The AO Podcast: Cheeky CFC player pub story | Santi or Kante? | Wenger feeling the heat?

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Goooooood morning my darlings. I’m up late again, sitting at a laptop like one of those tech nerds except my idea is worth far less than a billion and I’m pretty sure Peter Thiel does not want a piece of this action.

This episode is a bit longer than the last one, plenty to crack through, so you might have to listen to it in two parts but hopefully you enjoy it.

We talk:

  • Amazing ALEX OXLADE CHAMBO stats from the last game
  • We talk Wenger and his never-ending tenure
  • We reveal what a Chelsea player allegedly let slip to someone at a pub
  • We talk predictions for the season run in
  • We have a go at banter, but refuse to use the word bobbins, because that word is for dickheads

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No fence sitting on The AO. ENJOY!

204 Responses to “The AO Podcast: Cheeky CFC player pub story | Santi or Kante? | Wenger feeling the heat?”

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  1. Pedro

    GG, sin binned.

    Thought he was good intentioned. I’ve not been watching the game, just scanned the live commentaries as well as the tactical tweeters and they’re all saying Madrid have been dominant.

    Godfather spreading fake news to impress on us that Simeone is a bad manager.

    Bad form and it won’t be tolerated.

  2. Pedro

    I’d kill for a manager that could go to the Camp Nou and push Barca.

    Good goal ruled out and a missed peno. Lucks been out this evening.

  3. GG

    Every top club changed their managers last season bar Tottenham
    And Arsenal.

    And only wenger could manage to spend 90m and Make the team look worse than seasons past and have people like godfather praise him

  4. GG

    Love how it’s a “one off” “lucky” thing that Leicester won the league.

    Yet wenger with all the resources he’s had and supposedly a great top qualidee managaer hasn’t been able to pull a one off in the last 13 seasons or a CL EVER

  5. Pedro

    Sorry Godfather, you intentionally made out Madrid were embarrassing themselves, when in fact, they were putting in a fucking great performance in which they were denied a fair goal and missed a penalty

    Can’t have that. Fake news

  6. Jim Lahey

    @The Godfather –

    “I have never rooted for Barcelona except for when they play Chelshiit of United but today .., oh well”

    You’ve decided to route for a team you would normally despise just so you can make some feeble argument that Wenger must be a better manager than Simeone if he lost tonight to Barca? And that was going to be the foundation of your argument? Honestly… are you 15 years old?

  7. GG

    Injuries was the reason we couldn’t catch Leicester?

    Our team costs 4x as much. No excuse for our squad players to not be good enough to stay with Leicester.

    Well there is one… and he’s signing a new 2 year deal

  8. Thank you and goodnight


    You really are a smug prick that knows nothing about football. Who the fuck are you to come on here and take piss out of a man who has more love and knowledge of all things arsenal in his little finger than you have in your whole body. Pedro takes time out and effort on this blog day after day,the best arsenal blog on the net in my opinion, and you come on here to act like Billy big bollocks because unlike you we actually know what wenger is doing to this club and want what’s best for the club, and that’s not supporters like you or that other prick ty or wenger. Fuck off to untold like the other brain dead zombies and stop annoying people you cunt. You smug thick prick. WENGER IS FINISHED WAKEY WAKEY DOPEY CUNT

  9. GG

    Hey Diego and atletico just won the wenger “we drew Barca(or any team we face when it matters) at nou camp in the second leg ” trophy!!!

    That should be worth Diego getting a contract extension

  10. Thank you and goodnight


    I apologise to you pedro. Sorry but he fucking winds me up being as smug as he is. He mocks every other manager that has achieved more than wenger in last 5-8 years yet continues to worship a man who is way way way past his best. Supporters like him are the reason the club are happy with mediocrity.

  11. Pedro

    Thanks TYAG, he showed himself up there. I’m game for people coming on and having an opposing view, but lying about what’s happening in a game to make a point is really embarrassing and pointless.

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The infighting on here just st
    Imebon the terraces …

    Wenger debate will roll on after he has signed on for two more years ….

    He has spilt the club in two .

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    He comes on here and mocks arsenal fan TV and complains DT and troops show arsenal fans up even though they speak the truth and explain why they want him out, yet the idiot who really shows us up is TY with his ‘well it’s weathers fault we lost’ . If anyone shows up the AKB’S for the cunts they are it’s TY and godfather.

  14. GG


    I can only see it getting worse if he signs on. Think it will become very hardcore out or in. The middle ground will be gone because we won’t get better under him in the next two seasons. The fence sitters will pick a side.

    We can just write off the next 2 seasons if he stays. The whole situation will become very bad in and out of the stadium.

    The only good thing that may come
    Out of it , is that he does so badly he gets the sack. Would love to see it to be honest

  15. Thank you and goodnight


    I can be a twat at times granted. But seriously mate this is the best arsenal blog out their bar none. Years ago I used to visit Arse blog till I came across le grove and I’ve never gone back. I hope to God Arsene goes soon so we can all get back to talking about Arsenal in a positive light and looking forward to start of the new seasons. So many people no longer post on this site and I blame wenger for that as he’s put so many people off Arsenal. Yes we’ll always keep an eye out for the scores, arsenal till we die, but the love has been drained and I miss seeing a lot of posters on here e.g N5 , Nasries mouth etc

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Maybe Chelsea last year ?

    Then roman did what roman does makes a decision for the best of Chelsea football club .

    An it works

  17. Cesc Appeal

    I really cannot fathom comments like Henry’s, says that the team has a severe mental issue, has done for years, and cannot say whether they will get over it, but Wenger should stay, and that the players just need some self-motivation.

    What the f**k is this thing Wenger has over people. That is a contradictory statement and yet people look at it with validity. So the player’s mentality is wrong, has been for years across a decade, and yet its a player problem, the manager has no responsibility?

    Is it access to Arsenal they want, worried about future careers or media opportunities, is it fear of the unknown, fear of losing column inches (Wenger is a steady source of massive hits every season for the same reasons), I simply do not get it.

    Look at Chelsea, three years, two titles and one tenth position.

    Arsenal, three years, three UCL qualifications.

    Do you think Chelsea are crying into their buttermilk with envy at the consistency of Arsenal’s UCL qualification?

    The DM ran an article and none, not one of their sports journalists believed Wenger can ever win the EPL title again, and even the apologists like Henry and Cross even concede it is not likely, so that it the end of the conversation, surely, we don’t even need to have the nastiness of sacking him, just don’t offer him a new deal.

    I can handle Arsenal reaching and falling short, but not to try and reach at all, that is unforgivable, and turns the club from a sports based endeavor to a profiteering machine playing on the emotional connection of the fans, and f**k Wenger and Kroenke for that, because that is the lowest of the low.

  18. ArseneisaFraud


    Absolutely. And that what pisses me off so much with The Arsenal…. all they are trying to do is to surf on the past glories of a has been manager to keep milking as much as they can. It’s as if the club has completely forgotten what brand Arsenal is meant to do (at the highest level as they claim to be) which is to properly compete. If we did I am sure that the club could be making more money than they are now. They have just decided to take the easy route.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    The thing is, I’ve always thought that if Wenger just stopped being such an egomaniac arse for two seconds and actually allowed a DoF (or equivalent) to come in and assist him and the club, if he actually allowed that DoF and Gazidis to go out and poach the very best coaching talent out there, or taking people who have become disenchanted and promoting them (like the BvB head scout earlier this year), if he delegated responsibility and actually allowed people to do their jobs without being micromanaged, he would have been far more successful in the last ten years.

    If we’d gone out and looked for the next Pochettino, or next Tuchel or what have you to be the assistant manager, an assistant who is modern, up on preparation and technology to do the preparation work and deliver a report to Wenger and working, in conjunction with the new coaches to deliver a game plan whilst still having Wengerball in the side, we would all be far happier.

    Right now, we would be having an easy conversation, the hand over to the assistant would be coming, we would have a DoF who was bedded in and modern, top rate coaches.

    Instead, we have none of those things, and one Wenger, as the deluded idiots at the end of last season reminded us in the ground.

    When you are an egotistical control freak, who will not delegate power, who micromanages everything, you just end up surrounded by lazy yes men, anyone with a backbone and a shred of ambition will walk away, and that is what has happened.

    It’s sad in a way, that first picture I painted, we could easily have had it, and Wenger would be going out as an absolute legend, of course taking all the credit as the figurehead, but underneath him would be an ultra modern football powerhouse, of which he was one old cog ready to fall off. Shame.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The board are building a rod for there backs whatever way you look at it ….

    They won’t sack hi they may be rushed to move him upstairs if / when it goes wrong

    We will never be rid
    The gravy train had to many granules for him to leave .

    It’s interesting this Neville view
    Some players coming out against him an the.n this very pro for him,?


  21. ArseneisaFraud

    Totally agree. And that’s exactly what Fergie has done. As you say, it’s a shame. A shame that the club has allowed itself to be held at ransom by a man who has literally built himself an ivory tower to preserve his status within the club.

  22. Cesc Appeal



    People are always their own worst enemies, their own insecurities usually bite them and in the end they become, or rather do, exactly what they were trying desperately not to do, that is true of Wenger.

    Infrastructure wise we need so much, and Wenger is fortunate that not many people in the media are pointing the finger at him for that as well, as they should be, the contract situation and the state of the club is hugely irresponsible of him, and Kroenke, and to an extent Gazidis, though as I always say, I do feel Gazidis is basically a puppet CEO.

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Few seasons back you were romancing about some German coach … what happened there is pure wenger

    He didn’t like that a member of staff was brought in without his full consent so he didn’t play ball …

    He is dither very insecure
    Or a dictator …

    Or possibly both

  24. ArseneisaFraud

    I feel the same way as you re Gazidis. The fact that he was interviewed by AW, that AW had a hand in choosing him makes it impossible for him to actually hold AW accountable for what is going on.

    I am of the belief that AW had also something to do with allowing Kroenke to become majority shareholder of the club. The knowledge that Kroenke was only interested in money more than success allowed him (and allowes him) to operate as he is doing now. Do you think that Usmanov would tolerate any of this crap?

  25. Cesc Appeal


    It is all so neat at Arsenal, all so closed off.

    You hear mouthpieces like John Cross talking about UCL qualification as an achievement, but he forgets, UCL qualification is not an end it is a means, a means to the ends of either winning the UCL or as a springboard to increased domestic strength, preferably both!

    It is not in itself an achievement unless it is built upon, which obviously, painfully obviously, we do not.

    The reason is, to Kroenke it is an end, a business end, and to Wenger it is an end, an end to make sure his unchallenged position and total dominion over Arsenal stays intact by delivering Kroenke’s end.

    Those are the two rotten elements in Arsenal, each getting what they want, neither goal remotely in the interest of fans.

  26. ArseneisaFraud

    Absolutely. I’ve never heard of a company (can someone prove me wrong?) actually make one of their second largest shareholders not even welcome on the board. It clearly shows how they are all trying to prevent any form of criticism of what actually is going at a footballing level. Kroenke gets to keep on rolling in the money to offset his debts re building the new LA Rams stadium and AW to continue being the facilitator of this easy money for Kroenke and to have so much power in exchange of this service. In what footballing world are we in that allows a manager to have such direct access to the owner without any fear of being sacked ( a la Abrahamovic) for their results (bar being top 4)?

  27. reality check

    The non-arsenal journos and media in general probably want Wenger to stay on.. and on, and on, because eventually it will be the biggest most epic fall from grace ever.

    What will it be, 15 years of failure?

    It’s only a matter of time.

  28. GG


    Stan Kronke could care less about the 200m in bank at Arsenal.

    You do realize how much he is worth?

    How much his wife is worth?

    How much the Rams themselves are worth?

    The 200m in the bank is nothing to him and does not help him offset anything. He doesn’t need it.

  29. ArseneisaFraud


    He effectively doesn’t need the 200 million but to offset any loans you make you do need to be able to guarantee that loan. That’s what Arsenal is for to him. The 200 million is a plus.

  30. GG

    Arsenal can spend the 200m on players and on the books still me worth the same.

    It’s on asset(cash) for another(player). And the player values actually go up while the cash’s value goes down.

    This whole kronke doesn’t want the money spent is bollocks. We are self sustaining. The 200m is part of our money. The self sustaining money. It’s wenger who doesn’t want to spend it to keep himself in a job.

  31. ArseneisaFraud


    So it begs the question: why has Kroenke even bothered in investing in becoming a majority shareholder of Arsenal?

  32. reality check

    Its not the 200m stan cares about its the overall value of the club. Remember few years ago some arab consortium was interested in buying us.

    1billion. Stan could sell at anytime and make good on any loans.

    This club is f**ked.

  33. GG

    For investors like
    Kronke it’s the overall value that is important. So they can make Money when They sell. So 200m cash is only worth 200m
    In the overall value of Arsenal same as if we bought messi and Neymar for 200m. They would still be worth 200m on the books and value of Arsenal.

    And so 200m will
    Only be worth 200m tomorrow where Neymar and messi could be worth 250m in 2 years so Arsenal’s value actually goes up. Same
    If we are successful on the field with marketing contracts for example
    United, Chelsea and city who have all
    Passed up on commercial

    How wenger who is a supposed economist can’t figure it out is beyond me

    To be fair, he could buy Neymar and messi and we would still be losing to watford. Because wenger is that useless.

  34. reality check

    You see how we all look up to the Henrys Vieiras and even Sanchez now. The WC players that have come and gone. Bobby Pires Tony Adams even dare i say… cesc.

    Think of how we look UP to them. Well, to Wenger they are all his children whom he gave life and a 2nd life too. He looks down on them. He sees himself as the one who made them, or saved them.

    If he views them as beneath him, then imagine how he views us!

  35. GG


    We know exactly how he feels about the supporters. He’s told us in interviews etc. He has no respect for the fans

  36. rollen

    Why do you guys wasting your time talking to another AKB lowlife?
    How many of those was here over last few years?
    Talking big game —> get destroyed ——> crashed by reality——-> go to other blog to badmouth LeGrove——> come back under new name…

  37. GoonerDNA

    Find the podcast abit too long also as someone who works in TV I would vary your tone abit more otherwise it sounds rather monotone. The Swedish does it but I struggle to like him.

    As for managers I would go with Allegri he clearly wants the job and can change up the tactics accordingly TBH Diego, Tuchel and whole heap of managers would be better than what we have I just wouldn’t go for young aspiring British managers

  38. Emiratesstroller

    It is interesting to note that for all the so-called spending power of Chelsea only two of their players since Abramovich took over the club have made the top 50 transfer list [in Euros]. These were Torres and Shevchenko.

    The clubs making the largest number of major transfer signings were:
    Real Madrid 8
    Paris St Germain 8
    Manchester Utd 6
    Manchester City 6
    Barcelona 4
    Juventus 3
    Liverpool 3
    Arsenal 3

    Bayern Munich for all their status as a major club in Europe do not have a single player in the list.