. I understand that but don’t make him out to be some kind of evil mastermind who’s put the whole footballing world under a mysterious spell.

    We have an owner who is supposed to be committed to arsenal football club. If, as you argue, it’s only wenger holding the club back, kroenke should know this and fire him.

  14. gonsterous


    boobs over Giroud. you got that right xD

    can’t wait for season 5 of Vikings. it was good that they killed off ragnar ( spoilers).. and I agree a pregnant lagertha has more fight than the current lot in the squad

  15. Pedro

    Alex, no offense mate, but I work in the machinations of media, press and advertising everyday.

    I know exactly how it works. I’ve met all the people who at a corp level at Arsenal. I know all their backgrounds. I speak to people in the game.

    YOU have no evidence it’s not happening. It is down to YOU to tell my why these coincidences are anything other than PR.

    YOU hate that I’m right. No top class pro would back Wenger. Not one. Because his power is a fucking joke.

  16. GG

    Here comes alex with nothing to say bar “it’s not wenger’s fault, it’s kronke’s”.

    Alex Henry is truly the most enlightened poster on here.

    So now instead of saying he cautiously optimistic, he’s gone back to blaming kronke

    Wenger has blown another season and alex won’t blame him so now he will spew his bollocks for the next few months about how it’s kronkes fault we lost to watford etc

    Bore off Alex.

  17. Pedro

    The very fucking idea that Arsenal don’t control the press shows how fucking naive you are.

    John Cross wrote a book about Wenger for fucks sake
    Their job is about access

    It’s like you don’t understand a shred of how the world works.

  18. GG

    Everyone who backs wenger has an agenda. It’s go line up a future job or get exclusives for interviews(journalists)

    How Henry can say wenger should stay after he walked out on the wenger project almost a decade ago is laughable.

    Actually it’s embarrassing

  19. GG


    Did you read the steve stammer’s article in the mirror today?

    What is it with that rag? They are definitely on the Arsenal payroll

  20. Carlos

    Great post.

    What odds do you put that the PR campaign has a different goal: allowing AW to save face and “retire” with the story being he turned down an extension.

    I know a bit how the word works, and at senior levels of well functioning, successful, collaborative places, no one likes having to fire someone like AW. So my long shot hope is that this is all a set up to let the old man appear to go out on his terms vs being forced out. That allows for farewell tributes and nostalgic claptrap. If you can the guy, it’s all so much uglier… and such a shame to boot.

  21. No dialogue with c*nts

    Pedro, thank you for your posts of late. No doubt where you stand on Wenger. I am one of many season ticket holders that post on Le Grove. I gave up on Wenger in 2008 but decided to keep my season because of my sons who I wanted to follow in my footsteps and forefathers who have supported the team since the 1930s.

    I will not be renewing for next season. This is a gut wrenching decision but is a stance that has to be taken in the hope that Wenger is replaced.

    I’m fucked off really fucked that it has come to this but what option do I have?

  22. Kwame

    Winger is increasingly looking like the dictators/despots we have on the African continent. I don’t believe he’d leave voluntarily. He must be pushed out. The owners would only act if wingers stay no longer serves their interest.

  23. GG

    HillWoodFebruary 8, 2017 17:08:58
    It is total bollocks to credit Wenger for building the Emirates. He may have made some suggestions for the stadium but he ain’t an architect.
    When all seater stadiums became compulsory it was obvious Highbury was too small. Especially for European nights when the first two rows had to be left empty.
    That’s reason for the failed move to Wembley for European nights.
    We had to move regardless of who the manager was

    Well said hillwood

    That wenger gets credit for building the Emirates is ridiculous. Not his
    Money. Not his labour. Not his design.

  24. Leedsgunner

    That wenger gets credit for building the Emirates is ridiculous. Not his
    Money. Not his labour. Not his design.

    … what about the most important bit?


    Not his job! 🙂

  25. Wenker-wanger

    As much as I detest the egotist that is wankger, he did project manage the emirates. Now as a civil engineer myself I know what his input would be. It would be administrative and with attention to the drawings. I can imagine him being pedantic and in the scheme of things not a bad way to be.
    Let’s be clear on my viewpoint here, he was probably very thorough with the contractors performance and attention to detail, but that’s where his credit stops.
    In general Wenger appears to claim much more credit than he actually deserves regarding the emirates build..

  26. TitsMcGee

    Staggering that Wenger has built such a well-oiled propaganda machine around him. It’s grotesque. He’s like a dictator running a third world regime.”

    I’ve said it for years. He’s world class at manipulation. From the press to ex players.

    He must be a really nice guy behind the scenes; )

    He gives players their “chance” hence buying their loyalty forever.

    The club history under Wenget is littered with those types.

    The journos he probably just freezes out.

    You gotta give him his just dues. He’s a manipulation machine.

  27. TitsMcGee

    Listen to Burkey’s take on Arsenal so true…Arsenal fans in general are spineless majority still sit quiet while club is being destroyed by Wenger and businessmen only interested in lining their own pockets”

    Weakest fans of any of the world’s “major” clubs.

    Firstly Wenger would have been forced out a decade ago.

    Secondly even if he somehow survived till now there is zero, ZERO, chance he’d be allowed to sign any extension. No way. No how. Not in a million years.

    The AKBs like to think of themselves as classy when in reality it’s nothing more than fear and weakness.

  28. GG


    What do you make of thierry’s comments. To be honest , I’ve lost a lot of respect for him

    He’s just shown himself to
    He a selfish self serving prick. In the same
    Image of wenger.

  29. TitsMcGee

    What do you make of thierry’s comments. To be honest , I’ve lost a lot of respect for him”

    It could be pity(he sees an old fool unraveling )

    It could be loyalty. (He played for him for a long time and Wenger did help catapult Henry upwards)

    It could be groveling(Henry wants to be considered for a coaching job at some point)

    Whatever the reason it’s laughable. Anyone that can even remotely defend Wenger at this stage is an idiot or agenda-driven.

  30. GG

    Whichever of the 3 reasons you’ve listed , still makes me lose respect for him.

    You’re a tv pundit. Meant to
    Be unbiased and supposedly care about Arsenal.

    This shows he cares more about his own selfish crap than for Arsenal

    Speak the truth for fuck sakes

  31. TitsMcGee

    Speak the truth for fuck sakes”

    Think that’s the problem. Wenger apparently has everyone wrapped around his finger.

    I remember Henry said something critical last season about the old goat and When asked about it Wenger said something snarky and implied that he would have to have a “chat” with Henry .
    As if being called into the Principal ‘s office.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Like clockwork, Arsenal targeting Hart and Kolasinac in summer refit, say what you want about the quality of those two names, but here we go, the PR machine whirs back into life again, get ready for ‘Wenger planning summer refit,’ ‘Arsenal target DoF and will plan for life after Wenger during next 24 months,’ ‘the succession deal’ etc.

    It is going to be dressed up like a last hurrah for Wenger, 24 months for the club to get a DoF, to identify targets, £150 Million for Wenger to win the UCL, ruthless cutting of the failures (throwing the players under the bus in the press even though we know no chopping will occur), as Wenger signs last contract before retirement.

    It is coming.

    Wenger issues ’emotional’ rallying cry to true fans to get behind the team as they push for success in Wenger’s last two years in football.

  33. HillWood

    Are you seriously stating Wenger “project managed” the building of a £400 million 60,000 seater football stadium at the same time as being full time manager of the club?
    So what does he do in the evening?

  34. Alexanderhenry


    Nice try but don’t flip the argument.
    You made the claims so you prove it. I don’t have to prove that it’s otherwise.
    That’s not the way rational debate works.

    According to you, wenger has bought off the BOD and he controls the press to the extent that no journalist is prepared to criticise him.

    I think this is fanciful nonsense and a direct result of Henry- or anyone- coming out in support of Wenger. You really hate that don’t you.

    If Kroenke thought it would serve his interest to fire wenger tomorrow, he’d do it. No qualms

  35. GG

    Alexander Henry

    Could you please prove all the baseless drivel you’ve posted on here for months and months?

    If not , please don’t post your “opinions” anymore unless you have facts

    The irony of you calling out Pedro to
    Prove his points when he actually talks to
    people behind the scenes and you get your facts from untold.

  36. ozrus


    What a load of tosh! You’ve met people at the top. Sure. That makes you an ITK then, you’ve got cred. I’ve met Jackie Chen. That doesn’t make me a kungfu master.

    For someone who is supposedly in the know you make a ridiculous number of hopeful posts and are often wrong.

    You’ve been ‘banging on and on’ for years now about your interpretation of the Arsenal truth. If Wenger gets another two years at the office, will you admit failure and take a break from expressing your opinion (this blog)? Or will you dig your heels in and continue giving your often hysterical readers this platform for venting their hate for AW?

  37. grooveydaddy

    Pedro is absolutely right…

    unless you believe, for some reason, that Wenger staying on for two more years is actually what’s best for the club

  38. Pedro

    Ozrus, no idea who Jackie Chen is.

    Alex, like I’ve said before. You write very well, but you’ve proven time and time again you have no fucking clue about how the world of Arsenal / the media works.

    It’s up to you to prove that a club who hired a head of PR from Barclays don’t have a PR strategy to protect the manager and soften the blow of a threat to the club.

    Come back when you have something.

  39. Pedro

    CA, when you’re awake, you can see the machinations of the PR machine working in free flow… cut and paste from last year.

    It’s unreal how slick it is

  40. Dissenter

    You have the gall to ask another poster not justify a position with facts.
    We are all waiting for you to prove your false assertion that the 2015 summer transfer budget was limited to about 10 million by Kroenke.

  41. Black Hei


    Like you I am really really uncomfortable when it comes to demonizing people and putting them down.

    Man, is such passion for hate and bile worth it for what is essentially just sports entertainment? The endless allusions to actual dictators, working ourselves up into a frenzy within an echo chamber in order to push ourselves to spew more hate for a human being?

    End of the day, Wenger is merely a football manager who has modest success through the last 2 decades, did not win a major trophy and just got beaten 3-1.

    But no, he did not murder any babies lately.

  42. TonyD


    I’m almost 62 and within my career I had years of dealings with The Sun, Mirror & Express Group to Editor level.

    I’ve also known a few top level players in my time.

    I also worked in corporate for 10 years and finished my career as a Business Consultant.

    I now live in Thailand where my Thai wife is the co owner of a successful US$30+ million a year turnover company.

    My experience tells me that Pedro is pretty much on the money with what he is saying in his post.

    It is all about journalists currying favor with their editors. They are only as good as their last story and in constant fear of being usurped. They need to keep in with people like Wenger and players/agents to keep their jobs. To do this they need to kowtow on their bended knees.

    The few respected journalists use the weight of their paper to keep it honest and know how to deal with the spin doctor PR people.

    The silent motto of Fleet Street is; “Never let the truth spoil a good story.” Papers need to sell papers every day to keep alive. In the digital age it’s becoming harder and harder.

    As for corporate PR, it’s the same as political PR; utter ‘Spin Doctor BS’ is the preferred narrative. They have a job to do and that is to sell their products/companies or figureheads no mater what. If they don’t do this successfully, they are history.

    Time and time again Wenger has proved himself to be an artful manipulator of the press. We serious fans can all see it, but alas it seems to bypass you. The problem is there is little we can do, as has been proved over the years.

    Happily, I’m retired now, but feel the same as the sensible posters here. Wenger has to go: he should have gone many many years ago. He is a dictator who Miles from ANR says he reliably reports that he chose the CEO. What does that tell you.

    Be interesting for Pedro and the posters here to know your background and credibility regarding the press and professional players. Trying to be an unsuccessfully clever Wordsworth doesn’t cut it.

    As for former players giving their opinions, it’s obvious Henry, who was a wonderful player, has his own agenda, whereas as Craig Burley, Alan Smith, Stuart Robson et al, all decent players in their time, just speak what everyone else can see.

    Maybe it’s time you took the blinkers off or do the real supports of Arsenal a favour and chose another club to support.

    Stop being a pedantic, argumentative fool and wake up and smell the coffee.

    A new manager is what is needed.

    Look what Eddie Jones has done with the England rugby team. It can be done and, by the way, I am a Starbucks Latte drinker. We middle class people are also devoted supporters where in my case I have been for 52 years.

    Well done Pedro, I really enjoy your posts and intelligent humour contained therein.

  43. rollen

    lol Alex u r so thick or just lair.

    just fuckn google

    Wenger board Ivan and Stan all make millions on this scam.
    Same goes for pro Wenger bloggers and journalists who get access.
    Arseblog made $5M for example.

  44. Rambo Ramsey

    I see that the AKBs have finally run out of football-istic excuses and are now resorting to ”Omgggg,he’s not Hitler” to defend their messiah. The strawman, hyperbole, desperation-whatever you want to call it-is both comical and a bit sad to witness.

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    The links to Joe Hart sums up the joke that our FC has become. Paid 10 million along with extravagant wages to sign a Chelsea reject who was clearly on the decline. Two years later after getting little in return for that investment, our next target is another reject, this time from Manchester City.

  46. Leedsgunner

    It doesn’t matter who we sign, or how much Wenger spends. Under him, they start to adopt a loser’s mentality who crumbled under pressure.

    He spent £90m this summer! If you can’t even challenge for the title then, it’s not a money problem it’s a leadership problem!

    I’ve said for weeks that the PR machine would kick into play… AFC is so predictable!

  47. qna

    TonyD nice post. Great to hear your story. Unfortunately, there is a long way to go before commonsense will prevail here. As has been discussed throughout, Wenger wont leave his 8.5m a year. But more than that, he is an ego-maniac right at the centre of attention, so he is in paradise. Gazidis cant sack him. Kroenke wont sack him. So here we are stuck in football purgatory.

    I think there will be at least one difference this season to the Groundhog day that we live in and that is we will not finish in the top 4. I think United will over-take and Spurs will finally take St Totteringhams day of this years calendar (unfortunately).

  48. Black Hei


    Well I still cling on to hopes that Wenger will leave Arsenal in a dignified manner at the end of the season.

    Preferably with top 4 secured, reach the quarter finals of CL and with an FA Cup trophy.

    After 2 decades, any change to freshen things up is welcomed.

  49. Pierre

    Interesting to hear that more or less everybody on here think that Wenger has the press and media in his pocket……. Never heard such bullshit in all my life

    the next thing you will all be saying is that Wenger has the refs in his pocket ….now that would be funny ….

    Le grove getting over excited again because Arsenal lost a couple of games …..sad people

  50. Leedsgunner

    “I think United will over-take and Spurs will finally take St Totteringhams day of this years calendar (unfortunately).’

    I think St. Totteringham day and the continuing presence in the top 4 are the only pretend trophies that Wenger can hold on to is it not?

    It’s very sad it’s come to this. He should have left in 2004 as a legend– rather than most of us wanting him to go.

  51. Mick Kartun

    “Well I still cling on to hopes that Wenger will leave Arsenal in a dignified manner at the end of the season.

    Preferably with top 4 secured, reach the quarter finals of CL and with an FA Cup trophy. ”



  52. Alexanderhenry


    You have no proof whatsoever that Wenger has bought off the board and that journalists are somehow afraid to criticise him- many do anyway.

    I understand you want wenger gone and I understand that you think he is the main issue, but portraying him as some kind dastardly, criminal mastermind is plain silly.

    What is clear is that you flip your lid when any player or journalist comes out in defence of him. We all get emotional, but try and keep a sensible critical perspective on things.

  53. ArseneisaFraud


    I don’t think that AW has literally bought off the board. What he has probably done is “corrupted” them through the promise of easy money from the prize money of being in the CL and by finishing in the top 4. Add to that the TV revenue they now get and it is an easy gravy train that the Etonian board is leaching onto.

  54. Azagunner

    Pedro is on to something.
    Stat from 442:

    This season, all comps; 41% of games 9 of 22 where let Coq has started, we have won. Without him starting we have won all 13 (100%).

    Arsene knows best my hairy nuts.

  55. Azagunner

    Also in reply to Ghandi early on,

    How is it you still think Wenger deserves 8.5 mil or however much he earns, when we can clearly see his managing deficiencies in the modern game. If he gave his all for the club, maybe he would have taken a pay cut while we were in such financial troubles.

    I respected the man, and still do to a degree, but only as a person not a manager. How people cannot see he is past it is beyond me.

  56. Norwegian Gunner

    Fantastic post Pedro!!

    Alexanderhenry get back over to your mate Tony Attwood and his propaganda website!

  57. HillWood

    Wenger is aware of the fan with banner at Chelsea cos he referred to him during his prezer.
    That was one fan with one banner

  58. HillWood

    Ozil and Arsenal are a perfect match.
    He’s not expected tackle.
    He’s not expected to score too many goals.
    He’s not expected to work too hard for the team.
    He’s not expected to head the ball.
    He gets paid great money.
    Why would he go somewhere and have to graft

  59. HillWood

    Ozil and Arsenal are a perfect match.
    He’s not expected tackle.
    He’s not expected to score too many goals.
    He’s not expected to work too hard for the team.
    He’s not expected to head the ball.
    He gets paid great money.
    Why would he go somewhere and have to graft

  60. TonyD

    Thanks qna

    Seems Alexanderhenry didn’t get the message.

    We expats can only live in hope that commonsense prevails this season.

    I long for the days that I can watch an Arsenal match without knowing what’s going to happen where emotion runs high with hopeful expectations, with my son.

    Watching the England rugby internationals has this in spades these days and is a welcome break to the monotony Arsenal games bring.

    7 hour time difference here but the England Rugby games are worth staying up for and it’s such a great moment watching my son get so excited and thrilled by the tactics, spirit and never-give-up attitude of real professional players.

    We live in hope that the Hull game brings something different to keep us on the edge of our sofa, but we know the Wales game after will have us enthralled.