Baffled Arsenal board must retract Wenger contract and start acting like a real football club

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In a week that American’s celebrated Groundhog day, it was fitting that the day was bookended by two losses and that dreadful feeling of everything being over for the season.

Arsenal capitulated to Chelsea in a fashion so routine, when I spoke to a friend during the match, the phone call was eerily familiar to the one I had when Arteta was rushed back and we were tanked. The game wasn’t a disaster, we weren’t destroyed, but we were outclassed in every department, we never found a 5th gear and Chelsea cruised the victory in a casual 2nd.

It wasn’t a game. It was Saturday afternoon kickabout with the bigger boys. Arsenal players didn’t believe they could win. Wenger didn’t believe we could win. The whole day was just one of those things you have to go through under Arsene Wenger management.

We started brightly, looking good for a full 5minutes. It didn’t last, Chelsea felt their way into the game and broke us within 13minutes. Chelsea picked up possession from a terrible Coquelin pass. Diego Costa was found out wide by Moses, the Brazilian whipped in a cross to Hazard who forced Cech into tipping onto the bar. The ball rattled back out, Alonso powered in like the ball had called his mum a slag and smashed a header into the open net, wiping out Bellerin in the process.

A lot of people thought it was a foul on Bellerin. The Spaniard collapsing on his back in a nasty midair fall from a leading elbow. I’m not sure I can buy that, firstly, Bellerin wasn’t in good shape to defend the header, he had no awareness of Alonso coming in and I think he showed his age by not using his body to defend the oncomer. Would that have happened to Tony Adams? No way. It wasn’t a foul for me. Interesting that none of the expros on Sky and NBC thought it was a foul.

After that, we collapsed into ourselves, Chelsea were walking through us with relative ease. We had our moments, namely an unreal chance for Gabriel. We went with a short corner, Ozil found Chamberlain on the edge of the box. He set the ball, then curled a beautiful pass onto the 6 yard line and Gabriel fluffed his header at the keeper. Ozil also had a very good opportunity moments later. Coquelin found him in space at the back post, his shot was poor and the keeper made an easy save to his left.

The second half started badly, Mustafi had a warning from the impressive Hazard when he fell over on the half way line and the Belgian ripped away. Only a perfectly timed challenge from Kos prevented a clear chance. We didn’t heed the warning though.

Arsenal lost the ball in midfield, this time under zero pressure, when Coquelin tried a stupid flick in their half. Chelsea broke after Costa forced Koscielny into a weak header. Hazard picked up the ball, Coquelin bounded back to make amends but bounced off him like a rag doll hitting a car. The Belgian powered into the box, with Kos on his toes backing off not knowing what to do, he marched into the area, jinked and unleashed before Mustafi could drop his customary Vermaelen-esque slide tackle. Chelsea’s Ryan Giggs moment. Unbelievable shambles. The flick from Coquelin? Nothing tells you more about Arsene’s management than having a technically weak player playing a high-risk pass like that at 1 down. Absolutely horrifying lack of discipline.

Chelsea weren’t finished. Sorry, Cech wasn’t finished. For the second time in a week, we conceded from OUR throw-in. Gabriel once again the perpetrator, threw it to Cech, who under light pressure from Costa, tried an odd lofted chip that flew gently to Cesc who chipped into an unguarded net. He didn’t celebrate, not out of respect to Arsenal fans, but out of respect to all the viewers around the world who had to witness a mistake that amateur.

Giroud came on late, he scored a consolation goal after he headed home from a lovely Nacho cross. But it was too late. Conte had his revenge and it wasn’t even served cold. It was lukewarm, cooked up by Arsene Wenger with stale ideas, minimal care and a depressingly familiar taste.

So what can we conclude from this shambles?


For the board members, apparently baffled by the fan upset of late. Is it crystal fucking clear why we’re upset now? Interesting point from John Cross article I shared the other day. The ‘you’ve never had it so good’ element, we wondered if the author was aware that a line very similar for Harold McMillan was the beginning of the end for his political career? Maybe there was a smarter subtext to that story after all. Today, for any other manager, it would be the start of the end.

Here’s the thing though. The board members that matter (those under 75), do understand why we’re angry. Because we’re right about Wenger. He’s dead as a coach and he once again demonstrated it on the biggest stage. Losing to Chelsea was expected. It was almost a given. The biggest shame though? That wasn’t today. It was earlier in the week against Watford in one of the worst Arsene performances of the last ten years.

Wenger does not know how to prepare. We don’t practice throw-ins, you’ll not be surprised to learn. We clearly had no clue how to counter Chelsea today. We didn’t know how to deal with the physicality of their play. We didn’t know how to cope under pressure. Our defensive transitions were woeful. Our attacking set up was pitiful. Watching Ozil try and pick out an uninterested Sanchez for 90mins was testing to say the least.

The manager doesn’t know how to win big. Our last 34 games against Spurs, CFC, Livepool, United and City have thrown up 6 wins, 15 draws and 13 losses. He is up against a master tactician with a drilled well-oiled machine and his player don’t now how to react. They are not coached properly. They’re not educated to the levels you need to be. They’re sent out there with their dicks in their hands, with signs around their necks saying ‘please be nice.’

So if anyone is in any doubt as to why we’re upset, replay the video of today and Tuesday. Ask yourself how Chelsea can go to Liverpool and come back looking twice as fresh and 10 times more motivated to succeed.

Some minor things we need to speak of. I think the chickens are coming home to roost with Mustafi. I really don’t think he’s good enough. His game is reckless, he spends too much time on his arse and his belief that he’s a visionary passer really doesn’t help anyone. His positional sense was poor today and he’s starting to get found out.

Petr Cech need to be moved on in the summer and we need to be searching the market for a keeper of stature who can pass with his feet. Not just that, we need someone who can pull out the worldy saves. He’s dipped into Almunia like form. He doesn’t win you points. He was weak for the Hazard second goal today. He was atrocious for the third. He is a man removed when it comes to having a spare player to move the ball around. It’s over. He’s a keeper of the past.

Our midfield needs a rethink. I know it might be unpopular to say, but I thought Chamberlain showed some promise in a broken system today. Stats wise, he had a very good day. 8 ball recoveries, 4 tackles, 93% pass completion as well as creating two good chances. Outside that, we were garbage. Coquelin stray passes led to two Chelsea goals, his overall game was ineffective and his ability on the ball is so unArsenal it’s frightening. Ozil was pedestrian, but he was kind of isolated in his role. That doesn’t make up for the half-arsed attitude to putting his foot in and generally pottering around like he doesn’t care. Still, at least he had a pop at the players who didn’t thank the away support.

Finally, we’ll end on a positive. Danny Welbeck needs to be starting all the games through the middle if he’s fit. His pace, aggression and ability to bring the best out of Ozil’s vision is greatly needed. He should have started and so should Perez.

Our season is over. The final humiliation will likely come at Bayern, though they are having troubles of their own. Regardless, Wenger has been at fault again. The man is part of an anti-sport regime that is built on self-preservation that flies in the face of all the norms of competition. Someone needs to interject and tell Wenger the two years that are on the table have been pulled, and the club will start the hunt for a replacement immediately. If that’s Max Allegri, let’s do it. But we should also be paying attention to Napoli’s Sarri, Jardim at Monaco, Bielsa, Tuchel and Sampiola. There are a bunch of great coaches out there, with real philosophies and the balls to make them work.  Don’t let Arsene run the clock down as he assesses his feelings at the expense of the next man having a good run at reimagining the greatest club on the planet.

As for you, the fan? Make your voices heard. Wenger is listening apparently and there’s a slim chance he might pack it in if he’s not felt loved.

Don’t feel bad either. It’s for the good of the club. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The man needs to go, play your role.

P.S. Fuck Gary Neville and his hypocrisy yesterday. Hammers Wenger week in week out every season, spent 90mins rabbiting on about how Arsenal that performance was, then a banner goes up in the crowd and it’s disrespectful. Have some consistency, some of us don’t have 30mins every Monday to tell the world what we think of Wenger. I’m not a banner fan, but good for them for standing against mediocrity, shame on you and your journo colleagues for slating the fans as moaners when you do exactly the same.


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  1. Alexanderhenry


    Agreed, however if fans stop turning up and decide not to renew their season tickets, kroenke will start caring.

    If as I suspect, post wenger, he appoints a mediocre or inexperienced coach and we do worse, falling out of the top four possibly overtaken by Spurs whose revenues will soon match ours, things will get very nasty.

    Hopefully he’ll sell up and the club will get an owner who actually has genuine ambition and commitment to arsenal.

  2. Alex Cutter

    “Agreed, however if fans stop turning up and decide not to renew their season tickets, kroenke will start caring.”

    Absolutely. That’s the only way he will pay attention.

    Unfortunately, there are enough “supporters” that are unwilling to make such a stand, that this scenario seems unlikely.

  3. ray in LA

    I feel so sorry for that nice Mr Wenger

    Yesterday, I felt numb and humiliated watching our team go out to play so ill-prepared and under-motivated…and frustrated that there was nothing I could do about it

    So imagine how he must feel this morning knowing that with some decent coaching we might’ve been competitive?

    Just saying 🙂

  4. Alex Cutter

    Along those lines, I’m surprised no-one has mentioned the shit-storm that went down at Crystal Palace yesterday.

  5. tunnygriffboy


    A little bit. It won’t happen though. If he was at another club benching him would be like a kick up the arse

    Iwobi dribbles with the ball, looks to commit opponents and for Bayern he’ll work a lot harder.

  6. WrightIsGod

    “I don’t know too many people [except for Ty and Ughelli] who don’t think he’s done.”

    Nah there’s a whole cult of crazies at Arsenal, especially on Twitter: @geoffarsenal who has blocked me because he couldn’t answer basic questions. @jacktruthafc and @arsenalguvnor. I’ve had run ins with them all.

    Complete loonies.

  7. Spanishdave

    The next manager must be of the stature to attract world class. players otherwise it will be a long haul for a Eddie Howe type manager.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I agree.

    Iwobi is still raw and not good enough, but at least he tries, he’s brave and fights. Ozil really is unforgivable, bundles of talent, wealth of experience, played with some of the best players the world has to offer, and he’s a coward.

    I agree with you, I would not even bother with him at Munich, or at Spurs, or Liverpool, or when United visit, or City etc, he’s just a big coward, wants to coast through big games occasionally surfacing which works fine with Germany, or Madrid, not so much when you’re meant to the foundation of a team though.

    Like you though, I give up on this side though until we get a new manager. We’re just standing still and making identical mistakes annually, the fact Wenger still has defenders is absolutely outstanding to me, and those fans are as cowardly as Ozil in my book, they want comfort and to coast, no risks.

  9. Alexanderhenry


    It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out post wenger.

    Arsenal fans are committed but they’re not the most vocal or pro active and most of the season ticket holders are firmly middle class.

    The AST are an organisation to watch. They are made up of small shareholders and are usually pretty quiet, but they’re the ones who rightly made a fuss over the two £3 million payments taken out of the club for ‘legal services’ .
    Due to the bad PR- nobody likes that, not even Kroenke- there was no payment taken out this season or last season.

    While wenger remains, arsenal fans will remain divided but once he leaves all arsenal fans will expect:

    1) A truly top manager to replace him

    2) That manager to be given serious money to spend on a consistent basis.

    I really hope I’m wrong but I think what they’ll get is something quite different.

    The thing is, without wenger and the constant debate over how much money he has and has had in the past and whether he chose not spend etc all eyes will fall on Kroenke.

    Fans will expect- a lot.

    We’ve had ‘self sustainability’, we’ve had ‘arsenal will be able to spend like the big clubs’, we’ve had ‘we don’t buy stars we make them’, we’ve had ‘we can’t compete on transfers’. It’s all bullshit.

    What we all know we do have is a stadium that makes more money than any other and over £250 million in the bank.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t understand some of your comments.

    1. You state that Gazidis has put in infrastructure if Wenger leaves. Yet as CEO
    and the only Executive Member of Board he seems to have absolutely no say on contractural matters.

    2. One thing has been crystal clear to me for a long time and that is that Kroenke is a real estate man first and foremost and the sporting side of business is second best. Wenger suits him, because he does not need to invest a
    penny apart from what is generated by club.

    3. To put it in perspective we receive annually £60 million from our 2 major sponsors alone. We did not manage to spend that amount in the transfer market in last 2 years.

    4. What is seldom articulated on Le Grove that every other major football club
    apart from Arsenal choose to stretch themselves in the transfer market. Sadly
    we do not.

    5. Had Wenger focussed over last 4 years in buying one top class player each
    summer along the spine we might have been in a better position than we are
    now. The reality is that apart from Sanchez and Ozil most of the others have been good to average or promising. For example Cech was on his way down
    when he arrived with us.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    I would make one further point. Arsenal spent in 2015/16 approximately £20
    million on improvements at Training Ground and Hale End Academy.

    That was clearly taken out of what should have been spent on Transfer Budget. Frankly should have either invested that money in the club himself or financed the project.

    It seems to me that the football ambition of club comes always second best.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    Just a week working on defensive shape and discipline and playi g a style suited to the players strengths would do wonders for the team. Specifically Xhaka who I think could be a seriously good player if used correctly.

    All this dithering about Wengers contract and the Alexis and Ozil deal is doing no favours to the club. It may not be affecting the team but it’s certainly making the fan base anxious and angry anfd that is surely being felt by the players.

    I do think he’s lost the dressing room. That is the end. 4th will be hell of a battle and we’ll have to improve if we are to get in it.

  13. London gunner

    Defoes quality never get why he is so underrated.

    Good enough for Everton/Southampton level and good enough for a top four club as the second striker/ super sub.

    Always liked his game.

  14. Batistuta

    Good on Ellen Neny scoring in the Afcon final, looks more disciplined and efficient when he plays for his country,same can be said for all our other players to be fair

  15. Wenker-wanger

    When Wenger decides that we the fans are not worthy of his greatness, I think kroenke may follow.
    With a real manager wanting to compete and buy top dollar players, kroenke may just think…No, I’m not risking millions on a sport- based risk and just sell up.
    Arsenal will be a massive club once again. The fan base is widespread and deeply loyal. There is something special about our club. These are dark days, but it seems impossible that it will get much worse.
    Wenger and kroenke are the worst inflicters of misery our club will endure…..Great seasons are awaiting thissleeping giant.

  16. azed


    A new manager would not need to spend a lot. Infact, from selling our British core alone, he can raise substantial amount of money in addition to the annual transfer budget.

    The most important task for any new manager would be
    1) Organising the team
    2) Teaching them how to defend.
    3) In game management
    4) Different plan/tactics for different teams.

  17. The Godfather

    The most annoying thing about that game is that it was there for the taking. Chelshyt, record and all ain’t that great. They were there for the Bloody taking and these posers bottled it, dammit.

    Aghhh it’s so frustrating with these bottle jobs. I hold Wenger accountable for that. Ozil is a repeat choker. Might as well not even dress him for games on the road against quality teams in the champions league or in the EPL. That girl is a bloody lost cause. And at this moment I feel safer at the back with young Robbie Holding than either Mustafi or Gabriel

  18. Cesc Appeal


    That is the ultimate dream, Kroenke decides to sell up to Usmanov or something if Wenger said he is not signing on.

    Just escape to that fantasy for a few seconds.


    All throughout the summer people on here were talking about what a complete mess the club have got themselves in, you have a club that is totally reliant on Wenger for everything football (not saying that with sympathy, it is exactly what the egotist wants), no DoF, no modern coaches with real responsibility, not executive football men, nothing, and you’ve left him to run into his final year and just have some open ended contract offer on the table that he might or might not sign, depending on whether he wants to or not.

    If anyone ever doubts from top to bottom this club is f*****g amateur hour all over, just look at Wenger’s contract situation.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how Arsenal’s PR department tries to bury Wenger signing on, if he does (I think he will), that is an almighty job because I think the majority of fans now want change.

  19. Pedro

    Emirates, I’m really not sure what you and others don’t understand.

    Football is Wenger. Everything. Down to the lightbulbs at the training ground.

    Wenger controls it all.

    Not every club stretches themselves. Look at Spurs.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Nice read Pedro

    I agree bout Czech …

    I have said all along mustafi is toilet …

    We need to throw chambers n holding together as the centre back pairing ..

    As much as I hope they release wenger , they won’t ….

    We are the last terrace house in the street mentality

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What the heck


    Bell Erin holding chambers Gibbs

    Ox xhara

    Walcott welbeck iwobi


    Team for next year

    Ozick an alexis to do one …

  22. Wenker-wanger

    Cesc. Yes it is a fantasy…. It’s a lot more feasible than a year ago, so I am allowing myself to get immersed n this fantasy.
    Losing to hull maybe the final nail in wengers coffin.
    I know fans berate others that want a defeat, but in the scheme of things would not a 3-0 defeat to hull be the best scenario to get rid of this fraud?

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I agree
    He is a clinical finisher ..
    For club n country nearest thing to Ian wright style I have seen

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We are in the same position as man united were in the 50,s
    Matt busby was stuck with when they were doing bad purely cos of sentimental reasons…
    Then they moved him upstairs an he interfered with some good managers they had …

    We are going down same route …

    Wenger is killing himself an arsenal in the process ..its best for both if he goes …

  25. Emiratesstroller


    I do understand, but the fact is as I wrote yesterday Gazidis who you rate highly for his business acumen sits on the Board of Arsenal as an Executive Director and CEO. He should be the person making contractural decisions.

    Gazidis in contrast to Levy at Spurs has got a football background and played the game to a good amateur level at University. He is not as pig ignorant as some posters might suggest.

    On the matter of extending themselves Spurs are not alone as you suggest,
    Liverpool and Everton would also fall into similar category.

    The major problem at Arsenal is that the club are not very good at selling players in contrast to others. That is to some extent a result of paying most of our
    players grossly inflated wages or running the contracts down to a point where
    we are forced to sell for whatever we can get for the player.

  26. Redtruth

    The irony is those willing Arsenal to lose have had the desired effect on Wenger’s staunchest followers like Alexanderhenry and Emiratesstroller who have wobbled and conceded defeat…

  27. Redtruth

    Too little to late condemning Cech when the damage has already been done.
    I warned against signing the dud but to no avail..
    Mustafi is another fruitless purchase along with Xhaka

  28. ray in LA


    Gadizis vs Levy?

    I sense that they define “success” for their respective clubs differently and I prefer the latter’s definition

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I was wrong about Czech

    I thought , like many he could be the one we wanted to push us to the next level …
    The other two I also agreeed with from the off ..

  30. Tippitappi

    that would be ironic if it’s the Chelsea fans who are the one’s who tip wenger over the top for us, if so we should be ashamed weak manager weak fans

  31. reality check

    C’mon lads. Isn’t anyone going to give props to redtruth for calling it right on cech.

    Ill admit i thought he was a wc signing. Worth 5 to 10 points in a season right?
    Thats what terry said right.. Right?

    We finished 10 points behind Leicester. Take away cech and the points he saves you..

    We’re a joke.

  32. Olu

    This is one the few truthful arsenal blogs out there. These guys always say it as it is without mincing words and it’s one reason I like reading the blog.

    It is obvious to everyone that Wenger does not have what he takes to win the title. He is more of an idealist than a realist so he can not deal with the situation at hand.

    As long as Wenger holds on to the his ideals of the past and unwilling to change his approach and methods, Arsenal will achieve little as long as he is the coach.

  33. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    An it ain’t even march yet ..

    That’s a breakdown point .

    Are the board so blind that they cannot see…
    Are the board so deaf that they cannot here …

    Respect jerrry dimmers

  34. Emiratesstroller


    Clearly you don’t read what I write when you make your usual nonsensical remarks.

    I have criticised the major shareholder and senior management over many years and called for Wenger and the coaching team to go. I have made it clear that at the end of current contract it should not be renewed.

    However, in contrast to you I have been a lifelong supporter of Arsenal and my
    family have been season ticket holders since the war. It is not my intention to
    damage the club at the whim of posters on Le Grove most particularly someone like you who blows a lot of hot air, but in actual fact delivers absolutely
    nothing personally. As Theresa stated in Parliament this week when responding to Corbyn’s fatuous questions “I govern and you lead protest”.

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Arsene wenger

    I’m begging you
    You got to free you got

    Arsene wenger …….
    21 years in captivity

  36. Grinko

    Wengers finished at this level , kronke doesn’t give a shit and anyone who thinks gazidis knows his arse from his elbow is a complete clown themselves

  37. Alexanderhenry


    You’re quite right.

    Those arsenal fans who think that it’s all about wenger are being terribly naive.

    As arsenal fans we all expect pretty much the same thing.
    We expect the club to be in it to win it. We expect significant and prolonged investment in the squad.
    We expect everyone at arsenal, from the owner down to the tea lady, to be committed to success.

    That is not how the club has been run. We are not a priority, we are instead, just one facet of Kroenke Sports Enterprises, a huge sports club franchise whose most obvious characteristic, is it’s mediocrity and almost total lack of success.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    Fair enough but the message was the same.

    RT is very good at telling everyone else what they should be doing, but of course I doubt that the club are remotely interested in anything that he has to say.

    He assumes that everybody else should practice what he preaches.

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I weren’t crictising

    Truth is a wum (wind up merchant )

    To me wenger not admitting there are problems at the club undermines all that is going on …

  40. Emiratesstroller


    Yes Wenger is in denial, which is why he should be put out of his misery.

    I think that you will find that a lot of other season ticket holders feel the same
    way, but that does not mean that they will do anything to damage the club and
    no-one including myself wants to see Wenger sacked.

    What is happening at the moment in seats around me is that a lot of season ticket holders no longer turn up at matches with any regularity. They farm the
    seats out to family, friends and business acquaintances. That was certainly the
    case at the Watford game where many regulars were missing. I must
    confess that there are occasions when I do now the same.

    Frankly I don’t think that the management are blind to the situation and for sure the message is I am sure relayed to them by Arsenal Supporters Club who are or represent a small minority of shareholders.

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I was a season ticket holder for nigh on 32 years starting with the hols north bank …then to west stand upper Highbury n new drum…

    Didn’t enjoy the new place, bit because the people around were different,

    But I use to love wenger in the early days … but he had drifted so far off course an no one at hey club can see …

    We are lost in the world of football

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    What annoys me are people bored who lease out there ticket..
    If you don’t wAnt to go give it Back to club…

    It s morally wrong to lease it out …

    Me view

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What I think is wrong

    Is at Highbury the red cushion seats made the board viable to all …

    No you don’t know who’s thete ot not …

    They will be seen when’ alas good ….but

  44. Emiratesstroller


    I was also sitting in the West Stand at Highbury for many years.

    I don’t lease my tickets, but if I don’t go I give them to family or friends. The seats are never empty and I don’t make money out of them.

    What I do know is that there are plenty of people in the football universe who
    support their clubs and go to matches even when they are playing badly.

  45. Bamford10

    “So Bamford you don’t think the CEO is responsible for commercial revenues?”

    He’s responsible for negotiating those contracts, yes, but the amounts in those contracts are largely determined by what the sponsor or partner thinks of the brand.

    What YOU think of the Arsenal brand relative to other brands (e.g., Liverpool) is totally irrelevant.

    What is obvious is that ten years of being an inadequate also-ran have diminished the brand in many eyes, including many partners’ eyes. That’s what matters, and that’s what determines what Gazidis gets out of commercial negotiations.

    It’s really not that complicated:Arsenal have been a bit mediocre for some time now, hence a mediocre brand, hence mediocre commercials.

    There are many, many things that make the Liverpool brand a valuable one globally, whatever their recent finishes. For all of its history, Arsena

  46. TonyD

    I think everything that needs to be intelligently and rationally said has been said here on this site; now and the past few months – if not years.

    Here’s a slightly different perspective.

    My 8 year old son has been watching Arsenal for the past 2 seasons and started learning to play the game for the last 9 months.

    As well as ball control etc, I, along with his coaches, have been teaching him the merits of positional play and seeing if he has any early stages of natural vision in that respect when he’s training or playing his six aside games.

    When watching Arsenal with me he continually asks me why Arsenal are so bad as a team and why they don’t do what his coaches tell him he should be doing when he’s playing or training.

    His idol is Sanches. He asked me a couple of times if Ozil had been subbed and why Sanches wasn’t creating his usual mayhem in the Chelsea debacle?

    My son is very a small part of the future Arsenal fan base, as I was when I started supporting the club at his age. Problem is I have no positive answers for him as no doubt many fathers are in the same position.

    He’s also started watching and learning the fundamentals of Rugby Union and said that the current England team seem to want to win more than Arsenal players do after watching them win against France.

    He has so many questions I can’t or don’t want to answer about Arsenal right now. I just use Arsenal games at the moment to show him the right and wrong way to play, where unfortunately I’m showing him more examples of the wrong ways to play.

    It’s a very sad position to be in as a father when I have to point out the merits of opposing teams more than those of the team I’ve loved for so many years.

    Although I’m a Londoner, I live 6000 miles from the UK , so sadly I can’t do much to help and ‘Wenger Out’ campaign.

    Are there any other fathers like me watching their kids’ disappointments watching Arsenal?

  47. S.Asoa

    Do not get distracted by Alexander H feigns. That is appreciated in Sanchez but as a contortion to lick Arsene arse ,Ugh like the other of the ilk.
    13 years is long enough to suffer. So just abuse or give him vegetables at the games for sake of ” legacy ” until Wenger musters enough shame to ride into the sunset in the South of France .

  48. kc

    Spot on reality check. RedTruth does deserve credit for calling out Cech and bigging up Ospina. He got mad shit for that stance from almost everyone on here.

  49. Vince

    If Wenger don’t rip up this team by Saturday then I’ll know he’s even a bigger fool than I thought. Put some bruises in this team. inject some speed. Bellerin may be our right back in making for the next decade but Debuchy is a better defender and a more physical one at that. The last time he played for us he oozed class before that injury. If we’re still paying his salary then we can as well use him in. Use players who are brave and won’t quit. Jettison the weaklings.
    My first 11 for Saturday would be:
    Debuchy Kos Mustafi Monreal
    Ox Iwobi
    Perez Sanchez Welbeck.

    And I’m surprised Romford has not been about all weekend telling us how we are idiots for not thinking Ozil is worthy of our first 11.

  50. Bankz

    Özil is a fine fine player but the most mentally weak “world class” player I have even seen play the game.
    I’d have him out ASAP as he only seem to turn out against shit teams.
    I’d take an Erickson or Debruyne over him without thinking twice…heck I’d even have Cesc back.

    As for Wenger and Arsenal, I’ve been done since 2015 until that old clown leaves.
    He’s so finished and outdated that it baffles me how such an incompetent manager is left alone to manage one of the biggest clubs around Europe with little to zero accountability.

    For the English who boast of so much intelligence,class and being a step ahead of their European counterparts, it’s a shame how they have resigned to watching Arsenal slide down into an abyss of averageness without doing a thing or voicing their opinion.

    If Wenger signs a new contract, the damage will be so great that it could take another decade to get out of the rot he’d leave behind when he finally calls it quits or dies.

  51. Ishola70

    Arseblog hasn’t seemed to have got his head around about how ropey the team have been looking and the danger signs all around the side.

    He thinks Arsenal will finish second in the league lol.

  52. Majestic gooner

    We can argue between ourselves all day but if wenger himself cannot recognise he is past it as a top class manager then there is something wrong with him mentally, in short we have a mad man in charge of the club so expect anything. He is not going to walk away, he needs to be carried away the parallels with cloughie is there to see, but the main culprits making matters worse are the likes of keown, john cross, Neville in the media , they know exactly what’s going on but yet spout out a load of rubbish for us fans to digest.

  53. Thank you and goodnight

    Gary Neville is such a cock. Jamie carragher and niall quinn are bang on the money, what has wenger done or achieved in last few years to warrant a contract extension. Neville gives it the shit about how weak we are in every department then claims we shouldn’t get rid of wenger, fucking bell end

  54. Ishola70

    What’s there to like about an AKB?

    He thinks Le Grove is full of rabble doesn’t he.

    Has Pedro ever given his views on Arseblog on here?

    Arseblog wasn’t so obviously an AKB back in the day. He became more conservative and more establishment once his website took off.

  55. Hentai


    Arseblog never said they would finish 2nd. He said it would be so typical if they went on a run and ended up 2nd now that it’s all over.

  56. Vince

    Think I would have treated him exactly the way Pedro does. I’ve been reading him for ages. He sees the light once every 3 months then reverts back to Akb mode. And he harbors the most intolerant self serving morons in the blogosphere.

    More importantly, “Bawo ni? ” lol

  57. Sid

    How can the board offer wenger a new contract in the first place ? And that too couple of hours after the chelsea humiliation ? We have indeed become a laughing stock.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    The only thing more boring than Arsenal’s identical, annual failings is the annual links to Benzema.

    I’m greatly enjoying the fact though that so many Arsenal fans out there are saying ‘we are beyond buying players as solutions to our issues now,’ at last, the worm is turning.

  59. China

    waiting for arsene to go is like waiting for my damaged big toe nail to fall off. It’s rotten and dead. It’s a weakness for my toe and it’s literally 80% loose with just one side left on

    And just like Arsenal fans, I’m too pussy to rip it off because I don’t like the sight of blood lol

    So here I am weeks later and it still just hangs on for dear life

    There’s an analogy for you. Wenger as a rotten toe nail

  60. Rambo Ramsey

    Chelsea boss Antonio Conte pointed out the weaknesses in N’Golo Kante’s game after the side’s 3-1 victory over Arsenal this weekend.

    ‘Kante is extraordinary. He brings a lot of quantity, OK, but what quality too. Even if he should improve in his build-up play. His first pass is always horizontal and he needs to make that vertical. I was just like him, so I do understand.’

    ‘He’s a really good lad, always helping his teammates. He’s been a great buy, though he’s often tired by the time he gets to the goal. He’s still young and can improve.’


    What refreshing honesty, meanwhile we are stuck with old fossil churning out ‘mental strength’, ‘naivety’, ‘world class’…the same five six words ad nauseam.

  61. Ashley

    before this season started Wenger should have come out and stated what his intentions were regarding his position , We all know the reasons why so I’m not going to list them , but ultimately he needs to go , no 2 year extension, do what DT said on AFTV tell us you’re leaving now so we can all get behind you out of respect and see you on your merry way – that is what’s best for the club – then we either hire Allegri or tuchel and give them the time to make it work , because make no mistake , I don’t think any mangager will come into the Arsenal set up and hit the ground running so one thing we as fans need to do is have patience with the new boss

  62. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Good article by Jamie redknapp on Wenger today in the mail
    Saying he will be an easy manager to follow unlike fergie ..,
    Great club
    Great training facilities
    Great money
    Great academy

    Two trophies in 12 years

    Says we should follow Chelsea

    Make to much importance on top 4

    I will see if inc find link

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Surely mr Wenger could look at his management from the outside ?
    What would he see ?

    The club is drifting around aimlessly no direction guaranteed …

    His history is tarnished now . All the good things are forgottten .

    Just go sir …

  64. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, nice little section in that article, and he’s spot on, people using the United example are a little bit ridiculous, its not really close to being the same, Fergie was a great manager with an okay squad, Wenger is an okay manager with a great squad.

    As Redknapp said, Fergie had won five of the last seven EPL titles, that is quite incredible, and he had won the UCL in that time, I mean, to even compare Wenger to Fergie is outrageous outside of longevity. Fergie is a top, top manager who never let his levels drop, Wenger has been coasting along for over a decade now, Fergie would have shown himself the door if he saw himself behaving like Wenger.

    Five league titles in seven years, a UCL in that time, by the end an average squad (which United fans could even point a finger at him for) but that he got to the league title. Does that sound like Arsenal’s situation with Wenger?

    Not even remotely comparable.

  65. Red&White4life

    The last part of this season will be so exiting!!
    Bayern in the CL, no PL but maybe the FA Cup (to save wenger’s ass lol)

    Hard to believe that we are stuck in this shit since more than a decade….

  66. qna

    Martin Keown is such a tool. Says we can’t sack wenger because we dont have a succession plan that is currently lacking because Wenger runs the club up and down. But Wenger is the one wont let anyone else have any control. He is the one that is blocking his own succession plan. He even says this in his own words that Wenger will leave when he wants to.

    How stupid is that logic? The whole chicken and the egg thing is easier to work out than Arsenal-logic.

  67. Cesc Appeal



    Plus the fact that when people talk about replacing Wenger people like him will say ‘look there’s still two years to go on his contract, now is not the time to talk about replacing him,’ so Wenger hordes total power at Arsenal so there is not a voice strong enough to talk about succession planning, and then when fans do they are called ‘idiots’ or ’embarrassments.’

    Why don’t these people just nail their colours to the mast instead of shying away from it? They want Wenger to stay, they don’t want to see him go, just say that.

  68. gonsterous

    another day of being an arsenal fan. wonderful. feeling so dreadful. this club sucks the soul out of its supporters..

  69. qna

    Cesc. Yeah. I agree. A manager is usually sacked under two conditions. The first is the club drops too many points in the first part of the season and find themselves looking at relegation. The other type usually occurs when their is a build up of pressure through the media. One of the problems for us is that the pro-Arsenal media are all pro-Wenger. They don’t hold us to the same standard as City, Chelsea or United and so top 4 is perfectly acceptable for them. Whether its Wenger that has set this glass ceiling or the media I am not sure. Its probably the media and Wenger is conveniently buying into it. I bet if he had won a few titles in the past 12 years he would be suggesting that top 4 alone is not enough as well.

  70. Thank you and goodnight

    Any sane man would realise that the Chelsea fans mocking him to stay is proof enough that your shit. Wenger is such an egotist that he sees it as a compliment and he’s right to carry on

  71. OleGunner

    Said it on here a couple months ago (when we lost to Everton and City) that rival fans lap it up having Wenger as our manager. They know we are meek and feeble as long as he reigns in charge, they know they’d all be shitting themselves if we had a competent board who swiped Klopp or Guardiola beforehand because we have some of the foundation to be an elite super club.

    Now Chelsea fans rightfully mock and sing that Wenger should stay.
    That’s been the most embarrassing thing for me this weekend even beyond the inept performance of the squad.

    How most of English football can see Wenger is finished as a top coach except some deluded Arsenal fans and pro media lovies is beyond my comprehension.

  72. Bamford10

    I don’t read Arseblog — not regularly, at least — but I do listen to his podcast, which is quite good. He’s smart, articulate, funny, reasonable. If he is an AKB, he is the one AKB on the planet I have time for — in part because he doesn’t spend a lot of time trying to defend Wenger or rationalize his failures.

  73. Bamford10

    United are two points behind us, people. They have momentum and form, as do City & Spurs, whereas we seem to be headed in the opposite direction. I think our finishing top four is a genuine question.

    14 games remain.

  74. Red&White4life

    “A manager is usually sacked under two conditions. ”

    A manager like wenger is usually sacked when the club is run by a competent and passionate – by football, not money – board.

  75. TitsMcGee

    Protest. That’s all that is required. The problem is that the notion of protest seems to be beneath the fans. Even the irate ones.

  76. useroz

    Gary N. is a specimen (far from a specialist) of failures. Exactly how long before he got the sack again?

    He’s harping on about the fan (who held the “…time to go” banner) presuming an Arsenal loss and brought the banner ie disrespect. Well, if he didn’t bring the thing where to get a banner when we were 3 down?

    Lost all respect for Keown. Probably still harbouring hope Wenger would get him in to coach our leaky defence?!

  77. gambon

    Here goes Alexander Henry again, refusing to blame Wenger.

    Wenger chose to spend £35m on Xhaka….while Conte chose to spend £30m on Kante.

    Did Kroenke force Wenger into signing Xhaka ahead of Kante?

    Wenger chose to spend £35m on Mustafi…..Conte chose to spend £35m on Luiz.

    Did Kroenke force Wenger into signing Mustafi ahead of Luiz?

    Conte has spent £60m net since he joined, and taken Chelsea from 10th to almost certain chamipons.

    Wenger spent £100m, and we are in 4th,…….Wengers favourite position.

    Since Wenger started splashing cash in 2013, he has spent £193m vs Chelsea £120m

    In that time Chelsea have won the PL and are going to win it again……Wenger is sitting in 4th.

    There is also every indication that Wenger has left money unspent in this time.

    So whos the problem?

  78. gambon

    Agreed, its not about players.

    You only have to look at Ozil and Sanchez pathetic pressing attempt on Saturday to see there are deep rooted problems at the club right now.

  79. Bamford10


    Yes, we would still have serious issues — organization, tactics, motivation, mindset, the manager — but gambon’s point remains: Wenger is the problem, not some mythical restriction on spending.

  80. Alan

    Pedro spot on with his assessment of Alonso’s challenge. In fairness to Bellerin, he had just challenged Costa for the first header and was a little disorientated. He then rose for the ball without raising his armswhile Alonso had the run on him. All the boffins trying to find fault with it ask themselves if that was a goal for Arsenal, would you not want to see it stand? It was the kind of challenge you don’t want to see ruled out of the game. It was gutsy from Alonso and he beasted Bellerin.

    All round the pitch, Arsenal were second best physically. Must laugh at Coquelin for losing out to Hazard in such fashion. A DM losing to a playmaker in a shoulder to shoulder challenge. Let that sink in. What a dreadful player he is. Can’t pass, can’t tackle properly and has the spacial awareness of a headless chicken.

    I also thought BOTH Ozil and Sanchez displayed stinking attitudes. Ozil for his typical cowardly display and Sanchez for doing his best to show how unhappy he was with it all. I mean, if he could, he’d have worn a t-shirt stating ‘I am too good for this sh’t’ on his back. His moaning throughout the game is a sign of increased frustrated, that’s clear, but reign it in during matches, act professional and don’t become another story.

  81. China

    Yeah sorry about the graphic toe nail description and all but I was looking at it and all I could see was arsene wenger’s face LOL.

    It’s been said in the last but it’s absolutely imperative when he’s finally finished that we don’t get sentimental and let him upstairs for old time’s sake. A regular type of manager that would be a classy act of respect for, but in arsene’s case he would be absolute poison on the board. The next manager would have to try and convince the useless fucks on the board to invest in this or that area and I can promise beyond any doubt that their first reaction would be to ask arsene what he thinks and follow his advice.

    And arsene being arsene would never accept the next manager to come in and tear up the system of frugality that he’s put in place because it would demonstrate to the world how it was self imposed by arsene rather than him martyring himself like he loves to make people believe

  82. Bamford10

    Clean house. Wenger out; someone smart, competent and ambitious in.

    Sell Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere and Walcott; sign a couple of quality CMs, like Verratti and Renato Sanches. Re-build.

    Arsenal are a fantastic platform; Wenger and Ozil and Ramsey are simply not the correct foundation.

  83. Bamford10

    Ramsey would have been better off going to Spain. Ironically they’re more disciplined there. More technical too, obviously.

  84. gambon

    I doubt Ramsey regrets anything.

    6 months of good football in 9 years and he’s on £100k per week.

    This is where Wenger excels, overpaying players that shouldnt be at this level.

  85. Snowman

    Just wondering if maybe we got Allegri, we’d be able to lure Dybala, he is becoming quite the player. i would swap ozil+50M for Dybala in a heartbeat. Hell i’d swap Cesc for Ozil.

  86. OleGunner

    Allegri is the best and most obvious shout though I dunno if he’d want to leave the success and stability he has at Juve. They regularly win Seria A and go very deep in Champions League; they are a top 4 Euro outfit. Would he really want to join our shit show?

    And why has all the talk on Joachim Loew cooled?

  87. Uwot?

    Nice one bamford for giving a fair appraisal of arseblog.not an akb by any stretch of the imagination if you’re a regular reader.ishola should do his homework before digging him out/ shit for his “Irish humour”.on many occasions,not all.absolutely takes all sorts of the way.gambon spot on again!

  88. Red&White4life

    “I wonder if Ramsey regrets turning down United for Arsenal.”

    Certainly not.
    Lack of ambition, just like his current manager.

  89. qna

    Snowman: Just wondering if maybe we got Allegri, we’d be able to lure Dybala, he is becoming quite the player. i would swap ozil+50M for Dybala in a heartbeat. Hell i’d swap Cesc for Ozil.

    Now your talking. Boom. That would make a massive impact. Hold on to Sanchez and put Dybala next to him. Allegri would have no problems adjusting the formation to suit Xhaka so one less player to buy as well. Just need to bring in a good DM. Say William Carvalho. Perhaps he could bring one if his CBs as well and we could switch to a back 3.

    Dybala would be beyond my wildest dreams right now. He is the one big signing that I would want cause he is young enough to see us through the transition.

  90. Snowman

    With all due respect to Juve, Arsenal is a bigger club:
    1. Better Stadium
    2. Money
    3. In a better League.
    4. Bigger following.

    The reason they beat us on the success front is because of the rot brought about by Arsene. IF we had replaced Arsene in 2006, we would probably have more success than them.
    Why would he leave? I have 8.5M reasons why he would ditch Juve in a heartbeat.

    Lets be honest, the only way we would EVER have a chance of beating the Barcas and Reals of this world to Dybala’s signature, is by having Allegri take over. Players like coaches who have confidence in their ability.

    We would also have first pick of any badass Italian defender. Allegri would probably have Ramsey playing like Pjanic. Definitely use Xhaka the proper way. Sanchez would also stay.
    Really dont care what happens to Ozil. I love Cesc more than i love him and Cesc just scored against us. Allegri, We can only dream.

  91. qna

    Snowman: With all due respect to Juve, Arsenal is a bigger club:

    Whooaaah there fella. The complete opposite is true. The EPL has the big tv money. Dont let that fool you about who is bigger. Juve is bigger than United and Liverpool. I wont even bother to argue with anyone that has any English team above the mightiest of the Italian teams.

  92. Snowman

    Qna, Relax,,,Deep down I know they are bigger *sigh*
    What we could have been post 2006, double *sigh*

    All I want is a manager who will have us singing for 90 minutes at the Emirates! Is that too much to ask?